Exclusive First Look: Someone Will [Spoiler] in Covert Affairs' Season 3 Premiere... But Who?

Life as a CIA agent is risky business. And in this exclusive first look at a fresh promo for USA Network’s Covert Affairs, which returns in a big way next month, you’ll get a sense of just how deadly the new season will be.

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As you can see in the trailer below, the spy drama isn’t playing coy about the premiere’s main event (“Someone will die,” it promises). But to find out the identity of the fallen, you’ll have to wait until Season 3 debuts on July 10 (at 10/9c).

Press PLAY on the preview and then hit the comments with your guesses on who’s biting it.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. brynna87 says:

    God willing it’s Jai, but seeing as I hate him they’re likely to keep him around and get rid of someone I actually like.

    • GeoDiva says:

      My first thought was please let it Jai too, but I think it is Joan.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Yeah my guess is on Joan to seeing as Matt spoiled Annie having a new boss

      • Sara says:

        I think it’s Jai or Ben. Because USA network has interviews with the actors playing Auggie, Annie, Joan, and Author… But not Jai and they make mention of bring back all Annie’s live interest of past seasons and going more in depth in Joan and Author marriage… Which they can’t do if Joan is dead.

    • Spikesgrl says:

      Here’s hoping it will be Jai!!!

    • Fyrkat says:

      People there are 4 people targeted in the promo. I think it’s Anne Dudek’s character (the sister).

      • Amanda says:

        The promo does not mean it will be one of those four. Also, they will not kill off Annie’s sister. She needs some attachment outside the CIA.

  2. em says:

    oh, what’s his face the Israeli guy. He’s enough in the show to be an impact not completely enough to ruin it. Maybe?

    • Elizabeth says:

      I think it might be Joan since I read somewhere on TVLine Annie gets a new boss.

      • Kristina says:

        That’s what I thought too, I read that article as well. I hope not though, I like her.

        • Josh says:

          Sounds likely…Which sucks because I like Joan as well…Unless it’s Joan’s husband(name blanking) who dies and she steps down to deal with the grief.

          • Ace says:

            Maybe he dies and Joan gets promoted to take his spot, leaving her job available for this new boss person.

        • ben says:

          I like her too, just think it could be likely. What is she going to do on the show if Annie is reassigned (even if she isn’t ‘replaced’ as such).

          Can’t really see it being Jai. No way in heck is it Auggie, everyone loves Auggie. And it would be a surprise to me if it was a non-regular such as Jai’s father or the Mossad agent.

    • rose says:

      I agree. I think it is Joan because I believe Annie is getting a new boss.

      • TheDude says:

        Annie gets a new MENTOR. Not Necessarily a new Boss. My money is on either Jai or Eyal.

        • Angelo says:

          No, they said she gets a new boss. Just another case of accidentally revealing who gets killed off. This is why casting notices should wait till’ after premiers, let everyone be surprised.

          • greysfan says:

            No if you watch the 3 minute season 3 promo on Youtube you will see she has been reassigned. Meaning yes it could be Joan but i don’t think it is. I think its Jai based on this 3 minute promo.

  3. Anna says:

    I don’t care who it is as long as its not Auggie.

  4. It's-a me Mario! says:

    Jai’s father?

  5. Tanya says:

    mmm, I think Eyal or Ben Mercer. Maybe, Jai. But At least, Jai, I don’t think so.

  6. K says:

    I agree wth the Israeli guy. Though I really like the character, he could be offed and it would bug Aniie an no one else on the show. I’ll miss him though!

  7. D says:

    Perhaps it’s Authur who dies. His was almost out of a job last season anyway. Joan could take his position leaving her job open. Jai will want it but get passed over, again. Jai will get more resentful and go running to Daddy, again.

  8. Zak says:

    Based on the fact everyone from the cast but Joan was shown in the trailer…

    • Sara says:

      Ok besides reading all the online speculation you all should go to the covert affairs website. they have season 3 teaser interviews with only 4 regular caste member about what will happen this season… The four interviewed; Annie, Auggie, Joan, and Author. Which makes it pretty clear that these four are safe but someone else is toast. That leaves Eyal, Ben, Jai, Dannelle, doctor Steve, Jais Dad, Connor, and Annie’s brother-in-law all as possible goners.. Plus the actress who plays Dannelle was pregnant in the season 2 finale and might want out.. Just a thought

  9. Gilda says:

    Did anyone else feel like the writers didn’t know what to do with Jai this past season? I think it’ll be him. I hope it’s not Joan; I think her and Arthur have a really interesting relationship.

  10. Pretty sure its Jai because he’s seen at the diner where the car blows up and he seemed worried like someone was after him. Annie gets a new boss but there’s a promo pic of the new boss in a scene with Joan and Arthur.
    While Jai has pissed me off recently, I’m really gonna miss seeing Sendhil cuz i like him :(

  11. Peter says:

    I hope it’s Jai coz I love Sendhil Ramamurthy and he is so wasted on this terrible show. The 1st season was so good and the 2nd was boring as hell. What happened?

    • jen says:

      oh i so agree with you about sendhil’s talent being wasted. but i think its ben…character was never developed and the writers have tried to kill him (and his loyal fans) off twice. plus the actor’s a regular on another show and,surprisingly to me,he’s wonderful. my #3 favorite character.

  12. Paulette says:

    You know a show is in trouble when they have to start off a season by teasing the death of a character. I stopped watching less than half way through season 2 and no matter who dies I won’t be watching again.

  13. JC says:

    I really hope it’s not Joan, although I did notice her absence in the trailer. Honestly, I actually do kind of hope it’s Jai. I think the actor is great, but I feel like they’ve never really known what to do with the character, and his storyline in S2 was terrible. I was hoping they’d start sending him out on missions with Annie, but since they don’t seem to want to do that, then write him out. I’m completely over the “See Jai sulk and play office politics” storyline.

  14. greysfan says:

    Jai dies. Its obvious from the extended recap and promo on YouTube that she is talking to Jai in a diner in that suit and then they try and baulk you by showing you other scenes before the car outside the diner blows up. Its all in the clues if you look for them.

  15. Maggie says:

    They said that she gets a new boss, but they also said that Annie and auggie would not be working in the same area. So if Annie movies departments, her new boss and Joan could both still be alive.

  16. Penguins says:

    I’m at least 75% sure it’s Jai’s car that blows up. I’d be kind of disappointed, though; I STARTED watching Covert Affairs because of Sendhil Ramamurthy. I stayed because of Auggie, though…I just remember Sendhil teasing last year that they had this whole arc for Jai this year, and was at least moderately curious. Plus, c’mon, we haven’t seen the abs-off yet and where is the world without a little objectifying? Maybe it’s Henry, though, or that Liza Hearn. Oh! Oh! Or Ben. Yeah, that would be kind of awesome. Never did like that character. Then again, they already almost-killed him once, sooo. Through the wonderful power of deductive reasoning, I don’t think it’s Joan, Arthur, Auggie, or Eyal, at least. Don’t know about the rest except that I’m pretty sure I saw Jai’s car go kablooey. Sad day.

  17. BaltimoreJaxs says:

    I think that its her sister. There has been no comments or interviews from her.

  18. I think that Annie is the one that “dies” and she is assigned to a covert division of the CIA to work on something secret, which explains why she gets a new boss.

  19. anakl says:

    I agree w/ BaltimoreJaxs… it must be her sister, ben or eyal.. Jay’s going after Joan’s job this season, at least that’s what the actor said… that he’s going after joan’s job but he will feel that maybe it wasn’t quite that what he wished for…
    Annie will have a new mentor, but that doesn’t mean that Joan’s out of the picture.

  20. Misha says:

    I believe it’s Jai. I have a feeling….

  21. Chance says:

    Peter Gallagher’s talent has been so grossly underutilized that I hope it’s him so we can stop having him show up every couple episodes for a scene or and let him go do something useful with his skill.

  22. Jack says:

    until they get rid of the “blind guy as cia operative” nonsense, i’m not watching this show. talk about STRETCHING. “hey, we have terrorists closing in! get the blind guy!” whatever, hollywood.

    • Chance says:

      Yeah you’re dumb. And since you aren’t watching the show why are you even commenting? The “Blind Guy” as you so eloquently put it, is an in-house agent. He handles a lot of the tech stuff. So please shut up and keep your ignorant ass comments to yourself.

  23. bndiniowa says:

    I am going with Annie’s sister.

  24. jen says:

    new picture shows arthur and auggie,looking solemn, wearing black ribbons. so probably ben. auggie’s going to need that new psychotherapist

  25. Bob says:

    What about Auggie’s peace corp girl friend? That might ramp the love interest angle again, but what’s she doing back in the states?”

  26. Murray says:

    I think it Annie’s sister, Joan or jai