Blind Item: Which Primetime Soap Sweethearts Are Planning a Fall Wedding?

Since I’m currently on assignment in the Pacific Northwest — between us, I’m hunting down a slice of cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee — AA will be MIA this week.

But, to tide you over until next time, I’m dishing out a blind item that I suspect many of you will find just as satisfying.

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It concerns a primetime soap that, although popular, came thisclose to getting the axe at season’s end — and just when a pair of its well-liked lovebirds were heading for a reunion, too. Now I hear that, when the show returns this fall, it’ll pick up right where it left off and pleasantly surprise fans by immediately marrying off the star-crossed couple in question.

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All of which brings us to my questions for you: What’s the show? And who’s the duo? Share your guesses below, and, as always, keep an eye on my Twitter feed for clues. If I do manage to score that damn fine cup of coffee, the jolt of caffeine might inspire me to reveal more than I should!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Josh says:

    I don’t know if it really counts as a Soap but I hope it’s Shawn and Jules.

  2. Lauren says:

    Chuck and Blair!!

  3. Willa says:

    I hope it’s Chuck and Blair

  4. Alex says:

    I am very sorry to say this sounds like Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl. She marries her abuser? That show is so awful. That is one of the worst relationships I can remember seeing on prime time. I’m going to try to forget I ever saw that show. I hate where the writers took it.

    • Jane says:

      I am so with you there. Their characters had so much potential but I just don’t like the directions they took them in. Pretty much every story decision they’ve made has disagreed with me.

    • Lauren says:

      You guys need to get a grip on your ABUSE shyt. It’s so tiresome, phony, and completely transparent. I suppose you want her to marry the cheater that boned her best friend instead? LOL. Chuck never hit Blair, never. He never tried to. SHE on the other hand has hit him. Is she abusive to? Does she not deserve love or a second chance? Dair fans.. just give it a rest. You’re turning into a laughing stock.

    • Taylor says:

      You speak the truth. If Chuck and Blair would end up marrying, you can bet that it wouldn’t take that long for Chuck to do something awful to Blair like he’s done so many times before. Then we have Blair crying, Chuck not even bothering to be sorry and acting like he’s done nothing wrong, Blair begging Chuck (because she does everything in that relationship), Chuck taking her back and then the cycle starts from the beginning. They have 10 episodes, I’m sure they could manage to do that at least couple times.

      • Lauren says:

        Do you even WATCH the show? LOLOLOLOL. Did you miss the entire season five where Chuck did everything in his power to make Blair happy, including letting her go to marry a prince, pretending to still be an ass so she’d let him go, offering to raise her baby with her, paying her dowry after fug-Hump caused her to break her prenup, letting her go pretend to be Claire Carlile.. as long as she was happy? Oh, right, I forget. You guys have tunnel vision where only Dan can do no wrong (even though HE ruined Blair’s wedding, caused her divorce, caused her family to almost lose everything until Chuck jumped in, gave her an ultimatum that he’d no longer be her friend if she didn’t have awful sex with him, spied on her, stalked her, and then gave her another ultimatum in which he followed up by hooking up with her best friend and then teaming up with Georgina to sell Blair out for not loving him…) nevermind. Carry on now. lol

        • Jackie says:

          BOOM BOOM POW! Tell it like it is girl. Lmao!

          • Chris says:

            You go girls. Do these people watch the show or they just write what they “think” it happened or will happen? Just try for once to watch & stop writing about what is only on your head.
            If you fail to see that CB are what the show is showing all these years then i’m sorry,if you see that but you can’t accept it or don’t like it then stop watching.
            You are not a better person to come and tell me(in general) what i’m suppose to like & what not.I like the show & i watch it,you don’t?Then move on & watch a tv show that you like.
            Chuck and Blair have to get married in season 6,is that in 6×01 or 6×10 i don’t know but i hope they will

        • Allie says:

          This post is made of win. That’s all.

      • Allie says:

        LOL. You do realize these aren’t real people, right? If the writers don’t want Chuck to do something awful to Blair, then he won’t, because HE’S NOT REAL. The writers made it clear in interviews last season that he’d changed, and because they write him and therefore control all of his actions… their opinion is canon.

        • Darla says:

          Here is my problem with that. The writers are telling us this, but they aren’t showing it. If they watched the show his actions are not reflecting their words. That is a problem.

          • Allie says:

            If you think the writers haven’t “shown” you this, then you haven’t been paying attention to Chuck’s storyline all season long- because no one who’s actually done so would claim he’s the same character he was in S3/S4.

          • Darla says:

            Every time he’s “changed” and they’ve “shown” us he regresses back most of the time IN THE SAME EPISODE. If he’s changed. it needs to be consistent. It needs to not really go away in the next episode or when they decide they need him to be a scheming twit in the corner twirling his moustache. (His behavior during cece’s wake was embarrassing). I have higher hopes for him in the next season. With smaller episode count there is a much better chance for consistent storylines, and tighter story telling. (I mean look how great BSG was with a smaller amount of episodes) But eh, maybe their way of storytelling works for you but as far as I am concerned they keep messing up. Badly. For all their characters. :| I just want one coherent story line ;-;! JUST ONE!

  5. George says:

    Definitely Addison & Sam.

    Despite it’s anemic ratings last season, I don’t think Gossip Girl was really in THAT much danger of getting cancelled (a final shortened season was pretty much always a given), so I don’t think Chuck & Blair apply.

  6. Juls says:

    What about Lemon and George Tucker in Hart of Dixie?

    • GGCB says:

      George pretty much ditched Lemon at the end of the season finale and went straight to Zoe and kissed her, I dont think he’d marry Lemon in the premiere if he stopped himself from marrying her in the finale. Doesn’t make sense to me.

      The only two options for me are Chuck and Blair and Addison and Sam, but I hope it’s Chuck and Blair.

  7. Taylor says:

    I would LOL so hard if it would turn out to be Chuck/Blair because of course the show would forget what an unhealthy (and yes abusive, no matter how much some people try to deny it) couple they are and pretend like they were sunshine and rainbows all along, even though the opposite has been shown on the show for the past five years. But hey, it would make media mock the show even more. The show is a mess anyway and the writers have no logic so nothing the show does would surprise me.

  8. Lauren says:

    For the record, Chuck never abused Blair. He never laid a hand on her. Chuck and Blair both have demonstrated not-so-nice behavior in their relationship, especially in the beginning. Blair has actually physically hit Chuck (as well as Dan) she’s also manipulated him, lied to him, played him, and hurt him repeatedly. She is NO victim of Chuck’s and he is NO victim of her’s. They had a very intense, passionate, volatile, YOUNG relationship and both made mistakes. But you know what? They love eachother more than they love anyone else in the world, and they WANT to be together and better themselves and their relationship. They deserve another shot at the happiness only they can give eachother.

    And hey, at least he didn’t dip his peen in her best friend while they were still together, right? Once a cheater, always a cheater. Oh, Humphrey. Never change, dawg.

    • Taylor says:

      I think you missed a couple post that dared to critize Chuck/Blair. In case you want to reply to them too. For the record I’ve watched the show for five years, I know what I’ve seen on the show and I see it for what it is. The writers can try to retcon the entire history of Chuck/Blair but that doesn’t change what we’ve seen on the show for the past. five. years. I say retcon away if that’s the only way they can write a story. And I have no idea what Dan has to do with this….

      • Lauren says:

        Hey well have fun watching that show in your head, I’ll enjoy the last season of my Chair. :)

        • Taylor says:

          Oh, I have better things to do. I just laugh at the show along with the media and everyone else who isn’t a Chuck fan :D

          • Jackie says:

            Honey, the reason this show was laughed at was the disaster known as Dan and Blair, which, as you know, earned GG it’s lowest rated episodes and season in history. Not only that, but it ALSO made GG the lowest rated show on television. Dan and Blair drove the show to under 1million viewers. Their most “poignant” moments were the lowest rated episodes. I still get a cheap thrill from that, b-t-dubs.

            Luckily, we have Josh and Stephanie back. Safran is done, and Dair is deader than dead. FINALLY the show is back. Woo hoo :)

          • Lauren says:

            Or just, you know, stalk GG articles and pretend like you’re, like, so over it. lol

            Whatever you want to do girl. Chuckistans unite!

          • Allie says:

            Yes, you clearly, *clearly* have better things to do. Your repeated posts make it obvious how little you care and how totally over it you are. Carry on…

    • KSH says:

      Not all abuse is physical. There is such a thing as emotional abuse, which, I hate to break it to you, is something that Chuck is definitely guilty of committing. Blair has as well, but not to the extent that Chuck has. He has mentally and emotionally abused almost all of the main characters in some way.

      • Allie says:

        The fun thing about emotional abuse is that you can twist the definition to fit almost any behavior you want to apply it to- from actual emotional abuse to “so and so was mean to me, wah.” Regardless, throwing around the term in reference to GG is patently ridiculous, because everyone on this show has bullied or backstabbed or “abused” each other in some way.

  9. MJB says:

    It better be Chuck and Blair! It’s been a long time coming and there’s only 10 episodes left! Bring on Mr. and Mrs. Bass!

    • mittens says:

      You already have Mr. and Mrs. Bass. Bart and Lily. Something else that doesn’t make any sense on that show. GG has been nothing but a drinking game post-writers strike.

  10. Debra says:

    While I’d love it to be GG, he mentioned that he was in Pacific Northwest which might be a hint…. Grey’s Anatomy and Grimm are both set in that area. I don’t watch GA and I haven’t watched the whole season of Grimm yet so I’m not sure if the couple on that show were broken up and reunited.

  11. Chris says:

    I think it is without a doubt Chuck and Blair, but I would prefer it to be Serena and Dan. Oh well..

    • Lauren says:

      I would never want Serena to marry Dan after how he treated her in S5. Like dog crap under his show. Like some dumbass that should be grateful he ever gave her the time of day. Like an annoyance. Like a stupid slut. Dan is a douchebag, and deserves to be alone.

  12. Lizzy says:

    Booth and Brennan. They are the first couple who popped up in my mind.

  13. Captain says:

    My first impression was definitely Chuck/Blair but I kind of feel like they’re waiting until the series finale for that. Why wouldn’t they just put them together in the finale in they’re going to marry them off in the premier? It does make sense though. Gossip Girl is a primetime soap that almost got cancelled, Chuck/Blair are a well-liked couple and Chuck is still holding onto that engagement ring.

  14. cjeffery7 says:

    i dont watch Gossip Girl, or anything on the CW for that matter which generally classifies as primetime soap, so all i can think of is Sarah & Mark from Parenthood.

  15. Sindy says:

    Robin an Barney!!! HIMYM!!


    Robin and Ted!!!

    • Mo says:

      That’s a comedy, not a soap. Not to mention that not only was it NOT close to being cancelled, it was renewed for two seasons last year. They went into this past season knowing they already had a renewal for next season. Try again.

      PS – did you see the season finale of HIMYM????

  16. BTM says:

    Charming and Snow?

  17. Aly says:

    I have to say even though it seems to easy I hope it’s Sam and Addison. I hope the show ends after 13 eps and they don’t try to keep going w/out Tim :( love him :( and Kate. Make the last 13 awesome Shanda! I think the fans deserve a great ending!

  18. Emma says:

    It must be Private Practice, it can’t can’t CAN’T be GG. Or at least it shouldn’t, but stephanie savage and Josh schwartz wrote the pilot so God only knows what disaster we’re going to witness this fall. But seriously, let’s just forget about Dair and Chair and let’s talk about the show in its entirety.. the girl both went through a miscarriage and got married in the last season, how can anyone genuinely want her to get married just because it’s freakin’ epic Chuck and Blair we’re talking about? And she’s 20.. TWENTY! I am 20 and I wouldn’t get married even if it were imposed by law (and twice! seriously??), it’s just nonsense. If you had the smallest interest in rationality you wouldn’t hope for it, no matter what your ship is..

    • Lauren says:

      It’s also a television show based on fiction that will be ending in 10 episodes. So, yes, yes we can want them to get married. I get so tired of people trying to pretend this is real life and we should treat it as real life situations. Um, no thanks. It’s a soap on the CW.

    • Allie says:

      Just to be clear, you think Savage and Schwartz- the creators of GG, and the people who wrote the pilot- writing 6×01 means it’s going to be a “disaster”? Are you even a fan of the show? And Blair is turning 22 in Nov, just FYI.

    • mittens says:

      I want Blair and Serena to end up like they did in the books. Single and powerful running off to see the world and building themselves up. The way these girls define themselves through their relationships and what guy they’re with is utterly laughable and pathetic. They have to be the weakest female characters I’ve ever seen. That seems to be the trend now, though. Weak female characters dominate teen genres now. I blame Twilght. -_-

      • Darla says:


      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        Ha. Yes. I’ve never watched a single episode of Gossip Girl, and I’m glad I haven’t as it sounds horrible and some of the fans seem a bit crazy. But yes, I agree Stephanie Meyer’s psychotic fantasies and her ignorant books are the basis for the demise of the world and all of womankind. Feminism is going to have a very difficult time bouncing back from the damage she caused to teenage girls…and their mothers, for that matter.

  19. Dizzle says:

    The clue involves a pair of “well liked” lovebirds… I wouldn’t classify Sam as a well-liked PP character, aside from Violet he seems to be the most widely Disliked!

    I would assume it’s a CW show but also not certain it’s Gossip Girl… Blair has only JUST divorced Louis and finished with Dan, I would hope they don’t immediately have her tie the knot with Chuck! My votes for 90210, and I would imagine Naomi and Max… Both were engaged to other characters in the last stretch of episodes, and Naomi did say she needed a really good reason to stay!

    • Lauren says:

      90210 was never on the verge of cancellation.

    • sarah says:

      i agree with you about gossip girl.Blair married a prince and dated dan right after and then chair fans are suppose to be happy that they may be getting married next season, i am sorry but they should have done a chair wedding in season 5 instead of creating stupid sl (pact with god, marriage with a guest star, this dair crap…) which ruined the show.Gossip girl is not coherent,there is no logic.I understand that they have to create drama and everything but they really should stop take their fans for a punch of imbeciles; it’s insulting

  20. Mark says:

    I hope it’s Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl, since there will be enough time for their divorce. Seriously. So I’m rooting for their divorce before the series finale, since Chuck and Blair don’t work together and we’ve knew it for a few years now. They never will, no matter what.

    • Lauren says:

      BWAHAHAHA. That’s funny. Good luck with that.

      • Mark says:

        Lauren, this is my opinion. I was a Chair fan in season 1 and 2. But then, they didn’t work in season 3 and season 4 and 5. Nothing has changed, so no, I won’t believe in their happy ending. There’s no happy ending for them in my opinion, whatever happens. In my head they will divorce soon, because they are not good for each other.

        • Lauren says:

          Whatever floats your boat dude.

        • Allie says:

          They “didn’t work” because the writers needed to keep them apart. Now they want to put them together, so… I feel like a lot of people don’t understand how writing works. And saying “nothing’s changed” is essentially saying that Chuck is exactly the same as he was in S3, and clearly that’s not the case. But yeah, whatever you want to imagine in your own head, I guess.

          • Mark says:

            Sure, they needed to keep them aprat but they did it in the worst way possible. The broke them up too many times, they showed Chuck as the biggest jerk ever, Blair as the undecided and weakest woman ever. They even made Chuck reject her in a big and awful way in the last finale. Why do that? This is awful, all Chair storylines have been terrible since S3: the IP, Jenny, the mess with Eva, rage and glass, the accident. I didn’t like it and I don’t know why anyone would. I mean, this is an awful storytelling, I was a fan, but they made a fool of me, fools of all fans, fans of Nair, Derena, Chair, Dair. There’s no need for a wedding, they are not ready, no one is on this show. Why should I believe that Chair work as a couple, when they showed the opposite during all 3 seasons? They are doomed, they are not longer Chuck and Blair I used to know. That’s all.

          • Emma says:

            Dear Mark, Thank you & I love you.
            Sincerely, someone else who has been paying attention to the deteriorating story lines and not just the pretty characters.

          • Allie says:

            Well, therein lies the problem. When your most popular and charismatic couple consists of your two best actors- the only two really capable of carrying any dramatic storylines- and you put them together two years into a six year series, and don’t know how to write couples together for more than half a season… this is the result. Chuck and Blair carry the show, individually and as a couple, so the writers were never willing to move the focus away from them for long. But as they developed their romance into this all-consuming, epic type of love, the kind of obstacles they had to throw in front of them to keep them apart grew bigger and more ridiculous. I’m not defending all of those storylines, some of them were inarguably stupid- but still, I have to chuckle at your “they never worked and never will.” If the writers want them to work? They’ll work. Because, you see, they control the characters.

        • Annie says:


  21. Kate Garner says:

    I get Grey’s Anatomy from this.

  22. Kate Garner says:

    This last season, ABC nearly ditched it and P.P.

    • Sara says:

      Grey’s is ABC’s most popular drama. It was never in danger. PP was on the bubble and got a last minute reprieve.

  23. Jamiele says:

    Maybe Sarah and Mark on Parenthood

  24. Mini says:

    I hope for Chuck and Blair but I’m not sure if it did come thisclose to being cancelled with it being on the CW.

    • Lauren says:

      Well it was the worst rated show on television last season (thanks Dair) and people were pretty nervous if we’d even get a season six. The fact that we only get 10 episodes speaks pretty loudly.

  25. Pearl says:

    Look, IT’S NOT GG, SORRY. The producer ALLWAYS SAID that the chanel had given a signal that it wasn’t the last season, and that’s why they were taking that direction. so they wouldnt get axed, IT’S NOT CHUCK AND BLAIR.

    IT COULD BE Private Practice, cause that was a show that was in the last picks of ABC, it was picked literally 4 days before it’s season finally. They can start of with Addison accepting the Sam’s propose and JUMP for their Wedding, and that would be a good way of make the time jump needed.

    IT CAN’T BE Castle, cause the show was NEVER near to be cancelled.

    IT CAN’T BE Parenthood, cause although the show got some risk of cancellation, and there isn’t a star-crossed couple that is not together, cause Jabbar’s parents already tied the knot.

    IT CAN’T BE Hart of Dixie, it’s too soon, and there isn’t too many couples for the referency of “a pair”.

  26. matthew c says:

    It’s either Gossip Girl, Private Practice or 90210. I’m guessing Private Practice makes sense here.

  27. Megan says:

    The clue says that the couple is “well-liked”. Most definitely rules out Chuck and Blair.

    • Emily says:

      lol considering chuck and blair are one of the most popular couples in tv history this post is quite hilarious

      • Rob says:

        In what world is a show on the 4th rated network with horrible ratings going to have a couple that is the most popular in TV history? That is very Hyperbole on your part. I don’t disagree with it being them I’m just saying that in no way shape or form do Chuck and Blair rank up in the top couples in TV history.

        • Rob says:

          I meant 5th rated Network BTW, not 4th.

          • Emily says:

            lol thats the thing, the majority of the fanbase only watch for the couple. Personally i think the show is crap but the chemistry between the two star crossed lovers is very well recieved

    • Lauren says:

      You’re hilarious. Really. Chuck and Blair are the *only* thing about Gossip Girl that people still want to tune in for. Which is while the season of Dairsaster was so absolutely horrible. No one wanted to watch that nasty shyt.

  28. Mía says:

    Walt and Jesse
    Yesterday they broke bad; tomorrow they break bread!

  29. Rachel says:

    Chuck and Blair FTW!!!!

  30. Grace says:

    Well I don’t watch Gossip Girl, so I can’t weigh in on that. But I hope to god it’s not Addisam. Honestly I liked them in the beginning but I’m just so over them. So so SOOO over them. I also really, really like Jake. Though, honestly, if I had my way they’d bring back her old cop boyfriend. Aside from Mark (which btw :(:(:( because I don’t think he’s going to make it), he’s my favorite.

  31. Darla says:

    I really hope it’s not Chuck and Blair. Not because of the “blob” but because Blair really doesn’t need to rush into yet another marriage so soon after her first one. If it actually happens I have a feeling that it’s not going to last :/ Married off-screen and before the new season usually screams of “yep, this ain’t gonna work” just from a story telling aspect.. these things usually go poorly. And the major thing would be… well.. even if I don’t like the characters together.. that was something their fans deserved to see. It would be rude to rob them of it.

  32. john says:

    It could be navid and silver or dixon and ade from 90210.

  33. Kensi says:

    is it really “star-crossed” if you self sabotage your own relationship repeatedly? Things I ponder.

  34. don says:

    i could care less who marries whom.
    that being said, wake me up when christopher marries john ross on ‘dallas’.

  35. Laurie says:

    I think and hope it is Addison and Sam from Private Practice.

  36. Mari says:

    Please let it be Chuck and Blair!

  37. connie says:

    Gossip Girl was never on the bubble. Private Practice was on the bubble until the finale. Most had PP already at the point of death. But being that the finale had Sam ask Addie. And given Kate Walsh stating she is leaving. To me i would put my chips on Sam and Addie getting hitched.

  38. JC says:

    This is definitely Gossip Girl the show is very popular internationally. Its facebook likes are above 11 million and its always one of the top downloads on itunes. I’ll definitely watch the final season and please make it longer than 11 episodes CW!!!

  39. Nicole says:

    after reading it again, im 98% sure its Private Practice, Addison & Sam! kinda glad its them (hopefully). i wanna see a different storyline for them already. its obvious they break them up again last season b/c they need benjamin bratt’s character to have a storyline. if he’s not there, the whole baby drama storyline between addison and sam would’ve been solved earlier…imo.

  40. Patrick Q. says:

    I think it’s Nikita. And maybe the couple might be either Mikita or Alex and Sean.

  41. Annie says:

    Blair only just got a divorce, to marry her off again especially to Chuck is seriously messed up and ridiculous. Though nothing about the finale made any coherent sense. I pray it is not C&B.

    • Jane says:

      Not to mention she casually LOST A BABY that nobody seems to remember or care about… The internal logic of this show is just nonexistent. Blair’s character CANNOT just go jumping from man to man anymore. I would love for her to be single and powerful and awesome again.

  42. Leigh says:


  43. CRG says:

    If it’s Chuck and Blair, I’ll LMAO. Just when you think they couldn’t write the couple any worse; they throw marriage into the mix. If it is Chuck and Blair, they will use it as a way to erase their horrible history. I’ve never seen a show try to force a couple as much as this one does. How many times can destined, epic, and magentic be used to explain their (non-existent) connection? It’s clear the characters do not work romantically past high school, so to act like they would have this blissful marriage is laughable. Come on!

  44. Jerry says:

    CHAIR pawns ALL!!! Please let it be Chuck&Blair!!! Super excited for S6 CB EPICNESS.+ Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage wrote 6.01….SO JAZZED!!!

  45. L. E. says:


  46. Kara says:

    Addisam please!

  47. MF says:

    Michael, Sorry I can’t comment on the blind item. Why are you in the Pacific Northwest??? I live in Seattle. Is there something going on???

  48. J says:

    I don’t see how it could be anything BUT Gossip Girl or Private Practice. All of the other shows on the Renewal Scorecard that didn’t get cancelled and could be considered prime time soaps were listed as “a sure thing” or “a safe bet.” that being said, I would be really disappointed if it was Chuck and Blair. Not because I want them apart but a hasty marriage seems like a dud ending to their mostly tragic love. They should at least address some of their issues first. Unless the writers want to wrap up the Chair storyline so they can go back to the beginning and really focus on Serena and Blair’s friendship. The writers might be just as tired of their on again off again drama like we are and just want to put it to rest.

  49. Katie says:

    Please please PLEASE be Chuck and Blair! This is something the better half of the fandom has been desperate for, for 5 YEARS! Come on Stephanie, give us a Chair ending!

  50. sophia says:

    I really hope it’s chuck and blair.