Spoiler Alert! The Best Comedy Emmy Goes to...

Modern Family Emmys 2012In this special “Emmy Comedy Preview” episode of Spoiler Alert!, Matt Mitovich and I lead off by tackling the following provocative question: Can any show beat the kudos juggernaut that is Modern Family?

As Community demonstrated Monday night at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards, the answer is yes. But the Greendale Gang faces an uphill battle knocking off the back-to-back winning ABC smash. First off, it has to land a best comedy series nomination — something it has yet to do.

A liklier scenario has NBC’s Parks and Recreation (which did score a nod last year) or HBO‘s freshman critical darling Girls scoring the upset of all upsets.

We also handicap the major comedy acting categories, including the hotly-contested lead actress derby which, according to our crystal ball, will likely come down to a face-off between an Emmy vet and a long overdue/much-beloved funny lady.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Joana Aleixo says:

    parks and rec deserves to win this year.

  2. GIRLS.

    Plain and simple. that show is a stroke of genius.

    Community, Parks & Rec, Veep, Happy Endings, Archer – all five are a close second for me.

  3. L says:

    if parks and rec doesn’t win this year, then I will cry and Amy deserves to win above everyone, it is her year!

  4. Dave says:

    Happy Endings is an infinitely funnier show than Modern Family … however it’s highly doubtful anyone but the Pritchett/Dunphies will be running up onstage this year.

  5. tvaddict says:

    So many great possible nominations! I would to see any kind of love thrown to Happy Endings, Community, Parks & Rec, Cougar Town, etc

  6. Adriana says:

    I’m so tired of Community getting constantly snubbed, if it happens again this year I’m so done with the Emmy’s. I think Amy Poehler should win but I would also like to see Dani Pudi get at least nominated, and maybe Joel too?

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, that’d be great. I hope “Community” gets some recognition at the Emmys, too.

      Also, scrolling down the comments a bit, geez, is there a chance we could go through a thread where people AREN’T insulting other people for their TV tastes? If you don’t like a show, fine, but there’s no need to tell people they’re stupid for watching this or that. Grow up.

      • Cheri says:

        Yeah, I’d like to see Michael boot (ban) posters for being rude, especially the consistently offensive ones.

      • marie3 says:

        Agree! anyway i’m rooting for amy poehler! Everyone has personal opinions about it but there’s no need to be rude about shows/actors and so on.

    • aleksa says:

      At this point, it really would be an honor just to be nominated (“Community” in general, and Pudi in particular).

      • Cheri says:

        I would love for several of the actors to be nominated, as well as the show itself, but the best recognition of all would be to see Dan nominated for one of the episodes he wrote/directed. I want some kind of solid industry recognition for him, so that he’s offered some great jobs. I want his creative genius on my TV again!

  7. trev says:

    Community needs to be nominated.

  8. cjeffery7 says:

    superlative episode of Spoiler Alert. now someone explain to me what superlative means. it’s like when one thought is wearing another thought’s hat, right?

  9. noa says:

    dreams of mine:
    1. Parks and rec wins best comedy.
    2. Amy Poehler wins best lead actress.
    3. Gillian Jacobs wins best supporting actress
    4. Community gets nominated for best comedy.
    5. Louis C.K. wins best lead.

    please make all of these come true.

  10. Jo says:

    Girls is the worst scripted show on television and if the Emmys awarded it best comedy their reputation would be irrevocably damaged.

    • Doug says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who thinks the show is over rated.

    • Samuel Orf says:

      ^ Makes comment, has never seen the show.

      • AJ says:

        I watched the first season because this site talked about how great it is. I thought it was awful. It is nothing new or original as claimed. All I think when I watch it is “what a bunch of whiny spoiled brats.” Now you have an informed opinion.

    • Mik says:

      I completely disagree. I feel like Girls has a great shot of getting a nomination. Aside from it being HBO and the fact that it’s a new show, I think the characters are very well written (something I haven’t seen since The Good Wife began), and the show is just very funny. If they submit “Welcome to Bushwick” or “The Return”, I think it has a very good shot of getting nominated and I would have no problem seeing the show win Best Comedy, although I know it might be unlikely. And I would also like to see Lena get a Best Actress nomination.

      • AJ says:

        So the best comedy Emmy should go to a show that isn’t funny and doesn’t make you laugh? I see.

        • Mik says:

          When did I say it didn’t make me laugh? Cause it did make me laugh, so I don’t know where you are getting that from. And I do think it’s funny. Maybe not in a typical-comedy-obvious way, but still very funny.

    • lauren says:

      ^^ On drugs that I really wish she’d share.

  11. Doug says:

    Love Community but Parks & Rec was the best comedy on television this year. As much as I love Ty Burrell in Modern Family, Nick Offerman might have the best role on television as Ron Freakin Swanson.
    As far as Girls goes, I must be missing something because I find it to be completely vapid and I really don’t care about any of the characters. Veep is a far superior comedy, writing is crisp and the acting is fantastic. JLD is hands down best actress in a comedy.

  12. jasonboegh says:

    Um, “Community” has not an ice cube’s chance in hell of winning best comedy. Sorry. I’m skeptical it will even get nominated… “Modern Family” has it in the bag. “Parks” would be a lovely upset… If that crap “Girls” is nominated I might jump off a cliff. I know I’m in the minority it seems, but I can’t stand that show. (I am happy for Lena Dunham getting it on the air though).

  13. Babybop says:

    Parks and Rec is one of the rare shows that gets better every season! I highly doubt that Community will even be nominated (no matter how much I wish it should). Parks and Rec deserves the crown this year! Let’s keep it the Emmys and the not the Modern Family Awards.

  14. mh says:

    What about the big bang theory? in my opinion they are emmy worthy. Out of all the comedies i watch big bang is the funniest

  15. Jordan Big says:

    Definitely Community. It is one of the most creative and funny comedies ever. How could it lose?

  16. Justine says:

    I want so badly for Community and Parks&Rec to both win in any of the main categories! They’re BRILLIANT shows! And deserve some credit!

  17. rob says:

    veep is hands down the funniest show on tv right now…and a down year for modern family IMO, should be a no brainer

  18. Superhero says:

    Community and Louie both need to be nominated.

  19. Spencer says:

    Parks and Rec! Parks and Rec!!! I love Modern Family, but Parks and Rec. is just a tiny bit better, IMO

  20. AJ says:

    Community, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Louie, Modern Family, and Happy Endings are my top 6. I think Community had a strong season but Parks and Rec is the winner. Modern Family is funny, but it simply follows the same formula each week and kinda phoned it in this season.

  21. Britta Unfiltered says:

    As usual, Matt and Aus, a very astute discussion. I agree totally with your Modern Family comments. One thing I don’t agree on though is that Nurse Jackie is a drama? I always laugh at that show. I find it very funny, and I thought this season was its best. It’s definitely a darker comedy though. I could live without it being nominated, but the ones I really want to see on there so badly are Community and Louie, two of my favorite underdogs. I would bet anything Louie at least gets a writing nomination for the Duckling episode.
    Speaking of which, any chance of a discussion on shows which you think would get nominated for writing and direction or which ones you would like to see get nominated? I am curious to hear what your favorite episodes of the year were in regards to that.

  22. Tess says:

    It seems a long shot for Community to even get nominated since the Emmy’s don’t generally give a first time nomination for a show that’s already a few seasons in. If any yet to be nominated non-freshman show deserves a nom(I’m sure I’m in the minority on this one but oh well)it’s Mike & Molly, which had a surprisingly funny season, minus the cliched finale. Modern Family will still likely win so long as they entered their finale episode…the rest of the season was just meh compared to the first two.

  23. Amy says:

    Amy Poehler and Parks and Rec for the win!!! Come on!

  24. tim says:

    sorry, but the emmys are notorious for voting the same shows over and over again — look at Frasier and mad men. It’s frustrating.

  25. murley says:

    parks and rec seems to be the only show that everyone can agree on. it really seems like this should be its year. if it doesn’t take home the emmy, i would hate to be the show that does.

    • Atoz15 says:

      Totally agree!

    • Cheri says:

      Nope, can’t stand the show, and Amy in particular is extremely annoying, like nails on a chalkboard. Think Parks and Rec is far more polarizing that you think. I am CERTAIN that I’m not the only one that can’t sit thru an entire episode.

  26. ......................... says:

    f the emmy, carrell never wins, laurie never wins BS

  27. Sarabi says:

    It looks like “Girls” is going to win this year because it’s hyped as s***!

  28. David B says:

    Modern Family isn’t the funniest show on TV. What makes it special is how it emphasizes family values at the end of each epsiode. Remember the Thanksgiving episode (the one where they had a pumpkIn fly over a field)? I only laughed once in the 30minutes it was on air, but I felt really good after watching it.

  29. Nick says:

    The Middle should be nominated, it’s always living in Modern Family’s shadow!!! The whole cast is great, especially Eden Sher!!

  30. Sunny says:

    TOTALLY agree that Middle deserves a nom. WAY funnier this season than Modern Family.

  31. I’ve written an article called HOW TO TAME YOUR EXECUTIVE which is my response to the firing of Dan Harmon of “Community.” Love to hear your thoughts!

  32. Kassya says:


  33. Kristen says:

    Never count out Parks and Rec and 30 Rock if the right episodes were submitted.