Report: Today Poised to Drop Ann Curry

It’s (sorta) official: Ann Curry‘s Todays are numbered.

NBC is readying a plan to replace Matt Lauer’s embattled co-host just one year after she succeeded Meredith Viera, according to the New York Times.

The news comes as the Today show attempts to reclaim its long-held perch as TV’s most-watched morning program. This Spring, Good Morning America ended Today‘s 16-year-long winning streak. Many have blamed the ratings erosion on Curry’s lack of chemistry with Lauer.

One option being discussed, per the Times, involves Curry segueing into a foreign correspondent role — something many consider to be her strength.

Today’s Savannah Guthrie is considered the odds-on favorite to replace Curry.

Thoughts? Is Curry unfairly being made the scapegoat for Today‘s ratings woes? Or is she one of the reasons you switched over to GMA? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Norma says:

    This is very sad to hear, I have been watching this show almost daily since Dave Garaway days. It’s not so much Ann, Matt and Al as its has become the same dribble everyday! I think they are all good at what they do but it is no longer the hard hitting news show it once was. They need to revamp the show not the people!

  2. Norma says:

    Please , please, please do not bring back Meredith!!!!! She is not worth watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Marilyn says:

    The Today show definitely lost its magic when Meredith Viera left and Ann Curry took over; as co-anchor. it is hard to define it but the Today show lost alot of what made it #1 when Ms. Curry became co anchor. the other biggie is that the Today show has become a series of vapid interviews with pop culture “stars” to the exclusion of more interesting and meatier stories; i find myself changing the channel and going over to GMA to escape from the poofy and floofy people that are being interviewed. maybe that’s just me but I don’t think so. Matt Lauer is an excellent interviewer.

  4. mondocinema says:

    NBC could start by getting rid of Al Roker instead!

  5. A says:

    Ann’s the only one Matt hasn’t slept with!

  6. Ethel says:

    I used to watch Today show as much as I could when working and into early retirement years. I like Ann but she is not good as a co-host, she should be a journalist and go back into the field as this is her strong point. I have found myself watching abut 5 minutes of Today then watching shows I have DVR’d. I don’t ever remember this much controversy with the Today show, why can’t they all just get along.

  7. Joshaud says:

    I was never a fan even before she took over for MV. Won’t bother me she’s replaced….

  8. Lawrence Hopkins says:

    Actually I made a comment to my wife about six months ago that the NBC Today show was much weaker with Ann Curry in the position she is in right now. She is a good news correspondent but lacks the personality to go with the position she is in. Whenever she needs to be light and fun it is strained. It is very noticeable. Think back to Katie Couric and Merridth Veirra and remember the genuine fun they had with Matt. It was a comfortable exchange of true friendship not just co-anchors. The Today show is still my favorite and I do not watch any other morning show. They all are the best. But I think this is a good move. Ann would serve them better on Dateline where she has worked before. I think Savannah will do fine. I also think they should consider Natalie Morales. She is excellent. Let us not forget that Savannah is an Attorney. She is smart. But yes sometimes not polished in the same reasons Ann is not. Both are smart but this spot needs the intelligence as well as the personality which has to come naturally. People want to feel like they are in there talking with everybody there. I think Natalie brings that with both the experience of a news reporter and a person with personality that gels with Matt and other guests.

  9. CD says:

    They need to look at the whole picture as to why the ratings are falling and not one person. Personally I think Matt’s ego is too big, and both Ann and Savannah are boring. I also haven’t liked all the little programming changes over the past year/two. Overall, I was a strong watcher until a year ago and switched to other morning new programs. It’s not one person who’s to blame…it’s an entire program.

  10. Justine says:

    Savannah is a vanilla as Ann Curry. I would rather have Matt by himself than with her. She lacks any journalistic credibilty and acts like she is a great lawyer. If she was a well known counselor wouldn’t she be practicing law in the courts or some high rise NYC Law Firm. Getting rid of Ann is not going to give Today it’s rating back. You need real news, better stories, less gossip and fluff and much more ahrd heading reporting than what’s being aired on the first hour of the Today Show. Firing or transfering Curry is akin to racism. Shame on you NBC

  11. Sarah says:

    I would prefer Natalie Morales over Savannah. She is more personable and likable, has more journalistic background and frankly she would bring diversity to the Today show. She would also prove a benefit to the Today show in another few years when they have to go to Brazil for the summer olympics as she is part Brazilian and speaks Portuguese. If they promote Savannah over Natalie (who has been with the show longer) that will be sad.

  12. KSM says:

    That sucks for Ann Curry, but she is seriously the worst live interviewer. I cringe whenever I see that she is conducting an interview over Matt.

  13. susanmarie says:

    Ann is a nice gal but I do not like the way she interviews. Part of the problem with TODAY though, is the show has gotten stale. They have kept the same format for years with little diversity. Good Morning America has the two co-hosts but is more of a team approach which allows for more personalities and greater options to present material in a fresh way. When it is just primarily two co-hosts then if their chemistry is not on par then the whole show suffers. Meredith and Katie did have more chemistry with Matt and that helped a great deal!

  14. Fran says:

    Matt Lauer and his ego are unbearable to me. I can’t watch anything he does. I find him THAT unlikable. I don’t think this was a good position for Ann though- she’s much better than the fluffy Today show pieces she’s forced to do. She needs to stick stick tpo the field reporting. Today and Good Morning America have really moved away from actual news. CBS is the only one left worth watching.

  15. Ann VerWiebe says:

    This was a situation of Ann taking a logical promotion that didn’t really suit her. She seems to have problems when the producers are talking in her ear monitor (she stumbles almost every day). And, I think she has her next act in sight. During many of her interviews lately she seems very focused on women discovering a new career path.

  16. matthew c says:

    I don’t like Savannah Guthrie at all… I want somebody with more of a hardcore news background. I wish they would get Joan Lunden! Somebody needs to take her out of retirement!

  17. TrP says:

    I like Ann, but liked her better as the newsreader. She is best in small doses. Savannah Guthrie would be a great co-host. With Matt’s rumored history with Natalie Morales, no way will she get the job.

  18. Buffy says:

    I think they all should be replaced and Al Roker should be the host! The man is funny and very endearing!!

  19. Sandra Harvey says:

    I think Ann deserves to stay a little longer but I’m not so sure of Matt. He’s a little prissy lately. I’d love to see Lester and Natalie take over. Ann has definitely improved her style by using a lot of color which looks great on her and I think she is a very caring person. The problem is when NBC has to schedule these people who have just survived a disaster and they almost drag them out of intensive care to give them a few minutes on the air. First they should determine if they can put a few words together to form a sentence before they sign them up! They spend too much time on garbage and rush through more interesting reports. It wouldn’t kill them to finish a report AFTER the commercial.

  20. rleash says:

    I’ve been a loyal Today Show viewer for 10 years, but this is the last straw. I could NEVER stand Meredith. I never understood how such a ditz could be anchor. Kathy Lee is terrible, and what a horrible downgrade that was for poor Hoda. Ann is the most intelligent, fun person there! I hope they move her to Dateline or Nightly News. Either way, if she’s gone from Today, I’m going to GMA.

  21. LJOHNSON says:

    Ann is great! Get rid of arrogant Lauer.
    I’m switching to GMA when Ann leaves.

  22. Tim says:

    Matt is the problem. He is so stuffy he should be reporting for the BBC. He needs to go. NBC could sure save alot of money. Anee is warm and sweet. I love her in this role. The real mistake made by NBC was letting Katy slip away, but Anne should have followed Katy.

  23. Sara says:

    Usually when I first wake up, I turn on the TV and it defaults to the station that was on the night before. Which is the local news before sleep which is ABC. What I want to know is what the heck happened overnight in the rest of the world. I flip through the channels to find out and I usually settle on Good Morning America. But whoever gives me that information first I stick with until they have a guest or a segment that I don’t want to watch. Any lately…that is not the Today show. I am neutral about Ann but I can’t be objective because I am usually only on them for a short amount of time.

    That being said, wouldn’t you hate that your professional life is being critiqued and commented on by everyone and you probably don’t even know what your status is and you still have to slap a smile on and deliver? This is shi*ty on NBC for airing their dirty laundry in public.

  24. HUGE – HUGE – HUGE MISTAKE!!! If they think ratings have taken a plunge, just wait if Ann is replaced~! They will experience a viewership massive exodus! What a great way to encourage all of us to slip on over to Good Morning American – the very broadcase they are competing with — nice move, NBC: you’ll lose us AND we’ll venture to GMA! This shows how brilliant the big brass is at NBC!

    • linda says:

      hardly… the exodus started when they gave her the job…. she is the most annoying person i’ve ever witnessed on tv… ackkk. goodbye i hope, ann curry..

  25. James says:

    Ann Curry is sensible, calm, professional. People are still in sugar withdrawal after the mindless saccharine that was Katie Couric (let me answer my interviewer’s questions for him) and the distasteful Meredith Vieira, who only wanted to use the F-word and make on-air fart jokes. I’m convinced those that don’t like Ann Curry are the same people who love Larry the Cable Guy and read Sarah Palin’s book for insight.

  26. Lynn Carter says:

    I love Ann. She’s the reason I watch The Today Show!

  27. linda says:

    ann sucks… that’s why i quit watching Today… she is sooooooo annoying to listen to… when they said she was going to be co-host… i absolutely switched channels. GOOD IDEA TO ALL AT THE TODAY SHOW. GET rid of this woman!!!

  28. Eric says:

    Were it not for Mr. Lauer’s contract, I’d say ‘Today’ would be due for a nearly completely clean slate. Bring more focus to thoughtful, intelligent news that’s provocative when necessary. I could see bringing in Peter Alexander alongside Natalie Morales, plus someone from MSNBC for the news desk, and sending Al Roker to The Weather Channel in favor of a new face. Kathie Lee and Hoda can have their (happy) hour, but repackage it outside of the NBC News umbrella, and give affiliates flexibility in when to air it (if at all).

  29. CYRealino says:

    BAD CORPORATE DECISION! If the ratings are bad it is because the show is way too long. The show becomes very boring by the end of the secomd hour, too much repetition. Maybe the “powers’ that be” are using the low ratings to replace ANN with someone “younger and sexier”. I have watched this show for many years and will definitely change to another network if Ann is replaced. Ann is a very intelligent and classy lady. She should move on to another venue where her talents will be appreciated. NBC WILL LOSE MORE WITH THIS DECISION, NOT ANN!

  30. D.London says:

    Matt L. Is so full of himself I truly feel that Ann has a way to mellow out the show she is so warm, intelligent. Ann is being used as escape. Hire some new writers,producers.

    • Sandra Harvey says:

      I agree. Matt is so full of himself that he couldn’t stand having Savannah co-host. She is about a foot taller than he!

  31. GlamGail says:

    Ann Curry being fired off the ‘Today Show’? Hmmmm, one can only hope…

  32. RDub says:

    This is not only ridiculous!!! But, we’ll know Matt had a lot to do with this if his little piece on the side gets the job. No worries, Ann Curry will land on her feet. And I’ll be turning the tube to ABC’s The Morning Show. So long Today Show.

  33. Yssa says:

    I stopped watching because of the silliness and nonsense of Hoda and Kathie Lee. If I wanted that kind of drunk weirdness I’d still be watching The View or The Talk. Enough blaming Ann already! She’s a professional, and the Today show desperately needs professionals! Chemistry is a 2 way thing. I can tell that Ann is trying, but is Matt? Or is he just being his normal self?

  34. Jack Jacobs says:

    Too bad, I like her, she’s contributed to Today in a major way for umpteen years. If she has to go though, I vote for Jenna Wolfe, that little tomboy is terrific.

  35. Nancy Pointer says:

    I vote for Ann-she is not the reason I switched to GMA- It was JOSH ELLIOT and no other-he is the perfect opposite to straight man George Stephanopoulus- young- funny and quick witted- makes Matt Lauer look like a middle aged stick in the mud-
    Always blame it on the woman- it is not Ann – TODAY needs young fresh blood like JOSH
    Cute too!

  36. J.fleming says:

    She does not connect well with those she interviews or fellow cast members. Her interviews become too fawning as a substitute for real or perceived connection. Katie had great talent for appearing to really relate to those she worked with . I like Anne best when she reports from other places and relates to the camera . I think that the Today show has lost viewers because of the lightweight reporting and emphasis on entertainment news and celebrity . Over the years it seems to have just gotten noisier rather than better

  37. People u have to be kidding! Ann has won many awards for her journalism. She is a great interviewer. Not sure what this is about. Sounds like knee jerk reactions to ratings. Katie Couric went on to flop totally at the nightly news after she left Today.. Ann hasnt been with the network for 15 yrs for nothing.. Hope she gets good lawyers. A fan. Mary

  38. Rebecca says:

    I have watched the Today Show for three years. I have seen its decline over the past year and do not blame it all on Ann. Because you know a job and have worked in a position for several years does not necessarily qualify you for another more demanding position. Its better to be good at one thing than to take on another and fail. I do not feel Ann, Natalie or Savanna qualify to be a co-host. I dislike the outside audience noise and the anchors talking over each other. I dislike seeing the spectators screaming and flashing signs. That could definitely be eliminated. I believe the Today Show has to many commercials and they repeat themselves making it boring for the people that watch the show for the three hours. The Today Show has more problems than Ann!

  39. Chris says:

    I used to watch the today show all the time but can’t stand matt and his huge ego!! Ann was not the problem!! Sorry to see her go! Hope GMA kills them on the ratings every week now as that’s the show I’m going to start watching.

  40. Arlene says:

    I think NBC made a big mistake,Ann is warm and caring something we don’t see often enough in this world

  41. Eva says:

    I had no real opinion of her until she took over as co-anchor. I do agree she lacks interviewing skills, and I noticed immediately how she tried to ‘run’ the show. I realize she’s been on the show for a number of years, but to be a newbie as a co-anchor, I feel she was out of place to hush the other newscasters during light banter and laughing. I found her to be bossy and I wouldn’t want to share a desk with her either.

  42. Willem says:

    When my wife told me Ann was fired I just didn’t believe it! How in the hell did NBC screw this up, again? Ann has been well overdue for some show of respect from NBC and Lauer! They’ve screwed her over numerous times over the years, and she has remained graceful in the sight of these numerous and very public slights!

    Why didn’t Matt Lauer stand up for her at least this time around! It had nothing to do with Ann, it had everything to do with Matt Lauer’s lack of ability to carry the show or to treat his co-worker’s wiith a reasonable amount of respect. NBC, you’ve screwed this up again the for the last time. It’s time to start a grassroots ban on anything NBC; and that also means a total BLACKOUT of anything Matt Lauer!!!!!!!!!!!

    And another thing, why didn’t Al Roker stand up and fight for Ann? We must start this movement at the viewer level, the grassroots level! So long NBC Today Show! We are fed up with your miss management of what was once the greatest show on the planet! You went from pleasing the American people to pleasing Matt; and we’re not going to take it anymore! NBC, you’ve used Ann as the scapegoat again, instead of fixing the Matt Lauer problem!

    GMA here I come, along with the rest of the Today Show’s viewing public! Every singer, actor, actress or anyone who has ever appeared on the Today show should be yelling to the top of their lungs about this complete and total lack of management on the part of NBC Network News! We should all be pissed the hell off!!!!!! Shame on Lauer, shame on NBC.

  43. Judy S. says:

    After watching the Today show for years, we’re through! We loved Ann Curry and hope their ratings really nose dive now–we sure won’t be watching it.

  44. Penny says:

    I think they should have replaced Matt instead of Ann. She was the only one who showed any compassion for people. She was one of the reason my husband and I watched the today show. I almost stopped watching when they put an atheist on there to take Katie’s place before. I cannot stand Savanna she is all to much into Matt! I think I will start watching GMA!

  45. jap. says:

    Yup they did it and I left….I’ll come back for Olympics…unless I can find some. Place false to watch matt is tiny with an ego bigger than he is the way they let Ann go was less than low class it was no class at all. GMA & CBS morning show….go get em’