The Killing Season 2 Finale Recap: Who Killed Rosie Larsen? Well....

The Killing Season 2 FinaleStop! If you haven’t watched The Killing‘s Season 2 finale, back away from this SPOILERIFIC recap, and come back later. Otherwise, welcome, and come on in…

Maybe now Sarah Linden can finally catch some shut-eye.

In one somber, twisty hour, we finally got the answer to the question we’ve been asking for two seasons now: “Who killed Rosie Larsen?”

And while, yes, it was Darren Richmond’s campaign aide Jamie Wright who chased the teenage victim through the woods, brutally beat her, and stuffed her into a trunk, it was Rosie’s own Aunt Terry who put said car in drive and sent the girl to her horrific, watery death.

“I didn’t know! I didn’t know it was Rosie!” pleaded Terry, who’d done the evil deed thinking she was killing a random girl who’d overheard Jamie colluding with Chief Jackson and Terry’s wealthy married boyfriend Michael Ames on a plan to sink Mayor Richmond’s Adams’ waterfront development project and then profit with an alternate scheme of their own.

And to be honest, while I’m glad Jamie turned out to have blood on his hands — really, last week’s penultimate episode took him too far down the path of guilt for some final, last-act twist to absolve him — Terry’s awful, awful involvement was, as Holder put it, yet another example of wrong place, wrong time. And certainly wrong action.

A few other thoughts/observations on “What I Know”:

* If I had one complaint about the finale, it was the lack of the Linden-Holder dynamic that’s kept The Killing deeply compelling even in those moments where I wondered if the writers had a real plan for an ending. Aside from her drab brown sweater, the usually vividly painted Linden didn’t seem much different in Season 2’s final hour than most obsessive TV detectives, while Holder had few opportunities to flex his winning brand of Zen street sarcasm. I’m going to hold out hope these cats come back for a third season — just so long as the Larsen case is put to bed, and a new murder becomes their dual obsession.

* Anyone else find it chilling how the raucous laughter of the Larsen kids in the opening scene — flashing back to Rosie’s final day on Earth — sounded very much like the screaming of a murder victim?

* I’m kinda glad Jamie was killed off (by Holder’s gun) in the opening 15 minutes, since his whole descent into “I did it all for you, Darren!” madness made him seem more pathetic than scary. Still, those flashbacks to the actual murder were bloody awful: Jamie discovering Rosie at the casino construction site and realizing she’d overheard the illicit pow wow; Jamie “accidentally” knocking videocam-wielding Rosie to the floor as she tried to flee the scene, and thinking he’d killed her in the process; Rosie waking up and fleeing Jamie’s vehicle, only to get chased down in the woods and put back in the trunk (but did he have help getting her body out of the casino undetected?); Terry, overhearing Ames and Jamie trying to concoct a plan of what to do with the bound and battered girl whose existence threatened the futures they’d planned; and Terry, putting the car in drive, knowing that Ames’ unscrupulous waterfront idea had to become a reality, or he’d never have the money to leave his wife.

* That last bit, with Rosie’s screams audible under the plinking, almost peaceful piano music, was like a punch in the gut. And that it was shown against the backdrop of Terry confessing her crime while sitting on Rosie’s bed, Stan and Mitch listening aghast in the doorway, was like a punch in the gut with a two-by-four. Yeah, she maybe didn’t know it was Rosie, but she knew it was an innocent human being she was slowly drowning! Yikes.

* I probably should’ve known that Darren had already gone to the dark side the morning after his victory in the Mayoral race. I mean, what kind of person would be able to whip up a press release spinning the death of one of his closest advisors while sitting no more than 15 feet from a patch of carpet covered in said advisor’s blood and gore? I guess the kind of person that could agree to a closed-door meeting (sorry, Gwen, you’ll have to wait in the hall!) with Chief Jackson and Michael Ames just a day after learning they were tied to the killing of a girl in the name of his campaign, a killing that he’d been accused of and — as a result — had lost the use of his own legs. Here’s hoping Gwen takes the high-profile election win and uses it to find a better gig with a better candidate!

* I liked that Linden pieced together Terry’s involvement when she spotted the Bad Auntie’s broken taillight, and realized she’d been the one to bring Ames to the lake on that fateful night. But the revelation made me wish the whole Beau Soleil subplot had never happened: I mean, Rosie having knowledge of her aunt’s involvement with an escort agency was, on its own, a believable plot development; but then we also have to buy that Rosie was friendly with the son of Terry’s married lover, and that by sheer happenstance, Rosie ended up on the 10th-floor casino construction site at the exact moment said married lover was conducting a nefarious business meeting? That just seems like one coincidence too many, no? Or did I miss something over the expanse of two seasons that would help me make sense of it all?

* That final scene of Rosie’s “What I Know” film short may have been a tad cloying, but I can’t quibble with the Larsens having a brief respite from grief after the worst October ever endured by a single household in the history of ever.

* What happened to Jack? Not even another quickie phone call? Oh, Linden, you may be a fascinating character, but you remain a pretty crappy mother to the bitter end!

And now it’s your turn to share some thoughts on The Killing finale! Ready, set, sound off!

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  1. michael says:

    Nicole WAS one of the killers. How else would Jamie have gotten Rosie out of the hotel without 1) having extra hands to carry the body and get her to his car and 2) not have it be recorded on camera.

    She knew. thats why she was helping cover it up to preserve the secret deal they had made to get a new casino built in Seattle. Otherwise she would have just tossed Jamie to the wolves when the police came knocking.

  2. jenna says:

    I enjoyed it. Thought the twist at the end was great. And hearing Rosie’s screams while in the trunk was eerie.
    I do agree with many that it would have been better to wrap it up in one season. I hope it is renewed and then maybe they will follow that template.
    Great show! Glad I stuck with it.

  3. Curly Girly says:

    Wow, what a phenomenal finale! The twist with Rosie’s aunt I did not see coming! Outstanding acting by all, especially by the actress who played Aunt Terry. Her confession scene was gut-wrenching. I also bawled like a baby at the end when watching Rosie’s “What I know” video. Great finale, I hope the show comes back for another season.

  4. Tfurt says:

    In the last scene, what did Linden say when Holder said to her “we got the bad guy”. I couldn’t understand her. Thanks !

    • Debbie says:

      After Holder told Linden that ‘we got the bad guy’ Linden said ‘We did?? Who??’ I don’t know why Linden said that or what the significance of it was but Holder hesitated and replied with ‘Hey! Keep in touch.’

  5. JeniLee says:

    Did we ever learn why Rosie was so scared of Michael Ames? Alexei had told Linden that she called him scared at the casino because he was there. Did I miss something?

    • Dwigt says:

      Michael Ames had another hidden company, that dealt in fishing. It was specialized in red herrings.

      More seriously, no, we never had any explanation on the relationship between Ames the Elder and Rosie. And it was apparently just a coincidence that Rosie saw him a few hours before, given that he had no clue that she was the girl in the car.

  6. lakerfan334 says:

    Loved the season finale. Shocked at Terri killing her own niece. That was a twist I definitely didn’t see coming. Hope there’s a third season. I really love this show. And I absolutely love Joel Kinnaman. He so deserves an Emmy for his portrayal as Holder. He’s the best!

  7. Larissa says:

    I agree w/your points.

  8. Jared says:

    As far as the KILLING goes..I believe this was a series finale..AMC in my opinion will not renew this series.

  9. Becky says:

    I think that if there is a season 3 we would see that Richmond is just acting like all is good when he is out to get all the people who were responsible for putting him in that chair. He told Jamie that not only did he kill Rosie but that Jamie was the reason he was in the chair. At the end of the show Holder and Linden where parked across from the Larsen’s old home. Could be that Linden finally saw that a family could stay together no matter what and when a new case came up she decided to put Jack first for once. She was off to get her son. I hope that there is a season 3.

    • Curly Girly says:

      Its already been said that season 3 (if there is one) would be a whole new cast, investigating a new murder.

  10. Terri Savage says:

    I agree with Michael’s review. No question the story was way too convoluted. But the second season was a redemption, and the finale a sucker-punch of payoff. So sad. Nobody — except perhaps Holder — got out with a win.

    If the show is renewed I’ll tune in again to see Linden and Holder.

  11. Lew says:

    Best plot twist since Terry Bauer died on 24! The actors and the performances were stellar. And all these people who are hating on it took the time out to watch it and then write about it so I think thats what makes a good show even if its contreversial. For all of the haters saying they should have told who killed rosie in the first season, you all are just boring. Every other show has the endgame at the end of every season, kudos to the Killing for stepping out of the box and giving someone with patience and a brain something compelling to watch!

  12. Amandria says:

    I totally enjoyed it. So many lives destroyed literally. Poor Belko, the teacher, The whole Larsen family, even the bio-dad, How the heck did Aunt Terry live with herself knowing she was part of this? Victims include Jack because Mom’s obsession but without her Rosie’s killers never get caught. Linden’s fiancee murdered, her career. She finds peace in the end and I hope she gets to keep it. Linden and Holder were some of the most compelling police partners EVER. I couldn’t stand Holder in the beginning his character is the one that grew the most, grew up and grew strong. Linden has so much heart that trying to find justice takes on a life of its own, which hurts her deeply as a parent, she can’t balance it even though she is Brilliant sad to say if she didn’t have Jack it would be fine, the commitment of parenthood with that type of job especially without another partner to pick up the slack is too much. That whiny social worker on the boat should of helped her out vs leaving her to do it all alone. Poor Rosie, poor Ames kid. I was totally hurt by Richmond’s turn to the dark side after all his protesting; did Jamies lame speech work. You saw him saying goodbye to his wife, saying he was putting it behind him to Gwen and you think it’s a good thing…NOPE its a BAD thing. Poor Gwen. Lindens brains and tenacity, Holders loyalty and growth made the show worth watching week in and out. The man who played Mr. Larsen killed me each week so strong, trying so hard. Oh lets not forget poor Alexie the boy who lost his father in a trunk because Yannick ordered it from Stan to let him out of the mob. Loved that poetic justice…Karmic that Rosie went the same way, and that Alexie free’s the Larsens in a way they never could be with out him killing Yannick. I LOVED IT!!!!!

  13. John Moshier says:

    called from amc started there killing tracker terrry was always very secretive not enough information at the endind why was rosie there how they get the body out without help just to many wholes for 2 years

    • Debbie says:

      Rosie was there because she was leaving town. She went to the 10th floor to get one last look at the city. That’s why she made the movie for her family…to tell them that she wanted to see the world and to tell them goodbye. They never showed how Jamie got Rosie out of the building but I’m assuming that Chief Jackson helped him or it’s entirely possible that he got her out himself.

  14. Joyce Ambler says:

    For me the ending of season 2 was pretty good, but I watched for the wonderful production and acting by all the cast, especially Enos (Lindon) and Kinnaman (Holder). I loved watching their relationship develop, especially the “us against the world” aspect. AFter 2 seasons of getting to know this detective duo, I want to see more. I WANT TO SEE MORE!

  15. Guest says:

    OK, The secret is out on who did it. But…did I miss an episode or dream one because I missed out on what happened after Rosie’s oldest brother Tom shot the mob boss, Janek Kovarsky? Janek thought it was Stan getting into the back seat, but it was really Tom who proceeded to shoot Janek in the back of the head while Stan is instructing his “assigned” kill to get out of town. Did that turn of events happen in my mind only? Surely the Larson family had been through enough without having their son follow in the shadows of Rosie’s Dad – a mob hit man! The finale scene with the family all watching Rosie’s movie showed Tom changing from the aloof and alone family screw-up to a smiling brother enjoying his sister’s movie. Was that it? Killer reverts back to child without the family knowing what either Stan and Tom had more in common than the family name.

    • Debbie says:

      First off…Rosie didn’t have an older brother. Rosie was the oldest with two younger brothers. The guy that killed Janek was Lexi…Rosie’s friend. Janek told Stan that in order to get out of the mob that Stan had to kill Lexi’s father. Lexi overheard Stan telling Janek that Janek ordered the hit on Lexi’s father and that he (Stan) wasn’t going to kill anyone else (Janek was ordering Stan to kill the guy with the baby.) Lexi was angry that Janek had ordered the hit on his father and he killed Janek to avenge his father’s death.

      • Dwigt says:

        The guy who killed Janek was Alex, the son of the guy Stan had to kill to get off the hook from Janek 16 years ago.
        Given that Janek had big plans for Stan and wanted him to have another guy (the guy responsible for planting the bones on the construction site) killed, in addition to being involved with the Mayor, Jamie, Ames, the Indian casino, and the Beau Soleil escort site, it’s also a miracle that Stan didn’t spend some time with the police to clear his alibi for Janek.
        But, hey, it’s a deeply realistic show….

        • Debbie says:

          I appreciate the detail but the boy’s name was Alexi Giffords but they called him ‘Lexi’ on the show…not ‘Alex.’

  16. Teléfila says:

    Oh by, what a finale! Tery was on my suspect list from day one and well, it’s really sad she was the murderer in the end even if she didn’t know Rosie was there. How could she dare twice to say the things she said to Mitch after knowing what she had done!

    And Jamie? I’m 100% he was in love with Darren after their scene at the hospital and the “everything I did was for you” confirms my theory. Anyway, chief Jackson deserved if not a bullet jile Jamie, a kick in the ass.

    Please AMC, renew “The Killing”.

  17. Amandria says:

    Just realized what a monster/sick/twisted Terri was. At the time she begged Ames to still run away she knew her niece was dead and she knew she put the car into the water…she knew by them she killed her…Wow what a cold hearted b*tch.

    • Dwigt says:

      Terri didn’t know it was her niece inside the car, just some random girl.
      Jamie, who had assumed he had killed her before, then chased her when it turned out she was still alive in the car to put her back in the trunk, called Ames who was then in his lover’s (a.k.a. Terri) car at 3:37 A.M. because he wasn’t cruel enough to push the car in the lake himself.
      Jamie tried to convince Ames to push the car, then Terri, fed up with all these talks and aware that the final episode wouldn’t get extra screen time, did it herself.

  18. Mari says:

    I LOVE IT! Great show with amazing actors. Every single one of them deserves an Emmy.

  19. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I left the show just as confused as I started it. I probably would have understood better what was going on had I paid better attention to the first season which bored me to tears. But I did like Rosie’s film at the end. It made me teary-eyed.

  20. DenverDean says:

    I already commented on the twist and Terry’s motivations. What I loved about the series (even if it was painstakingly slow at time) was the complexity of the characters. Linden is an obsessed, great detective, but a terrible mother, Gwen seem like a cold, calculating witch, but in reality she was a loyal, dutiful woman/publicist, Holder – some many complexities, Mitch, the mother who walks out on her family at the worst time, etc. These characters had all the shades of real people, very few caricatures – especially among the multitude of main characters.

  21. dave says:

    WELL worth hanging in for season 2, regardless of what the whiners who felt short-changed by the killer not being revealed in S1 say…It would have been quite the task to compress all the plot details into a single season in any event…that said, it was a tad long-winded but the astonishing acting by the entire cast (Holder & Linden one of the best teams I’ve ever seen), far outweighed the minor lapses caused by the time drags…reminded me of some of the best well-written cop shows like The Wire, Homicide Life On The Streets and even “Who Killed Laura Palmer”?…excellent finale, excellent series…I wish even a tiny percent of television was this good all the time

  22. Kiki says:

    I loved it. I hope we get a S3. Like someone said above, so many lives destroyed, so much pain. I literally was in tears.

  23. Confused in MD says:

    Why was Rosie on the 10th floor of the casino that night? Did they ever explain that? I think I wasn’t paying attention and missed it. BTW…I thought the twist of Terry being the real killer. Totally didn’t see that coming

    • Debbie says:

      Rosie was leaving town…she wanted to see the world. She went to the 10th floor to look at the city one more time. She used to go up there when she worked as a maid at the casino.

  24. joe Hill says:


    • Swan says:

      Joe I think he had help from the Indian owners, no way that little guy could lift rosy by himself

      • Debbie says:

        How did Jamie get the ‘body’ out of the casino?? Rosie wasn’t dead when she left the casino. Don’t you remember that she got away from Jamie and he chased her thru the woods?? If she could run like that she couldn’t have been hurt to badly. Jamie probably forced her out of the casino with a gun to her back.

  25. SFD says:

    Horribly thin writing through-out the entire series. Side-note—that’s a shame. The actor’s work which carried the show deserved much much better.

    A lot of leads came in to play 2-3 seperate times, only to be once again halve-shelved until the next hot idea came along. The new idea would then be positioned as “the answer” only to fizzle out for no reason…..and then it would re-appear 2 episodes later for no appearent reason. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    I get how that could have been done on purpose to capture the detectives frustration/obsession. Unfortunatly,in my opinion, more often then not it came across as “we need to fill again…lets bring back the prostitution angle”

    End of the day, I had to go online for an explanation (which I suppose is plauisble) because 50 unresolved leads was too many to keep track of.

  26. tawni says:

    I may have missed this thanks to sleeping through half of the season but, in the end was Rosie working for Beau Soleil or not? Wasn’t Richmond supposed to be one of her clients? What was her connection to the site? Did she just get involved because she found out about her aunt?

    • Debbie says:

      Rosie had no connection to Beau Soleil…she had no connection to Richmond except that she was seen shaking his hand at one of his rallies. The show never revealed that Rosie knew what Terry (her aunt) was doing. Rosie worked as a maid at the casino and she and her friends would go to the 10th floor to take smoke breaks. According to a girl that Rosie worked with, Chief Jackson would have the girls dress up to wait on tables at the casino…she wasn’t a prostitute. There was never any indication that Roise had a thing to do with Beau Soleil. That was just another red herring….

    • BC says:

      go back to sleep or even better tune in to SATC that’s more your genre

  27. Ash930 says:

    What about Janich?? Could he be the next body found? Also, Rosie’s vm to the kid, said he’s here again.. ? But Jamie had no clue who she was so had to be Ames she was referring to. It was Terry’s boyfriend, why did he creep her out that much?

  28. Veronica says:

    Is it possible that maybe Richmond isn’t going to the dark side, but has something up his sleeve? I just find it too hard to believe that he’d make a switcheroo like that overnight.

    • Debbie says:

      I can see Richmond going to the dark side over night. Look at what he’s been thru. Jamie, his right hand man, is the reason for (mostly) all of the problems Richmond has. Richmond’s in a wheelchair because of Jamie, Jamie was making dirty deals behind Richmond’s back, Jamie lied to him about his grandfather and if all of that wasn’t enough, Jamie was behind Rosie’s murder. I think Richmond feels very betrayed and he’s filled with rage (and with good reason.) Playing the nice guy didn’t work out for Ricmond so I’m assuming he’s turned cold. This could also explain why he slammed the door in Gwen’s face. Yes…I honestly think that after everything that’s happened Richmond has most definately gone to the dark side. It’s unfortunate but I can see why this happened….

  29. Amaia says:

    I loved the finale. It was a surprise for me (I watched the last 2 episodes in a role) Jamie was the one who had business with both Jackson and Ames and that he was the one who did hit Rosie and ran to catch her. Jamie wasn’t what he seems (and I strongly believe he was in love with Richmond!!).

    Aunt Terry was always on my suspect list but I thought it’d be very cruel if she was the killer in the end and well, I think her last scene was heartbreaking. “The Killing” is a great series and one of the best of the past years in my opinion so I thank Veena Sud for developing it.

  30. Marlene Dodes-Callahan says:

    I still find a gaping hole in the deus ex machina summing up;still not clear what Rosie was doing on the 10th floor construction site of the casino. It feels totally contrived.

    • Debbie says:

      Rosie worked as a maid at the casino. She and her friends would go to the 10th floor for smoke breaks (this is how she knew about it). Rosie was getting ready to leave town (at the end of the show you saw the video of Rosie where she wrote to her parents telling them that she wanted to see the world….she was telling them goodbye.) Before Rosie left town, she went to the 10th floor to look out over the city one last time. There was no other reason she was up there. Linden explained this when she found the keycard.

  31. Swan says:

    Tell you what ch 4 in the uk putting this show later and later towards the end. 11.40pm for the last show but anyway I’m hooked! Fantastic depth to the family! And reaction! Mr Larson kissing his daughters murder when his wife leaves! Boom!
    Little wet the video of Rosie’s at the end, but all in great twist & show.
    Favourite bit Mr Larson’s gangster boss getting just deserts in the car!

    Oh and I hope soon the Casino owner get’s her just deserts!!

  32. Tina says:

    I think it not fair with two guys got problem one is teacher and second is guy stay in hospital who are councilor candidate maybe reason because who is police let information not clear to Larsen family and became bad thing for two guys and one I think it wrong is mother of Rosie cheat her husband and leave home for while and have relationship with one guy she don’t know..

  33. brendan says:

    Why did the Chief phone the Mayor after Linden held the key pass up to the camera? Why didn’t she phone Jamie or Ames??? The mayor would have no idea what she was talking about. Big hole in the plot in my opinion.

  34. Nick says:

    I absolutely enjoyed the ending. As far as Terry hearing a girl drowning in the car, I think she was so infatuated with Aimes that she would do just about anything, AND I think it was too late. What was she to do? Jump in the lake and somehow pop the trunk and rescue the girl before she drowned to death?

    I feel like I missed something as there are a couple questions I think were still unanswered.

    I know Rosie was working in the Casino, but I still don’t know how she was making large deposits in the ATM. I know she couldn’t have made that much as a floor waitress.

    Also, why did the Chief call Adams after she had realized the card had been discovered if Adams had nothing to do with it. AND, why did Adams say something along the lines of “I thought you said this wouldn’t come back to me??

    Another part I feel needed closure was the whole part about the corruption within the Sheriff’s office and maybe an arrest of Gil Slone…

    Did I miss anything? Or do you people agree that these questions need more solid answers?

    As far as everything else goes, I think the writers did very well. Everything seemed very deliberate and well planned.

    • Tony says:

      1. It was hinted that Rosie had the “good shift” as a waitress, so maybe she was able to make that amount of money.
      2. The Chief didn’t call Adams. In the scene we actually don’t know who she’s calling, all we hear is that she tells someone (we later learn is Jamie) that they have their key card.
      3. Adamas said that to his chief of staff. He wasn’t refering to a meeting in the 10th floor but to the fake picture of Richmond.
      4. No way Slone is getting arrested. Remember it Linden’s badge number thats linked to the altered photograph.

  35. Nick says:

    Oh, also. I thought Terry’s confession was enough to make an arrest of Aime’s and the Chief as well, but you see them at the meeting with Richmond. I’m a bit confused as to why it went down that way because Linden and Holder were bummed they couldn’t arrest Aime’s. I thought that confession was going to be there Trump card against Aime’s.

    Anyone else confused about that?

    • Tony says:

      Yeah, this I agree was a major plot hole. I mean, if you can put the guy in the scene of the crime, you can definitely arrest him..

      My other major problems with the plot are:
      – Why did Jamie kill Rosie? I mean, she’s a 17 year old girl. Just destroy the camera and her cellphone and scare her off. No one is going to believe anything she says, especially if she doesn’t even know what the F she heard…
      – How did Jamie get Rosie’s body out of the casino? She was fainted at the moment. It’s no easy task to move a limp 110 pound body through the lobby of a casino…especially with cameras in every corner.
      – Asumming the asnwer to the question above is that the Chief helped him, then Linden and Holder have the chief as an assesory to murder as well. They could have gotten all three who were at that meeting.
      – I think no one has mentioned this, but didn’t anyone else have a problem with the clue Linden found that linked Rosie to the ferry? I recall it was a note with a time (9pm) and the name of the ferry (which I can’t quite remember at the moment). It made sense in that episode because it was supposed to be the time for an appointment with Mayor Richmond (and later on Aimes), but if Rosie worked at the casino regularly, she wouldn’t need a note to remind her what time the ferry leaves at…she would have known the schedule by memory. The only explanation I can think of is that she wrote it down the first time she ever waited tables there and then forgot to throw the paper away…but that would be a huge coincidence, especially given the importance of that clue (it led Linden to the place it all started).
      – Jamie’s last scene was ridiculously out of character. A guy who’s that cold and manipulative would never believe for a second that Richmond would forgive him for this. Especially since the Rosie Larsen murder led to him losing his legs. The whole “we are going to take over the world” crap was way over the top and I found it unconvincing.

  36. Nick says:

    Oh, I forgot another thing. Why did Alexi say that Rosie hated both her parents? The video she made at the end told a different tale and she would have needed help shooting it just like the first video. It doesn’t seem to make much sense.

  37. Christy Amador says:

    I just “binge viewed” the first 2 seasons, and the show really did stick with me. I liked the Linden and Holder characters a lot, the cinematography was top notch and the slightly-slow pace and overall sadness didn’t’ bother me that much, but I agree with some of he more gaping holes: – The Chief, but ESPECIALLY Aimes just get away scott-free and meet with the new mayor? No way Aunt Terri is going to completely take the fall on her own, nor would Linden/Holder let him get away with it. He’s an accessory if nothing else. Also, completely agree with the comment on the Chief calling the Mayor – she was double-crossing him when the whole thing went down! Finally, feel very cheated at the whole “Rosie as Prostitute” dead-end. (not to mention the money – OR the high heels she got form Aunt Terri) I get wearing make-up to be a cocktail waitress, but why would you need those super high-heals. Actually, I must be a sucker, because I do think I will give Season 3 another try (they ARE doing one, I have seen) but hope they do better with lose ends next time!

  38. Lisa says:

    I also did a marathon on Netflix. I have to say overall the show had me from beginning to end. I couldn’t stop watching it. Because I was binging I didn’t feel cheated at the S1 finale because S2 was already available. I thought the drawn out plot lines and red herrings were good in general. It made it feel like a real investigation in real life.

    The problem I found though was that the real investigation should’ve led to some sort of inevitability by ep26 where, even if you didn’t know who did it, you could reverse engineer it and have it make sense. I thought everything that came out was just convenient plot devices to lay the murder at whomever they wanted to.

    -I hated that the murders were essentially Jaime and Terry–the show’s most loyal, most steadfast characters. Jaime was the only person standing with Richmond throughout–even literally carrying him–and Richmond immediately turns his back on him when he found out he killed her without even a little hesitation?
    -I can’t see the Terry character not getting more and more scared at being caught throughout the show. With the cops showing up, asking her questions constantly, she would’ve started giving herself away with guilt and fear. Therefore, I didn’t buy the end. I also didn’t buy it because why would she decide to confess now? They’ve come by many times before and said they found “the guy”. This was no different so why now go upstairs and admit guilt?
    -Hated the Richmond “becomes evil” thing. He was my moral center for the show. Plus it came out of the blue.
    -Agree with some others that Rosie had all these relationships but it was just happenstance that led to her death. That was beneath the show.
    -And lastly, why did the Mayor work overtime (even getting the entire police department involved) to cover up a murder he had nothing to do with–orchestrated by his competition???

    Other than all that, I thought it was pretty good. And the two leads were very good.

    • Lisa says:

      Oh yeah, and Jaime not knowing they were closing in on him–especially when they asked about the keycard–didn’t make sense.

  39. Eleanor says:

    I realizeAunt Terry didn’t know it was Rosie in the car trunk, but surely at some point she knew it was Rosie, how could she act so normal around her family and not freak out because she did love her! Why didn’t they deal with that in the show,? Is thus just me or anyone else agree?

  40. DK says:

    Wow, VERY glad I didn’t make it this far. I watched the first season, five minutes of season two, and when I realized that candidate whats-his-name didn’t do it, I felt insulted and gave up. It just wasn’t that big of a storyline. This was an episode of CSI that drug out for two whole seasons. Anyone and everyone is a suspect, and they all have a perfectly good reason to have seen Rosie hours before her death in comically villainous circumstances (eg – the teacher who, after accused of killing Rosie calls his friend: ‘They know about the girl! We must leave the country!’ Nope – not that guy! So much bait and switch…). Even innocent people on this show turn pale, brood, and lawyer-up when accused by detectives of murder – despite the fact that they didn’t do it! It took away all feeling of suspense, because there’s eventually a ‘yeah right’ feeling when they arrest the next suspect-of-the-day. This plot was painfully drawn out. For a crime show with a single case that *deserves* to run an entire season, check out HBO’s True Detective. Much, much better and more satisfying.

  41. Pickacardanycard says:

    Thank you for this. I collapsed into extreme viewer fatigue midway through Season 2, but still wanted to know whodunit.

  42. abby says:

    Did they resolve why Richmond received and resonded to Beau Soleil msgs from Linden on his computer? And did they determine how the drawing of the trees got on Linden’s fridge door? Are these answered in future episodes?

  43. Cee says:

    Why was rosie on 10th floor construction site ?

  44. Kris says:

    Who was the man Rosie said on the phone call she had just seen? She sounded scared of him and wanted her friends help, they didn’t show her making a phone call in the final scene on the 10th floor.

  45. Sonny Moon says:

    I thought Richmond’s meeting with Ames and Chief Jackson hard to believe.

  46. Matilda says:

    So, Stan bought the house but isn’t he going to be going to prison for beating up the teacher? He said he would be there for his boys but what about prison time??? It’s as if the up coming prison time was just conveniently forgotten! Also, did Terry know all along it was Rosie in the trunk or did she just figure it out at the last moment?

  47. I thought the finale was obsure. The scene which showed what happened at the casino meeting made no sense to me. What was Jamie doing there?

  48. 168sean168 says:

    Gee. This is 2017 and I have just watched season 2.