Exclusive: Bryan Fuller Fave Beth Grant Cast as Munster Neighbor in NBC's Mockingbird Lane

Beth Grant Mockingbird LaneEvery neighborhood needs a busybody, and now Mockingbird Lane has one.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Beth Grant will play the part of Maryanne, a fortysomething woman who uses a wheelchair and is very suspicious of  her creepy new neighbors, in NBC’s upcoming reboot of The Munsters.

You’ll recognize the veteran character actress from previous stints on Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls, which were also helmed by Mockingbird’s Bryan Fuller — and both in which Grant played a quirky character named Marianne Marie Beattle.

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The original Munsters, which ran from 1964-66, had no character called Maryanne — maybe Fuller created the role with Grant in mind? (If she starts baking muffins, we’ll know something’s up.)

The actress joins a cast that includes Portia DeRossi and Jerry O’Connell as Lily and Herman Munster, Eddie Izzard as Grandpa, Mason Cook as Eddie and Charity Wakefield as Marilyn.

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  1. Lilith says:

    Can´t wait! Love the whole cast!

    • Russ says:

      Like the cast too. It’s weird I thought bad concept but with Bryan Fuller and the cast, it might be good.

  2. WayneInNYC says:

    This thrills me to no end. Ms. Grant is one of my favorite character actresses.
    She’s been in EVERY good show on television!

  3. Drew says:

    She was in my favorite episode of “Angel” (actually, pretty much the only one I’ll even bother to watch anymore), “Rm w/a Vu”. She is definitely a strong character actress and it’s always fun to see her pop up on a show.

    Good casting.

  4. suzi says:

    I have to admit, this show is becoming more and more interesting to me, partly because of the casting, mostly because of Bryan Fuller.

  5. leahbh says:

    I was so thinking that she needed to be the same character on this show. Doesn’t look like that’s the case, but I’m glad to see her cast anyway. :)

    This show wouldn’t normally be one I’d check out, but I LOVED Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies so I’ll definitely watch.

  6. I never watched the original Munsters, I watched the second series with Jason Marsden.

    I’m looking forward to this because I love Bryan Fuller’s work. Dead like me and Pushing daisies are one of my favorite TV shows ever.

  7. Renee says:

    And I remember her from Jericho.

  8. Carlos T. Jackal says:

    Great casting – except for Jerry O’Connell. If he’s in, I’m out.

  9. Andrew says:


  10. schnappi says:

    Beth Grant? Awesome!

  11. JOE S HILL says:

    It is unbelivablle that another “MUNSTERS” remake is in the works! is NBC so desperate
    enough,that it would stoop to this level?-i guess it must be true,considering the failures of
    some of its Primetime shows-notably the cancelation of “HARRY’S LAW”,which still isn’t
    going down very well with its viewers. i dislike remakes and reboots,because it tells me that
    the corporate powers don’t seem to have enough creative judgement these days,,and that’s
    really sad! i guess “THE MUNSTERS TODAY” didn’t teach anyone a good lesson about
    how very limited a remake really is,,nor can i imagine how pathetic NBC’s Primetime status
    must be,if they think that this will cure their problem,,,but then,there is the corporate advan-
    tage,since NBC is a parent company to Universal Studios. but this isn’t 1964,,and obviously
    the original series is a superior product,to an “inferior”franchise idea,that’s tired and tried-out!
    so to the executives running NBC-Get A Life! because when the National Broadcasting Company becomes “Nothing But Crap”,,then it’ll tell you a thing or two,about putting the right kind of people in programing,if this creative error isn’t fixed! what would Brandon Tartikoff have done? watch the original “MUNSTERS” on DVD,,its cheaper-and Better!

    • leahbh says:

      woah. that’s a crazy rant. i trust bryan fuller, he’s awesome. and it’s a re-imagining, not a straight remake.

    • meleliot says:

      Joe S. Hill – Your comment “watch the original “MUNSTERS” on DVD, its cheaper-and Better! How do you know it’s better? Have you seen the pilot? Look, you have your opinion about remakes, but I, for one, am really looking forward to this show. I love the cast and love Bryan Fuller and fully expect him to make this show his own. I think you are way too invested in whatever NBC is doing or not doing. I think you are the one who needs to “Get A Life!” Did NBC fire you or something?

    • tuxraiderpen says:

      Could not agree more!

      No more reboots/remakes/reimaginations… do something new or don’t do it.

      I don’t have to see the pilot. I am not inrested in covering the same ground over and over and over.. Its been done, move on! I grew up watching The Munsters reruns in the afternoon, and they are fantastic…. Reboots/remakes/reimaginations just say “lazy!”

      Love Izzard…and I am sure he could do the part, but the part was decades ago…. Its too bad that some of you whippersnappers didn’t get the chance to watch these on reruns growing up… maybe if you had you would understand that you don’t mess with true classic television and movies. Put TCM on for a few days straight and enjoy REAL MOVIES!

      And the poster nailed it with “Nothing but Crap!” Thats for sure… its been years since I watched any NBC show, years! started to watch The Playboy Club and you caved to the uptight nutjobs…URRGRHR! I gave Grimm a chance… its ok, but comapred to Once Upon A Time, it does not hold me… Grimm is a PVR and watch later… Smash… I gave this a chance soley on two things Hilty – Wicked! and Messing – love red heads…. its one huge minus – mcphee… I don’t care for her origins, and will not give validation to those coming that route with out proving it in the trenches. I will say her cover of Our Day Will Come was good… intersting that the arrangement used by the Amy Winehouse cover was used… hmmmm… but as Marilyn. NO WAY!

      If you can’t create new and fresh, and your only option is reboots/remakes/reimaginations then maybe its time to just shut down Hollywood! Or for some writers/producers to get a new job!

  12. Julio says:

    If she keeps all this work up with Fuller, I might start to doubt her commitment to Sparkle Motion…

  13. Joe R says:

    I am excited to see Beth Grant in anything theatrical. She is probably the female characters in film and TV that I have ever seen. I am especially interested in Beth because I got to know her mother, Libba, and worked with her for several years. Bubba is also employed by the same agency. Beth even sent me an autographer photo of herself. Best of luch to you, Beth. Maybe this will lead to an award. You deserve one!