Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam: Season 5's Jax Probably Won't Be 'Crying as Much'

Sons of Anarchy‘s much-anticipated fifth season is still (way too many) months away. But with the never-ending flow of casting news surging through the Interwebs in recent weeks, we couldn’t resist prodding star Charlie Hunnam for some scoop.

Having only just begun production on the FX biker drama’s latest outing, Hunnam’s still relatively in the dark about the season as a whole. He does, however, have a good idea about what Season 5’s Jax looks like — and he differs greatly from the Prince of Charming we’ve come to know.

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“Jax has been battling for four seasons about [staying with the club or leaving], and at the end of last year, he absolutely made the decision that he was going to stay,” the actor tells TVLine. “So, energetically, it’s a very different Jax.

“He’s not jumping up and down with excitement and full of gung ho, but he’s resigned to be here,” Hunnam continues. “And if he is going to be here, he’s going to make it work. This is a much more calm, mature, practical and driven Jax, which is going to be really exciting and fun to play.”

Basically, he adds with a laugh, “I don’t think Jax is going to be crying as much.”

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Hunnam does, however, caution against confusing his Sons character’s resignation with contentment, noting that his choice ultimately is “going to suck. I’m sure in the back of Jax’s mind there’s still going to be some exit strategy, but that’s not for a long way off at this point.”

Thoughts on Sons of Anarchy‘s new (and improved?) Jax? Hit the comments!

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  1. Josh says:

    I never liked his back-and-forhtness between staying in the club or not, so I’m excited for this “new” Jax. Tara, however, needs to comit too. Both of them have annoyed me over the seasons so I hope both of them grew some b*alls over the hiatus.

    • Megan says:

      Exactly how does Tara need to grow some balls? She’s done everything for Jax and she helps out the club all the time. Jax has always looked out for the club. A little hard to do when your son gets kidnapped and then the president of the club is trying to kill your future wife and screw over the club.

      • Josh says:

        Oh, please. I meant “balls” to stay IN the club. Tara always nagged, complained, and bitched about the club “lifestyle,” too so. It’s just a different opinion. All I was saying is that I am done with them trying “get out” of the biker world. I don’t blame them for wanting out, but the back and forthness was annoying to me so I’m glad they FINALLY seemed committed at the end of season 4.

        • Kasandra says:

          When you have a family like that you are going to do a LOT of back and forwards its just how it is and if you’ve watched all the seasons like you claim to have then you know exactly why Jax is going back and forwards. And honestly if that’s really pissing you off then the best solution is this: don’t watch it! The whole show is revolved around him so its going to keep doing what you don’t like

          • Linus says:

            Hey, relax, everyone. It’s a freakin’ TV show. :D But then, I guess that’s how good it is because you’re so emotionally invested in it that you’re duking it out on the Interwebz!

          • Josh says:

            LOL NO. I don’t have to “quit” watching because I do love everyone else. If that means I have to tolerate the lead character, so be it. Don’t tell me what to do or not do. God, all you people are so self-entitled with your own precious Jax opinions. Relax, not everyone needs to like Jax to enjoy the show.

        • antihero1z says:

          If the whole “back and forth with the club” didn’t go on then there would be no story. Quit your bitching.

        • TINA RIEVES says:


      • Skyla says:

        That is so true!!!!!!!!

      • trigg says:

        I know right? Do people even watch the damn show, or even pay attention before they decide to type dumb comments?! The drama of Tara and jax trying to get out the club was created perfectly. It brought enough drama and excitement to the show. If they weren’t going back and forth with leaving and staying with the club, it wouldn’t be so interesting. So people actually pay attention and understand what’s going on or don’t watch the show at all. So u don’t have to type stupid comments.

        • Michelle says:


          • Linda Cavickas says:

            with you dont like dont watch i cant wait to watch season five it cant come quick enough.

        • Angie says:

          The flip flopping was necessary. The episode where they go up North for Tara’s potential new job and the scene where they are in the van and Jax chases them and Tara’s hand gets caught in the door of the van….That had my heart pounding….If they weren’t trying to “get out” …that episode would never have happened…and it was by far one of my most favorite thus far. Love or hate Jax, he is the main character and he MAKES the show.

      • "VERN" says:

        you so right Megan…

      • Nora Kelly says:

        wow i am a die hard fan of the show i watch it because i love the STORY LINE and i think the writers do an amazing job

    • kevin says:

      What are you on about that was the whole story behind Jax,s, it was his struggle with the club and how it was being run. How he wanted better for his kid’s, the story line showed the real side of a member of a club like this and the struggles they have to do with the club and their family. This story line to me made the whole last season, Jax’s is only staying as he does not want to see the club ripped apart. He has seen what it did to his father and his best friend and now his own wife.

      • Auful says:

        Woow. Lots of emotion. I see everyone’s pony point of view. Jax hates the gun running. He loved his dads idea of the club and wanted to see the club come back to this. Tara too. Of course she was back and forth, esp after children. Everyone started doubts but turned to spit sides of the table. Come’on. Kevin is right as is others. No no please don’t be all hating in veiws of everyone’s. Its veiws. Saying don’t watch is just mean and cruel. Just grab a soda, or brew and watch the drama filled action. I’m sure it’s going to have alot of us even more on the edge then we are now. Couldn’t have a better cast. I love their acting and can’t wait.

    • I love Jaxs anyway he plays , And he is so fine … Keep up the good work Jaxs and the rest do great also cant wait for the new season , love you all Mary Laughlin

      • Laurie says:

        Jax is perfect the way he is… Him & Tara are the reason Im so completely hooked on this show!!

      • robin says:

        hey mary your right jax is fine and yummy! love the whole show can;t wait for season 5 it would be great to have them to a show in minnesota and have a samcrow fan day before the made a show here i would be there in a flash and have him sign my harley sportster and get his pic of him sitting on it with me .that would be so sweet. a friend razz

        • Marian says:

          That would be so sweet to get him to sign your bike and get a picture with him good luck i hope he comes there for you that would be awsome.

      • hunka hunka , we cant wait for the new season to start. WE LOVE SONS.

    • Sharon says:

      Tara did commit at the end of the last episode on season 4. She walked into the clubhouse and interrupted church. She told Jax she wasn’t going anywhere and that she was staying right there with him.

    • Josh says:

      Oh, MY GOD. It’s just a different perspective. I don’t need to “quit my bitching” because a) i’m not bitching and b) it’s an opinion. Not my fault I’m not as emotionally invested in the Jax/Tara drama that goes down. The supporting players are more intriguing to me (along with Clay and Gemma). Once again, JUST A DIFFERENT OPINION. And just because you don’t agree with me, it doesn’t mean I’m “not watching the show” or I have a “dumb comment.” Oh, dear, if I knew Jax had all these crazy fangirls in here that weren’t willing to have a DISCUSSION about my POV and just sit there to attack, I wouldn’t have said anything at all.

      • nursingstudentbyday says:

        Josh – you have a right to your opinion, as much as these angry fans. They’re probably just trying to make you go back and forth like Jax does, cuz they are so used to tolerating it. I think all the people who are so angry at you are a little too invested in the show if they are getting so uptight about it. It’s just a show. Jax is just a character people, not your personal friend.

      • Steve says:

        In defense of the “back and forth” storyline of the show, I think people need to remember that this show is a lot like Dexter; the people in the motorcycle gang ARE criminals, and some of them are pretty bad people. They are willing to kill innocent people in order to keep their precious club together, which apparently serves some kind of greater good that has seriously been absent since the first half of the first season. The club not only wrongly thinks that their own little corner of the universe (Charming) is the only town in the damn world that matters, but they actually think they are helping it by selling guns and drugs and “keeping them out of Charming.” They run GUNS and DRUGS, and they don’t care who they go to; other gangs, criminals, etc. The point is, you are supposed to see Jax being conflicted because the part of him that wants to get out is the GOOD PART. He wouldn’t be a sympathetic character at all if he completely believed in the BS that the club is supposed to stand for. Instead, he is intrigued by his father’s more idealistic version. The most tragic thing that has happened in the show was when the good parents that Abel could have had were killed, and Jax would agree. Abel and Thomas are doomed to a pointless life of meaningless murder and crime, where even your own “family” won’t hesitate to snuff you out, just like he is if he doesn’t get out. The main character will need to remember that eventually in order for the show to make any sense.

        • Jana says:

          They didn’t want to run the drugs and guns with the Mexicans, that was the whole problem last season. They are not all bad. They are actually really good men who had a bad leader. He is not merely intrigues by his fathers vision, he truly believes in it and that is why he stayed to take over. And in this show family protects each other at all cost. They had a bad leader who would kill anyone to keeps his secrets protected. Everything is going to change by the end of this season.

      • Michelle says:

        Josh maybe if u ever lived that kind of life style. Then u could understand the show and Jaxs and the other members chooses that they have to think about and decide. And a bikers old lady ALWAYS stands by her man in the end…

    • wammy says:

      she did kind of commit, when Jax made the announcement she was supporting him remember.

    • pnkrckchic says:

      I fully agree! Tara has annoyed me since she got with him! You can’t be down one episode and out next, all while pulling him back and forth! Both of their indecision has made me dislike them. Other characters keep my attention much more than those two.

    • Judy Jazz says:

      Did yo’all know that the character of Jemma was written for Katy segal by her husband who plays the guy in prison that keeps gettin wounded for “the club’ who is his alter ego? watch the live shots of the show prior to the start of the season…tells alot about the show. didn’t much like the Ireland storyline but hope that it keeps the season interesting this year.

  2. Josh says:

    Ps. Y’all need to interview either Katey or Ron, because their character’s future is definitely the most uncertain of them all and I’d like to hear some “scoop” from them that could hint where Gemma and Clay are going. They always were the most interesting characters to me, along with Tig and Juice.

    • AJ says:

      I remember a story that was written after the finale, I think on this site, that talked about Ron’s character really getting taken down a few notches in the season to come. Piney is dead and they were talking as if he would kinda become the new Piney of the group. I think it was on this site, but I honestly don’t remember.

      • Josh says:

        Oh, yeah, that makes sense. I think not killing Clay off was smart, because being the crippled old dude of the club with little power is a far bigger punishment then slitting her throat and killing him.

        • Dumptruck says:

          Clay becomes the new Piney… Old and no power? It’s gonna make for some great pissing matches between him and Jax, that’s for sure.

        • Eva says:

          I don’t think that was the point. I think it was a bonus. The point was that he was more use to them alive then dead. So keep him alive.

          • Josh says:

            Oh, thank you so much for your brilliant insight. I didn’t think of that before, omg. Rme. I think there wasn’t just ONE point for deciding not to kill Clay off.



      • Josh says:

        I know that. If he were to ax off Gemma, it would be in one of the very last episodes of the show. What I meant was, what will she do now that she isn’t the “main matriarch” of the club? I know women don’t have an “official” role, but I was wondering what is her standing in the club now that her son is the President as opposed to her husband (or ex-husband?).

  3. AJ says:

    I worry about the ability of Harold Perrineau’s (not sure if I spelled his name right) to pull off the big bad Damon Pope. I hated his character so much on Lost could be a reason, but I still don’t see him as some badass gang leader. I’ll watch with an open mind but I still think they could have cast that role better.

    • Ava says:

      I kind of agree. I’m not sure he’s got enough edge to be a badass. I guess we’ll see. I’m trying to stay optimistic.

    • Butters says:

      Could not agree more with you about Harold Perrineau. Till this day friends of mine still make fun of him yelling “WAALLT”

    • Lindsey says:

      I was really hoping Idris Elba would get cast as Damon Pope.

      • Josh says:

        That would have been a DREAM casting. He would have been so awesome. Just like most, I’m a little iffy about casting Harold as the big bad Damon Pope, but I think he has range and this character might give him the chance to showcase his talent. I don’t think Sutter would have casted him if he didn’t believe he could play a convincing badass. I don’t agree with a lot of what Sutter says, but I do give him props for his/the show’s casting decisions.

      • Pam says:

        I think he would be great alsO!! As for Harold, I never watch lost but I liked him on oz!

      • Tom says:

        Idris Elba would be good, then again if they want someone from lost, why not Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (aka Mr. Eko)?

        • Vikki Peck says:

          Harold also played a character on HBO’s “OZ” – the man can hold his own whether it be high drama or silly comedy.
          Adewale ALSO played a character on OZ…totally badass!!!! be nice to see both actors again on the same screen

      • Iris Elba & Charlie Hunnam!!!! 😍 OMG!! I would not have been able to watch the show with my hubby. That would have been AWESOME!!

      • Meg says:

        That would have been fantastic.

      • Travis says:

        Idris Elba would have been the most awesome cast acquisition. Man – I wish you wouldn’t have put that into my head. Stringer Bell returning, but way more badass.

    • Ace says:

      He’ll always be Mercutio to me, and Mercutio was much more of a “badass gang leader” than his character on LOST. I think the dude’s got the chops to pull it off.

    • Tired says:

      Clearly you’ve never watched Oz. Do it. Learn. And never make the mistake of underestimating Harold Perrineau again. Romeo + Juilet ane Lost are not the only credits he has.

      • Kim davis says:

        Absolutely! Harold in Oz was fantastic. I think he will bring a new energy to the show. I’m more worried about Jimmy Smits!

    • jules820 says:

      Go watch a few seasons of HBO’s “Oz” and then tell me whether or not you think Harold Perrineau can be badass.

    • Debbers says:

      I never got into “Lost”, but his character of Augustis Hill on the show “Oz” blew me, and everyone I knew, away. Incredible actor!

    • Rebecca says:

      I agree with you completely!! He was a total coward on Lost, and I have no desire to see him on SOA.

  4. Tommy says:

    For all you having doubts about him playing the bad guy, watch him in Felon as the psychotic correctional officer. Your doubts will be eased a lot. He’ll be able to pull it off.

  5. Bev Blakemore says:

    I think Jax is an awesome character. So what if Jax has cried, it shows that he is human. Just because a character (or in real life) cries, it shows that they are human !!!!! And what a turn on, especially looking like him! Love this show xxxxxx :)

    • Lula B. says:

      I want Jax’s hair back long again!! It fits his character better than this preppy look.

      • Lula B. says:

        Or maybe I should have said he looks too clean cut for Jax’s character. He seemed like a different person last season with that extreme short hair.

      • Shaunna says:

        I have to agree!!! Give jax that rugged, sexy, badass look again. Cant wait to see him…..oh his voice too!!!

      • Ava says:

        I totally disagree! I could never take him seriously with his shoulder length ratty looking hair. I much prefer the clean cut look he’s got going on now.

      • Elizabeth S says:

        Good grief get the long hair back!!!!!!!!!!!!! No question. PLEASE. !!!!!!!! It is a change from night to (oh my)day. Your character would have long hair , with short hair you look just like everyone else!!!!!! Please go back!!!!!!!!

  6. Doug says:

    Love to see Ope put a bullet in Jax’s head.

  7. Liam says:

    I think Jax and Tara are deffinitely going to comit to the club, with Clay gone the club is going to go straight and follow the original idea as presented by Jaxs’ father. However, my biggest concern is Op, where is he going to end up in all this?

    • Melissa says:

      Im hoping Ope remains in the club as VP. I honestly dont see Ope holding any grudges at all towards Jax. Then again I could be wrong

  8. Wesley Lacey says:

    Dont know wtf ppl are complaining about love this show and will continue to watch this show just like I will true blood no matter how rediculious it gets just enjoy it for what it is ppl good entertainment

  9. Ashlee says:

    It’s a very good tv show… But it’s just a show.. Everyone calm down!!

  10. Melissa says:

    I am really excited and looking forward to the new Jax! This prince has to step up and wear the boots like a king. So Im definitely looking forward to seeing some Hardcore badass Jackson Action in season 5

  11. Lisa Hunt says:


  12. Charlie Hunnen, I just love that little Brit! I’m glad to see his “Jaxx” mature and make some changes, I think he can pull it off. I do hope that he and Tarra are able to have a good steady and solid bond. I love Tommy Flannagan and Kim Coats. Ron Perlman has been an altime favorite since he was a lion :) Look it is a damn good show, and I’m 65 and I hope we get more than 7 seasons!

  13. Deanna says:

    This is such a great show I love how the story lines pulls out such emotion. Jax is nothing less than a gorgeous bad boy…nothing better….can’t wait for the new season!! meeeow!

  14. Heather says:

    Best show on TV hands down. Can’t wait until the fall!!!

  15. Kim says:

    With them taking so long to get each “next season” ready people are going to give up waiting!

    • Jennifer says:

      Firstly, love the show. Secondly, true fans will not give up no matter how long it takes to produce the next season. It’s that cliffhanger quality of the final episode of the season before that keeps u hanging on to see what happens next. So if the length of the wait for the new season makes u give up waiting for it, u are not a true fan.

    • Doris says:

      Pre order then forget about it or you torture yourself bad lol

    • patricia says:

      not Ill will wait forever

  16. nichole says:

    I love this show, but Tara can be annoying…I get the whole back n forth thing, but up until last season she was too whiny, they shld have shown her as more loyal to jax….she shld take lessons from Gemma, she can be shady sometimes….but that’s who I wld want to have my back! My husband just got a hd and I keep saying I’m gonna b a gemma in training….lol

  17. Timmy says:

    i just hope they go away from the”Rat” theme. It’s been used in every season. Time for something different.

  18. Linda says:

    SOA is an amazingly brilliant show. True to life and the ups and downs of those involved in motorcycle gangs. Charlie Hunnam knows his stuff. This next season promises to deliver as each previous season has with edge of your seat drama. And as long as Jax is a part of the show, I will watch in awe. Love love Jax & SOA.

  19. I ❤❤❤SOA!!! I mean, I named my 10 month old Jax! I’m excited to see the dynamic in the club this season. It will be interesting to see Tara acting as the new Gemma. Gemma is bad ass,and Tara is showing signs of being a good prodigy, but not quite there yet!

    Charlie is a brilliant actor & every season he has shown the many different facets of Jax, and I think he will do a great job this season as well. Hurry up September 4th!!

  20. shiloh hall says:

    I think that you will start to see a lot more tru to life ways of the club life in a mc is trying at best being a member of a club myself its nice to see some truth in tv and clay will stay bc he has to the ira will not seal the deal with jax they need clay

  21. Sarah says:

    I am as girly as girly girls get, and this is by far my favorite show ever. It’s written beautifully and every single character brings a different facet to the club. I prayed for Clay to die every single week last season, but obviously the writers were smarter than me because in the end, living to see Jax take over is even worse for him. As far as Jax and Tara not supporting the club? Bullsh*t. He would’ve left if that were the case. And Tara, well excuse her for having reservations about being involved in a life that has torn Jax apart and nearly got her killed. What an amazing show…please hurry up and start so I can resume staring at Jax ;)

  22. LisaFace78 says:

    This show is my favorite. The way the characters all interact is very intoxicating. I have never been so drawn to a show as I am to Sons of Anarchy. The storyline for season 5 will be nothing short of breathtaking I am sure. The only downfall is the LONG wait inbetween seasons. If they would release season 4 on DVD now instead of just before season 5 starts I may be able to satisfy my urges. Can’t wait!!!

  23. poop says:

    Kill Tara…Show gets better.

  24. shiloh hall says:

    Season 4 should be on netflix

  25. Frankie Paint says:

    I think no matter who is cast for what character, you have to give people a chance to show off their “inner badass”. Who would have ever though PEG BUNDY was capable of playing such a hardcore bitch??!! Give Harold Perrineau a chance!

  26. Carla says:

    When does season 5 start??? We can’t wait. Much to long between seasons.

    • Doris says:

      I TOTALLY agree with this comment….why is there also such a long delay between a season ending & the dvd boxset being released? Its the 21st century…all the bad technology can do,get it doing some good for a change,release the seasons sooner after the series ends,Maybe they totally underestimated the demand for it???

  27. Lisa says:

    It’s so neat that he’s British, but you’d never know it. He’s great.

  28. Jessika Terry says:

    SOA is my absoulote FAVORITE show !!!!!!! Kurt Sutter has done an AMAZING job w EVERY season .. im not complaining about ANYTHING and im not worried what so ever about how season 5 will turn out !!!! he WILL make the season super wicked awesome , exciting & suspenseful , emotional , ADDICTING , heart renching , etc. NO MATTER how he writes it .. we’ve seen this in every season so far !!!! its only going to keep getting better , hes not going to build the show up to the level its at now and then just start letting all the SOA fans down …. clearly he knows wtf hes doing !!!!

    KURT SUTTER HIMSELF IS LIKE SOOO AMAZING !!! PURE GENIOUS .. so to the ppl that are – complaning and the ppl that dont even actually watch SOA , but post comments anyways ? (makes NO sense , u all obv dont have lives) – … SHUT THE F UP ALREADY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Walt says:

    I want Jax to get rid of the gay ass tennis shoes! Be a biker and wear some damn boots will ya!

  30. wammy says:

    I love everyone of those bikers and would hate to see any of them go, like any family would. But there is no way Gemma wont be there, next to Jax I think she is a favorite of most people.

    • Tuggy says:

      i doubt the show is gonna dump gemma or clay , they are 2 of the bigger named actors in the show. i would be totally blown away if anything happened to either of them before the end of the final season.

  31. jerod says:

    SOA is the only tv show that I’ve watched every episode (more than once lol) an now all my friends an family love it absolutely amazing show that being said I do agree that the RAT concept has been run into the ground and Tara an Jaxx are gonna always bicker back an fourth there a couple lol but she always supports him in the end as for clay im glad the didn’t kill him off Ron Pearlman is a SOA institution as much as jemma and jaxx. I hope in season 5 they get out of the drug business an back to gun running ether way I can’t wait

  32. Riki says:

    what evs as long as Happy stays hot and single im good lol

  33. Vada-Marie says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he did lose the tennis shoes this season. I thought (&maybe Im wrong…) that Jax wore the tennis shoes kinda as a nod to the fact that he wasn’t grown up all the way. The whole unsure of his future/back & forth/Clay always reminding him where his place was with him & the club. Plus they’re always calling him things like Golden Boy/The Golden Prince/Favored Son… Now that he’s top of the ladder & has the ‘keys to the kingdom’ I think they’ll do wardrobe tricks to go along with his rise in power. Hopefully with some badass boots!!! Lol!! ;)

    I know one thing for certain – September can’t come fast enough!! I NEED Season 5 now!

    • Laura says:

      Jax wears the shoes IN HONOR of the man who worked with him in is portrayal of a biker. He died and this is his way of paying him homage. If you look at the first season, first episode, you will see he has dark shoes or boots, second episode white.

  34. Jolene says:

    Amazing show. I’m in Australia and its a massive hit over there. Kurt has done a brilliant story- great work. I wish I could be a cast member! When finish watching SOA I always go in character.
    All the cast are great. Great actors and actresses. Great story. NUMBER 1 series!
    I want to be an old lady- Hahahaha.

  35. Kecker says:

    Folks, I may have missed something but I don’t think Jax commited or did not committ to anything. The club stepped into a mess that involves not only mexican drug cartels but even the CIA as well. Quite simply he had his balls in vise and really was left with no choice other than to stay and try to fix things. In any event I think Kurt Sutter has written a great drama and his wifey (Katey Sagal) is amazing.

  36. jays says:

    I’m a happy fan – hope he gets to off more people!

  37. Leonie says:

    No hatin on the characters, it wouldn’t be the awesome show it is if we killed off Tara , for what reason?.. She’s a huge part of the show. Love your work people !! Ps; eye candy will always win us girls too! :-D

  38. Clevis says:

    I’ve been saying over the last 2-3 seasons… I WANT MORE HAPPY!!

  39. Meg says:

    I kind of wish Tara would get killed off. I’ve never really liked her.

  40. Jane Collins says:

    funniest run of comments ever!!!

  41. Auful says:

    Woow. Lots of emotion. I see everyone’s pony point of view. Jax hates the gun running. He loved his dads idea of the club and wanted to see the club come back to this. Tara too. Of course she was back and forth, esp after children. Everyone started doubts but turned to spit sides of the table. Come’on. Kevin is right as is others. No no please don’t be all hating in veiws of everyone’s. Its veiws. Saying don’t watch is just mean and cruel. Just grab a soda, or brew and watch the drama filled action. I’m sure it’s going to have alot of us even more on the edge then we are now. Couldn’t have a better cast. I love their acting and can’t wait.

  42. Jacqui Trinne says:

    Looking forward to season 5 starting….. hope it is sooner rather than later. Oh, and please do not kill off Tara… I can absolutely relate to her character. Excellent acting by all cast. Keep up the great work hey…

  43. Tracy says:

    I absolutely love the show!! I knew nothing of it actually until a few months ago, got all the seasons and watched them faithfully. Was hooked from the first show!! There is an amazing cast!! Mind you…..I favored jax by far!! I love how his character has developed but do understand why when it came to decisions that he was all over the road. The storyline always leaves a “secret” yet to uncover that keeps ya hanging in there!! I am anxious for season 5 to start!!!!!!

  44. Cat says:

    I only just caught up on season three. Alas, season four is not yet on Netflix. /cry

    Kill off Tara. Jax, grow the hair back. Make things right between Clay and Gemma (whatever that’s about). All will be right, again.

    Oh, and more Happy and Juice. Not to be confused with “happy juice.”

  45. Lee says:

    As long as we’re getting more face time with Chibs and Tigg, I’ll be one hell of a happy viewer. I think I wouldn’t be alone in saying that it would be intriguing to delve a little further in regards to character development for Tigg. We’ve seen most of the supportive characters’ past and development (ie. Opie raised in the club by Piney, similar to Jax, Bobby’s long time loyalty to John Teller and Clay, Chibs’ falling out with the IRA through O’Phalen etc) but Tigg’s developmental archetype has never really been attempted yet in terms of how he came to be a signature role for SAMCRO. Obviously it would have to be explored subtlely and over a period of time but I think it would certainly add a ne minor, yet estill captivatingn element to SAMCRO while still feeling organic to the show’s overall progression.

  46. says:

    sons started back in early sept last yr so most likely sept again

  47. Is it me or does the jax teller charachter resemble the lead charachter ‘Vic mackey’ in shield.. in the way that they are opposite sides of the same coin with moral dilemma on who to screw over to do the right thing.

  48. Kevin says:

    Well I dont care what everyones opinions are on the shows characters or wardrobe I been hooked from the very first episode and you cant have the things you like without the things you dont like or the show wouldnt be the best on tv so I’ll leave it to the writers producers and directors to continue to do an awesome job!!!! The only complaint i would have is that the season should be longer and there should be less time in between!

  49. heather says:

    I just want to see more Opie,If anyone has earned a spot at the Head of the table its him,……..Let Jax and Tara move away with the boys(happy and free)….Opie is king!

  50. Doris says:

    Finally a tv show worth the licence stamp, something you can get totally engrossed in so much you forget to eat or walk the dog or do boring chores,well done Mr Sutter. nice to see Ralph Sonny Barger too…respect to 81 …..AFFA