Mad Men Creator Hints at Megan's Exit

Jessica Pare Leaving Mad MenDid the dramatic shot of Don walking away from Megan at the end of the Mad Men Season 5 finale signal a see-ya for Jessica Paré?

It may have, according to showrunner Matthew Weiner. Toward the very end of the finale, “We see her on the [Butler Shoes commercial] set and we realize that she’s gone,” says the series creator.

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Weiner’s comments come in an AMC-produced behind-the-scenes look at the episode, in a segment that examines the way Megan’s barely there acting career gets a big boost from her hubby. Don “knows that if he gives Megan what she wants, she could possibly leave him,” Weiner says, adding that nevertheless, the screen test changes Draper’s mind about helping his wife land the commercial audition.

“I think it’s almost a story of sacrifice, that he sees her on that film and falls in love with her again and realizes that he has to do this,” Weiner says.

It’s possible that Weiner solely spoke metaphorically, and that although a huge emotional gulf may grow between Mr. and Mrs. Draper next season, Jessica Paré’s Megan certainly will be present and on screen. But Megan was a very polarizing character that invoked the ire of Mad Men diehards who felt her scenes came at the sacrifice of screen time for other members of the ensemble.

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Might Weiner have taken the Megan-hate to heart? The way the finale ended, with Mrs. Draper plying her craft on a soundstage while Don fielded other women’s advances at a bar, sure makes it seem like the Mad Men creator’s statement literally could come to pass.

At least, that’s how we see it. How do you interpret the closing scenes of “The Phantom” and what Weiner had to say? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Lois says:

    I do not like Megan! Can’t wait for her to leave. She seemed way to immature for Don. I have to totally agree about the actress being distracting. She’s beautiful, but when ever she opened her mouth she lost me.
    This was NOT my fav. season of Mad Men and Megan was a big reason why. Way too much of her for my taste.

  2. rhicsj10 says:

    I love how we got to know more about Megan in the start of Season 5. But I think the writers missed the boat when it came to developing her character as the season wore on. The turning point seems to be when she had the talk with her father and decided to persue acting. I really wished the writers didn’t go that way. I think she was fine in the role she already had being Don’s wife at the agency and making something of herself like Peggy did. I think a work/life balance challenge would already be interesting to watch. I don’t think there will be any split between Don & Megan but perhaps a new dynamic to there relationship in season 6. Can’t wait to find out!!

  3. no says:

    Megan is a petulant spoilt brat with a boring storyline. The last thing this show needs is more of her.

  4. Nancy says:

    Don’s heading into the tumultuous 60’s, has a young wife, and is feeling his age. I think he will let Megan go, stay single awhile, and then meet a new woman that is more like Betty but with an actual personality, maybe also in the business. Peggy needed to go just like in real life, she wanted recognition and wasn’t getting it. But it’s a corporation that is growing, so new hires will make for new and interesting story lines. Joan is the rock they all need. Pete is awful but necessary.

  5. helen says:

    I like Megan as a character, but I hate that she is with Don. Why? Because I feel like he doesn’t deserve to be that happy. Yes, Betty has made a loooot of mistakes, but can you blame her? She quit her career as a model to be a housewife, only to be treated as an object. Don was never as sweet to her as he was to Megan, he always took her for granted, he lied to her consistently, cheated on her almost every day, had her see a psychologist who would tell him everything she said…Betty should have never gotten married to Henry that’s true, it feels like she keeps trying to find happiness through a man. I just hate it that she has to be so miserable and he has to be so happy. I want her back on her feet, divorcing Henry( or staying with him whatever) and pursuing a career. Any career. She deserves to be happy far more than he does..

  6. Rob T says:

    Hope she stays …

  7. Dee says:

    Season five has been the worst and we can blame it on Don marrying Megan! He has become dull and too many episodes revolve around their relationship. We need more January Jones who is a far superior actress than Jessica Pare and much more of John Slattery and the rest of the cast. If Don must remain with Megan let’s just leave her at home rehearsing her lines.

  8. Rachel says:

    I dislike Megan – truly not out of jealousy, but because of bad acting and a poorly shaped character.
    Because of Jessica Pare, Megan talks and in some ways behaves like a modern-day woman. It is hard for me to buy that she’s from the 60s. I get that she’s supposed to represent the beginning of a new generation, but she brings to mind a college student in 2012. Because of inconsistent writing (as others have pointed out), her character stands out like a sore thumb in an otherwise realistic group of characters.
    There’s also not much to like about Megan, inconsistent or not. She’s shallow and two-faced. She’s kind to Sally and then unnecessarily rude to Betty. She’s not an interesting ‘bad’ character or a flawed ‘good’ character. She’s just bothersome.

  9. Cricket says:

    Roger has an LSD experience with Megan’s Mother and Father – the father has a heart attack durin a bad trip while Roger “bangs” the mother – and now Roger has “another woman” in his life to replace Joan – at least physically –

    Megan characther hangs around until her moher does a “Lorena Bobbit” on Roger’s “manhood” –


  10. betty smith says:

    Megan has played Don for a fool. I hope she is gone. I would like to see Don and Betty get back together. I think Betty wishes she were still married to Don. She is a classy lady and Don likes classy women.

  11. Don grew as a character? I didn’t see it. He was merely living in a fantasy with Megan, until their emotional problems brought it all crashing down.

  12. emmy says:

    I used to dislike Betty, but after watching Megan for the whole season, now i feel Betty is so much better than her. Megan is so fake. She is a hypocrite under that “european” and oh-so-classic skin. I hope Don divorce her. I want to see Peggy to be more successful and beautiful in season 6!

  13. Deborah says:

    Megan is my favourite character on the show. And I’m a woman, and I also Love her teeth.

  14. Katy says:

    Why the hell did they got Don to marry a 12 year old girl?? Megan has no depth, she is just the little girl that needs to have what he wants or will whine like a little girl if she can’t get it. I love the tension and depth of the relationship between Don and Peggy, how she started from being a secretary submissive and worried about what people think to this independent strong woman. She is a Don with skirt. I love her! And she is the woman that can have a relationship as equal with Don.

  15. Kenneth Cosgrove says:

    Wow. I know this isan old page, but my goodness! I can’t blieve how many people have time to “hate” a charcter who, if anything, cries a little more than most and doesn’t seem sidewinding or blood thirsty. I do not find Megan’s character as “dynamic” as many of the others. Yet I also don’t find her dull. She is simply a fun kid. She wants to have fun, make fun, and is sexy as hell. I mean, in seson 6 the outfits are a little much (does that even qualify as a spoiler alert, for those of you who haven’t watched it yet?) but then again so is Joan’s bossom and belly….. not that I’m complaining. I love Joan. My point here is just that Megan doesn’t really strike me as “hate” worthy, even in the least. If anything, she is a little spoiled. Yet, isn’t Roger Sterling? What I think is really going on here is that Wiener has taken a beautiful, fun loving girl and let her be just that….. There is no angle, so agenda, no cynical malise and quip comments of assertive edge. There is just a happy fun woman who seduced Don Draper and wound up marrying him and making him (at least for that time) happy. I don’t think she needs to be anything much more, really.

    Allthough, I must say I have dated women whose mothers were minipulative nd put down their prosuits. I see this, partucuarly, though not exclusively in oly children, and usually they wind up being fem fatals of one variety or the other, dancing in a dream one minute, running away to shuder at thier silly behavior the next. It is as if they run away from what they want so that someone can plan life for them, as though freedom and the responsibility of effort of true happiness scares them. I don’t see that in her. So on that note, good job Megan!

  16. Kenneth Cosgrove says:

    And no I didn’t have my secretary type that.

  17. suzanne ashley says:

    Megan was very likeable when Don proposed in California and she was good with the kids. But the writers had to make her annoying so everyone would be glad to see her leave the show. And from reading the other posts most people will be happy that she’s gone. I was surprised to learn that Megan’s mother is played by Julia Ormond who starred in the remake of “Sabrina” in 1995. She looks so different I didn’t recognize her.