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Exclusive: Alexandra Krosney Exits Last Man Standing, Role Recast

Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing brood will look a little different in Season 2.

Alexandra Krosney, who played Kristin, the eldest daughter of Allen’s Mike and Nancy Travis’ Vanessa, has been let go from the show for creative reasons, TVLine has learned exclusively.

According to sources, the role will be recast.

UPDATE: Amanda Fuller (Grey’s Anatomy) has been cast as the new Kristin. Also, Jordan Masterson (Greek) has replaced Nick Jonas as Kristin’s babydaddy Ryan.

Last Man relocates to Fridays at 8/7c starting Nov. 2, where it will be paired with the new Reba McEntire sitcom Malibu Country.
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  1. Jeffrey says:

    Malibu country sounds & looks like a total flop. why do they even spent money on that?!?

    • Eli says:

      It’s actually a strong, funny pilot – the trailer they cut for it is awful. It’s near-universally liked from those that have seen it and it tested incredibly high, too.

      • cj says:

        plus its got reba mcentire. Reba was a fun family sitcom, despite what others might say about it.

      • kavyn says:

        The trailer made it look like Hannah Montana, but if you’ve seen the pilot and say it’s different to the trailer I guess I could give it a shot.

        • brutony says:

          Did someone say this reminded them of Hannah Montana? Which ep, cause I didnt think it resembled that show at all! Unless you compare the hotness of the girls to how Miley is trying to act nowadays, lol!

          • kavyn says:

            I meant with the whole moving to the beach, pursuing a music career, parent/child relationship. The humour wasn’t Hannah Montana but the atmosphere (even the house) was. It’s kind of like if HM focused on the dad instead of on Miley.

          • brutony says:

            Are you referring to Last Man Standing, or something else?

      • Lisa says:

        Reba McIntyre sucks soooooo bad. Her fake accent sounds like she has a mouthful of spit. I would not watch a commercial with that hateful b@tch in it.

        • First off her last name is spelled McEntire and second that is her real accent not fake.

        • Dnor says:

          No fake accent – you obviously are not a country music fan, or you would know how to spell her last name

        • R says:

          So do you. It’ll be nice to know you aren’t watching, you hateful bitch!

        • mcentire says:

          Maybe if you knew country music Reba is one of the best out there.I have been a loyal fan of hers for years and if you don’t like her you dont need to watch her show but the others who have and enjoy her will without you B*tch.Try reading her book, and then you might think twice before calling her a B*tch she WORKED for her her accomplishments

        • person says:

          You are a mean & ignorant person who obviously doesn’t appreciate all the many different types of people who live in our country – the USA.!!! You’re the one who is hateful.

        • Morwalk says:

          I’m not a big fan of country, but I like Reba. I also enjoy the show. I could almost let my 9 year old watch it. I swear! Some people just like to be haters.

          • Paul Moloney says:

            I did not like the guy who played her son-in-law on her last show. I loved the woman who played her oldest daughter on that show & I loved her new show ” Animal Practice” Dr Rizzo was d’bomb. Reba’s new show is getting better. Never heard anything bad about Lily Tomlin & they’ve given her good lines. It would be nice if they invited some people off the old show onto the new show. But not the son-in-law.

        • Linda says:

          Lisa, you are an IDIOT! Get your facts straight — that IS her accent, and is NOT put on, and she is HARDLY a b*itch, unlike YOU! Hateful? Sounds like you are talking about yourself! Go look in the mirror — you are NOT going to like what you see, or maybe there is NO hope!

        • steve says:

          I have met Reba after a concert in Biloxi, MS. Believe me, that accent is sooooo real !!

    • The show is actually better than the trailers. I almost did not watch because of the crappy trailers, but nothing else was on so I did and it was not bad.

    • m3 says:

      I LOVED THE OLDER DAUGHTER. I loved all of the family cast. I can see recasting Nick Jonas’s part, but I loved the connection between the family. The oldest daughter had a perfect humor to match Tim Allen. =[

      • Emily says:

        I know right!!?? The new girl does not work at all, why do they always have to mess up a good thing ):

        • Joe says:

          I totally agree!!!!!

          • ALX says:

            Yup. I couldn’t agree more. Poor re-casting.

          • C says:

            She has no personality. Doesn’t fit in with the rest of the cast. Bad choice in casting with this one. We will not continue to watch the show if they keep this girl. Yes – She’s THAT annoying.

        • C says:

          I agree. This new girl isn’t as good. My prediction, this is the last season of this show

        • Shar says:

          I totally agree , the original Alexandra was so cute and worked great on the show.
          The new one is a total bust, looks and acting . The new baby daddy is a joke to. Hope they don’t change any other characters :(
          Is there a site or something we can , write to the show or Tim Allen ?

          • GrandmaJ says:

            Agree. New actress is well…a bad actor. The new baby daddy is annoying and adds nothing – especially humor to the show. Loved the show last year.

          • Jane says:

            Do NOT like the new actress AT ALL. She just does not work the way the original Kristin did. I like Last Man Standing BUT get distracted watching it because there is no flow to it anymore with the new Kristin. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL ACTRESS!!!

          • Lesley says:

            I agree the original older sister is perfect this one I just didn’t like her at all then she opened her mouth on the show and I really don’t like her now it’s like they are trying to make her fit and she just does not.

        • Mc says:

          I miss Alexandra Krosney on this show. I think here chemistry worked much better with the rest of the cast. And the guy they got to play Boyd’s dad is really annoying.

      • Vern G says:

        Agreed. Alexandra Krosney was awesome. Won’t be the same without her. Oh we’ll everyone is replaceable ;(

      • pete erbe says:

        I agree! The original Kristin was a much better actress and the chemistry between the daughters was better. I can see making Boyd’s character older, but they should have kept the original Kristin.

        Fuller is aweful!!!!

        • Ingrid says:

          I agree. The show was really good last year. It’s just not the same with the new daughter. Also can’t stand the new Ryan. Shouldn’t have messed with a good thing.

        • Jason says:

          I agree, watching the show now isn’t the same. The whole time watching I kept thinking don’t they think no one will notice bad move. They need to fire the guy making those decisions it will ruin the show I really liked the show but its just not the same. Don’t know if I will get in it this season. And Another thing people making these stupid changes if you do good for a first season don’t make changes to the second. You don’t see them doing it in modern family.

      • Deb Clemens says:

        We do not like the replacement actress in the role of Kristen, or the new dad or the older Boyd! Messed the entire thing up. They are all too old for these roles. Loved all of the actors in the first season! Next thing ya know he will replace Nancy Travis!!!

        • h says:

          The new Kristen is totally wrong. There is no chemistry or flow between the family members. Boyd’s dad is not a good fit either and with their personalities, it seems very unrealistic that he and Kristen would have ever hooked up. It’s a shame…all the rest of the characters are perfect. Work out the creative problems with the original Kristen and get her back.

      • Jill says:

        We were also disappointed! Loved the show last year, the new characters are too old and totally wrong for the roles! Probably won’t watch anymore..

      • jess says:

        I know, the ‘new’ kristin sucks. She just doesnt seem to blend into the family. Im sure shes prob a good actor, but she really really sucks in this show

      • BettyB says:

        I agree, the new actress is older and aging her son and not the others is just not working for me. No offense to the new actress, but she does not seem to fit with this cast.

      • Shredder says:

        Disappointed with the new daughter. Krosney was a natural with the family. New Kristin…not so much. She actually looked like an imposter…didn’t even relate to the other girls. I kept waiting for someone to say “I don’t even know who you are anymore!”

      • rg says:

        Agreed! What were they thinking?

      • Bill Melater says:

        This show is officially a flop. New daughter and male castmate suck. Had a good thing going, too bad

      • tsing001 says:

        I lived the eldest daughter too,

      • Mary says:

        I agree m3. I thought the whole cast were really natural with each other. Amanda Fuller doesn’t fit at all.

      • Fran says:

        Please bring back the first season Kristin. She was great!

      • Concerned dad says:

        Going to a liberal view makes my stomach turn and ruins the base of the show. One of my favorite shows and actors is now in a typical socialist view of america and not what made this country strong! welcome to everyone gets a trophy society, that makes me sick! Congratulations socialist! I had no problem showing both sides of a view, but the ignorant view (clueless) of the daughter and dead beat dad( idiot) I cannot stomach! I’m sad to say my DVR recording is deleted!

        • SCW says:

          I completely agree. This politically motivated show is just hard to watch now. The writing is horrible and the new daughter, grandson and (ugh!) babydaddy are awful!! All terrible actors! I say, Go back to last year’s format or I’m not watching anymore!

          • Betsy says:

            Gosh, I wonder if the producers are reading these comments. They might think twice about the direction they are going in with the casting and themes.

          • J says:

            Im glad I wasnt the only one who hated the politically motivated show. It was terrible and they ruined the show with the recast of the daughter.

          • Data says:

            It’s aweful now

          • Dilbert Junk Mail says:

            DITTO…Its Reassuring to Read a few Views that Recognize the Propaganda embedded with Socialist Slants. This is no Longer the Same show of Last Season, Nor is America..
            I preferred a Comedy to Escape the Realities of Socialist Media, but Apparently that’s not Allowed with Season 2.

          • Paul Moloney says:

            Socialist? You call what Tim pontificates socialists? You can’t tell that what conservatives think is being illustrated as foolishness? I don’t like the newer cast from daughter to son-in-law to grandson but if you think the way Tim Allen presents the conservative makes their viewpoints look silly, it’s because most of their viewpoints ARE silly. If you think the opposing viewpoint to silly is “socialistic” You need to pull your head out of the place “where the sun don’t shine”!

      • Mindy says:

        I totally agree. I can’t even stand to watch now that they replaced her. Why would they do that and why with who they did?

      • KLK says:

        I know….I completely agree. What were they think to recast such a main character and one that most people liked. i enjoyed how she played off other characters, too.

      • Michael says:

        I agree too…I was highly disappointed when I saw the eldest daughter replaced, it worked so well with the original cast….and I could find no good reason why they re-casted her…

        • cmaglaughlin says:

          I used to be an every episode viewer until I watched the “new girl” cast by Sony “showrunner” Tim Doyle. Seems he is from the opposite side of the political fence than the Tim(Allen) we’ve all grown to know and love. One of Doyle’s trophies is “The Ellen Degenerate Show.” (sorry libs, but just could not resist.) Replacing the “old” daughter with a “new and more politically correct” version for “creative” reasons has been accomplished. He’s created a DUD! It happens all the time on soaps, but hey, we ain’t talkin’ prime time here. Psychologically, every time Ms. New Babe spoke, all I could think of was smackin’ Doyle on the side of his head and sayin’, “What in the freakin’ hell were you thinkin'”? I now know. He WASN’T! So, here’s to you, Mr. Doillie. …one small middle finger and one giant fart in your face for ruining what used to be one great escape I looked forward to watching every week. If it ain’t working for an every episode viewer, it’s a loser, just like you. Hope you are fired next!

      • Blondie says:

        I am sorry to see Alexandra Krosney gone from Last Man Standing. I thought she was a much better actress than the new girl. I don’t understand what they mean by creative reasons. I will miss seeing her on the show. Please get rid of the new girl though, she is a bad actress.

        • Glenn Hubbard says:

          No one is talking about the youngest daughter. I get the feeling that mopy, gloomy Sylvia Plath-wannabe will put a gun to her head any episode now. Amanda Fuller is boring. As for the liberal stuff, it’s actually brilliant. It shows how ridiculous and goofy the Democratic Party and the left have become since the 1960s. But, then again, we goofballs keep watching their crap and voting them into office no matter how bad it gets.

          • Paul Mall says:

            Yes we do keep voting for the Democrats as long as their crazy stuff isn’t as bad as the Republican’s crazy stuff.

          • brutony says:

            Speak for yourself- the Demoncraps have lost their minds!

          • Glenn Hubbard says:

            That’s funny and true! I wouldn’t be surprised if someone at the network didn’t get nervous about Tim Allen and decided that an over-the-top liberal presence was needed to overshadow him. You know they were hearing about it from people at the DNC! Look at how they pimped out George Stephanopoulas and Candy Crowley last year. The pitiful thing is, they overreached and made liberals look buffoonish.

      • Tollie says:

        I agree entirely, I don’t care for this new girl, Alexandra was perfect, and they are changing alot of the actors from what I hear. I hope I’m hearing wrong!

      • Paul Moloney says:

        I agree completely & feel we the viewers who buy the products advertised that support the salaries of all these people are due an explanation.

    • I watch it every week, I still don’t like it. It’s just on for noise while I wait for something else. . .. .

  2. I WISH they were recasting the middle daughter. I can’t stand her. I loved the oldest daughter. That’s too bad.

  3. same thing happened in Hope & Faith, when they recast the daughter with Megan Fox.

    • The Shack says:

      they are recasting with Megan Fox, I don’t think she will do it.

      • Sara says:

        um, no. the person was pointing out that in 2004, hope & faith replaced nicole paggi with megan fox on hope & faith… not that megan fox was going to take a job in tv as the new eldest daughter on last man standing.

  4. Britney says:

    Contrary to other comments, I think the actress that plays the middle daughter is fantastic, and think Mandy is the funniest character on the show, so I was a bit worried when I saw the picture. Glad it’s the eldest daughter, wasn’t really fond of her, though I’m not a fan of recasts either.

  5. Chris says:

    All of the children on this show are fantastic. Sad news.

  6. julia says:

    what? why would they let her go? the three daughters have great chemistry together.
    that’s a shame.

  7. Ally says:

    That sucks. I liked the actress that played the oldest daughter.

  8. Martin says:

    thank god it is not mandy, the middle daughter, i.e the one in the picture that was there at this time of posting, she is the best part of the show, so funny.

    Agreed, to an extent on the recasting, out of all the family members, she is the weakest but still way better than any of the work crowd.

    Love to see who they are going to get.

  9. Rob says:

    Molly is actually older than Alexandra which was always weird to me anyway.

  10. cj says:

    im not a fan of recasting, and i thought alexandra was generally likable, but i’d have to agree that she lacked pizazz in comparison with her two younger sisters. i hope they dont pull a Hope & Faith and completely change the character as well. the character works, just not the actress playing her.

  11. Kristina says:

    Bummer. I liked her.

    • scolli says:

      Man, that sucks, there’s nothing worst than taking someone off of a show that we’ve gotten use to.. I thought she did a good job my self, they should of shown her a little more in the show, that’s like replacing a band member, it just don’t work!! Bring back Alex!!!

  12. DL says:

    What’s funny is Alexandra Krosney is actually four years younger than Molly Ephraim who plays the middle daughter. Random fact.

  13. meleliot says:

    Yeah, like THAT’s going to make the show better!

  14. Porsche says:

    Will the eldest daughter have a kid as well?

  15. Eli says:

    *sigh* I hope stupidity is not contagious, I just recovered from a cold :(

    • Anna says:

      I think it was a mistake to replace Alex, she was a perfect fit to the show. the replacement did not fit in, bad recasting . Please leave the show as it was. Bring back Alex. Restore a great show.

      • Lisa Zaharakis Santiago says:

        I agree… bring back Alex..n who’s the big doof playing Boyds dad?…hes twice the size n suddenly they all like him?…didnt they all dislike him?

        • it's me says:

          I totally agree the replacement is terrible. Who is casting this show? Last season the characters were likable the girls were believable as sisters. They need to work out a deal to get Krosney back.

      • Cappy says:

        I felt like i didn’t watch the show was thinking the whole time she don’t fit to much of a change in the show!!!

      • Susan says:

        I can deal with the mistakes of Boyd, and the daddy. But not Amanda Fuller. She is obnoxious, smart mouthed, and brash. Alex was a very good in the part of Kristen. Amanda also seems too old to play this part, Terrible move!

      • krista says:

        Agree!!! Really do not like the new girl the have playing Kristin, she looks way to old!! Bring back the old Kristin, and a great show!!

      • Robb says:

        Everything about the new ep was all wrong to me. They are clearly making Kristin an antagonist to Tim Allen’s character, which is a complete 180 from the first season (Probably the creative differences that got Krosney let go from the show). Boyd’s dad was an air-headed pretty boy in the first season and now he seems to have grown a brain and understands politics. And Boyd being older and hearing him talk was grating to me. I am not giving this show anymore of my time. I just discovered Last Man Standing a few days ago (don’t have TV where I live) and burned through the entire first season. I loved it. This first ep of the second season has left a bad taste in my mouth.

      • Alec Shaun Martinez says:

        I agree. Alex was the best part of the show

      • bob says:

        I soooo agree, the new girl sucks!!!

      • Meghan says:

        I agree. I loved this show and it was a complete disappointment. I completely think the re-cast kills it..she doesn’t fit in has ZERO quirkiness and to me was annoying not funny. Bad bad.I really did like the show it just didn’t seem to have any of the same vibe it did last year :(

  16. Eli says:

    Well, I liked this show but won’t be watching it anymore. I absolutely hate recastings, especially when I can see no reason for them to get rid of her. The 3 daughters had pretty good chemistry with each other and its not her fault she got saddled with the more boring storylines and dialogues.

    • eric says:

      thats sad they you let one recast dictate what you watch.

      • Bella says:

        The recast isn’t dictating anything, the boring new actress and actor are very boring and have no spark. On the another show…….

    • Hate the new girl says:

      I really enjoyed the first season. I can’t stand the newest girl – she sucks. They should’ve just killed the character off than put out this crap

  17. Diane says:

    I love the show and the characters and hope the recast works as well if not better!

  18. Just killed my interest in the show.

  19. No One Knows Who Rickon Is says:

    I think this show is one of the worst things on television right now. They should fire everyone.

  20. Tom says:

    Yeah, the middle daughter is hysterical, she’ll probably be a big star. People who don’t like her probably don’t like the character she’s playing but she does it so well. Wasn’t the older daughter on Lost, she playing Daniel’s mother in the time travel – young Mrs Hawkings?

    • brutony says:

      What the HELL are you talking about? She played Daniels mother? Really? I liked her, and all the daughters-esp Kristen, of course, but I think they are fading out the importance of the girls. Thats a shame, cause theyre MUCH better than all that workcrap!

    • Sara says:

      no, she’s done a bunch of bit parts but she was never on lost.

      • newcastletom says:

        Yeah she was young Eliose Hawkin when they went back to the past when the bomb was on the island (I looked it up)

        • Sara says:

          very very strange. i could have sworn that was olesya rubin.

          • Mikael says:

            There were 3 versions of Eloise Hawkins shown on Lost. The old version from the present, the one from the past when she was really young, and then a middle-aged version from the past.

          • Sara says:

            no, i know. i just could have sworn the one he was talking about was played by olesya rubin. who in photos looks almost a lot like alexandra krosney.

  21. Stacyh says:

    I can’t believe this! I really liked all the daughters. I thought the entire “family” had nice chemistry.

  22. Drew says:

    No! I really liked her and the character. She worked well with the other two daughters. I hate recasting, so I kinda wish they’d just have the character leave town or something like that. At least then she could come back from time to time.

    What a shame.

  23. Jake says:

    You know what though, I’ve seen worse. How about Boy Meets World when they dropped Minkus. Minkus was in more episodes than Topanga in season 1. How about Family Matters when they just got rid of Judy and her mom after like 4 seasons. Mind you, these were big characters that actually had a lot of episodes on them, not subplots but the main focus of episodes. The worse one is Fresh Prince when they switched Janet Hubert Whitten to that terrible and unfunny Daphne Maxwell after 3 seasons. Compared to those shows, this is nothing but a small blemish and if I were still a little kid, I most likely wouldn’t even recognize the recasting just like I didn’t notice anything different with the above sitcoms. I don’t think the show’s quality will be compromised since she only had one major plot with her baby’s dad coming back and that was it. Mandy and Eve got more major plots and subplots than Kristen.

  24. Erica says:

    they should have just cancelled it, this show is such a disappointment compared to Home Improvement. I know they had almost canned it because Tim’s salary was too high for the kind of ratings that they were receiving. Ugh, garbage, if its on i’ll watch but no interest to go out of my way. Reba though, i loved her show in the WB super excited to see her new show, she is awesome!

    • Lo says:

      This is precisely why there is so much variety on tv today. You say that this is a disappointment to Home Improvement whereas I think HI sucked the big one and I actually find Tim Allen funny in this show, perhaps because he’s funnier as the manly man stuck with 3 daughters as opposed to 3 sons. It’s all a matter of taste. I can’t stand reality shows and competition shows, yet clearly many people do as they’re still on the air going strong. I agree with Reba though, I find her hilarious

  25. tracey says:

    i agree i like the eldest daughter they all just seem to get along really well

  26. David says:

    creative differences means that Tim Allen hated her

  27. drew says:

    Def the hot one (of the two older sisters) and personal fav. Ohwell.

  28. brutony says:

    Mandys pretty hot, naturally, and she was compelling at the beginning, esp when dealing with being a single mom, but they seemed to have shuttled her to the back burner, so she probably had enough of that treatment! BTW, whatever happened to Boyd? I half expect him to show up on a milk carton!

  29. I’m really upset! I liked Kristen.

  30. Brandon says:

    I really hope that they recast this part carefully because, as many people have pointed out already, recasts can be tricky to say the least. If they cast the wrong person into the part it will likely spell the end of the show. it is going to be hard to find someone that fits with the chemestry of the existing cast and I’m not sure how much time fans will allow the show to find its groove again with the change in casting.

  31. brutony says:

    Probably why you, as well as others, were confused is, that the two eldest daughters looked alike, untl they made Mandy bat crazy, and Eve looks nothing like them! Hey, heres wishing Alex the best, but if anyone had to go, then Kristen it is!

  32. Tony says:

    The whole idea of recasting any role only worked 2 times in tv history every other than that its been terrible. Megan Fox on Hope and Faith and the oldest Daughter on My wife and Kids. But on my wife and kids they had to completely change her character from a tough tomboy to a ditzy pretty socialite type. So makes you wonder what creative has planed. Either way I feel bad for the girl, and wish hr all the best in the future.

  33. Don says:

    I would like to like this show, but after Tim as Tim Taylor it is so hard to like this show. I would however like Nancy Travis and Ted Danson return for a new show of “Becker” I loved that show after “Home Improvement” went off the air.

  34. cainey says:

    Yes it is.

  35. Joseph says:

    Yes, it is…at least, as far as the show is concerned, although the actress who plays Mandy, the middle daughter, is actually older in real life than her TV sister.

  36. Joseph says:

    Yes, it is, although the actress who plays Mandy, the show’s middle daughter, is actually older than her TV sister in real life.

  37. Joseph says:

    I wonder how in support of this decision Tim Allen was. Surely he must realize that re-casts are never a popular decision with viewers. A write-off would have been more palatable a decision, in my opinion.

  38. Bob B. says:

    This is to the fools that make these cast changing decisions..Like so many other professionals, they think because they are high and mighty that everything they do is good..well, this time they’re wrong….Krosney is a key character in this top notch sitcom and the entire crew meshes perfectly…changing one of them is a foolish move and far from reality…do you know anyone on this planet who simply changes a member of their family? it’s just not done!!!

    • Leish says:

      I really enjoyed the show & am one who will not watch now; i do not believe it will even make it for all of season 2. Soap operas always recast & make babies older- one minute the 2 year old is two & the next 18?!?!?! This is a foolish move & I cannot believe Tim Allen thinks recastibg & changing the baby’s age is a smart move. (Sigh) I was originally excited to see LMS had a second season. Never been a fan of Reba as a singer or actress, but I go out Fridays so no love-loss for me. Biggest career suicide for LMS.

  39. Michael says:

    I agree, The recast of Darin was probably the worst recast of any show in history. No chemistry between Samantha and the new Darin. New Darin turned out to be homosexual so that answers that.
    What this show needs is Testosterone, and I mean gallons of it. AND SOON!!

    • brutony says:

      WRONG! The problem with this show was that they tried to get TOO MUCH testosterone! They shifted gears midway to show more workplace, and LMS suffered. Show more home, esp hot daughters, and let it evolve!

  40. brutony says:

    Yes, I AM right!

  41. Philip says:

    Actually the picture is correct. Alexander Krosney played the older daughter. The ditzy clotheshorse gal is the MIDDLE CHILD.

  42. s says:

    Yes….it is.

  43. Brad Barlow says:

    I too went to a taping in late September I thought the oldest daughter was terribly acted as well and did not like the storyline I feel bad it’s a good show
    the new husband wasn’t much better either.
    it’s still a very funny show

  44. Bill says:

    Alexandra Krosney did a great job, and she is beautiful. Stupid move by ABC to replace her. They always ruin shows by doing stupid things like that. Fortunately Molly Ephraim is still on the show. With Alexandra Krosney gone I wouldn’t have any interest in the show without Molly Ephraim.

  45. Thomas P Rozdilsky says:

    What stick does he got up his but creative difference he just took over krosney was quirky and sharp tongue but totaly believable as older sis how she could keep her siblings line, the prick probably came on to her and she shot him down and i thought allen had more balls to stick up for his cast members change boyfriend to be more an equal hah Hyde to jeckle baby age now loose more crap first steps terrible twos get rid of him show was great as it was

  46. Thomas P Rozdilsky says:

    What stick does he got up his but: creative difference he just took over krosney was quirky and sharp tongue but totaly believable as older sis how she could keep her siblings in line, the prick probably came on to her and she shot him down and i thought allen had more balls to stick up for his cast members change boyfriend to be more an equal hah Hyde to jeckle baby age now loose more crap first steps terrible twos get rid of him show was great as it was

  47. Matt says:

    Without Alexandra I won’t be watching. It COMPLETELY annihilated any love I had for the show, and I REALLY enjoyed it.

    But Fuller is too difficult to look at, and they make no effort other than a cheap dye job to make her seem like Alexandra. Disgusting. Lost my viewership completely.

    However, I’ll be back if Alexandra comes back, and I’d love a reason to come back to this show.

  48. Jackson says:

    I’m not watching without Alexandra in the cast. One look at Fuller and I refuse to give that thing a “chance.”

  49. Kira says:

    The casting change turns me off. I will not be watching. Alexandra Krosney was too cute and likeable to just change for “creative differences.” Fuller is harder to look at than Sarah Jessica Parker.

  50. K says:

    I don’t like the new daughter or new baby daddy. New daughter doesn’t fit in. Bring other one back!!!!!

    • Gerard says:

      You are sooooo right!! These two don’t work at all, both are so NOT funny! Otherwise, i really enjoy the show.