Fall TV Poll: What Will You Watch on Mondays?

The Fall TV season will be here before you know it, and tough viewing choices arrive with it. We’ve decided the time to get thinking about them is now.

Each day this week, TVLine will show you the grid for that night’s fall line-up, including the broadcast networks’ wares and select cable listings. You then vote for what you plan to watch LIVE during each time slot (since live/live-ish viewership is still the creme de la creme when it comes to ratings, whether anyone likes it or not).

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One last caveat before we get to the polls: This is not a popularity contest. Organizing a robo-vote for a certain show will not get Stana Katic or Alex O’Loughlin to playfully handcuff you. So have faith in the merit of your individual choices, then watch to see how many others legitimately line up aside you.

NOTES ABOUT THE MONDAY GRID: Grids represent the face-offs taking place for at least six weeks of the fall TV season; that’s why, for example, Secret Life (which finales Sept. 3) isn’t included. Details on new shows (indicated in RED) can be found at these links: Major Crimes, The Mob Doctor, Partners, Perception, Revolution.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. SVClois says:

    None of the above it seems fall TV is not really getting me will see other day in the week but, Mondays nothing it seems I love better summer shows at this time….even NCIS is not really getting my attention anymore.

  2. Babybop says:

    I’m probably gong to watch HIMYM live, just so I can skip past commercials when I watch Bones afterwards. My Mondays are a lot less full without my weekly hour of House. *sob*

    • Ann says:

      Watch HIMYM live. Then watch commercial-free Bones on the dvr. Then watch commercial-free 2 Broke Girls on the dvr. I’ll check out Revolution, too, but I’m almost certain that show won’t last long…but we’ll see.

      • Martina says:

        I wonder which will be the first new show to be cancelled, I’d like to see that poll

        • Angela says:

          Ha, no kidding.
          It’ll be “Dancing” night in our household come the fall season. Then we’ll flip to whatever happens to be on some other channel until “The Daily Show” comes on.

  3. Dee Dee says:

    Only thing wrong with this poll is that you can’t choose two. I have every intention of watching both “Castle” AND “Revolution”, I’ll just have to dvr one of them.

    • Tim says:

      Agreed, Monday at 10 is rather full, as I also like to watch Hawaii Five-0. It’s not a ‘must watch’ but it’s still a pretty good hour. I am going to have to watch one, DVR one and then later in the week (probably Wednesday when there is absolutely nothing worth watching on) watch Five-0 On Demand.

    • Irishgirl says:

      That’s why the poll specifies which will you watch ‘live.’ Those ratings numbers hold more clout than DVR or streaming numbers.

    • Leigh says:

      I had a hard time picking between Castle and Revolution as well. But went for Castle and will DVR Revolution.

  4. rac76 says:

    I will try to watch the show that I picked “live” just so it can get the ratings that it needs. I picked “Warehouse 13”. I will watch “How I met your Mother” at the end of the season in hopes that they finally pick the Mother (I think that they have been dragging it out for too long).

    • CJ says:

      If you aren’t a Neilsen household (or some other ratings service) what you watch won’t make a difference.

      • Chris Siciliano says:

        Thank you. I don’t think many people in the TV watching audience get this. Boycotting a show or network or watching one show over the other means nothing if you aren’t a Nielsen household so you won’t affect the ratings, so it’s useless. Just watch what you want regardless of your feelings about the network.

      • meleliot says:

        Question – I know, no Nielsen box = no rating; BUT, what’s with the DVR numbers? They count DVR viewership within 7 days of first broadcast. So, is it better to watch on DVR than it is to watch live when you have no Nielsen box? I’m never quite sure how that works.

        • CJ says:

          DVR ratings don’t matter if you don’t have a Neilsen box either. If a ratings service has not contacted you and provided you with monitoring equipment, you aren’t being counted–watched live, taped, downloaded, DVRed–none of it matters without the ratings box.

          • meleliot says:

            Thanks CJ. I guess it really doesn’t matter what I watch or when I watch it, and no one (especially TPTB) care what I think. Ah well, nothing new…

  5. I love CSI Miami i can’t believe is not on if they didn’t put it on on Sun. nights it would still be on that killed the ratings cause of the games it came on so late i dvr it and watched another time alse i thought Unforgetable was great what happen to that ??????

    • Renee says:

      CSI Miami was killed because it was too expensive, and Unforgettable was killed because it didn’t have enough young viewers.

    • CJ says:

      Both of those shows were cancelled because their fans didn’t know how to use punctuation to make their writing comprehensible.

      • Ayana says:

        We’re not in school!Does it matter if we don’t use correct punaction?

        • TigerNightmare says:

          It should matter. I can’t take anyone seriously if they lack the ability to form a coherent sentence. It’s something you learn to do when you’re 12. I can forgive a lack of capitalization, commas, apostrophes, etc. but if you sound like a cokehead, someone should take your internet away.

        • meleliot says:

          Ayana, you are killing me! Of course it matters. What was the point of going to school and learning correct punctuation and grammar if not to be able to put a sentence together so others are able to grasp what the heck you’re talking about. Frankly, if I have to struggle to understand a simple comment due to the lack of proper writing skills, I do not finish reading it, and consider you a moron.

        • Jason says:

          It is a simple truth. If you sound stupid people will think you are stupid. I don’t care if you have two doctorate degrees and got a perfect score on your SATs. If you write like an idiot I will assume you are one and instantly discount every thing you say or do.

        • Cheryl says:

          How has no one yet pointed out how terribly Ayana misspelled punctuation? Seriously, Ayana?! Punaction? Pun-action???????

  6. livvy says:


  7. Eileen Cushing-Craig says:

    Looks like a good night to catch up on recorded shows from other nights. None of those shows appeals to me at all.

    • Phil says:

      I think Mondays will flop. I’m still watching 90210, and sure, I’ll waste 22 hours of my life next year, but… what the heck! However, 90210 is against HIMYM, but I’ll watch HIMYM later.

  8. Alex Agostini says:

    I have 2 DVRs. I watch more than one per hour on Mondays.

  9. I’ll watch HIMYM at eight, study 8:30-9:00, then watch 2 Broke Girls. And Warehouse 13 the next day when I get the time.

  10. angie says:

    Castle only show to watch on Mondays.

  11. EveatEden says:

    I watch nothing LIVE! I will record Bones, the Voice, Warehouse 13, Castle and possibly Revolution. Would like to check out Mob Doctor. Depends on if hubby is interested, if so then I’ll take that and watch Warehouse 13 online instead.

  12. Percysowner says:

    I’ll be watching How I Met Your Mother and Revolution and Perception (if it turns out to be good) live. I will be DVRing Major Crimes and The Voice. The Voice so I can fast forward the boring parts, Major Crimes because my daughter wants to watch it, but she can’t stay up that late because she has to get up early for work.

  13. Sherry says:

    Bones is so going to get cancelled, after this season ! :(……

    • val says:

      Maybe “Bones” will be cancelled after next season (#8), maybe it won’t.
      Either way, hitting the 8th season mark is a HUGE accomplishment for any television series.
      A lot of the cult or buzz-inducing shows are cancelled after 13 eps. Some are considered fortunate to hit season 5 (and syndication). Few shows go beyond 5 seasons.
      “Bones” could end after a rather impressive 8 years run – why complaining? Or are you faking the “sadness”, hoping for a cancellation, in the ol’ schadenfraude manner?

  14. Emily says:

    HIMYM and final season of Gossip Girl!

  15. Den says:

    Bones!! i’ll probably dvr himym and partners (yay sophia bush!)

    “the mob doctor” is such an awful title omg. that’s the one with jordana spiro right? then i’ll probably watch it.

    And Castle, of course! my fave show

  16. jack says:

    You mean, people still watch things live?!?!?!

  17. Andrea says:

    Castle is the only one for sure for me. It’s a toss up between The Voice and Dancing with the Stars.

  18. Rock Golf says:

    With Revolution, either it will end up a disappointing show, or cancelled after the first season. There is no possibility it will have a satisfying conclusion on NBC.

    • ChynnaBlue says:

      Sad but true. I have no idea how USA and SyFy get such good shows, while NBC gets all the crap. They’re all owned by the same company, so how’d that work? Maybe the idiots who contract all the crappy SyFy original movies and changed the name from Sci-Fi to SyFy are the guys who pick all the shows for NBC. Harry’s Law should have gone to USA.

      • Jacob says:

        I definitely agree about Harry’s Law on USA, and they shouldn’t have made all the changes they made during the second season. That ruined the show for me.

  19. Pat says:

    watch HIMYM and Revolution. dvr H-50

  20. PCT says:

    Watching The Voice and Revolution, DVR-ing HIMYM, Gossip Girl and 90210.

  21. Casey says:

    I probably won’t watch anything live but I’ll record Castle and Bones.

  22. Brandy says:

    Gossip Girl, 90210,2 broke Girls

  23. Renee says:

    Football and Revolution for me. Thanks to Fox cancelling everything there is nothing else that interests me.

  24. ChynnaBlue says:

    I rarely watch anything live. I record them to watch later, even if it’s 30 minutes to an hour later because I was catching up on last night’s shows while tonight’s are live.

  25. Emily says:

    Revolution only if it shows signs of permanence. And Castle on the DVR; show just doesn’t hold my interest much anymore.

  26. Richard says:

    As I don’t watch anything “Live” anymore, I picked the shows that will watch first. I will record “HIMYM”, “Partners” and “Bones”, and I will definately watch the CBS sitcoms first. Since many of us have DVRs, maybe the question next question should be “Which 2 shows will you be recording?”

  27. Tran says:

    The Voice and Revolution. On Demand: Hawaii Five-O.

  28. Sarah says:

    The only 2 I’ll watch live are Bones and Castle.

  29. ted says:

    dancing with the stars — especially with their all star edition.

  30. Adam says:

    I know I will watch HIMYM. Revolution looks good so I will give it a try and I will be watching H50 on demand. I really can’t wait for football season to start, lol!

  31. Maria says:

    Castle. That is my only must-see show on any night of the week. Nathan Fillion absolutely rocked that finale and I’m looking forward to anything and everything that season 5 may bring!!

  32. sarah says:

    I am very schocked that more people want to watch Revolution than Hawaii Five 0!

    • Adam says:

      H50 storyline plots is getting weak and this is just my opinon, but I not looking forward to a show that focus on Steve and Cath since she is in the team. Still dont know why they r investing on steve and Cath. I like the show but they really needs to invest on a better storyline plots. Revolution looks good and there alot of fight scenes and actions.

  33. sarah says:


  34. TC says:

    This poll is skewed to the East coast… MNF on the West coast overlaps different shows.

  35. godzilla's_foil says:

    Revolution should be ok. But I must ask, why do you people still watch The Voice and the alikes?? And what is Castle’s allure, anyway? I know it’s not about having a great storyline or actors who can, you know, act. (And why hasn’t 2BG been cancelled, oh, god?!)

    • Shaun says:

      Castle has decent acting……Stana Katic was pretty good this year.

    • Carol says:

      ::blink, blink:: Really?? Have you watched the show?? The finale was amazing and I will be shocked if one of tem doesn’t get an Emmy nod.

      • Alex says:

        As much as I want that to happen, it probably won’t. Emmy voters are pretty biased against procedurals like Bones, Castle, NCIS just to name a few. Emily Deschanel deserved a nomination or two in my opinion when the show was in its hey-day but she never got it. Stana is well worthy of one for some of her acting this season (I didn’t enjoy this season as much as the third but I blame that on the writers rather than the actor who can only do so much with what they’re given with) but I just don’t see a nomination going her way.

  36. Heather says:

    I don’t watch ANYTHING live, it ALL gets recorded so I can watch it when I want and to FF through the commercials.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      ^^^ Just in case anyone out there is still confused as to why DVR playback data doesn’t carry much weight.

      • Sg.Grant says:

        I doubt Heather is a Neilsen viewer, so none of her TV viewing carries any weight.

      • TigerNightmare says:

        I DVR everything too and sometimes I let the commercials run if I’m multitasking or don’t really care to fast forward. Unless a really annoying ad comes on.

  37. Kira says:

    Castle! Have to watch live…could not wait a second longer <3

  38. Miles says:

    Bones and Castle.

  39. nlc6868 says:

    Since DVR’s have been part of our everyday existence why do we have to watch live TV at all. It frees us up to watch more of what we want at the time we want.

  40. Sue Howard says:

    Bones and Castle live. From 9-10, I have nothing to watch. Where did Hart of Dixie go?

  41. shawn00m says:

    I can’t believe NBC put Revolution up against Castle and Five-O! I guess I’ll have to what it OnDemand.

    • TigerNightmare says:

      It sounds like NBC is trying to counterprogram a serialized drama against procedurals. It might work on me because, while I watch both shows, they’re both terribly overrated and I prefer a well-executed story over the same old follow-the-breadcrumbs plots lacking any kind of variety. NBC doesn’t want to win the night, it just can’t against Castle no matter what they put there. But if they can build a sizable audience with the right demographics, that’s good enough.

  42. Nick says:

    Would watch castle or revolution @ 10 but too late so I dvr them

  43. Mia says:

    The Voice and Castle. Live
    Dvr Revolution and watching it right after Castle.
    DVR DWTS too.

  44. arial2 says:

    At 10:00, when watching tv, I just hate that I have to choose between Castle, Hawaii 5-0 (and Syfy’s Lost Girl!), yet there’s nothing I like at 9:00, now that Alcatraz is gone. : (

  45. mirvin365 says:

    Does anyone know if ABC Family is going to keep “The Lying Game” on Mondays?? Cause that trumps everything except Castle for me.

  46. wiredwizard says:

    Castle, H5O, Revolution & Warehouse 13 – Let’s hear it for Satellite TV that let’s me get all the same channels from different timezones enabling me to watch them all “live”.

  47. j_leeanm says:

    The only thing I ever watch live anymore is Castle.

  48. Mark D. Moss says:

    What will I watch *LIVE*? Nothing. I love my TiVo, and even if I wanted to watch a program while it was airing, I’d wait to start until I could skip through commercials or pause when the phone rings. Live is dead.

  49. Sid says:

    Seriously these polls are laughable, H50 won every night except one or two weeks, in the all important demo range. With out DWTS, Castle viewers and demo plunge. Rapid fans keep voting and make certain shows look like gang busters, but it all comes down to the almighty demos, and H50 is the number 1 10:00 show, like it or not.