Idology: Joshua Ledet on Making Up Lyrics, Nixing R-Rated Moves & Holding Back on Idol

Joshua Ledet may have developed a reputation as the most outrageous performer of American Idol‘s 11th season, but in actuality, he was holding back big time. “Now that I’m actually free,” says the third-place finisher, “I’ll probably be doing way more and just go crazy on stage.”

Joshua stopped by Idology HQ to discuss the multiple occasions during his Idol run where he made up song lyrics, his state of mind during gut-busting numbers like “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” and “No More Drama,” and the suggestive choreography he had to nix for his rendition of “Runaway Baby.”

Plus, he explained how he used YouTube to become a better Idol contestant, why Jimmy Iovine’s comments on Top 3 results night convinced him he wouldn’t make the finale, and how the judges failed to call him out for a botched rendition of “I Believe.”

So press play below for the two-part Joshua Ledet interview, and for all my Idol news, commentary, and interviews, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Stormy says:

    IMO If Joshua plans to go even more over the top, that’s a career killer.

    • Lily says:

      OTT, would be fun once in a while on a live stage though… when he caters to his fans only…

      • wickerpark says:

        Exactly my thought. I know a lot of people who doesn’t like his OTT performances on idol. If he’s saying that it’s nothing compared to how crazy he can go now that he’s out of the show then that could be a problem. He’s bound to lose more fans than gain any at all. I wish I’m wrong.

    • Mel says:

      NOOOOO!!! Our sniper is Elise! ))))

    • Sha says:

      I mean he’s a church singer, he said it himself, they go crazy. If he didn’t go somewhat (or way) OTT, he wouldn’t be true to himself. Personally, I love pretty much every Idol performance of his and so, I think that’s the right balance.

    • Suggestor says:

      Wonder if the Idols even read these comments sections? If so, then I’d really like to say that this was a great interview and loved his sense of humor. I really liked all the top ten singers this year, and Joshua was a front runner for me ever since he sang ‘ Jar of Hearts’. It set the bar high for the rest of the season. Much success Joshua!

      • 5talentgirl says:

        Yeah, hope Josh reads this.
        Absolutely great interview, Josh. I could sense you were cautious about fully opening up and talking on stage/during interviews, but I also suspected there was much more to your personality than what you allowed yourself to reveal. Well, you showed it all in this interview. and I admire you on every level – talent, personality, looks (yes), performance – everything! and I’m old enough to be your mama! You are an exciting, entertaining and spectacular performer. Way to go! (From one churchy to another).

    • Tissy2121 says:

      I don’t care what you think, I am a big fan of Joshua and I think he did just fine!!!!!!!!!

    • Tissy2121 says:

      I am a Joshua fan and I think he did very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Marianne says:

    Oh – is this the 2nd place finisher?? No….that was Jessica Sanchez! I guess she wasn’t 2nd in your eyes.

    • sara says:

      …and there might not even be an interview with Phillip since he was too ill to do it the first time, which obviously means Michael Slezak thinks Joshua should have won OMG ARREST THIS MAN

    • deedee says:

      @Marianne, Josh and Jessica were in NYC at the same time doing the media circuit. Maybe Jessica did her interview before Josh, and hers was ready to go before his. Makes sense, no? It’s a non-issue.

      • Marianne says:

        M. S. certainly could have waited until both interviews were “ready”. There have been delays with Idology interviews before. It just feels like a little snub, imo. It is my opinion. It is a minor “issue” to me. Emphasis on “to me”. To you, apparently, it is a “non-issue”. That “…it’s a non-issue” is NOT a statement of fact.

        • deedee says:

          Yes, of course, almost everything posted on a message board is opinion. It’s just tedious to keep writing “imo” after every statement. It is my opinion that Michael Slezak is not a petty, scheming person, and that by posting a couple of interviews out of order, he’s not sending subliminal messages about who he liked better. We already knew who he liked this season because he openly gave his thoughts on everything throughout.

        • Missie says:

          No, it’s pretty much a non-issue considering it’s stupid to make fans of one singer wait for the interview just to pacify petty fans of another.

  3. Beck says:

    I always felt like I should like Joshua more than I did on the show, especially considering the lack of black people on the show this year butttttt he was only okay for me. All of the performances start blending together. I can’t imagine him him being any crazier on stage, sounds like it’ll all just be growling and noise. But I think he can have a solid gospel career for sure. Funnier than Heejun, tho? rood

    • Mary B says:

      I really like Joshua but I can’t handle his type of music. He is fun to watch but not to listen too. I just made a playlist on my ipod of my favorite songs of the season and I have them all and the only song I choose was “Ready for Love” from him. I can’t handle the screaming at the end of his songs. They literally gave me a headache. That thing he did with Fantasia at the finale was just awful. Now he says he was holding back. I know I will never buy his music. He is such a good good kid I want to like his music but I just can’t. Hey, I am sure there are many who don’t agree with me. I really do wish him success.h

      • brandy says:

        at least you are honest in your feelings, he does happened to my favorite, but to each his own

      • Bonnie A. says:

        Totally agree with you, Mary B!

      • Lee says:

        I’m with Mary B. too. I liked some of Joshua’s performances and can handle them in small doses like 1-3 songs a week on the Idol stage. But can you imagine seeing him sing in a 2-3 hour concert? I don’t think I could handle it because I think his performances will all blur together, leaving me feeling bored. The main problem I had with Joshua is that he pretty much sang the same way with all of his songs. And when he didn’t, such as Imagine, it didn’t turn out too good. I really wonder how he can grow as an artist since I didn’t see much growth this past season. He sang When A Man Loves A Woman in Top 12. He sang No More Drama in Top 3. To me, his singing style seemed exactly the same. On the other hand, I think Jessica showed growth on the show. She went from singing I Will Always Love You (Top 13) to And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going (Top 4). This is why I felt she should’ve won and am pretty sure she will have a successful career. She is a true artist in every sense of the word. I’m not saying Joshua isn’t an artist, but it just seems like he was a “stagnant” artist on Idol.

    • carol522 says:

      What does his race have to do with anything? Either you like the style of music or you don’t.
      FYI..just because he grew up singing in the church, doesn’t mean that he can only sing gospel. Research any of the classic soul singers, and you will find that most sang in the church.

      Heck, even Kanye had a hit gospel song with Yolanda Adams.

  4. Stacie says:

    Joshua really grew on me. At first I didn’t like all of the theatrics, and I still don’t like how many standing ovations the judges gave him(but that’s not his fault), but either way I started to really appreciate his voice, and I loved how he changed it up every week. He’d do some really slowed down ballad, but then do the fast tempo “Runaway Baby”, by “It’s a Man’s Man’s World” I didn’t care if he or Jessica Sanchez won the show. The finale between Jessica and Joshua would have been epic. I would have loved to see that show.

    But either way I’m a Joshua fan now. Loved his honesty about Jimmy Iovine. It’s so true about that. That’s why I don’t get when people say Jimmy should be a judge, he has usually pretty decent remarks but those are a day later and after the other judges have said their piece. Jimmy “might” be decent, but to say he needs to be on the panel to replace Simon’s “honesty” is silly. As we saw in the finale taped package when he couldn’t get Jennifer Lopez’s name right, what Jimmy says is actually pretty scripted.

  5. Alice says:

    Wow. If anyone’s really wondering why a lot of people couldn’t get excited about this season regardless of good voice – this interview is great example. I think this is the first Idology interview that leaves me thinking less of a contestant – Joshua manages to be both smug and dull – a horrible combination. (Whereas Colton’s interview turned me around quite a bit (I’d been really put off by his ‘apology’ for Bad Romance) but he came across as honest, sweet, engaging w/Michael.)

    I’m not sure the most arrogant (and delusional) idol to have been interviewed by Idology but Joshua’s definitely in the running. And I was honestly neutral about him in top three – boring gospel guy, boring pageant girl or personality but can’t sing guy – actually I’m feeling a lot better about Phillip’s win lol.

    • Ty says:

      I haven’t read this much nonsense in awhile. There was nothing smug or dull about this interview, unless you just don’t like the guy. The fact that you mentioned Phil Phillips as the “personality” guy tells me you don’t have a good handle on what a good personality is (here’s a tip – cute =/= personality). He was the most monotone in both singing tone and character on the entire show. Josh was subdued during the interview, but even then some of the things that came out made me laugh, and if that was lost on you I think the problem is yours not his.

      • noa says:

        i don’t know. while being somewhat rude about it, Alice has a few points. Colton’s interview did win me over a bit, while Joshua didn’t… i was very happy to see him be himself and not that muted version he kept giving Ryan. but in the end, being proud of not listening to anyone and saying how he’s going to be even crazier- i’m not loving it. i did like the Heejun joke. it was cute. regarding the analysis of the top 3… IDK. Jessica is hardly a pageant girl. i’m not much of a Jessica fan, but she’s wayyyy better than that and is incredibly talented. Phillip is more than “personality” but it was def. in there- “your daddy let you date?” anyone?
        in the end, i don’t think he is arrogant or smug. he is young and obviously he’s from a very different world than i am. if that’s the kind of music and performing he likes, more power to him. i don’t know if there’s an audience for it but i’m not from the US, so maybe there is and i’m not aware of it. i thought he did well on Idol with a style i don’t care for, so i totally think he deserved to be in the top 3, even if i would have chose others for my own pleasure :) maybe once he’s out of the Idol bubble and has to deal with the real music business he’ll grow up a bit and use that charm and charisma better… especially in interviews.

      • Kate1247 says:

        Haha, right? I definitely wouldn’t describe Phillip as Mr. Personality. He was pretty blah most of the season, just like his performances.

      • marie says:

        I couldn’t agree more Ty. I actually think Alice comes across completely biased and somewhat delusional in her comments by saying Joshua comes across as smg and dull. He was quite the contrary. I’m thinking Alice had preconceived notions based on her personal preference of anyone but Joshua. Great interview Michael. It made me love Josh even more.

    • ted says:

      Maybe all of you just instantly create impressions of someone based on the 10 minutes you see them on a tv show. It irritates me that some of think that Colton is somehow arrogant and that instantly think because you see him an interview that he has changed your mind — well what a revelation! You couldn’t possibly know someone — bottom line — stop making snap judgements.

    • sara says:

      I don’t say this too often but LOL. Please elaborate on where the hell this kid is being smug or arrogant. What a total load of bullcrap.

      • Marianne says:

        I think because he kept making comments about not listening to what “they” asked him to do. Also comments (laughing) about making words up in performances, as if he was pleased he could pull it off. He also seemed a bit smug when saying that Jimmy (Iovine) “never” said anything bad about him (how he knew he was going home after the negative comment). It didn’t bother me that much, but I could see where some might get that impression of him. I didn’t like or dislike Joshua in this interview.

        • TC says:

          Joshua was simply stating a fact when he mentioned Jimmy Iovine said nothing bad about his performances until “No More Drama” performance. It’s true. Jimmy clearly loved Joshua and Josh’s point was that once Iovine critqued his performance, he knew he was going home. Gosh, nothing like reading into something way too much

    • Kate1247 says:

      Aw, this is pretty harsh. I think he just has a dry sense of humor, not necessarily dull. It doesn’t always come across well. Also, shy people RARELY come across well in interviews/on TV, in my opinion (I know he said that he’s more outgoing behind closed doors, but in front of the cameras he gets really shy). As for smug, I don’t think he overestimated himself, just was being honest. It would have been obnoxious not to acknowledge that he’s talented, loses himself in songs, etc. Faux-modesty is more annoying to me.

    • Yo' says:

      Perhaps you need to adjust your laugh reflex. This interview was f-u-n-n-y.

      • 5talentgirl says:

        Agreed! I’m biased toward Josh, yes, but I really liked hearing him talk openly and honestly – and he DOES have a funny, dry sense of humour. A good interview (and Michael clearly liked it as he got nearly 17minutes talk time!

    • HANNAH says:

      This comment is hilarious to me because it’s the exact opposite of how I felt. Anyone who can’t appreciate someone who can be wry and understated without being smug is the perfect example of why talent will never win over someone who’s cute and “engaging” like Colton. The more I watched this interview, the more I found myself laughing out loud at him because I actually love how crazy he is onstage contrasted with how subdued he is in interviews. He kind of reminds me of the Kevin Garnett of performance artists; he has that characteristic that so many elite athletes have of when they’re in the moment, they can’t think or remember anything, and they just become this totally different person. And then afterward, when it’s over, they’re back to normal.

      Also, if I were Joshua or Jessica, probably the two best singers to ever participate in this show, and I had just lot to Phillip–a person who has said the words “I know I can’t sing”–I’d be smug too.

      • Sha says:

        lol to your last sentence. and you’re totally right about him having a dry sense of humour. Sarcasm and dry wit is like a foreign concept to many. I’m not sure how he was smug either. Aside from the “sister act” comment in the first live show, (which wasn’t necessarily a criticism of his singing as it was of his style) Jimmy NEVER said anything bad about him. Joshua was stating a fact.

    • imho says:

      I have to agree with you Alice. Joshua is incredibly talented, (but my pick was P2) and he seems like he’s a riot if you just hang out with him, but I cam out of this too thinking he was a bit over confident. Perhaps because I was wishing he would have humbly just thanked God for such an incredible God-given talent? (He is a church boy after all……) Maybe it’s because he never watches a show he expected to win? Never acknowledged the talent of the rest of the singers as so many other of the contestants did. Seemed a little self involved I guess. But he did admit he doesn’t interview well. I loved Phillip for the win, but any of that top 3 deserved it.

      • Mary B says:

        Last night I replayed a couple of episodes for my husband that I did not erase. It was of the top three, top two and final. He liked Joshua in the beginning of the song but as he got a little crazy he asked me to please fast forward it. He couldn’t stand it. I did not tell him how I felt until he watched for himself but that is exactly how I feel. He liked Jessica’s voice until she did a couple of yelling parts but he feels she is young and has a good voice and will be successful. As for Phillip, he liked his voice but really,. really like the song Home. What he said about Phillip is he could tolerate his voice but there were parts of both Joshua and Jessica’s performances he couldn’t stand. My husband is not at all into idol and I usually watch it on my own but it was just interesting to me what his response would be. BTW, I always have Phillips music playing and he never complains, so.

  6. lovesickheroine says:

    Hey guys I just wanna ask, is there any news about Joshua, Hollie and Elise getting a record deal? So far, I learned Colton, Skylar and Jessica have already started the writing process for their single/EP/album. Probably they were already signed interscope. I’m just curious about the other contestants :)

    • deedee says:

      I’m more than positive Josh has a deal, and possibly Skylar. Really not sure about Hollie. The announcements are usually made during the tour.

      • noa says:

        i keep wishing Ellen would sign Elise to 11:11… i don’t think Jimmy is going to take her, and that’s good in my opinion. i think the top 5 will be with 19E and interscope. this is the first year i cared about anyone getting signed. i usually stop following them after the season. this is fun! the anticipation continues… :)

        • deedee says:

          The only one of the top 5 I have doubts about is Hollie. As much as I love her, I don’t know if Interscope would take a chance on that kind of artist. At most, I could see them signing her to a development deal. Elise might end up with an indie label – which is probably in her best interest. So far, nothing has been made official, so, even though Jessica’s pic is on the Interscope site, we don’t even know what kind of deal they offered her.

          • Mary B says:

            ….and we may never know but I do believe Jessica will be doing an album. They may release a single first to see how it does before investing in an album though. I know Pia had a single months ago and I haven’t heard anything about an album yet. I don’t think her single lit any fires. It is a tough business and it is hard to predict who will do well. I am disappointed that Haley’s album has not done better. It got good reviews. I have my fingers crossed for her.

          • noa says:

            Haley’s album is great. it’s the first one i ever bought from a former Idol contestant. (Elise’s will be the second, no doubt). i think that it could sell well over time. as for Jessica, the problem with releasing singles is that they’re mostly sold on itunes which isn’t available outside the US most of the time. if they went worldwide- just from seeing her youtube view count, i think she would sell a lot of copies.
            oh Hollie. if this was the 1998 Hollie would be a sure bet for a record company. i can totally see 12 year old me wanting to buy her album of well sung pop songs. i wish they would sign her to a contract that forces her to go to college before she starts working on her music career.
            Colton is probably signed already as well. maybe not with interscope though. but i’m sure someone is after him…
            i just need to know that Elise is in good hands! i’m sure she will be.

            what do you think will happen with Erika and Deandre?

    • Mary B says:

      If you go on Interscope’s website you will see who was signed so far. Last I checked it was just Phillip and Jessica. Unless deals are still being negotiated but not yet finalized so they are not announced yet. Remember if they are signed the only one getting an album for sure is Phillip. The rest could be signed but only have singles.

      • ted says:

        Thanks! I’m surprised that we haven’t heard if Jessica was signed but I guess this shows that she has. All of the idols have to be refused by idol first before they can go somewhere else.

  7. Can’t wait to see Joshua on tour!

  8. deedee says:

    AAHH! Michael Slezak, thank you! You are the best – as always!

    But Joshua, seriously? On the day you tape ‘Idology’ of all things, you’re on a tight schedule?? What is THAT!? I mean, come ON!! I could have watched 12 hours of this in a row, lol. That’s right – a 65 part interview with Joshua Ledet. Bring it. ;)

    Josh can go as crazy as he wants on stage in live performances, but my hope is that we get at least *some* of the pretty singing on recordings. That voice is a drug for me. When he gets lost in a song, I get lost in there with him, lol. Just two crazy cats lost in “When A Man Loves A Woman” with all the made-up lyrics and everything *sigh*. Brilliant. :-*

    • LYJ says:

      I’ve been reading this and waiting to comment where someone reflects what I feel regarding Joshua’s singing. Joshua Flipping Ledet can sing what he wants, when he wants and how he wants. He’s just gifted. I let a co-worker listen to him on my tablet today and when I return to get my tablet she was in tears. She was totally moved by him. She wanted to know how she didn’t know of this artist….well, she does now.

  9. Mark says:

    Michael, I say this with love but wtf w/that shirt? I think this is fair cause you do point out to contestants that attention to wardrobe is important. I’m okay with plaid generally but not those colors, huge pattern, baggy sleeves, etc. Look, just because you have a hot husband doesn’t mean you should dress for the comfort of a Boca retirement community, ‘kay? You are a good-looking man, so please, no more of this.
    p.s. Good interview:)

  10. J. May says:

    Joshua just killed me practically every time he was on stage. He went past my ears, down into my gut and straight to my soul ripping it out with his teeth> Many of you may disagree with how his voice and performances moved you, that’s okay, but not even Crystal Bowersox affected me like that…okay, I’m lying (Crystal forever!), but he was sooo good.

    • RD says:

      I have to agree.He took me somewhere else week after week,and the interview only emphasized this.A true artist will have a certain amount of unpredictability in their performance.How exciting is it to watch someone perform and not know where he/she’s going to take it? The best performers lose control once in a while.Joshua,in my opinion is one of these people.

    • LYJ says:

      I agree, and listening to his voice is great, but watching him sing is just dangerous to the soul. If you want to be on emotional lock down…do not listen to Joshua, LOL.

  11. karenb says:

    I think you should interview Phillip from his hospital room, Slezak. At least maybe there will be balloons or flowers involved! Please decorate the “bored” room!

  12. Joshua Ledet was the best singer on the show this year. Hollie was a close second. If you are judging on pure talent then Joshua Ledet wins hands down , no question about it. He will go on to have a great career.

  13. Renee says:

    So Joshua can’t do anything scripted because he’s a special snowflake? Nice. He seems proud that he ignored the choreographers and the vocal coaches and the guys just trying to just tape the damn show. In my pinion, and based on comments of previous idols, all of those behind-the-scenes professionals try to provide the best support, guidance possible to these kids every year. Argue with them, offer your own (uneducated) point of view but taking pride in blowing them off and not having professional discipline to follow staging? Yeah, that’s a good reason why, despite his strong vocals, most labels won’t be knocking down Joshua’s door to work with him. No doubt he can have a great career in some gospel niche where having no self-control can be excused as religious fervor.

    • deedee says:

      Mmm, well, not that I’m gonna change your mind on this because you clearly don’t like the guy much but … I don’t think his point was that he’s a special snowflake – just that he’s an unscripted performer. He obviously got his training in church, where being spontaneous and “in the moment” was the only thing he did. Jessica said the same thing in her interview – that she’s not a planned singer, she just gets up there and does what she does.
      The only time things got really derailed was during the Fantasia duet – and, of course, I blame Fantasia for all of it :) . Joshua seemed to stick to the choreography during group numbers, and Ford videos, and whatever else the professionals made them do, so there didn’t seem to be too much damage done to the show by him. Phillip also ignored everybody at all times about everything. Ehh, as long as nobody loses an eye, we’re good! :D

      • noa says:

        i blame Fantasia for that too! she should know better… but i guess not from the outfit :)

      • Felicia says:

        Some people will never understand Josh’s way of performing unless they see him perform in person. I’ve had the honor to see him perform twice and both times blew me away! It’s like something takes over his body (in a good way) and it’s out of his control. It is truely amazing to watch. I could watch him perform everynight!

      • Tommyo2000 says:

        Well its funny how Jessica is an off the reservation singer and her and Josh melded perfectly, and Fantasia went off the reservation and they both checked into the insane asylum … it says alot about a duet partner than can see what the other person is doing and react accordingly … Jessica /Joshua is ths years Haley/ Casey… After seeing both of them talk about their duet I am convinced that they have to duet together on the tour … it would be a real show stopper night in and night out …

        • Bobbi says:

          I don’t think people gave Jessica as much credit for how well she meshes her style with someone who is equal or more experienced than her. She raises the bar to their level and keeps up. She was in three memorable performances, Joshua’s, Vegas trio and the JHolliday song. It may have to do with having done many duets on her own with different lesser known singers. Except this time these Idol singers were at another level so she was in heaven. It’s that professionalism that has her traveling all over the country now at the biggest venues that will only broaden her audience. I believe that Joshua should do a bit of that himself if he can get it, but he’d have to reign himself in to sing the national anthem just enough to thrill a crowd. I really liked Joshua’s interview and totally get his humor. I think if you are look at it with more of sense that he’s just goofing off and letting out some post Idol steam then he’s not going to come off smug at all.

      • jiji33 says:

        It’s a phenomenon psychologists call “being in the flow.” You can see it with many athletes and anyone who is really good and invested at what they do. when u ask football players what happened during that play often they wouldnt be able to tell u, they are in the flow, in the moment, they become one with the thing they do. it’s like meditation but without the one that gazes. it’s like losing yourself in the act of making love. joshua and jessica are very skilled technically but when they go on stage they seem to be in the flow. i dont think that joshua is trying to be special as much as he is admitting to losing some level of awareness while performing.

        • deedee says:

          OH, I mean, it was super obvious to me that he often lost himself in a song. There’s a moment in WAMLAW when you can actually see it in his eyes. He is *inside* the song, and not entirely aware of his surroundings. If I – a spectator – can see that from the outside, I can only guess what it’s like for him on the inside. Like he’s in some sort of musical trance.

          • I know exactly the moment you’re speaking of…because I saw it too…seems like his look changed right before your eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love him!!!

      • LYJ says:

        Great Comment!

    • D Tyler says:

      I don’t think Josh ignored them to be ignoring them. He ignored them because when he performs he gets in a zone and has to do his thing. Remember JLo telling Jessica, I think it was, to be natural on stage and move as the music told her to. I think thats what Josh means, he can’t NOT do his own thing.

    • Kate1247 says:

      He literally said in this interview that he took all the advice that the producers gave him.

    • ginaM says:

      lmao at the …special snowflake remark

    • Yo' says:

      If a performer really feels the music as Joshua says he does, to the point of being totally zoned, he can’t be scripted; it just isn’t who he is. And the choreographers et al know it. They script to entertain and he doesn’t need it. You forgot the part where he said he listens to everything he is told, because that is the first time I have really heard an Idol say they were a pushover for feedback.

      • deedee says:

        Right – I think he was trying to say that he took direction when it was about song choice, or group choreography, or styling, etc, but when it came to his singing – nobody could tell him anything. He said several times that the vocal coaches would tell him to do this or that, but he couldn’t follow their advice. Not that he *refused* to listen to them, but that his performance style took over, and spontaneity ruled. But outside of that, Josh sounds like he listened too much to what others had to say. That’s the way I understood his remarks, anyway.

    • Sha says:

      Your comment indicates that you went into this interview determined to find snippets of Joshua’s remarks to criticize. Newsflash, he admitted to listening to the producers all of the time for song-choice. You failed to mention that. as mentioned, Phillip was the one who blatantly refused to listen to the mentors, wardrobe, choreo, etc (I don’t think this is bad on Phillip’s part either, it’s just his personality and it’s totally fine). judging by your last sentence, you don’t know what being in the moment means.

    • TC says:

      Renee-talk about selective hearing…Did you not hear Joshua say that he also ALWAYS listened to what the producers said and followed their suggestions??? It’s always strikes me as funny when viewers completely respect the “rebel” contestants (ie.-Elise, P2, Haley) who do their own thing and outwardly disagree with the judges -simply because they happen to like those contestants. But when another contestant grows a backbone, they are being “difficult”. Talk about a double standard. I don’t think Joshua has anything to worry about. Based on his talent and his talent alone, there will be plenty of record producers knocking on his door.

    • 5talentgirl says:

      Yeah, I think you go down as a hater. Nuff said.

  14. Evan says:

    Love you Joshua. Definitely the Season 11 stand-out in my eyes.

    Also, I love that he says “Oil” the same way that Kristen Wiig says it in her Paula Deen sketches– “awl.”

  15. MA says:

    Joshua doesn’t sing my type of music and he’s not the type of performer I typically like, but I’ve got to give the guy props: He’s confident, smart, and true to himself. Good job, Josh. I hope he finds all kinds of success!

  16. Idol watcher says:

    Honestly, I don’t understand how people are ranking some of his performances among “the best of all time” (cough Slezak). They all blended together for me. It’s just too much, the screaming, whining, forced huskiness, and he could really take a lesson on the beauty of subtlety.

    There are some times when people say hitting high notes is screaming, but in Josh’s case, it really just was screaming his head off. His falsetto is horribly ugly too, just sounds like whining. I actually liked some of his performances, but still he’s way OVERRATED.

  17. E says:

    Would have loved to hear about his friendship with Hollie and Skyler. That was the most endearing part of his non-singing on the show.

    It will be interesting to see what/where he goes next. I’m not sure there’s a huge market for “ballads only” and more Over the Top than he delivered on Idol’s stage.

    After watching that, I’ve got mixed feelings on him (much like I did on the show). Sounds like he made the production/music staff work hard to support him. Contradicted himself about his studying of prior Idol and then pretty much did whatever he felt like anyway. I believe Joshua’s still really young, so like the rest of them, he’s got a lot of growing to do on most levels.

    Immense talent, but like Jessice (or at least what we saw on the show of Jessica), it will be interesting to see if they can carve out commercial success.

  18. carol522 says:

    This was such a great interview. I can’t wait to hear more from Joshua!

  19. Nette says:

    I loved this interview! He is such a character! I can’t wait til his album comes out! Love Love Love you Joshua!!!

  20. Mel says:

    very strange. why Joshua is not the last?

    • carol522 says:

      Stop looking for the black helicopters…there is no conspiracy.

    • Marianne says:

      “..why Joshua is not the last?” ??? His interview should have been posted before Jessica’s imo.

      • Mel says:

        Said the interview of Michael’s favorite will be the last. Interview P2 has been? Link pls!

        • noa says:

          Skylar was his favorite. i don’t think he had a chance to interview P2 yet. so that will be the last for sure. i think it depends on when his favorite finishes. since he usually interviews all the top 3 at about the same time, then he can control the order and post his favorite out of them last. but if his favorite finishes 5th, well, he can’t wait that long. makes no sense… but does it really matter? NO. let’s just enjoy the interviews.

      • carol522 says:

        There was comment about Joshua being on a tight schedule in Part 2 of the interview; perhaps that is why her interview was posted first. Otherwise, it would have been 2 weeks before Joshua’s interview was posted and 3 weeks before Jessica. That would have also interfered with appearances and rehearsals.

  21. Jackie says:

    I think his interview was honest and pure. He is still young and needs more exposure to the “real world.” I have no doubt he will be signed if that has not already happened. I understand what he meant by being caught up in the moment and not following the coaches. That, he will learn to master as he matures. With the right mentor and PR management team, Joshua will produce music to keep his fans and no doubt attract more. He is highly talented and gifted. I wish him well and will be a strong supporter.

  22. Donna says:

    I read a few comments before viewing — to the people who think this interview showed arrogance — are you kidding me! Looks like a down to earth, camera shy, sincere, passionate performer to me. Too bad he schedule did not permit more time. I was really hoping for 3 – 4 part interview. Best of Luck to you Josh.

  23. mrOCD says:

    Look, I loved him on Idol and thought he should have won. But I gotta agree with all those before me who said that he came off arrogant in the interview. There was way too much self-praising going on in there, for me, and to be honest, it’s all a little bit off-putting.

    Sure, he admits that he always took the “producer’s” advice (since he knew his record deal was also somewhat contingent on how well he catered to their demands) but he repetitively stated that when he was on stage, he just did what he wanted to because [implied] he’s a true artist and he doesn’t plan his moments and they’re really spontaneous and unpredictable and he goes completely crazy on stage and doesn’t remember anything afterwards as he’s SO in the Zone during the performance (repeated ad nauseum).


    Yeah, you’re talented and you know it (even if you don’t really seem to understand how restraint and control work may actually even help you to get the “message” across but whatever…) but where’s the humility that you displayed on stage? Or were you just pretending to be humble to score votes (and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were given your candid admission of how well you studied the Idols who’ve been successful on the show)? Just kinda off-putting, that is all.

    • carol522 says:

      He’s a performer and a person….not a trained seal. A performer who understands the art and has been trained (high school drama for 4 years) knows to go where the energy is in the house, which is what he did. A coach or choreographer can’t always predict how an audience will react, but a performer can sense an audience and adjust to the mood. He admitted he sometimes forgot the words or botched a lyric. What is to be admired is that he stayed in tune and instead of getting the deer in headlights look, he covered and still gave amazing performances.

      I give him high praise for censoring the original moves planned for Runaway Baby. He had the presence of mind to know that it certainly wouldn’t please his Mother and would turn-off potential voters. There was also nothing wrong with showing humility on stage; Adam Lambert was always gracious, but it certainly didn’t mean that he didn’t have an outsize personality.

      A professional performer also studies other performers. There is nothing wrong with that; he was rejected for season 10. He went back to the drawing board and got himself prepared.

      I see someone who has amazing talent and goal-oriented. He will need all of those skills and the growing maturity to succeed in life.

      • mrOCD says:

        That’s all fine and dandy – I am a Joshua fan and definitely think he’s incredibly talented, the arrogance he displays in this interview notwithstanding – and I happily believe and accept that what I saw him do on stage on a weekly basis were a result of his own choices.

        However, I also do not like people who are full of themselves – no matter how talented they may be – and I really get those vibes from Joshua here who seems to keep reminding Slezak about how [implied] he wouldn’t ever let himself be chained by being “scripted” during the show.

        Yes, you have shown us what you can do and what you are capable of. Now don’t go ruin it by telling us just how truly great you are.

        • carol522 says:

          He never said he was great or all of that plus a bag of chips! He was asked about his performances and he gave an honest assessment…warts and all.

          Great performers are not scripted; at least not to the point of not changing things up if needed to enhance a performance.

          I dance and twice a year, we have a recital. Sometimes you miss a step, blow a turn or a another dancer makes a mistake that affects you. Even as amatuers, we know to keep dancing. Singers keep singing even if they mess up the lyrics. Its not arrogance…its professionalism.

        • Marie says:

          geeze mrOCD-sounds like your name fits you. Perhaps you were onto the next interview and got that one confused with Joshua’s because in no way did the interview I watched show him saying how great he was. By the way, he IS great.

        • 5talentgirl says:

          @ mrOCD
          Maybe you need to look up what ‘arrogant’ means. But if can’t be bothered to – it essentially means someone who refuses to be questioned and can’t be told, ie. never listens to advise and is rude about it in the process.
          What Joshua was doing in the interview, was admitting that despite the rehearsals and listening to the sound advice of the producers et al, when he performed – because he is a natural performer – he just did what came naturally and seemed right to him in the moment. As someone rightly said, unless it was a group performance where sticking to the choreography was essential – so what? For a solo artist to be good and original, they MUST be able to take risks and go with the flow of a son/react to the audience. I can’t understand why anyone would criticise a performer giving their own best performance (and still say you are a fan, some fan).

      • Sha says:

        perfect comparison. Joshua was very much like Adam Lambert personality-wise. Even performance-wise.

    • Mary B says:

      Well you really can’t blame him that much. He had how many standing O’s? ….and was then told he was the best singer in 50 years. If you look at the cameras still rolling video after he was eliminated JLo went up to him again and told him she meant every word and that he was the best singer in 50 years. There was an interview with Niegel and people commented about the standing O’s and he said they just couldn’t help themselves because Joshua was THAT good. After all this it would be surprising it didn’t go to his head. Sorry, I think Joshua is a nice kid but best singer in 50 years?????????????????? Plus, I really cannot see him getting all those standing O’s It just made a standing O mean nothing. With Simon in 9 years you can count on your one hand how many standing O’s he gave but when he gave one you knew it was a special performance. I really think the whole thing became a joke, even in the press and a lot of people lost complete trust in the judges. I know I did.

      • carol522 says:

        There is a middle ground with the standing O’s. Just because Simon didn’t give many, didn’t mean that more weren’t deserved. We should all be used to Idol hyperbole, so best singer in 50 years comments shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Time will tell on that.

        Also, if you didn’t see his performance on Live with Kelly…he got a standing O and raves from Kelly who said she couldn’t wait to see the live show this summer.

        • Mary B says:

          True, Simon was quite stingy with his praise but the judges this year went a little over board not only with Joshua. One night they gave like 9 standing O’s. I must admit seeing Josh live has to be much more exciting than watching him on tv. As I said previously he was fun to watch but listening to him on my ipod was a different thing. BTW, Kelly told Jessica she was her favorite.

    • deedee says:

      Awww, mrOCD. You could take everything he said as arrogance, but some of the stuff he talked about was value-neutral territory. Like – ‘getting lost in a song’ is a statement of fact for Joshua. That’s what he does. It’s neither good nor bad because some people love that about his performances, and some people hate it. Same with telling us he’s ‘unscripted’: is that good or bad? Listen, Michael Jackson was just about the most scripted live performer ever – is Josh implying that MJ was not a “true artist” like him? Of course not.
      Now, if Joshua told us that he thinks he should have been in the finale over Jessica or Phil; or that he deserved all those standing Os; or that he was *surprised* to be voted off because he thought he was bullet-proof, then I’d agree he was arrogant. But what I see is a guy who knows he has talent and is not falsely modest about it … who knows he’s not perfect (“I Believe”, “She’s Got A Way”…), and who is on a high right now because he got further than he imagined, considering his audition was rejected the year before.

    • Sha says:

      and the “Joshua-smear campaign” begins. Clearly nothing will change your mind. In fact, you seem determined to stick to your opinion. But I hope that you have the same opinion on Phillip because he is the same in terms of being in the moment and doing his own thing which he showed a lot more than Joshua (wardrobe, not listening to mentors’ advice, etc). I still found Joshua to be quite humble though more self-aware.

  24. Lois Benton says:

    I am going to the American Idol concert just to see Joshua. Bring on the backflips! I only go to AI concerts when there’s a natural performer and great singer that I’m a big fan of in the Top Ten. I know from those few past AI concerts exactly how it will go: Joshua, the amazing natural performer and astonishing singer, will bring down the house, followed by Jessica, who will be stellar and yet a bit anti-climatic, no matter if she was your favorite or not. Phillip, if he even is well enough to perform (I’m guessing that he will miss some performances), will be swallowed up by the venue completely. I’m going to the Staples center in L.A., which I think is the largest venue where the Top Ten perform. Kris Allen was totally swallowed up in the smaller venue that I went to and the only reason people stayed at all was to see Adam in the final number. Most people took bathroom breaks or texted or checked their videos of Adam when Kris was on. What translates on TV doesn’t work very well in concert (and people that vote 2000 times don’t buy 2000 records either). I expect that Ericka will be the most exciting opener in AI history. And I am also looking forward to Deandre, Holly, and Elise. Based on history, I expect to be delighted by Skylar, even though I’m not a big fan.

    • carol522 says:

      I’m getting my Joshua fix at the Verizon Center in D.C.!!

    • 5talentgirl says:

      You paint a great picture (even though I like Kris) and I really wish I could be there, but I just don’t have the fare from the UK right now. Maybe I’ll just see the ones that make it when they put on their own concerts – like Josh, Jessica, Hollie, Deandre , Skylar and colton. I think they were great this year, truly a highly gifted bunch. (Notice I didn’t mention Phil, even though I liked him and some of his performances).

  25. Lois Benton says:

    Oh, and grounded is not arrogance. He’s lovely.

  26. Joe says:

    Josh is one of the best male contestants in the history of this show. I think only Adam Lambert could give him a run for his money and man would it be amazing to see the two of them duke it out. Too bad they don’t have an All Stars season of Idol. I’d say they’re tied in my head for best guy ever on the show but Josh made me vote like a Tween Cougar this season and no contestant has made me want to even pick up a phone let alone post my vote on my facebook wall since Lambert lost. If Josh pops in here, I just want to thank him for an amazing season. As much as I wanted him to win, I’m glad the show and the world found him. One of the things on my list is to see him sing live. Not on the Idol tour. I don’t have the patience for that foolishness with the drooling hormonal Phillip fans. Seeing Josh Ledet sing in the Apollo or Radio City? That’s what I’m looking forward to. Someone book this man in the Apollo and let him sing classic soul. It will be legendary.

    • Lois Benton says:

      I doubt if the Phillip fans will be out in force. And, though it’s rude to say, not in the good seats. You should go. Adam and Matt (and Allison to a lesser extent) blew the roof off the venue I went to in 2009 (the last AI concert I attended). Heresy though it may be, I expect Joshua to be better. Most of this year’s Top Ten have the voices and skills to handle a large venue and it should be the best AI concert in history.

      • Robin says:

        Hey there Lois…I am a Phillip fan and I will be in the 15th row on the floor in Syracuse…good seats in my book. I saw the season 8 tour and I went last year too. The format changed last year and the idols didn’t perform in order they were cast off like in previous seasons. They mixed things up last year and had them singing and interacting with each other all through the show. Made for a much more exciting show. The season winner does close the show, but the other idols are there on some songs too. I hope they have this same format because I think this years contestants really interacted and feed well off one another. Some of the group numbers and duets this year on the show were super.

        • Lois Benton says:

          I was very rude, of course. I do know that anyone’s fan can be in the cheap seats. Ticketmaster can be a royal pain and if, say, the concert was the American Idol concert with Adam Lambert (I’m convinced he single-handedly made that concert series), you’d have laid out the big bucks for almost any seat. Phillip may well turn out to be an interesting recording artist; I certainly prefer him to the four wgwgs who preceded him. But I wouldn’t place any big bets on his being a big success commercially, particularly long-term. But my main point is this, I guess: Going by what we saw on TV, Joshua is a great singer and performer and Phillip isn’t. And my past experience is that Phillip fans may pay to park and get in line in the fan area to get his autograph, but you won’t see them in force at the actual concert. Some venues may ask to see the tickets to park, but people will park nearby and walk. I have seen this first-hand. I am sure you are a Phillip fan who likes his music, but some fans are all about the sexy and are rabid, and not in a nice way. In my ideal world, I’d like to see it be all about the music and the performance.

    • deedee says:

      I’ll be your date for the Apollo! Totally agree that of the past Idols, only Adam Lambert can challenge Josh. But I give the edge to Joshua in that showdown because he’s even more effortless as a vocalist and interpreter of music. Plus, I just happen to like Josh’s tone better that Adam’s. Can’t wait to see what he’s gonna do on tour with 10,000+ pairs of eyes watching him. The energy is gonna be nuts.

    • Sha says:

      Joshua is my favourite contestant since Adam Lambert. The two most talented males in years for sure. and yep, I saw the idol tour in Adam’s season. Your description is not that far off. I know Adam was really pushing for Josh and Jess this entire season.

  27. Jackie says:

    I am a huge Joshua fan so after seeing many comments about him being arrogant I had to watch the interview again as I want to be objective. I do not interpret him as being arrogant. I think if anything he is shy on camera but still tried to bring some humor to the interview. His comment about holding back on stage may have thrown some people off. It is important for him not to isolate fans as he has a diverse following. The too OTT performance may be a turn off for some. Regardless, I will pay anything to see him perform a night of soul music.

  28. Vivi says:

    I think I will take the opinions of those that lived with him/stayed with him for the past 6 months over those that watched a 10 minute video interview. I mean, all of the contestants, ALL OF THEM, have one point or another said that Joshua is a crazy, funny, loving guy who just so happens to be talented. Even in their Idology interview videos, each contestant has brought up Joshua’s name. I don’t think that would’ve happened if he was this so-called ‘arrogant’ person some folks make him out to be…after watching a 10 minute interview.

    Being reserved in front of the cameras and in front of people you do not know is not a strange thing. He’s naturally a shy person. But once he is comfortable with you, his personality will come out. That’s natural. I understand because I am the same way.

    Him saying that he doesn’t listen to folks when it involves him singing on stage is not strange. I’m pretty sure he has told them that once he sings, it becomes unscripted. Yes, he takes some advice before singing, which in the video he says he does (song choices, wardrobe) but once he hit the stage and starts singing, it’s a different story. If he gets lost inside a song, he can’t control that. He feeds off energy and if he relates to the song/music, that’s more of a plus. We ALL have seen it with majority of his performances.

    I’ve concluded that people see what they want to see. Especially, if they are not a Joshua fan or haven’t cared much about him.

    I can not wait to see him and the rest of the contestants at the concert in DC this August. woop, woop!

    • Sha says:

      Exactly, Every contestant has mentioned him in their interviews. He helped all of them with song choice. The exact same thing happened with Adam Lambert. He was the music go-to guy his season for the other contestants.

  29. leah says:

    I wish for once all the joshua haters would keep their biased comments to themselves if you dont like him stop watching his videos!!!!!! He is not tryin to be smug but only tryin to explain why his performances were sometimes overdone, and I dont think he deliberately disregarded the coaches and choreographers instructions rather he was always caught in the moment. The only thing I can say he is guilty of is naivete which he will get over with time. all i can say is that he gave his all and did his best.

  30. marygrace says:

    Love the interview!

  31. Yo' says:

    This is the BEST interview of the season! This kid is a complete natural and hilarious! And he trained legions of future contestants in creative lyrics for those times they forget them. Very funny, very entertaining, and a great Idol backstage reveal. Thanks Michael and Joshua!

    • carol522 says:

      You know the great thing about his confessing to messing up some of the lyrics:

      No one knew. I don’t recall seeing one comment about him messing up lyrics. That is a testament to a great performer. Awesome!

  32. Yo' says:

    Well, geez, I just read the comments. Apparently the audience likes Idol to be a personality free zone. Piffle: the kid was great. (But it does help explain the WGWG problem. This particular television audience seems to prefer its performers beige or vanilla.)

    • Amy says:

      I don’t buy that WGWG “problem theory”, at all. Fantasia. Ruben. And every week on results night they have some rapper doin’ his thing.
      It’s the same old wha-whaa “racist” thing, from whoever didn’t like the winner. And what’s more racist than sayin’ “too many white guys are winning?!”
      Phil won fair and square…..listen up people…a lot of people liked him a lot…and voted. Period end of subject, already.
      That said..enjoyed Josh’s interview. And Josh, all season.
      Now bring on P2’s interview Michael! …However ya gotta get it! :)

      • carol522 says:

        Well unless you know the race of the poster, you really don’t know if it is racist. As far as results night performances, it has been a variety of styles and performers. There are former contestants and current artists topping the chart. Remember Lady Gaga. They sometimes have blasts from the past, especially if they’ve hightlighted a particular artist or theme for the week.

        i agree people should get over Phil winning, but the reverse is also true. Some people need to get over the fact that there is more than one muscial style and some of us prefer Joshua’s soul stylings.

        Just keeping it real…

        I’m also looking forward to P2, but it probably won’t come until the tour swings to New York.

    • Joe says:

      Yo – An interesting thing I recently heard was the comedian Jay Mohr who was an exec producer on that show Last Comic Standing talk about how racially charged the voting was across the America even for that show. He said during one season there was a female black comic that was the best thing on the show. She was hilarious. But when it came time for voting, the entire middle of the country voted for the unfunny white guy. He said the vote tallies weren’t even close. It was like 90% in favor of the untalented white guy.He tracked it over several seasons and saw the same pattern. He said the voting showed America prefers safe boring white men by far on these reality contests.

  33. Tommyo2000 says:

    I think that shyness is often mistaken for aloofness and arrogance … As with a lot of the contestants they are very talented singers, but not professionals… After a few audition rounds its like , BANG! you’re in a top 24 in a major TV production, worth hundreds of millions of dollars … I think its natural for a lot of these kids to have trouble adjusting to the production … I think Elise struggled with it, Hollie did at the begining, and Erica did …. Skyler, Jessica, and Colton seemed very comfortable in that environment … PP was off on his own which helped him garner the “artist” tag…

    • Me says:

      If you remember in season 10, a lot of people said Pia was really up herself and arrogant but it turned out she was really shy and had stage fright and stuff.

  34. JulieMarie says:

    Who called the arrogance police? Can we please call it confidence, the sort of confidence needed to perform live in front of 20 million people and stay perfectly in tune, take us on an emotional rollecoaster week after week, interpret music and lyrics and rhythm with more virtuosity and tone colors and vulnerability and panache than we’ve seen on stage since the days of James Brown? Joshua deserved every standing O he got. He’s smart enough to know that the wacky sense of humor he displays to friends and family and fellow Idols might not play so well on TV, but I hope that as he grows accustomed to public scrutiny he’ll share this side of himself more. Can’t wait to buy his records and go to his solo concerts. He’s a genius!

    • carol522 says:

      100 percent agree with you! What was he supposed to do when he got a standing O; tell the judges he didn’t deserve it because commenters on blogs were angry!

      To borrow from Aerosmith….people need to “GET A GRIP’

      • deedee says:

        He got all those standing Os because he was Nigel’s favourite, and because they wanted him in the competish as long as possible. If he got voted off, like, 8th or something, the show would have been a major snoozapalooza. Well, not quite — we still had Elise and Skylar around, but ykwim.
        Can you imagine if he told the judges to sit down because he was undeserving? Hahahaaaa. “No, stop, I’m not that good. No, seriously. We’re gonna piss off Slezak’s readers … take a seat, JLO … Sit yo’ ass down, Steven” :D

        • carol522 says:

          Why tell the judges something that wasn’t true; he is that good and deserved them!

          You’re right…my mustical tastes are different, but I won’t insult Elise and Sklyar.

          • deedee says:

            He is that good – true. But he didn’t need to get all those Standing Os. There were a few that were not THAT S.O.-worthy, tbh. If the judges had resisted standing up sometimes, they would have made the S.O. more meaningful. Instead, they killed the purpose of a standing ovation. But that’s “Idol” … more is more. *sigh*

    • Sha says:

      He really is like James Brown. I LOVE that he’s bringing back that throwback soul sound which has been missing from the mainstream for too long.

  35. JulieMarie says:

    The fascinating aspect of Josh & Holly’s friendship is that she is such a controlled, perfectionism-seeker in her performance style, and Josh is such a wickedly brilliant improvisor. I do think they have the potential for good stage chemistry together, if Holly could loosen up, which she always did best in ensemble performance. They are such a handsome couple, even if platonic, that I really hope they find a way to perform together!

    • ejones says:

      As Haley suggested, imrovisation produces the danger that you may end up in a place where you didn’t want to be. Surely, that did happen to Joshua more than once.

  36. Sha says:

    all together now, Joshua Flipping Ledet! He single-handedly made this season enjoyable for me. The best contestant since Adam. Love him, love his sound. I wish him much success because he really is gifted. and This interview was awesome! All of those clips were nice and nostalgic. I wish, Runaway Baby, Man’s World (though that one is like a daily watch for me).
    p.s.The season is over, Phillip won, stop denouncing Joshua, seriously.

  37. did anyone else find him a bit offputting during this interview?

    • teatime says:

      Not me! If I named my top 5 out of the top 10 this season, Joshua would not be in it. But I loved this interview. I found him to be very honest and straight forward and he gave us true insight into what was happening behind the scenes. I also thought he was funny and likable in this interview. He knows who he is as an artist and what he wants to do. That is a good thing.

  38. teatime says:

    Another great interview, Michael! You truly have a gift for this. I smiled through this entire interview.
    I was not a Joshua supporter this season because I am not a fan of the OTT but I always liked him and would have been okay if he had won. He has such an engaging personality I can see now why the judges and producers were behind him 100%.

  39. E says:

    MICHAEL! u didnt ask him how it was like performing with Fantasia =(

  40. Mikey says:

    Such a HUGE difference from Jessica’s interviews. While she was cute, bubbly and I liked her personality…she was clearly a 16 year old who thinks like a 16 year old

    Joshua knew exactly what time it was and I am way more impressed with him after this interview.

  41. Lois Benton says:

    Michael, I think you should have a link to a good recording of Melinda Doolittle with the Boston Pops. mjsbigblog is unlistenable. I know that’s not your thing, but she is your idolotry partner.

  42. kath says:

    Having read some of the comments here I watched this video prepared to be disappointed with how Joshua came across but I found him to be totally charming, honest, funny, with a dry sense of humour – a genuinely nice guy. I don’t know how people could possibly have thought him dull or arrogant. I loved his performances, he was by far the best performer on idol this year. I hope he has lots of success in the future.

    • carol522 says:

      Don’t let the nattering nabobs of negativity get in your head. Some people think that by trashing Joshua, it will make their favorite look better.

      • deedee says:

        Dumb, isn’t it? As if putting down my favourite singer is going to make me “see the light” and love him less. haha. #stupidhumans

  43. HairLikeATeddyBear says:

    Great work, Mr Slezak!! Such a relaxed and honest conversation, like 2 friends chatting! I was expecting Melinda Doolittle to make a surprise appearance! My 2 cents on what I feel after watching this just because I love Joshua! I see a very confident, self-aware but self-concious young man. He comes across very smart, too – in the EQ sense (not sure if I’m using the right words here). Reads people well, communicates well, knows what’s important and what’s not (what to care and what not to care), learns fast, etc. I also see he has the potential to be quite the diva (ie. demanding) if he doesn’t watch it or it gets to a point where that is just a way to make things easier for him. Although I don’t think he will be as long as he has his family (parents – mom especially) close around him. Gee – don’t I sound like a palm-reader… : ) I see great things for this special young man!

  44. Lannie says:

    So far, it seems like Jessica is doing really well.. She sang the national anthem thrice. She just recently sang it beautifully during the MIAMI HEAT VS. OKLAHOMA!

    I love Joshua too… I love him and Jessica!

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