Hot Video: Awkward Love Triangle Heats Up!

MTV’s comedy gem Awkward is back on June 28 at 10:30/9:30c, and if the juicy new trailer is any indication, Jenna’s heart — and ours — will be torn in Season 2.

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Jenna and Jake appear to be going strong, but her first love Matty isn’t giving up on the one that got away — leading to some very, um, awkward third wheel situations. Meanwhile, the reveal that Lacey wrote the carefrontation letter will send shockwaves through the Hamilton household.

Press PLAY to view the super spoilery preview and see what’s in store for Little Bitch and co., and then hit the comments to declare your allegiance to Team Jake or Team Matty.

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  1. Rolfe says:

    Just fell in love with this show last weekend when MTV aired a marathon. Avoided it when it first aired because I had no faith MTV could produce quality television, but this is a gem. Can’t wait until season two.

  2. Holy crap this looks amazing. The actress that plays Jenna is so amazing when she is crying and confronting her mother about writing the letter. Can’t wait to see that scene. Ashley? Where is your emmy?! Also MTV this show has been off the air for way too long. Get your stuff together MTV!

  3. AM says:

    Team Jake!!!!!!!!! Such a great show, can’t wait for the new season!

  4. Maryam says:

    Team Jake for me.

  5. Juan says:

    No team Jake, it has to be Matty and I’m so excited for this season, got into it in one of the marathons and then my two sisters watched it too and it is so good, one of the best comedies on tv right now in my opinion up there with Cougar Town

    • ella says:

      This show is so secretly awesome. And I’m with you- Team Matty. Poor guy totally messed up, but he and Jenna together are great and adorable.

    • Tommy says:

      I agree. I’m team Matty all the way. Jake is just a distraction.

      I cannot believe how awesome this show is! I wish MTV would produce longer seasons even if it was only 15 or 18 episodes instead of 12!

    • dane says:

      So far I’m rooting for Matty.. but let’s see where this year takes us!

    • b-rex says:

      Definitely Team Matty!!

  6. airhead says:

    aaahhhh can’t wait!! Team Jake all the way! (and since when is valerie vice principal?)

  7. jay says:

    I kind of hate the trailer for having too much in. But so love Val “Your Dad is single” as he is way hotter than matty or jake.

  8. Russ says:

    So excited! I was team Matty but now I’m not so sure anymore. Season looks amazing can’t wait!

    • anymouse says:

      Same here I was team matty but now I don’t Know considering he was only using her for sex at first but then he started likeing her and getting feelings so i thought awww how sweet until jake started his little romance with her and that got me all googley eyed so now I don’t know lol long speech i know .

      • jules says:

        I had the exact same reactions all the way.. and I still don’t know.. but that’s what I love about this show…

  9. Danielle says:

    Something seems off about Ashley Rickards. I can’t really place it.

    • kateshomesick says:

      In parts of the preview she clearly looks like she is taking cortisone…my dad had to take it for a while…and that’s what happens. You look like you’ve gained weight in the weirdest places…the eyelids are swollen etc. etc. …

      • S says:

        I know Nd is seems the cheerleader sadie has lost weight well In her face anyways. Jenna looks strange in the face

  10. jr says:

    love it can’t wait! i don’t know who i want her to be with more.

  11. portiaslegacy says:

    My favorite new show of the past year is back! I missed it so!

  12. Eliza says:

    Falling in love with this show was a total surprise for me. You’re right in it being a gem for MTV!

    Excited for Awkward’s return. I like both guys but Jake won my heart by the 1st season’s end.
    He is so sweet and adorable!

  13. aly says:

    Team Matty for sure! Love this show, can’t wait for June 28th.

  14. Jenna587 says:

    Team Matty!!!! Jake is just too eager to please and something seems off about him to me.

  15. Deanna says:

    Such an awesome show. I can’t wait for June 28th! (And I am with Valerie…Jenna’s dad is HOT! Maybe I’m showing my age?)

  16. Ben says:

    Can’t wait !! I love Valerie, she’s so awsome !

  17. Sanjh says:

    TEAM MATTY!!!!! <3

  18. Katie says:

    the best thing about this show is that there’s no clear person that’s better for Jenna *cough* GLEE *cough*, and the awesomeness that is Ashley.

  19. ivinz says:

    Well, tough choice….Jake is a good decent guy…who loves her for what she is …
    & Matty is status obssessed guy who treated her like an invisible and was embarrassed to go public with her and only started loving her when she was gone and with someone else…but then again, this is a reel story and not real life…so practical things wont happen.

  20. coco says:

    TEAM JAKE!!! Jake seems to like her how she is and Matty doesn’t even want anyone to know that he likes her!! <3 JAKE <3

  21. I feel like I just saw the whole season 2 :-) haha. I still can’t wait :-) It will be aw- wait for it – kward :-)

  22. kyndra says:

    I love this show jenna is amazing and team jake for me he is is sooo sweet and sexy he’s not afraid to say that ” jenna hamilton is my gf ” unlike that jerk matty all he wants is to get some every night and is afraid to go anywere with her ( player ) but jake on the other hand dosent care to wait screw team matty TEAM JAKE

  23. lulu says:

    TEAM JAKE!!! Omg he’s so perfect for Jenna. I hope they end up yogather :)