Vampire Diaries Boss Talks Season 4, More 'Mean Girl' Rebekah, Killing Klaus and Graduation!

Vampire Diaries Season 4 SpoilersThe Vampire Diaries‘ writers room has only just begun to map out Season 4, but boss lady Julie Plec is already privy to some storyline secrets — and TVLine was fortunate enough to pick her brain about a few of them at last weekend’s inaugural ATX Television Festival in Austin.

Here’s what the Mystic Falls mastermind revealed about new journeys for both Elena and beloved bitch Rebekah, how Klaus has managed to survive time and time again, impending graduation and more.

On Vampire Elena’s Season 4 Journey | “How do you go to high school as a new vampire? How do you fall in or out of love? How does it change who you are and what you feel? … We get really excited when we talk about this [arc] because it feels so deliciously Season 1 all over again,” Plec enthused. “It takes us right back to Stefan arriving in Mystic Falls, trying to hold himself together and not let anybody know who he was. Now, we get to watch our heroine go through all of that.”

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On Why Big Bad Klaus Is Still Around | “I will tell you this — and I haven’t said this before: Our intention was to kill Klaus at the end of Season 3,” confided Plec. “We created the character last year… and our intention was, that after a long, arduous year of trying to vanquish and defeat the villain, our heroes would prevail and he would be no more. But when you have actors [like Joseph Morgan] who are that good, making such a distinct mark in the roles that they are playing, you have to let your storytelling evolve and wrap around that a little bit. We collectively decided around the middle of Season 3 that we weren’t done with Klaus — or Joseph. We also weren’t done with the Original family, because with the addition of Rebekah and Kol, there’s still a lot of story to tell. Sometimes [as a writer] you kill a character because you don’t know what else you can do with them, and sometimes you kill them because their death will so powerfully impact your other characters. But if you’re killing a character who is doing a great job with tons and tons of story left in him, you’re making a mistake. We had to do a bit of an about-face in our storytelling, which is how we came up with the Tyler body swap [in the finale]. So, we got to kill Klaus, and then not!”

On Rebekah’s Role as the ‘Mean Girl’ Queen Bee | “What I’m excited about with Rebekah [in Season 4], specifically, is that we have never had a true antagonist on a human/teenage level,” she noted. “We’ve never had our Valerie [from Beverly Hills, 90210] or our Amanda Woodward [from Melrose Place]. And with Rebekah, who is so vulnerable and damaged but has that tough exterior, we get to see a queen bee in action; we get to see a mean girl. As we get into the second half of their senior year, here’s Rebekah, still in Mystic Falls, heading back to school, completely ostracized from the community of people that she knows because of what she did to Elena and Matt [in the finale]. She’s completely loathed by the one guy [Matt] that she had a crush on, and also by her past love [Stefan]. What’s she going to do about that? How does a vampire, who has all kinds of mind control capabilities and sass, carve her way into the high school world when the people that we love hate her guts? Once she gets over the hump of being “World’s Most Hated” in the yearbook, how will she live? And what will her life be like?”

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On Who Will Be in the Forefront Next Season | “Obviously, Elena and her journey are going to be front and center, but one of the things that we’ve finally been able to do over the past year is dig much deeper into the other characters — their lives, their wants, their loves. We’ve given Matt Donovan his due, and given Bonnie her time in the sun, and Caroline especially has evolved into a leading lady in her own right. So, this is going to be the year that ‘Donna Martin graduates,'” announced Plec with a laugh. “This is our friends finishing out their high school lives and their lives in Mystic Falls, and each of them is going to have a transitional journey about where they go and what they’re meant to be. It’s going to be a really exciting year because it’s one of endings as much as it’s about new beginnings.

On Mystic Falls High’s Class of 2013 | “Our goal is that this will be the year that gets them out of high school,” she said, “and tees us up for what will become of them in Season 5.”

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  1. dawnmac says:

    The whole triangle thing is played out and Saint Elena has been beyond irratating this season. How many people have to die to save one girl before people finally realize how stupid that is. The ratings were drastically down this season as the “triangle heated up” and that is a fact, no matter how many blogger’s try and tell a different story. The more Damon moped for Elena the more boring he got. Damon needs to move on from Elena and find someone that loves only him and get away from the ridiculous triangle and be Damon again. Elena needs to lighten up and get a sense of humor and Stefan needs to be a little bad/ mixed with his good and quit letting Elena dictate his life. As for Julie Plec she has to stop twistiing the storyline by adding things that never could or would happen. Damon meet Elena before Stefan and he was sweet, kind and caring….really??? At that time Damon was a pure cold stone killer and it just doesn’t fit. I want the old VD back, this season was a really, really bad soap opera.

    • Manie says:

      AMEN! :D
      Ps: The Damon meeting Elena first was a scene taken from the books (short story) about Damon and Bonnie. Talk about awkward!

    • Riley says:

      Damon and Stefan are far more interesting characters without Elena, I even prefer the bloody Katherine/Stefan/Damon triangle to that.
      Man, I’m just sick of triangles all together!

  2. Fran says:

    I have mixed feelings about Klaus. I truly love him as an actor and really liked him as a villian. But the season focused way too much on plots to kill him and it did get very old. I’m hoping they can give his character some fresh material to make him interesting again. And Julie, WHEN did Bonnie and Matt have “their day in the sun”? Both characters randomly have storylines and then are dropped for several episodes. I really liked when Bonnie and Matt worked together to send Vicki back. It seemed like they had potential there but again, it was dropped. Very frustrating. The love triangle also needs to take a backseat for awhile. Stop inventing stories to give Damon and Elena fans hope when it doesn’t follow any past storylines. All that being said- I still love the show and will watch no matter what.

  3. Morgan says:

    OMG WTF why are people hating on Klaus? Joseph Morgan is perfect. Klaus is perfect. End of story.

  4. Marina says:

    It seems people just come here to complain. I disagree with all bashers and agree with Plec. So much to do with such an amazing actor and character. It is not Joseph Morgan´s fault that the writers misused his character in repetitive “let´s kill Klaus” plots. I personally am very interested to see what he does now that the hybrid storyline is done. Klaus is my favorite so I’m looking forward to what he does next – hopefully his story with Caroline. Klaus is my reason to watch TVD!!

    • Manie says:

      And I’ll keep saying it, people who wants to keep Klaus around are Caroline fans. Everyone else wants him gone.

      • chiara says:

        I don’t think that’s true. The majority of posts in the Klaus’ tag in Tumblr don’t revolve around Klaroline, and a lot of them are posted by people who simply ship other couples. Believe it or not, a lot of people enjoy Klaus as a whole character, above all for his relationship with the rest of his family.

        • Manie says:

          I said “who wants to keep Klaus around”… I loved Klaus from the moment he was introduced. But that was because he was a badass evil, now he fancies baby vamp and draws ponies, that IS NOT the Klaus people fell in love with. It’s a blond and British version of Damon. I looooove Joseph Morgan as an actor (I’ve seen him in other stuff than TVD) but Klaus is no longer Klaus and his character is just boring and people want him to stay around to see Klaroline happen. And we don’t need another Delena duo!

          • ash says:

            @manie its annoyed me when you’re try to talk on behalf of everyone else. i love klaus before klaroline happening. who cares if he’s the british version of damon? he’s more bad ass and clearly can kick damon ass anytime he want. and agree with @marina,you should check with the forum before you make this statement>> “And I’ll keep saying it, people who wants to keep Klaus around are Caroline fans. Everyone else wants him gone.”

      • Alana says:

        I have to disagree with this. I liked Klaus LONG before I saw the possibility of him and Caroline and I know that is the case for most people who watch the show.

      • Michelle says:

        False! I was a Klaus fan long before Klaroline happened. That ship only added to my love for him. So nice try!

      • Fran says:

        Yep, NOT true. I like Klaus and it has nothing to do with Caroline.

      • Marina says:

        No offense intended, but you can´t talk for “everyone else”. Take a look at all TVD forums and you will see that Klaus and Elijah are the most beloved characters of the show. I have been a Klaus fan since season 2 and I have never cared about Caroline, until she became his love interest.

  5. Morgan says:

    I am so glad that I have given up on this show which saddens me because I used to be a huge fan in Season one. I really think the triangle and lazy and predictable storyline has hurt this show. I refuse to watch another season of Elena issues with who she should pick and Caroline waffling back between Tyler and Klaus, I would hope they would tell more indepth storylines besides the triangle of dull. The other week, I caught MTV’s Teen Wolf and it was more complicated and interesting than the Vampire Diaries these past two seasons. I have no desire to deal with poor wittle Elena and Caroline and their melodrama, thanks but no thanks. I wished the show would spin-off where I could get Elijah, Bonnie, Matt, and Rebekah since those characters are more interesting to me than the constant merry-go-around triangles that Julie Plec’s girlfandom continue to throw together.

  6. Jenna says:

    This whole show has gone to [expletive]!!!!!

    seriously, I used to be TVD’s biggest defender, but I have to admit how horrible it has become. Season 2 hyped up Klaus as the biggest villain ever, and the WHOLE SEASON was about how Klaus would become unstoppable if the curse was broken. Yet in season 3, he’s still the exact same? Like what did Klaus even do with the hybrids? NOTHING. So what was the whole point of anything in that season?

    Julie Plec is an idiot. Like I am not even apologetic for saying that. I actually think I hate her. She is giving in to the fans by not killing Klaus, simple as that. Did Alaric not having any more story left? Of course he did. But there were no fan-girls begging to keep him alive. THIS is what happens when you listen to the crazy fans. You give in to the requests and do stupid things to the storyline that aren’t organic. Where is Kevin Williamson? Why is he letting Julie Plec ruin this show? He needs to come back and fix things.

    The fact is, Klaus ran his course. He came in as a villain, stirred things up, and now he needs to die. Season 4 SHOULD be about Elena’s transition. NO ONE wants to see Klaus and Rebeka running around the town. This show is about Elena, Damon, Stefan and the people of Mystic Falls. They are ruining the show by making the Originals half the focus. They could have had an awesome third season by making the originals have an epic climax in their storyline and then killing them all. The show doesn’t need them anymore. It’s losing it’s focus.

    Basically my point is, they originally planned to have Klaus come in, cause trouble, and then be killed. That would have been great. But now by stretching his storyline, they are ruining him. No one should believe for a second that he can be redeemed. Yes every character should be three-dimensional, but Klaus is evil. Stop trying to humanise him! Stop trying to make his romance with Caroline seem interesting. Seriously, why is Julie Plec so obsessed with Klaus? She says everyone loves him, but it’s clear from all the comments that THE FANS ARE OVER HIM.


    • Manie says:

      AMEN! (Except for the Julie being an idiot, I just think she is not a good Head writer, that’s it)

    • Nabi says:

      you clearly don’t know that there are so many Klaus’s fans out there that maybe didn’t even read this article. Just because a few people said klaus has to be killed off doesn’t mean everyone hates Klaus. You should really go on twitter and tumblr or tvd forums to see all the love for this character! Of course there are ones who wants him to die ( i don’t even understand why) but i’m sorry no Klaus, no tvd anymore.The fact that if he stays, doesn’t even mean he has to be redemeed, I’m the first one to think he’s a perfect character like he is now, but he needs to stay because he’s the most complex, interesting, deep,phenomenal character on tvd. and you know what? if the Orginals are becoming the focus of the show is because everyone is sick of the love triangle and of these teenagers lives. Julie Plec introduced such incredible characters like the Originals that now the show can’t live without them. How can they kill off the very first vampires ever? that’d be insane! Plus the Originals give more credibility to the show that in S1 appeared only a teen drama about vampires, now instead it has become something more interesting and with more action because of the originals and above all because of Klaus! THE GLORY OF THIS SHOW HAS COME WHEN KLAUS AND HIS FAMILY WERE INTRODUCED!!!!!!!! before this show was a bit lame and boring. THANKS JULIE FOR THE ORGINAL FAMILY!!!!

      • Manie says:

        Such a glory that the ratings have been going down…

        • Alana says:

          But there’s nothing that directly ties the ratings drop to the Originals. Frankly, I think it was ‘heating up the triangle’ that killed the ratings this year. That’s what would have killed it for me had the Originals not been brought it

          • tony says:

            Exactly. And as I mentioned in my other post below, the ratings drop in S3 was actually much smaller than the drop in S2. And the Originals hadn’t even been introduced back then. So we can’t blame them for that, huh?

        • Nabi says:

          the ratings went down because of the originals? oh yes why don’t we talk about the boring Elena Gilbert, protagonist of the show, and that damn love triangle that does nothing but slowing down the whole show? I’d like to remind you the most viewed episode of season 3 is the one with the flashbacks of the story of the Original family!!! the most interesting episode of the season! least viewed episode? 3×19 the one that was supposed to liven up the love triangle with the delena kiss. So let’s talk about which characters in the show let the audience stop watching tvd.
          One of the reason why tvd, beyond the fact that airs on the cw, is not a great show and the ratings go down is because the show is stuck with a teenage love triangle, without a real development, some many lacks in all the storylines, illogical actions, boring protagonists and characters that might bring interesting storylines are killed off immediately, ex. Mikael the father of the originals and Esther, the original witch,she really could have done something incredible in S4. Thanks god Julie decided to keep Klaus and not wasting his potential. I’m really really sorry for the people who watch tvd only for the love triangle!

    • Me says:

      I didn’t realize that SOME comments on ONE article was a representation of how every TVD fan felt about Klaus and felt about the show. The show will be nothing without the Originals. Not anymore. People are bored with the endless triangle and watching everyone tripping over themselves trying to prove themselves to Elena and save Elena every single week.

      Klaus is one of the most layered characters on this show and I would rather see other people explored then see the same nonsense every single week. Giving the background of the Original Vampires, exploring what it means now that Klaus can no longer make his hybrids, etc will be a nice parallel to the rest of the season, especially now that the main focus of the past three years (keeping Elena alive) has been thrown out the window because she’s now a vampire.

      And Alaric died because Matt Davis got a lead in a new pilot that he wanted to explore.

      • Michelle says:

        Just slow clap it out ;) Well said.

      • ash says:

        @me well said!! this @manie guy/girl think he/she know what TVD fandom felt about this. this haters just some bunch of shirtless damon fangirl or forwood or character with limited screentime fangirl.

    • penny says:

      The fans are over him? LOL NO. Go to tumblr. Go to twitter. Go to youtube. Go to the forum. Go to other TVD articles here in tvline. The character is actually VERY popular. Just because a bunch of people got together to complain under one tv article doesn’t mean that this is an accurate representation of the entire fandom.

      • Katrin says:

        LOL WOW? Over him you say? Hell no!! I agree, he’s VERY popular and VERY loved. He cant get killed off because we’d lose the rest of the vampires ;)

  7. Brandy says:

    Klaus & elijah need to go, they’ve been on since season two, it’s long enough.Keep Rebekah. Klaus & Caroline=no.He was going to sacrifice Carloine and Tyler/kill them till Damon freed them, killed Elena and said he’d keep drinking her blood to make hybrids(he wanted her to be with Matt and have kids) ,killed Jenna.Klaus was a great villian season two and beginning of season three but then he become boring ,useless, pointless, not scary and his weird crush on Caroline and the plots to kill him failed again &again.

  8. Katrin says:

    I love Klaus and the rest of the Originals!!! Joseph Morgan is so talented :) <3

  9. Michelle says:

    I’m really happy that the TVD producers decided to keep Klaus because I honestly don’t think I could watch this show without him. In my opinion, he brings so much to this show that without him it would be dull. Not everyone wants to see the constant back and fourth with the main love triangle. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but sometimes people need something else to keep the show interesting for them. For me as a viewer, Klaus brought a lot to this show and I think that has a lot to do with not only the amazing writing, but Joseph Morgan’s performance. He captures Klaus perfectly, and his talent and acting abilities are an asset and should be executed on this show. He took a character who was two dimensional at first, and gave him so many layers and made it believable. As for Klaroline, I loved what they did with that and I really hope it continues on into Season 4 and beyond.
    Whether people love him or not, he can’t be killed now. So all the complaining and hateful words aren’t really going to do anything. Killing him would kill off Katherine, Caroline, Stefan and Damon, and you just know that that will never happen. So sorry to say to all the haters out there, but get use to it. What do you really think spreading hate will prove? Nothing. This is a television show, and the writers aren’t suddenly going to change something just because there was an abundance of hate in a comment section of media articles. They already have Season 4 pretty much mapped out, so either suck it up and watch or move along. You can hate something all you want, you don’t have to like something, it’s your right. But arguing with people and trying to telling them their opinions are wrong, that does nothing but look bad on your part.

  10. Niklaus and the Original family have added a fervour to this show; they slot in perfectly and enhance the storyline. I doubt you could all watch on as they were killed off and the show became a ridiculously drawn out story about Elena Gilbert’s struggle between brothers. I would have hoped people could grow with the show and realise that it is much more than that and the Original family have given us so much in the way of ecclectic and interesting characters, along with a resurgence of excitement into what could easily have become a mundane plot. While the three central characters are and will remain just that, central to the storyline, there needs to be more depth. Joseph Morgan is incredible in this role. You cannot write an antagonistic character and choose not to develop his/her story. As the great Tom Hiddleston has said: ‘Nobody is black and white; there are shades of grey in all of us.’ I quote this man as he speaks in reference to one of my favourite Marvel characters: Loki. Loki is, by many standards, the ‘villian’ of Marvel’s ‘The Avengers,’ but there is always redemption and there is always reason and there is always regret. How can you wish any different for Niklaus Mikaelson? Every character deserves a good story, as every story deserves a good character. Joseph brings dualism to this role, making you hate him for his actions at times and making you love him for them all the same at others. This is an incredible feat and one which I am glad has been rewarded.

  11. penny says:

    Whatever. I still find Klaus way more interesting than half the original characters of the show. And his entire family brought a whole new dimension to the show. I approve.

  12. Dominique says:

    Klaus is the only reason I’m still watching The Vampire Diaries! It just wouldn’t be the same without him….

  13. Angel says:

    Ohmygosh why is there so much Klaus hate?? WHY?? He’s seriously one of the best characters on the show. He is so complex and has so many layers to his character other than just this evil, selfish guy who just wants to make freaking hybrids and whatnot. He’s seriously a great villain, and he’s not even going to be the main antagonist next season, so like seriously? They can’t kill him or the rest of the cast would all die, so get over it. I don’t get how you can possibly hate him? Maybe for what he’s done, but his character development is flawless and I completely sympathize with him. How can you not?

    • Kaya says:

      Out of the whole fanbase i would say 8% of people hate Klaus. Trust me, they make little difference to the show, compared to the rest of the fanbase. Klaus’ hatebase is just as big as Caroline/damon/stefan. Elena’s hatebase or dislikes is bigger then Klaus’ don’t worry, Its a very small amount. even if they stop watching the show, the ratings will stay the same, if not Higher.

    • sam says:

      yup this haters mostly come from forwood fans. they just frustrated since their horny character have limited storyline due to the originals. oh well, cant help it since originals so awesome and proud to be their no 1 fan.

  14. Clodagh says:

    I’m sorry to each his/her own, but Klaus needs to be on this show. A) because if they kill him goodness gracious you’re precious Elena will die! And Damon, and Stefan, and Katherine, and Caroline. The. The show will be left without its focus: the freaking love triangle. Which, I, for one, am over. B) Joseph Morgan is an amazing actor. He has to be to pull off the character of Klaus! He’s a character you are supposed to hate, but we can’t help but love him because he plays his insecurities so well. They aren’t going to let some one that is so talented go.
    And as much as I would LOVE to believe their giving Bonnie, you know, a STORYLINE, I doubt it. They had so many opportunities to give her great story lines for three seasons, but they didn’t. I love Bonnie, but they have faded her into the background of the show so much she doesn’t have a character anymore. It’s like she’s completely changed into everything she hates, I don’t understand why people hate her. She must hate being walked all over by other characters and only being used or given screen time when the scooby doo gang need her to clean up their messes.
    I can’t wait to see if they stay true to their word though. I want Bonnie and Kol and Rebekah to have more storyline.
    And wow this wasn’t supposed to be a rant this is going to piss a lot of people off.

    • Me,Myself and I says:


    • Jules says:

      Totally agree with you- except I want Klaus to stay AND I like Elena still! I’m just over the triangle like most people. What I like IS the Originals. There is so much backstory about vampires and I really like that.

  15. Carissa says:

    uh what. I wouldn’t say the other chars really got their due. Not even Elena whose character was sidelined and railroaded over for the sake of the abusive triangle. I’m not watching the show anymore after that finale and with how crappy season 3 has been over all (and the way it completely ignored so many characters for triangles and for things that make no actual sense), but sometimes I read these interviews and wonder what the heck Julie is watching. I also have been ready for Klaus to die for some time, and the fact that he never can and is back in Tyler’s body (which makes any interaction Klaus has with Caroline completely skeevy and disgusting and abusive). I really don’t know what Julie is talking about sometimes.

    • Carissa says:

      It’d be okay for them to showcase all these abusive relationships, btw, if they were shown in the framing of the show as being as abusive as they are. But they’re not, they’re shown as being ‘epic love’ or something that young girls should want, and this is not what we should be teaching a younger generation w/ crap like TVD and Twilight. TVD used to be better than Twilight but… not anymore.

  16. Heather says:

    I love Klaus, and everything he has brought to the table on TVD. The Original family is honestly what kept me watching this dreadful season, what with the overdrawn love triangle dragging on and on and the terrible treatment of some of the characters by both the show and the “fans”. If Klaus and the rest of the Originals are killed off from the show, I’m done and there’s nothing to bring me back. This season may have been terrible but every scene with Klaus, Rebekah, Elijah, Kol, etc., was so interesting and added a huge dynamic to the story. It had just been about the vampires of Mystic Falls before, but bringing in the Originals elevated the show so much more.

    Besides, if Klaus dies or even any of the other Originals, most likely some characters we have met will die for certain. And, to kill some of the most interesting characters I’ve seen on television (like Klaus and Rebekah, for example) would be a terrible move on the part of the writers. When all characters have told their stories, then I think it’s time to move on, but the Originals aren’t finished.

  17. Haley says:

    I for one am so happy that they are keeping Klaus around, and that they decided to not kill him off in the end. His story, and the story of the Originals really made me love this show even more than I already did. So I can’t wait to see more of him and his family in the upcoming season. I wish people would stop fighting about it, but what are you going to do? But I hope these same people realize that killing Klaus will kill off a lot of the main characters, including the shows two leading men and that will never happen. So sorry to say to all the haters out there, but Klaus isn’t going to be killed off anytime soon.

  18. AnaCC says:

    Klaus is awesome, keep his story coming JP…him and the Originals are the reason why I’m still watching this show :)

  19. Claudia says:

    The Originals Rock! (especially Klaus and Elijah)
    Can never get enough of them (JP should give them their own tv show lol) :)

  20. Ms. Chanandler Bong says:

    I wonder what the expectations are for Elena as a vampire? She’s a boring human which sounds like it will make a boring vampire still confused about two brothers.

  21. CO says:

    Klaus is one of my favorite characters on the show. I am so happy he will be back. His character has the potential to tell many more stories because he has established many interesting connections with a lot of characters on the show. He has stories left to tell with stefan (his former bff that he longs to reconnect with and one of my personal favorite story lines), caroline (he has a soft spot for her and wants to develop a relationship with her even though she doesn’t really like him), elena (his reaction to her transformation and her reaction to finding out she will never be able to fully get rid of him without her loved ones dying), Bonnie (a new development in the finale that I enjoyed because now it looks like Klaus owes Bonnie for what she did for him) and also he has his interactions with all his other family members (Elijah, Rebekah, and Kol, who probably would not be visiting mystic falls anymore if Klaus died). His character is now intertwined with too many other characters and juicy story lines to just get rid of him. I am very excited to see the rest of his journey!!

  22. BrianR says:

    I’m hoping becoming a vampire will empower Elena and make her into a smoking hot kick ass vamp babe. Because I am so tired of everyone having to protect poor feeble Elena. I also hope that they will bring Elijah back into the romantice mix with her because the brothers are starting to bore me.

  23. Manie says:

    “Klaus is such a layered character and he’s misunderstood. He needs to stay and become one of the good guy.”, “Delena is the winning couple!”, “Caroline is such a better lead!”, “Bonnie needs to go!”, “We need more D/E/S and T/C/K love triangle”, “Keep Klaus he’s making the show”

    I’m reading this everywhere and YET the ratings are going down, so it’s obvious that some people DON’T want that.

    I’m being objective here, if anyone take the time to look at the ratings they will see that every episode that had too much of what is said above had lower ratings than the ones that were action packed, with more Salvatore bromance, Evil!Klaus, less Caroline/Elena drama and Bonnie/Alaric/and crew being more than a plot device were the episode with better ratings. “Before sunset” had better ratings than the final and felt more like a final to me actually.

    Surveys on websites and our opinions(mine included) are subjective, but ratings aren’t. TVD S3 hasn’t been a good one and let’s face it, I’ve never seen people complaining so much about a season than this one. Before most of the discussion were complains about DE vs SE, now people are complaining about irregularities, timeline mistakes, broken rules, OOC-ness, plot holes, overused characters and underused characters, no real villains, too many useless characters that have better background story than the main ones and the list goes on.

    • tony says:

      I’m sorry but I will have to disagree with your argument about ratings. TVD lost 600 million viewers from the end of Season 1 till the end of Season 2 (which btw is twice as many as the viewers lost in Season 3). Does that mean that the quality of Season 2 was terrible compared with Season 1? I don’t think so. In fact I’d say Season 2 was actually better. Season 3 started with a 7% fall in the ratings compared to the Season 2 premiere and ended with a 8% fall compared to the Season 2 finale. I think that was rather steady, especially in a year that has been CW’s worst, with EVERY SINGLE SHOW in the network losing viewers rapidly. Fact is that TVD is CW’s only show which still holds up pretty well (alongside mayby Supernatural).

    • sam says:

      @tony agree.. s2 was the best season but still tvd lost its viewer at the early of that season so @manie get your facts right before you’re blaming the written of klaus character,OOC,plot holes etc..

  24. BeeBee says:

    And Elijah?! No mention of Elijah? In what insane universe is Rebekah more interesting to explore than Elijah. This is absolutely baffling.

    • Alana says:

      I think they would probably keep Elijah around a lot more but Daniel Gillies is on a new show that limits his time to work on TVD

  25. Elaine says:

    Klaus is one of the most interesting characters on TVD. I’m glad Julie changed her mind to get rid of him for good. To be honest, I wouldn’t be looking forward to next season (and another round of the triangle of doom), if Klaus had been killed off. I’m very interested to see where the Originals’ storyline goes, they were the best addition to the show by far.

  26. htce says:

    sorry but i am laughing all get over klaus comments and i am sick of klaus comments,what did we watch before klaus?? puppy stefan,puppy damon after drama quin elena.klaus made the show rock,we watch thing above delena,stelana stupid drama.if klaus goes alll we watch is again and again that stelana-delena stupid race.

  27. htce says:

    by the way klaus is not like damon,klaus is the best caracter on the show he is the complex one.damon is just good/bad damon mix and he is just a jerk after elena.elena behaive good damon so damon play good,elena makes damon sad ,damon does bad things,that is all.
    but klaus!!! he is more than that stupid thing.he is both 5 years old child and a big man,he is both bad and good,he both cares or not cares,he has a fear and he doesn’t fear anything,etc.klaus is the best thing on tvd and he is the only centilmen and real lover who cares about hopes,dreams,ideas about world of the woman he loves.
    sorry but tvd is nothing klaus.and joseph morgan is the best;)mostly i don’t even watch the episode if klaus isn’t in it because without him show is tooo boring

  28. Xaimarys says:

    I’ve got to say that I disagree with everyone who hates Klaus and wants him to be dead. Joseph Morgan is an amazing actor and he does a great job at playing Klaus. He’s a regular on the season and will be for season 4 also. Klaus can’t be killed because then all the vampires will be dead and TVD will be over.

    Klaus character is great and I love him. He’s evil yeah but he’s become part of the cast and if I remember correctly both Damon and Stefan used to be evil too and everyone still fell in love with them.

    Alaric became bad and people still cared. The characters in the show still cared for Alaric even after he became bad so why can’t Klaus get the same respect?

    Anyways, I love Klaus and I hope they DON’T kill him.

  29. htce says:

    ratings are going down because people are sick of elena-stefan-daon love triangle.i was delena fan and really delena fan but i stopped watching the show in season 2 because i was sick of it.elena becomes close to damon,damon becomes nice guy than elena says it is always stefan damon breaks jeremy’s neck and elena tells stefan that she hates damon ,than she goes to damon and tells him to care and than he cares and she says he cares to mcuh bla bla bla can someone tell me this stupid circle is klaus’s false?? no.elena crying,stefan running after elena,damon running after elena,save elena,care elena,owww elena is the one,one day is stelana’s day,one day is delena’s day yeahhh these are all klaus’s false and yeahhh the show has lots of things to explain without klaus
    which day is the stelana’s day or delena’s day:D
    by the way everybody forgets that elena is similar with kath ,she is doppelganger.if klaus was never born,michael wouldn’t kill the wolf family,so esther wouldn’t make her children vampire there,there wouldn’t be a doppelganger curse at the end there wouldn’t be any damon,stefan,elena,kath,caroline !!!
    is you have your damon,elena,stefan,caroline,kath it is because of klaus soo suck it:D

  30. nick says:

    Wait a minute!!! These kids still go to school?!? U wouldn’t say…

  31. htce says:

    and klaus has fanbase about
    own klaus
    klaus and original siblings
    klaus and stefan=klefan
    klaus and caroline= klaroline
    even klaus and damon= klamon
    klaus and bonnie=klonnie
    klaus and elena=klena
    klaus and katherine=klethrina
    klaus and rebekah=klebekah
    klaus and kol
    klaus and elijah=klejah
    if you look tumblr,youtube,facebook,twtter,tvdfan,tvdwikia,,etc. you can see

  32. Samantha says:

    new season really about Elena… I can already tell I won’t like it.

  33. Abby says:

    Klaus makes the show interesting. The Originals make the show interesting. Like Julie said in the interview, there’s so much more backstory to those guys, a thousand years worth. I would love an originals show, that way they could tell their story.
    Honestly, ratings don’t always tell who’s watching the show. they’re not exact numbers. Plus, people, especially in countries where the show airs later than in, say, America or Canada, watch it online instead of waiting. Or they livestream it on their computers. Ratings don’t always mean as much as people act like they do. And, as somebody else said, the ratings dropped more in season 2 than in season 3, so stop using ratings as “proof” that everybody hates the originals. That’s not true.
    i’ve come to accept that the triangle is the main component of TVD. Even though it has long since gotten old, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, unfortunately. But it’s not all about the triangle. The originals make the show more interesting, and, in my opinion, better. I don’t watch the show for the triangle. the D/E/S mess honestly makes me want to smash my TV at some points. The original family is easily my favorite part of TVD. Of course, there are those who hate them all- for reasons i’ll never quite understand- but we’re all entitled to our opinions. it’s your choice if you wish to make a jackass out of yourself with your opinion, though. Just remember that you do not speak for everbody with your opinion, you speak for yourself alone. Your opinion also isn’t law.
    But, oh well. Haters gonna hate.

  34. Natasha says:

    One more thing, Julie said they aren’t done with Joseph Morgan but isnt that why they put the ring on the stake so that it wouldn’t burst into flames with klaus’s body? So how is he supposed to go back into his body if it burst into flames?… Stupid! And klaus in Tyler’s body isn’t a threat because he doesn’t have his usual strength just Tyler’s so he wont be able to kill Katherine or anyone Anyways.. And I think season 4 is gonna be good coz they don’t know klaus is still alive so obviously it’s not going to focus on ‘let’s kill klaus’ all season coz they think he’s dead and when they realize it’s klaus they won’t be able to kill him coz they will know he started there line…

    • Abby says:

      Julie said that his body wasn’t burned like Finn and Mikael’s. They didn’t show it happen like they did with the other two, so assume that it can be repaired with a spell or two. The Tyler/Klaus situation is the same situation as Rebekah/Esther and Alaric/Klaus, and it’s as permanent as those two as well. Both Klaus and Tyler fine.

  35. Dew says:

    The writers of TVD have certain knee-jerk/habitual “writes” that they use with exhaustive frequency. Like the insult “dick” that each and every male character uses to the exclusion of any other insult, Klaus’s notes are “If you don’t [do what I want], I will kill everyone you [1. have ever met; 2. have ever loved]” and [his] family is the reason he does all the awful things he does.

    Klaus needs to stop making threats like a spoiled little brat – particularly his ol’ nugget about killing people. Katherine used to say the same things and, like Klaus, hardly killed anyone.

    Also, Klaus needs a reality check about his behavior. His mommy and daddy-issues are not attractive. Boo-freakin’-hoo. It’s been a millennium, get over it.

    When Plec claims that the writers haven’t fully explored the Klaus character, while I agree in principle, I wonder if they’re capable of taking the character in a new direction. It’s the same with Rebecca. Watching spoiled turds compell, threaten, and whine their way through life is pathetic and tiresome.

    • Vale says:

      you clearly are a superficial viewer, Klaus is a really deep character to analyze and try to understand. Looking at the surface of course he’s a villain, brat, who makes threats so on, but he’s more than that and the viewers have to figure it out. Klaus is the most hurt character on tvd and i’m sorry most of the people can’t even understand that. oh and how you said, “his mommy and daddy” issues are really big,huge issues to deal with, since his father haunted him down for over a 1000 years and his mother rejected him as her son, so yes it was pretty interesting knowing about his parents, more than elena gilbert problems.
      I’m sorry but if you see Klaus and Rebekah as spoiled turds, please STOP to watch the show!!!!!

  36. William says:

    I do feel like Klaus’ time on the show should’ve expired a while ago. The writers have clearly grown attached to his character and because of that they devised ridiculous tactics to make him stick around. He isn’t even intimidating anymore. How can one take any of his threats seriously when they never fall through? It isn’t fair how the writers killed off a number of characters with potential (Lexi, Pearl, Rose, Mikael, etc.) only to keep one that has ran its course. What more can they possibly do with Klaus now that Elena’s blood has zero value to him? It’s time for them to move on.

    • Vale says:

      the problem is that the writers make him threaten a lot, and it’s right because he’s the villain! but because they don’t want to kill anyone in the show, they don’t let him really kill. And this is another reason why TVD is not a great show and Julie is not such a great writer, Watching S3 I’ve been the one to think Klaus had to kill more, but than I was like “Julie Plec can’t even write a good storyline and let people die! she’ll never do that”. The fact is, Julie introduced such a phenomenal character that could really be a sort of a new Spike, but she doesn’t have the skills to write good storylines not for him, not for all the other characters. Because let’s be honest how interesting is Elena gilbert?? and how boring and lame Damon has become since he’s under elena’s influence? You’re talking about that Klaus has to go, but actually the protagonists are worse!!!This show needs Klaus or it wouldn’t even exist, but I don’t expect the writers in S4 to do a good job.

  37. chris says:

    i love the character of klaus. i am glad these writers have kept him. so many possible stories for him to come. i feel like SOME of those that hate him are just annoyed this show isn’t elena & damon staring at eachother for 42mins a week. joseph morgan is great in this role and i am excited to see where the writers are taking klaus during season 4. he is one of the best, most layered and loved characters on this entire show. the comments in this section are the first time i’ve seen so much negative klaus feedback, usually it’s 90% positive. oh well… #teamklaus.

    • Lujain says:

      I agree with you!! Klaus is amazing and JoMo portraits him perfectly!! There is more to come to klaus and I’m excited for it! He might end up being me of the good guys! I don’t want him to die ever!!

  38. Lujain says:

    I actually love Klaus’s character so much!! And I think killing him would be not cool! And I agree entirely with the people who said that Stefan is no better! Just imagine the people Stefan killed, they have a family, someone who crew about them, a lover, a dad, a mother, an aunt, an uncle, a brother, a sister, and friends, that’s exactly what Elena is. Except for the fact that we know the story line of Elena and that’s why people don’t want her to die, well just klaus killed Jenna, Stefan killed a girl who was someone’s aunt. Klaus can change and deserves a chance to be forgiven (especially by Caroline) Klaroline NEEDS to happen!

  39. paul says:

    Klaus should never have been softenned up..he was a villian and now his just another damon in the makin..dats y eveveryone wnts either a new villian o klaus,whom we luv so much,to jus b d guy we hated buh loved

  40. Lujain says:

    Typos level = Lujain… Crew—> care** and just klaus—> just like Klaus killed Jenna, Stefan killed a girl who was someone’s aunt. And Damon is no different.

  41. paul says:

    Klaus should never have been softenned up..he was a villian and now his just another damon in the makin..dats y eveveryone wnts either a new villian o klaus,whom we luv so much,to jus b d guy we hated buh loved.

  42. chris says:

    lol at people saying klaus was ‘softened up’ are you kidding? he’s evil. we’ve just been given insight as to why he is the way he is and we’ve been shown how under it all, he’s a messed up being.. it’s called character development, if he was kept as the same one dimentional bad guy as he was introduced as in s2, just doing different bad guy things each episode, now THAT would be the pathetic part. the writers have done a great job with him.

  43. Rebekah says:

    Klaus reminds me of Sylar on Heroes. Both unloved characters with so many different layers. Both are bad but have flashes of good, are after something from the leading lady who is protected by the rest of the cast and are played by great actors who are very hard to let go of. But the biggest problem is that after the main cast’s many failed attempts to kill the villain, the show becomes repetitive and the villain seems invincible. Unfortunately the writers have dug themselves regarding Klaus, it’s become extremely difficult to get rid of him and I feel as though they are going to suck the life out of his character just to get a few stories out.

  44. sam says:

    for those who keep saying plec making a terrible mistakes by keeping klaus in the show because he’s plot device, pussy villain bla bla bla, i can imagine which fandom you are: 1st”: forwood since klaus destroy your ship, 2nd: bonnie since klonnie never happened and bonnie has limited screentime due to the originals, 3rd tyler: since the originals have shove their wolf boy away and taken their screentime, 4th damon: since klaus now become more bad ass and kick damon ass. lol i don’t care if you hate plec’s idea, klaus live and will continue living. deal with it~ because obviously its too bored to watch elena confuse (“i don’t know how i feel” magic word) then making out with both brother, bonnie having a hard time dealing with her magic, forwood 24/7 sex scene, jeremy and matt working at the grill etc.. so if you guys prefer this kind of “boring” storyline, keep praying so that plec will kill the originals..

    • Lujain says:

      A+++ bless you!

    • Kara says:

      Or maybe they just want the writers to come up with something NEW instead and Klaus is old news. What’s he gonna do? Run around and BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER everyone. Stefan, let’s get back together! You still own my heart. We were so great! Nope, he’s not caving in but look, cute blond vamp, let’s give her a go then until Stefan comes around. I’m gonna convince her that I’m the only one who know what she wants and how to give her that even though I don’t know her at all. And let’s throw in a drawing on top of that, that oughta do the trick! Who doesn’t want me?? I’m the alpha male, dammit!!

      • Hannah says:

        That made me laugh. Brilliant :) I don’t understand the Klaus and Caroline ship. He has a tiny crush on her but it’s been blown so far out of proportion like it could be some epic romance when it really couldn’t because she’s good and kind and he’s never going to be able to remotely deserve her.

        • sam says:

          @hannah its funny when people treat and worship caroline like she’s some saint and innocent vampire. don’t forget, she killed someone and like it. this fandom seriously have some amnesia issue.

      • sam says:

        @kara tell me this, do we actually know about the originals in this season? no because despite of the term “season of the originals”, this season is all about elena and her “i don’t know” speech. do we actually knew about what happen with between klaus and esther in the pase? why he ripped her heart off? what exactly happened during the hybrid ritual? where’s finn and kol when klaus,elijah,bekah buried their mother? who carved their whole story in the cave since vampires cant enter? why klaus daggered finn and kol? how mikael knew about the fact klaus killed esther while the rest dont?
        you see,they have not yet explain this questions through out the show. so clearly klaus and the originals are not done yet.

        • Kara says:

          I don’t want to know everything about Klaus because this isn’t the Klaus show even though it seems that way. And what you’re saying is the only use we have for him is knowing his past? What’s he gonna do in the present then?

          • sam says:

            it doesn’t mean we need to have “klaus” diaries. it means that the writers isn’t done with him yet. knowing the show, the past may serve as crucial hint that linked to the present time. maybe there’s a loophole in the past for the bloodline curse that can save salvatores,caroline,abby and tyler life if the originals get killed. so tell me again, is klaus now useless and should be killed?? you know,i suggest if they want to get rid of useless character, they should kill tyler since he’s barely on the screen and his purpose in this show only to be caroline boyfriend. even matt with his human power get his awesome scene by killing finn in 3×18.

          • Kara says:

            Fine then, I tell you again. Klaus is useless and should be killed as soon as they could find a way to do that without killing the others. All the other characters are more useful than him because they are on Team Mystic Falls and this show is about them and Klaus was brought in to be a villain and a threat to them, not for the show to start revolving around him. And if we’re talking awesome scene, I think Tyler had an awesome scene by standing up to Klaus. More awesome and badass than Matt killing the original who never did anything to them. But they’re probably going to keep beating this dead horse and get as many as possible sick of that manchild with his tantrums and empty threats.

          • sam says:

            so you’re saying if they are not in Mystic fall/ scoobies team, they should get killed?? wow i never thought this fandom have some serious mental breakdown issue. girl, katherine and damon, both were brought to the show as a villain but why they still breathing? yeah because damon is the main character but katherine? tell me her purpose in the show again beside helping scoobies ass? tyler stood up to klaus? oh you mean “i’m not your little bitch anymore” scene? lol that scene is not awesome. its pathetic since in 3×22,he’s officially become klaus little bitch meat suite. and i have to correct you, its not a show that revolve around mystic fall gang, its a show that revolve around main trio. the writers doesn’t give a damn about the others beside those 3,that’s why they send your tyler away,making bonnie become plot device witch,making caroline to be elena love advisor,send jeremy away etc. you see,the reason why they keeping klaus and the originals siblings was because of their popularity. for the first time ever, there’s a character that can challenge the main trio popularity and they even get some hateful comment from the fans for trying to kill the originals. so clearly plec see this.
            btw,most fans prefer to watch him making empty threat like 3×18 instead of watching some couple making out in a dark and dirty place 3×19 <<only forwood fans enjoy this scene. the ratings explain it well.

          • Kara says:

            It’s a difference between having a character make guest appearances and making them regulars. And for Klaus to be a regular next season just because he is popular is just bad writing. Lol, it’s so funny I think I’ve seen those exact comments you say on other sites. Do you just go around on different sites and repeat the exact same things but in different names? Creepy. Well, I’m done here.

          • sam says:

            what? i saw this type of comment in other site too. so i thought i just post it here. what’s wrong with that? we’re discussing the point not the type of comment. if they keeping him as regular,its bad writing? oh you mean tyler?? yup i agree.. its funny how you keep wanting for them to killed klaus and hate the fact he’s regular next season, but instead when people bashing your favorite character,you stood up for him. so please think twice before bashing fan favorite character.

          • sam says:

            oh yeah we’re done here..

  45. alicceee says:

    i think theres so many loose ends that the writers need to fix that season four will have to be done soooo well to work! theres things like who is Matt’s dad? will Elena be the new ripper? will Caroline fall for the new tyler/klaus body guy thingy? will Stefan and Damon finally realise how average Elena is and both find someone better? and where IS Katherine?!? there just too many complications and loose ends to have yet another “bad beyond baddest baddie!”

    • Lujain says:

      True, and whose blood was in Elena’s system! Btw why are you concerned about Matt’s dad??…

    • Hannah says:

      I don’t think that Elena’s average, I think she’s just a boring carbon copy of Katherine. I think both Damon and Stefan deserve better than her. She’s a user and they should put their love for each other ahead of their rivalry over a girl who doesn’t deserve either of them.

      I really do not understand why the show centers around Elena so much. She’s the most dull character and from all of the stuff we’ve seen of both Damon and Stefan, I don’t understand how either of them think they could be happy in a relationship with her. She’s judgmental and self-righteous and why they all let her call the shots when she repeatedly makes ridiculously idiotic decisions is beyond me.

  46. Greenie says:

    I never post comments but I couldn’t let this one go: Julie Plec feels like they’ve “given Matt Donovan his due”??? REALLY?? Isn’t there some legal movie or show with a quote like ‘I strenuously object’? b/c I do, I do! Matt is such an intriguing character as the only dude holding down the human fort and Plec sounds like she’s done with him [brushes palms together] NO WAY!!!

  47. Rosa says:

    I think that with the finale klause needs to stay in season 4. his story will determine weither or not he should die, or if there is a way he can die. With him wanting to make the hybrids now he can only make so may cause she is a vampire. if we let him go we will only be throwing away the most important part of the story. so in those words klause lives till they find a way to kill him with out it killing any of the vampires. maybe a spell to separate the blood line. make it to where if he dies it will only be him instead of everyone else. keep the stories coming.

  48. Rosa says:

    another thing, matt should stay too. i agree with greenie,,,,,,,……. he is the only one besides elanas brother, that can keep the humanity flowingthrough their minds. if he goes what happens if jermey gets killed in one of the episodes and mattts no longer there, elana has lost to much as is if no one is there for her humanity to stay she’ll go crazy and become like kathrine… a reaper of some sort….think long and hard before you let him go. not to mention now that klauses sister is fancy to matt if he goes what story would you tell of her?

  49. L says:

    I hated Klaus in the beginning but I also hated Elijah. Basically what I’m saying is that the characters grew on me to the point that they weren’t villains I loved to watch, but characters I cared about. Klaus in Tyler’s body will be interesting for a short amount of time, just please bring back Joseph Morgan.

  50. Chris says:

    im in the minority here i think… but im a guy and i like this show too.. theres heaps of us out there, we just dont sit on these comment sections and tumblr all day.. anyhow, i think klaus is great. he’s a badass but he’s got his reasons. thankful tvd writers have kept him around for the next season. those that reckon he’s a brat, are we watching the same show? he’s messed up, but a brat? really ya’ll? really.. no. also, rebecca is awesome. hot… awesome.. you choose. how about #teamrebecca.