Fall TV Preview

Hot Videos: Watch Full Trailers for The CW's Arrow, Beauty and the Beast and Emily Owens

If those measly clips for The CW’s upcoming new series Arrow, Emily Owens, M.D., and Beauty and the Beast didn’t adequately quench your thirst, listen up: The extended trailers have arrived!

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Arrow, airing Wednesdays at 8/7c, stars Stephen Amell, Colin Donnell, Katie Cassidy and Willa Holland in a modern update on the comic book saga.

A night earlier on Tuesdays at 9 p.m., Mamie Gummer is Emily Owens, M.D., a young doc who finds that life in a hospital is not that different from high school.

Following The Vampire Diaries on Thursdays at 9 p.m. is Beauty and the Beast, a loosely based retelling of the 1980s CBS series, starring Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk.

Press PLAY below to watch the super-sized previews and then hit the comments with your snappy judgments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. lyla says:

    Arrow exceeds all of my expectations, so excited. However, Emily Owens, MD looks to be imitating Grey’s Anatomy and looks a little rough. Sad considering I love Justin Hartley and want him back on my tv screen.

    • Lisa London says:

      Could not agree more. Arrow is really shaping up very well but I give “Emily Owens, MD” half a season before it’s pulled. Sad as the actors seem pretty good and we get Justin Hartley back. I just think no show can survive with such a stupid title!

      • Ginny says:

        Stupid Titles? The Vampire Diaries… Cougar Town. Shows don’t always get cancelled because of bad names. I think it looks good. A Grey’s knockoff, yes, but I’ll still check it out. For Justin Hartley if nothing else.

    • dane says:

      I agree… I’m sad Justin Hartley didn’t take the Green Arrow role over teh Emily Owens thing. Beauty and the Beast looks more like a rebooted Incredible Hulk from the preview..

    • Sam says:

      Agree that Arrow looks great. Emily Owens looks like a trainwreck and poor Justin Hartley. Maybe once the show is canceled he can move on to something better.

    • Maz says:

      As long as it’s not “bad guy of the week,” may be OK.

    • brian says:

      Just Like Grey’s Anatomy imitated ER. It looks more like a more serious version of Scrubs

  2. liz says:

    Oh CW you never disappoint with your eye candy! Emily Owens looks great and a perfect pair with Hart of Dixie!

  3. Puneet Mann says:

    Arrow looks like they’re riding the coattails of Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

    • The Green Arrow was created as an archery based counterpart to Batman. Weathly former Mayor older character than what the Arrow is protraying) became representative of political currents in the comic series. Christopher Nolan, as good as he is, did not come up with the character, nor the darker side which has already been portrayed when the comic series was updated in 1969.

      This looks to be very entertaining, but I am still looking for that new original hero. We seem to do nothing as of late but to remake everything that already exists. Are we out of imagination?

    • Yursare says:

      To me it looks a lot like new SPN, much more so than Batman. The americana rock soundtrack, the font, the camerawork, the renegade endless fight-the-good-fight. The only two differences are he ain’t working with no brother and the evil is not supernatural. Yet.

    • tarc says:

      Not really, and it’s not like Nolan’s Batman series is that different from, say, Batman: Year One or Batman: Arkham Asylum. Maybe you should read more… citing something recent as an example of ‘copying’ usually just is pointing at another ‘copy’.

      • Puneet Mann says:

        Granted, I am not well versed in the world of comics and perhaps I should have stated so. I should have elaborated on what I meant- CW as a network seems to ride the coattails of whats popular at the moment- original programming is non-existent. As Loa said, imagination is ruining horrendously low. For me, the look and feel that I get from Arrow is too close to Smallville, The Dark Knight and as Yursure mentioned, Supernatural. Lastly, I never meant for what I wrote to be dissected as “copying.” I know Nolans interpretation for Batman was obviously from previous inspiration.

  4. YowzaPowza says:

    Disappointed in the Arrow trailer. It looks incredibly cheesy and over the top. I’ll still check it out though, as these trailers are usually giant messes compared to the actual shows.

  5. I was definitely on the fence about Arrow when it was announced, but this trailer looks amazing and I am excited to see the show!

  6. Mac19 says:

    That walk and talk scene looks like a complete rip-off of the scene in the Grey’s Anatomy pilot.

  7. DJ Doena says:

    Looks like Oliver moved into Lex’ mansion in Smallville. ;-)

    • Alex says:

      Definitely thought that too…both the exterior shot and several of the interior shots looked strikingly like Luthor mansion.

  8. Jamie says:

    Emily Owens looks a bit better now. I thought it was going to be too comedic/stupid but it looks like it has some drama too.

    Can’t wait for Arrow!

  9. dubhsidhe says:

    Did ANYONE catch the DeathStroke the Terminator mask besides me? That could be a VERY interesting addition for a villian (And no I’m not refering to the red skull like mask)

    • Dubs says:

      I know I did! Color me intrigued by that development. The new trailer finally sold me, I will be peeping the pilot for sure!

  10. Isabelle says:

    I can’t wait for Arrow, every scene looks great. Love how much action there is.

  11. mandy says:

    Well I love Grey’s Anatomy so much so I am more than happy to have Emily Owen’s MD which is pretty much the same thing. There were more than one similarity between the trailer and the Pilot of Grey’s Anatonmy. I will watch it.

  12. Renee says:

    I need Arrow to start tonight. There is NOTHING on TV this summer but Longmire.

  13. Tran says:

    What happen to the extended trailer for The CW’s Beauty and the Beast? :-(

  14. Line says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I found the trailer of Arrow really really… boring. All of it just seems so clichéd and the actors really lacked charisma. I’m not even sure I’ll give it a try.

  15. James says:

    i wasn’t convinced about Arrow with the teaser, but after this holly crap it looks amazing, not just becuase Oliver Queen is a total badass now, but the plot arcs and writing seem really solid. I’m seriously shocked at how good it looks. Stephan Amell is beast.

  16. Ryan says:

    Is this just footage from the pilot? I’m interested in Arrow, but I don’t want to have the first episode ruined because I had seen some of the best parts.

  17. Reality Check says:

    Emily Owens, M.D. = John Dorian, M.D. Attending physician = Dr. Cox with breasts. Been there. Done that.

    • Russ says:

      except that don’t have those stupid bits during the show and Emily Owens doesn’t seem as needy as JD

      • Jan says:

        Agree, Emily Owens looks less silly than Scrubs. And there were plenty of hospital shows before Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy came along.

  18. Fabian says:

    Emily Owens M.D. looks really cute haha. Beauty and the Beast looks good too!

  19. Damn it!! I said i will not fall for the beauty and the beast and arrow….and now, im in….and Emily Owens has Mr Noah Bennet (Paper man ) in it!!! im in, wherever he is in…i miss him in my screen

  20. Sarah says:

    Beauty and the Beast looks amazing. The CW need KK to save their network. So happy she’s back again. None of the shows look as good. Now, Tom Welling needs to play another love interest to KK

  21. ZmaX says:

    Arrow looks EPIC! this could be what the CW has been wishing for. looks like their next big hit!
    Beauty and the Beast looks great too! and i loved the ending quote “for years he’s been protecting me, so i will be damned if i ever let anything hurt him.” she’s not just the damsel in distress, it’s more of a partnership, which is great.

    Emily Owens looks like a nice show, Mamie is great as the lead, hopefully all three of these last

    • Suzie says:

      Having a kick-butt female instead of a damsel in distress would be a nice change for the CW.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don’t you watch Nikita? INCREDIBLE show on the CW, and Nikita is no damsel in distress. Not at all.

        • Josh says:

          Thank you! Nikita is the CW’s best show. No damsels in sight; but two strong kickass female leads(and a strong kickass female villain as well).

      • Kavyn says:

        You really need to check out Nikita. Honestly I think Arrow should have paired with Nikita, the two shows fit together better than Arrow and SPN.

  22. Tran says:

    Grades for The CW’s new Fall Shows: Arrow = B+. Emily Owens, M.D. = D. Beauty and the Beast = C+.

  23. Sheldon W. says:

    Arrow looks pretty spiffy and Beauty looks a lot better than I was expecting. I’m not sure that Emily Owens really has much going for it besides Ms. Gummer and Mr. Hartley.

  24. cj says:

    emily owens looks like it has really good parts and really bad parts. beauty and beast looks pretty melodramatic, but i kind of dig kristen kruek as a cop!

  25. Hmm, there is so many new shows to watch, but I have so many other TV shows that I am currently watching for the fall already so hard to keep up with everything. For me, none of the shows really stood out except for The Mindy Project. Just watched Saving Hope- nothing special. I think we should have a ban on medical dramas. Too many of them.

    • Jenni says:

      Agree – the last thing we need is yet ANOTHER medical drama. Sigh. Is there nothing else they could have come up with? They are all ripoffs of each other, too.

      Not sure about the other ones mentioned here, but I’m enjoying LA Complex.

  26. Marianne says:

    How is the Beast in “Beauty and the Beast” a beast? He is super pretty.

  27. Josh says:

    Arrows look the best but not perfect

    1. The actor playing Arrow seems incredibly stiff. All his lines came out pretty horribly. The rest of the cast seemed perfectly fine but given the show will be riding on him…I mean from those clips, he makes Tom Welling’s delivery in season 1 of Smallville look Shakespearean.

    2. Dinah Lance as the girlfriend? Blah…Not thank you. I find it insulting to turn one of DC’s top female heroes(probably number #3 after Wonder Woman and Barbra Gordon/Oracle/Batgirl) into just the girlfriend/ex-girlfriend/scorned lover. I hope she becomes a hero too…She isn’t Lois Lane, she isn’t Mary Jane, she’s the Black Canary.

    3. Green Arrow doesn’t kill. When he did kill, it was a major storyline which sent fans in an uproar and put him against the DC universe. Before you say “It’s a darker universe” Batman also doesn’t kill in Chris Nolan’s film.

    ….Beauty and the BEast…well they sort of ruined it, didn’t they? The Beast isn’t a Beast…He’s a hottie with a scar who transform into a Beast. Way to take out the heart of the story..And I like Kristen Kreuk.

    • Babygate says:

      Agreed about Arrow. Initially I was going to check it out but now I’m on the fence. It’s very visual and very big and a Batman feel to it, but the acting is pretty underwhelming. The guy playing Arrow is very one-dimensional. Maybe that won’t put off people but it puts me off…

  28. Amy says:

    Even before watching these, the only show I’ve heard mentioned in ‘looking forward to seeing next season’ is Arrow. I’ll give the other two a try but Arrow is still top of my list.

  29. Lauren says:

    Arrow doesn’t interest me, but I watched Emily Owens, which looks awesome. I love Mamie Gummer and I already ship her and Michael Rady’s character. And I think it will match up well with Hart of Dixie, I hope they work well together!
    Beauty and the Beast looks fun, the voiceover is awful though.

  30. DJ Doena says:

    What’s most suprising about B&B is the fact that Lana Lang actually has an asian parent now. ;-)

  31. Till says:

    I think Arrow is the real winner here. I don’t get why they don’t pair it with The Vampire Diaries.
    Emily Owens is clearly a young Grey’s Anatomy. And too many medical dramas kill the medical drama.
    Beauty and the Beast… the all thing looks cheesy, Kristin Kreuk seems too young to be an actual detective and please drop the voiceover, so corny now.

  32. katy917 says:

    I think Arrow and B&B both look great! B&B looked particularly god, after the last clip, everyone was saying KK was just playing Lana Lang in a different context, but you sure as hell can’t say thta now! I always loved KK and her portrayal as LL and am excited to see her playing a ‘grown up’ lol. She is nearly 30, after all lol. Emily Owens seemed….too cheesey. It doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be – the next Scrubs or the next Grey’s, so it seems to be trying to be both – that walk trhough was almost word for the the walk through the Grey’s gang took with Bailey in their pilot! Yet, there were also many Scrubs-esque moments, too. Unless it decides what it wants to be, it will never survive!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Everyone who got early screenings of the Pilots are loving Arrow, really hating on Beauty and the Beast, and I think they are mixed on Emily Owens. I can’t wait for Arrow, and I’m going to watch Beauty and the Beast, but I doubt it will make it to a 2nd season. Not really into Emily Owens.

  34. Marc says:

    CAN’T WAIT for all three of these CW shows….as well as Cult in midseason. It’s sad that so many negative posters just have to share their dim view of life online. We really don’t want to hear your crap, so take it to Fox. Meanwhile, the intelligent folks can enjoy this awesome fresh lineup The CW has crafted for us. Kudos to all.

    • Jenni says:

      Some of us ‘not so intelligent’ folk have realized TV is overrated and so are most of these shows. Enjoy your time in front of the tube this upcoming Fall, my friend.

  35. tvdiva says:

    I am in for Arrow and Beauty and the Beast. The medical drama looks like a rehash of Grey’s Anatomy.

  36. Shaun says:

    That is indeed Luther Mansion in the Arrow trailer.

  37. Babygate says:

    I will check out Emily Owens because I like Mammie, but watching the whole trailer I realized that it looks like a high school, less sophisticated and cheaper version of Grey’s Anatomy. And the ‘Pit’ nickname is not only cruel but really gross… I hope it gets better. I’m rooting for it, and I don’t even watch the CW, but I will watch this…

    • Ayana says:

      I think that’s the point of the nickname

      • Jennie says:

        I wonder how Shonda Rhimes feels when her creation is so blatantly ripped off. From the title of the show being the name of the lead character, to the voices overs as well as the first seasons pilot is all over this knock off. Even CW’s other choice for a titley “First Cut” was the title of one of Grey’s |Anatomy first seasons episodes The “First Cut” is the Deepest GA season 1, ep 2). I’m all for new shows at CW, simply wish they would come up with their own idea. In this clip you see a bad version of Meredith, and equally bad versions of Bailey, Cristina and Derek. Calling the title character “Pit” should be the least of their worries on this one sadly.

        • Jenni says:

          Well Shonda ripped off some episodes, characters and details from prior medical shows herself. It’s kind of a never-ending circle in TV… but I agree, they are too similar, I won’t be watching it.

  38. Liz says:

    is there a reason why the Beauty and the Beast preview is private? I couldn’t get it to play.

  39. Mónica says:

    Beauty and the Beast looks awful! Sooo cheesy. What happened to ABC’s take on Beauty and the Beast? Haven’t heard anything about it since February.

    • Vi says:

      Beauty and the Beast trailer removed by user? The other two shows look interesting. Will check those out.

  40. Patricia says:

    Arrow looks good I’ll definetly watch that. Emily Owens looks cute but it will probably get annoying really soon. Mamie Gummer is so likable so I’ll give it a try. Beauty and the beast looks horrible, ugh her voice bothers me, a NYC detective lol ok it was just bad.

  41. PrimalScream78 says:

    Im not reading all this…Did anyone say Ally McBeal, MD????

  42. Jennifer says:

    I’ll give Arrow a shot (no pun intended) but that is it. I think they’ve gutted the Beauty and the Beast story by making the Beast a hulk type character . Like the old man said in the Avengers “Son, you have a condition”. The whole point behind the Beauty and the Beast tv show was that Vincent was born looking inhuman and spent his life in the underground community. He could never walk the streets with Catherine and he had to stay in the shadows. This Vincent? He was human and became a meta human with the serum and now he has rage issues. I don’t see the point of a beauty and the beast show with no real beast? I wonder what’s going on with the other version? I hope it’s better than this.

  43. verver says:

    I liked the previews for both Arrow and for Emily Owens MD. I will try watching them both. I was unable to view the clip for Beauty and the Beast.

  44. CantBeat80sBNB says:

    Why are they calling this a Beauty and the Beast reboot? The only thing in common with the original is the title and the lead characters’ names!

  45. Bianca says:

    I wanna flag this..