Mad Men’s Peggy Gone For Good? Say It Ain’t So!

Elisabeth Moss Leaving Mad MenIf Don had kissed your feet instead, Peggy, would you have stuck around?

Mad Men viewers no doubt noticed the recently resigned copywriter’s absence from the most recent episode, “Commissions and Fees.” Now Jared Harris — whose own character, Lane, recently and eternally checked out of the firm he helped found — is telling The Daily that Elisabeth Moss’ powerful performance in the previous week’s episode was also her last with the show.

Before you drown your sorrows in a stiff Scotch, there are a few things to take into consideration. It’s likely that Moss’ exit took place when it did to facilitate the actress’ participation in other projects, like the BBC miniseries, Top of the Lake.

Even if there were no real-world scheduling issues at hand, it would make no sense for creator Matthew Weiner to ditch Ms. Olsen now. In terms of plot, Peggy and Don are Mad Men’s two guiding lights. There are good arguments that the show is as much about her journey as it is his, and that it wouldn’t be the powerhouse it is if either of them jetted off.

But on the off chance that Harris isn’t mistaken and Weiner has done the unthinkable, what do you think of a Mad Men permanently without Peggy? Would you watch? Weigh in below!

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  1. Chloe says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Peggy’s so I wasn’t the least bit sad to see her quit.

  2. Moby Spenard says:

    Is she so important to Don that he offers Peggy Lane’s partnership now that he’s gone? Couldn’t slice it up any more after giving a partnership to Joan, but if you just substitute Lane for Peggy, nothing changes. And Don gets his Peggy back (who might be seeing how the grass is not always greener).

  3. Gail says:

    They would have to create a whole new office of characters for Peggy’s new firm if they were to continue her story. Not saying she is gone but I am not sure how she would interact with the remaining characters. It is not like she was friends with anyone still on the show except maybe Ken. Perhaps she will interact with him.

  4. charissa29 says:

    I probably wouldn’t watch anymore. Megan’s character isn’t as interesting as it is far more prevalent in movies, tv and probably in people’s own families. We have all seen gorgeous neo-hippy chicks so her evolution isn’t new, or compelling. Peggy gives us an idea of what it was like for women just breaking into the business world, as does Joan. Mad Men with out Peggy is far more sexist and exploitative of women. Without Peggy’s struggle and views of this world, there is no counterpoint. Plus, it would just SUCK!!! to not have her on the show. There are not so many complex, strong, conflicted female characters that we can toss one out. Peggy’s journey and the honest complicity of her and Don’s relationship is the cornerstone of the show for me! Who else could Don be so open with?

  5. c says:

    I refuse to belive that Peggy is gone for good. We will see her in some capacity next season.

  6. TV Gord says:

    The direction of the show changes a little every season, and I think next year, we will see the agency in direct competition with the one where Peggy is going. She may be “across the street”, but she’ll be as vital to next season as she has ever been! At least, that’s my hunch.

  7. anna says:

    I doubt Jared Harris knows if Peggy is gone for good or not. Megan is the one who needs to leave the show. Who cares about her dumb acting career?

    • Tom Mc says:

      I don’t get all the Megan hatred, but then some others here have said they hate Peggy, too. The only truly unlikable female on Mad Men for me is Betty, and I don’t hate her, I feel sorry for her. The women on the show more often than not are much more admirable than the men. And yes, that means I think Megan is an admirable person, too.

  8. dalilita says:

    Seriously bummed and pissed here. Not only I loved the character but I´m utterly fed up with TPTB´s ditching women who portray strong and interesting characters and are an integral part of a show. VERY bad move. Frankly, I don´t know if I´ll continue watching. I feel disgusted right now. :/

    • TV Gord says:

      Oh, please! There are still plenty of strong, interesting women on television. And we don’t even know whether she’s gone! People are panicking over nothing.

  9. Regina says:

    I really like Peggy Olsen since day 1; however, I feel that the character has been losing strength in season 5 so I wouldn’t call her absence a dramatic loss at this point. Besides, I don’t understand what was the intention behind Peggy and Peter’s baby if the writers forgot that the baby was ever born! Peggy and Pete had taken different paths by now and frankly I can’t see any connection between these two anymore.

  10. Regina says:

    As far as Lane’s departure : ( I will miss him terribly!

  11. Langonica says:

    I believe this is obviously the last we see of Peggy at SCDP, but I feel we are close to Don’s exit as well. Mad Men is quickly approaching the era of the boutique, creative driven agency. Look to Della Femina’s arc circa 1967 for the road map. I see Olson Draper in the future. Peggy and Don dominating the world, while battling Pete and whatever is left of SCDP.

  12. Matt says:

    No Peggy, NO MAD MEN!

  13. Natalie says:

    Peggy is the only reason I watch the show. If she’s gone for good, so am I.

  14. Cephus Cohran says:

    I didn’t want to like peggy but she won me over bigtime. they never deal with the child she had because that’s how it works in real life, and everything about the show is so realistic. that’s why I don’t take the sexisim or raceisim personaly. it’s like the world I saw as a child and expected to live in just dissapeared and mad men is the only place you can see it. every show about this time period airbrushes out all the cringe worthy details of our recent past, but to me telling it like it is helps me understand what it took to get where we are and as time passes this show will be treasured as more than just entertainment.

  15. Bob Lozano says:

    Of course I’d watch a Peggy-less MAD MEN. The show is so much more than the journey of one woman in 1960s NYC.

  16. Bob Lozano says:

    “Eternally checked out”? Did mousy Lane succeed in offing himself? I must have missed that!

  17. Dani says:

    I’ve honestly lost count of the number of times I’ve heard the Mad Men PTB say this journey was just as much Peggy’s as Don’s. She was there in the first scene and no doubt she’ll be there in the last. I think this is just a case of people getting the wrong end of the stick. Weiner would’ve resigned (and actually did) before whittling down core key players, but settled for reduced screentime. It just so happens that Peggy leaving for another firm was the storyline that allowed for that and Moss’ filming schedule.

    The fact of the matter is Harris doesn’t know what’s to come and I doubt Weiner would discuss it with one of his departing cast members.

  18. Blaster says:

    Thank God, I hate Peggy…

  19. James Way says:

    Personally, I may not watch anymore. I loved her character, being a male feminist, she made me smile on way too many occasions, most recently when she hussled Roger out of his pocket cash to work on one of the accounts. There is no other character like her on the show, Joan and Megan coming no where near her strength. Peggy would never had whored herself for a partnership, she would have found some other way. The only they are ok with Joan is that she is of no threat to any one of them. Peggy would have been and would have fought hard to get it. Good for Peggy, but maybe not good for the show.

    • Davina says:

      really? Peggy wouldn’t have whored herself? This is the same girl who gave a helping hand to a strange guy in a movie theater. I don’t understand when people say they won’t watch if she’s gone or because Lane is gone. Just enjoy the show. There are many strong women in the world today. You can still hold your head high as a male feminist…whatever that means.

  20. niks says:

    For me, Don and Peggy make Mad Men. I am not surw what i feel about Mad Men sans Elisabeth Moss. I hope she isn’t gone.

  21. Angie says:

    Mad Men without Peggy isn’t Mad Men.

  22. Mary says:

    When Weiner was in those lengthy contract negotiations before this season started, I thought they wanted him to add more product placement and get rid of some characters. Could this be part of the reason that 2 characters are now gone?

  23. Tori says:

    I’m not sure I’ll watch it without Lane !

  24. Lisa says:

    Likely Peggy is done for this season. But I doubt she done for the show. She’ll come back next season. Maybe not full time, but she’ll be around. Her journey isn’t over.

  25. NO NO NO NO NOT PEGGY :((((((

  26. Annie says:

    Noooo! This can’t be and I won’t believe it until either Matt Weiner or Elisabeth Moss says so. If you watch any of the “inside this week’s episode” videos, Elisabeth Moss does most of her interviews in this little red suit that I haven’t seen her wear in any of the previous episodes. She can’t be gone for good! I refuse to believe it.

  27. Tom Mc says:

    I will still watch, but Peggy is my favorite character, and I will definitely not enjoy the show as much.

  28. cat says:

    If that was it at least she got a good send off unlike the others characters who have left. Peggy and Betty have always been my favorite characters so it upsets me that I might not see them anymore. I don’t really care for Joan and Megan.

  29. rubytu says:

    I can’t imagine the show without Peggy. I could care less about Don Draper, he’s such a pig. I loved the show because of the first season’s story about Peggy. It never got back to being about Peggy, but I always hoped it would.

  30. I think we’ll see Peggy now and then, going up against Don’s firm as a competitor. That’s something to look forward to.

  31. Emily says:

    Peggy’s story is far from finished. BOOOO if this is true.

  32. Mcfly says:

    She is not gonna be gone forever… Her stroyline is going to lead her into being the most powerful woman in advertising… At the competition! Look at the appearances of characters such as Freedy Rumsen, Duck Phillips & Paul Kinsey…still very much integral to the series. In some way shape or form you will see Peggy. I’d really like to see Rachel Menken again…but that’s a little more unlikely although it would be sweet

  33. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Hard to say what will happen with Peggy next season, though it definitely sounds like she won’t be back for the finale. It’s possible at this point Elisabeth Moss and Matt Weiner don’t even really know. They often say in the commentaries for the episodes that the actors don’t know if they’re coming back season to season, or when they’re sent away, if they’ll be given a chance to come back or not. It’s one of the things that keeps hope alive in me that one day we’ll see Saul again.
    I am really upset about Lane though. That guy is gone for good. He is someone I would have loved to have seen have more character development. I don’t believe his story was quite played out. All that happened this season with him is that they put him on the back burner, gave us a few measly intriguing morsels about what was happening with him and his life, and then killed him off. Jared Harris deserved better.

  34. Sareeta says:

    I’ll miss her; she has been much more enjoyable to watch since last season. However, the show has always been about Don Draper and Pete Campbell.

  35. Ashley says:

    SPOILER ALERT!!! Cheese and RICE! Do you have to make a HEADLINE!!!

  36. Shannon says:

    It would make me very sad to have Peggy gone from the show. She’s such a strong character, and to leave her out completely would break me a little I think. I like watching her as Peggy, and I like watching strong women on the screen. :(

  37. Jen Gill says:

    I am hoping that Don has learned a lesson, and ANOTHER strong female character will come in to the firm and be treated more equally.

  38. 80sfan says:

    Moss was the reason that I started watching the show. I hope she can return when her schedule allows it.

  39. Davina says:

    Everyone here needs to realize that Peggy has had barely any screen time this season. Her biggest moment was giving a guy a helping hand in the movie theater. Ha. why keep her around?

  40. Davina says:

    really? Peggy wouldn’t have whored herself? This is the same girl who gave a helping hand to a strange guy in a movie theater. I don’t understand when people say they won’t watch if she’s gone or because Lane is gone. Just enjoy the show. There are many strong women in the world today. You can still hold your head high as a male feminist…whatever that means.

  41. Golde says:

    Peggy must return. She is part of the heart and soul of the show; along with Don. Her metamorphasis as a working woman during that decade should continue unitl the show’s end. It would not be the same without her at all. If Pete stays, she should stay.

  42. Tiffany says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Don Draper, and he definately lured me into watching the show to begin with but Peggy’s character grew on me and I loved watching her constant challanges within the firm and the relationship between her and Don. I would not stop watching the show but I would be disappointed if they got rid of Peggy. Peggy should and could continue to have such a great storyline within the show. She is the one woman who continues to be unrewarded even thought she is the brightest among her fellow coworkers.

  43. Karen says:

    OH I sure hope not!!!! Peggy will be missed and a intergral character will be gone. Will I watch? Probably but with Peggy gone, I will finish each episode feeling slighty short changed. My favorite part of the show was watching her grow.

  44. Mel says:

    Of course I’ll watch. Brilliant show. I love how unpredictable, unHollywood-formulaic it is. Eliz Moss went from doing Benadryl commercials to being highly sought after…time to capitalize on her success.

  45. markau40 says:

    Without Peggy and the Don-Peggy dynamic, I be content to watch “The Good Wife” instead.

  46. Dave says:

    No biggie, just re-cast the role.

  47. Van Doran says:

    Gotta Love that Peggy. They didn’t utilize her nearly enough this season. Peggy represents the woman’s movement pushing forward. Myself born in 1960, the show is getting into a time period of the 1960s that I can remember. Not a classic beauty, more of a cuteness and smartness about her, her advertising career is moving forward due to her abilities not her looks. Hoping she will be back…..she has the likable factor.

  48. JFritsch62 says:

    Peggy, No, Don’t Go. We need you.

  49. JFritsch62 says:

    I’m shocked that people don’t like Peggy. She’s a central character and is becoming more and more like Don all the time. How can you not like Peggy?

  50. Diana A says:

    This season was so disconnected, none of the storylines have played all the way through, and most of them weren’t even remotely followed through. I can watch reruns of past season’s episodes time and again and catch suttle things I didn’t the first time I watched it. This season, season 5, has been a let down from the first episode. I have no desire to watch reruns. How sad. Could this be due in part to all the different cast members getting their hands in the directing of the show? I guess its the writing, it just doesn’t connect the dots like it used to, with invisible ink so that we feel we’ve figured something out that others might not have. Thats what used to make the show great.

    I don’t like how, just over night, all the characters second guess Don and are allowed to. Even Harry (scaredycat) he ruled Don in the concert parking lot, telling him not to leave when Don was wanting to. The old Don would have opened the door and told him to find his own ride. This feeling happened again and again. I think it started at the end of season 4 when Megan was thrust upon us. I like her, but come on, engaged and married in less than an episode. Give us a little build up at least. It was as if MW had to shove her in there so folks would want to see how it changed Don.

    As far as Peggy goes, her road with Don was getting well traveled.