Glee: The 20 Best Moments of Season 3

The McKinley High seniors have their diplomas, but we’ll have to wait for fall to find out exactly where the future will take them (and how integral a part of the Glee universe they’ll continue to be).

With the show’s future direction still a little hazy, we thought it would be a good time to look back at the recently concluded third season and count down its 20 best moments. You know we’ll have New Directions’ Nationals performance and Karofsky’s pivotal scene from “On My Way,” but where will they rank, and what other Glee milestones will make the cut?

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Click through the photo gallery below to find out, then hit the comments and tell us what we missed, where we got it right, and how you felt about Season 3 overall.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Can’t believe you didn’t include the character switch in “Props”. Funniest moment of the season. Also would have completely left off anything that had to do with the “Spanish Teacher” episode. Otherwise other choices are good highlights of the season.

    • Lily says:

      agree with your Props comments, but because I love spanish language in songs, I like the Spanish Teacher. so…

      • BHappy88 says:

        I hated the Mr. Shue part of the Spanish Teacher. He was terrible and how stupid that he didn’t speak spanish well and had been the spanish teacher for years. Remember the pilot? He seemed to be doing fine with spanish. It was the most annoying episode.
        I loved the Rachel/Finn part at the end of the finale. Lea and Cory both deserve emmys. My husband and I both agreed that it felt like it was really happening. AMAZING!!
        More Rachel please!!

  2. Jos says:

    You should have included We Are Young. It’s one of the best performances ever on Glee.

  3. Plesae says:

    Finchel made me cry like a baby ! He must go to NYC with her

  4. jeremy says:


    • k says:

      WHAT A RELEVANT COMMENT!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTELLIGENT INSIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lily says:

      I love the Kurt and Blaine scene in the bedroom when Blaine discovered that Kurt was cheating… especially when Blaine read that sentence in which Chandler asked Kurt to sing in his voicemail so that he can make Kurt’s voice his ringtone.

  5. noa says:

    my favorite was Constant Craving. such a great song and cover. i hate about half of your list, but i think that’s because i hated about 85% of the season. i could never choose 20 moments i liked. especially hated Fin’s Girls just want to have fun. what was the point of that song? so many other choices could have worked there.

  6. albtrex says:

    Girl Just Wanna Have Fun???? One of the WORST cover of the whole series!!!

    And my n.1 is Karofsky scene… I cried so much…

  7. Peter says:

    “showing support for Santana coming out”? Wrong. Santana did not come out. She was outed in a crowded hallway. It’s ridiculous that this is so difficult for some people to comprehend & this moment has no business on the list.

  8. dani says:

    The train station car scene was the best acted scene this show has done in some time so yes it should get some props for that even if you don;t like the couple. Cory and especially Lea acted the heck of that. Lea also nailed her Choke scene earlier in the season.

  9. Daniel says:

    Basically, it says that Dave storyline is better than half of others. Good, after the season ends he gets the credits. Siiiigh, so hard to be a Karofsky stan. :/

    • summm says:

      Rachel choking and Kurt killing the auditions should have been there. The thrill of victory the agony of defeat.

  10. Josie says:

    I raised my hand at number 20!

  11. ZAC says:

    Naturally there were many Rachel moments on here. She is the best of every season. Too much Santana and Blaine ruined this season. FINCHEL SCENE NEARLY KILLED ME.

    • Christina says:

      yeah that finchel scene killed me with laughter, so cheesy…Lea did a great job tho.

      and there will never be such thing as “too much Santana”. Blaine in the other hand can go.

    • Ana says:

      There can never be too much Santana. She’s the most prolific of all performers and the most multi-dimensional. No one has the stage presence that she has. Not even Rachel who over-acts in every scene or Quinn who blends into the background. Or Finn with those annoyingly bland facial expressions.

      • ZAC says:

        Your opinion Naya stan. Let the facts speak for themselves. Naya is the least famous of anyone who got any real screen time, never been nominated for anything substantial, and has no star quality. Everyone you just shaded in your comment, has accomplished for more than she….. thank you for the laugh though.

        • Gregory (Greg) says:

          Don’t be naive. In case you missed it, Naya is not white, which stacks the deck against her compared to other glee cast members. Dianna is the glee cast member who seems to be most likely to have success after Glee. Steven Spielberg personally wanted her for a movie… and Dianna is hardly the most talented of the cast… nor the most “nominated”.

          Also it is quite obvious your stan feelings got hurt so your comments makes you one giant hypocrite. Also lying and trying to shame someone for preferring Naya over Lea makes you look well… rather sad. I don’t even know where to start attempting to discuss with you because in your “comment” there are too many fallacies and outright lies. You present your view and general lack of knowledge as fact, which just discredits you even more so I guess I won’t bother as really, I find it rather pointless to try to discuss things with people who talk about things without actually bothering to acquire knowledge before hand of such matters.

      • stop the lies says:

        Urgh you don’t get Rachel if you think she over acts. If Santana is so great than list her attributes no need to knock the other down to boost you fave. I am not saying she doesn’t have stage presence but so does Lea Michele so to even say that shows your bias.

        • Gin says:

          Truthfully, naya has great stage presence, but it doesn’t even come close to lea’s at all. Lea grew up on stage. Naya is great though. Not hating just my thoughts.

      • kiki says:

        Oh god Naya stans are the worst.

      • Sam says:

        There can defenitely be too much Santana and this season had way too much Santana. Naya is not a bad singer but she does the same thing with her voice in every song and her range isn’t very big. I’m not that big of a Lea fan but Lea has a better stage presence than her and so does Chris. I actually think Chris has the most stage presence. Just look at The Greatest Star. Not many in Glee could pull that off (Matt maybe). I even think Heather has better stage presence though she’s a lesser singer than Naya. Also, Jenna > Lea and Naya.

        • Fade says:

          Oh gosh. You ruined it with that last sentence.

        • thats funny says:

          Hahahaha Jenna > Lea …give me a break.

          • hum says:

            How can anyone thing Jenna has better stage presence than Lea. Person must be trolling. I like Jenna but she is nowhere near Lea in talent, singing or acting or even having the it factor.. I’ll give Tina dancing.

        • ttruth be told says:

          Lea has stage presence just look at the tour she doesn’t need all the bells and whistle. Her just standing the belting out a song is enough.

        • Laure says:

          Jenna’s talented but there’s a reason even on Broadway Lea got much bigger roles than Jenna. She got leads and featured roles, while Jenna was in small supporting roles and an understudy.

      • rad says:

        That is why there are so many different characters for all of us to equate to. You like Santana. I am with ZAC I love Rachel. Santana is one of my least favorite. She is talented at singing but I don’t care for the character much. It is your choice and I respect your comment how you feel about stage presence for Naya. But we will all differ on whom will be our favorite who has the most talent.

    • rad says:

      I agree. Love Rachel. I can only tolerate to a point Santana. Blaine is uninteresting. Never been a Quinn fan but I’d rather see Quinn than Santana any day.

  12. John says:

    “support for Santana coming out as a lesbian”

    Really? Seriously? “Coming out” means it was HER choice, it was certainly not the case for Santana. See, I don’t have a problem with the Finn outing Santana storyline, I understand it’s “good TV”. Or it’s supposed to be.

    I do have a problem, however, with how Finn was made out to be the hero for outing her. Of course when the idiotic writers have Santana thanking the person who outed her, the perception would get twisted like yours. It is not right. It is NOT okay.

    • Ana says:

      ^^^This to the nth power. How Finn became a hero is beyond my ability to comprehend. Another example of how contrived this whole season was.

      • Lily says:

        He was not a hero, he was the ignorant boy, pushed in a corner by isults and made a mess and had to repair it by himself.

        • Sean C. says:

          No, he was portrayed as the hero. The show went out of its way to have all the characters (and even the “previously on Glee” guy) say that he had nothing to do with Santana being outed, Finn himself said that and Santana didn’t challenge him, Santana seemed to forget why she slapped Finn in the first place, and the whole thing was about what a big hero he is and how he’s doing all this for Santana’s own good.

  13. Christina says:

    I see you are flopping hard there, tv line. Bad taste.

  14. Ana says:

    My top moment was the Adele mash up. It was pure genius. Ricky Martin may be hot but he mangled that song. I couldn’t understand the lyrics very well and he can’t do the rap thing so, no, that performance does not belong in the top 20. Santana calling out Shue on his inaptitude as a Spanish teacher was one of the most grown up and authentic moments of the entire season. He made a mockery of the entire culture and language through his ignorance. All the Tina/Mike moments would be on this list if it was up to me. And the ‘How would I Know’ number is one of the few times that I enjoyed Rachel singing. Top of the list. Missing is ‘Scream’ performed by Artie and Mike during the Michael episode. That video was crazy cool. I think its the best thing Glee has ever done.

  15. Sean C. says:

    Evidently Ausiello forgot how the Finn story in IKAG was deservedly torn to shreds (by the people it was supposed to represent) for being a misogynistic, lesphobic, patronizing piece of crap.

  16. Jany says:

    Best any scenes with Rachel Berry

  17. Grace says:

    Though I loved Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Edge of Glory was only ok and the other number was the boring Rachel stand-still number, I wouldn’t rank it that high. And though the #1 was probably the only Finchel moment I enjoyed this season, definitely wouldn’t be my number 1 (probably would have ranked Smooth Criminal #1 xD). And wouldn’t have put the Wemma proposal or Finn’s singing of GJWHF anywhere near that list xD

    • hell of a singer says:

      Except Rachel sang the hello out of it and then showed her versatility to go into Paradise and sing the hell out of that one too. Why do people not appreacaite good singing?

      • Erin says:

        Probably because they don’t like Rachel. Sometimes when you dislike a character you hate them singing. Human reaction. I love Rachel, and thought she was the MVP at nationals. And yes she was seriously singing the hell out of both those songs, but some dont like her voice.

        • rad says:

          I feel she has one of those singing voices that can sing most any thing and blends with almost anyone, especially on Glee. Her duets are outstanding.

      • Grace says:

        I love Rachel’s voice, she’s one of my favorite singers on the show actually, I just dislike the fact that she stands there still and it’s supposed to be amazing. She vocally does an awesome job on every song, but the amount of songs she stands still in makes it get really boring after a while.

        • rad says:

          I have the utmost respect for Lea/Rachel’s talent. As for the Rumor has It cover-beautifully done-not the best of Glee. At acting during the performance Naya so-so IMO. But we all have difference of opinion. Yes, most of Rachel’s performances are standing still. I think one reason why Carmen Thibideaux loved the group performance(including Rachel’s part). They were all over the stage in every aspect. That does make a performance more visually interesting and moves the tone and tempo of the music to another dimension. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the Troubletones singing all season but not the arm flailings during performances. Not visually pleasing to me. But I have thoroughly enjoyed Santana and Mercedes prom musical number s2 as well as Santana and Quinn’s this season.

          • hep says:

            Carmen got to see two sides of Rachel the one that can captivate an audience by herself and the one that can work the crowd while interacting with a group. Rachel sings sad ballad she shouldn’t be doing a whole lot extra with that. It would be distracting to the song.

          • rad says:

            @hep, well said. I understand. Carmen got to see two sides to Rachel’s performances. As for distracting the arm movements of the Troubletones just made me want to hear it only. Quite possibly there was a purpose for those maneuvers in their choreography. For me, Why?

          • zander says:

            Rachel doesn’t need the bells and whistles.

        • hep says:

          It is amazing. Not suppose to be but is…

  18. Dean says:

    I disagree with a lot of points on this list. Their Nationals perfomance? Unique’s performance (if it were the talks he had with Kurt and Mercedes I’d have agreed)?, Mr. Shue performance and Santana blowing up? Smooth Criminal? Ricky Martin? Really dude!

    How about Fix You? Mike mending things with his father and getting his approval for dance school? Kurt singing I Have Nothing to Blaine? The Artie/Mike Duet in Michael? Puck graduating? Tongue Tied? We Are Young? Brittany getting a scholarship for Santana via Sue or the talk between Kurt and Blaine in Emma’s office? Your Love Is My Love? The Quinn/Artie moments in Big Brother? Kurt singing The Boy Next Door? Kurt talking with Dave in the hospital? Puck’s moments with Beth? Britanna’s kiss (I’m not a Britanna fan and their kiss didn’t have the impact Klaine’s first kiss had but it meant a lot to a lot of people)? Shake It Out? Kurt hearing he was a NYADA finalist? And what about the scene that overpowered most episodes this entire season: Beiste leaving Cooter!!! I probably could come up with a few more. Besides the Dave scene, the First Time mention and the Beiste/Puck scene, this list is junk really

    • James says:

      How could you put the talk with Wade/Unique in there he can;t act.

      • Dean says:

        The talk where he said Kurt couldn’t relate to him because Kurt didn’t identify as a woman, was big. We can all go agree or disagree whether Alex can act or not, but the conversation itself is a big thing and was a better moment than a lot of things on that list

        • Let says:

          I’m with James, if the acting is bad it makes the scene less enjoyable. If the bad acting is from a character I don’t care about (I only care about the season1 characters + Sugar and Sam.) I have to stop watching the scene. That’s why they should stop with the Glee project.

  19. Chantelle says:

    My favourite was the box scene…oh wait. -_-

    • ick says:

      really? I read that and it was corny and lame.

      • Erin says:

        It was cute, but that’s it. If they would have kept it, it would have made Kurt look like a hypocrite since he was so against Rachel and Finn getting married, and Blaine didn’t even ask him and he said yes and planned out this whole thing. Mind you Blaine is younger that Finn, Rachel, and kurt

        • MOMO says:

          Hypocrite???? Why? Because while Kurt was against Rachel and Finn getting married, he never (IIRC) said it was because of their age. That may have been a factor involved, but the only clear reason he gave was that he didn’t want Finn to give up on his own dreams and resign himself to life of holding Rachel’s purse. Kurt could very well, like anyone with a lick of sense, have been able to tell that Finn and Rachel getting married was a horrible idea, not necessarily because they’re so young, but because their relationship sucks and they were doing it all for the wrong reasons.

          In contrast, while Kurt and Blaine are young, if they actually decided to get married for the reasons presented in the box scene (love, commitment, treasuring each other), it would’ve been very different from the I-need-you-for-self-esteem-purposes reasons Finn and Rachel almost tied the knot.
          It’s actually pretty sad that you can’t make the distinction between two people getting married because they love each other and want to be together forever and two people getting married because they are insecure in themselves and their relationship.

          • Erin says:

            Oh honey. Kurt and Blaine are no better than any relationship on this show. They actually have a very stupid and forced and boring one if you ask me, with zero chemistry to boot. In my own opinion of course. It’s actually pretty sad that you think they do. Good luck with your Klaine fantasy though. I hope it works out

          • kiki says:

            Shut up.

          • Wes says:

            Grow up

          • fs says:

            WTF??? Boring and without chemistry??

            Just because they’re solids and they’re not patetic and UNHEALTY like Finchel and their repetitive drama???

            Klaine and Tike = most healty and stable couples on Glee. Deal with it.

          • Erin says:

            Poor soul

          • fs says:

            WOW, Erin, your arguments are very convincing. I applaud you.

          • Wendy says:

            Funny this is momo. Blaine didn’t say anything in that box scene that Finn hasn’t already said to Rachel. So if that’s your argument, it’s extremely invalid.

          • rad says:

            Have to agree with everything you said Erin. Klaine is antiseptic to the point of bland and uninteresting. No 2 people especially high schoolers who are going through a year and half together without some friction and disagreements. This couple is for effect only not by design or to be permanant.

        • Lily says:

          Agree with you about Kurt, it would not fit with the rest of the story..UNLESS, Kurt realizes in a later episode that he is too young after everyone objects to the Finchel wedding… and then he can still object to the Finchel wedding as well..

          • rad says:

            But the whole engagement story line was another PSA just to story telling purpose only. They were not to be married anyway. PSA to show that even if 2 people love each other doesn’t mean that getting married as a teen is wise. Especially, when they both chose to enter into engagement for all the wrong reasons. After all, Rachel realized she chose to have sex with Finn for the wrong reasons-to better understand her character for the play. In the finale, Finn new he couldn’t go to New York and he chose to let her go to be all she can be. He realized they chose engagement prematurely and rashly.

          • rad says:

            Have to add that PSA’s were a big detriment to season 3, IMO. Engagement was one the of biggest. It started with teen pregnancy season 1. Then the big blown way too large of a story arc Kurt and the bullying season 2. Season 3 have been multiple PSA’s. All of which when added to an epiisode per week was too contrived and built up to just fall into a big heap of nothing. These were the main things that I fault season 3. Not Finchel, Klaine or this or that character. IMO, the PSA’s just threw a monkey-wrench into a simple story to tell per episode/ or multiple stories tossed into a typewriter to come out disjointed.

          • Lily says:

            So what you are saying is, if they added the box story of Klaine, it would have been another PSA ??? or it would have taken off the attention of the other PSA of Finchel’s engagement.

            I was surprised that they went for Karofsky suicide attempt. because the Glee creators usually said that they were not going “there” because it was too dark for Glee… I guess they just wanted to have another cliffhanger for the winter (or was it spring ?) break.

          • rad says:

            @lily, My comments about PSA’s doesn’t include Klaine or Kurt’s box scene. My comments about the engagement is just that(Rachel and Finn poor decision making for the wrong reasons) The box scene if I remember correctly was deleted from the aired episode-right? Kurt was given a ring with sentiments of love and respect. If this is what you’re asking then I didn’t include this in any thoughts writing comments. If it was going to be in the aired episode then I would feel differently.

  20. Grace says:

    Oh and Puck crowning Becky Anti-Prom Queen should be on here

  21. carson says:

    Kurt and Blaine forever. Chris and Darren are the only reasons i’m still watching Glee.

  22. Melody says:

    To be completely honest, this whole season was awful T.T

  23. Zoe says:

    Where can I watch this episode where Finn supported Santana after she came out? It sounds a lot better than the episode where he belittled her sexuality (which she supposedly “chose”) after taking away her chance to come out on her own and was made a hero for it.

  24. AW says:

    That Rumour Has It was not at LEAST in the top three (if not #1) invalidates this whole list.

  25. eduardo says:

    agree with most of the choices, but #20 was plain awful

  26. ggny says:

    Where the hell is Santana,Mercedes,Tina singing “Shake it out” to Beiste? Seriously how can that not be on the list

  27. Ash says:

    18 is was the greatest moment in Glee history:

    A straight male outs a lesbian to the entire school and then proceeds to dedicate a song called Girls Just Wanna Have Fun to her. I wouldnt know (I’m glad Finn was there to educate me), but apparently being a lesbian is such a blast, not to mention being a lesbian who was thrown out of the closet and humiliated on tv. So fun. Thanks for endorsing this fun moment TVLine.

    • Lily says:

      Yeah, at least they should have replaced this moment with the “shake it out” song… in front of Beiste

  28. J says:

    Uh, The Troubletones should have been number 1. That mash-up is the best thing that happened this season. We Are Young should have certainly been in there, along with Shake It Out. And the body swapping? That was one of the highlights of the season. Number 18 shouldn’t even be on the list. How Will I Know should have been higher, too.

  29. Kerry says:

    How about Quinn and Puck being there for each other during tough times in their lives at the beginning and ends of the season? This couple never gets any respect! I am so sick of Wemma, Klaine, and Fnchel…ugh!

    • Haha says:

      Oh yeah. You mean like when he he called her the most selfish person that he had ever met, more high maintenance than Rachel, and told her he would rather raw dog a beehive than have sex with her. Thaaha. Yes so there for each other.

      • Kerry says:

        Oh please, yes there was drama going on between them (unlike most of the other pairings) with her going crazy over their baby being dangled in her face by a hypocritical and inappropriate Shelby, but you’re conveniently forgetting about the rest of that episode. He went to her house, apologized to her, told her what an amazing future she had and stayed and cuddled with her for the night. Then she helped him graduate and told him she loved him. The quick haters have no case!

    • hum says:

      at least the people in wemma, 1/2 of Klaine and Finchel can act.

  30. Vannesa says:

    During Prom…when Santana & Quinn sing Take My Breath Away. Nationals The Edge Of Glory/It’s All Coming Back To Me Now/Paradise By The Dashboard Light. Those are my favourites of Season 3.

  31. Maria says:

    Oh great, all the stans are coming in to complain that their favorite character/ship should have gotten the #1 spot. Never change, Glee fans.

    • Wes says:

      This. It’s like that’s all some of them do.

    • rad says:

      It has become a fundamental experience for all Glee fans to accept. We are all different with different choice of favortie characters, of couples, of style of music, of dances, of story arcs, of whose better or not at anything. But one has to admit that as passionate as Glee fans are to their certain favorites, we are tempted to exert our passion from exuberance to the extreme lunacy. It will always be a pre-requisite to being a Glee fan. Yeah, bring on the fun of vigorous debate or maybe arguement-which ever comes first. I believe all Glee fans realize that since the pilot opinions vary like the stars in the sky. My gawd, no two people will ever agree on one thing. That’s Glee for you.

  32. sole says:

    Finchel sucks and Brittana rulz.

  33. Lily says:

    This is my personal top 3
    1. How will I know .. the 4 diva’s Rachel, Mercedes, Santana, Kurt…they look so grown up compared to season 1, at that moment I felt that Glee will never be the same in Season 4.
    2. Rumor has it/ Someone like you .. the Trouble tones.. just beautiful in sight and sound.
    3. Cough Syrup/suicide attempt Karofsky… still gives me the chills.

  34. Kate says:

    It must of been rather difficult to come up with 20 great moments, i couldnt even come up with one. This show shouldnt go one for more than one season the direction its going in.

  35. JM says:

    I hated all the Rachel,Finn, Blaine and Kurt stuff on S3, enough to get advance spoilers and not watch the live episode (I DVR and FF). I loved Santana!!!! and Mercedes TT stuff, also some of the Will/Emma , Coach Beaste,Becky!!!, and Mike. I stopped watching Glee after S1; I loved Amber and it was clear that it was The Rachel Show so I stopped watching and Mid S2 I started watching again because other people were saying that the other cast were been featured . I kept watching all the way through S3 but like I said I follow spoilers and watch a live episode when there’s not too much Lea, Finn and Kurt (also Blaine) if is Klaine is ok I just don’t like them idividually. Some people and critics love Lea Michelle, I don’t and it’s ok. I just DVR and ff.

  36. karenb says:

    Completely agree with Number 1. Quite possibly the best scene of all three seasons. The acting was amazing! Such a tear jerker!

  37. sam says:

    This has been the best season since the first 13 episodes, so many haters out there.

  38. Laura W says:

    Where’s Mercedes’s version of “I will always love you,” on this list?!

  39. Laura W says:

    Oh also what about Human Nature!! Best duet for sure!!

  40. Celia says:

    Some of the choices are good, but some are way off base. I don’t agree with have your choices for Santana. The only thing she did that deserves to be on the list in the Adele mashup. Other than that she’s just a bully with a nice, but not great voice who sang way too much this year.

  41. Jane says:

    I’m truly shocked that you even dared to put ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ on that list. And that you paint it like Finn helped her with her coming out. No, she was outed. OUTED. She didn’t come out on her terms. NOBODY deserves that, EVER. No matter what.

    Like the fandom already said about it: GJWHF in that context is like singing ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ to Beiste. Or ‘It’s Raining Men’ after Karofsky’s tried to kill himself. Or ‘Get The Party Started’ at Sue’s sister funeral.

    No really, seriously, I’m not even kidding. As someone who knows what an outing can do to a person, I’m shocked.

    Way to flop TVLine. I thought you were better than that… I guess you’re just like everybody else.

    • noa says:

      i like to see that there’s a consensus about it. i’ve never seen so many people agree about anything on a message board. it’s just weird that he put it on the list at all… i wonder if all these comments are making him rethink it. just the stupidest song choice ever.

      • Lily says:

        I even had a dark idea, that the writer of the article did it on purpose to put this “GJWTHF” scene on the list to stir the conversation and create conflict. Little did he know that the vast majority of the comments on this message board voiced against this scene and against him…

        As you noticed, only a few comments were made on the Cough Syrup scene that is on the third place… maybe because almost everyone agrees with that position ??? so whether it is a message board or a TV series… conflict is great !!

        • noa says:

          that’s a nice theory. but i don’t know… usually Slezak is pretty direct. if he thought it needed attention (and not positive) he would have made another list- of the bad Glee moments.

  42. J says:

    The goodbye scene really broke my heart!!

  43. Rachel Scott says:

    Sometimes I wonder how old everyone is when I read the comments. Some of you are ridiculous. No one can disagree about something in the show without getting backlash from someone else. Everyone is not going to like the same things in the show, and as soon as something negative is said, an argument starts. Arguing through the internet is pointless and some of yall need to grow up. Glee is only a show and like every other show it will end. Just enjoy it right now and let people have their own opinions.

  44. Ella says:

    Mostly agreed, though if by jaw-dropping you meant Brittany’s rendition of Run the World was jaw-droppingly BAD, then agreed.

  45. Lara says:

    Good list! Although Burt dancing to Single Ladies definitely earns a spot, not only *this* list, but on Most Adorable Moments In TV History as well. He get’s dad of the year as far as I’m concerned!

  46. Lauren says:

    I agree with most of these, but Cough Syrup was the best scene in the whole season. Just amazing. Max Adler was flawless.

  47. Emma says:

    I have to say, I prefer Kurt and Blaine’s relationship over finchel. A lot of people watch Glee and I think it needs to send out a good example. Kurt and Blaine are honest and have always worked through their problems in a mature and appropriate way. Finn and Rachel have lied, cheated, back stabbed and broken up almost every time any little thing goes wrong. Now don’t get me wrong, rachel is a very talented character etc etc, but I personally hope she plays a more minor role next season so that others can shine through. It’s glee club, not Rachel and the Pips.

    • Lily says:

      Glee does not always have to show good examples… We can learn from good examples but also from bad examples…
      Therefore no matter how I cringe when watching Finchel’s relationship. I can learn that it is better not to marry young and that sometimes people who feel like they are on top of the world, may start to cheat (remember Finn after the Superbowl episode).

      I am a huge Kurt fan but Kurt did emotionally cheat on Blaine and there was a moment of jealousy during the auditions of West Side Story. And Kurt lives in a fantasy world and doesn’t want to talk about the “looming” long distant relationship. So the Klaine relationship is not ideal either, thank goodness…

    • Jen says:

      To be fair though, even though they lied and cheated last time, once they got back together I think they tried to communicate more and they definitely had a more stable relationship. I don’t think it’s a bad example of a relationship (apart from the whole teen marriage plot) and it’s fairly realistic of what goes on in high school.
      And I don’t really think Kurt and Blaine’s relationship was very mature when Blaine sang about their problems in front of the whole Glee club.
      I really hope they don’t cut down Rachel next season, Lea Michele and her glorious voice is the only reason I’m still watching this trainwreck.

      • rad says:

        Love what you’ve said. I couldn’t stand Finn season 2. I love Rachel and Finn but season 3 they were a cherry on the cake for Finchel fans post season 2 mess. I have always enjoyed Finchel but were too coupley for me. Yes, they communicated and became more stable and respected each other, but with their individual insecurity issues always lurking about, their relationship seemed like it was about how they wished and wanted it to be. High School relationship is all it is. A stable but insecure-immature relationship where both need each others constant moral support to function.
        As for Kurt he did emtionally cheat on Blaine. As much as I love Kurt, he does have his moments of jealousy toward Blaine. Kurt is just as emotionally immature as Finn and Rachel are. They just graduated and need time to grow up. Be individuals for a change and grow into self-reliant and self-efficient people who don’t gravitate toward a significant other to feel whole about themselves. There is a lot to learn about life and to learn about oneself prior to making decisions that will affect yourself and someone else for a lifetime. Besides, eighteen is not thirty.
        I agree, Jen, Rachel is my favorite character and I hope to see more of her next season. Hopefully, there will be many less characters to follow and enjoy those whom we tend to give our attention to.

    • poppy says:

      Glee is at its worse when it tried to hollier then thou. It started off as a dark comedy and should have stayed that way. Sorry Rachel played a lessor role season 2 and it sucked. Luckily Ryan knows Rachel is key to the show and will always give her storyline and she will continue to be be front and center where she belongs.

      • rad says:

        I agree. Holier than thou meaning what exactly? In what sense. PSA’s. Season 2 tried to mix up everything and make characters grow up some and to bring foward some background characters introduce them and their stories. For me it was a big flop. Arguements, unsettled differences in characters and how they’d react to another. Drama run amuck. Musical showcases turned into spectacles. Britany/Brittany just did me in and most of my friends stopped watching after that. I am still a die-hard and keep coming back even when it was hard to watch and appreciate. It lost its purpose after season 1’s success. Dramedy is fine for a while but the show needed to retain the content what got it to its fame. Season 2 fell flat with Rachel being sidelined as an ensemble cast member and not featured as the main character as the symbol of Glee and what it represents in a package wrapped into a character. As the character with the most fans and followers she represents many a young girl with similar hopes and dreams. I am one who loves the character Rachel and have loved watching her grow up, turn into a loving, kind, thoughtful and respectful girl thinking of others and regards others as important as she is. She has changed alot for the better but still the same girl wanting her dream but also wanting special relationships to remain a big and central part of her life. Season 3 was much better. The only thing that sucked and really brought this season down were the multiple PSA’s. I feel that certain story lines could have been told better with less PSA dominant in an episode. Just my opinion. Another thing that was better were better choices and diverse music.

  48. underwater19 says:

    I would add Burt dancing to Single Ladies, Sue discovering her baby has Down’s Syndrome, the Sue/Quinn scene from the finale, and any scene with Sue and Roz Washington. I’d also move up Becky’s interior monologue from No. 7 to No. 2 or 3

  49. iya says:

    OMG n°18, Santana didn’t get to come out because Finn OUTED her ‘for her own good’ (lmao) Hahaha, biased much? I don’t care about Klaine and Finchel as couples, so this list doesn’t really work for me. I only agree with °2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 17 and 20.
    What should have made this list: Any Mercedes solo, the Troubletones existing, Brittana finally kiss(!!!), Tongue tied (the glee kids are not the losers anymore), Lord Tubbington is back, SUGAR, Sam being back, meeting Rachel’s dads…

  50. Danny says:

    The whole Prom in Prom-asaurus!!! Rachel getting prom queen, Quinn and Santana’s rendition of “Take my Breath Away” montaged with the Glee club sharing their last moments together.