Shocker: Starz Cancels Spartacus, Upcoming Third Season Will Be Last

Spartacus CancelledIn a surprising move, Starz is pulling the plug on Spartacus after the upcoming third season.

The final chapter, to be titled Spartacus: War of the Damned, will air in January 2013.

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“Starz always does the unexpected,” Sparty’s creator, Steven S. DeKnight, told IGN. “This show has been challenged, to say the least, in many, many ways. We’ve faced many difficulties and tragedies on the show. My original plan was to attack the show in a five- to seven-season arc. Once we got into it and after Andy [Whitfield]’s passing and looking at the historical story of Spartacus, we came to the decision to basically end on a high note.

“We certainly could have continued for a few more seasons and stretched it out, but we really wanted to end high and not feel like we were treading water – and really just condense the rest of the history into one amazing ten-episode, badass final season,” he continued. “You know, the whole show was a huge risk from the start for Starz, and it was another huge risk when I decided to try to keep the show going after Andy’s passing. Any normal studio would have just cancelled the show at that point and not risk the financial downside of it not working. But Starz, thankfully, really stuck by the show, and they really wanted it to be told all the way to the end. They didn’t want to cheat the viewers and just suddenly pull the plug. So they gave us this opportunity to wrap up the story, and we’re certainly taking that opportunity and running with it. This is by far the biggest season we’ve ever attempted.”

War of the Damned will center on the final battle between Spartacus and Marcus Crassus. “It is very much Crassus along with the aid of Caesar going after Spartacus,” DeKnight previously told TVLine. “The scope of it multiplies many times as Crassus battles Spartacus across the country.”

Thoughts? Disappointed? Relieved DeKnight will get a chance to wrap up the story? Hit the comments!

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  1. Michael says:

    I just started watching the series and I’m hooked and not looking forward to its end

  2. Trish says:

    Love the Spartacus series!!! Keep them going.

  3. randy says:

    Disappointed great show

  4. acedynamo says:

    Watching right now, it’s not bad. My only gripe is that they seem to try and force the “F” word (and I’m not offended by it) into scenes where it serves no purpose and comes off awkward, especially in the already flowery writing. It feels like they need to fill a quota or something.


  5. rasharde says:

    i mad at starz yall stupid dont end it thats crazyyyy i hope crassus and his entire army and his damn sun FALL!

  6. sameera says:

    wa are like looking spartacus seasons 4

  7. deniese says:

    This is my favorite show of alllll time I wish my words alone could sway the minds of the network and give us at least 3 more seasons. I never tire of this show it is an amazing body of work. My friday evenings will NEVER be the same. This show will be truly missed…long live Spartacus!!

  8. Mayflower says:

    I love this show!! Everything about it , I loved Andy whitefield and miss him as sparticus but I have now also grown to like the new sparticus ; he is doing a good job!! This show has good story , lots of action,sex,betrayal,loyalty,twists ,so on etc… So worth watching ,bloody good!!!

  9. Artis says:

    Best emotional, passional, brutal history-fiction series ever.
    History never confirms Spartacus to be found after the last battle dead or alive, so why not stay more fictional and make another season.. :))) Who cares about true historical events when there is such a story…………..

  10. Kel Smiley says:

    I was extremely happy that they did not cancel the show after the first season. And I completely understand about them wanting end in a high note. It may have been a short run but I loved every minute of every episode:)

  11. Mark says:

    Spartacus is by far the best series ever to bless the screens
    The following for the series is colossal
    Lets reconsider cancelling the show ay starz

  12. mj says:

    This sucks! I have no idea what I’m going to watch now. This show is amazing. Gannicus is my fav character 2nd only to spartacus. Season 3 is rushed and as it draws near its end, it leaves you feeling cheated :(. I haven’t been able to stay with a series EVER until Spartacus, so it is disheartening to know the one show I’ve fell in love with is getting cut short. Whitfiels is a huge loss and now this.

    I always held onto the small hope that the show might pick up Sam Worthington due to his similar looks to keep the series alive, or at the least, start a new series with another main character to tell their story.


  13. i love the show and have watched it from day 1 , it was very sad about Andy and i actually cried when i found out he had passed , i love Liam as Spartacus and he has made the character his own , i am so sad this is the final, and i am so sad and upset that they are killing Spartacus when no one really knows what happened to him , his body was never found.

  14. Kaila says:

    Just watched the final episode and I’m still in tears! I wish there could be more; I want to see Spartacus get revenge on both Crassus and Cesar! It was a beautiful ending to an amazing series, but I think it just left fans thirsty for more Roman blood! RIP Andy! Long live Spartacus!

  15. Kaila says:

    And although he was “just a character” on the show, the death of Crixus was the last thing I expected. I might have to get on anti-depressants because of this! ;)

  16. Chris says:

    The best series I’ve ever seen , and heart sickens with knowledge of shows ending. This u can have watched for about 20 seasons…

  17. Jerry says:

    I dropped Starz immediately and I’m sure a lot of other folks did too. Finally a series I get hooked on and now we won’t see any more Spartacus. Wake up, this is a winner.

  18. debby blues says:

    Pls dnt end d series!!!! I love it so much nd I wish you cn make further seasons cos many fans are hooked nd ders no way dey wud b happy bout spartacus coming to an end! Also love gannicus…he’s hot

  19. Michelle Bruno says:

    be show ever.. wish there was more seasons

  20. Michelle Bruno says:

    im so sad its over… this sucks. I love this show… starz realky missed the mark enfing this show. why would they do this.

  21. jefafa says:

    I just watched the last episode an watched it from the first preview an I must say it has to be #1or #2 best series show I personally ever seen for the last episode I say they could bring it back as sparticus said that isent my name his loyal folower could take his name an lead the slaves to fredom on the other side of the moutians an tell the rest of the story but I understand wanting to end on a high note

  22. Adam says:

    It’s not cancelled. It follows true history therefore ending as the real story had ended

  23. Adam says:

    Read your history. His body was never found and said to live incognito amongst the Romans causing discord an chaos at a small but snowballing effect. It’s not that the series was cancelled as it was the actual story therefore stayed true to its likeness. A story worth valuing and taking heed that if given the chance to make true what is rich lt and proper, to grip it as the sands of the arena and be til the end and as you see for to fulfill prophecy, history or self legacy.

  24. Jessey from South Africa says:

    I think the ending of Spartacus was a COPOUT. Im not disappointed to see the show end. Im disappointed he dies and as added insult, loses the war. The writers spent all this time building on the greatness off Spartacus only to have him die at a point that doesn’t make sense and by the hands off common soldiers. REALLY!!! – come on guys, tell a better story, or atleast give it a worthy ending. One that tells off Spartacus the victor.

  25. Theolar Butler says:

    Please starz dont end this show please.I have watched every episode.Why are you all doing this.This is the best show ever.Please reconsider ending it.Do you see how its going to effect starz?I pray you all change your minds.Im really sad.

  26. fgsamson says:

    Spartacus body was never actually found. You know how much Rome searched for his body so they could prove he was dead. Many historians believe he survived. The writers could’ve had him continued to battle under his true name for years. There was no proof Julius Caesar fought against Spartacus but they did good with adding him because he didn’t fight with Pompeii so he had to get experience in battle somewhere to rise so fast in the Roman army. Spartacus is one of the best shows of all time; although only the faithful will remember this show. 2-3 more years would’ve put it in legend.

  27. Mike says:

    The best TV series ever, the best cast-actors ever and Starz ends it and replaces it with a stupid Da Vinci series. Where’s the logic? It could have continued on for years. After the last episode, I’ve watched the whole series over and over. It’s spectacular. The ending and the death of all main characters was ridiculous as well as suggesting that Caesar or Crassus would have a chance in one on one fight with Spartacus, Crixus, Gannicus or any gladiator. The chemistry among the actors was magical. All the fans would love to know the true reason for ending this great series prematurely. Shame on Starz.

  28. Madoda says:

    this has been a great show indeed, the length is perfect for me but i suppose if there was a stretch to see the common characters in more action and superb dialogue it would have still compensated for more seasons. great great show, well done Starz, Rest in peach andy and Manu, i hated seeing you beheaded, great acting guys thumbs up.

  29. Regards of Spartacus Aurelia (Brooke Williams). Free Roman wife of Varro. the son she talk’s to spartacus in ep1 vengence “i will tell genis of you of the man who love his father above all other’
    wouldnt you think this would make new uprising plot to start on next season

  30. Chafidh says:

    It was a great series. It was both glorious and sad at the same time. The final episode is a little heartbreaking tho, the only hero that could not find “glorious” death was Gannicus as he wasn’t fell on the battle. The most heartbreaking fact was when I heard the news that Andy died. I think he is irreplaceable. Sure, Liam brings his own color to the character Spartacus but somehow there are some acts that only Andy can exploit. I wonder how “War of the Damned” would be had Andy starred in it. Well, overall, I would give score of 8.5 for the whole Spartacus series. I know the legend stop where Spartacus has fallen but If Starz would consider making another series “continuing” the story, I think it would be a worth movie to watch, where we can see the story when Rome finally falls and the end of Crassus’, Caesar’s and Pompey’s life. You know, to feel relieved, seeing them meet their end.

  31. Fresh Baklava says:

    Now That Spartacus is over I feel a hole is opening In my heart. Lol. Everyone knows the story of Spartacus! I think it would have been AWESOME if STARZ would have whent off the books. I know anything after the point where Spartacus dies would be fiction… But…ppl love happy endings, awesome CGI, tons of blood and gore and brave men/women. Why not have Spartacus defeat Rome? Ppl love to be entertained. I for one, am VERRRRYYY upset of the cancelation is Spartacus. RIP to Andy but the new guy is just as good. The show could have continued well into a 5-6 season searies.

  32. I actually just started watching the show with my wife. Honestly she doesn’t sit through much. Usually I can put a disc in and before half of it is over she is up moving about because she has lost interest. I ordered the seasons 1 and 2 and the prequel all on blu ray because I like to bing watch shows 3-4 episodes at a time. Anyway we’ve watche the first 4 episodes (1st disc) and I was hooked after the first 2 episodes, then I noticed Ms. I Can’t Sit Through Anything was still watching it with me and asking “well your going to play episode 3 aren’t you?” The next night I had to work and tonight I have to work also, but I’m off Sunday through Wednesday of next week, and she already has all our evenings planned to watch these shows. So yeah it is that good. It’s not the violence or the sex or cussing or the sex (did I mention that cause there seems to be a lot of it) but the fact the show is very character driven and the story is engrossing. You find yourself thinking about what is going to happen next when you aren’t watching and caring about these characters when you do watch. I’m very happy so far and from what I’ve read (no spoilers please) it only gets better and more twisted as the show continues. So if you are on the fence hop off before you get a splinter and run and grab the double blu ray set for $40 which gives you the first season and the prequel. Just my 2 cents. Take care ~ Jase.

  33. benjamin sierra leone says:

    Best series ever.wish you can change your mind and continue.

  34. C M says:

    Why not start a new series picking up from war of the damned but now call it Cesar. It could centre on his rise to power

  35. Robert richie says:

    Awesome show, but remember people there are other ancient moments in history that Hollywood will exploit soon. And one of them is bound to have us drooling.

  36. Mario says:

    Son of Spartacus…Didn’t Spartacus share a bed with that Roman woman?…There could be a baby…

  37. Klaxxon7 says:

    I just now (late in the game) finished the Spartacus series.
    I watched all episodes over two months.
    I thought all actors were awesome. THe actors hard preparations and the
    directors and writers talent and creativity were superb…in my opinion.
    I hated to see it end without the “Justice” served to the oppressors!!
    I will keep this series and play parts of it again and again in the future to
    inspire and motivate me when the moment of need arises.
    I am always preparing for the inevitable time that I – We may need to have
    inspiration from our Heroes whom have overcome the highest obstacles and
    defeats and to be able to rise up again to resist the Oppressors and Fanatical
    Ideologies that may be forced upon us.
    SPARTACUS Shall Be One Of My Heroes”
    “There Is No Greater Victory Than to Fall From This World A Free Man”
    “Molon Labe”

    • Randy Hughes says:

      you were lucky to have all of it to watch I on the other hand had to wait and wait. i loved the show so much and hated it when it ended but i still watch it now its on demand. i hope the creators of this show make a new show like this one they did an excellent job.

  38. Jm says:

    i hope someday the next season will launch,, it is amazing stories, but i feel sad when spartacus died. . . what next?? is gannicus die? agron, and nasir hat happen to them

  39. Butt Muhammad usman says:

    I luv this show I will never see before show like that in my life I would like to watch great Spartacus season 4

  40. Mena says:

    I cant believe they stop this shoe !My duaghter turn my son on to it ! I look at it when they watch it but somethings I didnot like about the show ! Like to most blood everytime they kill someone ! But it was a little okay and them laying up with diffrent people .I think something should not get to out of pocket .When doing these shows. I no they have to keep people watching it . But some repect need to be giving ! But it sad the stop the show !

  41. Tina says:

    I’ve tried watching this show “Spartacus” on syfy and I won’t be watching it again. It’s garbage. I also find it very racist & hateful. Shame on you who ever writes for the show. It’s gross. And is very hateful . Racism is a two way street. This show is hateful & awful & I’m not the only person with this opinion. This show is garbage true garbage ..Get lost

  42. christy says:

    Im so freakin mad…I really love this show..I started watching it cause I couldn’t find any thing else on T.V. so I flipped threw channels an seen Spartacus an was wondering if its gona be good or bad…it turned out really good,PLEASE don’t kill the show..if you have to kill it PLEASE don’t leave us hanging!!!!

  43. Arleen Pippin says:

    Have very much enjoyed this minseries. Sad to have lost Andy, my thoughts and prayers go towards his family. Was difficult to follow the new guy at times but he did an ok job. Hard job to fill big shoes.

  44. Chelsea Smith says:

    Please bring back Spartacus!!! I love it so much.

  45. Efs says:

    Andy whitfield may my energy reach you and bless you! The show was hard to watch after he was gone. Really three seasons was a perfect length to finish the story.

  46. Pat Merkel says:

    I loved this series! Violent, yes – but those times were extremely violent – the characters were wonderful – each one a very interesting individual. I thought that the actor that finally took Spartacus’ role was superb! Good Job, people!

  47. Jennifer says:

    Realy,this spartacus was sweet at the season 3,but it end unexpected way,at first it was sometin spectarcular to watch

  48. Jennifer says:

    This is incridible,i was overwhelmed when my husband bought these spartacus,but my greatest supprise was how the film started and end in an unexpected way,i say that it is not spetacular at the end.

  49. Kayla says:

    I have watched this show from season one and while it aired on STARZ i was a loyal fan. When andy passed i kinda withdrew myself from the show and a couple years later saw all of the seasons on netflix. I watched it all in a week and i must say that i am so thrilled you guys continued this show and i am even more thrilled(also very sad) with the ending! It was a genious show and no show will ever be more intense and heart pounding then this!!! GREAT JOB!!

  50. The spartecus 3rd series is so best I like it I wait for fourth series when enyboy can know anybody 4th session realizing date plz inform me my I’d in fb Hafeez ullah muskorahat