Shocker: Starz Cancels Spartacus, Upcoming Third Season Will Be Last

Spartacus CancelledIn a surprising move, Starz is pulling the plug on Spartacus after the upcoming third season.

The final chapter, to be titled Spartacus: War of the Damned, will air in January 2013.

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“Starz always does the unexpected,” Sparty’s creator, Steven S. DeKnight, told IGN. “This show has been challenged, to say the least, in many, many ways. We’ve faced many difficulties and tragedies on the show. My original plan was to attack the show in a five- to seven-season arc. Once we got into it and after Andy [Whitfield]’s passing and looking at the historical story of Spartacus, we came to the decision to basically end on a high note.

“We certainly could have continued for a few more seasons and stretched it out, but we really wanted to end high and not feel like we were treading water – and really just condense the rest of the history into one amazing ten-episode, badass final season,” he continued. “You know, the whole show was a huge risk from the start for Starz, and it was another huge risk when I decided to try to keep the show going after Andy’s passing. Any normal studio would have just cancelled the show at that point and not risk the financial downside of it not working. But Starz, thankfully, really stuck by the show, and they really wanted it to be told all the way to the end. They didn’t want to cheat the viewers and just suddenly pull the plug. So they gave us this opportunity to wrap up the story, and we’re certainly taking that opportunity and running with it. This is by far the biggest season we’ve ever attempted.”

War of the Damned will center on the final battle between Spartacus and Marcus Crassus. “It is very much Crassus along with the aid of Caesar going after Spartacus,” DeKnight previously told TVLine. “The scope of it multiplies many times as Crassus battles Spartacus across the country.”

Thoughts? Disappointed? Relieved DeKnight will get a chance to wrap up the story? Hit the comments!

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  1. I love spartacus’s series. Only tv show I have ever really got into… Sucks anemeos died.

  2. tony says:

    Kn0w one really knows how or even when Spartacis Died…

  3. lee bland says:

    i am really angry that the owner of starz or what ever has decided to pull the plug on spartacus!! its outragous! spartacus is the best programme of that type to ever be made. they are making a big mistake!

  4. lee james says:

    spartacus is a incredible show, pulling the plug is a joke !!! they should definatly carry on with more seasons!

  5. Sara says:

    Freakin Sux! this is the best show ever! my husband is going to be pissed when i tell him his favorite show is being cancelled! B******t!

  6. Qhawe says:

    About 4 months i’vebeen searching for Spurticus and can’t w8t 4 the next season. It shall go 2 the last season that is season eight

  7. Qhawe says:

    I love spurticus

  8. jonty says:

    This has been a great series and I can’t wait to see the final run. It is in itself a great piece of work and I would recommend watching all of it to anyone. Andys passing was a real tragedy as he made a fantastic Spartacus, but I think the series managed to pick itself up and keep going. I hope the production team behind it move on to new projects together as I think that some of the episodes throughout the Spartacus series were exceptional edge of your seat quality. I am going to miss it.

  9. Rachael says:

    so disappointed season 3 will be the final, we already lost Andy, now spartacus too, that really sucks, why? why? why?

  10. Gary says:

    I am really disappointed. It is a great story and was very well represented in the series. Too bad there are not enough of us to bring it back…like we did in the good old days with Star Trek

  11. myra says:

    Great show, to STARZ, you had better come up with a series at least as good. If not count on one less subscribeer.

  12. usakindatheart says:

    so essentially they are going to cram several seasons into 1.. that just sucks..
    I don’t think that the writers producers ect know how incredible awesome this show is.
    people who have never seen it are watching the videos bought at stores of season 1 and 2 and can’t wait till the next…
    why would anyone want to end something that is going already turning into a “clasic” before age has ever even touched it…
    its like saying, ” why do the hobbit, when the lords of the rings is already done”
    because of course…it would be stupid not to do it..
    the producers, writers, costume designers.. will go down in history as making the first historical series that thrill millions and millions of people over centuries…
    I am sad.. that you would cram so much into one season..

  13. Ted Lyons says:

    Spartacus is the best show on television. Every week you watch the equivalent of an excwllwnt movie. Great acting, great writing, great directing. I never watch anything twice, but I watch reruns of Spartacus all the time and find things I missed all the previous times I watched.

    I Was very upset when I found out this would be the last year. Liam McIntyre has done an amazing job filling in for Andy Whitfield. Both are amazing. If the upcoming season is even half of what they say, I can’t wait to see it 50 times!

  14. Paul Russell says:

    This show is awesome, My Favorite. I am sadden to hear that there will be cancelled after the third season. I cant wait to see how Spartacus earns his freedom, just a I seen how Ganacus earned his. I cant wait for the beginning of the end of a truly great series.

  15. The film na bomb ooooooooooooooooooo. @Gbagbaty too gbaski.

  16. Joanne says:

    Why would they want to cancel such an excellant show? One of the best series ever on TV, always leaving you guessing what the next episode will bring….Looking forward to the new episodes this fall….Please reconsider cancelling this series…

  17. Debby Dodo says:

    Pls producers, dont end spartacus. We nigerians luv it rite 4rm season 1. Pls i want u guys 2 have a rethink about ending spartacus.

  18. Geoppetto Robinson says:

    Wow, I will miss this show.. oh well I guess, I can cancel Starz then!

  19. heath says:

    Most that knew anything knew that this would be the last….Anyone that knows a little history knows how this season will end…

    Sorry to say this “But thanks for stating the obvious, Captain Obvious”

  20. julie flannery says:


  21. J9 says:

    If you know your history, Spartacus must end anyway. Why not end when your up. This series is so good. I started watching it in Iraq and I was so hooked. One thing I do hate is when people come back to life. Lucy for instance? One scene Crixis gets stabbed in the kidney by Asher in the mines? They even replaced Crixis’s girl with some busted chick. If I went out of my way to rescue her I would have been pissed to see what she looked like now.
    One problem I can’t stand is every episode is a different director. It seems they try and outdoo each other. Ie, killing people and bringing back to life. The one episode when they were in the Forrest and the gladiators found Spartacus at his darkest hour was THE best episode. That director should be permanent. Please stop switching directors. You must see this series and I hope they come out with another great series. You must watch Strike Back on Max. Bad ass!


    This sucks,, Spartacus is one of my favorite shows and the ONLY reason I ordered Starz. Guess I will do my usual and order Starz days before the final season premiere and cancel the very next day after the season finale airs BUT THIS TIME I WON’T RETURN

  23. Tammy says:

    well its going to be the best last series ever, maybe he can make another one, from back then, some one we all know little about from history.Going to miss Spartacus, to many great series are being canceled . Looking forward to the new season of Game of Thrones ,, that might end soon also

  24. Me says:

    In my opinion this was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen …. It pisses me off beyond belief to see it cancelled

  25. Jake says:

    I believe Spartacus is the greatest series of all time. I could see the creators wrapping it up, but Starz canceling the show is absurd. Liam does a great job playing Spartacus, but Andy definitely had a toughness quality that is unmatched. Hard to describe, but if Liam would have started from the beginning it would have been just as good. They could replace it with the Black Donnelleys, that was an awesome show that got the plugged pulled really fast, and would be a lot better anyway if it was on cable where it could be more graphic. I’m just great full for the seasons we did get, thanks.

  26. Joe says:

    Andy Whitfield is sadly missed because the new actor for Spartacus SUCKS!

  27. Jason Athen says:

    I had Spartacus programed in my phone to remind me every Sunday. I kept looking for the show but never could find it. Now to find out it’s been canceled, wow that sucks! My husband and me watched it every week. Why would they cancel a show that had everything?

    • t ayrers says:

      it’s cancelled because the story has run its course as per actual history. read a book (or wiki it) and see for yourself (spartacus rebellion or third servile war)

      the writer of this article should not have used the word cancelled, perhaps expired would have been better

  28. roshield majette says:

    AMEN…the new Spartacus does suck!!!!! And to the people who says he just as good as Andy Whitfield need to get your head examined!!!! I wasn’t feeling dude at all! So I wasn’t planning on watching it anyways!!! Good bye!!!!

  29. Well spartacus must go on coz people really want to hold up to the impression it has created from the last seasons.. Its really different from the other Roman history..its sumthin that people did not expected .. I love this show and patiently waiting for the upcumin season.. I would recommed to carry on this show..

    • t ayrers says:

      yes but sadly one cannot just make up history. especially with an event like the Spartacus revolt which is so well known (to those who know history that is) heck! they’ve already made up enough of the “in between the lines” stuff already

  30. It’s too bad, really. First of all, 10 episodes per season is too short. There should have been at least 13 episodes each season. And now, it’s cancelled. However you call it, the fact is, the producers were told to wrap it up by the 3rd season. Too bad. I really like the show.

  31. Sophia says:

    I’m so disappointed I love this show really the only show I fin so interesting that’s actually based on historical events , I’ve watched both seasons about 5 times each , so sad to see it’ll be over after the 3rd season ):

  32. Paul says:

    The title of this story is misleading. I remember an interview a year ago in which it was stated it was going to ebd after season three. It was a decision made early, shortly after Andy’s untimely death. It has not been cancelled. It is going to end right, instead of dragging it out. My wife and I have been fans from the beginning. This is the best show in TV bar none (including GOT) and though it will be sad to see it end, it will no doubt be very worhtwhile and satisfying to watch.

    • t ayrers says:

      the difference is that GOT is entirely fantasy- which can end or continue at anyone showrunners whim. Spartacus is based on historic events that the showrunners have already used much artistic license on to get all of the content we have seen. if one were to make a show based on what is actually written of spartacus in the primary, historical latin source, the show would be over in 20 minutes-with commercial breaks.

  33. paul says:

    bad mistake ending this show, the best show tv for a long time.

  34. Chase Chesbro says:

    I’ve never been one to get into a series and actually get really hooked. this show I must say has topped everything and brought so much excitement to the table i never thought possible with a series! After the passing of Andy and all respect to him, he was an amazing actor and brought something to the show that could not be rivaled. All in all i fell in love with the show, and have been watching hours and hours per day. If there is anything I can say to other producers the super slow-mo action sequences and “300” like blood spatter and chaos makes this a series that’s untouchable in epic action and excitement! If they are to make another show it should be left in the ancient times, like tribes, medieval or even to go as far to creating a story about the ancient Sumerians. I for one would love to see another show like this and the full hour length of the features is another adding to the epicness making each episode almost a full length feature film!! RIP Andy, the true Spartacus! Taken to soon

  35. Richard Matte says:

    Will cancel Starz at ending of Spartacus, great show, great acting, great series.

  36. diane sankey says:

    I have watched this from the start and purchased every season thus far. Although I hate to see it go in many ways I applaud the producers for ending on a high note and not dragging it on as so many shows do. Some story lines can only offer so much quality and depth then you can tell the writers are over reaching. It will be bittersweet to watch the final season and I again applaud everyone who has brought us this fantastic show.

  37. Chris says:

    The third season is called VENGENCE and not War of the dammed!

  38. Parth says:

    Glad that STARZ has honored Andy Whitefield by allowing the show to end gracefully. However though, I hope they don’t cram a lot into 10 episodes and make it feel rushed. The first 2 seasons and the prequel were awesome.

  39. lynn medley says:

    Best show ever. even after andypassed, and he was great, the story conyinued to be awesine. Last season wasa little skow but we could have got a couple more seasons out of it. Hate to lose such a good program…

  40. CT says:

    So sad the show is ending. Will miss Ilithya and Glaber in the final season.

  41. mark says:

    yes the show has the worst special effects,but its realy one of the best shows!
    even liam the new spratacus is doing great!
    so sad for andy.

    Why would they stop it now.
    They have nothing to worry about,the fans are here to stay,put a litle more in the effects and you have a show that can run for many more seasons!!!

  42. Wow how disappointing, it so figures right when you get into a show, poof there it goes that’s really sad and depressing because it was a good show, I mean sure it has to end at some point however they could’ve made a few more episodes before pulling the plug! :(

    • ted says:

      Once again, history can only be milked for so much storyline. If the actual story of Spartacus were told in accordance with what is actually written about the true events, the show would have been over in one season.

      I commend the showrunners for not overreaching too deeply into the realm of artistic license.

  43. i am very dissapointed spartacus is a really, really gut serie and i would like to enjoy it 2 or 3 more seassons, Andy was super i am very sorry for him and for his family world loose a great actor, the new boy dont make it bad. i am shure this new season will be like the others Bloody, Sexy, and full of Action !!!!! i think the producer have to think again before cancel it.

  44. william okwaeri says:

    Am surprised liam has been giving little credit since taking ova andy..even tho andy wud definately have done better i still believe liam did a descent job!i’ll miss peter mensah in d final season.

  45. Marie says:

    While I hate that the show will be cancelled after this season, I wonder how we will get an appropriate ending in just ten episodes?? I guess I will have to watch and see…shame though. I only subscribed to Starz because of this show.

  46. Lomna says:

    What about Pompey the Great?

  47. CJAY says:

    I have watched this show from the beginning although I was heart broken when Andy didn’t survive it is only fair that I give Liam the same chance at becoming Sparatus. I have never been disappointed with any episodes of this wild and crazy adventure.I will so miss my awesome gladiators, but nothing last forever, not even for our unsung heroes of the past. Fare thee well.

  48. Cf says:

    Sad to see a great show like sparticus end !!

  49. Teapot says:

    SPARTACUS is Amazing i wish you guys would rehink and actually do like 5 seasons i love it totally AGREE there is more crap out there then most its true that most ppl are sheep liking the absolutly dumb and i pay extra to wach shows like Spartacus Shameless trueblood and Girls Amazing shows and networks, shows like this make it worth it

  50. david tuskey says:

    I have enjoyed previous season of Spartacus. However, so far season 3 has been really disapointing. It was a mistake to fast forward the progression from a small band to a full out army. The new cast members were not introduced properly and not one new character is good. Ceasar is terrible, how was this joker cast? And the Aussie accents are really thick this time combined with terrible dialogue. Hell, even the nude eye candy is ‘blah’. Hate to say it but this season looks like it will be terrible. What happened?

    • Marty says:

      no matter what spartacus will still be one of the best. Same as they pulled the plug on he series Carnival after two seasons

    • L2e says:

      Bull Crap, I Love This Caesar, I Wouldn’t Have Him Any Other Way. Infact I Love Marcus And His Son, Both Characters Definitely Play It With Great Passion As For The Eye Candy I Totally Agree With You, If You Compare The Scenes Of The Happenings Inside The House Of The Infamous Batiatus The Producers Have Definitely “Rammed Cork In Arse”!