Exclusive: MTV Developing Scream TV Series

Scream TV Show MTVGhostface is taking his reign of terror to the small screen.

MTV is developing a weekly series based on the Scream film franchise, sources confirm to TVLine exclusively.

Former MTV execs Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley, who are shepherding the project under their DiGa production shingle, are on the hunt for a writer to pen the pilot.

It’s unclear what role, if any, Scream auteurs Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven will have in the potential series.

The four Scream flicks have brought in $500 million globally, although the most recent pic — last year’s Scream 4 — grossed a paltry $40 million domestically.

Reality-obsessed MTV has found success on the scripted side with hits Teen Wolf and Awkward.

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  1. j2tiger says:

    Huge Scream fan. Minuscule fan of this idea.

    • tripoli says:


      • Brendan says:

        Well they can start the series with a few fake scares and maybe kill one person every few epsidoes until it gets close to the end of the season and they start to drop like flies. Or they could do it like Harper’s Island style with a cast of about 25 people, one dying each week and one being the killer. :) Anything horror-related in terms of tv shows are winners for me. I loved Harpers Island, 13 The Fear Is Real and Estate of Panic.

        • Skittlez says:

          the tv show will NOT be a sucess im a HUGE fan but a tv show SERIOUSLY y cant there just be a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 part 1, & 7 part 2. it could be like harry potter. right? well its going to be bad :( all i know is that theres going to be a 5 and 6 movie , a 2 parter wouldbe nice :) if not i guess i could try the tv steries or just have my ANNUAL screamathan . which ever is fine by me :)

          • thomas davis says:

            the show will probably do good for about 3 seasons with 12 episodes each and plus ive watched scream since i was was 2 i love scream to death its the best thing in the world i cant wait for scream 5,6 and the show but the show wont probably be out till im a sophmore which is my 2014-2015 sophmore year

        • andrew says:

          I agree with you but I hope they don’t do it like Harper’s island they could 2 killers like that as one is suspected and the other would not be suspected or maybe they could somehow make a 2nd season

    • justin121 says:

      Me too.

    • lorna says:

      Agreed. Loved the last Scream, hope Hayden will be in part 5 as rumors have reported. Bummed no KW though.

      • justin121 says:

        PLEASE REPLY Has it been confirmed that there’s a Scream 5? And (SPOILER if you haven’t seen Scream 4) didn’t Hayden like, die? And what’s that about no KW (Kevin Wlliamson?)? PLEASE REPLY

        • she did “die”, but the rumors says she’s alive because you never seen her actually dead, like all the other victims, that’s why plus in SCRE4M there are some scenes that proves that maybe kirby is alive

          • justin121 says:

            Thanks for replying. My biggest pet peeve about Scre4m was that “the death party group” was way too small. Like 4 people. More importantly, IS THERE A SCREAM 5? Plz say yes.

        • Ryan says:

          Idk. I mean we really didn’t get to See her very last breathes so maybe. And Kevin Williamson, said that he won’t know if they are doing another scream because he won’t write it:(

        • Ryan says:

          On scream 4 the movie comentry hayden did not confirm kirby died because if there was to be a sceam 5 they might bring kirby back, so probably 89 percent iz tht she didnt die ;) che k it out on the dvd

        • Skittlez says:

          yes there is confimed of a scream 5 but NOT a scream 6 :) :(

      • Skittlez says:

        SPOIL ALERT Kirby is alive because i never said she was dead and they never found her body. so she might be alive. liike maybe in the 5 it will start off with kirby walking upstairs and then to her car and driveing to the hospital

    • ryanandhobbes says:


    • Megan says:

      They’re gonna turn Scream into Stab.

  2. Nick says:

    Nearly everyone dies in all the Scream movies. That’s going to be hard to do on a weekly basis. Unless you undergo A LOT of cast changes.

    • guest says:

      It could work like Harper’s Island however, that was a mini series. Don’t see how this would work in a full-scale television series unless it’s an anthology series like American Horror Story or the protagonist is the only one to survive every season and they just re-fill the cast each year. They could make it like a cop show about a team of detectives tracking the ghost face killer and intercut it with Scream-like scenes of his killings but that won’t really feel like a Scream show. Whatever they do, I’d hope they make it really meta like the movies and have characters say stuff like “a horror show would never work on television!”

  3. This is why we can’t have nice things….

  4. lafergs says:


  5. maya says:

    I love the movies, why MTV WHY?

  6. Cory says:

    I hope it’ll be good! I’m a huge fan of the film series. Actually have a good plot to it and all…

  7. Tvaddict says:

    I will definitely watch this! Could be a great pairing with Teen Wolf!

  8. taylorrness says:

    I’d be good with this if it was like Harper’s Island.

  9. Mike says:

    Kevin Williamson or no deal.

  10. kelly says:

    Kevin williamson must do this. I’d rather see a scream 5 that gets a good release date — like a december release date.

  11. xxkraitxx says:

    No. Just no.

  12. alyssa says:

    I’m a HUGE fan of the Scream movies; kind of obsessed, actually. And I’m completely frightened by this idea, and not in a good way. I just don’t see how it could work, unless it only lasted one season in a Harper’s Island-esque way. There’s no way you could keep killing off characters and drag out finding out who Ghostface is for longer than one season. If this does make it to air, I will definitely give it a chance, but I don’t have any high hopes.
    Knowing MTV, they’ll probably ruin it like they did with Teen Wolf.

  13. John says:

    Basically this is what American Horror Story should have been, 13 episode season where the cast is whiddled down one by one till we get a revealed killer.

    • lcm27 says:

      Like Harper’s Island

    • J.K. says:

      @John Umm, yeah. That IS what American Horror Story did in most aspects. AHS basically took note from Harper’s Island and put it’s own spin on it.

      And why would you want AHS or Scream to have one season where everyone gets killed off and then the murderer(s)? We had that already, it was called HARPER’S ISLAND.

  14. I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

    Definitely in! They can do a “Harper’s Island” type thing, where someone gets killed off each week, big mystery builds until the finale, then a new killer next season. Love this!

  15. Oh my god, I am beyond interested in this idea. However… Isn’t Tony the guy who approved The Hills? Awkward silence.

  16. I think it sounds good, but not sure how many seasons this idea can last unless each season is a new plot and cast.

  17. Rolfe says:

    I’ve actually been hoping for a television version of Scream for a while. I just want Kevin Williamson involved.

  18. lcm27 says:

    I was sort of excited until I read MTV.

    • Russ says:

      MTV has actually been good with scripted tv show lately. Teen wolf and Awkward. and some of my favorite shows on tv. it just gets a bad wrap cause of Jersey Shore and other reality tv shows.

  19. Keenan says:

    I can totally see David Arquette doing this (What else does he have?)
    What that means for the relationship with Gail…. Well not good.

  20. jdscissorhands says:

    As a huge Scream fan back in the 90s, I did appreciate the 4th movie as it nicely paid hommage to the original one and somewhat erased the disappointment that Scream 3 had been in 2000. But I think that there shouldn’t be any form of continuation for the next few years. Maybe they could reboot/remake Scream with a new cast in let’s say 10 years from now… As for a TV series so shortly after Scream 4? Well, no thanks. Plus I don’t see how they could handle the Scream concept on a weekly basis… Harper’s Island tried to do this and it didn’t really work… Let the Scream saga to rest for a while…

  21. JC says:

    Don’t ruin the Scream series MTV it wont work!!! Please don’t associate the three main cast members in this series don’t mess up the mythology!!!

  22. Seb says:

    Here’s the main thing scream 4 flopped because of a crap release date for a horror also it had been gone for a long time and the newer generation wernt as well known to the franchise to rush to see it, like me a giant scream fan. The new generation is my biggest problem here, if this sucks new generations will automatically assume the scream franchise sucks tarnishing its reputation. Also without williamson as we know with scream 3 the satrical side of scream comes across goofy like scooby doo without a good smart writer.

  23. Kymberly says:

    No! Without Neve Campbell, et all ESPECIALLY Kevin there is no Scream! If MTV wants a companion for Teen Wolf then they should pick up The Secret Circle!

  24. Mr.Floppy says:

    I LOVED this franchise (well, except Scream 3), and I think it had a perfect coda with Scream 4.
    So at least I hope they won’t use any of the original characters. I’d prefer if they’d use the Stab movies instead, but I know Scream as a title sells more.

  25. Andrew says:

    I do NOT like this idea at all. Hopefully, the Weinstein Co. will shut this down. I’d still like Scream 5 and 6 to be made (as the fourth was supposed to kick off a new and final trilogy to the series) even if they’re not as successful as the earlier films at the box office.

  26. Jared says:

    I love this idea..im definitely a SCREAM fan..and I think MTV could make this work..MTV can be edgy and this is the perfect show to do that with.

  27. Mikael says:

    IF it were going to be a tv show, I think it would really only work on Showtime or HBO. I know AHS got away with some grisly deaths, but I don’t see Scream working on MTV. And I’m sure it would just ruin the movie series, which is so classic (even the awful Scream 3)

  28. sarah says:

    NOOOOOO! DO not ruin my favorite horror franchise by bringing it to tv!

  29. Me says:

    Just add “Scream 4” to the original films and make it a quadrology–or whatever this would be called. The writer could establish his own take on the film series by creating his own characters and make them the stars of a new trilogy or something.

  30. MaryAnn says:

    After the high quality of “Teen Wolf,” I am definitely willing to check out new scripted entries from MTV. However, the big thing is how will they make this work? If they use the same format as “Harper’s Island,” all I ask is that the acting and characterization be better than that series. There should be little clues all along that will allow us to pick up on who the killer is, instead of having him come out of the blue and totally off the walls.

  31. jake says:

    They could do it where every season is like a new movie fallowing one person or a small group of people. Just like a movie but drawn out. The first episode would be like the opening of the movies, a big shock then introduce the cast then Evey episode some one dies then the last episode ofbthe season the killer is revealed. I’m just worried its going to be lame where ghostface sounds nothing like he dose in the movie and that we won’t get any more of the old characters. They tried something kinda like this with Charlie’s Angeles and it was a big disaster. Or it could be like teen wolf and actually be worth watching… Oh and what would the rules be? There’s no rules for a horror TV show.

  32. COME ON MTV! seriously!? i mean this can be whether really good or really bad, with the right writers it could be amazing, but i’m not sure about it, i mean they are playing with one of the biggest horror franchises of all the time, it would loose all what scream movies stand for, i mean i’m a huge fan of the franchise i don’t know hot to feel about it, i really don’t see how the are gonna adapt the movie, it could be some kind of harpers island thing, or it would be what happened with Jill Roberts after the SCRE4M, anyway i think it would be a million times better a scream 5 than the tv show

  33. Adam says:

    This is gonna Fail. It might surprise me like Teen Wolf did, but probably not.

  34. Austin says:

    Honestly I think this could work but only if they spin as to, well the world’s reaction to what happened to Sidney, maybe they could have a cast in a different city where suddenly murders happen like what happened in the Scream films, because “crazy” people where in love with what Ghostface did and they wanted to become him.

    So yeah, I think they should stear clear of the film series and make it like a spin off TV series where they follow up on the events of what happened after the world found out and psycho’s start to come out of hiding.


  35. Chance says:

    Maybe they could find the killer at the end of each season

  36. Kathleen says:

    Do it! it could always work if they try. hopefully they don’t use the original characters though, because it would change the story too much… but i still think they should do it. i’d watch it. i still hope they make scream 5 and 6 though.

  37. Noah says:

    Try to have the series go episode by episode into scream 5

  38. Shawn says:

    They could start off the way the 1st film did with a teen couple getting murdered which connects a main cast and through each episode more drama and secrets come to light and other people begin to be murdered and then at the end of the season the killer’s revealed and after he/she is taken care of a new murder is committed leaving a cliff hanger for the next season

  39. Ivon says:

    if hayden isn’t in it i’ll be soooo upset!!! they shud get her in it at all costs, pay her whateva amount of money she wants!!! her fanbase wud totally skyrocket further if she became the new sidney!!! I NEED HER IN THIS SHOW!!!!! :D

  40. casey says:

    Kirby please

  41. Candyce says:

    I heard Joshua Patrick Dudley, the writer of the Stab movies from StabMovies.com is going to be writing the Scream TV show! That would be so awesome! I love his movies and his writing style! His scripts are scary and so funny!

    • Ryan says:

      I don’t think so. No offense or anything but when it comes to his Stab series, nothing is original-I find it quite boring.

      • Candyce says:

        I completely disagree. I think he recycles a lot of the basic themes of Scream but thats wat u have to do to make it work. I think his movies are funny and scary! it’d be so badass if he wrote this series!

  42. Tommy says:

    This is gonna suck I really like the movies but the show isn’t gonna be good cause it’s gonna be on television so it aint gonna be as violents as the movies so it’s gonna be different and another it’s gonna be different is the cursing in the movies they cursed a lot I mean I dont really care about that it’s gonna be different cause it’s tv u can’t take a rated R movie and turn into like pg 13 which will be like tv 14

  43. Ryan says:

    This is a wonderful idea! But they should use the title Stab. I think it would fit better plus it would kill the movies if they made a tv series with the same
    Name as the movies.

  44. deaan says:

    Why don’t they just make It based on the stab movies?

    Not the scream movies…

    They could try to get Shenae Grimes and Lucy Hale to Star ★★★★

  45. josh says:

    I agree with everything, but I would like to see more than one season because there was a ten year wait in between scream 3 and scream 4. I dont know how they would do all of that just in one season. I do like the idea of the harpers island way of doing this. They should do each season like that but with more than one season. I was a big fan of harpers island and especially a huge fan of of the scream series. I remember when I first fell in love with these movies. I dont wanna be a really big begger of wanting Scream five and six to happen, but please do not let down your biggest fans. Thanks for your time reading this.

    Your biggest fan

    Josh Sh.——-Detroit, Mi.

  46. Chris says:

    That guy john something on horrorbid wrote an awesome Scream 5 and has the feeling of scream he messaged me some of his ideas and sound Amazing. I would love to see that become a real movie or see him write the series.

  47. Yahya says:

    Here’s a novel idea for MTV…. music videos! I know…its like a crazy idea and all… but it could actually work.

  48. Armando says:

    I think they should do it like the first season is one big long movie, and then when the season is over start off another season with completely new characters kinda like SKINS UK version.

  49. alex paurez says:

    Im pumped for the scream tv series but they r gonna hav to make it spectacular if they want it to be a big hit cuz the scream movies were such a big franchise
    They shoyuld open it up with a real good death scene
    something that wll grab peoples attention and keep them hooked
    but anyway al the scream fans ( LIKE ME ) will watch it and yeah and see where it goes from there

  50. Daniel mulvenna says:

    When will it be out