General Hospital Scoop: OLTL's Blair Is on Her Way Back - Find Out Why!

Todd Manning’s Port Charles existence will heat up some when Kassie DePaiva brings her One Life to Live alter ego, Blair Cramer, back to ABC’s General Hospital, TVLine has confirmed.

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GH showrunner/former OLTL boss Frank Valentini first announced DePaiva’s encore via Twitter, yet at the time specifics were scarce.

And while Blair’s Port Charles reappearance is still penciled in for a super-vague “summer” timeframe, TVLine has learned a thing or two about the why: Blair is heading to upstate New York to support daughter Starr (played by Kristen Alderson) on a new endeavor.

Oh, and she has some news for Todd. Hmmm.

Mr. Manning, in turn, will be eager to share something with Blair as well. Double-hmmm. Hit Comments with your theories on the bombshells to be dropped!

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DePaiva first visited GH in February — not long after OLTL signed off for good, appearing in a handful of episodes. Her OLTL castmates Roger Howarth (Todd) and Alderson, meanwhile, secured contract gigs with ABC’s lone remaining sudser.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Blair is one of my all time favorite ABC daytime characters. I’m hoping that they keep her around! If they want to make all my soap fantasies come true, then bring David Vickers and Tad Martin, even if it’s just for a handful of episodes.

    • Stacy says:

      Doctor Hayward OR Doctor Troy!

      • okiecarol says:

        Doctor Hayward could bring everyone back from the dead– LOL — I miss David Vickers – I enjoyed every scene he was in — because you never knew what he would do or say — : )

        • Kris says:

          I never watched AMC so I have no interest in Dr. hayward and Dr. Troy was nice to look at but not one of my favorite OLTL characters. My choice would definitely have to be for David Vickers who was one of my favorites. He always made me laugh and would add some much needed comedy to GH.

          • okiecarol says:

            I agree– David Vickers would add some much need comedy to General Hosptial– The die hard GH fans would love having David Vickers (Tuc) on GH –they don’t know what they are missing not having him

  2. hailey mattice says:

    I miss AMC & OLL, these new shows are not half as intersting as good old soaps :) Love Blair, hope she stays in Port Charles a long time.

  3. TV Gord says:

    Great news! Her absence has been glaring through Starr’s travails. Blair would never let her daughter sit through Sonny’s trial completely alone!

    I imagine that Blair’s news is that Victor is alive, and Todd’s news will have something to do with Téa’s baby (she’s probably going to end up with Sam’s baby).

    I’d actually like to see Blair paired with Johnny Zaccara. I know, I know, Blair has had her fill of homicidal maniacs, but Ron Carlivati is already retreading a number of his storyline ideas from the past. This wouldn’t be anything new.

  4. West says:

    Seems strange that the return of Christina looks older than her mother and her older sister??? Doen’t fit the part. Maybe someone a little younger? Glad General Hospital is still on.

    • I agree – I don’t care for the new Christina either

    • rebecca says:

      agree: don’t like the new Christina…waaaay too mature looking…older looking and taller than Sam. ruins the original dynamic of the sisters.

      as for Kassie DePaiva; love her too but from what I read she didn’t want to relocate to California on a full time basis so that is probably why she is just recurring.

      • Russ says:

        Lindsey Morgan is only 22, 2 years older than Lexi Ainsworth, 19. I think she looks vastly older is that Ainsworth could play for 15, she looks a lot younger than she really is. While Morgan could look 27 when compared to Ainsworth.

        • Troy Turner says:

          Folks, give it a rest-Lexi was given the opportunity to come back, but she decided not to. And as for Lindsay looking older, compared to Lexi, OF COURSE she would. Another thing-Have you seen most 18 year olds lately…

  5. I have yet to watch General Hospital since the addition of OLTL charaters, in a nutshell I hate GH never been able to get into in to the mob feel of it. Honestly i morn AMC and OLTL everyday they are truely missed

    • Ro Z says:

      Give Gh a chance. I also miss AMC and OLTL. But at least GH is on and I hope it will be able to stay on so we don’t lose any more of our stories. I am not a big fan of the other soaps on air. ABC soaps were my favs.

      • Kris says:

        I just started watching GH recently because of the addition of OLTL characters or I should say RH’s Todd who is my favorite soap character of all time and the reason I started watching OLTL in 1993. So I’m glad GH was renewed for another year and will continue to watch as long as Todd remains in Port Charles. I do understand though why some GH fans are upset with this new regime though and would feel the same way if the situation had been reversed and OLTL had been invaded by a bunch of GH characters.

    • okiecarol says:

      I agree — give General Hospital a chance– I am really enjoying the new story lines ( well, not so much the baby switch) the writing is so much better — the show is very entertaining these days

  6. whowantstoknow says:

    I’m so happy that Blair is coming back to GH! I hope she stays for awhile. I also hope that Ian Buchanan comes back to GH as Duke now that Days has let him go. It would tie in well with all of the supposedly dead people coming back “to life”.

  7. girlyglitter says:

    This is great! Now if only we could get Natalie to come over to be with John, and Jessica and Vicki over to help Connie with her D.I.D!

  8. ADC says:

    Hurray! Love seeing the Mannings on tv together.

  9. hjam says:

    Hmmm, Blair’s news? Either she’s pregnant from their one night in January, or Victor’s alive, or both lol! Todd’s news? Hmmm, he’s with Carly? Maybe she’s pregnant too! lol Maybe he tells her Sonny didn’t kill Hope and Cole. Idk, can’t wait.

    • Carmaker1 says:

      Blair is too old to be pregnant. Why do people forget that Blair’s mother had her when she was an adult-teenager and that Addie was born in the early 1940s? Seems weird for a woman who’s 50 to get pregnant so easily.

      • Nichole says:

        It’s possible. Not probable, but possible. And on soaps, it happens all the time.

      • TV Gord says:

        Why didn’t anybody bring up age when Angie Hubbard became pregnant on AMC? She was a few years into her 50s.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large says:

          Right? That was a rather random nitpick of a genre that had an E.T. show up in Anna Devane’s garage.

    • Mrg Reddekopp says:


  10. Scarletto says:

    maybe blair is pregnant. I can’t see the return of victor being something played out behind the scenes. They would want to make a good storyline out of that.

  11. Cath says:

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this news since March. :D

  12. Carmaker1 says:

    Blair is too old to be pregnant. Why do people forget that her Blair’s mother had her when she was around 18-19 and Addie was born in the early 1940s?

  13. Karrie says:

    Have you never heard of a menopausal baby? It’s very possible for her to be pregnant!

  14. AngieD says:

    I don’t want GH to turn into OLTL. I enjoyed OLTL, but I’ve watched GH even longer. So far, Rob Carvalati has definitely brought certain OLTL trademarks (i.e. multiple personalities, ‘entertainment’ industry/reality TV) to GH. THe DID is being acted out superbly. However, I really don’t care for Kristina’s return as a reality star and think it’s ridiculous since no one would be allowed to broadcast images without permission of all …. Also, while the actress seems ok, she doesn’t look like her sisters Sam and Molly – even if they are all 1/2 siblings. She doesn’t look like a combo of Alexis and Sonny either. If you’re going to bring in a more mature actress to portray a college age student, then don’t have her act like a rebellious teenager

    • tHeMaNwHoLaUgHs says:

      I’ve watched GH for most of the last 30yrs. Didn’t watch OLTL since the Cord & Tina days. Yes, I was saddened to see AMC & OLTL canceled, but this is getting outta hand. Not all GH fans followed OLTL & I’d prefer see GH’s legacy characters rather than OLTL-lite… SMH!

  15. Mrg Reddekopp says:


  16. Terry says:

    I hate these OLTL people coming to GH, all I read is how great it was and so glad to see this people again. From what I am reading all they
    are doing is rewriting and reproducing old OLTL scrips. GH deserves better than rehashed stories. I didn’t watch OLTL so I don’t care about them. I find it insulting. All Starr does is scream, very poorly at that. GH is Sonny’s show so what do they do–bring in John McBain the greatest cop of all time to ‘take down the mob’. OLTL go back to PA

    • Mrg Reddekopp says:


    • Kris says:

      I disagree completely but thats because I’ve always been a OLTL fan. I just started watching GH recently because of the OLTL invasion but I am interested in some of the GH storylines particularly the Sonny/Kate storyline. But I am first a OLTL fan first or I should a Todd Manning fan first and foremost ( I mean real Todd not VicTodd). I will continue to watch GH as long as Todd remains and can’t wait for Todd and Sonny to have more scenes because Roger and Maurice are great to watch together.

    • Casey says:

      I don’t know how long you’ve been watching GH, Terry, but it is certainly not “Sonny’s show.” Sonny came on the show in 1993–thirty years after the show debuted. Obviously, it was somebody else’s show before that point! Anyway, I enjoy Sonny, and I enjoy all the residents of Port Charles, and they have their place on GH, but now Llanview residents have a place on the show too, and I for one am extremely grateful. So stop your complaining, and be thankful the show is still on the air. Were it not for Frank Valentini, OLTL’s former executive producer, or Ron Carlivati, OLTL’s former head writer, coming to GH, it may have already been cancelled, so count your blessings. I am.

    • Ro Z says:

      Do you want GH to stay on air, or not. So far The OLTL actors have helped keep GH on air. I will support anything that keeps GH on air. These negative comments are not helping to keep Gh on. In my opinion, all of the storylines that include OLTL characters would be the same except they would have some newbies playing the parts. Why not try to get loyal OLTL viewers by using the actors fans love instead of trying to playout these stories with actors we don’t have any connection to. That has happened too many times and we complain that we don’t care about these new people. This way a lot of people already care about these characters. It is a way to get new fans (OLTL fans who didn’t watch before) and a way to keep GH on! Please keep an open mind because once your favorite soap is gone IT IS GONE!!!

      • Kris says:

        Totally agree! I’m a OLTL fan who now watches GH to see the OLTL characters but I now like some of the GH characters and their storylines too.

      • okiecarol says:

        Well said— Soaps have always brought in new characters — who cares where these actors come from– actors off the street or actors from AMC and OLTL– I am just glad that the AMC and OLTL fans are watching and supporting General Hospital–that is the only way ABC/D will keep General Hospital on the air— one soap is better then no soap IMO —

  17. nancy says:

    Kassie will be a great addition, as Blair! I think GH fans and OLTL fans will like her character. Now maybe the character of Starr will be easier to watch. That Character has been way over the top since joining GH, not show casing her in the best light. Welcome Mannings!

  18. shannon says:

    I Love that Blair is back!!! Kassie is a great actress and her a Rodger have great chemistry together. They also have a great history and comedic timing is awesome. Carly and her would be great allies and it was great when Tea and her were rivials they are boring as friends. I think Blair is preggers and Todd is married to Heather out of blackmail( switching teas baby) and he needs Blairs help cause he found something out about Heather who is working with Aliison Perkins. I think those two took Teas baby and is holding Him along with Victor Robin Hope and Cole.

    • hjam says:

      Wow, sounds pretty good!

    • Kris says:

      I think that would be great having Blair pregnant with another kid of Todd’s even if she is too old to be having anymore kids. It would hilarious to have Heather blackmail Todd to marry her and it would create lots of T&B angst for Blair to need Todd now he is unavailable cause he is married to a crazy psycho. Also the scenario that Heather and Allison are in cahoots would be a way soapy twist to explain all this and I would love to see those two loons working together.

  19. Jennifer says:

    I was not a viewer of OLTL, but I’ve been watching GH for almost 30 years. I’m enjoying the integration of new characters (especially the Todd/Tia dynamic). As far as i’m concerned anything that will bring viewers to the last remaining ABC soap is fine with me.

  20. kim says:

    Blair news will be she’s married to tomas thats what i think

  21. MLO says:

    Roger and Kassie onscreen together = magic! Whether fighting or loving, the Todd and Blair belong together.

  22. Stacy says:

    We need One Life TO Live back!

  23. Casey says:

    Kassie doesn’t want to relocate which is why she isn’t back – she is just visiting for an episode or two. I think Todd’s news will be that he and Carly are together and Blair will find out when she comes to see Starr perform or to get engaged to Michael.

    I agree – the new Kristina is awful! She looks too old, too hard, too nasty and the storyline is pathetic! They should have brought Lexi Ainsworth back!

    I like McBain with Sam and I’m enjoying Todd and Starr but we don’t need more OLTL. Sorry OLTL fans but your show is gone and we don’t need to replace GH with OLTL!

  24. Rebbie says:

    I am so excited to see Blair/ Kassie coming back to GH she is an amazing actress I really hope her storyline is for more than a week and has a long run. As for Ron and Frank recycling stories I really don’t think that’s true.. Turn into any soap and you will see if you watch long enough that a story line that was played out long ago has some revalnce coming back to life in a different angle. I think they are doing an amazing job! We still have GH don’t we! Just to add I also do not like the new Christina and think her character has been brought on in yh the wring light and with to much fire! They should have kept Lexi.

  25. GH Loyalist says:

    I never watched OLTL, but am ok with the integration, although Starring needs acting lessons ASAP! The return of Heather was genius, Tracy Q is amazing, and Felicia’s return a joy. Lossing Ewen, terrible – with those and, he should have been shirtless all summer. And as for the reality show – OMG do away with that story immediately. It’s tacky, stupid, tired and ridiculous.

  26. Cookie says:

    I have a question — I thought Ted King was signed to a contract with GH. Does anyone know if that is still the plan? Would he be portraying a) Tomas Delgado? b) An Alcazar (and maybe Skye would come back – yay!) or a new character????

    • Troy Turner says:

      As far as we know, Ted King hasn’t been signed-it was down between King and Michael Easton. If anyone has other info, let us know

      • Kris says:

        Please don’t have Ted King come to GH. I despised the character of Tomas Delgado on OLTL and don’t want to see him anymore.

    • Kris says:

      Please no Ted King can’t stand the character of Nomas Delgado.

  27. cottle says:

    I am so glad that Blair is returning to GH. I had never watched GH but now with OLTL characters I try to watch. I think that the integration of OLTL saved. I hope to see more OLTL characters and AMC. I enjoy Sonny stories, too.

  28. okiecarol says:

    I have watched General Hospital since 1962. During this time I have seen actors come and go– I have seen character come and go – I have seen new actor play an old character. I don’t think of the new actors coming in as OLTL actors. I just think of them as new actors coming on the show. Just because they came from a cancelled Soap doesn’t really mean anything — IMO some GH fans are getting upset over nothing. I am glad to see the new actors come to GH. I am glad the OLTL fans are watching GH — because if the OLTL fans didn’t come on board and start watching GH -ABC could have already canceled GH and none of us want that —-In this old womans opinion

  29. I would like it if all the people from the other shows were gone, and Sam got her baby back! I may stop watching this show

  30. Bridgette says:

    So glad to see Blair is coming back to GH. Can’t wait to see Blair and Todd in scenes together again! I think she’s going to reveal that Victor is alive. At least, I hope. I love Trevor St. John and would love to see him on the show. I’ve read he has no interest in returning to daytime. But I would love to see him back on GH just to wrap up Victor’s storyline. I love GH and I have no problems with some OLTL characters on the show.

  31. John says:

    Has anyone else thought that Christina’s new Producer is Kate’s/Paul jr’s kid? Or Maybe a Sam/Spinelli hook up?

  32. bj says:

    The die-hard GH fans just want the OLTL cast to stop coming over and taking over all the major storylines. We’d like our cast back in the spotlight and the “new” actors to take more of a back seat. I don’t mind McBain but he’s taking over. Dante has all but disappeared as has the rest of our police dept. Todd is good but he’s getting too much air time. And I don’t like Starr at all.

    • Kris says:

      I have to say I’m happy with the current situation on GH but thats because I’m a OLTL fan and just started watching GH because of the addition of the OLTL cast, particularly RH’s Todd, my favorite all time soap character who I could watch everyday and never get tired of seeing on my tv. That being said I do feel for the GH fans who are unhappy and feel like their show is being invaded by the OLTL characters. I know if the situation had been reversed with GH characters coming on OLTL and hogging airtime and taking away storylines from my OLTL characters, I would be very upset and disgusted.

  33. amy leonard says:

    i stopped watching gh when the 2nd carly i was mad but ahve always been a oltl fan so when abc went stupid and cnaceled it. i heard gh was getting a crossover and gh is killer. i love it and am madly in love with starr and michael. not to mention carly blair todd and johnny this is gonna get good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

  34. Jordan says:

    I got really excited upon hearing that Blair will be returning to GH for a short time… I never thought I would be able to get into General Hospital because I grew up with One Life to Live… I will miss that show every day for the rest of my life but now with characters from it transitioning in and out to help bump OLTL fans over to being GH fans… I\’ve watched (almost) every day since the end of February when my OLTL characters started appearing in Port Charles. As for what is going to happen when Blair gets back…I imagine that Todd will have to confide in her about Tea\’s baby actually being Sam\’s…what sort of news Blair could have for Todd…could be a lead on Victor since OLTL people know that he\’s not actually dead but I think that would be too big of a bomb for them to cover so quickly. I can\’t wait to see what happens!!!

  35. peyton says:

    GH has always been my show.,If TPTB will just intergrate more of the OLTL characters with the existing GH characters more I will be happy.
    I like Dante but he has all but disappeared along with Sonny :(

  36. Florence says:

    I have been watching General Hospital since the very early 1960’s when I got home from grade school.. Back then the storylines were about the core families of the Hardy and the Spencer families. There was no mob in Port Charles.

    Anthony Geary was on the Young and the restless at that time. The shows sponsors products were actually shown on camera.