Eye on Emmy: As Fringe's Anna Torv Says One Sad Goodbye, She Braces for the Biggest One

Anna Torv simply isn’t ready to talk about it yet, the loss she experienced as part of Fringe‘s penultimate season finale.

“I… I can’t even… I don’t even want to think about it,” she says of bidding Agent Olivia Dunham’s alt self goodbye. Shaking her head in disbelief and with palpable affection for a fictional being coloring her voice, she shares, “I’m totally going to miss her! I can’t believe they let me have her for so long.”

The moment seemed only appropriate to tell the Aussie beauty that this reporter harbored a bit of a crush on that rascally redhead from the “red” ‘verse. “I do, too!” she confides. “She’s so cute, and easy, and fun…. Because [Alt] Lincoln was always the leader of that team, she was always able to be a little more loose. She didn’t have to carry the show.”

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Torv makes no secret of her immense love for Season 3, which toggled between the “blue” (prime) and “red” (alternate) universes and dangled so, so much Emmy bait. “I’ve missed that back-and-forth,” she admits. Yet Season 4 — in which Peter’s presence in a timeline that heretofore didn’t acknowledge him eventually led Olivia to “remember” how things used to be — presented new notes for the actress to play.

“Any opportunity I get for Olivia to not be so dour all the time, I sort of relish,” Torv smiles. “When she gets her memories back, I didn’t want her to be troubled by it. I wanted her to be truly, ‘This is a great feeling and I don’t want to let this go!’ So that was one of my favorite little parts of the year.”

Speaking of small moments, I had to ask Torv about that look, the one exchanged between Fauxlivia and our Lincoln Lee as the bespectacled G-man revealed his decision to stay on the Other side as the bridge between the worlds closed down. Did the badass beauty actually blush?

“Oh yeah,” Torv confirmed, reminding that the foundation for the agents’ compatability was previously established during a convo between Olivia and her alt self. “[Altlivia] says of Peter, ‘Ah, the Secretary’s son. He’s a real bad boy,” and Olivia goes, ‘Just your type.’ And she’s like, ‘No, actually I like the nice guys.’ Because that’s who she is. That’s why our Lincoln is more suited to her than the Alt Lincoln.”

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Whereas the aforementioned Fringe Season 3 asked Torv to play Olivia, Altlivia, one-posing-as-the-other and — because why not? — Olivia-channeling-Mr. Spock, Season 4 in its final hours dealt the actress another new challenge, by “powering up” her alter ego.

Yet even as Olivia was overcome with newfangled cortexiphantastic abilities, Torv ably portrayed someone not giddy about new gadgets but tentative about their nature.

That stuff is the bloody challenge!” she attests. “How do you do stuff with your mind? When you’re not even looking at anything but a green screen? [Exploding] the lights was easier, but that scene where she’s punching through the air [to help Peter clobber David Robert Jones]…? I haven’t even looked at it, because that was just so awkward to do. But that’s the stuff [the writers] don’t think about. ‘Oh, that’d be cool!’ Yeah? Try doing it!” she relates with a laugh.

Looking to Fringe‘s final, 13-episode season, Torv confirms that Season 4’s Episode 19 – in which she did not appear (thus affording her a chance to hang with her visiting mum in Vancouver) – will inform what’s to come. Though she has not yet been made privy to how much of a time jump will occur between seasons, she’s confident that, save for maybe flashbacks, we won’t see Olivia pregnant. But other than that, “I’m not sure where Olivia is,” given her eventual and rather conspicuous MIA status in the year 2036.

“I don’t know if they’ll go for it,” she starts with a chuckle, “but I would love for her to have not been put in amber [like her team mates], but for her to have been hanging around…. sitting on the sidelines and teaching [daughter] Etta the ropes, sort of pulling the strings from behind, where the Observers can’t get her.”

Such a scenario presents, however, an “age”-old problem. And Torv knows it, yet has a fix for it. “People are like, ‘But what about you aging?’ And I’m like, ‘She’s been on cortexiphan!’ Then I would be able to work with Georgina [Haig, Etta]” – if the other Australian actress comes back.

Then again, it very well may be Olivia’s destiny to die a hero’s death. “I’d be happy with that, too,” Torv allows. “Yeah. I would be happy with that.”

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What doesn’t make Torv happy, of course, is the prospect of ultimately bidding Fringe and her castmates farewell, once these next 13 episodes are in the can. “I don’t think anybody’s really thinking about that” – yet – “but there will definitely be tears at the end, because it’s a huge chunk of my life – and a massively important one, too.”

And though her Fringe run got off to a rocky start, Torv says she would “absolutely” be game to follow it up with another TV turn.

“It’s interesting because after the first season, which was really rough — you don’t know what to expect, and I felt like a deer in the headlights – I was like, ‘I’ll never do TV again. I just couldn’t.’ But after the second year you start to see all of the good stuff. And then after the third season you’re like, ‘Absolutely.’ And now? Absolutely.”

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  1. I got a little teary reading that last bit about the final season! I love the show so much, and have such respect for Anna Torv. I can’t wait to see what they do in the 5th season.

  2. Ashok says:

    Is it just me or is Anna Torv seriously awesome? I will definitely miss her big time after the show ends. :(

  3. Mike Duran says:

    I love her and the cast, I will miss the show

  4. Emma says:

    i would not be happy with a hero’s death for Olivia.:(

  5. Z says:

    Loved Anna and Olivia from the start. People were complaining how bland she was but all I saw was understated acting and truly great depth. Glad she had had Fauxlivia to show them all how versatile she is

  6. Rivera+Kahlo says:

    I just can’t believe after season 5 I wont see Olivia Dunham anymore, my all time favorite character, the main reason I watch Fringe!!!. Anna Torv is so talented, subtle and beautiful with her acting, I’m thankful for all she’s done with Fringe, her well deserved awards along with John Noble, another incredible actor who can manage just about anything. They both have made my heart stumble so many times, chuckle, laugh, cry, they’ve made me feel love for these two characters without even trying, wondering about my own choices in life, and entertained me every second I’ve watched them. Honestly, I will follow them forever and whatever career choices they make after Fringe, because talent is not often found with such a complete colorfulness gracious. I love Anna Torv and Olivia Dunhams (all 12 or so of them!!!) thank you for being part of Fringe, and I hope I get to see a lot of her in season 5…just to tie the knot with gold

    • adg says:

      Yes, if it were not for Olivia Dunham, I don’t think I would watch the show. It is different things for different people, but for me it is all about Olivia. That is not to discredit the show itself or the other cast members. I love them all. I just love Olivia the most. It is kind of sad that I feel something will be missing from my life when this show is over. I normally don’t get so wrapped up in TV shows…but this one is different.

  7. Sherry says:

    The best show on television EVER! I will cry when it’s over. Where on earth will I ever find another Walter, Peter, Astrid or Olivia….superb cast….superb writing….one of those shows that should have lasted longer than all the rest.

    • adg says:

      Don’t feel bad…I am a 47 year old married father of two teenagers and I will cry too. Nothing can take this show’s place.

  8. AngelMoon Girl says:

    Guh I love Anna Torv SO MUCH. She is breathtakingly TALENTED. You can’t help but love every version of Olivia she’s ever played. Woman deserves like a million Emmys by now!

  9. John says:

    Thank God, this overrated stupid show, it´s canceled.

  10. Sarah says:

    Anna torv IS THE MOST GORGEOUS,FLAWLESS,PERFECT,AMAZ­ING women in the UNIVERSE!!!and Olivea Dunham is just one of the best female characters that has ever been on television.

  11. Carrie says:

    Love her, love Olivia and adore the show. I’ll be very sad when it’s over. I think she absolutely deserves an Emmy nomination, but it’s really a travesty that John Noble has never been nominated. He’s brilliant!!

  12. mia says:

    I prefer our Olivia and I never really cared for the redhead version. Our Olivia was so much more relatable, and I liked that she restricted herself and took her work seriously. She’d been through some awful stuff and that showed in her character. I can relate to that. Fauxlivia didn’t seem to suffer much at all and beautiful, popular characters with no damage are just really boring.

  13. Daniela says:

    I absolutely adore Anna Torv. She’s so different than other actresses, she brings something new, something fresh, something I’ve never seen before.
    I really really hope that she will be part of another TV show like really soon, I need a weekly dose of her :) Or maybe in a movie, or something… anything!
    She will always be Olivia Dunham to me! No matter where I’ll see her again I’ll think about Olivia Dunham. She’s done such a great job. But I hope she’ll get to show us her brilliant acting skills more. It’s just so easy to fall in love with her characters, when she plays them with such beauty, naturalness, coolness, heart and that light in her eyes.

  14. SLee says:

    The whole fringe cast is great. And Anna Torv is awesome. She is somehow not the kind of actress that makes you fall in love at the first sight, but definitely grows on you when you know her more. Every interview is a reason that you love her more and more; I can’t help laughing when watching her interviews…

    She is simply a versatile actress with a great heart, yet so humble and kindhearted. Playing a doppelganger is a great challenge but Anna gives more than we’ve expected. I can still remember how shocked I was when “Bellivia” first appeared on TV!!!
    She and John Noble definitely deserve Emmys.

    I love Olivia; I love Anna. I will definitely miss this WONDERFUL show which inspires me a lot and takes US drama to a new level.

    • Steph says:

      She’s truly great, i will miss Fringe so much when it’s over.

    • WTFringe Dunham!!! says:

      I feel the same!!, but in my case she captivated me from the start. Definitely hoping to see her in other rolls after Fringe, and her interviews are the sweetest thing out there! Anna Torv is a rare jewel worthy of my time :)

  15. giusi says:

    i do not understand why many people hail torv as a great actress. she is an actress of mediocrity, which does not shine in any way. in fact she never won any major award

    • Troll hater says:


    • pik says:

      The way I see it, she went from being a horrible actress to an acceptable one at times. I was never convinced by the claims by some fans and a few critics that she was such a great actress, but after a while I thought she was tolerable. In fact, I used the “she gets better” to convince a few friends to keep watching after S1, which was the same thing a friend told to me to convince me to give the show a chance. A conversation with one of those friends made me reconsider my opinion that she got better after a couple of seasons. This friend stopped watching right before Letters Of Transit – to be honest, I would have finished the season, after going that far, but that’s just me – and while we were discussing why it was worth it to continue watching or not, he told me that he could never get into her acting, not as Olivia, not as the alternate, in either timeline. I tried to reason with him and said that she got better since those early days. He didn’t agree. The way we experienced the series could explain why. I watched religiously every week and then I would rewatch during hiatuses. He would grow frustrated by the pacing, a couple of characters and a few storylines, so he would stop watching after a couple of episodes and catch up later. He believes the key difference between us is that I’m more used to her than he is. The steady exposure makes her more familiar and acceptable, part of my routine. Not so for him, he is capable of being more neutral or maybe harsher, as I like to tell him. I’m loath to agree with him to those extremes, but I think he makes valid points. I still maintain she’s not unwatchable and that she doesn’t quite spoil the show for me, maybe because of that familiarity after so long, but to think she deserves an Emmy nomination? That’s ludicrous.

      • WTFringe Dunham!!! says:

        lol, same TROLL, honestly! who would fall for that

        • pik says:

          Huh? So now everyone with an opposing view is a troll? Narrow-minded much? I made an argument for my position on this subject, without any trace of personal attack, which is the opposite of trolling. Grow up!

          • WTFringe Dunham!!! says:

            Right, so you bother to read and comment on an interview of an actress you consider horrible first and gets better and that’s why you gave the show a chance because that’s how “one friend” convinced you, and then you tried to convince “a “few friends” with the same argument that she gets better, and then “one friend” gave up because he hated her acting…please!, just give YOUR REASONS, MAKE YOUR POINT with some kind of respect for her and her fans, instead of making your argument with so much poison focusing only on how desperately Anna Torv doesn’t deserve an Emmy…that’s just TROLLING and full of hate. Like you’re gonna convince anyone to hate her acting like you do because of your “imaginary fiends who supposedly hate her acting as well”. BTW it’s ridiculous to think that a bunch of your “friends” have the same taste toward Anna and non of your “friends” like her…right?…that’s 100% delusional.

          • pik says:

            Talking about delusional… At no point did I try to convince anyone. You cannot accept other points of view, that’s YOUR problem. I offered two different opinions on Anna Torv’s acting, mine: she got somewhat better, and my friend’s: she didn’t. I admitted he might have a point in his reasoning. From that you invented a story and spew some venom against me. I wonder who is the troll now. Grow up and accept that there are people out there with different points of view and stop with your personal attacks.

  16. Mo says:

    She won two times in a row the Saturn award for best actress in television. Imo she’s an exceptional actress.

    • giusi says:

      but this is an award given only for the sci-fi category. but if you’re a good actress win other award, type emmy, golden globe, screen actor guild award, i do not think she will have won, so torv is not so good but passable actress.

      • mia says:

        except no one ever wins for a genre show. Its so rare that they need their own awards. Most of the cast of Battlestar Galactica deserved Emmys for their work not to mention pretty much everyone on Fringe.
        Emmy, Globes, SAG, etc…none of them ever credit genre programming.

  17. giusi says:

    do not even understand why praise for Anna, you must slay another actor like Josh.

  18. Steph says:

    Great interview she’s lovely as always. And i will join others here and say that yes it’s a shame that both Anna and John did not get any Emmy recognition.

  19. shia says:

    i just love this woman

  20. tvdiva says:

    I am so grateful and thankful we got five years of Fringe and that we can watch it over and over again on DVD.

  21. Frank says:

    Nice article. But it’s not “Altlivia” it’s “Fauxlivia”!!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      As a rule, in each FRINGE feature I go by what the actor at hand uses — and Anna regularly uses “Altlivia.”

  22. Ben says:

    Anna is such a great and unique actress, a dazzling study in contrasts. I am so in love with her,And when Come to a end i’m sure i will be crying too.

    • Ken says:

      Ben, i am in love with her also,what not to love.It boggles my mind that Josh Jackson (Peter)can act opposite Anna all these years and not fall in love with her.Or maybe he has and is just not reveling it.

  23. meana says:

    Both John Noble and Anna Torv are just AWESOME!!!!

  24. Locke says:

    Love her. I am going to miss her and the entire show which is brilliant.

  25. Liz says:

    Peter is great, Walter is the greatest, but I love Olivia Dunham the most.
    Every vids and interviews make me fall in love with Anna.
    Her accent is smokin hot. Ha!

    • WTFringe Dunham!!! says:

      Same for me!!!, she’s my “most” reason. That’s Fringe surrounded by “great”, and the good thing is that there’s enough for everyone. God how I’m going to miss Anna!

  26. Brandon says:

    Anna torv is the main reason, I watched this show and she deserves an Emmy

  27. Eli says:

    Olivia is a truly complex and layered character and Anna plays her perfectly.
    She is an incredibly talented actress and seems so nice and cute in interviews.
    She deserves at least a nomination, I know it is nearly impossible … but sometimes dreams can come true!

  28. Matt M. says:

    It seriously blows that this awesome series is coming to a close; however, in agreement with much of these posts numerous fans, it is fortunate that we have had the show this long. It seemed as though almost every season i found my self on my knees praying for a return next season. it has been a great run, but we all have known that this day would come :(
    love the cast! (((especially walter! they shoukld find a place for him on the science channel despite the utter failure of a show, “Dark Matters: Twisted…..”; he is just too cool.)))
    I will miss this, as will you all, but I will definitely reminisce upon this fantstic show as this is the only televisiobn show that i own on dvd! :)
    Later Yall!

  29. ADC says:

    I didn’t really like the Olivia character until around the second half of season two. She was so stiff all the time. My mind was completely changed in season three and I have been very impressed with AT’s ability to play all the different versions of characters that they have thrown at her. Season four was pretty bad imo, but I will be sad when the next thirteen eps are over.

  30. panda says:

    She is wonderful and such an excellent actress!

  31. She’s gonna be She-Ra in the upcoming He-man movie

  32. Delo says:

    I believe I was looking at Anna Torv through american eyes when I first saw her too. I tought she was a bit stiff and and hollow, but her admission of her feeling like a ‘deer in headlights’ might explain why she seem like that. I even think because of her aussie upbringing and enviroment that might have something to do with with her acting style. However I think her continuing personal life experiences has helped her to reach deeper which has helped her character evolved more with the plots of the stories. However, I have to admit that I never did like the flaxlivia character. Ever since her first introduction as a killer and misleading boyfriend stealer, It gave me a very bad impression of this red olivia as some like to call her. However, I think I started to like her in the 4th season but only because I knew this was a different flaxlivia. But I am really upset because I felt they belittled our Olivia character and growth by trying to put a large distinction between the two. To me she was reduced to a depressed introverted zombie, of coarse with the exception of Brave new world 1 and 2.. I feel the observer had more emotion than she did. That being said, I still stick behind and support my ‘True Grit’ Olivia and applaud her for the silient strength and insight she had to save and protect those who couldn’t or didn’t know how to help themselves.

  33. Chris says:

    For all those people saying Olivia was stiff in season 1 and 2, she was an FBI agent! I’m sorry, but I don’t understand why is no one remembering that. She plays/ed the part realistically, unlike many other female cop characters currently on TV that look and act like they should be walking the runway in a fashion show.

    • Ken says:

      Chris– I’m rather perplex by this “stiffness” comments about Anna in season i and 2,i for one found that she played the FBI agent part in a realistic manner,serious and business like.The writers did a wonderful job with the Olivia character,they made her a hard decent working woman whose mane focus was her job.They did not turned her into some bed hopping slut which i am sure some of the simple minded watchers would find appealing. However the writers stuck with what they had promised,a well written,decent show that the whole family can sit down and enjoy.This is one of the reason why i have always given the show-runners top marks,and for being the romantics that they are,like myself.

      • Jo Markz says:

        Chris, you’re so right. I get a big kick, and a huge laugh, out of those who view Anna Torv as acting “too stiff” portraying an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation! I’m just curious, does an actor for the FBI play it “loosey-goosey” to be believable? Maybe in the red universe that works, but not here in this universe!

  34. au revoir, Fringe says:

    The thing i’ll miss the most about Fringe is Anna Torv, and have no shame in admitting it at all. In fact, my favs on Fringe are: Anna Torv, Seth Gabel, John Noble, and Jasika Nicole in this order. Why? Because to me, they are in a much, much higher level of acting. There’s a raw talent running through their veins, and they have better and more engaging overall personalities. That’s not to say that i don’t appreciate the rest of the cast. I’m just saying they don’t impress me as much, no matter how they were given the opportunity to shine. The show as been more satisfactory in the past, but honestly, i can’t lie and say i’ll miss it to the point of crying. I know i’ll follow Anna wherever she goes, and Seth as well, as they are my top 2 acting talents.

    • Ken says:

      Are you kidding me,Seth Gabel is the worst actor in the show,he was stiff,with no flexibility in his acting, and he had no personality,that is why he did not fit in with the team (bad casting).I’m sorry but i have to disagree with you about Gabel,he is no Josh Jackson.To be honest i was rather pleased that he will not be back for season 5 now that the bridge is closed.With all respect.

      • Jo Markz says:

        Alright, Ken, but (and this is a huge “but,”), can you honestly say the same thing about the Seth Gabel (aka Agent Lincoln Lee) of the red universe, or “Walternate?” Linc of the red universe was the epitome of extreme personality and far from stiff! In fact, with the LL of the red universe, this is where one really appreciates the incredible acting of Gabel and his character that we never saw until season three. When one assesses Gabel on the two characters he played, one realizes that we were watching two separate guys played by the same actor. Fauxlivia fell for a completely different guy than the guy she worked with all those years!

        • Ken says:

          Joe,i do agree that Lincoln Lee is better in the Red Universe,and does not come over being stiff (certainly not incredible acting) but there is a reason for it.The kind of acting Gabel gave us in the Red Universe is the way Gabel usually acts.He is a single mode actor,and when he tries to act outside of his comfort zone,then the end result is what we got in the Lincoln Lee in our Universe.Joe i have seen Gable before in other things and they were always light and fluffy parts,and he certainly gave us a mixture of that in the Red Universe,as i have said,”That’s his comfort zone”. Whenever an actor is playing a double role, then both parts should come over believable. I’m sorry but in my opinion Gabel fell short on this,and that is why i thought he was miss cast for the part in our Universe. Now the double roles of Anna and John was superb,this epitomize great acting.Don’t get me wrong Joe,i like Gabel and i am not trying to sway others opinion of him, just giving my own.Case in point,remember when Walter was having that meeting with the scientist at Massive Dynamics while he was stoned, and he said to one of the scientist, “you with the red hair” and the scientist reply, “It’s black” and Walter retort “I see red”. So on that not,as i have said,just my opinion my friend,just my opinion.

          • Jo Markz says:

            Understood. However, “in my opinion,” it is not intellectually fair to characterize Gabel’s acting as “single mode” acting either. His acting of season one and two, versus season three, clearly demonstrated that Gabel is, at least, a man that can play multiple characters, and play them well. In fact, his portrayal of a Police Department’s undercover “beat” cop in S3, versus his role as a Fringe science officer in S1 and S2 revealed Gabel as a truly talented thespian. He was able to convey in the Lincoln Lee of the second timeline a completely separate and distinct character and role from the Lincoln Lee of the first timeline… in my opinion, of course.

  35. Yuri says:

    she’s lovely.

  36. joseph says:

    Anna is so gorgeous.she is my favorite actress

  37. Lilly says:

    Fringe ending is the end or an era when ever I think of it ending I feel sad but I know that know mater what Fringe will live on in the fans hearts and minds.

  38. RUF says:

    Love her!  Great actress, classy lady

  39. Sacha Laine says:

    This is by far my favorite show on tv and I am sad it’s coming to an end

  40. jerry says:

    anna torv is the best actress i have ever seen on tv .I would marrier her in a heart beat and she has very nice eyes .In may of newt year im going to aussie i love that place .And who is patty ?

  41. Arif Abdul says:

    Anna deserves ALL OF THE AWARDS, FRINGE CREW deserve it all the best, iam from maputo, africa and i watch it all day long best serie ever, i hope they do more 5 season, its the best serie on the tv, plz fox make more 5 season.

  42. Odhiambo says:

    From the day i was introduced to Fringe, i knew this ‘drug’ is going to be hard to leave me; its like LSD :-)
    Thank God i have them on dvds so i’ll rewatch them until i know the script off-head.hehe

  43. Mingo says:

    It is with great pleasure that I have watched Fringe from its very beginning, and am heart broken to learn that this season will be its last. Honestly, I believe Fringe to be the X-Files on steroids and have enjoyed the ride. Thank you!

  44. Jennifer Villa says:

    NOOOO! You can’t cancel the show, Fox! It’s my favourite show! The actors are wonderful and the writing is genius. We watch every show with anticipation. I bought season 2 and plan to buy more.Please, please fight for the show, people!

  45. Lucy says:

    Anna Torv is so adorable!!!

  46. Ed Reiner says:

    Fox you are so stupid for letting this show go. What else do you have wirth watching? This is the smartest and most intriguing sci fi show on tv. Huge fail on your part fox!

  47. Lorin says:

    Fabulous actress!

  48. John says:

    I love her ???

  49. Bill says:

    I have followed Fringe’s characters Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop and the remaining cast since the beginning. In my eyes no one could have played Olivia as well as Anna. Thank you Anna for making Olivia so real with feelings. And yes! Olivia and Peter do belong together.

  50. Scott says:

    I think she should command a starship in the next Star Trek movie; I’m sure J.J. Abrams could get her a kick ass captain role!