Drop Dead Diva Boss Previews Jane's Crazy Love Life and New 'Adversary' Kim Kardashian

When Drop Dead Diva returns this Sunday (Lifetime, 9/8c), things will look a little different. Although once again Jane will be tangled up in a love triangle, this time Grayson is the one pining for her. As if that wasn’t enough, there will now be another new guy in our heroine’s life — her new guardian angel! And even that’s not all! Kim Kardashian’s guesting in several episodes as Stacy’s business partner.

Below, series creator Josh Berman updates TVLine on Jane’s romances, reveals Ben Feldman’s status as Fred and explains why the reality star’s presence is a good thing. (If you missed out on any of last season’s drama, check out a mini-marathon on Saturday, June 2, from 11 am-4 pm.)

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TVLINE | Romantically speaking, Jane was left in an interesting place in last season’s finale. Where is her love life headed?
As much as was going on in the end of that episode, that’s how much is going to be going on in the beginning of Season 4. We start with Jane in Italy with Owen, and we see what their vacation has been like. And then we also go back to Grayson, who’s been pining over Jane.

TVLINE | So there’s a bit of a role reversal between Grayson and Jane.
Totally. For three seasons, Jane has been pining over Grayson, and now Grayson has some real feelings for Jane. The question that we ask of these characters — and I think the viewers are going to ask as well — is, does Grayson fall in love with Jane because she’s Jane or because he thinks she’s Deb? That’s a real important distinction that we’re going to explore in Season 4.

TVLINE | Stacy told Grayson, “Jane is Deb.” What is he making of that sentence? And how close will he get to figuring things out?
He’s taking that pretty literally. We play that out over the fist couple of episodes. I don’t want to give away too much. But the first three episodes, he gets closer and closer. The cliffhanger of the season opener is just as good as our season finale cliffhanger.

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TVLINE | Lex Medlin, who plays Owen, is a series regular now. What does that mean for his relationship with Jane?
Their relationship has some real twists and turns. We’re going to learn some things about Owen that I don’t think anyone saw coming. That’s going to throw Jane for a loop. It’s funny, because on the set, people are divided between Team Owen and Team Grayson. I’ll be curious to see if the fans are more Team Owen or Team Grayson. There’ll be some real resolution there [with the love triangle]. It’ll be a very satisfying season.

TVLINE | When I talked to Brooke Elliott, she teased a proposal.
I can promise you that in the first half of Season 4, there will be a very big proposal. There’s a romantic proposal in the first six episodes. It’s a game-changer for the show.

TVLINE | Jane has a new guardian angel this season. Considering how much viewers love Fred, why did you decide to introduce a new person?
For a lot of reasons. But Fred is in the season opener, and I can promise you that he’s not gone forever. We love Ben Feldman, but Fred was always a manifestation of a boy or of a child. We always look at him as like a little kid inside of a grown man’s body. As Jane aged, we wanted to give her a guardian angel who was not just a man-child but a real man. That was the evolution of the angel and why we introduced the character of Luke, played by Carter MacIntyre, who’s more self-assured, more grounded and really more of an equal to Jane whereas as Fred always played the little brother.

TVLINE | Did Ben Feldman’s gig on Mad Men have any impact on this storyline?
Ben Feldman actually shot his Mad Men [episodes] before this season. I don’t think that was important. Like I said, Ben remains a friend of the show. He’s terrific. He’s not gone forever. But when he comes back, it’s going to be a big surprise to everybody.

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TVLINE | How will this affect Fred and Stacy?
If you are a Fred/Stacy fan, your favorite scenes in that relationship will be in the season premiere. We kick that relationship to a new level, and we also explain what their future’s going to be.

Drop Dead Diva Kim KardashianTVLINE | Can you talk about who Kim Kardashian is playing and why you decided she was right for this role?
[She] plays a love guru who is also a barista at a juice bar. Her character’s name is Nikki LaPree. This was a really important character for us, because she needed to have a lot of confidence but also a lot of misplaced confidence. We wanted her to have an air of mystery to her, a feeling that she was larger than life. And we also wanted her to be an adversary to Jane. In looking to cast this role, we learned that the Kardashians are big fans of Drop Dead Diva. Khloe has talked about it. When we approached Kim to play this role, she jumped at the opportunity, and we were thrilled to have her.

TVLINE | Some people love Kim, and some people dislike her. Were you concerned about that and getting any flak for that?
The character she’s playing is not herself. I hope that people will watch these couple episodes with her and then judge for themselves. When you’re on a cable network and you want the show to succeed and you want the show to survive and go more seasons, you have to do things to get attention for the series. If Kim helps bring attention to the series and helps us gain more viewers, get more years on the air, then whatever your feelings about Kim, I hope people will appreciate what she’s doing for Drop Dead Diva.

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  1. Velvet says:

    I have always enjoyed Fred’s character.

    • Gwennie says:

      yes Fred should stay!

    • head honcho says:

      the new guy is an adult male – boring and not the least bit interesting as a character or an actor. Fred was much better – the last show was soooo bad I won’t be watching it next season. Fred deserves better and so does Owen. The director/producers must like pretty boys more than interesting actors who can carry a storyline.

  2. Greg says:

    Would have rathered Fred stay and Stacy go after last season…

  3. CJ says:

    If they want people to like Kim Kardashian’s character, I sure hope she’s learned how to act, because she sucked in everything I’ve seen her in.

  4. westwingpotus says:

    Wow, down to hiring Kim Karsashian for turn-in-to-see-the-freakshow ratings. That’s just sad, sad news for this show. (although I had to LOL at the “she jumped at the opportunity”. Of course she jumped; she’d sell her used tampons if she thought it could make a buck.) I’ll be skipping those episodes.

    • Angel says:

      Wow.. someone going through PMS? I’m neutral to the Kardashian sisters and Kim guest starring on DDD, but I do trust the writers and I’ve loved their casting so far so if they see her as a good fit for the guest role, then I’d give it a chance. Looking forward to Drop Dead Diva finally coming back!

    • Debbie says:

      I agree with you 100% ! I love this show and I hate Kim Kardashian!!! I’ll be skipping the shows with her on it also.

    • Katrinka says:

      Skipping a show that you thoroughly enjoy just because you dislike a temporary guest star seems a bit idiotic. By all means, feel free to dislike Kim Kardashian’s performance on DDD *after* the shows have aired. I’m most certainly not a fan of hers, but I won’t make a judgement until I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

    • CR says:

      Thanks for the laugh, I’m on board with you. I’ve had it up the here with her, and will not be doing anything that promotes her career,

  5. Ellen in NYC says:

    Why didn’t they ever give Ben Feldman regular cast status? Fred is one of my favorite characters (I would vote to get rid of Kim.)

    I like Ben Feldman’s character better in DDD than MM. In MM, he plays a stereotype…an odd stereotype. (It’s hard to stereotype an angel.)

  6. Karen says:

    Looks like I’ll be skipping several episodes – I don’t want to give KK any more of my time than absolutely necessary.

  7. Melissa says:

    I am soooo ready for Sunday! Team Owen all the way! He is a better fit for who Jane is now. I wonder what he has been hiding though!

  8. SJB says:

    I am very sad that DDD went with a cheesy reality “star” when there are so many talented actors who would bring quality to the show as opposed to a trash tv aspect.

    • Luna says:

      I completely agree, she’s trash! DDD is my favorite show, I couldn’t wait for season 4 to start, that is until I found out KK was going to be a part of the cast. I deleted the season from DVR, no more DDD for me until the get rid of the fake & shallow piece of trash!

      • Miss Lisa says:

        She was only in the first three episodes, she’s no regular and the part she played wasn’t bad–it really kicked off an interesting storyline for Stacy

  9. Jeremy Gable says:

    I enjoy this little gem of a TV show so much. I can’t wait.

  10. Steven Leitner says:

    This is for anyone who likes this show but doesn’t like Kim Kardashian. If you don’t watch this show just because she’s on it, the show’s ratings will drop and you will lose this show forever, so think hard before you decide not to watch this show.

    • Marisa_once says:

      You’re so right! I, for one, love this show too much not to watch it whoever the guest-stars are. I’m not a fan of Kim Kardashian, but it’s not going to keep me from watching.

  11. Marianne says:

    I love Drop Dead Diva, but I am disgusted by all things Kardashian, so no more DDD for me. :-(

  12. Robin says:

    I’m just kind of eh about the Kardashian thing…I was someone surprised but it will not keep me from watching the show. I’m looking forward to the new season. Sad to hear about Fred though…I do hope he isn’t written off completely. I love Fred.

  13. Kristi says:

    I’ve been really upset ever since I heard that a Kardashian was being shoved into this show. They already infect too much of our media. They are inescapable. On the TV, on radio spots, print ads, magazines and more. I probably wouldn’t even be able to escape them by moving out of the country and going on a media fast. I LOVE “Drop Dead Diva”, and I was so looking forward to this season. A Kardashian being in what I thought was only one episode (until I read this) was bad enough – and was enough of a turn off to make me seriously consider never watching this show again. Now knowing she’s going to be shoved down my throat for multiple episodes? Disgusting. Now I have to weigh whether my love for Jane et al and this show outstrips my dislike of the Kardashians. I’m sick of them being handed things on a platter because of who they are. It’s awful. I’m afraid my love for this show doesn’t outstrip my dislike for anything and everything Kardashian – I dislike Kardashians that much. I’m sure “Drop Dead Diva” will get lots more ratings with this casting stunt – but they will have lost me. Not that they care.

    • Terri says:

      I agree with almost everything you posted, with the exception of ratings, I think the type of viewer who watches DDD do not want to see anything Kardashian. Let’s hope I’m right and they dump her as fast as she dumped Kris (her husband).

    • tarc says:

      But isn’t the thing that bothers people about the Karadshians is that they are famous, but have no talent/value? Kim was a bit stiff on the premier episode, but I have to admit that is seriously cuts into my dislike if she actually is trying to develop some acting skills and become famous for a actual reason.

  14. veronica says:

    Oh my god really,!?! Im not a big fan of kim either but when your looking for someone with an air of confidence “snotty and thinks they deserve it all” who else would u get besides kim, and an advasary “someoone everyone already cant stand” kim. Im a DDD faithful. I love jane and all them my dvr is set for the season.

  15. Superluli says:

    I am team Owen all the way!!
    I find it annoying that Grayson only liked Jane when he found out she was Deb, Jane deserves someone who loves her for who she is not who she used to be.

    Owen! Owen! Owen! Owen!

    • Stacy says:

      If you watch he was stating to fall for Jane before he knew but he was fighting it because everyone he went after was like deb but he always came back to Jane

  16. SoS says:

    I’ll also skip the episodes with Kim Kardashian. I like the show a lot, but I dislike stunt casting even more, especially if the casted person isn’t even an actor but someone who is famous for being famous and did not show any acting talent in her previous endeavors.

  17. Cassie says:

    Man, I try so hard to make sure Kim K. stays off my screen but of course I can never get away from her. But I’m not even going to pretend like I’m not going to watch her episodes.. I’ve been waiting for DDD to return.

  18. susola says:

    Now that Kim K. is joining the cast, I will no longer watch this show. Seriously!

  19. Tee says:

    I was so sick of the disjointed stunt casting in the last season. Kim K showing up now is just… ugh.

    Also sad to hear about Fred!

  20. Stacy says:

    I am so team Grayson you could tell he was falling for Jane before he even knew it was deb and I think it shows they are true soulmates if she ends up with Owen then it is like soulmates are not real or that if deb would have lived she should have been with Owen so I am so team Grayson

  21. Laura says:

    I hope that Fred will eventually come back for good. I definitely am Team Jane/Grayson.

  22. JD says:

    Kim kardashian is horrible in this as was the story line. I may watch one more episode but truth be told the season opener was really bad for I show I have loved preciously. really bad writing of the Fred Stacy ending and a sorry state for the series.

  23. Jt says:

    The show was good I don’t like Kim either she wasn’t bad. Need to overlook who she is I’m going to miss Fred also I know he’ll be back but I like the new angel Luke he has a lot of spunk

  24. punkin says:

    I love this show since it has been coming on! Kim Kardashian is not going to enhance a show that is great, it will help her! I love all the stars of the show. With or without kim it is one of top shows on television!

  25. Terri says:

    Can’t stand Kim and if she stays I will leave. As will all my other diva friends. Sad that Fred has departed, can only hope they see what true fans are saying. Kill off Kim and return Fred. Can have great story lines with Grayson or Owen, Fred and Stacy, but see no benefit for having Kim. The many people I know who love and watch DDD do not and would never watch anything with that media seeking missile, who is mock famous for nothing. I know her family has media attention and money, but for the life of me I and all my people don’t know why. PS, Kim can’t act, and her money and fake marriage can’t fix that. This may sound like a personal attack, but it feels like a personal affront to one of my favorite shows.

  26. Diva girl says:

    u got rid of FRED and placed KIM, gross, and so what if Fred is Boyish or whatever, we like STACY AND FRED, so I like the Good angel and bad angel story thing u have but u need both. BTW that was sooo dumb making Stacy forget fred, is that some lame way to make us forget fred or because you want stacy move on to another dude?? either way DUMB and careless writers. NO to Kim. And I like Owen a lot so let them stay this season together, because eventually Jane has to be with Grayson, but when that happens do not be careless as u have done with stacy and fred, and give the relationship respect and Owen character too.

  27. Lola Let says:

    Hate what the show has become adding Kardashian into it!!!! I’ve never watched her (KK) before as I don’t watch reality shows! BUT, I love Drop Dead Diva so much. When I saw KK’s name in the opening credits I stopped watching and I actually debated whether to go on or not! I detest how the American culture has become and she and her kind has broken down the values of America. But after 30 minutes of self-argument I decided to go on to give the show, I love, a chance. (Also, I hate to waste and I had just bought the whole season in iTunes). and, well…..I don’t know if it was KK but I did not enjoy it as I usually do!! Though Brook and April did a superlative job as actress and April made me cry on this one…but, it wasn’t the same! I am so sorry DDD! I should have bought DDD separately by shows. PLEASE, PLEASE LIFETIME!!! DO NOT BRING IN KIM KARDASHIAN INTO THIS SHOW! She is NOT VALUE-ADDED to this show. If she’s a good actress she could have sold me as the character she was portraying…but all I saw was a bad actress!!! Man! this is the first time Lifetime did not deliver and made my stomach heave!!

  28. nicole says:

    I really love this show now i dont care for kim and many producers should know that people who watch this show dont associate themselves with kim it’s on life time a family show and the fact that this talentless mess is on the show is frustrating she has done no good in the world she does not deserve to be on this show.

  29. don says:

    living in mexico, i have never seen kim kardashian before. now i have. she was terrible. how is that with all the talented, unemployed actors out there the show chose her?

  30. Gwennie says:

    Why would you get rid of something that is so good, Fred is a good person and helped Jane deal with her change. also Jane finely find romance and that’s what every women wants.

  31. 10 year old says:

    ok i know that almost nobody likes kim or the felo kardashins i couldent agre with you more but just because the dislike for one castmate dosent mean you sould not wach the show i know none of u real care jack about kim or the rest but i think we should put a side our anger about them if the writers think that shes good for the role then im sure she is never know the role just mite be a bad actor that cant get any gigs so stace being nice lets her stay in he house ok actley a read another site and it gushes detils she actaly knows kim it turns out they were best frinds in high school and she was always beter than her so now shes a terable actor loking for a job

  32. 10 year old says:

    i amso bord without this show hatesumer no never mind i love sumer :)

  33. Jt says:

    I want fred! Fred! Fred! Fred!

  34. J says:

    Kardashian sucks!! She’s ruining the show. Who thought this was a good idea??? Get rid of her and get someone who can act!!

  35. MissJ. says:

    I’m sorry to say, but I like the whole Jane and Grayson scenario… I hate the new angel–get Fred back!!! As for Kim Kardashian, I don’t care for her, but she’s gone now. Stacy plays a real good airhead! I like Stacy and Fred as a couple!!

    The way I see it is–Deb was great but, she’s grown up so much as Jane! I think that Grayson loves her as his Deb,,, As Jane he has seen her grow and change, without even realizing it! It’s just now he’s starting to see her in a new way. A way that he didn’t even know was possible! I think that Grayson was beginning to develope feelings for Jane but, when Stacy said: Jane is Deb! It only made things more logical…

  36. rh says:

    Team grayson! :-D

  37. rh says:

    And i want Fred back. Forever! He’s way better than the new character!