Fall TV Preview

16 Fall TV Cliffhangers: Which Stars Should Be Saved? And Which Characters Are Expendable?

The close of the TV season for many an actor signals the opening of “Waiting Season” — aka the sometimes torturous few weeks during which they watch for an official “pick-up letter” inviting them back for the fall. And make no mistake, even those with the cushiest of gigs eyeball Mr. Postman.

“I don’t think as an actor you ever feel confident,” Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown shared with TVLine recently. “Until I get the letter… saying [my option has been] picked up, I don’t rejoice. I could be on Modern Family and not feel confident about it.”

For at least four Smash cast members and one 90210 resident, to cite some early examples, option pick-ups were not meant to be. And for more than a dozen other primetime stars, the future is to varying degrees colored by a big question mark — in some instances only because of how the season-gone-by ended.

Here, TVLine singles out 16 familiar faces whose fates remain fluid, and weighs in on why they should stay (or how they could go). Skim our list then tell us who you think is indispensable, and whose number may be up.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jarrod says:

    If anyone else is getting the kick from Grey’s Anatomy, it is Arizona. The actress is on her way with baby number 3 and considering she’s the most fertile actress on Grey’s Anatomy, I can imagine the actress having another 2 or 3. Not to mention, that broken and exposed leg is just leading to possible sepsis and death. Furthermore, Arizona was coughing up blood and did not mention it to anyone, therefore, not being checked out by anyone. So my guess is that Arizona and/or Mark will (both) die in their sleep next to each other.

    • Jarrod says:

      Oh, and before people say “why would Shonda do that? Arizona and Callie are soulmates! Shonda said they’re meant for each other” – Note what happened to Lexie and what is currently going on between Owen and Cristina.

    • chris says:

      JCap has said this is her dream job, that this is the last kid/they wanted just 3, and she is due mid June so plenty of time to recover before they start fliming again. Mark would do what if he survived? Mope? Be reinserted as the third wheel in Callies relationship? That side show was awful to watch the first time round, repeating it would be worse! Dane’s strength is comedy and he is getting to old for the McSteamy gig, heck the show made him a grandfather! Better he join lexie in the here after and leave the McSteamy gig to Jackson Avery.

  2. M says:

    The only one that I will miss is Percy he was a true evil man. I could care less about Charlotte and lydia. Victoria will be back so no worries about her

  3. chris says:

    Given TVGuide has already said Ducky lives to do another autopsy – and the show runners are confident the rest will be reupped – I’m not worried about the NCIS

    I want to see Arizona live on to do more wheelies down the halls of Seattle Grace Mercy Death, given JCap is the reason I watch that show.

    Eric Dane I think should be let go to join Lexie in the after life and spare us all from any ‘Mark grieving the loss of lexie’ scenes especially given that he is best suited to humor/his acting chops aren’t there for the heavy lifting. Besides which Jackson is the younger, cuter, and much hotter McSteamy for that show now so letting the grandpa go seems a good way to keep it fresh.

  4. Casey says:

    The ratings on Glee keep dropping and that is largely due to overexposure for people like Blaine, Mercedes and Santana, lousy song selections and inconsistent or pointless plotlines. The one thing that has kept people watching is Finnchel so killing off half of that pairing would seriously hurt the show.

    I think it’s time to let Quinn, Mercedes and Puck go because their stories have been told for now but they really need to keep Finn!

    • Ana says:

      Some would argue that Finchel is in fact what is ruining the show. Not everyone thinks that singing showtunes while remaining one of the most self-centered people in all of Ohio is cute. Or that being a flip flopper, being nice one day and a scheming cheater the next is endearing. Some of us actually watch in spite of Finchel. Not because of them.

      • Amy says:

        Exactly! Poor Mercedes didn’t even have much of a plot line this year! Finn has been overexposed soooo much I mean really what else can they do to the Finchel couple?

      • Lana says:

        Emphasis on SOME of you are watching in spite of them. Everyone should know that a television show knows what works for them and what dosen’t. If the general audience and NOT the 5% and below internet fandom and commentors on sites such as these did not like Finn and Rachel together or all the screentime they get then they wouldn’t have it. Everyone raves on and on about season 1 but “Finchel” had waaay more screentime then than now. I agree with the above commentor, I don’t know why Glee feels they have to share the wealth. Some characters should just stay background characters like Santana, Mercedes and Brittany and Blaine should have stayed at Dalton and there should be no more Glee project kids. Another problem with Glee is that the majority of the cast CAN NOT ACT! Characters like Mercedes and Quinn don’t have large enouh fan bases and/or aren’t interesting enough to keep storylines so they need to go. The only actors to be nominated for awards (the ones that matter not PCA’s or teen awards) are Jane, Lea, Matt and Chris. Enough said. Without the Big 3, Glee can cancel itself because they have no chance in hell against Grey’s Anatomy this fall without them.

        • Sky says:

          I agree with parts of your comment. Season 1 was a hit because the show focused on principle characters with secondary characters to compliment them. It was new and different and never tried before. It would chances with some provocative songs and dances-ex Push It. Scenarios that were very adult content suggestive-no gag reflex, male early you know what, plus a few others which escape me now. Brittany was way funnier season 1 with hilarious 1 liners. Now she is written as a moron. Too many characters to be featured on their own. If you did that the stories would have to be 5-7 minutes only per episode. 45 mins in an episode. To have this vast number of cast to be an ensemble with emphasis on each one is somewhat reaching for a miracle. Ryan M should weed out some of the cast even some of whom been there since day 1. Quinn hasn’t had a good story since s1. Mercedes is not going to be a forefront cast member. Darren is not the leading man with oomph that the show needs to stay afloat, even a really talented singer and performer as he is. I love Puck and still do but he has ebbed into the background. Same with Shue and Emma but they are teachers. I enjoy Santana’s singing but the character has grown on me but I’m not a hug fan of hers. Chris IMO just steals a scene with his acting and he intrigues me and choose to keep watching him. But Zizes was taken out of Glee’s equation this year which I was glad to see. Same as Dijon was written out for s2. It is time for several characters to go seek out their futures elsewhere. Quinn, Mercedes, Mike, hopefully not Puck to see another horizon.

  5. Reva says:

    If they kill off Arizona, I will stop watching Grey’s. That show needs to stop toying with my emotions. They already killed so many people and now with Lexie. How could they kill little Grey?! I’m sorry, but Arizona would be the final straw.

  6. Penelope says:

    Please, please, please, please, please get this correct for Grey’s Anatomy. If nothing else. It is so disheartening to continually see major entertainment news outlets allow this to slide.

    Arizona Robbins is Sofia Torres’ mother. Callie is *NOT* Sofia’s only mother.

    It sends a very damaging message to not acknowledge the fact that Arizona, despite the fact that she’s a lesbian, is Sofia’s mother and that Sofia is Arizona’s daughter. It delegitimizes her in a way that perpetuates the damage done in Season Seven.

    • chris says:

      Nothing can erase the damage done in season 7 that resulted in Mark and his sisterwives plus child! The way they wrote Julia in last year smacked of Mark adding a third wife (and child) too his harem all while he lusted after the much younger woman/Lexie. If any of these characters have a demise- let it be Mark! The character has no moral compass, has knocked up to many women, and between the ick factor of sister wives and ick factor of chasing a young luv – just let him move on to the after life.

      • Penelope says:

        Nothing can erase it, and nothing ever will. I share in what you feel and would be just fine if Mark happened to die in the premiere. But that’s beside the point. All I would like is to see this article corrected to acknowledge Arizona as Sofia’s mother. It isn’t difficult to change “Callie’s baby” to “Callie and Arizona’s baby” or “Calzona’s baby.” Or include Sofia in the list of reasons why Arizona should stick around. Preferably both. It isn’t right that these tv news sites keep ignoring Arizona’s motherhood more than a year after the fact, so I just want the article to be what it should. TV Line is a wonderful source, so I don’t want to see it make these kinds of errors.

    • tp says:

      Arizona is NOT her mother. She’s a stepmother. With no legal rights as long as her biological parents are around. It might not be p.c to say but it is the truth. As a parent of 2 children with a stepmother let me say this: In reality there is no “I’m her parent too” . Mark and Callie are her parents and make decisions. Arizona is Callie’s wife and support for Callie in parenting. She is not a parent. If Callie and Arizona were to split is she going to pay child support? Get visitation? Nope.

      • Penelope says:

        Absolutely not. This is the kind of thinking that is so very dangerous and the reason why the storyline was a failure.

        Arizona is Sofia’s MOTHER in all but DNA. Blood is the very least of what makes a person a parent, and by everything but a silly piece of paper, Arizona is Sofia’s MOTHER. Anything else is a flat-out bigoted lie. Sofia will never know a day without Arizona in it as her Mama (did you happen to watch episode 8×05?). Arizona was the first person to know about her, the first to touch her, and the person who made her heart beat. She is Sofia’s MOTHER.

      • mcbway says:

        That’s just not true. DNA doesn’t make you a parent! Loving your child, wether it is yours by blood or not, is what matters.

      • embarrassed4u says:

        To tp: People like you make me sad….

      • Ana says:

        Your situation is very different from the situation depicted in Grey’s. Step parents generally come along after children are older and have bonded or are at least aware of their biological parents. In cases where the step parent has been around from infancy, the child will most likely consider that person a parent, not a step-parent. Arizona has been in Sofia’s life from birth. They have already bonded and as presented on episode 5 of this last season, Callie is making sure that Arizona gets legal rights to Sofia. No child wants to grow up feeling like they are anything other than the most important person in their parents’ world. For Sofia to grow up with the thought drilled in her head that Arizona (the woman who saved her life and puts her back to sleep in the middle of night and loves her as a parent should) is nothing but a second-hand substitute would be cruel and heartless.

      • ally123 says:

        arizona is sophia’s mother in every way that counts.

    • lorna says:

      No, Arizona didn’t even want the baby til the very end. I don’t care that there are two “moms” i just dont consider her one. Idk.

  7. LilyL says:

    I’d like to see them get rid of Penny Jerold Johnson (is that her name) who plays the chief on Castle. I don’t like her character. They didn’t make her tough, they made her belligerent and IMO, it doesn’t work.

    The Castle cast jives so well, even the guest coroners jive well…but the chief…not so much. So if they got rid of her, I wouldn’t be upset.

    But then again with the way the show ended….I’m thinking that Beckett may be opening up her own Detective Agency. i

    • Ana says:

      OMG, YES!!!! I never liked her. I never liked her on 24 and when she came to Castle I cringed. The good thing is that we get very little of her. And I hope it stays that way, if they decide to keep her. I like Beckett and Castle as P.I.s. Nice!!!

  8. cjeffery7 says:

    1) ok i get why people don’t like charlotte, but can we just have a little faith in the writers that her character is going to have a point sometime in the future? maybe she’ll have a purpose in her death, but frankly, i think that would be pointless along the lines of lexie on greys.
    2) it would be a real dick move to kill kono. and suggesting that a show can’t have more than one female regular is just insulting.

  9. Whimsical says:

    You drop Dianna, I drop Glee and just get the soundtracks.

  10. Finn, Quinn and the gleeks need to be around BUT Kono HAS to survive.

  11. Anna says:

    SAVE ARIZONA!!!!!!!!!!!!! JCAP the best!!!!!

  12. Angela says:

    “War isn’t pretty.”

    Heh, I was wondering about that after hearing of Finn’s decision to go into the military. Why would they go with that storyline if they aren’t planning on something happening to him (I know, I know, “Glee” isn’t known for continuity, so the storyline could be dropped and/or mean squat in the end, he could come back fine, whatever. But still, it does make one curious)? As for the others, I’d be okay with Quinn and Mercedes coming back, ’cause I like them. I like Puck, too, but that’s a good point about him becoming a Fonzie type character…which could be interesting (whether it’d be interesting in a good or bad way, though, who knows?).
    As for Pierce, yeah, it’d be really weird if he went the same way as Harmon. If he leaves he’s the character I’d be least upset to see go (and if he’s as bored with the show as he said he was, then he might as well leave if it’s not his thing anymore), but ultimately, I hope he sticks around in some capacity. He does have a purpose within the group, so here’s hoping they can figure out something to do with him and he can still have his good moments next season.

    • Sky says:

      The whole thing about Finn enlisting in the army is just that Rachel assumed it-not verbally acknowledged by Finn. I think that when Mr Shue admitted he blackmailed Finn into Glee, Finn took that in his cap as a leverage to do. Watch his expression of suprise but contemplation to this revelation. I am supposing but thinking that this is as good as any other excuse for Finn to use this trickery to get Rachel to New York to start her dream and not stay just for him. He knows that she would not go along with it if he didn’t have a life that she couldn’t follow-Fort Benning, Georgia. I for one feel that Glee starts ideas like this then keeps them to almost non existent-like Quinn and her accident. Serious over the hiatus to worry about but when the next episode aired it was in passing. Season 1 was about if Finn and Rachel would acknowledge their attraction and desire for each other. Season 2 was about if they would get back together. Season 3 was about of they would marry. Season 4 will be about if they will they reunite. I’m sorry for fans who don’t follow Finchel. But they are the central characters since the start of the show. That is why Cory will be a mainstay.

  13. Kim says:

    Shonda…for all the MFEO love in the world that you talk about….please keep Arizona!! JCap and Sara are amazing together and while the whole Africa thing was tough to swallow…we did it and watched them almost die in a car wreck, have a baby early, and then finally wed. Please keep this example of a family together and show the world that they are just like other families.

  14. Still waiting on watching the final episodes on most shows and I can see I am going to hate it. I hate hate hate cliff hangers, such manipulation, it shows a lack of confidence in the show. I love Bruno Heller – hasn’t given us a cliff hanger yet and hopefully never will.

    • murphysmama says:

      me too, as in I haven’t watched the cliffhanger finales of my faves. And I probably won’t pick up watching again next season until I’m sure everyone is OK. I cannot stand cliffhangers, manipulation is a great word for it.

  15. mia says:

    what Hawaii 5-0 has done with Grace Park is beyond ridiculous and it pretty much made me stop watching.
    its GRACE PARK! She managed to create and sustain 2 separate characters on BSG, both of whom were completely unique (and not to mention handling the numerous other versions of herself on that show).
    The woman can act. She deserves better than 5-0

    • Linda E. says:

      Why does Grace Park deserve better than Five-0? It’s as good as anything else she could do. No matter what she did, she would be part of an ensemble cast, as BSG was. If you think she is not featured on HF-0 enough, it’s probably by choice. All the main stars need a break occasionally.

  16. Monique says:

    Shonda loves her lesbians so I doubt she’ll kill off Arizona. Mark……maybe….the actor always had his best acting scenes with Chyler. It could be one of the others at the hospital. Victoria is just as important as Emily on Revenge so I hope it’s not her. Charlotte….not so much but you can’t discount that she is part Grayson and part Clarke. It’s going to be a long summer without Grey’s and Revenge.

  17. zakspeak says:

    IF Mark lives I’d want him to turn to Addison and move to LA/PP to get away from the reminders of Lexie.

  18. Jeffrey McGraw says:

    It seems to me that everyone without a contract is dispensible. Weatherly is lining up a pilot deal with a spin-off from Major Case it appears. The Jovial Jackyl where he doesn’t have to use an American accent. And it appears that many of these shows are top heavy with disposible cast to begin with.

    He can be replaced with the Uber Gibbs so Leroy Jethro will lighten up. Perhaps a veteran investigator like Benjamin Bratt or, Adam Rodriguez, I hear he is available. TiVa has worn out its welcome anyhow.

    You might even move someone from NCIA: LA to the mothership? Deeks? So no one should panic until the fall premieres. Can Kono hold her breath that long?

  19. Tim Daly posted just a few minutes ago that his character wont be back for season 5 on Private Practice. So i guess thats that.

  20. Emily says:

    I’m really surprised that no one on this list really matters to me. I’d be sad if Mark or Arizona died, but given that I haven’t watched the latest season, I’m just not as emotionally invested, I guess. As for Glee, it has the rare honor of being a show I watch regularly but cringe at whenever mentioned in an article. The worst thing about the show is the staggering volume of passionate yet completely useless internet chatter it spawns. The reality is, stay or go, I don’t think any character exit besides Rachel would make a difference. New blood will always come along. Anyway, any way you slice it, Glee is much easier to enjoy when maintained with low-to-zero expectations.

  21. mcbway says:

    I could do without Finn. Really, I can do without him always f***ing up but still being the hero, thank you.

  22. salim says:

    if you dnt like arizon then you havbe problems yo

  23. Sira says:

    Can’t the Glee writers just ditch the whole Rachel in NY storyline? I can’t help it, but I’ve never liked her character and I was glad to hear she’d graduate this year, only to be disappointed to hear they’d still have her on the show. So better follow Quinn instead of Rachel. But that’s just me.

  24. CactusMoon says:

    Tim Daly tweeted tonight that ShondaRhimes informed his agent that Pete would not be back for season 6. Sucky.

    Really hope Arizona dies on Greys and Charlotte dies on Revenge.

  25. Iching says:

    Nah! They should kill off Taye Digg’s in Private Practice, the annoying kids in Glee and Charlotte from Revenge.

  26. Paige says:

    Save McSteamy!

  27. Mary says:

    I really don’t think Kono will die. I’m a bit worried for Malia, I love her with Chin. As for Cath, I definitely can do without her.

  28. Martin says:

    the best part of 90210 is the naomi show. the main good part of this years season, if new shows hit this likely is last season unlike GG final 11 6th season.

    Wouldn’t miss Dixon, hated him and Ade getting together, wouldn’t mind killking Liam and upgrading Austin but not likely.

    • Ci says:

      Naomi is hilarious. She is the reason I am still watching. I like Silver and Navid together. I feel like the new producers really ruined the show this year. They should have accelerated time and started the season at their college graduations since no one has been seen in a classroom at all this season and they all have CAREERS at 18 years old. So unbelievable! Liam isn’t even old enough to drink and he owns ar bar?

  29. Patrick says:

    lol the only person I care about on Glee is Cory Monteith. He’s really underrated and a pleasure to watch. That’s all xoxo

  30. Ci says:

    The creator of Revenge said someone who is dead will be “hard for the audience to accept” and that is because she’s not really dead. They will say Victoria is dead in the first episode but at the end of the episode it will be revealed that she is not dead. The DA/SEC are doing some kind of witness protection thing for her since she’s testifying against Grayson Global.

  31. Bernard says:

    If they let Cory go on Glee I will stop watching. I doubt the war storyline will be continued it was just put it for shock factor in my opinion. It would be so strange if they would let him go. I think Finn is a crucial character to the show amongst all the dramaqueens and colourful characters he is something different and I like that.

    Dianna Agron on the other hand… yeah they made Quinn have a million personalities already and it’s only made me more disinterested in her entire character. She is nothing special acting wise or performance wise so let that one go and fly away and do whatever hipster thing she wants to do with her career.

    • Sky says:

      She has become Sybil-multiple personality queen. Very distracting and uninteresting to follow a character into Sleepy Hollow. I will not say anything about Dianna as an actress but when watching Goodbye-I yawned.

  32. p1ss says:

    I laughed so hard when suddenly Quinn loved Puck and was kissing him. Didn’t she preach to Rachel about letting go and start your future. Didn’t she sing this song about letting go of her high school loves. Her character is such a mess and Dianna is so basic I cannot. I don’t think we will see much of her on the show, her stories have been told.

    I do think Finn will stay on. He was a main character since the beginning and they love using him as a catalyst for drama (which sucks because Cory M. is a real good actor, top notch). I think he just tries to redeem his dad, he never actually said he was going to the army if I recall. I think he will be in NY in no time. I hope Kurt will join too. Finn and Kurt really play off well with eachother.

    Regarding Grey’s…well I am done with that show anyway since they killed of Lexie so I could care less.

    • Sky says:

      I agree with you about the kiss to pass the test. That was a goodbye for the Quick fans. Quinn served her purpose s1 as the mean girlfriend to Finn and Rachel to be the poor girl to go through teen pregnancy. Since then rather laid back story lines for her. s2 she was at it again-cheater. Glee and their repetitions. S3 was pretty soft story lines for a once principle character.

  33. monster says:

    The fact that Glee is just about Rachel singing solos and crying about it makes me rage. If I have to look at Lea Michele’s frog face making redic spastic movements while singing one more time I will lose it. Her character is so annoying and we’re suppose to care about her dreams, but I honestly care more about what will happen to Kurt and Finn. These last few episodes have basically been all about everybody being a cheerleader to Rachel (Finn, Tina, Kurt etc) because poor wittle wachel ruined her audition, instead of actually saying goodbye.

  34. froufrou says:

    Keep Eric Dane and Cory Monteith. I need eye candy for my TV goddammmitttt.

  35. Jessica-Walters says:

    This will never happen but I hope that horse Lea Michele leaves Glee. I will keep praying. Finn and Quinn can stay, they are subtle actors and look pretty on my screen.

    • Sky says:

      Your disrespectful. What it is all about for you is appearances. That is what Glee has been about since the pilot. Physical appearance-on the outside. Beauty is skin deep for some. But Glee showed that beauty comes in all different kinds of packages. Beauty comes from within. Happiness, One accepts themselves for what they are and to tolerate ignorance from others who don’t know what they do is wrong and hurtful. Peace. To enjoy life for what it gives to the fullest and appreciate and love friends and family as oneself. You need to rewatch Glee from the beginning and put yourself in their shoes. If I were you I’d be embarrassed to have written that comment. It is OK to say eye candy in fun, but not how you say it. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I think Dianna is lovely in a harloquin way. But Lea is beautiful in an exotic way. Beauties-both of them.

      • Ana says:

        Personally, I think you are disrespectful. You troll around for other people’s comments so you can attack them personally. You need to respect other people’s opinions. You don’t have to agree and you can state your case, but you need to respect the fact that others have the same freedom to express themselves as you do. And you need to accept the fact that not everyone is a fan every character in Glee. Some people even dislike the show. You need to come to terms with that.

  36. 99luft says:

    I think Cory, Lea, and Chris all are confirmed for the full 22 eps (also that girl that plays Santana)? They are the main ones that will return, so why would they let one of them go? Dianna is a goner for sure, Quinn is a lost cause….

  37. MistyFox says:

    I was so impressed with Cory Monteith in the last scene of the Glee finale. Damn, when he is given good material he really makes it work. I mean Lea was the one sobbing but I felt like Cory gave the best performance of the episode (and throughout the 3 season) in the last final minutes. Perfection and he gained a fan I guess. I also think Eric Dane did really well in the scene where Lexie died, Pompeo was a little over the top for my taste but Dane was stellar.

  38. iris says:

    Chevy Chase is SO ANNOYING on Community. He is so unfunny and I have never liked him. And Quinn Fabray is like one big ‘White Girl Problem’ personified. I never laughed harder when she had her ~~edgy and punky fase and died her hair pink. Such jokes. And didn’t she try to get the adopted mom like in jail for child abuse and lied about being cripple to win prom queen.

  39. Lasko says:

    Charlotte from Revenge will probably be killed off for sure. Saw that coming. Glee without Finn makes no sense, why on earth would you even think they are planning to send him to war. Like do you think he will shoot people while singing showtunes? Come on.

  40. Henrietta says:

    Why does Dianna Agron have fans lol. I guess it’s a couple of hardcore people that comment on these boards but I still think it’s funny. She is the most vanilla thing and her character on Glee is really unpopular amongst the general viewers so I would not count on her being back (maybe for like a couple of scenes but that’s it)….

  41. Lisa says:

    Didn’t Chevy have a fight with Dan Harmond the creator? I doubt he will be back.haha.

  42. flowergirl says:

    Puck is a cute character and all (bad boys with a heart are always well liked) but Mark Salling can’t really act. He is ok for the occasional funny line but he seriously needs to work on his acting if he wants to do more emotional scenes. Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith are actually really good actors and always kill they heavy scenes so maybe pick up some pointers Salling. As for Dianna Agron, I am bored talking about her already so.

  43. Shondaagurl says:

    Greys will lose so much viewership since Shonda decided to just kill off characters. She always does this and it always backfires.

  44. gaga says:

    Excuse my shallow remark but Finn from Glee is so cute I just want to pinch his dimpled cheeks. He needs to remain!

  45. Esa says:

    Hoping that Eric Dane will return to Grey’s!

  46. sarah says:

    For me Eric Dane on Greys. However with the love of Sloan’s life dead, I am not sure where we can go from there.
    Grace Park for H50, with Michelle Borth being brought in as a regular I fear that Kono is a goner, however with the disaster of adding Lori to the team this past season I do not think that they would do the same thing again, but we will see.

  47. Bee says:

    I think the writers will fake kono death to bring Cath on the team, which she is going to be a regular on the show. Grace Park is a great actress, I feel sorry for her because she will be a backburner to the show once again. She hardly on cuz of Lori and now bring Cath on the team and she will definitely be on more scenes than kono. That why I feel sorry for Grace.

  48. Me says:

    As long as Arizona lives, I”m happy.

  49. Sarah says:

    Annoyed about Tim Daly being axed from PP. Time for me to go too, I think.

    If Kono is gone from Hawaii-5-0, then I will definitely stop watching. Kono is an original cast member and I’m sick of women being traded in for a new model – Criminal Minds anyone?? Grace Park is a good actress and I would hate to see her leave.

  50. Spikenalabama says:

    Puhleeze let Kono die on H5O!!!!