Eye on Emmy: Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam on Jax's Evolution and His Real Stance on Awards

It’s tough making a gun-running, drug-dealing, murdering motorcycle gang member someone you want to root for. But Charlie Hunnam’s done it with ease over the past four seasons of Sons of Anarchy, FX’s Hamlet-inspired slice of gritty Americana. This could be the year that the 32-year-old Brit — whose resume includes big-screen Oscar contenders like Cold Mountain and small screen critical darlings like Undeclared – receives recognition for his brilliant turn as Jax Teller, the series’ tortured prince of Charming. But after some minor media missteps, Hunnam’s careful about how he talks about accolades like the Emmys. Here, he reveals what he really thinks about his chances, his co-stars’ talent, and his show’s potential legacy.

TVLINE | What initially drew you to Sons of Anarchy and the role of Jax?
I grew up in a rough-and-tough neighborhood, so I don’t actually relate to those shows and films about twentysomethings trying to make their way in the world. [Laughs] I just loved Jax. There are a million different dynamics at play within him… This project came at a strange time in my career when I wasn’t getting any [film] roles I wanted… So, I took 18 months off [to work on a screenplay], and then my agent and manager sent me the Sons of Anarchy script. I was surprised it was for a TV show, but I thought, ‘F–k it!’ – and it was fantastic! The idea was so original, the characters were well drawn and the quality of [executive producer] Kurt [Sutter]’s writing was better than the films I was reading.

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TVLINE | When do you feel the show really hit its stride?
I’d say mid-way through Season 1 it became the show we’d been trying to make. But it was early in Season 2 that I hit my stride. I felt a real kinship with Jax from early on… but I was really struggling with the accent. [Laughs] I spent all my time thinking about the accent that it just really distracted me from being natural and honest in those moments. Then, it clicked! That was a defining moment for me.

TVLINE | Accolades have always eluded Sons of Anarchy, despite its ample critical praise. How much weight do you put on that?
I’ve gotten myself in trouble talking about the Emmys … Just to clarify one particular incident where I said something silly: In the middle of our show’s life, a lot of people felt that we were due for some sort of recognition, which fueled the fires of some members of our team who felt the same way… My philosophy about the whole thing is that awards are like gifts: it’s lovely to receive them, and it is very bad form to covet them. I was trying to explain this and wasn’t articulating it exactly as I wanted to – it was coming across as incredibly earnest – so I said, “F–k the Emmys.” Of course, that’s all anybody printed and it got me in a lot of trouble. [Laughs] It’s really not the way I feel. I’d be very happy if we got some kind of recognition – and I was when [co-star] Katey [Sagal] won the Golden Globe – but I’m not mercenary enough to have the psychology of someone who goes out there and campaigns … If you go back to the essence of what [awards] were, it was about all of us getting together to say, “You did great work. Congratulations. Here’s a little trophy.”

TVLINE | So, you never get a script and think, “Man, this episode could be my award-winner”?
[Laughs] Honestly, the more impactful the scripts are, the more difficult my job is inevitably going to be because I’m going to have to go cry and kill some motherf–ker and do something crazy!

TVLINE | Sons of Anarchy’s fourth season seemed more universally accepted than in years past. Would you attribute that to anything in particular?
It felt very polished … like the show had matured. Every episode seemed like a powerhouse, emotionally charged with some sophistication.

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TVLINE | Last season showcased Sons’ secondary characters, too. Do any performances stand out for you?
I saw a lot of Tommy [Flanagan] and [Mark] Boone [Junior]’s stuff … They are the two most exciting guys to work with! Maybe one of the things that set this season apart slightly from the others was featuring more of those secondary characters.

TVLINE | There was also more depth to Jax’s relationship with Tara.
Maggie [Siff] had an amazing season. That’s one of the richest creative collaborations I’ve ever had with an actor. The way their relationship’s evolved and how close we’ve gotten really translates onscreen; that’s actually one of the things I’m most proud of on the show.

TVLINE | The series has a few more seasons in it … Then what?
I’d like to do it all. I’d love to keep acting. I have a couple of scripts that I’ve sold, one of which I’m writing for myself to star in. Ultimately, I’d love to direct a film. [If I did] more TV, it would really have to be for [cable] or working with someone like Kurt — if not Kurt, directly. Because I would do another Kurt Sutter show.

TVLINE | When all is said and done, how would you like Sons of Anarchy to be remembered?
As a really smart, original, gritty drama… In same way people think of The Sopranos or Deadwood — with reverence.

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  1. AJ says:

    I don’t find this guy likable in the least. The show is interesting, but I never think Emmy when I watch it. There are just too many better dramas with better actors out there. I guess he might get nominated but he isn’t winning anything as long as Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead are on the air.

    It was cool when they blew the dude up with the landmine though lol.

    • Guest says:

      I think it definitely should have got one in year two, and honestly, acting-wise it definitely should have. Hunnam, Perlman, Segal all deserve nods. Maybe not wins, but definitely nods. If things like Grey’s Anatomy gets in there, there’ no reason this shouldn’t!

      • God Of the USA Hells angels says:

        This Guy Charlie Hunnam is a good clean Cut actor . Charlie plays a scumbag well on the show but its easy to see he is just playing his role and making it appear real. Charlie is not a bad influence on children young adults or those aging rebel USA hells angel support freaks. Charlie keeps the show real without attracting freaks., because Charlie is an actor and not one of Kurt Sutter’s owed punk glorified freaks from the USA hells angels. Charlie plays a tough guy well yet we all know he is not glorifying horrible crimes he is acting.

        Kurt Sutter seems to going out of his way to draw more old men that dig old USA hells angels the way he does. Why?
        That aging man angel fetish seems to be a real mental illness here in the USA.
        Seems like the same men that date and support USA hells angels snd USA hells angels child porn transporting convict leader dave burgess have picked up on the SOA show because they to like Kurt sutter seem to Dig old men like Barger Rusty and TCB Chuck The C#NT Bitch Zito
        These guys are punks cowards and scumbags part of a gang known for decades of not only commit crimes against women and children but the USA hells angels also go out of their way to support and glorify men that have committed horrible crimes against women and children.
        These punks cannot fight or do anything on their own and Kurt Sutter wants to promote this sewage to our youth on TV .

        I find that discussing
        I think if Kurt Sutter and FX want to promote a gang that has a horrible decades long history of committing crimes against women and children and supporting men that commit crimes against women and children then Kurt Sutter and FX should be held liable for the future women and child victims of this gang.

        Kurt should get rid of the punks in the USA and use real actors or use real bikers.
        Everyone saw through the fake USA hells angels tough act long ago .
        We all know cowards like Barger and zito are just coward that cannot fight so they hide in a flock of freaks and pretend to be men.

        It seem to me Kurt Sutter and Mike Ornstein tries to dis the Scout Sniper community with a freak design for a logo because I guess Kurt and Ornstein did not approve other Scout Sniper Logo. Well Its time to make good for that Kurt Should get rid of the scumbags like Bager rusty Zito and freako and Pay Scout Snipers to play those parts.
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        You owe them Sutter .
        You wants to be noticed then do the right thing sutter . get rid of your chicken headed USA hells angels freaks and Use real men for those parts.If your scared I will fire the punks for you.

        • jerzygirl45 says:

          DUDE!! Take your lithium!!!

        • Wicked says:

          English is not your first language? Or you just dont write well? Did you get turned down for HA membership? Or lose a girl to them? You really sound bitter and make no point with your rant.

          • USA hells angels are child porn support freaks says:

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          • NYC girl 3rdst says:

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            I think your all cowards

    • Chuy says:

      Do you not like Hunnam or the character he’s crafted? I have to disagree. He’s Emmy worthy in that field you list. Meh. An Emmy is a big pat on the back for a local weatherman, not a skilled actor like Charlie Hunnam or a daring writer like Kurt Sutter. I wish bigger and better on them both.

      • Debra says:

        Amen Chuy!!! Great comment and I feel exaactly the same. I think it’s right up their with “Breaking Bad”. It’s the prejudice against bikers. I’ve been in this world as an ol’ lady for over 30 years so, I wasn’t surprised at the lack of emmy recognition.

      • AJ says:

        I just don’t like the character and have read other articles about him where people say he is a real ahole. Combine that with the show creator freaking out on Twitter and going ballistic over not getting nominated and I just don’t care if this show gets any recognition. I agree with what others said that if Grey’s Anatomy gets nominations, then so should this show. I just don’t think it should win anything. Maybe Katy Segal but not the rest.

    • SOA -Fan says:

      umm Charlie Hunnam’s character wasn’t the one who got blown up.Shows how much of a fan you truly are.lol

      • AJ says:

        I never said he was blown up. I just didn’t bother to look that actors name up. He was on The Shield and Saving Grace. Shows how good your reading comprehension skill are ;)

    • Megan says:

      I’ve met him countless times now. Nicest guy you will ever have the pleasure to meet.

      • teresa says:

        Well, Megan, I will have to name you as thee luckiest girl ever in my book. To have met Charlie Hunnam and more than once? Girl, you have lived my dream! I’ve only watched clips of some of his interviews and read articles of others’ experiences in meeting him. And all of them were great! Maybe I will have the pleasure and honor of being in Charlie Hunnam’s presence :)

        • John says:

          All you girls is talking about just Charlie Hunham? What about the show? U girls only think about just him.. Its crazy.. but i can tell… the show without him would be crap

      • AJ says:

        Interesting. I know a couple of people with entertainment blogs/sites that have interviewed him and said the exact opposite of that. Maybe he was just having a bunch of bad days or didn’t feel they were important enough to talk to. I’m sure actors get tired of having to talk to every guy with a tape recorder after all.

    • This last season, if you really watch the nuances that he put into his character, really blew me away. He was able to convey with just his eyes his emotional pain and turmoil. Sometimes it is the little things that seem so normal that deserve recognition as opposed to the big dramatic turns. But I respect your opinion, just sharing mine :)

    • Jason geller says:

      This is one of the best shows on tv. You kidding me Charlie doesn’t deserve a nod or any of the other major players. It’s gritty. Written well. Portrays motorcycle life pretty real. People who hate this are the same people who think desperate housewives and sex and the city are great dramas. Those shows are just plain boring with an audience toward women. Shows like sons and breaking bad and walking dead are amazing refreshing and deserve respect.

      • AJ says:

        I watch it and it is a good show. It’s not better than many of the shows I listed though. This last season was very good but I just don’t think Emmy when I watch the show. I’m not saying it’s not quality entertainment, but Hunnam shouldn’t win an Emmy over Aaron Paul for example. Just not even in the same league.

  2. Dogodigger says:

    You deserve every accolade for your portrayal of Jax!

  3. Mik says:

    I think he’s doing a great job. I’m a big fan of Maggie Siff too. Hopefully they can get SOME KIND of recognition this year, but the competition is very stiff, I must say :)

  4. I think it would be a long time comin. Best of luck…you deserve this. xx

  5. I love Sons! The entire cast is amazing and deserves recongition. Unfortunatly the people who pick the Emmys do not always have the best taste..

  6. Connor says:

    Charlie is totally deserving of accolades such as an Emmy nomination or award itself, his role as jack teller and the way he plays him is excellent. He always leaves u satisfied yet at the same time wanting more. The finale of season two gave me chills, not many actors have been able to accomplish that.

  7. Aryn says:

    The entire show is brilliant! It goes into territory that not many other shows are willing to go to. It is honest and one of the best written shows on the air. The show has an ability to make you look at these characters who are doing terrible things and makes you root for them. The awards circuit needs to five them the recognition it deserves. My favorite show on tv!

  8. Elayne Butler says:

    We started this show a year ago when a friend loaned my husband seasons 1&3, had to go buy 2. We marathoned watching it. I have never done that before, I love the richness of these characters, phenomenal acting by most! And I can say nothing bad about Charlie Hunnam! Great actor! He’s definitely brought it to the show! Love me some Jax! Kurt Sutter’s writing is raw and profound, need to buy season 4. It belongs with us…

  9. Shaun says:

    Man he swears alot in interviews…..

  10. Lili says:

    Looking at him now I think he would be great as Finnick Odair – one of the main characters of Catching Fire, the next Hunger Games movie.

  11. Lindsey says:

    He may not have any Emmys but I named my kitten Jax. That counts, right?

  12. Megan says:

    Charlie deserves all the awards. He got jipped in season 3. His character went through so many emotions and Charlie nailed it all.

  13. TheBeach says:

    I love SOA and put it second only to Breaking Bad on my “must see” shows list. When does Season 5 start?

  14. Carmen says:

    I am not a huge fan of Jax, but I do love Charlie. I also love how this cast doesn’t pretend to be “above” awards just because they don’t get them. I recall Katey saying something similar about awards. That it would be lovely to get award recognition, but they’re also fine without them. I don’t think the writing is always Emmy-worthy, but there comes some episodes that are truly mesmerizing. For example 2.10 – “Balm” and 4.10 – “Hands” where Sutter truly shines. As far as the acting goes, it’s always top-notch. It’s so mind-boggling to me that Katey Sagal has never even been nomination for an Emmy before. She’s, like, TV royalty. So underrated. I think she does a consistently awesome job with Gemma and the show wouldn’t be half as good if it weren’t for her! Katey, Ron, Charlie, Maggie are all worthy of acting nods.

  15. Cynthia Wolf says:

    Luv Jax, he’s so sexy ;) Miss his longer hair tho … It’s tbe only tv drama I religiously watch, so yeah, definitely an Emmy for acting & Kurt Sutter, especially, for writing something so raw and unpredictable!!

  16. DD says:

    If ever there was a time to have a video interview, this would have been it. Love Charlie, and he and Katey are the reasons I started watching Sons. Looking forward to season 5.

  17. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I don’t think he’ll be nominated, not with actors like Bryan Cranston, Kelsey Grammar, Steve Buscemi, Jon Hamm, Michael C. Hall, Timothy Olyphant, Hugh Laurie, Andrew Lincoln, and Damian Lewis in the mix. Personally I hope Sons of Anarchy doesn’t get any nominations. I’ve watched all the episodes of the series out of boredom when nothing else is on, and I am extremely disturbed by the casual violence against women on that show. The show treats it like it’s no big deal, even going so far as to have their hero Jax knock a defenseless, unsuspecting woman into a mirror when her back is turned as some kind of messed up lesson to her, which causes her nose to get broken, and then he spits in her face. The thing that really kills me too is that Kurt Sutter is under the impression the female characters of his show are feminists…these characters who commit acts of violence against other women (which sometimes the show tries to portray as being funny), these characters who put up with their men folk being violent and emotionally abusive towards them, and these same characters who also will give up any value they have, and anything in their life that they want, just to satisfy and make their men happy. Kurt Sutter actually thinks those women are strong feminist characters.

    • Carmen says:

      Um, it’s a misogynistic subculture. That treatment of women is suppose to be showcased! Same with the racism. The fact that is shown on TV does not mean it’s being celebrated or glamorized. And if you paid any close attention to the character of Gemma and eventually Tara in season 4, this show actually has a feminist edge to it. How these women are such badasses despite their standing in that culture. C’mon, you’re entitled to your opinion, but I think it’s a very one-dimensional and close minded view of the show. Open your eyes.

    • Paul says:

      I see you’re one of those “feminists” who thinks there is only “one way” of being a strong, independent, feminist woman. I bet you think a strong woman is college-educated, has a great high-power job, and doesn’t need no man. That’s fine, but feminism embraces all kinds of different women and in this biker culture, violence is definitely part of the game. Also, have you ever heard of the “cycle of abuse.” Please go educate yourself. You need to take several seats down.

    • Paul says:

      “…just to satisfy and make their men happy.” Oh, wow, this part made me giggle. Hahaha, I don’t think you’re watching the show SONS OF ANARCHY. Gemma Teller-Morrow was involved in the death of her first husband because she didn’t like the way he was handling business with the club. She manipulates Unser into protecting the club, herself and Clay. Then she manipulates her own son so he’d stay in the club and become the new President. If anything, Gemma uses these men to her advantage and that is why I freaking love her. She never does anything SHE doesn’t want to do and that is my kind of feminist. It’s the Gemma way or the highway. She is smart and very protective of her family. I don’t always agree with her actions, but I think her heart is in the right place. She loves her men and would do anything to protect them and why is that such a crime against feminism? It’s her prerogative.

    • Sue Me says:

      Seriously? It is a show about an outlaw motorcycle club-’nuff said. Go watch Glee.

  18. A.Rae says:

    Charlie always brings his A game, just watching his face when he does an intense scene (like following Abel with his would-be adoptive parents in Belfast, or the confrontation with Clay in the hospital) blows me away. I’m hopelessly caught up in the story, but sometimes the level of acting just rises above anything else on TV today…

  19. TMZ says:

    I love SOA as much as anyone, but no way does it belong in the same category with Sopranos or Deadwood or LOST or Breaking Bad or GoT or FRINGE. When those shows aren’t on, I miss them and I’m counting the hours until the next episode airs. I usually have to remind myself to watch SOA. I enjoy it while it’s on, but it’s something I can live without. That’s not the mark of a great television show.

    • Carmen says:

      …in your opinion. So you obviously don’t love SoA as much as anyone because anyone can beg to differ. I think it definitely ranks up there with great television, it’s just too gritty for people to take it more seriously.

    • Aimee says:

      If you can’t “live” without a tv show there’s something seriously wrong with you. On another note, just because you have to remind yourself to watch SoA, there are fans, like myself, who are counthing the hours until the next episode airs…

    • AJ says:

      I agree, I watch it but it’s not a must see like BB, GoT, TWD, etc….

  20. Mick says:

    I’m glad he mentions his accent slipping out because it does a lot and sorry SOA, but nowhere is it on the same level as the shows TMZ? mentioned. I hoping Damian Lewis, Bryan Cranston, Timonthy Olyphant, John Noble, and Jon Hamm get nominated. Charlie does good work but those guys thrived in their respective shows this season. I would like Maggie To nominated for lead actress though I think Claire Danes will win.

    • Carmen says:

      Maggie over Katey? As if. Maggie would be running in the Supporting Actress category. As for lead, Katey will never get a nomination but it doesn’t mean she isn’t doing a consistently fantastic job. She has been one of the most underrated TV performers since the 80’s. With that said, I’d love to see Claire Danes winning over Julianna Margulies any day, but I sure wish it was Katey getting that lead trophy.

      • Ashley says:

        wow are people not allowed to have a non Katey centric opini

        • Carmen says:

          I was referring to the LEAD actress category. Maggie has a better chance in the supporting race and if she ever gets nominated, I would be rooting for her! That’s all I meant.

  21. Robin says:

    I hope Kurt, Katey, Charlie, Maggie, and Ron get Emmy attention bc they were brilliant in season 4

  22. Isabelle says:

    I believe this show is genius, plain and simple. Best on TV. They deserve to be noticed on the amazing acting and writing. I think they are up there with the best and better than some shows listed.

  23. Harley til death says:

    Too much hate on here….my goodness! Just take the show with a grain of salt and look at it as entertainment. If its not entertaining to you, turn the channel. I’ve been around motorcycle clubs for most of my life. Granted, most of them are not the way portrayed on tv. But, some of them are. Most MC’s are guys and gals who enjoy riding and having fellowship with each other. Just try not to read into what SOA projects……enjoy it for what it is.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful memorial weekend! Thank you for those who’ve served or are serving!! God Bless!!

    • karjo says:

      I agree…take it as pure entertainment. It happens to be my guillty pleasure and i love the show and all the actors. If you don’t like it, change the channel. Simple . My take on the awards is that the award shows are boring, just keep SOA going and that’s the award – we get to watch and they get to act in a great series. A few more seasons and syndication heaven! I look forward to Season 5. Thanks to Kurt, Katy, Ron, Charlie, Kim, Mark, Theo, Maggie, Ryan, and everyone!

    • hazel says:

      I totally agree. It’s entertainment. If all you people with the negative comments can’t seem to see that, don’t watch!! I love the show and can’t seem to get enough.

  24. Lisa says:

    I LOVE this show!!! Got hooked after watching one episode. Love CHARLIE HUNNAM he is an amazing actor. Clooney who!!?? Brad what???? Move over, there is a new sex symbol in town and HE CAN ACT!! Kurt, Katey, Charlie, Maggie and Ron all deserve some recognition from the Awards. They may not get recognition from the politically motivated Hollywood Awards, as they don’t kiss ass, but THEIR FANS LOVE THEM!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

  25. Verna says:

    I am not much of a TV watcher. I have tried to watch Deadwood, Sopranos and some of the other shows mentioned, when my family was watching it but I would lose interest in it and go and do something else and miss the show. I have been hooked on SOA since the beginning. I have even bought all of the DVD’s and am waiting for season 4 to come out and very anxious to see season 5. This is a great series, Kurt is an amazing writer and all of the cast are great. This show definately deserves to be recognized. Charlie is a real sweetheart and a great actor and deserves an award.

  26. Janmarie says:

    I am a Huge Sons of Anarchy Fan! I would love to see Charlie Hunnam receive an award, he is an awesome actor. I love all the seasons to date, agree with Charlie in which he said the show has grown every season. I can’t wait to see Season 5. I love Kurt and think he is an amazing man, writer, & director. The show is very unpredictable, just when you think you know what is going to happen is goes in a completely different direction….absolutely love it! Katey is another awesome actress, well everyone on the show is. I have been hooked from day 1 and have season 1-3 on dvd, and can not wait to get season 4. This show deserves to get recognised.

  27. Alexis says:

    I must be in the minority because I don’t agree that season 4 of SOA was the best they’d done. It certainly started out strongly after the mess of the end of S3 – the first 4 or 5 eps of season 4 was some of the most audacious basic cable stuff I’ve ever seen, but veered off so badly with Clay murdering everyone in their path and Juice’s identity crisis and the general soap opera-style dramatization was a bit overdone.
    And I do love this show and characters, I truly do.

  28. cj meyer says:

    When does the season start

  29. DARKBLADE says:

    i love SOA! it IS the best showe on tv. i cant wait till season 5!

  30. Megan says:

    Nikki Finke..whom I loathe posted this on her site too, when I left a comment saying I had read the article already, she deleted it. Uh okay. Anyways, good interview, Meg!

  31. Michelle says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio is long overdue for an Oscar. So what? Charlie Hunnam is a good actor and maybe he will have his day. I seriously doubt it keeps him or Kurt Sutter up at nights. The show rocks. I support it and I’m a woman who doesn’t condone violence against women. If anyone has issues with the people the show is based on then, go commando on their assess and stop wasting your time posting ridiculously long and boring comments. Dueces

  32. Matt says:

    Charlie is easily the worst thing about the show. He’s a one note actor with a really bad American accent. His character has shown zero progression over the seasons. He just purses his mouth and shouts. Hopefully the show will make a brave move and kill him off.