Awake Creator Nixes One Theory, Hints Dream-y Finale Was In Fact Britten's Worst Nightmare

Awake‘s few but hugely passionate viewers came away from Thursday’s series finale with many questions. Of course, we’re still wondering which reality was in fact real. But also: What did the final scene mean? Was it all but a dream? Or was that dream-come-true moment in fact Michael Britten’s biggest nightmare? And what twists were on tap for the Season 2 we sadly never shall see? (Hint: baby versus babe!) TVLine invited series creator Kyle Killen to field some burning questions.

RECAP | Awake Series Finale: Green Means Go

TVLINE | Just to confirm: The season finale played out exactly as you always intended it, even knowing that renewal was looking iffy?
It really did. I mean, our ratings weren’t great, so there was some suspicion that we might not be back, but nobody had any idea what NBC would do. And literally, that last scene was something we had talked about from before the pilot was even written. Post-Lost, [network execs] are looking to make sure that you have flagpoles that you’re heading toward, and that was always our Season 1 flagpole.

TVLINE | Obviously there has been much speculation about what the heck we watched last night. Will you go so far as to say that it was not all a dream? That there was a car accident?
I’ve seen some really interesting [theories], and I wouldn’t say that anyone is wrong — except the people who are calling it a Dallas or a Newhart, any variation on “…and then he woke up.” That is absolutely not what we intended. If you watch the last few minutes again, I’m not sure what the argument for that [interpretation] even is. I suppose there’s the überpossibility that he’s in a coma and now having a third dream in the coma, but in no way should it be interpreted as, “He woke up and his family was fine. He’d just been having two nightmares.”

TVLINE | I reckon those people are just trying make sense of the fact that both Hannah and Rex are alive in the final scene.
Right. For us, while it provided an uplifting and hopeful ending [to the season/series], it probably would have been a sign that he was getting worse. He had reached a place where he seemed to part with Hannah’s world, he seemed to sacrifice that to get the answers [to the conspiracy] that he did. Dr. Evans pointed that out to him, that he’s once again on that precipice of understanding and accepting. Instead, he does what he’s done from the beginning — and that’s where “turtles all the way down” comes from. Infinite regression. “What if I’m still in prison in the red world, and all the crazy stuff that happened after… was a dream? Even if one of these [worlds] is a dream, why can’t I have a dream within a dream?” Once he realized [he could], it’s as if he seemed to dream the thing he wanted more than anything — to be reunited with his wife and son.

TVLINE | His epiphany with Evans was that he can have both worlds and dream within them.
Right. Going forward, I don’t think he would become a lucid dreamer, but in that moment it delivered something that his psyche had desperately wanted for a long time. For me, Twin Peaks was a seminal show, and what we started to miss from the red-versus-green [story] and the procedural crossover clues and the fact that they were both completely grounded and therefore impossible to tell apart, was that despite being a show where half of it took place in his imagination, we rarely got to play with any “fun” imaginary elements. This [finale] was always intended to open up a third space, a dream space, to introduce some of the more surreal elements.

TVLINE | That was my next question, what Season 2 would have looked like. A similar weekly procedural, but now with an added avenue through which Britten could glean clues?
For us, the balance of his personal stories versus the procedural would have taken some time to work out. Toward the end of the season we become more interested in his personal coming-apart, and the dream space. And though it ended with a positive grace note, it would have potentially been a bigger problem, a sign of things worsening for him. One of the elements we were very interested in involved Michaela McManus, who did a fantastic job as Tara, Rex’s tennis coach and a potential love interest in the [“green”] world. In Season 1, the procedural — really the dual procedurals — crowded out those things….

TVLINE | Plus it was too soon.
Totally right. [The onset of the Tara romance] was slotted for the end of the season, but you needed to be planting bread crumbs all the way along, and we ultimately didn’t get to it. In the second season, we would have liked to have gotten into his personal stories and how those two worlds played off each other a little more, while dialing back the procedural element.

TVLINE | Along those lines, many viewers are siding with Dr. Adams, that the “green” reality with Rex was the real deal. Do you want to leave that open to interpretation?
It’s open. Each time someone on staff would say, “Do you realize this pushes it more towards this…?” it always turned out that someone else on staff could make a counterargument in an equally compelling way. I could make a pretty strong argument for “red” being the reality. In “red,” he’s in a place where he’s in prison and the person that ultimately destroyed his family is going to get away with it, so if anything were to cause your psyche to fracture and imagine a world where you do win, where you do catch the person…. I think it would be the horrible pressure of realizing you might be stuck in prison. That’s in some ways a just as compelling argument for “red.”

TVLINE | Was the pseudonym “Ed Munte” by chance an anagram for something — perhaps, as one of my readers suggested, “unmeted” as in “without dimension”?
I wish I could take credit for that. Your reader is more brilliant than we are.

TVLINE | Also, to be clear, that was not Hannah appearing pregnant in the final scene, but just an expectant Laura Allen?
That was just [actress] Laura Allen pregnant, yes. But Hannah’s unexpected pregnancy was going to be the counterbalance to the Season 2 arc with the tennis coach.

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TVLINE | You have a lot to be proud of here. You pulled off 13 episodes with nary a clinker in the bunch and many of them absolutely outstanding. That said, would it be a bit of added validation if Jason Isaacs scored an Emmy nomination?
I’d love that for him; he did amazing work. It actually would be the supreme validation just to get a nomination, because it would have to come from the work. He’s not going to get a [network or studio] campaign like other actors with resources. You don’t really do that with a cancelled show, so that would be an incredible commentary on the work he did. In fact, while it’s flattering to see the fan base engaged in having the show continue, that’s a little more of a long shot than pouring those resources into mounting an Emmy campaign to have Jason remembered.

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  1. NBC scheduled Awake opposite two established shows and the new show got poor ratings. But this fall, both those established shows are gone from that time slot, and NBC scheduled an even lower rated show, Rock Center with Brian Williams, in its place. Why? Money. A scripted show like Awake costs much more to produce than an unscripted (reality) show. And as much as we skip commercials on our DVRs, advertisers pay for the shows to be made. We are moving toward a model where scripted shows will appear only on cable and broadcast networks will be all reality shows and infomercials.

  2. Emily says:

    This was the best unplanned series finale ever. Awake was the only redeeming quality of NBC dramas this year. Without it, NBC would’ve been zeroes across the board for me. Smash wasn’t even a zero, it was a negative, since it was renewed and Awake wasn’t, and because it’s the only show I have ever had to stop watching because I literally could not stand it. I have never seen such a great pilot end up failing so spectacularly on so many levels.

  3. Divya says:

    This was a great show.. I generally never post comments online or have had the patience to read through a complete thread, but I just did with this one… Jason Issacs did a wonderful job especially the last shot where he had to portray an abundance of mixed emotions was simply mind blowing…. What truly amazes me in this show is the extent to which human mind can indeed travel in order to get what it needs… I’m sure a lot of us would have sometimes imagined an alternative to events that occur in our life, but this show is an extraordinary manifestation of what brain is capable of… To me, more than the urge to know which world is real, I would definitely miss the infinite twists that can be brought in… It’s really sad they cancelled it…

  4. s. m. ostroff says:

    Very sad and disappointing to learn “Awake” was cancelled. I agree with all the praise (and disparagement of NBC) others have posted here and wish and hope that the show will be picked up for a second season by someone, sometime (soon.)

    Have not yet watched the last 2 episodes. From the pilot ep. on, “Awake” made me think of the UK series, “Life on Mars.” The finale of that show colored my thoughts on how “Awake” might end. (Any comments?)

  5. Lara says:

    The last 2 episodes were most definitely worth the psychological roller-coaster ride! It was a series that I truly enjoyed every week, it kept me intrigued as I hung on to Britten’s coattails. Very well written, intelligent, well directed and the seasoned actors all blended into an amazing show. The music and sound departments should get Emmy’s as well as the actors, writers and directors. I agree with all who say they don’t give the audience enough intelligent shows nowadays.
    I would upgrade my cable service if it meant this show would continue on a cable network that I don’t currently have.

  6. Christa Durkin says:

    What an amazing show!! I was actually holding my breath during the last episode. The acting was brilliant!!! The ending was not entirely clear but that was the best part. It prompts me to watch it again and makes for a great conversation piece to consider different points of view. Best series I have ever watched. I WANT MORE! :)

  7. Carol says:

    What if the two reality dream was really a premonition and now he has awaken just before the accident/attempt on his life takes place. How would he deal with situation knowing what he knows?

    • Rachel says:

      I thought that might have been a possibility too! I want to watch the very beginning again to look for clues :)

  8. rikkifish says:

    To say that I am disappointed in the show not being renewed for enxt season is an understatement. I only watch two shows – this being one – because I find television so lacking in imagination and intelligence, flourishing in canned laughter, predictable dialouge and outcomes. It would be so wonderful if an executive would read these comments and continue to appeal to what must be a small minority of people who choose to either watch something with chutzpa or nothing at all when the choices are limited to Dancing with the Stars or yet another “reality” show. I fiercely hope that sponsors read these posts and understand that I am to the point of not returning to their fertile fields – my library card is in my hand.

  9. Linda Ramos says:

    My whole family was completely into this show…that’s a middle schooler, a high schooler, a college student, and two adults. We are people who like to think! Guess it’s back to mindless TV…

  10. Annelise says:

    I loved the show and I’m very disappointed it’s not coming back. Perhaps it was too cerebral for the average tv viewer? Those fed on a steady diet of The Bachelor, Survivor and other such rubbish! There are not enough open-minded folks out there who could go with the show’s premise. Jason Isaacs did a superb job! TV land will be that much poorer for the loss of this show.

  11. ams says:

    Awake was definitely a show to watch every thursday. I am so sad that it’s not getting renewed. I hope it does. I have so many questions that need to be answered in the second season. Best new show of the year.

  12. Laurie says:

    I thought one final scene should have come after Britten got up, went thru the door, and it closed. After he sees his family, everything is bright and upbeat, we should hear Dr. Evans’ voice. She says, “I don’t know what happened. He just fell over. I couldn’t do anything. It must have been a cardiac arrest …..”

  13. Jennifer says:

    So the show is cancelled and the execs still won’t tell us which reality is “real”? C’mon just tell us already- the show is over. (unless the writers didn’t know themselves?)

  14. Another1bitesTheDust says:

    Why do they cancel GOOD shows like this, and leave poorly written drivel to renew? Almost every new show I’ve liked in the last year has been cancelled, stupid stuff carries on(Whitney, Up all night, etc)) or is brought back on all networks. I feel like my 1.5 yrs in Nielsen is a waste of time since what I like doesn’t appear to count. I’m beginning to believe Nielsen is just a company to blame ratings and cancelled shows on when they have nothing ‘really’ to do with it- It’s all fought out amongst the network big wigs- who likes what for how much $. It’s Bull$#¡+!

  15. Another1bitesTheDust says:

    Why do they cancel GOOD shows like this, and leave poorly written drivel to renew? Almost every new show I’ve liked in the last year has been cancelled, stupid stuff carries on(Whitney, Up all night, etc)) or is brought back, it happens on all networks. I feel like my 1.5 yrs in Nielsen is a waste of time since what I like doesn’t appear to count. I’m beginning to believe Nielsen is just a company to blame ratings and cancelled shows on when they have nothing ‘really’ to do with it- It’s all fought out amongst the network big wigs- who likes what for how much $. It’s Bull$#¡+!

  16. Frank says:

    Gosh, I so looked forward to Season 2 after watching the finale. Came here today to see if I could find any clues on what to expect – guess I did, nothing. I’m am so tired of getting involved with shows of substance only to watch them fade away. Why don’t you do your own thing on the Internet, I’ll watch!

  17. Dianna says:

    This is such an amazing show!! The finale had me on the edge of my seat!! I will never forgive NBC for canceling it. I really hope Jason Issacs gets his very deserved Emmy nomination!!

  18. Brad Anderson says:

    Another welcome interview with Mr Killen over the ending of ‘Awake.’ I don’t think you neccessarily have to shut the door on the “it was all an intricate dream” sequence. The Bobby Ewing thing on Dallas, or the shock endings of Newhart and St Elsewhere were very different and cheap cop-outs because those shows didn’t make dream imagery a component of their premise at all. (Alright, Newhart was a sendup, and I loved it.) The Dream is the central character of the series, equal to Britten himself in importance. I subscribe to and took enjoyment in the “it was a dream” theory myself, because I have awakened at the tail end of some of my own dreams that were intricate, dreary and seemed to take months of my life. So it’s not a great stretch to see this in the finale. I understand that the ending was open enough for future episodes to enter into many new complex story lines. Since that won’t be happening, I’m happy enough to let it rest.

  19. Brad Anderson says:

    Can something end in a satisfying manner in just 13 episodes? Dead Like Me did it. Twice. And the second time was kind of an uphill battle too but they did it. And Slings & Arrows had three great seasons in only 9 episodes. As Jessica Rabbit said to the detective, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”

  20. Arnold says:

    WOW!! I remember seeing the previews to this show and I was so excited to see something that I had actually thought about before. Every episode was extremely well made. It’s a total disappointment to know that this show will no longer be continued. I’ve never been so eager for a Thursday since this show came out. Oh well.

  21. ronna says:

    Ditto to all the comments here. I just discovered this series, paid $7.99 for HuluPlus, watched all 13 episodes this week and tonight, after watching # 13, quickly googled to see when the next season starts – only to find out it has been cancelled. It boggles my mind why networks cancel shows that allow people to think. I suppose it’s because the mindless “reality” shows are just that – mindless – and the networks don’t want us using our minds but instead want us mindlessly spending our money on the products that are advertised??

  22. Christina says:

    My mom and I were literally obsessed with this show from the very beginning. I absolutely loved the ending but it left me with so many questions! I’m still freaking out over it. Someone please pick up the show so there can be a season 2!

  23. Nicki Phillips says:

    I had just decided that I would always need to watch this show, the actor’s actor face of Jason Isaacs being drawn through fragmented psychosis, both he and I trying to figure out what the heck was going on, the extraordinary tight plots of two realities, which must be only the shadow of the real reality……and it got cancelled? Stop it right now, and bring it back.

  24. Henry says:

    It was a good show, I agree. Different. A cool concept. Not like the typical crap on TV. Best show ever, idk about that. It was good, the only show I really remembered to watch every week. But how long could it really last. I couldn’t see it going another season anyway. They told the conspiracy story too fast. Maybe another season if they would’ve slowed it down, but then it might had not been as good.

    Isaacs is a great actor. He was great in Brotherhood too, on Showtime I think. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. It didn’t last long either, though I would’ve watched it for another 5 seasons. Bad luck I guess. Irish mob shows don’t last for some reason. The Black Donnelys was great too, but NBC didn’t even finish airing the first season.

  25. Mary says:

    I did not know this show was cancelled until I read it here. That’s insane by far the best show on tv this year wow and the acting was just outstanding. My husband and I would look forward to each intense episode and have in-depth conversations is he in a coma is he dreaming which one is alive etc. Thank you for making tv exciting again cannot think of another show that left me wanting more except wonderful shows like Lost, 24 and Prison Break. Keeping my fingers crossed another network picks it up

  26. prish says:

    Well, the creator can give all the hints he wants, and he can nix all he wants, but the writers gave us happy-ending junkies a great goodbye. Every week, and every episode had the formula of going to sleep, then waking up with the solution to the crime, from the other dream/reality experiences. It fits in with the integrity of the storytelling and development that the last episode has him waking up forewarned about Hawkins, etc.

  27. Gentlebear says:

    And well another brillant piece of entertainment is banished from the public by whatever ratings expectations were held by the NBC nitwits. Perhaps one day there will be other quality shows found and supported on network TV when the business model changes enough to value high concept shows with excellent writing and performances.

    This was one of the best done shows in years and a credit to all who were connected with it. The ensemble of actors and Jason Isaacs in particular deserves an Emmey nomination for bringing so much authenticity to the characters. Bravo.

    I am one who records on a DVR most of the higher quality shows anymore assuming the nitwits at networks will not support continued episodes.I’ll look forward to the release of the season on DVD as one of the jewels in my collection.

  28. This show was talked about and loved and watched a lot in my circle, albeit most times on Hulu or, (which may skew ratings in a way as to show it rarely watched…) We love it, will always love it, and will buy the season on bluray as soon as it is released. NBC got this one dead WRONG!! All those who worked on this show must be congratulated for putting giving us a psychological, mind teasing, and intelligentally entertaining piece of art on TV!

  29. Robert says:

    I loved it until the finale. My reason is that under no circumstance should I have to do research to find out the meaning a show. The finale to a show should be conclusive and not left up to individual interpretation.

  30. sarah says:

    I really liked this show and wish it would have lasted but it was on NBC and so sadly it is no surprise that they cancelled a good show!
    So if we would have gotten a second season it would have been a third reality, where they were both alive! I like that idea, I wonder what color the rubberband would have been? Also that would have given us another shrink and a different dynamic for his job. I wish we would have gotten a season 2!

  31. Cindy Owens says:

    The fact that NBC cancelled Awake immediately made me think of another they cancelled – Merlin, after just one season. How did Merlin fare? Soon to begin production on Season FIVE (airs in the U.S.) on the Sy Fy channel. Last year, Fox cancelled Human Target, with the wonderful Jackie Earle Haley. There is less and less I watch due to the stupidity of the network honchos and pathetic population of sheeple that can focus on nothing more heady than reality smellivision…

  32. spacebender says:

    An absolutely brilliant and compelling show that kept viewers at the edge of their seats and that ought to have at least one more season to explore the intriguing themes it opened up as expansive territories of both heart and mind. In every respect (plot, characters, cinematography, music, etc.) it felt more like an extended feature film than a TV series!

    My sense of the “three” worlds: the red world only appears to have collapsed in on itself because Britten has gone to a deeper level of dreaming that begins shortly after he attacked Captain Harper. In that dream state, he accesses clues from the subconscious that had been working in the green world while asleep there, and appears to wake up to uncover Harper’s role in the conspiracy. However, because the passage into that world was itself a dream, his next awakening is perpendicular to it, leading into a “third” world.

    Therefore, it seems his next awakening will unfortunately be in the prison cell exactly where he had been sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall. From there it will be difficult indeed to gather the evidence he needs (or convince his wife that he is not insane), as the coverup is intact and the one person best positioned to intervene has been murdered. It is a dark place, from which the way out would no doubt make for some gripping storytelling that engaged the intellect while plumbing emotional and existential depths.

    There’s so much rich material for a season 2 (to whom should we write to express our interest?) Even in the worst case of this show not being picked up by anyone, Jason Isaac should be recognized with an Emmy for his breathtaking performances.

  33. So sad to see this series go. Jason Isaacs is an amazing actor and I hope he gets the credit he deserves for his work on this show.

  34. Kerry Forgue says:

    Great show! Apparently too much thinking and creativity for the general public… or perhaps the so called executives. Too bad a better advertising campaign wasn’t done for the show, or perhaps an attempt at a different time slot. One can only hope that another network picks up this brilliant show for those of us who demand more than yet another reality t.v. program!

  35. Lucia says:

    Awake is an amazing show. It makes people think more than what’s said, it makes you get involved in the story and think about all the possibilities. Shows these days are not very intellectual and you get what you see. I like how Awake gives a little more to its viewers and makes you see past what’s on screen. I believe society needs to watch more shows like this instead of reality tv (and this all comes from a 20 year-old girl).

    Anyway, thank you so much for creating such an amazing show.

  36. Tommy says:

    What an incredible show; still thinking about it 5 days later. OK, now that we all have the benefit of some hints by Killen (thanks for the interview btw) what (would be) next? That is, we know that both red and green are still viable (babe and baby), plus this third ‘reality.’ So, how do you think he gets out of jail in ‘red’? Somehow gets Hannah to help get Harper/”Munte?” What happens/how does Britten manage in the third ‘reality’ when/if both babe and baby are there? (Since both Rex and Hannah are there?) Does it take a full two days and then two nights for Britten to always get back to the third ‘reality?’ Would he eventually go so crazy/split that his psyche, in order to heal/relax (or break completely), creates a fourth reality where both Rex and Hannah are dead?

  37. Deborah says:

    It is a travesty that this amazing show gets cancelled while ridiculous ‘reality’ shows continue. Honestly, networks need to overhaul the way they calculate ratings to accommodate the sheer number of pvr/dvr viewers. Sponsorship of shows needs to find another model than immediate eyeballs. New century, NBC, time to catch up with the changes in viewership.

  38. Promising premise; I feel like a show like this would have faired much better on fx or amc than NBC.

  39. TC says:

    I loved the show! So glad to read this article for more understanding. Big thanks!! The explanation helped me to get why Britten blinked in the last frame – the third world was just a dream he created. Maybe in the opening of the next season (if it wasn’t cancelled) he would open his eyes and be somewhere completely different. Such a cool show!!!

  40. Tana J. Vea says:

    This was my favorite show this year. Even ahead of Grimm. But I’ve always loved shows like this. (ex. Flashforward, LOST, Life, Life on Mars) You will always itch for more from the show but I am satisfied and even teared up a bit at the end. Thanks for a Great Show, really enjoyed it.

  41. Tim says:

    This is the only show I’ve ever watched from the very beginning. So sad to see it go, as the potential for the second season is huge. I, too, think the red world might be the reality, and he’s still sitting in that cell after attacking Harper, having himself a whopper of a mental breakdown. But who knows. I’ll be buying the DVD release. This is a gem of a show. The writing, direction and acting were all first class. Kyle Killen is brilliant and Jason Isaacs is a terrific actor. Can’t wait to see what they do next.

  42. Tim says:

    By “from the very beginning” I mean it’s the only show I’ve ever watched right from the time it first aired. I’ve seen every episode of LOST, 24 and the new Doctor Who, as well, but I had to catch up with them. The final three episodes of Awake are some of the best television I have ever seen.

  43. martyks55 says:

    From the beginning, my guess was that he was in a coma and his son and wife were taking turns coming to see and talk to him, as well as his partner, but that could not explain the new characters… so it fell apart, but then again, every other explanation short of someone allowing him to skip between two universes due to a glitch or benevolent being… say, something like Quantum Leap… everything else falls apart too. In the end, there probably should not be an explanation.

  44. Kathy says:


    NBC – where excellent shows for intelligent, thinking people go to be cancelled. I think perhaps NBC should be cancelled….. I do know that if I wrote a show, I would not even want it pitched to NBC for fear they would accept it!

  45. Karen says:

    It was hard for me to watch in the beginning because there was so much palpable grief all the time. We never got away from it. Either Hannah was grieving for Rex or Rex was grieving for Hannah. If you as a viewer have lost someone — and who hasn’t — it’s overwhelming. I loved the show, but I ultimately ended up not watching it with my daughter because it seemed like an unnecessary opening of wounds. I wonder if a lot of people felt that way and that’s why it didn’t find an audience. I loved it — but it was sometimes hard to watch.

  46. PB says:

    So I know I wasnt dreaming when I saw at least one episode on the Syfy channel.
    Can it continue on that channel?
    Ive had a theroy all along that didnt include a Dallas like dream, and it fits on the Syfy channel.
    Offering my writing services ….;)

  47. Julie says:

    Maybe some other network (one that is willing to take a risk on something other than bland, predictable comedy and drama) will pick this up. This was truly one of the best shows I’ve seen on network TV. NBC has shown very little imagination or courage in its programming for years. With this show, I thought maybe NBC was coming back — I was wrong.

  48. Michael says:

    Wow! Just finished the series on demand. Haven’t been so enthralled since season one of Dexter or Momento. Serious bummer that NBC cancelled. Lame. If only I had a few million lying round…

  49. Jon PhD says:

    Dear Angered Television Viewers,

    As I completely understand your point of view on how mentally inept television networks are in keeping intelligent and thought provoking shows on the air you have to understand that only around 30% of the total US population has a bachelors degree, ~5% have a master’s degree, and about 2% have a PhD in their respective field. Why is this significant? You go to school to become educated in both the arts and the sciences: ultimately these brake down into two schools: logic and exploration into creative thought conception. Having only 30% of the population partake in this journey that leaves a heavy majority of people that do not understand logic nor do they understand how to creatively purpose a question and think of the possible answers in response. We have a majority of uneducated people who can not intellectually perform at the same level so it is hard for them to comprehend a premise such as this one nor have the attention span to attempt to solve the riddle inside the show.

    Now there are definitely a % of both sides (degreed and non-degreed) that could swap places on the educated/uneducated platform so we can pretend they even out. Out of the 30% that can formulate a hypothesis and create logical explanations for the conclusions only about 5% of them will be interested in the same subject. If this show captures say 3 different subject matters thats only 15% of the total population your going to be able to keep enthralled in this type of television.

    Why am I saying this to you? I am explaining why television will almost always belong to the idiot. Networks care about ratings and how many people the commercials can fool into buying 90 bars of soap, 350 toothbrushes, 8 tubes of ointment, and whatever else they are selling. Since you are educated and you can work your DVR you now even shorten the ratings for your show, yes there are ratings that show DVR recordings, but as in a letter from the network they are in no way taking into consideration for earnings or ratings since only live viewers watch the commercials. So there goes 5% of the 15% that watch intelligent TV and that leaves you with 10%.

    10% of the population take out the chunk of people who are more interested in other things than tv (some form of higher education usually) and that probably drops to 1%??

    Is 1% enough to keep your television show on the air?


    To the writers: Don’t stop creating and being inventive. We do not consider 1 season a failure. Learn to write your show in series so at any end of a season it could be concluded. (Easier said than done, but its necessary if you want closure.)

    Nice work Awake writes. Hope to see more from you in the future.