Revenge Boss Answers Finale's Burning Qs (Someone Did Die!) and Spills Season 2 Secrets

ABC’s Revenge capped its addictive freshman run Wednesday night with more questions than answers and more twisty turns than resolution — and we wouldn’t have had it any other way!

But with so many mysteries left floating around the Revenge-verse — for example: is Emily’s mom actually still alive? Did Victoria go down with that plane? And will Declan continue to rock that Boston-tinged accent? (Kidding!) — we couldn’t just venture into hiatusville without grilling showrunner Mike Kelley for some scoop.

Here, the EP does his best to answer all of our burning Qs, and previews what’s ahead in Season 2 (debuting this fall in its plum new Sunday night timeslot).

TVLINE | Congrats on an awesome finale! Were you feeling the pressure to make it extra-good given the quality of the season as a whole?
I was feeling really good about it. I felt like we delivered an episode that honored what we had been doing all season — which felt like a speeding train and we just needed to answer a lot of questions and set up some more to give ourselves some story engines for next year. It was very emotional and action-packed — and we delivered on our promise.

TVLINE | There had been talk from you and some of the cast about a couple of deaths at the end of the season, and yet no one seemed to die in the finale. Who were you all referring to?
I’ll tell you that there was a death, for sure. There are at least three people in jeopardy, and one that you didn’t know about. There is definitely a major death that occurred last night. You’ll know in the first episode [of Season 2] who is gone and why.

TVLINE | Is it someone we know well and will miss?
Yes, it’s an important death. At least one of the characters will have died, and it’s going to be difficult for fans to [accept].

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TVLINE | Given the manner in which this finale ended — and this death you speak of — is it safe to assume you’re going to pick up in the premiere right where you left off?
You can rest assured that we will answer all of the questions that we posed to your satisfaction. We’ll be back in the Hamptons in the summer very quickly, because that’s a fun place to be. We’re going to open up next season with another flash forward to a big summer event, like the Fire & Ice Ball [in Season 1] — and also some pretty dark twists and turns — so that we can build toward that like we did last season and give our audience another roller coaster.

TVLINE | Are you still planning on the “big event” being Emily’s wedding?
I can tell you that there will definitely be a wedding next year, and there will definitely be another death. I won’t say exactly who’s getting married to whom, but that’s going to be some of the fun.

TVLINE | So, the layout of Season 2 will be similar to Season 1, in that you’ll begin with a flash forward in the premiere, and then solve the wedding mystery in Episode 13, and then begin another new arc?
Yep. It seemed to really work. I feel like the signature of the show is how quickly we run through story, and I really don’t want to tell our audience, ‘Hang on and eventually we’ll get to it.’ It’s important to deliver on what’s been working for the show and what’s been working.

TVLINE | Getting back to the finale… At PaleyFest this year, you were asked if Emily’s mom might possibly be alive still. You skirted the answer pretty well, but were you quietly panicking that you’d show your hand and ruin the surprise? Or was that twist not even in the works yet?
We did have a plan… I like it when the audience is ahead of us, or at least participating as they’re watching. You can throw a lot of guesses about what’s happening in a show and there are only so many things that a show can do, but what’s fun about Revenge is the surprising way that we get there. So, it didn’t panic me, it actually made me feel like somebody was paying attention and watching very closely. For me, it was satisfying, rather than frightening.

TVLINE | Do you have anyone in mind yet for who might play the Clarke matriarch?
Well, I know the specific qualities that they’re going to need. I like an actor that can be very surprising. This [character] is going to have some deep psychological issues, so we’re going to need somebody that can play volatile and dangerous; all of the scariest parts of Emily’s personality are going to be present and apparent and a little bit out of control in her mother. But at the same time, what works so great for Emily is that sweet façade, so this woman needs to feel like she’s got potential for kindness. You look at her and you don’t know that she’s as damaged as she is inside. But you’ll quickly learn that this is a very dangerous person. So, those are the qualities that I need. We’ll go out to Meryl Streep and work our way down from there. [Laughs]

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TVLINE | Sounds like a lot of thought has gone into the character… Is it safe to assume she’ll have a large presence next season? Or will it take awhile to really integrate her into the story?
It’s yet to be broken, because we don’t go back to the writer’s room until next week. But I have an idea about how we’re going to find her and I know the story about how she left her daughter, why, who was involved in that and the big event that predicated the separation. I also know the history and the endgame with the mom, but as far as how we get there, I kind of liken it to a little trip across country: we know where the destination is, and we’re going to take a lot of scenic routes to get there.

TVLINE | Are you at all concerned that the bigger you make the conspiracy surrounding David Clarke’s death that the show is going to veer too much into overly convoluted Alias territory? Or are you confident in where this it headed?
It’s the latter. There is concern [because] what works so great for this show are all of the mind games and emotional stakes… But we’re going to make sure that those things remain. But we have to expand the world otherwise you just repeat yourself. Emily has a really specific set of skills and she’s been using them for her own selfish ends for now. So, for her to start using them for a broader good is something we’ve always had in mind. There are a whole lot of people that we haven’t introduced yet, and not just in the conspiracy, but from Emily’s time in foster care and her time in “Revenge School” with Takeda; there are people that need some straightening out. So, yeah, we wanted to make the conspiracy something bigger — and maybe bigger than she’s capable of fixing — but we need story engines, so this is going to be a fun one. But [the show] will always be grounded emotionally, and that’s where we get out satisfying stories.

TVLINE | Talk a little about “Dark Daniel” and his budding relationship with Ashley.
Daniel is definitely going to stay dark and get even darker next season. Things are not going well right now. He’s reverting back to the person he was before Emily came into the picture, and also feeling his DNA, which is Grayson through and through. So, definitely there’s going to be a battle for his soul ahead of us, and Ashley will be a big part of it. She’s stepping into some pretty dangerous territory if she puts herself at odds with Emily, so Emily’s going to have to decide how she’s going to handle her and whether or not Ashley becomes a target.

TVLINE | Now, about Amanda and that massive baby belly… It seemed way too big for the amount of time she’s been away! That said, is it safe to assume Fauxmanda is back in action for the time being?
The timeframe is actually exactly right… She left September 1st, on Labor Day weekend, and now we’re in the late winter/early spring. So, that’s been a good six months. Fans can definitely look forward to seeing Fauxmanda and Emily in an epic battle for Jack’s affections, and it’s going to be a tough one. When we reveal where Amanda’s been and what exactly has happened in the interim and what her reason is for coming back, it’s going to be another big Revenge surprise.

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TVLINE | It seems likely that Takeda is somehow connected to her return as well.
You can expect some more surprises where the Takeda story is going. Emily’s going to learn that there’s been a lot more at play with Takeda and that he has a larger plan of his own. He’s definitely been involved in shaping what happened with Amanda in these last six months, and for a very specific purpose.

TVLINE | What kept Emily from outing herself and Amanda to Jack right then and there?
I wanted to be consistent with Emily. She’s a measured person; she’s not somebody who’s going to make a rash decision or blurt something out. It took this long for her to want to come clean to Jack — which seemed like an emotional no-brainer for a very long time — and she needs more information… Plus, it just goes against Emily’s nature to do something spontaneous like that. Not to mention the fact that she was wrapped up emotionally and in a vulnerable position like we’ve never seen her… So, I don’t think her reaction was inappropriate for how she was feeling.

TVLINE | Let’s end with Nolan. What’s next for our stalwart prepster?
We’ve opened up the world to a larger conspiracy and to the search for family, which is something that Nolan has been on his whole life, really. He’s got a family of his own, whether its sisters or brothers — and I reserve the right to explore that. [Laughs] We also would love to get an appropriate romantic interest for him; I’m just not certain what shape that’s going to take yet. But I do want to expand Nolan’s world. We wanted Season 1 to be really focused on Emily and her quest for justice for her father, and now we’re broadening things out. It’s really important for us to start digging deeper into each character and giving them their own storylines.

Relive Revenge‘s explosive season ender below in these just-released finale photos.

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  1. Fabe says:

    I love Amanda! Margarita Levieva is so great. She plays her with such emotional complexity and confliction. I hope that she doesn’t die anytime soon!

  2. Crimson says:

    My list of suggested actresses to play Emily’s mom, all of which should fit the age range, provide brown eyes (which my OCD won’t allow me to be able to picture other good suggestions mentioned previously) and play a good fit of the psychological description listed – Dana Delany, Holly Hunter, Andie MacDowell, Diane Lane, Maria Bello or Ashley Judd. Maybe Jennifer Jason Leigh or Mary Stuart Masterson (less so than the others). I also think any of these ladies could easily go toe to toe with Madeline/Victoria.

  3. You know, there are a lot of flashbacks on this show. Victoria COULD die and actually not be off the show. And it would also lighten her load if that is what she wants.

  4. Jess says:

    I actually like Fauxmanda. I’m hoping the writers take the less predictable route, and have the baby turn out to really be Jack’s after all. It doesn’t make sense to me for Fauxmanda to have cheated on him – I thought she really loved him.

  5. Summer says:

    You know, I really wish that Melinda Clarke wasn’t busy on Nikita. She would have been a great addition to the cast and a great foil for Madeleine Stowe, as an actress.

    I love the Marcia Cross suggestion! I also wouldn’t mind someone like Lucy Lawless taking on the role – I think that she’d do a fantastic job as well.

  6. Allie says:

    I absolutely adore and love this show and CANNOT wait for next season!!! I really hope they pick a great actress for the mom part. Like Jean Smart, Lisa Kudrow, Diane Farr, Patricia Wettig or someone else awesome like these women.

  7. Carda says:

    I’m guessing that the true death will probably be Charlotte and that Vicky/FBI guy/Lydia will have survived

    when she entered the plane, she looked at it and I kinda expected her to know this isn’t right and get off again in time! Especially after her parting words from Conrad!

  8. Sarah says:

    I’d love to see Helen Slater as Emily’s mom.

  9. I was in complete shock watching this episode. I wished that the episode had been 2 hours long, just because I wanted more and more to make up for the break we had in March. I think that the death is Charlotte as well because when she was found by Conrad he just held her and didn’t pick up the phone to call 911. I LOVE Nolan and I hope that it comes out that Emily and he are siblings. Maybe the life in danger that none of us know about is Faux Amanda’s unborn child? I think that the wedding in Season 2 will be Jack and Faux Amanda’s, but I think that something happens (maybe a placenta previa thing or a threatened still birth) that makes the wedding end abruptly. That way, Emily and Faux Amanda can still have a love triangle with Jack. With Jack being married I just don’t see Emily fighting for his attention. So in order for the love triangle to continue.. the baby’s life needs to be in jeopardy some how or another. I wish it was September already just so I can see the beginning of Season 2. Ugh…

  10. salim says:

    surely they cant kill off madeline’s charaters, she the only one who can bring emmy noms to the show

  11. Kristy says:

    Here is my problem with Victoria being dead: She is too smart to have stayed on that plane. The minute Conrad said if she boarded the plane it would be the last thing she’d ever do, she should have had a clue. Even if not at that moment, Victoria is not stupid enough to not figure out what he meant.

  12. peter says:

    i think is lidya of course and amanda’s baby !!! and jack stays with during this dificult time and all that !!!!
    if charlotte dies WTF they going to do with declan ??
    i prefer declan ending up dead in some twisted way
    david said ”There are at least three people in jeopardy, and one that you didn’t know about”
    maybe is someone out of the raddar !!!!

  13. Carey says:

    Very good, in depth interview. Great finale although I wasn’t too happy to see Fauxmanda again especially preggers.

  14. nikki says:

    Why do people think Conrad tried to kill Victoria? He begged her not to get on that plane! He practically spelled it out for her. Conrad loves Victoria.

  15. Mikael says:

    I like the Nicolette Sheridan suggestions, but I also agree with those who say she looks too much like Lydia. I also LOVE the Michelle Pfieffer suggestions. And interesting note, wasn’t the actress who plays Lydia the “ghost” that was haunting Michelle in What Lies Beneath? Every time Lydia was on screen, I just kept thinking: “I think she’s starting to suspect something.” “Who?” (face morphs) “Your wife.”

  16. Mikael says:

    And I will be so angry if Victoria is actually dead, because we NEED to see the day when she discovers that Emily is Amanda. Those two haven’t had a proper showdown yet.

  17. Hurding Katz says:

    Just some thoughts:

    Other than cabin and flight crew, who else could have been on that plane? That’s easily the unknown fourth (fifth, really) in jeopardy.

    While I like the suggestion that Amanda’s mom is Victoria’s sister, I was thinking that, maybe, Amanda has a Grayson in her family tree (although, too close a relationship would have an ick factor, given her [past] relations with Daniel). Then, again, I wouldn’t have a problem of Amanda’s mom was related to Takeda.

    Where’s granddad Grayson gone off to?

    The Initiative? Is there a Buffy fan in the writers’ room?

    I can’t help loving the evil Man from Glad. (Look it up.)

    • lalala says:

      yeah but if she was her sister Victoria would have met David Clarke, or at least seen or heard of him before…

  18. Andrea says:

    There is no way I think that Mike Kelley would kill off Victoria Grayson, so I’m going with Charlotte The death of David Clarke’s love child would have implications for Conrad, Victoria, Emily, Daniel, and Declan.

    Also, love Marg, Uma, and Marcia as suggestions. Hate the idea of Tricia Helfer. How about Andrea Roth? For those familiar with Ringer, she played psychologically-disturbed mother well. I don’t think ABC would touch Nicolette with a 10-foot pole right now.

  19. JC says:

    I really hope it’s Charlotte if it’s between her and Victoria. Would be a massive mistake in my opinion to get rid of Victoria. A huge part of the show has been Victoria and Conrad as adversaries, the whole David and Victoria history, the underlining tension between Victoria and Emily. She just seems to pivotal a character to loose. Charolote only real purpose besides being Emily’s half sister is to give Declan’s character a storyline. Killing her off would make him a little pointless, but would give Emily more reason to hate and take down Victoria and the Graysons.

  20. joyce says:

    I don’t believe anyone has died…just the appearance of it.
    I don’t believe the baby is Jack’s.
    Where is Grandpa Grayson and Aunt Carol?
    Both Nolan and Amanda need to hire body guards.
    Something is weird regarding the WHG and faux Amanda…why didn’t he set his cohorts on her?
    I look forward to some previews!

  21. agregerson says:

    I don’t think they’re going to kill off Victoria Grayson’s character. The last thing Conrad said to her was “If you board that plane, it will be the last thing you do,” which after all of the charactrer developing they’ve done on Victoria, I would assume she’d be smart to realize what’s going on and not board the plane. I’m hoping she got off right before – I love her character – so dynamic – and she is a great bridge between Emily, the Graysons and David. When does S2 start?

  22. I vote Nina Myers from 24 to be Emily’s mom.

  23. Matt says:

    Patricia Wettig as Emily’s mom!! AMAZING.

  24. damonte says:

    What if islts the white-haired man or sasoshi takeda because they both seem 2 play a very big roll in the final episodes and possibly season 2.hey you never know

  25. Pinky says:

    First off, Revenge is the best show on t.v..!! I think Victoria or Conrad’s mistress should get the ax. White haired dude still got some crap up his sleeve. Fauxmanda is not having Jack’s baby. Declan will be by Charlotte’s side throughout her recovery. Jack in a 2 way love affair. Ashley..ugh. Victoria loved the absolute hell outta David Clarke. Her heart sank when she found out Conrad ordered his murder. I wish they could’ve had an entire episode about his life with Real Amanda and everything that led up to him being framed instead of just flashbacks.

  26. Ahmed says:

    Victoria is saved by Takeda. Who takes her to the Revenge school in Japan to teach her of his Ninja stuff so she and Emily can have a proper showdown at the end of the series.

  27. Veronica says:

    I think that Charlotte should be rushed to the hospital to save her from an overdose and to reveal that she is PREGNANT! She won’t know who the father is, which will lead to more Declan related story line… And make her long for her mother, who also harbored a mystery baby.

  28. Not Soleil Moon Frye I Swear says:

    Emily’s mother should be played by the amazing child actress turned gorgeous adult actress (not like that) Soleil Moon Frye.

  29. damonte says:

    well it definitely not real amanda so it cant be daniel,jack or real emily,he said ashley was a big factor in daniels behavior in season 2 so its not her.did any of us evert think it might be conrad or nolan

    • damonte says:

      ok it kinda stupid to think that nolan would die,but could we atleast think there’s a possibility.i mean he is great for the show but hey this is revenge,maybe they’re willing 2 kill him off. conrads death would mess up the show in some ways although we wouldnt really care but he still could die.

  30. mimi says:

    daniel and ashley will be the couple having the wedding. hope emily takes them both down.

    bet charlotte dies.

  31. Crimson says:

    I think Maria Bello would be a great fit for her mom.

  32. lalala says:

    Yeah man! I think you’re onto something for sure. I have a few ideas… and questions for that matter.

    Aunt Carole is connected to Emily in a stronger way, as in she might be related to Amanda’s mother (maybe her sister?) leaving her and Nolan related in some sense. It makes sense with the whole loyalty to blood thing on the Emily side of the story.

    I also like the concept that she possibly died on the plane or just died somehow. Not sure if this is too much of a stretch, but the writer did mention that a fourth person is in danger that wasn’t revealed and the death is of a character which everyone would be upset about. I’m pretty sure everyone has a soft spot for Aunty Carole, and her being killed off would throw a big spanner in the works in so many ways. Firstly, it would allow the writers to begin exploring the other characters story lines, as they said they wanted to do, which has the possibility to answer some of those pending questions about Nolan, such as what happened to his family and why he is so so loyal to Emily. It also shows the power of those involved, as she was in witness protection and some secrets are starting to break down. Just an idea. If Emily could discover who she was there’s no saying that the bigger baddies involved couldn’t.

    Also, it annoys me that no one has picked up on the fact that Emily just let the whole Jack and Amanda thing slide because she knows how much it sucks to grow up without parents, and she doesn’t want that kid to go through the same thing. It deserves parents, therefore explicating the fact that Emily really does have a heart. ALSO as Jack’s character is so commendable, he will marry Amanda, because that’s the right thing to do. Hence the mystery wedding solved. Back to Emily and her emotions. It is obvious that she is not purely able to complete her revenge because she is not cold hearted. The fact she is getting revenge for one shows love – love for her father. Her plans always get messed up because her emotions interfere, that’s why she can never fully achieve what she sets out to do – because she has moments of weakness which you cannot afford in matters like this.

    The Takeda and Amanda plot line is interesting. What business does he have in all of this? And how did he become so passionate about helping Emily get revenge…? What is his real game plan? Any ideas?

    And the WHM. He let Emily hear that conversation… And knew that she wouldn’t try to stop him? He knows who she is, and what she is working at (to some extent) but didn’t rat her out to Grayson or try to hunt her down again. But why? What is his game? I haven’t quite figured him out yet. And I’m assuming the clocks are something to do with being a terrorist? Haha. Or something to do with his life before hand… Maybe army training or something of the like. He is also said to be more powerful than the government, so that’s an interesting concept. I am really curious as to what he is playing at!! And Takeda too. The writer said that he had a really big purpose behind keeping Amanda for so long! What could that even be!?

    I also agree that the Mum is mentally unstable. But I’m really unsure about her whole story.

    Phew…. What a show..

  33. dominate says:

    I think the person that dies is that gurl declan was with and that char embaressed. That would b a safe bet. Right!!!!!
    And i think the WHG is gonna end up working with em’s in s2. Thats y he didnt blow her cover. Cuz they want the same thing. He told her when they were fighting that he wanted conrad to go down.
    N e wayzz… love love the show. I think its the bst show around. And absolutely love the slow mo scens victoria getting on the plane. And Florence+the machines playing.
    Thank u writers for a bombass show.
    N ps… please let the mom not be a well known actress.

  34. Johnny says:

    Personally, I believe that Lydia will be the deceased character. She’ll definitely be missed and she was an important character. However, due to Kelley saying that the loss of this character will be really hard to overcome, it leads me to think that it is Charlotte. I love both incredibly, but I’d rather have Christa Miller staying. Also, I’d love more background storylines for Ashley and Nolan. Ashley is perfect for dark Daniel to start a relationship with and become all conspiracyish with each other, and the whole ‘Emily and Nolan are family’ concept sounds interesting. Also, Madeline Stowe is not someone that would leave after one season only. Amanda’s baby is perfect for Jack’s storyline, and for Emily to deal with. Finally, I also agree on Marcia Cross to play Emily’s mother. A question to you all fans, wasn’t her name Kara Wilkins, or was Emily lying when she gave Amanda that name? Those are my opinions.

  35. Christiana says:

    Michelle Pfeiffer as mom. she would be great!! I believe the deaths will be Lydia, faux Amanda’s baby, Aunt carole and isn’t the writer dude still alive. He dies prior to clearing David Clarke’s name and prior to assassinating the Grayson name?!?!? hmmm definitely Michelle as mom and how about a newcomer as Nolan’s love interest.. i am available.. wink
    I do believe that Aunt Carole is Emily’s aunt and Nolan is her cousin. Taka and the Mom could have been behind some of the conspiracy that led Grayson’s to set up Clarke.. just a thought ohh and again I am available… tee hee hee *wink*

  36. Mike says:

    I get why some people want to see Emily and Nolan wind up being siblings, but I would be much more satisfied with well…almost any other outcome: they fall in love; Nolan decides he’s had enough of Emily’s selfish methods, stands up to her and… dies?

    Nolan is prob my fav character on the show, I just want to see my boy get it in with the heroine.

  37. Jill says:

    I vote for Marcia Cross, Michelle Pfieffer, and love the Dana Delany suggestion for Emily’s mom… Dana is one woman who could go up against Queen Vic, and be in cohoots with Takeda. Also have the feeling we will find out Nolan and Emily/Amanda are related somehow. Why would David C. have invested in Nolan, and why would Nolan be so concerned about Emily and promise dad to take care of her. Got to be something there. Agree with the Aunt Carol connection somehow. Could Carol and David have been brother & sister??? That’s how she got the job at Grayson Global??? and is in witness protection? Think it is either Lydia or Charlotte who goes… or perhaps Victoria is put in witness protection and shows up later. Maybe Conrad kills himself, or the WHM comes back to do him in, then Daniel has to step up to the plate as head of GG with his cohort Ashley. Don’t believe it is Jack’s baby, but Jack will get sucked in, much to Emily’s heartbreak.


  38. Julia says:

    Holy Water cannot help you now !!
    Victoria is NOT dead, wait Victoria cannot be dead! She and Emily together are great and I want to see when Victoria finds out that Emily is Amanda ! Charlotte is the one who dies. Seven Devils was a AWESOME song to end the season ! Love Florence + The Machine ! Finally a suggestion for Emilys, I think Sarah Wynter, (Kate Warner from 24) would be good. Well I CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 2 !!!!!!!

  39. Steph says:

    I was kinda confused by the last season. I was talking with my friend and she said that the white haired man was helping emily with her plan thats why he blew up the plane to get rid of Emilys problems. She said it was obvious cuz when he looked into Conrad’s picture he looked straight into the camera and winked. Right after he ” helped ” her get back at the graysons. I think this is not the case… If he wanted to help her why woukd he blow up all her evidence for the case? Unless he knew about the tapes. Im confused.

  40. olivia says:

    I don’t like the idea of Daniel and Ashley being together. Ashley has betrayed Emily on a number of occasions and I think that her and Daniel will become closer (Unfortunately). I also feel that a relationship between Jack and Emily is too forced and a little fake so i don’t think they should be together. Him and Amanda should remain together and I’m sure we will see more from I felt as though Daniel and Emily were well suited regardless of Emily’s intentions and its a shame that they ended things. I’m looking forward to seeing a darker side to Daniel which takes us back to how he was before he met Emily as he is more of his own person rather than being controlled by his family and used by Emily. But I’m not keen on Jack so i would have preferred him to turn dark to make it difficult for Emily to make a decision on who to be with. I’m aware that the following season will incur 1 death and a marriage. I think its quite obvious that it won’t be Victoria as she is a main character who plays an important role in the storyline and I still think there is more to come from Charlotte and I hope she’s still alive. Whereas Lydia is concerned I wouldnt be too bothered about her death but these 3 characters would be too obvious. I hope that the marriage is not Ashley and Daniel because im not a fan of Ashley. Any ideas on who you think it could be??

  41. Hayley Reynolds says:

    I believe it’s Charlotte who dies! They say a death in season 2 which will b fake Amanda via childbirth …… Declan will leave the show he will feel he is responsible for charlottes death. And absolutely Emily and jack will raise the baby she will buy him a new puppy because of sammy dying I cried :( …… And I do believe Nolan and Emily are cousins :))))))

  42. wonderjaxx says:

    For Emily’s mother: Heather Locklear, Lynda Carter, Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher, Eve Plumb, Andrea Evans
    Making Emily/Nolan long-lost siblings or lovers: Either would relive Brothers and Sisters. I still think it ruined that show when the show changed Rebecca and Justin’s relationship because of the two actors’ chemistry. Same here.

  43. Jolie says:

    Mike said there will be ‘a death’, not two, so if victoria is dead, that must mean lydia should be dead too….? Victoria can’t be dead, she’s one of my fav actors on the show!

  44. Jennifer says:

    I don’t think Victoria is dead because I saw her in a interview talking about revenge and she was talking about how she didnt know what was next for her charater, so I think that means she is still alive !! Yay! Because she and Emily are my favorite charaters !

  45. Ingrid says:

    They can’t kill off the main actress, Emily/Amanda, she’s the whole revenge thing

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    info you have here on this post. I am coming back to yolur siute forr more