Finale Ratings: American Idol and SVU At All-Time Lows, Revenge Hits a 20-Week High

American Idol‘s Season 11 finale — aka 127 minutes of foregone conclusion — drew 21 million total viewers and a 6.1 rating, marking this cycle’s largest audience since the premiere and best demo number since Week 2.

That said, the coronation ceremony was down 29 and 34 percent from Season 10’s — which, yes, is to be expected, but nonetheless marks an all-time finale low. Kinda makes the “record number of votes” thing supremely impressive though, no?

RECAP | Michael Slezak Weighs In on American Idol‘s Finale, Grades All the Performances

Among Wednesday’s other season-enders, The Middle (6.5 mil/2.0) and Modern Family (10 mil/4.0) were up week-to-week if down a few points from a year ago to all-time finale lows, while Apartment 23 (5.74 mil/2.5) surged 21 and 32 percent (and, out of curiosity’s sake, registered 8 and 25 percent better numbers than Cougar Town‘s year-ago Wednesday finale).

RECAP | Revenge Season 1 Finale: Long Live the Queen

Elsewhere, a final frothy serving of Revenge (7.76 mil/2.4) saw 12 and 20 percent gains, hitting 20- and 15-week highs…. SVU (7 mil/1.9) was up versus last week yet down 34 percent year-over-year to set an all-time finale low… and Betty White’s Off Their Rockers was flat at 5.5 mil/1.5.

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  1. Maggie says:

    that’s a bummer about SVU bc the episode was excellent, glad it’s been renewed!! between SVU & Revenge, there was a whole lot of craziness on TV last night!

    • lydiakj says:

      Agreed! Both shows’ episodes were completely bananas. I wish SVU got more love because I still think it is awesome. That cliffhanger, oh man.

  2. Jack Bauer says:

    Guess I’m still giving up on Idol until next year and don’t blame me if you’re still giving up on any singing competition series like Idol or X Factor or The Voice.

    • Sg.Grant says:

      I know it’s you, kevin.

      • Jack Bauer says:

        Forget about Kevin. He’s long gone and never coming back to this website. Don’t make him lose his cool like The Hulk from Marvel’s The Avengers ’cause you don’t want Kevin to get ANGRY!! Sg.Grant, YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

  3. stevie says:

    Revenge was superb.
    excellent writing, wonderful actors (yay, maddie stowe, henry czerny) – plus emily vancamp. no over the top storylines (hello ringer) but enough suspense to keep you on the hook.
    one of the best new series that has come out in a long time.

  4. MIchael says:

    ABC, from 9:00 on was SUPERB. MF and DTTB were probably the funniest episodes of their respective seasons and Revenge rocked my world. I still keep replaying the scene in my head when Alex’ date posed after Phil said “and this time, with flash”. Still laughing.

  5. Revenge was fantastic, sadly Modern Family kind of got put on the back burner this season with Idol and X-Factor.

  6. Leah says:

    I didn’t realize that Apt. 23 lost so much Modern Family lead in… I think it is a sign that Happy Endings should be moved back so I don’t have to chose between watching it and New Girl live. :)

    • AJ says:

      Easy decision – Happy Endings! (And I watch both – but HE is one of the best comedies on TV right now, NG is good, but does not come close to HE).

  7. julia says:

    Are you not gong to recap the CRAZY Law and Order SVU episode last night???????Seriously, that ending was insane! Does Dan Florek want out? Where the hell are they going with that? No way that ends well….

  8. TigerNightmare says:

    Go to Friday nights and be cancelled, Idol. Die.

  9. Sasha says:

    I found it weird that with 138 million votes only ( i had approximated before) 20 million people watched.

    This may be a ridiculous set of maths BUT

    138 mil divided by 20 mil means that on average eacgh person voted 6.9 million times and thats only if everyone voted.

    Am I confusing things? Maybe i’m confused because it doesn’t make sense

    • Rebeccahh says:

      It wouldn’t be 6.9 million times each just 6.9 votes person. 6.9 million votes per person would be: 138,000,000,000,000 (trillion lol)!

      • Sasha says:


        okay good because seriously i did think my mind was playing trick on me…

        Thank god though….

        On a different note I do think they lied about there being 138 million votes

    • Jane says:

      Actually, less than 15 million watched the final performances the night before, so the average is approximately 9 vote per viewer.

      • Jen says:

        Well not everybody votes (like me) and not everybody vote more than one time..Needless to say, a lot of obsessed fans out there. The reason why they limit the vote per phone number/ URL numbers, is because there really are people out there who would call/text that much. Of course I don’t know whether to praise people like those for their dedication, or to feel sorry for them

  10. Sg.Grant says:

    The best part about Idol last night were the two The Dark Knight Rises commercials.

    And I say this as a fan of the show.

  11. lydiakj says:

    “aka 127 minutes of foregone conclusion” –lolol sad truth.

  12. Allyson says:

    Ok, people don’t need to tune into to American Idol anymore, they know whol win without watching it. A male artist with a guitar. So girls shouldn’t brother trying out on American Idol, try out for the Voice, or X-Factor, you have a better shot on those shoes. American Idol has turned into a cute/popularity contest. People don’t vote based on talent anymore on that show. I mean, I don’t hate Phillip, but not shock he won. I am so tired of lack of diverse winners on Idol for the pa 5 seasons.

    • Jen says:

      Not just guys, straight white guys under 30 will win for sure. If you have a different ethnicity, sexual orientation, or a female of ANY race, you’re pretty much just competing for second place.

  13. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    A nice finish of season for Revenge as it prepares for move to Sunday/9pm. I think this show has got tremendous potential – Emily Van Camp : a star-in-the-making.

    I like Happy Endings and hope it does well next fall at 9pm/Tues [I’ll be watching], but I did want to put in some good words for Apartment 23 as well. That is a good show – funny. I found myself laughing quite a bit at the finale last night – James Van Der Beek in a comedy? Who would have guessed? The writing on Apt 23 [like Happy Endings] is very smart and funny. That’s all good news for both shows and ABC.

    Both shows now will benefit from each other on Tuesdays, and hopefully the fan base will follow them there. However, I don’t think either HEndings or Apt23 can come back to 9:30/Wednesday. ABC needs that spot to develop new shows – they can’t wait, they/ABC needs to take advantage of that slot while Mod Family is still going strong.

  14. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I’m a little annoyed with SVU for ending with such a major cliffhanger and leaving me with so many questions, but it was a great episode. It did make me a little more curious about the new detective guy. And what the heck is going on with Art? That prostitute girl had that line about being engaged to him, and that gave me a WTF? moment. I figured she had to be talking about a different Art. It was great seeing Dean Winters again, though I was nervous when I first saw him that he wasn’t playing his original SVU character, because I know Law and Order is famous for recasting the same actors in different roles. Y’all are probably too young to remember that Jerry Orbach played a lawyer on the mothership before becoming Detective Briscoe. I don’t know about Taub from House in the role that he played last night. It was so un-Taub, that I could only sit there and laugh every time he spoke, pretending to be the big bad pimp. These kinds of cliffhangers shouldn’t have been done in the season finale, as I think a lot of people will forget their questions by the time the season premiere will finally roll around. And it’s kind of something they don’t usually do. The Law and Order shows are good about season finale closures, or are a lot more simple about the cliffhangers they do have. This was very out of character.

  15. Ellen in NYC says:

    SVU has always been my least favorite of the L&Os, and I don’t consistently watch it. But I did watch last night and was completely surprised by the ending. I also liked seeing Dean Winters again. He’s a good actor and I hope they can work him back into the cast. He’s more credible than that Det Rollins, the one with the Southern twang. That twang seems very un-NYPD.

  16. Maryam says:

    Yay Revenge. I loved last nights finale.

  17. April says:

    Good news for Revenge. Great finale and theymake me want to come back for more.