Rookie Blue: Missy Peregrym Previews Andy and Sam's 'Complicated' Relationship

Rookie Blue Ben Bass Missy PeregrymRookie Blue‘s Andy didn’t have the best experience when she tried mixing police work and pleasure last season. And yet she’ll give love another try, with her former training officer, when the cop drama returns this Thursday at 10/9c to ABC.

Here, Missy Peregrym dishes on Andy and Sam’s “complicated” romance, the return of her ex Luke and another blast from the past.

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TVLINE | When the season picks up, where is Andy at, professionally and emotionally?
As part of my suspension, I cannot see [Sam] for three months, so I take off. We pick back up this year with me skydiving and getting the call that my tribunal has been set. I have to go there and say my piece, say why I deserve this job and, hopefully, get it back. As I head back, I’m so excited, thinking, “Yes, I’m going to get my job back and I’m going to be with Sam! Finally, everything’s going right!” But Sam is so upset that I just took off for three months after we both sacrificed a lot to be together when we weren’t supposed to, so why now would I actually abide by the rules? We’re trying to figure out our groove, and I have to earn his trust back. … It’s really complicated to be in a relationship with him. It’s not what I thought it was going to be like. He’s extremely overprotective, and he doesn’t know where that line is anymore of when to let me go and do my job without wanting to jump in and save me from everything, which is irritating for Andy obviously.

TVLINE | What are they like as a couple, aside from these issues?
Definitely goofy. It’s the same thing that you saw in the last two seasons where we’re still competitive and give each other a hard time. But it’s fun. We’re excited to have each other back in each other’s lives and to try what we’ve been dreaming about doing — if we’re going to be honest here — for two years.

Rookie Blue Ben Bass Missy PeregrymTVLINE | Andy’s been away for three months. Does time and distance make the heart grow fonder?
It did for me. But Sam’s so mad at me when I get back… He looked at it as I chose work over him. Really, he chose me over work [last season].

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TVLINE | Luke isn’t in the season premiere. Will he be back?
He went on the gang task force for a bit. We’ll see him later in the season.

TVLINE | How will Andy welcome him back? Will she be happy to see him?
It’s tough. … It’s a bit weird, even in the premiere. I don’t know where he is. I assume he’s back at the precinct because we haven’t spoken. Gail knows he went to the gangs, and I had no clue, so it’s already a sting, like, “Jeez, this thing is really over. I have no clue what’s going on in his life. And he has no clue what’s going on in mine.” So when we see each other again, obviously, there’s going to be a bit of a pang.

TVLINE | The Andy/Sam fans are probably wondering: Is he going to be a factor in her new relationship?
[His return is] more of a professional thing. The love triangle, that’s over at this point. It’s really a matter of how are Sam and I going to balance the pressures of work and our personal lives. There’s some pretty dramatic things that happen in this season that are extremely challenging for us.

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TVLINE | What can viewers expect in regards to exploring Andy’s family?
That’s a really tough situation because there are a lot of feelings there. My dad was an alcoholic, and I was always taking care of him. We have a great bond, and he’s finally getting himself together. But just when things are starting to really come together in my life, I see my mother on the job when we both answer the same call. It’s so ironic, her position – I don’t want to give things away too much, but it’s so cutting what she does for a profession, and then the irony of our relationship. I don’t know how to feel. I’m really angry and upset, my feelings are so hurt that I was abandoned. But at the same time, I desperately want my mother in my life. I’ve missed her. … I don’t handle it great.

TVLINE | When I spoke to [executive producer] Tassie Cameron, she said the theme of the season is, “Be careful what you wish for.” How does that apply to Andy?
It applies to work. I really want my job back, but now I have these conditions. … And also with Sam. I’m so excited to finally be in a relationship with him, and it’s way more complicated than I thought it was going to be. The third thing is, I’ve always wanted my mother in my life, and now she’s in my life and I don’t know what to do with it.

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  1. Maggie says:

    I love this show!!! so excited it’s back!

  2. Ari says:

    My favorite thing about Rookie Blue is that I don’t miss it during the regular TV season but as soon as it comes back I am obsessed! I don’t know how it manages that but it does and I LOVE IT!

  3. Christina says:

    I so can’t wait for this show tomorrow night!

  4. B says:

    Love Rookie Blue, can’t wait for the premiere!!

  5. M3rc Nate says:

    Can barely watch this show cause of the stupid love triangle. How original to have her fall for the straight laced tall blonde sweet honorable guy and then pine for the dark dangerous broody guy then eventually leave/cheat (forget if she cheated or not) nice guy for bad boy.
    Then they when quickly wrapping up the show in season 8 or w/e, have her fall back for the good guy who she should have been with all along and happily ever after…..LAME.

    Catch a clue from Flashpoint, why its amazing and the number 1 show in Canada…it has integrity and story and deep characters but also has relationships…but they have class, and the characters are realistic adults, not teens acting like emo vampires.

    Saddest of it all is i really really like Missy as a actress and person (from what i know), and i like the actors who play Sam and Luke a lot too. Needs better writing.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      *Then when they quickly wrap up the show in season 8….

    • jw says:

      Err, you didn’t just forget whether or not Andy cheated (they made out in the blackout episode, she decided not to have sex with him, went home, told Luke the whole story and worked to regain his trust). You forgot that *he* cheated. The straitlaced “nice” guy. Luke full-on cheated on Andy with his ex. Andy got together with Sam (who has pretty much been her puppy dog since episode 1) after she and Luke were completely over. The bad boy has been completely besotted (and not so bad) all along.

    • Cindy says:

      This show was first advertised as Grey’s anatomy but with cops-enough said. I enjoy it for what it is, a decent show that helps me get through the summer. Plus, it’s canadian and I want to support my peeps. Anyway, if you do watch it, don’t overthink it, it’ll go through better.

    • Carolyn says:

      Andy didn’t cheat, Luke did, This is a great show. She was going to Marry Luke, he cheated on her with his ex. She should have been with Sam all along.

      • Ash says:

        Andy cheated on Luke with Sam at the beginning of their relationship, Luke found out about it and got pissed. She was going to hide it from him until he found the ice in the freezer. The only reason Andy and Luke got back together was because Sam lied to Luke and told him that he was the one that started it and Andy turned him down when in reality Andy sought him out at his house. I don’t like that they had Luke cheat that was so contrary to the type of personality that they built for him, he was my favorite character but I do agree that him and Andy don’t seem very suited for one another. He is sweet and charming and she is a lot like Sam, kind of intense and badass

      • kassidee says:

        Totally Agree With You!

  6. Colleen S says:

    I have been waiting so long for this show to be back. Yeah!!!!

  7. Gil says:

    I don’t miss it during the regular season but once it’s back I am obsessed. I loooove this show! It’s perfect for the summer

  8. laviz says:

    I miss it when it goes away… I’m obsessed when it’s back !!!

  9. Jenn says:

    Omgg I am soo excited for this season!! Loove this show so much!!

  10. dukeroberts says:

    Andy and Sam were the lead characters’ names on Reaper. That is where I fell in love with Missy. I’ve never seen Rookie Blue though. I might watch it this week just for Shatner.

  11. mst3k says:

    She’s giving away too much… I had to stop reading for spoilers sake! Also, what’s up with speaking as if the character is really her? Oh yeah… Tell Missy Peregrim to bring back Reaper! (cause she can totally do that)

    • Lambsilencer says:

      Was thinking the same thing when I read it. This interview is a spoiler goldmine… if you want to know what’s gonna happen, that is.
      Missy talking about Andy in the first person is a common thing with actors when they talk about their characters. I guess that comes from being in that role so often, especially with TV parts.

  12. Andrea says:

    I really enjoy this as a summer show. This interview bugged me though, I didn’t like her speaking as the character. Most interviews have the actors “thinking” as the character for a line or two and then giving their thoughts, this just came across wierd.

  13. Sam says:

    Love this show! So glad you are covering it here at tvline. Can’t wait for the premiere tonight!

  14. Nikki says:

    LOVE Rookie BLUE! Love Sam and Andy! Been waiting all year for this show to return because i do miss it all year round! I agree though, no more love triangle. Bring in a new female character for Luke. Cant wait for tonights premiere. If you dont watch you should!!

  15. sarah says:

    I can not wait! I think the new love triangle for Andy and Sam will be Nick the new Rookie!

    • I hope not she can,t keep fancing all the men, i hope they work it so sam and andy stay together,the fans have waited so long,so for once let there be a good ending with sam and andy and stay away nick the new rookie

  16. Gerald says:

    Love Rookie Blue. Love Missy/Andy but can’t stand the relationship with Sam. He is all kinds of wrong for her. I was totally on Team Luke until the writers made him cheat on her. But Sam was right there trying to sabatoge that relationship fromthe start. Can’t stand that guy. Please break them up and bring in a new love interest for Andy.

    • Carolyn says:

      Gerald, have you gone crazy. Sam was not trying to break them up, he even helped them keep their relationship going by lying to Luke about what happened between him and Andy. Sam and Andy all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. ninamags says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that for a cop, Andy is incredibly stupid and incompetent? Yes, she is a rookie but she has no kind of intelligence for the job.

    How many times should she have been dead last season?

    Eh, I probably won’t tune in for this summer season.

    • Sue says:

      Eh, you won’t be missed.

    • Carolyn says:

      Andy has great instincts as a cop. If it hadn’t of been for her Sam would be dead. She kept digging until she found out what happened to Jamie Brennan’s family. She has good instincts.

  18. Erica says:

    Team Luke…Sam always creeped me out.

    • Totez says:

      Yes. Finally, someone who agrees with me. I’ve felt that the whole Andy/Sam thing was rushed. I was team Luke from the start..Not to mention I found him to be the better looking of the two.

      • Carolyn says:

        You have got to be kidding me, no way Luke is better looking than
        Sam. Luke is good looking but man
        Sam is so hot. Look at those eyes and his mouth!!! Wow

    • Carolyn says:

      I would love to be creeped out by Sam, and so would a lot of women, forget team Luke!!!!

    • jess says:


  19. Ebonee says:

    i thot i was the only who notices she does her interviews in 1st person but i think andy is prob very similar to Missy real personality…but i really hope they dont turn Sam into overprotective pyscho bcus i love how they still acted the same after they hooked up in S2 but sam seems too jaded in first episode it was kind of creepy. think writers tried to cover too much in first episode n o dont like how they handled the whole suspension thing. It was over the top n underwhelming. hopefully the bring back the sam n andy most of us fell in love with n more seamless clear story lines. So far the writers seem to have OverDramatized this season but im going to ride it out. Also if sam n andy dont work i still say Gail n Sam wld work. maybe they should be partners bcus bcus otherwise there may be too many sandy moments!!!

  20. Alice says:

    I am so glad that this show is back on. We lost so many great shows (Unforgetable, Gifted, , etc). I love the actors. They have the personality, looks, charisma, that make it a great show. I have a feeling we are in for a great season. The Canadians are doing a great job with this show and Flashpoint. I hope it does well with the ratings this summer and the show is on for another season. I think (to be fair) the network should have played the reruns before it started to get new people to watch and familiarize the older fans. It was a long haul. If this show does not make it due to ratings, it will once again be the fault of the network for not repeating the episodes and for the long wait of the summer. Please, ABC, learn from your mistakes! Also, people who are against this show. Stop over dramatizing everything. This is a television show not real life for pete’s sake.

    • linda p says:

      Finally someone is thinking like I am. ABC usually does things the wrong way. These people that are dissing the show, they should watch something and stop leaving hateful comments. As far as Sam and Andy, they are by far the best couple. Luke is goodlooking, but he was never the intended one for her. You could tell that from the beginning. Sam and Gail NO WAY. I do like the new guy for Gail.

  21. Bernadette says:

    Love that RB is back! I haven’t watched tv for many years and this is the only show I watch dedicatedly! Andy and Sam are my favs and I hope they can sort out Sam’s over protectiveness as well as Andy’s insecurities. Defs team Sam!

    • Carolyn says:

      I have not seen Sam being over protective, I don’t know why people keep saying that. He slung her over that fence just like she was any other cop. Told her to keep after the runner and left her. Love them together.

  22. kassidee says:

    Im Soo Excited That Luke Is Coming Back! I hope Him And Andy Are Atleast Friends, But I Do Kinda Wanna See Some Jealousy With Him And Sam! That Would Be Kinda Cool.

  23. MidwestJen says:

    I only discovered this show recently, but I raced through the episodes on Amazon in days. This show and Flashpoint (both coincidentally Canadian shows) are the only shows I’ve ever “spoiled” for myself well in advance just to make sure my favorite characters ended up together (Sam/Andy, Sam/Jules). (Ok I considered it with Pretty Little Liars, but I was pretty sure Ezra/Aria would be ok *grin*)

    The complaints I see about this type of show is that it isn’t realistic. Seriously, that’s a complaint? If I want realistic death and police work, I’ll turn on the news. The Canadian procedurals seem to focus more on characters vs work … and yes, Flashpoint is character driven … it may not always be the recurring cast, but the bad guys always have a story that is interesting. And my god, what is wrong with a happyish ending? Or shows that give us examples of how kind people can be? Do I think in reality that most cops would go out of their way to find out the why’s of whatever? No … but I’d like to think they are out there … and this show inspires that kind of belief (same with Flashpoint). Life is not black and white, it’s a messy grey.

    I halfway wish this show would get the expanded 20+ episode season, but they did that with Flashpoint and now it’s ending. Long live Rookie Blue, for giving us characters that aren’t perfect and grow in realistic ways.

    As Sam would say, “Don’t overthink this” ABC … just keep renewing.

  24. Jennn says:

    Rookie Blue is an amazine show!! I can’t get enough of it and it’s hard enough waiting to see each new episode! I love the relationship between Sam and Andy, they are so good with eachother, reminds us all how we should treat people who we really care about; or the way we wish we were treated ;). I dont mind how Sam is a little over-protected.. Shows that he cares and doesn’t want to see her get hurt, or loose her. Absolutely love this show, like I said can’t get enough and I look forward to Andy’s and Sam’s cute scenes! Totally my favourite show right now!!