Revenge Season Finale Recap: Long Live the Queen [UPDATED]

Revenge Season FinaleIf you have yet to watch last night’s Revenge season finale, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, please proceed…

This season’s Revenge finale should’ve had one of those warnings before it, you know, the kind they put on rollercoasters and Jacuzzis? Those with heart conditions should probably stay away? Because with so many huge developments coming so quickly in the last 15 minutes, even those of us with healthy tickers got a little sweaty and antsy. So let’s take a deep breath, pull ourselves together, and dissect the big deals that took place in “Reckoning.”

Emily and Daniel are done | After Em hid the packet of Grayson-damning information from Daniel’s briefcase, she led her fiancé (and by proxy, Conrad) to believe that the White Haired Man stole it. That caused a giant Grayson freakout, including a security sweep of Grayson Manor that unearthed Emily’s bugs in the study. Needing help with some encrypted data, Em turned to Nolan and soon learned WHM had him chained to a wall of a torture chamber… which she soon found herself chained to, as well. “Good morning, sunshine. If you came here to rescue me, you might want a do-over,” snarked her bowl-cut-sporting pal. But our girl had a plan (doesn’t she always?). She bought them time by sending WHM to find the info in a locker at the Port Authority Bus Terminal (pick me up a Cinnabon! And try to avoid the crazy guy who hangs out by the public phones!), then freed them by using a lock-pick she’d somehow secreted away in her sleeve. As Nolan hurried off to give the actual evidence, which she’d hidden in his desk, to the feds, Emily stuck around to beat the snot out of the returning (and seriously cheesed-off) WHM. Their fight — which included one of the episode’s several references to Emily’s mom — ended with her thisclose to snuffing out the snowy henchman, but a memory of her father telling her she was full of love made her draw back at the last moment. “I thought you came here to honor your father,” he sneered. “I just did,” she said. The blonde’s night got worse when she returned home to find Daniel raring for a fight, thanks to Ashley’s whispers about what she’d seen from Amanda’s porch the night before. Nursing a split lip and looking like all she wanted was a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a warm bath, Emily resignedly admitted that she and Jack had kissed, then handed Daniel back his ring as she said they weren’t right for each other anymore. Later, we watched a very cagey Ashley offer Daniel faux sympathy about the breakup as they shared a drink.

Amanda is pregnant! | Free of Daniel and waiting for official news of Grayson Global’s demise, Emily and Nolan celebrated at his place. (Side note: “Champagne is always appropriate” is my new motto.) In a lovely, sweet scene, the friends dished about Emily’s plan to tell Jack everything. After she made plans to visit the barkeep that night, Em and Noles clinked glasses in tribute to David’s memory. It was touching and cute and gorgeously lit and all the more terrible because you just knew something horrendous was about to happen. And when Em arrived at The Stowaway, she and Jack barely had time to gaze longingly at each other before that something horrendous waddled out from back room. “Jack and I are going to have a baby,” Amanda announced, patting her protruding belly. I call shenanigans on that one right now. Even in a show that likes to play fast and loose with timelines, that belly is not a four-month belly. That belly is at least a seven-month belly. That belly can practically register for its first day of preschool. It’s totally possible that Amanda was pregnant before she first arrived in the Hamptons. But enough with the pulling fast ones on Emily, people. A little reduction in hubris every once in a while is healthy, but there’s only so much a girl can take!

The Initiative are some mean suckers | As Conrad and the WHM powwowed at Grayson Global, the latter futzed around the office, paying special attention to a clock (what is with this guy and timepieces?) and the picture containing Emily’s video link to the office. If there were any doubt that he knew someone was keeping tabs on Conrad via that frame, it was obliterated when he winked directly into the camera. Is it possible that WHM and Emily are working toward the same end? Back at her place, Little Miss Spies-a-Lot looked properly gobsmacked. As much as I love Emily, I do like it when someone gets the jump on her. It freshens things up a bit. And her nemesis, Victoria, had her share of surprises throughout the episode, as well. When SEC Agent McGowen informed Vicky that Conrad had ordered David Clarke’s death, it was clearly news to her. And when Daniel came out staunchly on Team Conrad, even in light of his part in David’s murder, it earned him a stinging slap from his mom. “I have done some heinous things in my life, but now I have a chance to right a terrible wrong,” she vowed. Then she rallied Lydia to testify against Conrad in exchange for immunity, despite the fact that she’d just agreed to marry the silver fox hours before! It might’ve had something to do with Victoria’s terrifying speech, in which she asserted, “When I’m done with him, it’ll make your taxicab bounce look like a trip to St. Tropez!” Yowza. And also, awesome. Queen Vic had one more heated exchange with Conrad — he said David’s death had been ordered by people far above him and added, “If you board that plane, it’ll be the last thing you do!” — before she and Lydia met Agent McGowen at the airport. A close re-watching shows that we saw Lydia on the stairs, but not actually on the plane. We saw Victoria enter the plane all the way, and then we saw WHM, dressed as airport staff, out near one of the jet’s rear wheels. And the next thing we knew, Charlotte — with severe blabber’s remorse after making her classmates aware of Jaime’s underage affair with a former history teacher — was watching a newscaster report on the explosion that took down her mother’s plane. Despondent, and smarting at Declan’s rebuff, Charlie downed a bunch of pills and passed out on her bed, where Conrad later found her.

Emily’s mom is still around | Leave it to Nolan to save the day. Though Emily thought everyone and everything that could exonerate her father was on the plane, her buddy had made a backup of the disk he handed over to the SEC. Yay! Warning her that Americon Initiative, which handled the original cover-up, was far bigger than they’d imagined, he screened some surveillance footage of Victoria talking about a deep David Clarke secret. “What she’s saying is that your mother’s alive,” Nolan told her, pausing the reel. Beside the tears in her eyes, Emily’s face was unreadable as she said, “Let it play.”

What do you think? Which surprise hit you the hardest? Which did you see coming from a mile away? Do you think Queen Victoria (not to mention Lydia) is really gone? And let’s get the casting buzz started early: Who should play Emily’s mother? Hit the comments and let us know!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. jack thompson says:

    Did anyone notice that the filming was superior to any episodes all year? It appeared more like a movie than a tv series. I wish November sweeps started next week!

  2. The mom’s alive? What is this, Prison Break? er, I mean, Hawaii Five-0? No, I mean, Grimm?

  3. Letasha says:

    The finale was mind blowing. I may not sleep tonight.

  4. Billy Bob says:


  5. Drew says:

    I’m hoping that they’re able to put a different spin on the “your mother’s alive” storyline, so it isn’t what we’re all expecting.

    The only real complaint I have about the finale is that she didn’t kill the white haired man. It seemed like the classing wimpy “you’re not worth it” moment, where the hero realizes that by killing the bad guy, they would be as bad as the bad guy… except, it’s total BS. The show is about revenge, not warm and gentle fuzzies. Now this super bad guy is out there, knows who she is, knows where to find her, and can throw a wrench in her plans at any moment. Not killing him was sloppy, which is the opposite of what Emily is supposed to be.

    But I did love Nolan calling her Batgirl. Emily VanCamp should totally play Batgirl. Perfect way to continue the franchise without messing up the Nolan movies, right?

    • sam says:

      Emily is not a killer

      • Drew says:

        Why not?

        Look, if it was established that her mission in life was to see bad guys behind bars, then fine. But that’s not the goal. She doesn’t want justice, she wants revenge. She was in the room with the man who murdered her father and who continues to murder people on a regular basis. Having her back down in that moment looked weak… and as I said, she exposed herself to the worst possible person that she could expose herself to. She thought it was too risky to let Jack know this whole time, yet she shows her face to the biggest enemy in town and lets him walk away from it?

        I love the show. It has been consistently great all year, including the finale. However, not killing that guy was a mistake. Was it Emily’s mistake or the writers’ mistake? Tough call.

        • danielle says:

          I absolutely agree. Emily deliberately put herself in harm’s way to have a showdown w/WHM and then she backs off at the last minute? If loving “everyone and everything” is that important to her because she promised it to her father, then why did she even embark upon this mission of revenge to begin with? That choice (to not kill WHM) will come back to haunt her.

      • Lynn Scott says:

        Despite the fact that Amanda/Emily put this whole story in motion, basically, her hands are clean. She has not actually killed anyone, just roughed them up a bit. That leaves her free to walk away from the whole mess when her Revenge is finally resolved. If she had killed the WHM, she could eventually be tried for murder. Also, as we see through flashbacks, she was fundamentally a good person, until her father was taken away from her.

        • Drew says:

          Her being a good person has nothing to do with it. She isn’t killing some random stranger on the street, she’s killing a murderer who has made it his life’s work to kill people. And, she’s not that little kid anymore. Do we really want her to be bound to the ideals that she had as a child? Do any of us think the same way we did when we were little kids and had no idea what the world was really like?

          If she didn’t want to kill him, she shouldn’t have exposed herself. Now, he will most likely try to kill her or Nolan, or Jack, or Charlotte at some point, just to get at Emily. She let this rabid dog walk after spilling everything to him… that was sloppy. Takeda would be pissed.

    • guest says:

      I agree. I don’t think Emily is a killer but at that moment, she didn’t really have a choice, he knows everything AND he knows she wants him dead. Leaving him alive was sloppy an very un-Emily even if it wasn’t what her father wanted (I think we’ve established none of this is what her father wanted for her).

      • susela says:

        Yes, they will have to give white-haired guy some strong motivation for not wanting to harm Emily in any way. Notice he only threatened Nolan when he had them both in handcuffs, and that he defended himself when Emily attacked, he didn’t attack her. He has some attachment to Emily’s mom, or Em would have been dead before the end of the episode.

        • NCSouthernBelle says:

          Excellent observation. I hope you’re right, and that would explain my question regarding why he didn’t out Emily to Conrad. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE James Morrison, and to make him a Revenge regular would make my day!

  6. Robin says:

    had said all along the mama was alive- too many vague references to her. Hoping Victoria survived or didn’t get in the plane. Lydia is gone for good. Most surprised for preggers Amanda… Yuck, and I am not totally sure the white haired man isn’t on Emily’s side and may not have killed her dad, but only made it look like he did- which leaves a great cliff hanger for season 3… Daddy’s home :-)

  7. AShu says:

    Best finale of the season, bar none. Nuff said.

  8. Can't wait for S2 says:

    That was an awesome finale! Thank you writers and actors of Revenge!

  9. Joe says:

    I think the person who should play Emily’s mother is Marcia Cross who played Bree van de kamp in Desperate Housewives.

  10. JN says:

    Dear baby Jesus: ALLISON. F’ING. JANEY=THE MOTHER. PLEASE. Especially if Victoria really is dead, because the show would need a new strong older woman (And if she’s still alive, I would pay good money to see those two face off.)

  11. lara says:

    Did anyone think that there was a moment at the end when Nolan and Emily would kiss? I totally don’t want it to happen…but it seemed like it would.

    • JC says:

      Not me…isn’t Nolan gay? Or does he swing both ways and I’m forgetting?

    • Connie says:

      Yes, I also had the fleeting thought that Nolan and Emily would smooch. But I have the feeling that at some point we will find out that Nolan and Emily are siblings, making a potential kiss particularly icky.

  12. JC says:

    It was obvious to me from the second they said ‘plane’ that the fed and the evidence were going to go ‘boom’, just didn’t realize they’d put all the key players on the flight too. Hate to say it, but I hope Victoria is dead. Love Madeleine Stowe, and I’d miss her dearly, but I hate that character with a passion. Every time she smiles, I want Emily to burst into the room, beat the living daylights out of her, and finish her off with that axe.

  13. YowzaPowza says:

    Great finale but not really shocked at all. Were we not all expecting Amanda’s parent’s to be alive at some point? And obviously Victoria isn’t dead. Loved all of it though.

    • susela says:

      What if white-haired guy stabbed David Clarke non-fatally, as a way of spiriting him out of the prison and leaving everyone believing him to be dead? …but I don’t see how that would be possible unless Clarke was also a baddie. Can’t figure out how WHG could possibly be aligned with Amanda.

  14. Logi says:

    Maybe Victoria is Emily’s (Amandas) mum…

  15. Stuart says:

    Anyone think Nolan’s aunt (Tess Harper) is Amanda’s mother?

  16. MichD says:

    BEST finale ever! I cannot say how much I love watching Revenge each week, definitely can’t wait for season 2 this september! Wow the ‘seven devils” song in the final minutes made everything sooooo good.

    Man, I really wish Emily could have killed the White Haired Man. I mean, you’ve gone through all that, his head is in your hands, and you just easily melt away from a little memory with your dad?
    I bet Emily and Nolan are defiitely related somehow. Nolan’s aunt is prob Em’s mother? Why do I htink so? Well remember Nolan at his aunt’s house and Emily was there, he said he couldn’t give Emily her father’s diary because it connected to his aunt, and his aunt is his family. So if he knew that much and he backed up everything and even understood the meaning that Em’s mother is alive, he def. knows who Em’s mom is.
    Fauxmanda’s pregnancy was probably with Takeda. No one else could possibly be the father of her kid. She and Jack were never THAT close, and since Takeda rescued her that night Tyler was killed, she was with Takeda that whole time and we all know what happens.
    Victoria can’t possibly be blown up, she can’t die that easily. and she’s too smart to board a plane if she heard conrad say “You board that planeand that will be the last thing you do.” So she’s trying to fool Conrad so he’ll think she was blown up in the plane but she had escaped and will continue her revenge on Conrad.
    Jack leaves Fauxmanda. Good, I’m dying to see Emily and Jack get back together and Jack to know everything about the real Amanda (emily)

    I’ll be back for revenge in September.
    “Don’t do anything revenge-y until I get there.” <– Best quote of the season! Good job, Nolan!

  17. Andie MO says:

    I am reeling from this episode & was just trolling the net to see if anyone (everyone?!) felt the same way – thank GOD I’m not alone!!! LOVE THIS SHOW! LOVED this finale! Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME that was AWESOME!!!!!! And if the show is moving to Sundays in the fall I’m BESIDE myself. Can’t wait for it to come back! Definitely don’t think Victoria dies. Do think WHM is somehow, strangely, on Emily’s side. Has anyone else ever wondered if David Clarke is actually dead or is that just wishful thinking on my part? That somehow the WHM helped to fake DC’s death but it was all a ruse to shut the Grayson’s down? It’s a bit of a stretch given the amount of time that’s elapsed & the number of things Conrad & Victoria could’ve been nailed for already but…Emily/Amanda’s mom could be a spy, definitely thought of that. She has to get her take-no-prisoners abilities from somewhere! LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!!! Best new show in YEARS!!! Great writing & cast.

    • Layla says:

      I think there is something there. I also think Nolan could be a half brother and maybe his aunt is his Mother’s sister? Not much is known about his life. He is very protective over Em like he knows. More than just the promise to her Dad, but maybe a promise to his Dad (David).

  18. says:

    If this is it for Victoria Greyson, I will avenge her.

  19. says:

    Also, after re-watching the pilot and hearing Emily say “This isn’t a story about forgiveness” will that statement be rewarded until the series finale? I also agree with those that said they should not make the “who is Amandas mom plot” so easy, for 1 I thought from the first moment I saw Nolan’s aunt it could be her or someone in that family, this show has been a nice change of pace from what is currently on air such a classic from what used to be on I hope they make it new and take turns like they did with the “Amanda” baby left turn (that killed me more than the Victoria Greyson thing).

    Anyway, here’s to season 2. Don’t disappoint Revenge!

  20. Layla says:

    I think the WHM will be back next season, he seems like he could be a strong character. I agree that he had the opportunity to tell Grayson about Em but he has some loyalty for his life spared in some strange warrior way. I got the feeling from his comment about Em’s mother that there was more there in his history with her mother. Perhaps her mother worked with him for the organization? Knew Amanda would be back, she adds a lot to the show, great actress. Victoria will be back and got off plane as her instincts are right on. The two deaths are the two left on the plane. I predict Daniel back with Em. Jack is a moron for not questioning anything (ever) and deserves Amanda. Love Nolan, wish Jack’s brother would go away as he is a weak character in the show. They need a good match for Victoria, someone strong like Kim Cattrell who can really dish it back (she is a great serious actress).

  21. Maryam says:

    Victoria is so not dead. How can they kill off such a juicy character. I refuse to believe the baby is Jack’s. Fake Amanda just randomly shows up with a baby bump and Jack just buys that the baby is his?! Seriously he needs to get a clue and realize that something else is going on. The signs are all there. I don’t understand how a person can be that gullible! It’s frustrating because I was really rooting for a reunion between these two. Season 2 will be a must watch for me. Totally DVRing The Good Wife and tuning into revenge in the fall.

  22. fatalsin says:

    did anyone mention about daniel having that camcorder still..

    • Layla says:

      Camcorder is empty as Em took the tape out to send to Grayson. I like Conrad, he is very good. I think the Jack character needs some work as no one cn be this dumb?

  23. Tim Hughes says:

    When the baby is born and everyone sees a Chinese baby instead of Caucasian everyone will breath a little easier folks. :)

  24. val says:

    The finale was fantastic! Break-up, fight with evil white-haired guy, Sharlotte’s transformation into her mother, Victoria’s supposed death. All of it except 1 thing: do they really have to go all CW on us and bring this Amanda’s pregnancy to the mix?

  25. Wesley says:

    Great Finale! I agree that Emily should have killed WHM. I mean she has the guy who killed her father right there, and she lets him walk? Weak! Some people just have it coming, and that guy’s one of them. She should have gone all “Dexter” on that guy.

    Also, I hope that Emily’s mom doesn’t turn out to be bad, and some ring leader in all of this. Too much Like “Alias” and “Prison Break”, it’s a story that’s already been told more than once. Hopefully the writers can come up with something more clever than that.

    That said, I can’t wait for season 2.

  26. Buddy321 says:

    Elizabeth Mitchell 100% deserves the role of the mom. She is a familiar face at the network and she summons steely reserve behind the eyes in just the way Emily has done all season. She’s a master of stone-faced emoting. They must cast her!

  27. Carda says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!
    Epic Finale!

    When Florence and the Machine started playing while Vicky entered the plane I was going all “oh no they don’t they don’t they don’t… they CAN’T do THAT” O_________O

    Revenge is really the best new show of last season!!

    I’d go with Elizabeth Mitchell as Em’s mom! Lover her on Lost!

    Is it fall already???

  28. Gotta be an evil spy mommy – LENA OLIN!!

  29. mike says:

    Marcia Cross vs. Madeleine Stowe!!! Oh my God I would die

  30. Lynn Scott says:

    How cool was that scene with Victoria dressed all in black (she looked like Morticia Addams) walking into Emily’s house through the white curtains?! Also, Ashley is setting up Daniel so the two of them can continue on as the NEW Grayson’s, to replace Conrad and Victoria. With her long, straight hair and skinny frame, she even resembled Victoria.

  31. airhead says:

    hating ashley. and amanda. seriously, i’d say the odds of it being jack’s baby are miniscule

  32. guest says:

    It’s January in the Revenge timeline and Amanda was with Jack in July which would mean she’d be 6 months pregnant, not 4.

  33. Siria says:

    I don’t think – or hope – that the baby is Jack’s. The more pressing question is what Takeda did to Fauxmanda. After all, she did spend several month with him. Did he brainwash her? Where do her loyalties lie?

    Do we actually know which actors will come back for season two, i.e. who already signed a contract?

  34. Julien Amerelle says:

    The previous posters have some GREAT casting ideas…. I am really LOVING the idea of Sharon Stone as ” Mrs Clarke”.. Michelle is a great choice too… Since I was a HUGE Fan of Emily Van Kamp on ” Brothers and sisters” the sentimental side of me would LOVE to see Patricia Wettig in the role too–reuniting “mother and daughter” from ” Brothers and sisters” on ” Revenge”..but, the studio probably wont allow it. Sharon Stone, if she would consider it, would be a great choice.. What “revenge” has needed from the beginning was a ” foil” for “Victoria”.. “Victoria” is the “Alexis Carrington” role… and so, a ” Krystle Carrington” character should have existed from episode one. Sharon would be great as such a character. Also, the Grayson’s seem so Nouveau riche and they should have a foil cast ( family) to counter them too. The Grayson’s rival family should be a more genteel, entrenched aristocratic family which either ‘enabled” David Clarke or were even relations of his to balance the cast of characters correctly. It would open up so many great possibilities and also create great drama as the conflict between the Carringtons vs the Colby’s did..

    Now, did Victoria Grayson get on the plane? Yep. BUT, since she is, as Lydia hinted, ” the head of the self preservation society”, Victoria shall survive. She, like all the other Victorias of the world, is like a cockroach that could even survive nuclear winter ! So, do not fret about her. Lydia, however, is another story.

    • Layla says:

      If you want that Dynasty dynamic then Sharon may not have that type of goodness. She would be a formidable star for Stowe but I see her as more of a darker force. I read Michael Kelly being interviewed about how he wrote it and what the mother will be. A lot of psyche issues that Em will explore in herself, so a very complicated person. I think Lena Olin can be both good and cunning. I don’t think Michelle would take the TV role but she could be a good complicated foe, someone like that who has a gentle side and yet be a bitch.. Stone is too steely for the gentle side.

  35. dave says:

    Enough! it was a great finale until they used the oldest cliche in the book. come on we ll knew her mom was gonna be alive since they mentioned her for the last 3 weeks. the white haired man even said that Emily must have gotten the fighting skills from her mom, its so stupid. the finale was perfect if it wasn’t for the last 3min. Oh yeah and as if they they are really going to kill the 2nd face of the show, she probably got off the plane before it took off or something silly like that

  36. Jen says:

    we didn’t actually see the plane exploding right? my guess is that that story was a coverup and Victoria and Lydia are being put into the Witness Protection Program. The information that they have is extremely valuable and extremely high-risk. I’d imagine they’ll show back up down the line at some point. Possibly even several seasons from now. That way, Madeline can work on whatever other script it was mentioned that she was dealing with. This show has a few more seasons left in it. So that wouldn’t be out of the question.

    Also, Ashley is really going to regret her decisions if she winds up with Daniel and therefore involved in Emily’s Revengenda. I’d hate to be on Emily’s bad side.

    No way that baby is Jack’s. She looked way too pregnant for that. Also, she was doing kind of a lot of drinking 4 months ago wasn’t she? That can’t be healthy. If she even has this baby, it will wind up being someone’s from before she ever met Jack I’d guess. But I can see why they’d want to drag that out…if you got Jack and Emily together so quickly it might get boring. And I think that creatively, there needs to be some more time before Jack finds out the truth about who Emily is. Especially if Amanda is working for Takeda now…if Emily tells Jack the truth, and Amanda reveals that to Takeda, Emily could find herself in quite the pickle. Amanda is probably back as Takeda’s spy. I guess it’s possible that she knew him before she caught back up with Emily four months ago…she was awfully willing to just hop in a car with him last time we saw her. But that is unlikely.

  37. Theresa says:

    I knew stupid Amanda was going to be at Jack’s when Emily went there but I wasn’t expecting her to be pregnant. Can’t be Jack’s baby and Victoria can’t be dead.

  38. Dalal says:

    Ok so “fake Amanda” needs to go! seriously she’s TOO annoying die already!!. It’s definitely not Jack’s baby and it’s just a desperate attempt to get back to him. Now Victoria will not die, charlotte however i’m not sure. She has become very boring and useless to the show so they might cut her out.

    Ashley also needs to go! ;p She’s so sneaky and has her eyes on Daniel. Daniel is turning into his dad( too bad he was such a good person).

    Now Emily’s MOM! I can predict a whole new story line from that. The writers with their well shown creativity can definitely pull 2 amazing seasons if they wrote the right material and a whole new story from emily’s mom, her past, her work, ahhh you name it.

    Seariously can’t wait for the next season!!

  39. zoot says:

    It really bothers me when “moms” come back from the dead. How can any mother knowingly stay away from their child so long? Especially if they knew the troubles that they had. Can there ever be a loving relationship forged? I really always hate this plot but I see its necessity in drama shows…still ugh.

  40. Groovy says:

    best finale ever

  41. Groovy says:

    Love Emily, Nolen, and Jack and hate Asley and Fake Amanda

  42. People!! Emily`s mother has to be played by KELLI WILLIAMS (Lie to Me). Did you see her portrayal in Criminal Minds?! She would be perfect for the role!! PERFECTION!

  43. and no, Vicky is not dead! Queen Victoria has escaped! how? who knows? but she cannot be dead!

  44. Lisa says:

    Did anyone ever think that if they really killed off VIctoria, the scene to come when Victoria finds out who Emily really is will never take place? Isn’t that one of the things that we’ve all been waiting for? I don’t think Victoria is dead, especially after watching the video where she claims she knows David’s darkest secret.

  45. NCSouthernBelle says:

    I get chills every time I see WHM winking at Emily through the ‘picture’ in Conrad’s office. What was that all about!?!? Why didn’t he out Emily to Conrad? Are they allies now? After all, he still killed her father. I cannot wait for next season! What a finale!!!

    • Dee says:

      Love the show, great season finale but I think the network is making a big mistake moving the show to Sunday night. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Sunday night is football night. I liked The Good Wife until they moved that one to Sunday… ran late, show started later, even when I recorded it part of it got cut off… was a mess and I lost interest. just sayin………. And I don’t watch football but lots of people do.

    • Layla says:

      Remember before WHM started fighting with Em, he said the org had intended to frame Grayson, not David. I just think there is a gray area there and he is connected to the mother. I like that actor and hope he comes back. He coukd have outed her but he didn’t.

  46. joe says:

    First,I don’t think Victoria is dead,if they kill her off BIG MISTAKE,Charolette,is iffy because she’s Emilys sister ,lydia is dead, the mother thing I saw coming because they been mentioning her lately, the finale was great!!!

  47. NCSouthernBelle says:

    Anyone know the name of the song playing when Victoria and Lydia were boarding the plane?

    • NCSouthernBelle says:

      Never mind, I found it. Florence and the Machine, “Seven Devils”. She sounds a lot like Tori Amos.

  48. peter says:

    Renne Russo to play emily’s mother !!!
    and of course victoria is not dead!!! the caracther if she dies is going to be an event of epic proporcions not alone in a plane !!! she deserves a lot more and david kelley the creator knows that !!!

  49. Mikael says:

    Biggest soap cliche in the world was Amanda coming back pregnant. They could’ve found another way to keep Emily and Jack apart. I hate the stupid pregnancy plot device so much! They use it on every show basically. The ex comes back pregnant, so the guy has to stick with her, and it’s not even his baby or she’s faking it. IT’S BEEN DONE! Come up with something better! And Ashley needs to just die.