Finale Ratings: DWTS and Idol Split Tuesday Win While Hitting Lows, Glee Up But Down

The Dancing With the Stars Season 14 finale led Tuesday in total viewers this week, while American Idol‘s Season 11 performance finale drew the night’s best demo rating.

Both reality contests were down sharply from a year ago, however, hitting all-time demo lows for a finale/performance finale, respectively.

RECAP | Dancing With the Stars Crowns Winner — What a Close Contest!

Dancing With the Stars, with 17.5 million viewers and a 3.2 rating, hit season highs but was down 17 and 29 percent from its May 2011 coronation ceremony. Also, it got bested in its first hour (where it scored a 2.9 rating) by America’s Got Talent (9.3 mil/3.2).

Idol, meanwhile, drew 14.4 mil and a 4.2, down 33 and 28 percent year-over-year.

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The night’s other big finale, Glee (7.7 mil/3.0), rose 20 percent to hit a 13-week demo high, but was down 35 percent from its Season 2 capper. It, too, was edged out in the demo by AGT.

RECAP | Glee Season 3 Finale: Bye-Curious

Lastly — no, really — The CW’s L.A. Complex played to 448,000 people this week (down 15 percent) while scoring a 0.2 rating.

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  1. HughOS says:

    Yikes, that’s a poor number for Idol’s final performance. It’s the producer’s fault. There is a huge lack of suspense because deep down everyone knows that the attractive male who strums a guitar (Phillip) is going to win. They need to seriously overhaul the voting system next year. No way should Phillip have even been in the top 6 let alone the finale. Idol needs to take a good look at itself and shake up the format for next year. The talent is definitely there, the last two years have been the strongest ever, but it’s being let down by bad production decisions.

    • I completely agree. That the finale isn’t Joshua vs. Jessica is crazy. Watching the way the judges downplayed Jessica, but fell all over themselves to praise Phillip’s every move, makes me wonder if there weren’t following some directive from the beginning… The voting system needs to be seriously overhauled. A one person = one vote system is the only fair way, but then they wouldn’t be able to flaunt the voter numbers like ratings. (“A record 70 million votes were cast this week!”) I like Philip – he plays my kind of music – but even *I* don’t think he deserves to win. It should have been Joshua…

      • brandy says:

        Completely agree. I powervoted for Jessica just because I would like to see someone different (not a white guitar-playing male) win for a change.

    • Lauri says:

      I thought the performance finale was tonight, so I didn’t even watch. Maybe others had the same issue.

    • Jen says:

      I disagree. Phillip deserved to be in the finale. He is very talented & has a unique style. At least he doesn’t scream the lyrics….I got so tired of the judges pimping Jessica & Joshua.

      • HughOS says:

        But Phillip was pimped just as hard as Josh and Jess. Maybe not by the judges but certainly by the production. He had the pimp spot on the first show (traditionally the most watched show of the season), was shown extensively throughout Hollywood and Las Vegas with Heejun (crucial stage where people are forming favourites) and could basically do no wrong for the first 6/7 weeks of finals despite his listless melody mangling.

        When you contrast it with Josh & Jess, Josh was only shown in the later Hollywood rounds, Jess not until Las Vegas. Hollie Cavanagh wasn’t shown singing until the top 40 round for god sake! E

        Every week Phillip performed he got an “oooh goosies.. you are SUCH an artist” from JLo or a “you just Phillip Phillips’ed it” from Steven (usually code for singing off key, disguised as a compliment). The narrative from the judges and production has been that Phillip is the only “true artist” this year. Why, because he plays the guitar? Please, how insulting to Jess, Josh, Elise, Skylar etc.. who took just as many if not more musical innovations every week. It’s a narrative tinged with sexism and musical snobbery, because he was the only Idol to play an instrument every week.

    • Terri says:

      You forgot about how the guitar strummer makes faces to remind his fans that he’s in CONSTANT PAIN, YO!

  2. Owen Ground says:

    LOL @ The LA Complex

  3. Owen Ground says:

    I am glad Glee’s ratings are down. I stopped watching it when they got rid of Terri.

    • Isistelle says:

      Really? o.O That the worst reason ever…

      • Owen Ground says:

        Not really. Terri was the most interesting, complex character on the show and they canned her. Not worth my while. When they stopped writing for Terri in the second half of the first season, the show lost its dark humor and its edge, the facets that attracted me to the show in the first place. Now it’s just an over-the-top, shoddily-written public service announcement.

    • Jasie says:

      @Owen – I did the same exact thing. Once I found out she was back in Season 3 I found other things to do!

  4. Alex says:

    The LA Complex is really so much better than most of what The CW has. Oh well, I’ll just watch it on the Canadian station.

  5. bad kevin says:

    Hope Katherine Jenkins gets a second chance if she’s going to be casts in the all-star edition of DWTS this upcoming Fall.

  6. Steph says:

    Idol was stupid to come on Tuesday. They should have stuck to the regular time. Not many people knew it was on last night.

    • hr says:

      They did that cuz Wed is the last day of May Sweeps & they want whats usually Foxs biggest night of the year in the book to count. The perf finale was pretty boring and no moments to make me jump outta my chair & say THIS IS THE AMERICANIDOL

  7. hormiga says:

    Finchel and finn ruined glee for me.

    • dee says:

      Seriously? Finn’s the only reason TO watch. Cory Monteith is the only actor on that show who even TRIES to portray and convey the real angst of being a teenager. The rest are cartoon characters.

      • LP says:

        actually he does a great job of playing a 29 year old pretending to be a 18 year old still in highschool. LOL

      • Lori says:

        That may be my problem with him. The cartoon qualities make the show fun (even though not as fun as it use to be). It’s like he’s in a different show, not in on the joke or doesn’t understand it.

    • Ana says:

      Agreed!!!! SO much!

  8. LP says:

    Well at least we have a summer free of Rachel cry singing. That’s a positive!

    • Cleome says:

      I still cannot believe they do close-ups of that. I cringe when they do. I think she’s a good singer and a good broadway actress. But she mangles (most) of the pop songs. Anyway, the last song should have been done by the whole group given this show is called Glee, not Rachel-Tyler-Moore. Oh well, I don’t have high hopes for next season and think RM is rather arrogant.

      • Ana says:

        I’m so glad I’m not the only one who saw the ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ parallels. I felt I was watching a commercial on TVLand.

  9. Boiler says:

    How sad that AGT gets good ratings. Hopefully DWTS and Idol keep dropping and we get back to the scripted shows!!

  10. auds says:

    Sorry, but Phillip has been a shoe-in for the win this season. The only person better than him was Colton. I still don’t understand the nonsense that was Joshua. He was NOT a good singer, just a good screamer.