Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, Bones, Vampire Diaries, Dexter, Happy Endings and More!

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Question: How is next season of Glee going to work exactly, what with half the show being set in New York and the other half at McKinley? —Jenny
Ausiello: This is subject to change, but it’s my understanding that they’re taking a Lost-like approach to Season 4 — devoting whole episodes to one location or the other. In other words, the premiere might be set at NYADA with Rachel and Kurt, while Episode 2 could focus on the first day back at McKinley. Smart way to go, IMHO.

Question: Please tell me Glee will actually be shooting in New York next season and not on some cheesy Hollywood backlot outfitted to look like New York. We can tell the difference. —Melissa
Ausiello: And so, apparently, can Ryan Murphy. “We’re coming to New York,” the Glee boss insists. “Nothing is in stone, because we’re still budgeting, but I would love to come once every five weeks and shoot a lot of scenes there. We are 100 percent doing that; we’re not going to do it all on a soundstage. That was one of the fun reasons to do [the storyline].”

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Question: Any scoop on the “bonus” Happy Endings episode? Like, what’s it about and when is it going to air? — Keith
Ausiello: What it’s about, from what I’m hearing, is approximately nine kinds of amahzing. “It’s our Bad News Bears episode” — only with kickball replacing baseball — Adam Pally (Max) tells me. “I get to play the Walter Matthau character [the team’s coach]. It’s all six of us plus Scotty [played by Childrens Hospital‘s Seth Morris] taking on all the Chicago businesses, like a local nail salon and a deep-dish pie shop.” Not only does the team have a name — “It’s Xela [pronounced Shayla], which is the name of Alex’s store, which we didn’t know until that episode,” Pally reveals — it has a ringer, too. “Scotty is on steroids through the whole thing,” Pally laughs. “And we did find a way to bring in Lance Brigg from the Chicago Bears; he’s the real ringer.” So, um, not Penny? No, says her portrayer, Casey Wilson. “She’s wearing six-inch heels for the whole game. So she does not do well.”

Question: I don’t have a question, but rather a favor: Could you please post the link for your May Sweeps Scorecard. I thought I had bookmarked it but I can’t find it anywhere. —Stacy
Ausiello: Here you go: 2012 May Sweeps Scorecard. (I am so damn accommodating, it kills me sometimes.)

Question: When will you guys be posting your Summer TV Calendar? —Michelle
Ausiello: It’ll be up later this week. (Again, ridiculously accommodating.)

Question: Have the talks for Netflix to pick up The River fallen through, or is there still a chance that might happen? I need my scares! —Adam L
Ausiello: You need to let go is what you need, Adam.

Question: I’m curious as to your thoughts on Shonda Rhimes’ recent interview that not everyone may come back alive in Season 9. Do you think she’s just trying to stir up buzz, or might one of the actors not get his or her June pick-up? —Jennifer
Ausiello: No clue. But, if we consider Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey and Sandra Oh safe — which we should — that leaves Eric Dane and Jessica Capshaw as the only question marks. That said, my gut tells me they’ll all return home safe and sound. Or my gut is hungry. Possibly both.

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Question: Just curious if you have forgotten about the best summer show ever, Drop Dead Diva? Need scoop! —Amanda
Ausiello: Turns out Jane may not be the only person dealing with major possession issues. In the June 17 episode, Patty Duke guest stars as “another woman who [Jane] believes is in the same predicament she is, and by that, I mean there’s another person’s soul in her body,” previews executive producer Josh Berman. “Jane thinks she’s met somebody else who’s pressed the [return] button.”

Question: Dexter Season 7 scoop, please! —John
Ausiello: Is Dex taking his little vigilante operation behind bars? The show has put out a casting call for a “hardened yet thoughtful” prisoner who’s currently serving a life sentence for murder. Speaking of Dexter, did you see this?!

Question: You’re having a Comic-Con party again this year, right? Asking for a friend who likes free booze. —Ivy
Ausiello: Is this the same “friend” I’ve had to take restraining orders out on in three states? If so, tell her no, I’m not having a party, then check back here for deets yourself, because yeah, I totally am.

Question: Please any juicy spoilers for Rookie Blue? Are they breaking up Sam and Andy before they even get started? Can’t wait for season 3! Thanks! —Audrey
Ausiello: Good news: Although Andy and Sam haven’t seen each other for three months when the new season picks up — and he’s none too happy about that fact — they’ll get back on track in no time. Now for the could-be-bad news: Executive producer Tassie Cameron tells TVLine the theme of the season is, “Be careful what you wish for.” “We tried to look at what these characters have been wishing for and wanting and desiring for a couple of years now,” she explains, “and what it looks like when they get it or it happens to them or when their dreams come true, professionally and personally, and how that always comes at a price.”

Question: Have any good scoop about Grimm‘s second season? —Sue
Ausiello: Expect a Hooker cameo — T.J. Hooker, that is. We asked exec producer David Greenwalt to name his dream Season 2 guest star and, without hesitation, he replied, “Two words: Bill Shatner.” Playing who (or what?) exactly? “God only knows,” he shot back with a laugh. “Himself most likely!”

VIDEO | Revenge Finale First Look — Emily Faces Off Against [Spoiler]

Question: Loved the Grimm finale. How big a role will the coins play next season? —Max
Ausiello: “Not a big role, but they do resurface,” responds fellow EP Jim Kouf. “And they have to be dealt with.”

Question: I think we can all agree that Grimm became a better show with Bree Turner around. Any chance she might join the regular cast next season? —John
Ausiello: I think there’s a very good chance, seeing as how it happened a month ago.

Question: So B chose C in the Gossip Girl finale. Fine. But it seems like D and B didn’t get any closure… Should Dair fans pretty much stop hoping next season? –Mel
Ausiello: Dair is done. I’ve made peace with it, and now so should you. In other GG news, EP Josh Schwartz confirms that the 11-episode final season will focus on “core dynamics and the core characters.” Adds Stephanie Savage: There are definitely some things we want to see in the series finale, and we think we have a great opportunity to tell those final stories and honor our characters and honor our fans. We’re really excited for this final run.”

Question: I need some Killing, scoop. —Katrina
Ausiello: Stanley Larsen’s assault victim Bennet Ahmed returns in this Sunday’s episode. That’s all I got!

Question: I know it’s a little premature, but anything on the new season of The Vampire Diaries? —Pam
Ausiello: Elena’s “death” will weigh heavily on Matt and Jeremy. As EP Julie Plec notes, “I think that’s the worst tragedy of all is that they plotted together to get her out of town so she wouldn’t have to be part of this life. And now as a result of having been on that bridge at that moment, Matt is basically responsible in his own way for her being the one thing she never wanted to be. He’s going to carry that very heavily. It’s going to take his some time to get past that. And I would say certainly Jeremy, who would never want this for his sister, is going to have a real, real visceral reaction against Rebekah for what [she] did. There might be a little bit of retribution.”

Question: Are the Bones producers approaching the upcoming eighth season as the show’s last? —Robert
Ausiello: Hell no. “I could see Season 9 or 10 being the last,” says series creator Hart Hanson. “But definitely not [Season 8]. Post Booth and Brennan being together, there’s a good three seasons [of story] left.”

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  1. This says:

    Lots of Grimm scoop, yay! I’m glad the coins arent going to be that big, I never really liked them as a plot device. However, I don’t like Shatner either…so that won’t be too great IMO.

  2. Hnnh says:

    Rookie Blue Rookie Blue Rookie Blue Woooohooooooo!!!

  3. rubytu says:

    Gossip Girl: I’m all in.

  4. kenzie says:

    Thank you reconfirming my decision not to watch Gossip Girl next season.

  5. Lindsey says:

    I shouldn’t say this, but the extra episode of Happy Endings aired overseas and is available online. (Just not exactly legally.) Very funny episode!

  6. Tracy says:

    I hated the Glee finale! So disappointing and the music this year has been awful! Next year looks dismal too!

  7. Casey says:

    Glee sucked! Where’s the scoop on Covert Affairs?

  8. bluecat146 says:

    I think what Glee will be doing next year is MUCH more a la Fringe than Lost. I’m not even quite sure what you’re talking about Ausiello with it being like Lost.

  9. Matt says:

    Glee is like season two of lost with the tailie episodes

  10. Angie says:

    Thank you so much for clarifying that Dair is indeed over!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Chuck and Blair Season 6. Can’t wait. Season 6 is going to be 50 billion times better than Season 5. Finally we are back to the good stuff.

  11. Jillian says:

    I can’t for Drop Dead Diva and Bones!!

  12. John DeMayo says:

    Forget “The River”… Netflix needs to pick up “Awake”.

  13. Jack says:

    If Little Grey is dead just kill Mark too… what else is left for him to do? And oh yeah… F*** YOU SHONDA for killing Lexie.

  14. Saph says:

    Lol at Chair fans claiming Dair fans are immature and stuff, weren’t you the ones sending death threats and boycott warnings to GGWriters’ Twitter all through s5? Anyhow I don’t see how what they made up and added to for 5 years can be fixed in 11 eps, byeee Gossip Girl.

    • leigh says:

      Keep swallowing the terrible bitter pill you are. Guess what ruined Gossipgirl and messed it up the most- Dair.Hell, I know it can’t be fixed automatically but at least I don’t have to put up with you or Dair anymore.

  15. Meg says:

    Thank you Gossip Girl for ending the most boring and contrived relationship ever. I cannot wait for the final season that I hopes fixes Blair and Serena’s relationship and brings back the best couple in Chuck and Blair

  16. Joy says:

    Looking forward to the 11 episodes of GG next season. Serena’s downhill spiral, Dan seeking revenge on the UES, Bart being a bastard and Blair and Chuck together. Dair’s arc did nothing for Dan’s character. He basically pined after Blair for 17 episodes and when they were in a relationship he let her treat him like a lapdog.

  17. leigh says:

    I want to feel bad for Dair fans but the way they’ve acted towards fans lately I can’t. So, I’m thrilled Dair is dead and buried. I hated that pairing and I’m glad the pairing that has been the story for 5 years (Chuck and Blair) will get the final act of this show. Thank you also for getting rid of Josh Safran, he really killed a good show.

  18. Candy says:

    YES!Finally Dair is done..Focusing on core dynamics which is Chair!was so tired of that crap dair storyline making the second half of season 5 pure torture!Cant wait for Season 6!Hoping for a Chair wedding in the finale :)

  19. Rita Sanchez says:

    So much hate in here!! This is why I try to stay away from the comment section.
    I don’t understand all the hate against Bones. After 7 seasons and a rocky year (because of so many reasons: shortened season, ED’s pregnancy) we still had one of the best finales tv delivered this year. So, if you don’t like, don’t watch and keep your snarky comments to yourself.
    As for dair/chair, just another ridiculous never ending ship war. Take a deep breath people!!!

  20. Kelly says:

    So Kurt IS going to NYC?

  21. Ana Amendola says:

    is that a real spoiler or a mistake? about Kurt being in NY and especially NYADA?

  22. Lori Fugate says:

    It’s insulting for any show to be set in one place and be filmed in LA or in Vancouver. For instance: NCIS – Washington, DC/East Coast — actually in California…hate seeing palm trees when it’s supposed to be Northern VA; CSI:Miami – Miami/Dade County — filmed in California (but could get away with it because one palm tree looks like another LOL); Justified – Kentucky — again LA; Bones – Washington, DC filmed in LA. Now I love NCIS and loved CSI Miami…but it is insulting…I grew up in 70 miles north of DC and in the Appalachians…it is insulting to see our area portrayed as such but filmed in California. I love it when shows are filmed in the area they are set in…like: Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, True Blood.

  23. Lori Fugate says:

    What bugs me more is a southern accent being butchered by a northerner….Timothy Olphant, Kyra Sedgewick, and a few others that I can’t remember at the time. Or a Minnesotan accent being totally butchered.

  24. Chris says:

    “In other words, the premiere might be set at NYADA with Rachel and Kurt, while Episode 2 could focus on the first day back at McKinley. Smart way to go, IMHO.”
    I think it’s stupid. It just gives viewers who like only one of the settings more reason to quit watching the show.

  25. amelia says:

    Dan and Blair are over? thank you god they disgusted me, i can’t believe the writers put them as a couple.Season 5 was horrible and i will never forgive what the writers have done to blair.

  26. Sarah says:

    Did I miss something about Kurt going to New York? Last I checked he didn’t get into NYADA and it seemed up in the air about his plans next year.

  27. Cindy says:

    I don’t think that Fox will cancel Bones, but the reason at least to me that there will not be more seasons after S8 is I think the lead actors especially David Boreanaz are losing their enthusiasm in playing these parts.

  28. sarah says:

    I love Rookie Blue, it is so nice seeing a Canadian show doing so well!
    I love Sam, I am curious as to why he and Andy have not seen each other for 3 months!
    I bet the new Rookie is going to be Andy’s new love interest!

  29. Alanna says:

    Why is Glee still on the air? That show has been terrible since the beginning of S2.

  30. gaby says:

    Dair is dead!!!!!!! GREAT this disgusting couple never should have happened.They ruined the show.

  31. M says:

    I love Bones to death and I will by no means be displeased if it continues to get renewed, but ten season? Most shows of that genre don’t get past eight. I could maybe see nine, but ten? If they thought they had three season of story left after the get-together, they should have done it earlier.

  32. P says:

    Oh goodie, wonder what Chuck and Blair are going to sell each other out for this year.

  33. julie says:

    GOD exists he killed dair!!!!!!!!!!!I am so happy this pathetic excuse for a “couple” is dead.

  34. John D says:

    I could care less who ends up with who on Gossip Girl because I don’t ship, but what an awful finale they better fix in the last 11. They made every character completely unlikeable. Who would break up with their “best friend” without calling them before meeting their “soulmate”? Why does Chuck play daddy don’t love me every single time he’s around him? Why is Dan bitter, a girl that has shown him nothing but love maybe doesn’t go about it the wrong way but he acted like she killed his pet? Another Serena binge storyline, yawn, nothing else to do? Lily, really? Just all and all completely awful human beings to the core with very little redemptive value.

  35. lovelyliars says:

    OMG you crazy “DairStans”, you just don’t under the EPIC all consuming inevitable love that Chuck and Blair share!!!! Stop calling it abuse, it is soooo not that at all!!! it’s only natural that Blair feels pain when with Chuck, cuz don’t you know that love and pain are forever intertwined and cannot be separated just like Blair and Chuck!!!! Love is pain and pain and pain is love and you are not truly in love until you feel pain…. the more you love someone the more they will make you cry…. if someone is making you smile all the time and not cry, that is not TRUE LOVE!!!! If you truly love someone, you WILL be willing to sleep with his attempted rapist uncle for property b/c that is TRUE SACRIFICE!!!! you will then of course march on to the aforementioned property to declare your undying love so he can degrade you some more and tell you that you are “not enough” but you THRIVE on being told that!!! Who needs a man to tell you that you are amazing when one can tell you that you’re worthless??!!! Who needs a man to hug you in support when you can have one attempting to rape you (after first attempting to rape your best friend and another girl) and then barely missing punching you in the face in a drunken rage??!!!! who needs a man who forgives and comforts you after you publicly humiliate him at a party when you can have one who will show up drunk to publicly humilate you at a party with crude revelations about your sex life??!!!!What kind of crazy person would appreciated all that “comfort” and “support” crap??!!!!!! Who needs strength and safety and smiles when you can have weakness and danger and tears???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All you “Ban” fans are completely delusional and should go take a crash course in TRUE LOVE, inevitable, epic love, you all should go read the Twilight series to educate yourselves! you are not a part of true love and will die old and deprived until you are willing to prostitute yourself or jump off a cliff for your soulmate!!!!!

    • leigh says:

      Oh, looks like the Dair fans are truly off their rockers. Thank you Dair fans for showing everyone how completely delusional you are. You never fail to make yourselves look ridiculous and prove you barely watch the show at all.

  36. Mandy says:

    Kind of odd that Ausiello posted this article on May 22, but the Happy Endings episode he talks about already aired on May 17 …?

  37. Chris says:

    The finale was terrible. It’s sad when you watch a show and the writers do stuff that’s out of character. First of all, Dan was so obessed and deticated to Blair. I highly doubt he would cheat on her like that with Serena, who he didn’t want to be with after she tried to force them to have a relationship. And Serena’s seduction was so transparent. How could any sensible writer expect us to buy that? Second, how did Bart get away with taking Chuck’s hotel? It’s not illegal to fake your death? And Chuck cashed out his share of the Bass industries and bought his hotel. Lily was head of the company, not Chuck. Bart should have no stake over it. And Third, why would Lily decide to stay with Bart after he took over his son’s company like that? Lily deeply cares for Chuck. She wouldn’t do that. And doesn’t a majority of people still hate Ivy? Does anybody really want to see her try to take down Lily? Lily did some shady stuff and she shouldn’t have been so rude to Rufus, but I wanted to see Ivy and Carol get what they deserve. I did like Lola, despite being boring, but come on! And she should have kept her money and tried to get her mother out of jail, not scheme to get revenge on Lily. STUPID! This whole finale was ridiculous.

    • Allie says:

      Uh, Dan has a history of cheating on his girlfriends, so I don’t get why anyone thinks that’s so out of character for him. He also turns on them the second they disappoint him, which is exactly the same thing he did here. Once a douche, always a douche.

  38. Chris says:

    And I was totally Team Dair because I thought it was really interesting, but Blair has always been a terrible person and I think she and Chuck deserve each other. Chuck put Blair into a situation to give herself up for a hotel and she did. Oh yes. It was so terrible of Chuck, but she slept with Jack later anyway. And she set him up to be kissed by a dude. But she’s done much worse than that. I don’t get the whole “Chuck doesn’t deserve her” thing. It’s beyond me.

    But Dan was a fool for getting involved with her in the first place. But I can tell you how Gossip Girl ends. 20 years later, Blair and Chuck divorce or Chuck dies and Dan who was waiting in the wings, gets with Blair. He’s obsessed like Rufus was with Lily.

  39. sophia says:

    Good riddance for dair, this “couple” turned this show into a joke.Anyway the show is already dead what the writers have done to their own characters are horrible, it’s beyond repair.BAD WRITING, nonsense, the writers don’t even seem to understand their own characters, it’s really a shame, gossip girl used to be great, it’s really sad.
    However i am gonna watch season 6 only for chuck and blair but i don’t have any hope left for this show to rise again.

  40. Jessica Valure says:

    I knew Chuck and Blair would be endgame but they could have at least ended the Dan and Blair relationship better, the writers spent and entire year on getting Dan and Blair together but then in the end they don’t give us any closure that was really frusterating to say the least, they could have at least had a proper ending, cause they were good friends along with being good together but now that she choose Chuck and didn’t even tell Dan who she choose that pretty much ruins their friendship which was really good. I can see why Dan wants to write his book they way it was meant to and to destroy the upper east side makes since.

  41. linda st john says:

    Any ideas on the final episodes of The Closer? What I think would be great is Brenda being offered the job of Chief of Police but turning it down to be a stay-at-home mom. Of course, long-suffering Fritz, who is at the ceremony, has no idea she is pregnant. (In her defense, she just found out about it herself minutes before the induction ceremony.) I think that’s when she recommends Captain Rayder. (Sp?)

  42. Sid says:

    I actually don’t have a question regarding the above news, but I have a question for you Michael. I love this site, and I actually have to buy three more Christmas presents because I cancelled TV Guide when you guys left, now back to topic. This site is amazing with news regarding TV, I love it. Still why don’t you do a ratings chart like some other site? I think a lot of internet viewers are starting to get the whole demo think, and I would hate to think this one site only gets that information daily for ratings and demos. You guys just get TV, and you would have it all if you did a rating chart everyday showing demos, and that is the king today regarding shows be cancelled or renewed.

  43. Undeniably believe that which you stated. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the web the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed while people consider worries that they plainly do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

  44. Jerry says:

    CHAIR All The Way, Baby!!! There was never any doubt. CB complete each other & they are the heart & soul of the show==always have been & will be. Now that the OOC crapfest is dead & buried, GG can regain its lifeforce: CHUCK & BLAIR!!!

  45. L. E. says:

    CHAIR=DESTINY=ENDGAME!!! I’m ALL in just like Chuck & Blair!!! S6 will be CB EPICNESS.

  46. J says:

    I really want to see Rachel and Kurt lives in NY and also Quinn ,Mercedes ,Santana and Mike too

  47. Allie says:

    Just rereading this spoiler and rejoicing at Dair being done for good. Worst. Couple. Ever.

  48. saakshi says:

    can you tell us the relationship of sam and andy will end up on which turn?? will they stay together?