Glee Season 3 Finale Recap: Bye-Curious

If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s Glee season finale, hit the nearest exit. Everyone else, read on…

It’s fitting that Glee‘s third-season finale ended with the bittersweet ritual of high-school graduation, and not just because half of the show’s characters happened to be members of the William McKinley High senior class.

Indeed, with Glee‘s future in flux — early word is that the show will split focus between Lima, OH, and the adventures of a number of characters in NYC in Season 4 (read this week’s Ask Ausiello for more details) — there’s a cloud of uncertainty hanging over the Gleek Nation. Which of our favorites will remain front and center in our lives come fall? And which will begin to drift away, forgotten footnotes in the history books of of our weekly TV rituals?

If you were too busy trying to find a train line that could take you from Ohio directly to Grand Central Station in NYC, here’s what you missed on Glee:

* We saw the McKinley seniors in their red caps and gowns walk the line and get their diplomas: In order: Mike Chang, Quinn, Mercedes, Puck, Santana, Kurt, Finn, and Rachel. Yep, Noah Puckerman got a C- on that final European Geography exam and earned his degree. Alas, Brittany and her 0.00 GPA did not. Also: How come I thought Sam was a Senior all year?

As for our characters’ futures?

* Rachel, Finn, and Kurt decided to get together and open the acceptance/rejection letters from each of their first-and-only choice schools. Finn did not get accepted to “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” Kurt, similarly, got rejected by NYADA. Only Rachel got good news: Yep, Ms. Berry’s outstanding showing at Nationals must’ve impressed the heck out of Carmen Tibideaux!

* Rachel decided to defer her admission for a year to help her fiancee and bestie achieve their dreams, but in a climactic scene that featued Corey Monteith’s best work in three seasons, and Lea Michele’s best work since Hector was a pup, Finn drove Rachel to the train station instead of heading to their wedding. “You’re gonna get on that train and you’re gonna go to New York and be a star,” said Finn, who reckoned if they were meant to be together, they could wait. Oh, also, he’s enlisting in the military as a way to honor his dad’s memory! Talk about an ending I didn’t see coming, but one that was — let’s be honest — a lot more realistic for both characters. Now the question becomes: Do Ryan Murphy & Co. keep Rachel, Finn, and Kurt on these divergent paths in Season 4, or is there a convenient escape hatch waiting to be pulled to send them all to NYC for good times, good music, and dancey-dancey next fall?

* Santana decided to ditch her cheerleading scholarship and head to NYC, too, with her mom’s blessing — and money! Good work by Gloria Estefan as a fine (if crazily lenient) example of Lima Heights motherhood.

* Mike Chang is Chicago-bound, thanks to a scholarship from the Joffrey Ballet School.

* Mercedes is bound for Los Angeles, where she’s been signed as a backup singer for an indie label (thanks to the “Disco Inferno” YouTube performance Sam posted a few episodes back).

* Quinn is still headed for Yale, but not without one last smooch with Puck, and a Metro North pass for new pal Rachel. (Are they that close, really?) Also, Quinn got a really sweet farewell scene opposite Sue.

* Puck is…well, he graduated. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

And now, onto letter grades for the episode’s musical numbers!

Mr. Schue, “Forever Young” I dunno, maybe I’m a dark-hearted beast, or maybe Mr. Schue’s diminished role this year made his “emotional” sendoff for the kids a little less impactful? Grade: B

Burt, “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” (lipsynched, of course) Another shining (albeit silly) moment for Glee’s best parental unit. Grade: A-

Kurt, “I’ll Remember” A sweet rendition of an underrated Madonna ballad, though I found it weird Kurt went out of his way to dedicate it to the New Directions guys, with whom he’s never been as close as the ladies. (Side note: Remember when Kurt and Mercedes were inseparable? I do, too.) Grade: B+

New Directions seniors, “You Get What You Give” I’ve always had a soft spot for New Radicals’ only hit, and this spirited rendition captured its jaunty essence. Grade: A

New Directions underclassmen, “In My Life” Not the most ringing endorsement for the National Champions’ 2013 chances. Just being honest. Grade: C+

Puck, “Glory Days” Was it just me or was the Boss’ ditty about middle-aged folks thinking back on their youthful good times a tone-deaf choice for modern teenagers on their big day? Grade: C+

Rachel, “Roots Before Branches” Didn’t really know this song before Rachel closed the episode with it, but I’m glad I do now. A triumphant ending for a girl chasing her dreams, not her delusions, in the streets of New York City. Grade: A

Now it’s your turn: Were you shocked by Kurt’s rejection? Bummed that Mercedes didn’t get more of a story arc? And how did you feel about that three-hankie scene between Finn and Rachel? Take our poll and vote for your favorite musical performance from “Goodbye,” then hit the comments and share your thoughts on how the season finale played out!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lily says:

    A rare life lesson from Glee: no matter how good you are at what you do, you probably aren’t the best and certainly are not to everyone’s taste. Kurt had a great audition, okay, but maybe the next hundred people were better. It’s hardly a travesty that Rachel got in over Kurt, because in real life, she’d be a shoe-in after Nationals. Oh, and it’s just a show.

    Also, thanking my lucky stars for Quick scenes

  2. Celia says:

    I wish the episode was 2 hours, because there’s still so much to know. It was great. Those final scenes were so sad I cried. What is the song Roots before Branches from? It was so beautiful.

  3. mycatmidnite says:

    I thought Sam was a senior too??? didn’t the Glee club go get him & his parents were ok with it since it was only a year??? did i miss something?

  4. HGW says:

    possibly the worst episode in the entire series and that’s saying a lot because the entire season 3 has been terrible

  5. thefirstmrshummel says:

    It was awful and I am not coming back for Season 4. I was going to give it a try, but no. Just no. I am finally done with the show for good.

  6. The episode sucked big time.They made me resent Rachel a lot and it’s not even her fault. They destroyed the main storyline Kurt had this season, though there’s nothing new about that since it’s all they do. ‘Nationals’ should have been the season finale. And the last 5 minutes of the show should have been about everyone, not just Rachel.

  7. majiklmoon says:

    I don’t understand why people are fixated on Brit’s 0.0 – this isn’t real life, it’s a tv show. If it WERE real life, the characters wouldn’t be bursting into song in the middle of the hallways. Why can’t people just view the program for what it is. An entertaining FICTIONAL television program.

  8. Abbbby says:

    Nationals episode is my Glee finale. The one they aired last night is one piece of crap. Even worse than I Kissed A Girl.

    • bernadette says:

      i know “goodbye” was bad, but it at least had good moments/scenes, like the single ladies and finchel brake up, IKAG didn’t eve have that. Nothing is as bad as IKAG lol

  9. JVC says:

    This finale is mixed for me. Season 1 and season 2 I felt 100% satisfied, but this is due to the fact we don’t have a clue where season 4 is going. And i can see why people are pissed about brittany’s situation. She should’ve gotten an episode dedicated to her not graduating instead of it coming out of nowhere. I know puck needed the help, but still it has to suck big time to not graduate the people you’ve been going to school w/ for the past 4 years. lets hope they touch on that next season. Also kinda off bummed mike and mercedes got what two minutes together for their send offs. Season should be focused mainly on the underclassmen stepping and being the new leads to the new wave of kids, hopefully.

  10. Cix says:

    Last week’s episode felt more like a satisfying finale than this week’s did. Last night’s episode was choppy and rushed. There was no flow and outside of Rachel and Finn breaking up and Quinn’s goodbye hug with Sue, it felt like there was no true emotion or poignancy. There was no sense of group. And why has Heather Morris gotten so shortchanged this year??? It’s glaring. Very very disappointed after following this group of characters for 3 years. It really ended on a low quality, empty note for me.

  11. Sam says:

    Horrible finale. Disconnected, disjointed, not an ounce of emotion. Terrible writing overall, didn’t shed a single tear. Nationals is my finale.

    And how did these people even come up with this 0.0 GPA crap for Brittany? It’s just not possible. 0.0 GPA in Senior year means she failed every class, every single year. It means she would be a fifth year Freshman, but she’s a Senior. She couldn’t be in the Cheerios, be Senior Class President or even be part of any school club. She graduated her Junior year without even being in the Cheerios and now she suddenly and magically failed all her classes in her Senior year?

    Even for a show like Glee, it’s absurd.


  12. J12 says:

    Extreme character assassination on Brittany in this episode. Yes, she may be silly and quirky a lot of the time. But she has proven herself to not only be CONSCIOUS of her silly-ness/blase attitude (see episode 3×21, among others), but have genuine academic knowledge (see her comment on Cheetahs in 3×17 and her comment on the Paleolithic era in 3×19) and strong emotional maturity and sensitivity (see her participation in Santana’s coming out storyline during the end of season 2). She is not just a stupid, dumb blonde. And in this episode, they made her just that, and more so, they made her not care about it. Firstly, a GPA of 0.0 is impossible. She wouldn’t have even made it to senior year. So either a fail of logic on the writer’s part or a ridiculous and unfunny attempt at a joke. Second, she obviously cares about what she does with her high school career. She mentioned caring about her ‘legacy’ to the school not 3 episodes ago during the Prom planning. Now she suddenly doesn’t care and nobody else does either? What a stupid, disgusting storyline. Well, it wasn’t even a storyline. It was barely a few comments. Congratulations Glee. Great storytelling. Yet another example of their disregard and total disrespect for female characters. Bravo.

  13. Kit says:

    Ha, just don’t be too serious about Brittany’s 0.0 GPA. I think the writers want to make a funny contrast to HeMo’s 4.0 GPA.

  14. Jackie says:

    Worst episode ever.. Not as offensive as I kissed a girl but this finale sucked. Actually the whole season was all over the place and a waste of time. The new writers have no clue what their doing and Ryan Murphy is a heartless asshole now.. He doesn’t care about Glee anymore.. Just the money. The actors did an amazing job with the horrible writing they had to work with but they deserve better and ao do the fans. It’s sad cause Glee had an amazing chance here and all they did was make absolutely no sense and ruined a once great show. f
    Fs all around for this episode or in the words of glee.. “0.0” good job glee

  15. bernadette says:

    I’ll never get over the fact that Brittany (and to an extent, Heather) has been neglected and handled so badly this season. She was the best thing of Season 2 but come season 3..wt happened ???

  16. Roamie says:

    “And Brittany had a grade point average of 0.0. How was she ever suppose to pass? And who cares?? Its Brittany” To the poster who wrote this, I have your answer: lots of us actually. And no, you can’t pass with a 0.0 gpa, but the writers can’t pass by putting out such a ridiculous number in the first place or by saying she never attended classes when multiple scenes this year showed otherwise. She was on several clubs and was senior class president; no school exists where she could have done so and had a 0.0 gpa. And yes, it’s a fictional show, but does anyone really believe that even in the fictional world of McKinley High, Brittany would fail both PE and Glee even one year, let alone 4? Ludicrous. Still, that was one of only many problems I had with this episode, the biggest one being that it was rushed and sacrificed almost everyone’s storyline to the alter of Finn the boring (who once admitted to cheating off of Brittany btw so figure that one out) and Rachel. I liked both Props and Nationals and wish the season had ended on the latter. As for this episode, I gave it an F…but if I could have, I would have given it a 0.0 gpa.

    • fanfair11 says:

      Brilliant summary! well said, Roamie. Finn the Boring indeed… what was that, when the juniors dedicated their song exclusively to him?

      Four more thoughts:

      #Brittany is important to folks in part because Santana fell head over heels in love with her, and it was Brittany who steadily encouraged santana to love herself and come out. Wise and moving. RIB set us up to care about Brittany and take her seriously, and then this season turned her into the tired old dumb blonde cardboard bimbo joke they trot out when they want to sex up a number..this for a show that keeps talking about how it challenges stereotypes and changes lives.

      #let Rachel and Finn star, sure, but let’s have a bit of balance. Check out The Wire or Friends or Battlestar Galactic for shows handling multiple characters, major AND minor, with respect and character integrity.

      #mystery: who did heather morris iss off or scare in the fox or glee hierarchy to get screwed so royally?

      #finn rachel scene left me pretty cold because one more time Finn decides for a woman what she should do and does it for her and their “breakup” seems like a momentary geographic blip to me. I am RIB will never let their main romantic lead stay apart.

      Finally, I critique because when glee is good it’s good: too good to be left to get away with this crap.

  17. Jess says:

    This episode was embarassing. I could see that underneath all the flop of the past two seasons, they has a goal for the show: Rachel Berry is meant to be the star. I love that they sent her off on her broad way and left the others in limbo because as much as I love them, they’re no Rachel Berrys. I appreciate that they kept true to that but that’s all. I cringed when Kurt dedicated his song to the guys. Puleeze! I rolled my eyes at Brittany’s 0.0 gpa. That’s not even funny even if I wasn’t bitter about them failing her with no build up to it. And her line about “what did you expect” was just a dig at her fans. I expected her friends to acknowledge it, help her, and maybe show the same concern they showed Puck. It’s rediculous that they gave him that SL and passed him in the end, but fail Britt just because. It’s like they had no idea what to do with them and flipped a coin. And the juniors singing specifically to Finn! No words. Rory and Joe and Sugar don’t even really know him and has he spoke to Artie or Tina this season? It’s like the writers refusing to “dignify” some viewers complaints about how they’ve lionized him and used his character to devalue women and exploit the underdog. And finally, I grew up with saved by the bell and 90210 and I’ve seen some pretty cheesy tv graduations. But this one was so cheap and rediculous, it made me sad. The one thing I’ve learned from this season is that I’m too old for this show. It’s not a show about overcoming adversity or parodying teen stereotypes. It’s about the importance of having a boyfriend, sexist messages, glorifying male persona and pandering to young kids that don’t recognize it yet.

    • KMJ says:

      I think the point of Brittany not graduating is that the writers REALLY want to keep her around in the main cast and show off her talent some more. I’m glad she didn’t graduate cause I want to see more of her.

      • bales says:

        Then they should have wrote lines throughout the season to make sense of it. How did her girlfriend NOT know? Why did no one in the Glee club not care? Why didn’t Brittany, when she was shown insecure about her intelligence earlier in the season? That’s what pisses everyone off.

  18. Roamie says:

    To answer another question posted in this forum, the reason I can’t focus on Glee for what it is, “an entertaining FICTIONAL television program,” it’s because (a) this wasn’t actually an entertaining episode at all to many of us and (b) through their multiple “public service announcement” episodes this season in particular, Glee’s producers have tried to position it as something beyond just an entertaining fictional show. Remember the suicide and spousal abuse storylines? Surely no one is going to think those were merely meant to be entertaining, right? If Glee wants to be taken seriously with the messages it gives, the producers and writers must realize that they can’t pick and choose when that happens. I’m a teacher, and I thought flippantly disregarding the failure of a character who has been consistently self-conscious about her intelligence was a very poor message to send.

  19. baddog says:

    How boring could you get! No arc shown for Kurt, Rachel at a train station NOT singing Don’t Rain on My Parade (I don’t care if its been done it fit that ending WAY better than an unknown song)….

    Best part of the show – Single Ladies…

  20. KMJ says:

    This episode is a MASSIVE failure. No Rachel and Finn wedding, no Will and Emma wedding, no baby birth from Sue, I dunno why they didn’t explain why Sam isn’t graduating, cause if I remember correctly he was working at a strip club earlier this year so he must be 18 in the Glee universe. I think it was incredibly dumb that Kurt, Rachel, and Finn didn’t have backup plans. And Finn deciding to join the army on a whim? That’s not a decision you make in one day. And how the heck would he know he’s going to Fort Benning already? As an army wife, I know the army does NOT make decisions that quickly! Poor writing… Very poor writing… This episode was just a huge mashup of disappointments. I figured there would be at least some positive things at the end instead of just having to say goodbye. Nothing will ever top the Season 1 finale. Oh, and if Finn really cared about Rachel, he’d have gone to New York with her anyway and protected her from all the pick pockets and rapists instead of telling her to run around on her own. Just sayin.

    I LOVE Glee, but this episode in my opinion was the absolute worst ever.

  21. KMJ says:

    Also, why did they stop making Glee entertaining?? Nothing about the finale was entertaining to me. Oh, scratch that, Burt doing the single ladies dance was pretty awesome! But other than that, this episode had no entertainment value at all. All the other songs sounded like they were dug up from some middle aged man’s record collection in the basement. These are teenagers. Realistically they’d be singing about 75 percent new stuff, 25 percent old stuff, but it seems like they’ve flipped that around this season.

  22. Linderella says:

    I was disappointed they didn’t include Dave Karofsky at the graduation. Didn’t he come back to McKinley?

  23. angry says:

    Why Kurt Hummel can’t be happy???

  24. Alex says:

    The biggest question I have that no one seems to have addressed is why was Puck studying countries in Central America for his European Geography exam? LOL

  25. Hector says:

    i think it should of been two hour to explain more things! but overall it was good. I like how when Finn told Rachael you need to go! being with me is not going to lead you nowhere. learn and enjoy your life and in fours years if we are meant to be together then we will be married.
    i think next season Rachael is going to meet some guy in NY and is going to make things hard for her when Finn come and visit her. i hope season 4 will be good and end at season 5 with time jump where the final Espoide will be when Mr. schue retire from teaching or something big! cant do High School reunion because two diffrent class year. or maybe an annviersty* party from when they won the National title or something to end the show!

  26. 1ifiona says:

    When an 11yr old has had the finale on her calendar for weeks and even *she* says the finale was “not that great”, you know you blew it. It was hugely unsatisfying, choppy, disjointed, etc. Why bring Gloria E. on and not have her sing? Where were Rachel’s Dad’s at graduation? No reaction to Kurt’s rejection? and so on and so on…bummer. The writers had a chance to do something special with the finale and they just phoned it in. D-

  27. Steve Z says:

    Sam should have been a Senior… he was stripping at a club and not 18? I didn’t find him that endearing that we need him to stick around another year.

  28. Ashley says:

    People upset about the Finn\Rachel break-up should realize the finale its the most realistic their relationship has been portrayed. It was heartbreaking yet sweet and believable, unlike the high school wedding storyline.. I loved the scene because Lea and Cory did an amazing job with a real life situation.

  29. kittie says:



  30. La da be bop says:

    Here is the thing: It’s not that Kurt doesn’t get into NYADA that bugs me the most about this episode – far from it. The admissions process for Performing Arts colleges aren’t just like auditions for a school musical – there’s more than an audition. During Props, Rachel mentioned that she was the president of what, 16ish clubs? And she’s the co-captain and lead vocalist of a Nationals-winning Glee Club, and has a rockin’ GPA. But this isn’t about Rachel “stealing” Kurt’s spot – they both could’ve easily been accepted. But in comparison, Kurt doesn’t really have anything on his resume that would appeal to an admissions office.
    So Kurt not getting into NYADA seemed almost realistic to me, and even sort of a message like, “Kids, if you don’t get into your dream performing arts college, it doesn’t mean you’re not talented. There’s just a lot more to the process than your talent, and it sucks, we know, but that’s life.” I’ve been rejected from some performing arts schools, and accepted to others, when it’s been the same material, and practically the same performance. There is literally no way to decipher the WHY of an acceptance.
    What does bother me, more than anything in the world, is that we know every single character’s plan for the fall, except for Kurt’s. Sure, Finn didn’t get accepted into the Actor’s Studio (of course), and Brittany’s not graduating, and Puck is probably going to continue his pool business or go to California or something of the like – they’ve discussed his other plans both if he had graduated and if he hadn’t graduated. Everyone who had 2 different outcomes to prepare for, at the end of the episode we know what they’re doing in the fall.
    The writers did not even address for one second all season – not even in this episode – what Kurt would be doing if he was not accepted into NYADA. Nothing was discussed. So when he didn’t get in, and we didn’t even get a throw-away line during Finn’s “Ima tell you how it’s gonna go down for errybahdy, Rach” speech, nevermind an actual scene with Kurt himself reacting to it and forming a plan as to what he’s gonna do next.
    Kurt has not only been there since day 1, he’s been one of the major characters on the show – and one of the most beloved.
    And while it’s nice to know that Klaine is going to be okay, I’d rather know about each character first before delving into the relationshippy things.
    But who knows, maybe there was a scene where Kurt’s storyline got resolved after his rejection from NYADA, but Blaine was probably touching Kurt’s shoulders affectionately or maybe their heads were within the same 2 cubic feet of space, so Fox HAD to cut it, because this is obviously not a Very Special Episode.
    (ps- This should’ve been the 2 hour episode of the season, if any episode was.)

  31. P says:

    I’m sorry, but Glee destroyed Kurt’s character and used him as a prop to get Rachel to NYC, which infuriates me. No one deserved to get out of Lima more than him. The fact that Glee is telling people that you can completely mess up an audition and then be annoying enough to get a second chance, and that everything will work out is abhorrent. Real life doesn’t work that way, and yes I realize that it’s a show and Glee has never been about its realism, but that’s an awful lesson to send to kids. And to have a character that has had so many awful things happen to him throughout the series, who has worked so hard to get into his dream school, who wants this just as much as Rachel Berry, who took a risk and nailed his audition, be brushed aside with no comment on how he took his rejection or any talk of what he’s going to do, to have his last words of the entire season be “I didn’t get in”, is the worst thing that Glee has ever done. I normally love this show so much, despite all its faults, but I will continue to be so angry about this.

  32. Selek says:

    The GLEE Uniiverse™ works on its own internal logic.So trying to make sense of its outlandish plotlines means nothing. I don’t care about the future of any of these characters, with the exception of Kurt, because he is the emotional core of the series. But I will say, the only realistic aspect of the episode was Finn and Rachel’s break-up, and the fact that neither Kurt or Finn got in their school of choice. Beyond that, the series stayed in the fantasy realm it’s lived in for the last few seasons.

  33. Emster says:

    Room for Two – the band who wrote/perform Roots Before Branches – is comprised of Glee music producer Adam Anders and his wife. That’s how the obscure balad got on the show.

    …and because it’s a good song. And Lea and Cory sang it well.

  34. A says:

    the episode was terrible all around and I honestly don’t understand how ANYONE liked it. By far the worst episode of the season and that’s saying a LOT. The best parts were the flashbacks to season 1. Seriously, every character but Rachel and sort of Santana got an “Update Y’all!” as “closure”

  35. Marc says:

    I had a feeling she wouldn’t be graduating. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make her fail every year.

  36. Natalie says:

    I’m so disappointed. I thought with this next chapter thing that the seniors would get some equal time other that the Finn, Rachel & Kurt show. Was i too much to hope for a little Sam/Mercedes closer or even a song. . She was the only senior/original member not to get a song or a REAL scene. At least they threw Tina a bone last week but still it found a way to be about Rachel. I loved this show when it was an ensemble but now i’m not sure I’ll even watch next season. :(

  37. Ben says:

    I don’t expect all the plot points on Glee to be realistic; however, some of the things the writers choose to be flexible on bother me. This season, I’ve had a hard time forgiving the fact the McKinley High doesn’t have an academic eligibility policy, i.e. you have to be passing your classes in order to participate in extracurricular activities.

    Brittany had a 0.00 GPA and was allowed to run for senior class president, be a Cheerio, and be in Glee. Seriously? (She was probably in West Side Story, too, but I can’t remember.) They could have had an academic eligibility policy and still had Brittany and Puck in danger of not graduating. At the very least, the writers should have had a teacher send Will an email informing him of his glee clubbers’ failing grades.

    C’mon, Glee. You can be whimsical escapist TV without being so absurd.

  38. Kasie says:

    I have to say I am disappointed too..I mean really? I don’t know if I’ll be watch

  39. Amanda says:

    Burt’s “Single Ladies” was so sweet it made me cry. Best. Dad. Ever.

  40. Melanie says:

    Stupid finale, I was soooooooooooo mad WHAT ABOUT KURT!!!! I was expecting to see his reaction to his rejection, some sadness, maybe some tears, how about talking to Burt and Blaine about it??? WE GOT NOTHING. His last words were, “I didn’t get in.” Jesus Kurt really got shat on this season. He worked his ass off and was handed a big FAIL. Horrible writing!!!

    When Rachel botched her audition she got to sing ‘cry’ and got to be all weepy about it and have everyone comfort her etc. Kurt got nothing, how does he feel? Did Blaine comfort him? WHAT ADVICE DOES BURT HAVE FOR HIM? WHAT’S GOING ON? I understand that obviously they were going for a cliffhanger of sorts but comforting someone doesn’t have to give away plans for season 4. Even a montage at the end about his feelings would have been far better than Rachel Berry strutting around NY. But no, Kurt was totally ignored after saying he didn’t got in.

    Now, I’ve always seen Kurt in a fashion career, and that’s just my opinion. I love his singing voice to bits but I still think he would do amazing as editor in chief of a magazine or designing his own clothing line. The fact that he didn’t get into NYADA makes me think RIB is planning on having him go that route. If this is true, I’ll be very annoyed at how they handled it. At least show Kurt getting a renewed interest in fashion, perhaps contemplating all things he’s interested in and deciding that fashion and design is an old love that’s never died. Build it up for some ep’s to soften the blow of being rejected from NYADA and let him use that as a foundation for season 4. Give him something, ANYTHING. This boy has worked so hard for so many things and has always gotten little to no triumphs. I’m so sick of it. I love Kurt and I ship Kurt/Happiness. I just want him to find success somewhere, is that TOO MUCH TO ASK GLEE?

    I’m not at all excited for season 4. I probably won’t be watching unless I see things improving for Kurt. He’s the only reason I watch this show. Mess this is a mess.

  41. shouw says:

    I’m gonna need Santana to move to LA with Mercedes cause I really don’t buy this Rachel/Santana friendship and it will definitely make more sense .

  42. Anthony says:

    What I take from alot of the comments from Finchel fans is that some can’t seem to grasp what the crux of the criticism is. And this is in regards to both characters separately and as a couple. Let me say first that I am a fan of both. But they are not my faves. For fans who are, you guys got a satisfying and in depth conclusion to the season. Others didn’t and that is where my resentment comes in. And if in fact these two characters are supposed to be the focal point of the show, then rename this show Rachel and Finn and get it over with. Because I am under the impression that a show titled Glee with ensemble cast should be about the entire cast and not one or two characters.

    And it isn’t even an issue about whether or not what happened to characters is realistic. Of course people breakup for altruistic reasons or they don’t get into the schools they desperately want to get into or they don’t get a chance to graduate with their friends. The thing about a TV show, like real life, is that the reactions to these things from the person and their loved ones are a must. We got none of that with anyone else but Finn and Rachel. Mercedes is going to LA and all we get is paltry scene with she, Sam and Santana and it isn’t even about Mercedes. Brittany completely bombs and its reduced to a mere shoulder shrug?

    This episode really felt like Fox asked Ryan Murphy to tack on an additional episode for whatever reason and this is what we ended up with

  43. paisley says:

    perfect ending — could not have asked for more. so glad finn became a man and that rachel went to NYC alone — loved this episode — cried like a baby with that scene of rachel and finn in the car.

  44. loisappleton says:

    glee sad 12years

  45. Amber says:

    I really liked this episode. They could of had Finn and Rachel marry and then made season 3 the end of Glee, but they made the ending NOT predictable! I hate to admit it, but I cried at the end! Mostly when Rachel got on the train and Finn started to run as the train started to leave the station. Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Blaine, Santana, and Brittany must be back for season 4!

  46. Grace Smith says:

    I thought this episode was amazing. Im truely speachless! Am I the only one who bawled my eyes out about Fin and Rachel not being able to be together?!

  47. CA says:

    Clearly this person doesn’t watch much TV, if they think this is the worse finale in the history of TV. But then their posting is offensive so here’s hoping TV Line removes it.

  48. peace yo says:

    lolololol “This song is for Finn, because he stood up for us.” hahahhaaaa okay Glee okay “I didn’t hurt anyone badly.” #orly?

  49. Nadia says:

    clearly you didn’t say greys finale…

    it’s glee dude! if you want it more, you are Andrew Lloyd webber or you are definitely watching the wrong show.

  50. Sky says:

    Thank you. People need to realize this is a public forum where class and respect for others should and must exist. People please refrain from disrespectful comments. This comment should be removed. This is just vulgarity for the purpose of shocking people not for any other purpose to express one’s opinion.

  51. KSM says:

    I don’t know, he’s always kind of been the main guy character with Kurt. Plus they had to establish all of that to make the ending what it was. He was the high school QB, the jock that hung out with the Glee kids, the one that kind of brought everyone together. I guess it just didn’t bother me that much. Plus, seriously, lots of high school girls almost give up their dreams or change their plans because of their high school boyfriend.

  52. Britni says:


  53. Jess says:

    Right they do. And what kind of message is that sending the young girls watching glee. Glee is glorifying this male character. It’s the self proclaimed show that changes lives. It can’t be just a show when it’s wrong and life changing when it’s good. Finn is not a hero. He’s not yoda. He’s been just as lost or misguided throughout this series as any of the other kids. In keeping with the premise of the show about being the underdog, it wouldve been more appropriate for Finn, the popular qb, to stand up and sing about how much he’s learned from them including the girls, the gays, and Artie. The only thing that wasn’t rediculous or offensive or male-centric was Rachel in New York by herself at the end. I just wish it was her that came to that realization and made that choice for herself, but that’s not in keeping with glee’s theme.