Glee Season 3 Finale Recap: Bye-Curious

If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s Glee season finale, hit the nearest exit. Everyone else, read on…

It’s fitting that Glee‘s third-season finale ended with the bittersweet ritual of high-school graduation, and not just because half of the show’s characters happened to be members of the William McKinley High senior class.

Indeed, with Glee‘s future in flux — early word is that the show will split focus between Lima, OH, and the adventures of a number of characters in NYC in Season 4 (read this week’s Ask Ausiello for more details) — there’s a cloud of uncertainty hanging over the Gleek Nation. Which of our favorites will remain front and center in our lives come fall? And which will begin to drift away, forgotten footnotes in the history books of of our weekly TV rituals?

If you were too busy trying to find a train line that could take you from Ohio directly to Grand Central Station in NYC, here’s what you missed on Glee:

* We saw the McKinley seniors in their red caps and gowns walk the line and get their diplomas: In order: Mike Chang, Quinn, Mercedes, Puck, Santana, Kurt, Finn, and Rachel. Yep, Noah Puckerman got a C- on that final European Geography exam and earned his degree. Alas, Brittany and her 0.00 GPA did not. Also: How come I thought Sam was a Senior all year?

As for our characters’ futures?

* Rachel, Finn, and Kurt decided to get together and open the acceptance/rejection letters from each of their first-and-only choice schools. Finn did not get accepted to “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” Kurt, similarly, got rejected by NYADA. Only Rachel got good news: Yep, Ms. Berry’s outstanding showing at Nationals must’ve impressed the heck out of Carmen Tibideaux!

* Rachel decided to defer her admission for a year to help her fiancee and bestie achieve their dreams, but in a climactic scene that featued Corey Monteith’s best work in three seasons, and Lea Michele’s best work since Hector was a pup, Finn drove Rachel to the train station instead of heading to their wedding. “You’re gonna get on that train and you’re gonna go to New York and be a star,” said Finn, who reckoned if they were meant to be together, they could wait. Oh, also, he’s enlisting in the military as a way to honor his dad’s memory! Talk about an ending I didn’t see coming, but one that was — let’s be honest — a lot more realistic for both characters. Now the question becomes: Do Ryan Murphy & Co. keep Rachel, Finn, and Kurt on these divergent paths in Season 4, or is there a convenient escape hatch waiting to be pulled to send them all to NYC for good times, good music, and dancey-dancey next fall?

* Santana decided to ditch her cheerleading scholarship and head to NYC, too, with her mom’s blessing — and money! Good work by Gloria Estefan as a fine (if crazily lenient) example of Lima Heights motherhood.

* Mike Chang is Chicago-bound, thanks to a scholarship from the Joffrey Ballet School.

* Mercedes is bound for Los Angeles, where she’s been signed as a backup singer for an indie label (thanks to the “Disco Inferno” YouTube performance Sam posted a few episodes back).

* Quinn is still headed for Yale, but not without one last smooch with Puck, and a Metro North pass for new pal Rachel. (Are they that close, really?) Also, Quinn got a really sweet farewell scene opposite Sue.

* Puck is…well, he graduated. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

And now, onto letter grades for the episode’s musical numbers!

Mr. Schue, “Forever Young” I dunno, maybe I’m a dark-hearted beast, or maybe Mr. Schue’s diminished role this year made his “emotional” sendoff for the kids a little less impactful? Grade: B

Burt, “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” (lipsynched, of course) Another shining (albeit silly) moment for Glee’s best parental unit. Grade: A-

Kurt, “I’ll Remember” A sweet rendition of an underrated Madonna ballad, though I found it weird Kurt went out of his way to dedicate it to the New Directions guys, with whom he’s never been as close as the ladies. (Side note: Remember when Kurt and Mercedes were inseparable? I do, too.) Grade: B+

New Directions seniors, “You Get What You Give” I’ve always had a soft spot for New Radicals’ only hit, and this spirited rendition captured its jaunty essence. Grade: A

New Directions underclassmen, “In My Life” Not the most ringing endorsement for the National Champions’ 2013 chances. Just being honest. Grade: C+

Puck, “Glory Days” Was it just me or was the Boss’ ditty about middle-aged folks thinking back on their youthful good times a tone-deaf choice for modern teenagers on their big day? Grade: C+

Rachel, “Roots Before Branches” Didn’t really know this song before Rachel closed the episode with it, but I’m glad I do now. A triumphant ending for a girl chasing her dreams, not her delusions, in the streets of New York City. Grade: A

Now it’s your turn: Were you shocked by Kurt’s rejection? Bummed that Mercedes didn’t get more of a story arc? And how did you feel about that three-hankie scene between Finn and Rachel? Take our poll and vote for your favorite musical performance from “Goodbye,” then hit the comments and share your thoughts on how the season finale played out!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. lea rocks says:

    lea michele was amazing this episode, her final scene was sooo good.
    still curious about sue’s baby father

    • SARAH says:

      You have to credit Lea Michele and Cory Monteith. They both killed that scene and it was shocking and outstandingly well acted by both. The pair of them exuded the emotion of the moment and she isn’t afriad to ugly cry! His chasing after the train may have been corny, but watching all the emotions on his face just got me.

  2. Babygate says:

    Honestly, the only thing I enjoyed was Burt rocking ‘Single Ladies’. AWESOME! Everything else was just infuriatingly slow for me. I literally rolled my eyes so many times! I had never been so bored watching a Glee episode. So much Finchel makes me grateful that they are off to NY next season. Watching this epi I realized that all my faves are in the junior class with the exception of Mike and Santana. Brittany’s role has been caricatured and relegated to a third stringer position. Seriously, Santana didn’t know that she wasn’t graduating? And a 0.0 gpa? Who comes up with this stuff? And they had Gloria Estefan on the show and gave her all of two minutes screen time just so they could spend more time on what? More FInchel and Kurt drama? Please, please, let them be split from the rest next season so that those who are not Finchel or Kurt fans are not obligated to watch. PLEASE!!!

  3. Molly says:

    I thought this was a pretty good season finale, but I really felt it should have been a double (2-hour) episode. If it was longer, they could have really given all the seniors their moments. The Klaine thing was sweet but it felt kind of predictable and honestly boring. It’s like, “Hey we need to talk, what will we do when you graduate?” “We’ll stay together” “Ok great”. But I’m really mad that no one seemed to care that Brittany won’t graduate. It is completely unrealistic that she has literally never passed a class and yet she was never held back or went to summer school and no one really seems to care including her. And how are they going to handle the next season? Are they going to follow Rachel in New York, Kurt wherever and have Finn in the Army singing classic rock at target practice? Really? I honestly thing someone needs to get rid of a lot of the token diversity characters, take the show back to its roots and focus on the core people. Really if they just had Finn, Rachel, Kurt and Blaine and a couple supporting characters they will carry the show. Otherwise what will happen next season? The current juniors will graduate and they will have the original cast scattered all over the country and none left in the actual GLEE club? It would be a show with no premise and a very well-done, popular and still-successful show would end after a mere 4 seasons. The writers have really written themselves into a corner here.

    Ok, I’m nitpicking. I thought it was a touching episode and I really loved the final scenes with Finn and Rachel. The music (except for Burt’s bizzare Beyonce song) was excellent.

  4. Sha says:

    The episode was weak in parts but the last 10 minutes was one of the most-heart wrenching scenes that glee has done.
    Why is everybody so upset that Brittany didn’t graduate. There are girls like her in every high school. They get by on looks and popularity and don’t actually do any schoolwork. No effort means no graduation (especially when there are several students who truly work their asses off).

  5. Babs says:

    Don’t most schools have rules saying that someone who is flunking cannot be involved in extracurricular activities? And wasn’t Sam telling his parents earlier this season that he wanted to spend his last year at school in Ohio? I do have to say that the writers didn’t do what I expected and most of the seniors did not end up where I thought they would. Hopefully Kurt was wait-listed and will get in before NYADA starts in the Fall.

  6. Steve says:

    wasn’t familiar with it but that end song ROOTS BEFORE BRANCHES would have been a much much better choice for JESSICA SANCHEZ tonight…(Last nite and tonight it felt like she was being sabotaged…th

  7. anthonynewhall says:

    There are other schools for Kurt to get into, you know… It was only the beginning of Summer, remember?

    He still has 12 weeks.

  8. what he is saying? says:

    “and Lea Michele’s best work since Hector was a pup” sorry english is not my native language but i didn’t get this ? who is hector?
    i think lea did a wonderful job today

  9. Tony says:

    A good (but not great) finale fol delivering the unexpected. The episode before was a better one. Finn and Rachel’s scene in the car was the best acting on the show since Will found out Terri wasn’t pregnant back in season 1.

  10. Anrhony says:

    Season 4 is gonna have to ‘wow’ me because I’ve honestly had enough of the Rachel Berry Hour. I don’t care if Rachel was Jesus reincarnated. It made no sense she got in and Kurt didn’t. I like Lea Michelle alot. And Rachel has performed some of my favorite numbers ever on this show. But enough is enough.

  11. cherylb says:

    Sue is human! great scenes over the last two episodes.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Personally, the only good thing about the episode was the music. I loved their version of “You Get What You Give”. The best scene was Bert’s “All the Single Ladies”. It was so sweet. The rest of the episode was extremely unrealistic. No high school seniors would only apply to one college. Emma must be the worst guidance counselor ever if she let them get away with that. Also, Brittany would have known much earlier than now that she wasn’t graduating.

    I also thought that Sam was a senior. I swore that when Rachel and Finn went to get him at the beginning of the season that they said he was 18. Did he not finish his Junior year last year? Oh, and I remember when Mercedes and Rachel were going out for Maria in West Side Story, that someone said that Rachel needed it because she was a senior and that Mercedes still had another year to go before she graduated. I guess I’ll have to re-watch the season to see if I was right.

    • Chris says:

      Some people do only apply to one college…but that is usually “early acceptance” which therefore they would have known much earlier in the year if they got in or not. I did this when I went to college and I knew by November or December of my senior year if I was accepted. But…for dramatic purposes they had to write it this way or else there would have been no cliffhanger.

  13. Chill! It’s just a TV show not your life! Some of you are scaring me!

  14. Caroline says:

    Puck and Quinn kissed and nothing hurts

  15. PFitzDC says:

    You are absolutely right about Sam….when Finchel went to Kentucky to track him down, they appealed to his parents to let him spend his senior year back in Lima.

  16. Jenny says:

    I loved the episode. I do get what some are saying that it was rushed. But there were alot of open ends to create the new season. I have learned to take what RM says with a grain of salt. At least they aren’t tied to anything particular.

    I am a fan of Finchel and was okay with the break-up. This season we lost the individual characters of Finn and Rachel and they became a new character of Finchel. They can very easily get Finn back to NY. He completes boot camp and is magically stationed in/near NYC. Still think this couple is the endgame, but needed this break up to find out and reach for their dreams in order to be a strong couple.

  17. Leah says:

    1. Sam was definitely a senior up until this point, you’re not crazy to think that
    2. What does Slezak mean, “best work since Hector was a pup”?
    3. Where were the 3 songs from the soundtrack that were not in this episode at all: I Was Here, Not the End, and Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)? What a letdown!
    4. Very surprised at the Kurt plot, should be an interesting year from him coming up.
    5. Mercedes was robbed, agreed

  18. sam says:

    What a depressing ending and how is it they are gonna work it with characters all over the place — no wonder no spoilers came out of how next season will work. Ryan Murphy please do not ruin this great show — after coming off what is your best season yet.

  19. kim says:

    i hope we see more of chord overstreet, not less.

  20. anyone else annoyed by the fact that they randomly called out the seniors names when a real graduation is always done by calling the students alphabetically by last name.

    I too recall when they brought Sam back that he sated he wanted to finish his SENIOR year at McKinley.

    Brittany has always been played as a joke but I agree the total lack of reaction to her not graduating was beyond ridiculous.

    I also agree this should have been an extended episode either 90 minutes or 2 hours. While the flashbacks were cute every graduating character deserved a moment to shine. Time shouldn’t have been wasted on Kurt’s dad getting to lip synch Single Ladies.

    • Volcfom says:

      My HS graduation didn’t have an order. The top 10 students went up first, then everyone else just handed the announcer an index card with their name on it. (Less formal, but it would’ve been unruly to expect 300+ students to get in alphabetical order).

  21. Tracy says:

    The funniest punchline Glee’s ever told is when Ryan Murphy promised that Kurt would get lighter storylines this year, after his entire role in S2 was to be a victim and pine over someone who took half a season to want him back. Then S3 rolled around and, ultimately, Kurt failed at every single thing he tried. His masculinity was denied by faculty members who laughed in his face, he was given a joke role in the school play that didn’t trust him to sing nor dance, he had it reinforced that the school didn’t like him in the election, he had to swallow insults from Sebastian and nearly got injuried because he didn’t get politely out of the way of Sebastian’s libido, he never got a single competition lead by the time he graduated, and then, after he turned in a killer audition where he actually fulfilled the requirements and satisfied the dean, he lost again while Rachel succeeded after she harassed Carmen and got featured yet again at Nationals. This was Kurt’s lighter year. His magical year. Is it because this year, his dad didn’t spend a week in a coma? Is that what made it better?

    • Olinka says:

      You said it all – thank you for voicing my thoughts!

    • Juan says:

      No, it’s because all Ryan Murphy and Co. had really planned for all season was that Single Ladies dance at the very beginning of this episode.

    • topsyturvy says:

      Name five lead roles Kurt would realistically be cast in were he to go to a school with a large musical theatre program. He can’t play the lead in BOY FROM OZ for the rest of his life. He did himself no favors with that audition. I mean I know it’s GLEE and nothing like reality but someone like Kurt in the real world would struggle with finding roles. He couldn’t pull off the lead in COMPANY (like NPH) or PROMISES, PROMISES (like Sean Hayes). So a competitive school (wanting to trumpet the successes of its graduates in professional theatre) might pass on Kurt.

      • Anthony says:

        The issue is the show did nothing with Kurt to showcase the other things he can do. If they took their heads out of Rachel’s ass for a moment, then maybe they could write Kurt with more depth than he’s been portrayed as having and their are moments where Chris Colfer rises above the writing and gives glimpses of what the character could be.

  22. Hector says:

    I don’t know who more stupid you or Brittany! Brittany said her GPA was 0.0. Brittany say dumb so really her GPA is not 0.0.

  23. Jake says:

    When Sam came from Indiana or wherever, he said he was coming to spend his last year of high school at McKinley. They just sort of ditched that and made him a junior apparently. So I believe you were right to think that, Slezak.

  24. Jake says:

    A few more things:
    1) Don’t you need a certain GPA to be class president? In that case, McKinley needs to check their records if Brittany is president and running for reelection.
    2) Is Quinn dating Joe? Is she interested in Puck now? For someone so eager to leave her past loves behind (“Never Can Say Goodbye” anyone?), she’s getting around quite a bit in her final days at McKinley.
    3) It’s nice that Rachel got the big send-off, but if she’ll be back next season, why the tears? In that shot where they panned around Rachel in NYC, I would have loved for Santana to have popped up beside her or something, as an indication that maybe they will be roommates next season since she too is off to New York. It would be nice if there was some hint as to who will still be around and what exactly will happen next season.
    4) Didn’t we resolve the Finn-army situation awhile back? But now everyone’s okay with this?
    5) Why did we get no reaction whatsoever to Kurt’s rejection? Not from Kurt or Burt or anyone… It was a convenient way to keep Klaine together and to keep Kurt in Lima, but given how inspired Carmen Tibideaux seemed by his audition, it’s weird that Rachel got in and he did not.

    All in all, I absolutely loved last week’s double header and almost wish they had ended there, because this was an attempt at a tear jerker that tried to cram too much into an hour.

  25. STW says:

    God this was a great episode! Powerfully emotional and both heart-warming in spots and heart-wrenching in others. I love that they left this on a true open-ended cliff-hanger for almost all of the central characters. Any TV viewers who’ve watched “grown up” TV shows know that a standard, and powerful, way to end a season is with true cliffhangers. TV viewers who know the meaning of “Who shot J.R.?”, or who ever watched Cheers, or Star Trek: The Next Generation; or most seasons of Friends; or The West Wing; or, heck, even several seasons of Gilmore Girls and can recall those season finales, should completely get why RIB did a fantastic (and traumatic, no denying) thing by ending the season this way, with us on the edges of our seat, wondering what is in store for the main characters in Season Four.

    The thing is, we aren’t supposed to have the stories concluded at the end of the season; the more central characters are to the show, the more uncertainty there will be about what happens to them next — which, in an episode about graduation and parting to go one’s separate ways into an uncertain future, is that much more poignant. Ian Brennan has been warning us since last summer that Season Three would be heartbreaking and bittersweet, and they brought it all home tonight. The fact that Kurt’s fate is uncertain (I mean, we KNOW he’ll get to New York, but we don’t know how or when), that Santana wants to get to NYC but we don’t know what she’ll do there; and that Finn and Rachel are going in their separate ways so that each can grow and come back together if that’s what the universe intends for them (and yes, that is pretty clearly what the Glee universe ultimately intends for them) accomplishes precisely what the show wants and needs as it transitions into a new format next year — multiple plot and emotional hooks that will keep people hanging for nuggets of news about next year and counting down the days until Season 4 airs. Genuine cliffhangers are how shows hook our interest and brings us back.

    And this episode was a frakking mission accomplished on that score. We’re supposed to, and will, spend the summer speculating about the future fates of Kurt, Santana, and Finn; wondering how Rachel will make it when she’s alone again like she was at the start of the Pilot of Glee; wondering what will happen with Finchel and Klaine (although we were given a future world-vision of them living happily ever after) and Brittana. They are torturing us with the unresolved stories because they know how much we care about them, and want to sustain our interest and surprise us next fall.

    I totally love that after trolling fans for half of the season and inciting people into online shouting matches about whether Rachel and Finn would and should get married (a plot line that was OBVIOUSLY not something that was going to happen from the very beginning), they wound up turning the moment they part ways (for now) into a super-emotionally real and charged scene where they let go for the good of the other. And the show brought that story subtly but sure full-circle; it was finding out the truth about his father that led Finn to propose to Rachel, and now, because he loves her and won’t hold her back, he’s using following after his father as the means to put himself in a place that she can’t follow and thus give up her dreams and ambitions for his sake. The real story of season three has never been about whether Finn and Rachel would get married — that was always the surface mask. The story, instead, was ALWAYS about where they would end up after graduation: would they make it out of Lima; would Finn figure out a dream/learn to dream big; would Rachel realize her dream; would they wind up, not married, but together? That’s been the real story going on, and the finale met all of this head on. It set up fantastic possibilities for stories about these characters in a season four that will take on a form and shape we don’t really know yet, but can eagerly anticipate will let us see these characters leap forward in growth and maturity.

    And from a “business” point of view, Ryan Murphy et al found a brilliant way to get people talking about, buzzing about, and anticipating what has happened on Glee and what will be coming. Talk about a renaissance and rebooting! They are genius; total respect for them. As for the music, I thought that “Glory Days” — a duet by Mark and Cory, not a Mark solo — was fantastic in the way it foreshadowed the reality that, for most of these kids, it looked like they were, indeed, going to be stuck in Lima, and that without determined efforts to strive for their dreams Finn and Puck could end up like the characters in the song, thinking that high school was the best time of their life. Playing on the bleak, stark reality of people with big dreams getting stuck in small lives was at the heart of Glee at its outset; that was the tragi-comedy of Will Schuester’s life, and it was the fate Finn foresaw for himself and wanted, without much hope of achieving it, to escape. Season Three ended bringing us right back there and setting us up to see Finn, in Season 4 (and 5, if the show goes on to complete Ryan Murphy’s contract for 5 seasons) finding his way out of being a Lima loser. “Glory Days’ encapsulated this perfectly. I also loved “You’ve Got the Music in You”, and while it isn’t my favorite type of song, “Roots Before Branches” was extremely effective in the scenes it served as a soundtrack for.

    I can’t conclude without commenting on the stellar acting we saw in this episode from Cory Monteith and Lea Michele. They’re great–we’ve always seen them deliver home runs–but tonight they hit it so far out of the park that the ball and game are in entirely new arenas. It was such a smart, savvy move for them to give Finn another “break-up” scene in a car — we saw Cory nail it last year when Finn broke up with Quinn in 2×21 Funeral, and here he did it again, fully matched in every way, with Rachel in 3×22 Goodbye. The scene propelled the story into the exact narrative fans have been saying should be the story all season, and which was ALWAYS the story the writers had planned and were working toward — that Rachel, and Finn, need to have time on their own to grow up and experience the next phase of their lives, and that when we see them come together again it will be as more mature individuals ready to engage (and be engaged) on a new level when they’re ready for what an adult relationship means. All the awards to Lea and Cory for their acting; to Brad Falchuk for his writing and direction; and to the writers for concluding this season so epically and setting us up for a more grown-up, adult Season 4.

    • Olinka says:

      Your comment actually made me feel a lot better about the finale. Thank you.

    • Disc says:

      My Lord you are smug. I am certainly glad you know the direction of the next season as the writers haven’t even written anything as of yet As for this episode, it was alright if you wanted the Rachel show and apparently quite a few people didn’t. I get you have a strong opinion, but it is only that…an opinion. Try not to be so condescending next year in your reviews and we might take them seriously.

      • LeSo says:

        Your disdain for someone willing to analyze deeper than what’s on the surface is almost laughable. Whether or not the writers actually have anything written for next season is less important than the writers having a direction for next season. From what I saw, it seems as though the production team has a pretty good handle on where they intend to take their core characters next season.
        If you want people to take your opinion seriously, perhaps you shouldn’t bash someone else’s.

    • Jenna says:

      I agree that the writers were trying to set up some good cliffhangers. I think it opens a ton of possibilities to have Kurt’s future up in the air over the summer hiatus. However, I disagree that the writers pulled it off beautifully. There were beats missing from the narrative that I found utterly jarring – especially the lack of a reaction to Kurt not getting in, before he showed up to wave Rachel away to New York. Providing that note would have enhanced the cliffhanger (we still wouldn’t have known his future, but we would have experienced the shock with him and Burt, or him and Blaine) while providing a transition to the next time we saw Kurt all happy for Rachel.

      I also agree that Lea and Cory performed wonderfully in this episode. There was some fine acting. But the structure of the plot was not as sound.

    • Sky says:

      Outstanding!!! Tried to express the same sentiments but not as eloquent.. A new direction for young adults. Oh, by the way, Rachel is the central figure and the symbol of what Glee has tried to express to the viewers since the pilot. Finn the the other central figure who signifies how two worlds that come together can be wonderful. So Finn and their union as Finchel are the main couple of the show. Will was established as the older version of Finn who chose to stay a Lima loser with a lack of ambition. Will has tried to reach Finn to help find something to excel in and have a dream to strive for. The whole marriage/proposal story line for Finchel was all supposion for the viewers and never intended to happen. It was all supposed to come full circle for Finchel after all the anticlimaxes that they had faced in the last half of s3. Finn’s finding out about his dad’s suicide led to his needing to hold onto the only thing good in his life-Rachel. She had choked at her audition leading her to accept the proposal. The wrong reasons to marry so young. Just a really good story to show real life young people in HS what not to do when you fall in love. This was just a wonderfully written episode to express the opposite-that Finn not getting accepted to Pace needed to do self discovery to find his own place in the world as an individual. Rachel needed this time to mmove foward and follow her dream on her own. Face new challenges and probably meet the same walls and obstacles she faced since the pilot. Kids in high school find out very fast that going into the real adult world is difficult, frightening, insecurities arise again. Finn and Rachel and Kurt and the rest of the grads will need time to mature and find new avenues to venture toward all of which gives a person wisdom and leads them to visions of what could be not what might have been. Finn and Rachel have been written in season 3 with the happy bubble around them. As grads the bubble needed to burst to grow into wise, accomplished, tenacious, confident grown up individuals who will, as we all know will happen, at whatever time Glee writes it to be, meet again and one. I loved this episode. It had so much of reality in what youth face in the unknown future. Cliffhangers for all the principles involved will be addressed in season 4. We have been given an incite what the story lines can be. But it gives all of us the curiosity of what will or could happen. We will be speculating on this big turn of events all summer. Keep us glued to needing to find out and have us pounce when it starts in September. I believe this lateral move to adult story telling is just what the show has needed-for me personally. High School seems to have the same old kid drama. I would like/need to be engaged in some more meatier topics and adult themes just something that Finn , Kurt, Sanntana and Rachel will be experiencing. Look, I’m not a teenager anymore and I really would like to see my favorite characters come into adulthood and watch them walk thin lines through story lines that are more controversial-no more PDA’s for me. Those young people who are avid fans but disappointed by the outcome of the finale, should take a breath and smell the roses. For this is real life for real people who graduate. Don’t keep holding onto a setup story line like Kurt going to NYADA, let him find something right for him- a great way to grow into a confident, self sufficient, entrepreneaur. Brittany was meant to stay in school. Blaine was a junior. People grow up. We all have had to. Things change, dream of the future veer into something else that can be and most of the time is much better than starting out. So all those who have dissed the show and this episode-get real, take a break from your hate.

  26. greysfan says:

    Well we now know Glee in NYC is actually going to be Rachel and Santana not Rachel and Kurt. This finale sort of hit me hard when Quinn said goodbye to Sue strangely before that i was fine. From there on it was waterworks all the way till the end. I know the show is coming back but yeah. I loved the finale. It was very fitting to be honest with you. Rachel got to New York, her dream. That is what the show has been about from day 1, Rachels dream to go to New York.

    I too was pretty annoyed that they help Puck graduate but left Britt in the lerch like that. S4 is going to be interesting. I will watch the first couple of episodes to see how it goes but if it isn’t up to scratch i may stop watching it. Best part of the finale was Burt doing Single Ladies. ROFL!

    BTW why is all the text in italics? I am finding it very very hard to read.

  27. Alex says:

    Slezak, I thought Sam was a senior as well. I thought he told his parents he wanted to finish his senior year at McKinley and with the Glee club. I could be wrong but that was the impression I had.

  28. Alex says:

    My guess is that they release Leah Michelle so that she can do “Funny Girl” instead of Lauren Ambrose.

  29. Jay says:

    I was totally expecting Jessie to be sat on that train.

    Kurt getting in and Rachel not would have made next year easier to understand if it was her going to open calls while he trained the other way round seems less likely.
    Though I’d believe kurt working on his own off broadway stuff. He can sell some clothes to fund it.

  30. The Truth says:

    I disagree with lots of the comments and it was actually a good ending and maybe the best episode this season. It would be a great series finale actually.
    At first I was against them graduating because this isn’t meant to depict real life. I know when I walk to get on a train I start singing with nobody looking, not. But I get it now I mean you can’t continue the series with them going to nationals every year it would be boring which it already is with the shoddy writing this season. The series actually haven’t been good since season one and judging by the ratings everybody agrees with me. Don’t even get me started on the blaine and Kurt relationship and the lack of PDA. They act more like friends to a relationship but I digress. I said it before and I will say it again I knew the show would crash in burn like the other once popular fox series “The OC.” Both series got overexpose and everybody constantly talked about and was every where then after 4 season The OC burned and got canceled.

    • Anthony says:

      A season (or series) ending episode is supposed to provide a satisfying ending to all characters. Not just one or two. That alone makes it a fail, IMO.

  31. Jenelle says:

    I pretty much enjoyed this episode. But I do have to say I was disappointed that they would brake up Finn and Rachel, like they couldn’t make a long distance relationship work. I would like all characters to stay with theexception of Star Joe and Roy they really didn’t make an impact on the show at all they were just there. I am really excited about next season I just don’t know how they will have enough time to cover the students still in high school, the ones who didn’t leave Lima and the ones out doing there own thing. I was BEYOND surprised when Kurt didn’t get in because what else can he do now but spend time with Blake. Finn and Rachel shouldn’t have ended it but that is kind of realistic but too sudden. I dont kniw about the army for him because its not what he really wants to do. He seems very confused. Mike and Tina I’m not too much worried about them. She’s good its her year to shine and I know he’ll do great at Joffrey. Puck Brittany and Santana are a hot mess but I like them interested in seeing what they are going to do. Sam Smh idk about him. Mercedes Im not sure about either. Mr Shue and Emma really needs to get married and hopefully every student will come back. Sue and this baby lord I really don’t know, I really thought she was lying about it. Nene Leaks I forgot her show name she is interesting coexisting with Sue since they are enemy’s. Season 4 will be very interesting.

    • Emma says:

      What? I loved Star Joe and Roy as a couple! Oh wait, I have no clue who you’re referring to.

      • don says:

        joe and roy won ‘glee project’. they are awful and should have been replaced by their runners-up, who actually have talent, long ago.

  32. Chris says:

    I was loving this episode until I came on here and you all ragged on it and ripped it apart. Good lord you people are hard to please! Just love Glee for what it is…a fun show. Ripping it apart will only make you hate it. Take the plot lines with as much of a grain of salt as the characters & writers do.

    I mean seriously, if you hate the show that much, stop watching it then bitching about it on here.

  33. fiona says:

    I found it ridiculous that kurt didn’t make it. He nailed his audition even tibedeaux said so. I felt it was for the “epic twist factor”. I knew finn wasn’t gonna make the actors studio. AND honestly why don’t any of these kids have back up plans. Even though I knew I was gonna get into my choice university I still applied to others for safety net. If I were Kurt and Rachel and Finn I would’ve applied to one of the many fine arts schools in new york and surrounding areas (ex NYU, Julliard, Columbia) They may not have been their first choices but its still something (Question: can ppl transfer between arts schools?)

    Glad most of the parents returned surprised the Berrys didn’t (Did ppl feel sad when Merecedes was the only other one without parents shown at grad)

    I was really glad the way they ended with Finn and Rachel.

    I felt sad watching brittany during the two group performances she couldn’t participate in either.

    ANd the thing about 0.0 gpa i think was Brittany over exagerating though she did probs fail but if it was reality she wouldn’t have been permitted to be in all those extra currics

  34. Chris says:

    If there is one thing we can all agree on…next season should be interesting to say the least

  35. Carla Miller says:

    On the why they cared about/helped Puck vs Brittany debate:

    The thing with Puck is that for brief, sporadic moments he has been “inspired” and seemingly more attentive to school (usually centered around a relationship). If we choose to believe that at least during those periods of time he attended more class/did work then potentially those instances could be enough to give him low (but passing) grades for at least the last three years. In his relationships with Rachel, Quinn, and Lauren, all of them sort of whipped him into shape in some fashion. Remember in S2 when he was in the library for the first time with Lauren.

    Also, he had some conditions after getting out of juvi remember? Its possible that those might have at the very least included actually showing up for class (which he was stated to skip a lot of in S1). Artie was also his tutor starting in S2 and considering their relationship remained good after that, there is no reason to believe that arrangement stopped.

    Lastly, Puck is pretty much the definition of smart but doesn’t apply himself and get’s in trouble. Brittany has always seemed to actually not grasp subjects. I’m not saying she has a deficiency, I’m just saying that there has been something (parenting issue, learning disorder, ect) that actually prevents her from learning what is taught.

  36. cuius says:

    “…ditty about middle-aged folks…”

    Given Cory Monteith had his 30th birthday last week – probably appropriate!

  37. P says:

    With that disastrous Kurt storyline, I can safely say that I am done with this show for good.
    He didn’t get in? What the hell was that?

  38. Lexie says:

    I have no idea how I feel about that episode. It is what it is. I thought. Burt’s gift to Kurt was awesome. I thought Gloria Estefan was excellent and I wish we’d seen more of her. I kind of want to see Santana and Rachel in New York together, going for the same dream in two totally different ways (I always thought the Kentucky cheerleading scholarship was kind of crap, honestly). Glee will be Glee and I look forward to how it will be formatted next year, divided between Ohio, Georgia, New York, LA and Yale.

  39. todaysjustus says:

    I was really upset that Mercedes didn’t have a “moment.” I don’t care if she is coming back next season or not, or how they plan to work her in. She has been a major part of the cast for as long as Santana, and she got scenes with her mom, and all kinds of other stuff. It was wrong to do that to Mercedes’ fans, imo.

  40. todaysjustus says:

    Many people in Twitterverse was wondering why it was that Mercedes had no parents, as well. They could have found her some standins. Geesh.

  41. Carda says:

    horrible episode
    every musical number bored me to hell and the story in between was rushed, illogical and irresponsible
    if these people were for real I’d like to slap (almost) each and every one of them in the face to wake them up!

  42. Yves says:

    Mr Michael Slezak and TV Line, the actor’s name is CORY Monteith without the E. Can you please edit your mistake???

  43. David says:

    This was a pretty decent finale. Roots before branches was fantastic, I’ve been a huge fan of that song for years!… If you didn’t know the song before you should definitely check out the original from the pair Room for Two.

  44. JAM says:

    I was confused by Sam not being a senior. I thought when he came back earlier in the season part of the reasoning was to finish his senior year with his friends. Yet there he was during this episode as one of the underclassmen. Am I misremembering his return or was this just another in the long list of inconsistencies with this show?

  45. airhead says:

    except for the last scene, did anyone else find that it wasn’t emotional at all? it was supposed to be a big turning point for them, but i just didn’t get that feeling. and seeing as good riddance was on the graduation CD, i thought it was going to be in the episode, but apparently not…
    anyway, essentially i didn’t think that episode was a fitting season finale/graduation at all

  46. Steve says:

    I think I’ve just become too sick of Rachel/Finn. I couldn’t care less during the ending scene and was still pissed that Rachel got accept while Kurt got rejected, despite nailing his audition. Bull.

  47. stittsyk says:

    I’m done. Just done. This has never been the Rachel Berry show for me, it’s always been about Kurt Hummel. He’s the only reason I’ve stuck with it for as long as I did. Watching him get kicked in the nuts over and over is depressing, and I don’t watch TV to be depressed. I adore Chris Colfer and will support every good thing he does with his future career, which has the promise of being very successful on terms, but Glee gets no more of my money or numbers. I doubt I’ll ever watch a Ryan Murphy show again because of how bad he let Glee get. As far as I’m concerned, Glee ended at Duets for me, probably the last time I actually liked Rachel Berry.

    • bayth says:

      You basically have said everything I’ve been thinking over the last 24 hours. I’m done. Why the writers hate the character of Kurt Hummel so much is beyond my comprehension. They give him a boring relationship, make fun of him constantly and belittle him at every turn. I’ll enjoy the Kurt Hummel that I’ve enjoyed in fanfiction. There at least they give Kurt some decent stories and a much better life than anything the writers have ever done on Glee. Goodbye to Glee. Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of Chris Colfer. I look forward to his career once he’s off of Glee.

      • Sky says:

        Bye!!! Watch something else instead of bashing the show. The writers have their vision of the outcome of this season and beyond. They don’t give a hoot about a certain number of fans who don’t like the turn its going. You go on the ride of Glee or disembark. Get off the boat. Ride another ride.

  48. guest says:

    Loved the episode. Heartbreaking ending but so good!

  49. madMaddy says:

    This was a wonderful episode. The sight of Finn running after the train brought tears to my eyes. I have enjoyed the last 3 episodes so much, it feels to me that Glee returned at the end to the show that I always loved.

    • TVMovieLove says:

      I agree! The last few episodes have been great, starting wtih the prom and leading up to the emotional ending last night. I was hoping I’d be moved, as I always am by graduation episodes, and I was.

  50. TVMovieLove says:

    Loved the finale, but cried at the end when Finn was jogging after Rachel when she was leaving on the train. It was sad, but I hope they can find a way to work it out, especially since they’ll both be back for next season. It’s sweet to see how much he loves and believes in her. I do wonder what Kurt will do now that he didn’t get into NYADA. Lots of other questions too, but time will tell the answers :-)

    • Ann says:

      Yeah it’s so romantic how Finn makes Rachel’s life decisions for her and forces her into them while she’s having a panic attack.

      • Sky says:

        He is realistic and she is too. He didn’t force her but asked her to surrender TOGETHER. It is called a mutual agreement to pursue her destiny. He acknowledged that. She was meant for thiat. Give all the Finn bashing a burial where it belongs. Finn did nothing but set her free out of love. This is a love of a life-time that many fans with this Finn hate mentality have not experienced. She is hesitant to move forward but excited all at the same time. Roots before Branches-listen to the lyrics. These lyrics are so meant for real life. It just so happened that they are applied for Rachel at that very moment in time.