Dancing With the Stars Crowns Winner -- What a Close Contest! [UPDATED]

Dancing With the Stars Season 14If you haven’t yet seen the season finale of Dancing With the Stars, read no further! Go watch the dance competition’s final episode, then come back for the recap. You’ve been warned…

Talk about a touchdown.

Wisconsin’s all-time leading receiver Donald Driver and partner Peta Murgatroyd sent their Dancing With the Stars competition Green Bay packing in the two-hour finale of season 14. But Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas and William Levy and Cheryl Burke put up a strong defense filled with hard work and heart. As Len put it, “This season, without question, is the best.” (Keep in mind, he later compared the battle for the trophy to Gettysburg, Bunker Hill, and the Alamo. Even in a night filled with hyperbole, that one stood out.)

Athletes tend to do very well in the ballroom, and Driver’s victory made him the seventh one — and third football player — to nab the top spot in the show’s 14-season history. Think that’ll have any effect on the casting of the upcoming all-star season? Regardless, here’s how the final episode of the contest shook out:

What (little) difference a day makes | Almost as soon as the previous night’s show was finished, each of the remaining couples met to prepare a dance of their choice to perform in the finale. The scored “24-hour challenge dance,” along with the previous night’s scores and America’s votes, would determine the winner. William and Cheryl’s salsa featured lots of cool-looking dips and (surprise) had the hunk shaking his shiny satin-covered butt. Katherine’s energy level seemed a tad shaky during her and Mark’s jive, but the audience didn’t seem to care. And during his cha cha cha with Peta, Donald oozed as much masculinity as a man wearing hot pink pants and matching heels can. In the end, the dances didn’t matter much; because the beaming judges gave each couple a perfect 30, the combined scores essentially remained the same, with one point separating Katherine and Donald’s totals from William’s.

The gang’s all here | The other season 14 celebrities came back to strut their castoff stuff. Highlights: Sherri Shepherd’s boisterous “It’s Raining Men,” which ended with the View host happily smushing two of the male dancers’ heads into her sequined bosom. Get it, girl. Also great: Maria Menounos’ sharp and sexy tango with Derek Hough. A notable mention goes to Jack Wagner, who could’ve used a few more buttons on his shirt but who gave his outing with partner Anna Trebunskaya a certain slick flair. Gavin DeGraw’s number was at the other end of the spectrum; while the female dancers worked overtime, he swayed around the parquet like the guy who gets trapped in a circle of tipsy girls on a wedding dance floor and decides to be a good sport and wait until the song’s done to sit down. Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower’s freestyle was serviceable, but really made me wish I were watching her So You Think You Can Dance “Bleeding Love” hip hop routine. And Jaleel White talked a big game about his Shaft-themed routine but then botched the lift — at least he and partner Kym Johnson laughed about it afterwards.

Sing out, sisters | Returnee Gladys Knight gave a soulful rendition of “The Way We Were,” and Duets pro Kelly Clarkson performed a medley of her “Dark Side” and “Stronger.” I love that the professional dancers started fist-pumping when Clarkson hit the “Stronger” chorus, because that’s exactly what I do every single time I hear it.

Down to business | Finally, it was time to announce the winning couple. William and Cheryl were the first to go. However, as Len told the telenovela hunk earlier, “If salsa and rhythm were in the Olympics, you’d get a gold medal.” Soon after, Katherine and Mark took the number two spot. The Welsh wiggler played it classy, saying, “It’s been an absolute dream.” That left Donald, who hefted the Mirrorball Trophy over his head and let out a gleeful whoop, to celebrate with Peta and his family as the confetti fell.

As I see it, Donald and Peta’s chemistry was the factor that edged them ahead. But what do you think? Hit the comments and give us your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. I like Donald, but I think Katherine was the best, I’m sad she didn’t win.

    • Lloyd Luthringer says:

      This is a very big dissapointment Mark and Katherine were the best and with all the past tens they showed they have the right stuff.

      • She was in the wrong country she should have been on Strictly Come Dancing in the UK! DUH!

        • Amanda says:

          I adore Katherine and I think she could dance very well, but I didn’t vote for her because I don’t care for Mark, his choreo, his attitude, or how he always seems to get the younger, good looking most-likely-to-do-well partners. Had she been paired with literally any other male pro she would have been my favorite to win. (I know that’s awful to say, to shortchange the celeb because of dislike for the pro, but it’s true.)

      • Erica Au says:

        Yes, Im just as disappointed. I do say that Katherine has more versatility than Donald (i do like him too and he really has improved over the weeks and both of them deserves to win with their great attitude). I applaud all Pro dancers who work very hard and put in alot of effort into the dance with their partners but what was outstanding was that Mark is very professional, gives alot of thought to the routine, especially the dance wear and colours and he really dance to win through all the weeks. Look at his last 3 dances in the finale again….. it was all heart! Mark and Katherine, great pair, great dances and very unforgettable of all the dwts seasons! Cheers

    • Bob Lozano says:

      I agree with you Julie — The “better dancer” didn’t win… The “more popular” one did. It just isn’t fair. Maria M. didn’t even deserve to go either. Not fair at all.

    • Bummer. says:

      I agree Julie. So sad Katherine didn’t win. :( I had a feeling that Donald’s football fans would take the vote.

      • Autumn says:

        I agree. It’s like a popular contest not a best dancer contest. It’s not fair. Donald has been the lowest scores out of the three. I think William levy should be the winner. He is the total package. I think the voting is not fair. I refuse to watch this show from now on.

        • Lilian says:

          Absolutely. William deserved to win but it’s all good. They were all great this season. Best season ever. Loved all.

        • G says:

          That’s mainly because he was underscored by the judges almost every week. The fans realized that and voted extra hard for him. This happens pretty much every season, the judges have someone they give lower scores to than they should receive and the voters have to vote extra hard to keep them in the competition. All 3 were amazing and could have won many of the other seasons. If you choose not to watch though that is your loss as you will miss some amazing dancing, especially this all-star season; provided they do it up right.

        • P. Maples says:

          It’s a shame they have made it a popularity contest – they should at lease give the judges 75% and the public 25%. I loved katherine all season, but I think William should have been the winner,

          • MGORDON says:

            i thought william and cheryl were the best and deserved to win i thought donald was ok but not as great as katherine as for derek and maria i was glad to see them leave he thinks he is so hot (think not)!

        • Yolanda Ovando says:

          Estoy de acuerdo contigo el ganador debió de ser William Levy, él fue el mejor bailarín y más popular, a partir de ahora no veré ese tipo de programa

    • Kim R says:

      Totally agree. He did so well but he was not the best dancer. I am disappointed that it seems to come down to fan base more than skill. I do think Katherine should have won as well. :(

      • Someday a horrible dancer with a huge fan base will win it and validate your points. Didn’t that almost happen a couple years ago with one of the Osmond’s? They have to be very careful who they cast.

        • Amanda says:

          Marie Osmond made it to 3rd place (and her doll inspired freestyle was AWFUL). People claimed it was mostly because of her name and the Osmond influence. Maybe it was (she wasn’t that great), but it’s not like other people have made it to the finals and been worse dancers (like Bristol Palin). (Donny Osmond did win, but IMO that was a weak season and at least he was charismatic. Plus it’s a lot easier to disguise so-so dancing when you’re a guy.)

    • California fan says:

      It seems that the judges are stuck giving everybody 7-9 points, until the end when everyone gets a 10. They don’t want to offend. If they used the whole 10 scale, maybe there would be more differentiation between the dancers. If the show judges are the “dancing” judges and the public are the “popularity” judges, then the show judges have to be willing to create more distinction between a well done but easy dance and a well done but difficult dance. I get so annoyed when a really top rate performance gets a 29 and a good performance gets a 27. Not enough separation in the judges scores.

      Len does seem to require that the dance is indeed the dance they are supposed to do and that it includes movements for that dance. Maybe they need a new format where the fans get 1/3rd of the vote (popularity and showmanship), and the judges get 2/3rd – 1/3 for the difficulty of the dance (choreography) and 1/3 for execution by the star. It would be an interesting turn, just like the dance off (loved it) was new this year.

      The pros are able to create dances where there isn’t difficult foot work for the star and the pro does all the work. Donald got better as things went along and some of his footwork was excellent but there was never much of it. He stood around a lot.
      Katherine and William did more complicated routines; William had more charisma and tied Donald in showmanship. But his fan base is Telemondo and hers is in the UK. And who knows why Maria didn’t make it over any of them as her last performance was terrific.

    • Sonya says:

      I am dissappointed too.

  2. Angela says:

    WOW. Was not expecting Donald and Peta to walk away with it.
    But you know what, they were indeed fantastic this season, and I like them, so hey, congratulations :)!

  3. Nina says:

    Tbh, I’m just glad Mark didn’t win yet another season. I’m do over the ballas/hough duo!

    I wanted William to win, but I’m good with Donald since I really like Peta.

    • Katie says:

      I think that Mark may have been Katherine’s ultimate downfall (as well as Derek was to Maria). There are a lot of people out there who do not like that duo.

      • Shell says:

        I can’t lie this is the exact reason I’m happy neither Maria or Katherine won. I find Mark and Derek to be terribly obnoxious.

        • Lilian says:

          Mark and Derek are waaaay better than Maks Chmerkovsky, he is more than annoying. I hope he doesn’t come back the next season.

      • I think Mark is adorable and I love Derek!!! This season was so unusual – any of the final 4 couples could have one – they really were all fabulous. I kept analyzing everything and I believe that Katherine was the ‘true best of the season.’!!!!!

      • chistosa says:

        While you and some others in these forums may feel that way, Derek and Mark are among the most popular pros. And Katie, Katerine’s ultimate downfall? Really. What downfall? She succeeded all through the season and ended up a very respectable second. Only one can win and history proves that the best freestyle wins. Stacy Keibler should have won her season but the freestyle was horrible. Enter Drew Lachey with Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy. The freestyle seals the deal among the final three. Donald won that hands down.

        • Shaun says:

          How was that?The man has shaky synching in side by side dancing.Katherine destroyed all with that Lindy Hop/Jive type dance.

          • Marco says:

            Katherine was absolutely horrible going in to and coming out of almost every lift she attempted during the freestyle! She did awesome all year, but blew it in the freestyle, and Donald nailed it, so he did indeed deserve it.

      • The down fall of katherine is NOT Mark’s fault but the fault of the casting directors for casting someone on the wrong SHOW! She lives, sings, resides, citizenship of the UK not the USA! She owned NO property in the USA she had never worked in the USA, she had never became a citizen in the USA, should NEVER have been cast in the USA BUT ON Strictly Come Dancing,

        And William has a lawsuit pending against him for forcing an under age female to have sex, check it out it is on his wiki page, at least as of last Monday night and I have two articles written about it also.

        The ONLY way out of a HOT MESS for DWTS was for Peta and Donald to win. It was a lousy season!

        • G says:

          I totally disagree about it being a lousy season. From week 1 on to the finale we had one of the most competitive and drama free (thanks to know major reality stars or others placed on the show to just stir up controversy) seasons ever. The star power may not have been there, but the competition was. I found this to be an extremely enjoyable season. That is just my opinion though and everyone is entitiled to their own. :)

  4. Alec says:

    Was really hoping Katherine would win. She hands down deserved it the most.

  5. Julia says:

    Katherine deserved it! These results were a joke. She was constantly good every week and was the much better dancer! This was all a popularity contest, and Donald’s large football fan base gave him the edge.

    • Katie says:

      I don’t think she had quite the charisma that the two guys had though. They really all brought different strengths to the table. And ultimately, who wins or doesn’t win this contest isn’t impactful to these people’s lives in the same way that, say, Idol can be. These people are already famous and will never make a career of dancing. So, what’s the harm in it being a popularity contest?

    • Me says:

      I don’t think he won because of large football fan base. He got a third place in semifinal. People didn’t buy him before finale. So people voted for him to win the trophy now based on his fabulous performance in final.

      • Lilian says:

        I think the final decision and the choice of a winner/winners should be left for the judges since it’s been proven that when America votes, they vote for the wrong person(s).

        • SONNY MILLER says:

          I totally agree,…it will continue to be this way as long as ABC allow’s a “public” vote. Favoritism, Popularity, sympathy just doesn’t “get it” at all. In my view,..Maria and Derek or Katherine and Mark should have been the top dog’s. I don’t really care for the three screwball Judges but think the addition of, say, two more would round out a more compatible/fair vote. The bottom line is,…”THE PUBLIC VOTE HAS RUINED THIS SHOW !”

        • Erica Au says:

          i do agree that the final decision should be on the judges as the judging will be on the “matter” ie dancing, whether it was the right choreography to the right music choice, the technics etc..rather than the public votes as fan base does make or break the outcome.

    • Georgina says:

      Totally agree that Katherine should have won– she was so much better technically than any of the other dancers. I am also getting tired of football pros winning due to their fan bases. On the other hand, if people are voting against certain pros (in this case Mark) perhaps ABC should eliminate public voting and simply use judges scores to determine winners.

      • chistosa says:

        I am fairly sure that people were not voting against Mark, or any other pro. Katherine had no fan base coming into this and she still managed to stay in the competition all these weeks. And while you may be tired of football pros for what you perceive to be a big fan base, I am sick of viewers blaming a big fan base for the success of the professional athletes. Nobody has a stronger work ethic, they are more willing to take criticism and listen to their pros because they are used to being coached. Some celebrities do not respond as favorably to the instruction they receive. These athletes work very hard and improve each week. Each one that has actually won (Emmet Smith, Ward Hines, Apolo Ohno, etc. ) has deserved the win. And Donald’s freestyle was rings around either of the other two. The win was legitimate.

        • big cheddar says:

          THIS! It’s one thing if Donald coasted into the finals scoring no higher than 8s all season, but he really worked his butt off and deserved to win. I would have been happy with any of the three winning, because they all had their strengths and would have dominated any other season. Personally, I don’t think it’s fair when people who’ve clearly had previous dance experience (like Nicole and Jennifer) compete, because I think the show should be about people with zero experience learning to dance, but that’s just me. Katherine was great, but she clearly had previous dance experience (even if it was only musical theatre experience). Besides, they’re competing to win a discoball, not a record contract or cash prize. Who cares who actually gets to take it home?

        • Most of katherine’s dances were very forgetable and she DID NOT use correct footwork in any of her waltz, v waltz, q step, fox trot, because she danced on her toes and never once did heel leads! The judges were blatantly biased and always have been. The show will not be better until DWTS replaces the 3 judges.

    • yolanda says:

      She was technically the best dancer in the contest rather people liked her partner or not.The best dancer has not won this contest since Nicole Scheringer won.I thought she was the most natural dancer they have had on DWTS.Lets not forget Mario Lopez..how good was he and lost to Emmett Smith who clealy out danced him.What is it with football players winning!!?

  6. Katie says:

    Yay Donald!!! This Packer fan has been rooting for Donald all season. I think he is a fabulous dancer and seems like a really nice guy. I am so happy he won!! But William and Katherine were amazing as well…really couldn’t have asked for a better top 3. It’s been a fantastic season!

  7. Boo WIlliam should have won and if not him then Katherine.But anyways congrats Donald.

  8. Jacqi says:

    Not really surprised that Donald won. most football players that compete win the whole show

  9. Mark says:

    I thought Katherine should have won and was the best dancer of the 3. Heck, I thought Maria should have made the Finals over Donald.

    • yolanda says:

      I totally agreeKatherine should have won as Maria should have been in there before Donald.She is technically a better dancer!

    • Kim R says:

      I agree as well. I don’t think it was the right top 3. Maria should have been there before Donald. He was so good but I found him to be missing “fluidity”? :)

  10. Kristi says:

    That was definitely the WRONG pick the winner sucked in my book!

  11. sara says:

    Not at all surprised. He was the weakest dancer out of the three and Katherine was way better but he’s a football player so it was obvious he was going to win.

  12. Donald was good, but Katherine was the best all around. I think he won over the other two because he is more known to viewers.

    • Margaret says:

      I’m thrilled that Donald won, but I definitely think they benefitted from being the final dance last night. The judges whooped & hollered for Katherine & Mark’s freestyle just like they did for Donald & Peta’s.

  13. Jenny says:

    Those Packer fans are powerful and loyal. My brother and sister-in-law haven’t watched one season of DWTS and yet they watched and voted every week this season. Honestly though I thought his freestyle was the best and there are many seasons where that freestyle is the difference maker. The other two freestyles could have almost fallen into any other week if you took out the lifts.

  14. Patricia D says:


  15. Donald was great the last couple of dances for this season. Katherine was pretty much great from the start of the season. The wrong person was crowned champion in my opinion. Katherine should have clearly won this year.

  16. Patricia D says:

    Donald & Peta had the best freestyle. That’s why they won!!!!

    • cindy says:

      Ditto. While Katherine has been strong most of the season, Donald gave a tremendous performance in the freestyle and stole the show.

    • Amanda says:

      Donald’s freestyle was the most entertaining, and if you go by the historical “best freestyle wins is all” adage, then he deserved to win. That said, he seemed like a nice guy but I’m not a Peta fan and wouldn’t be sad to see her not back. I don’t think their chemistry was anything special.

  17. TRose says:

    Mark lost this for Katherine. He was too obnoxious. Katherine is a real lady, and wonderfully gifted. Love her!

    • chistosa says:

      Mark did not lose this for her. She was so strong throughout the competition but the last two weeks were her weakest whereas the last two weeks were Donald and William’s strongest. This was not a case of one strong and two weak dancers. All three were quite strong. The lifts in her freestyle were not executed smoothly. She seemed less confident than in previous weeks. Mark was never obnoxious this season. He was a gentleman and he did not outdance her in every dance as he has done in the past with other partners. Only one of three worthy competitors could win and it did not end up being her. But she came in second which is amazing. She did very well. She has nothing to be ashamed of. But nobody else “lost this for..” her. She came very close to winning it all but Donald’s spectacular freestyle made the difference.

      • Angela says:

        I was going to say-if someone doesn’t care for Mark’s routines or whatever, that’s fine, but at what point did he ever come off as obnoxious? He’s always seemed really nice from what I’ve observed. Maks is the one who’s often very combative with his partners and needs to chill.

  18. Joan Cary says:

    I’m sad that Katherine didn’t win! She got all my votes but I guess it wasn’t enough!

  19. K says:

    soooo over this show and what it’s become!! I hope the Ballas/hough duo move on and bring their incredible talent elsewhere that actually appreciates what they do and bring out in their partner.

    as far as people annoyed with Ballas/hough duo IT’S ABOUT THE CELEBS NOT THE PROS AND KATHERINE DESERVED IT BASED ON DANCING, which she clearly could do wayyyy better than every other celeb, but apparently that doesn’t count anymore!

    • totally agree with everything stated above.

    • chistosa says:

      Frankly, I really appreciate what Mark and Derek bring to the ballroom and I know a great many ballroom dancers who appreciate the great choreography. So perhaps you do not appreciate what they do and bring out in their partners, but sorry to inform you K that there are legions of fans out there who do. I am among them.

      • k says:

        i think you misinterpreted what I was saying, I was saying that I love mark and Derek! they are my fav pros, they are extremely talented and I’m sick of hearing everyone talk trash about them cause they always win, or have great partners! I think they are getting too big for the show now and instead of still participating I think their talent can be appreciated elsewhere… that’s what I was saying!

    • SHE DID NOT DESERVE IT! She should have been on Strictly Come Dancing! UK version of the dance DUH!

  20. Gigi says:

    Nooooo! William was so good!!! I dont think it was fair! Too many football fans voting … Sooo sad

  21. Nancy Hailey says:

    After seeing who won The Voice, and Celebrity Apprentice knowing who would win this was a no brainer.

  22. Paul daly says:

    Proof positive that this is not a dance competition,it’s obviously a popularity contest.

  23. M2 says:

    I wanted William to win but I’m happy with the results Donald was my second choice

  24. KATHY WEBB says:


  25. The judges screwed up again. In my opinion Katherine and Mark should of won, since they had the highest score, I don’t know how they could loose. Maybe the judges should be replaced for next season, and I doubt it if I’ll watch the show again. Very dissappointed!!!!

    • chistosa says:

      You have contradicted yourself. You say that the judges were responsible and should be replaced yet they assigned the highest scores of the night to Katherine and Mark. So how is it exactly that they “screwed up” as you have expressed in such an eloquent way? It was the viewing public that voted and decided the winner. What is you would have the judges do beyond giving Katherine perfect scores for each of her routines over the two nights?

  26. Hooray for Donald!!! He was undercut in the judges votes throughout the season. I am glad the PUBLIC saw this and voted Donald and Peta the winners!!!

  27. Marie says:

    This is bull*beep* katherine should of won the trophy. She was on top of the leader almost every week. Well at least i’m okay with donald winning instead that stupid william winning.

  28. Milica says:

    I wanted William to win. Congratulations Donald.

  29. Lil says:

    No, I don’t agree with the result. I think Katherine should be the winner.

  30. Funny I predicted in the beginning that another footbal player would win again.

  31. Espe says:

    Watttttttttt!!!!!!!! yessssssssssss fantastic I like William Levy but I love Peta and Donald hey this people coming from Behind they deserve it waoooooooo congratulations I hat Katherine she allways cryyyyyyy and acting like a little girl congratulationd Donald yu deserve good job.

  32. Mike says:

    All of the “should of”s instead of “should have”s in this thread is killing me.

  33. Dave Kelly says:

    NFL player always win, even when they stink. It is a popularity contest, not a dance contest.

    • Margaret says:

      ummm…no they don’t…jerry rice-runner up, jason taylor-runner up, warren sapp-runner up, lawrence taylor (shudder) 7th place, michael irvin-7th place, chad ochocinco-4th place, kurt warner-5th place…the winners-Emmitt, Hines & Donald, that’s 3 out of 10…

      • Exactly, but you are wasting you breathe trying to talk to THOSE Katherine fans, They don’t even realize she is in the WRONG country. She should have danced on “Strictly Come Dancing” in the UK where she works, lives, has citizenship, owns property! DUH

        • Katie says:

          Why do you keeping pointing that out? No one else cares. William is from Cuba remember, but you’re not saying anything about him though. Just leave nationality alone and judge on dancing ability please.

          • Shows how little you know, William migrated to the USA as a Teen and owns property in Miami! William had some faults but a non USA resident wasn’t one of them. Brush up on your facts ma’am!

    • chistosa says:

      1. Any reality competition program with fan voting is a popularity contest. How could it be otherwise?
      2. Football players as well as other professional athletes have a strong work ethic, take criticism and work to improve because of it, accept that the pro is their coach and accept the coaching, work well under pressure.
      They improve with each week. I do not follow football but I voted for Emmit Smith in his season, Ward Hines last season and this week only I voted for Donald. I never heard of him before this show but was impressed with his freestyle so my votes went to him.

  34. Wendy says:

    So glad that Donald won! He was consistently great week after week and had original complex choreography. All William did was stand up there and shake his butt and while Katherine may be a good dancer, her constant crying and whining really turned me off of her. Donald deserved to win HANDS DOWN!

  35. SK says:

    Loved the 3 finalists, but Katherine’s 2 final dances didn’t have “Wow” factor. Donald’s freestyle was the hands down winner and the freestyle is usually what wins. Katherine wasn’t that charismatic.Congrats Donald & Peta.

  36. Lyndsey says:

    Donald had the best freestyle by far & his personality was so endearing because from day one you knew he was such a huge fan of the show and how excited he was to be on it! And for all the people complaining about his football fans winning for him, I had never even heard of Donald Driver before this show (I prefer college football to the NFL)!!

    I actually really liked Katherine but I didn’t want her to win because of Mark…and I know a lit of people who wouldn’t vote for her for the same reason. He’s a ridiculously arrogant blowhard who constantly out-dances his partners because it’s more important for him to show how awesome HE is than to play to their strengths (Derek has his flaws but at least he focuses on making his partners look good)! From day one I really hated Katherine got stuck with him.

  37. Kay says:

    Disappointed William and Cheryl didn’t win I thought they deserved to win.

    • Autumn says:

      I agree with you. William and Cheryl are the best team. They are very consistent and have great chemistry together throughout the whole season. Donald got voted because of his football fan not his dancing skill. His dance is simple steps and he got the lowest score out of the tree final. It’s not fair. I thought its a dance contest. I’m very disappointed. William ley to me is the winner.

  38. Just Me says:

    I was rooting for Katherine, but this was a great final three. I had hoped it would come down to Katherine and Maria. What is this stuff about not voting for someone because you don’t like the pro? That is so unfair to the celebs who work hard and provide so much entertainment.Why punish them because they were paired with someone you don’t like?

    • chistosa says:

      I don’t believe that people actually refuse to vote for a celebrity they like because the don’t like the pro. However I do believe they vote for a pro they like for example Tristan.

  39. Mary H. says:

    I`m tired of it being a popularity contest. I wouldn`t watch anymore, but then I would miss the great dancing. The judges who are the ones who know about dancing should be the ultimate decisionmakers, not the public. I have tried calling in to vote, but can never get through. Too often the best dancers lose because they have a smaller fan base. Very disappointing.!!

  40. Special Forces says:

    Once again the true winners lost, can’t figure it out. It doesn’t matter if people don’t like the pros, they’re not the ones supposed to be judged, it’s the stars, the pros have to teach and come up with the routines.

  41. Alex says:

    Yay! Congrats to Donald and Peta! Especially Peta. Not bad for her second season against all the popular vets.

  42. LuLu says:

    I think any of them could have won but I am glad that Donald & Peta won. I thought they were underscored a lot (especially by Len) and got 8s & 9s where others were given 10s. I don’t really think this was a compitition to see who had the best dances through out the season as some have complained about but instead who had the best dance in the finals…and to me, that was Donald and Peta. I think Katherine was much better than William though. I did think Katherine’s freestyle was very content heavy but maybe for that reason it looked awkward at times (i.e. going in and out of the lifts)…she even seemed to stumble out of one of the lifts so I was very suprised she got 10s on that freestyle. Her other dance was beautiful though.

  43. Martha says:

    I wanted William to win…thought he was incredible…glad Katherine didn’t win…glad Donald won!

  44. sam says:

    All i can say is that I really wanted Katherine to win and if it wasn’t her, I wish it was William but hats off to Donald for being a dancing with the stars viewer from day one.

  45. Babygate says:

    This was the first season that I really followed DWTS and I have to say, I was disappointed. William Levy was just phenomenal. If he didn’t win, I would have considered Katherine to be a worthy champion. But for the trophy to go to Donald? No. Just, no. It was almost as bad as Sherri being voted out before much weaker opponents. It was highly, highly disappointing. William was robbed. Donald was good but William was suave and graceful and looked much more natural on the dance floor.

  46. Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas deserved it! His choreography for both dances on Monday were amazing. It was his best Free Style.

  47. ****** says:

    I demand a recount, William should have won

  48. M says:

    Did anyone see Williams son crying in the background? That was so sad :(. I really wanted William to win but I’m glad Donald won

  49. Janet says:

    Katherine was robbed – pure and simple!!

  50. Joy says:

    Katherine and Mark should have won. They were the BEST dancers.

    • chistosa says:

      But not the best performers on the night that counted the most. Donald brought it all to the dance floor while Katherine was tentative and a bit nervous. When there are three strong competitors the winner is the one with the most determination and biggest risks.
      Those lifts in Donald’s freestyle were incredible and Peta was totally fearless with some of those scary lifts. Katerine was not.