American Idol Season 11 Performance Finale: A Play-by-Play of Jessica Vs. Phillip!

jessica sanchez phillip phillipsWe’ve survived 38 episodes, more than 150 live performances from the Top 25, and heaping portions of wilted word salad from Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler. And now, we’ve reached the final two episodes of American Idol‘s eleventh season.

Yep, it’s all come down to the dolphins-vs.-egg beaters matchup that finds pint-sized diva Jessica Sanchez and Her Deadly Heels competing against swampy guitarist Phillip Phillips and His Roguish Flash of Chest Hair, and I’ll be live-blogging the whole blessed hour! So keep hitting that refresh button throughout the telecast to get my up-to-the-minute thoughts on how the duo is faring as they each tackle a song picked by Simon Fuller, a Season 11 encore, and their (hopefully radio-friendly?) debut singles!

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8:00 Amazing pre-audition footage of Jessica and Phillip FTW! The “poetic” ink spillage (waiting for the strains of “Unwritten”)? Not so much FTW.

8:02 What in the what is J.Lo wearing? It’s like an Olympic skating costume is giving birth to Tour de France pants. (All in “tasteful” black, of course.)

8:03 Phillip, forever true to himself/his thudding lack of style derring-do, in a white v-neck t-shirt and rumpled unbuttoned Oxford. Sigh.

8:05: Shocker! The 137th rendition of “I Have Nothing” in 11 seasons of Idol. Plus Swaybots. I am literally about to punch a puppy.

8:06 Not really making this her own, but that’d be like a McDonald’s worker trying to put a special twist on the Big Mac. Kinda impossible. Jessica certainly hit every note with power and finesse — and that gown is Rated D…for Divine!

8:11 I hope this doesn’t turn out to be the Jessica Sanchez Sabotage Hour.

8:12 Phillip is covering “Stand By Me.” Well, at least the lyrics to “Stand By Me.”

8:13 I appreciate risks generally, but not sure about this one specifically. Why take such a pretty refrain and scoop out its center like an overripe melon?

8:14 “Now let’s gossip.” –Ryan Seacrest, asking for judges’ input

8:15 J.Lo uses up 60 seconds of airtime dodging the idea of critique: “How do you compare?” Jessica has amazing vocal prowess, power, control, grit, and beauty. Phillip has soulfulness, originality, and artistry. How much does she get paid to read these lines?

8:16 Randy, mercifully, calls Round 1 for Jessica.

8:19 Back from commercial, J.Lo seconds Randy’s opinion that Jessica won Round 1. Steven Tyler remains eerily silent, in wicked anticipation of Jason Derulo’s “Undefeated.”

8:21 Wait a second. Coca Cola sponsored this whole Jason Derulo songwriting competition, and all they’re springing for is a metal folding chair as his main set piece?

8:23 Where’s Joshua Ledet to sweep this stage with this foolio?

8:24 Maybe if he’d made this a duet with his girlfriend Jordin Sparks, I’d have liked this better? Or maybe if…uh…I have nothing on this one, sorry.

8:26 I’m gonna need Round 2 to be a LOT better. Maybe with Simon Fuller’s picks out of the picture, there’s hope?

8:27 FLIP YEAH! Jessica is doing an encore of her VEGAS SOLO, “The Prayer.”

8:28 Minute One: SUBLIME!

8:29 SING HEFFA! I think that glory note might’ve won her the competition.

8:30 Jessica finessed that like Eric Ripert treats a rainbow trout: With subtlety, artistry, and perfection.

8:34 Phillip’s encore — another wise choice — Billy Joel’s “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song).” Just him and his acoustic guitar and not a lot of distraction for the opening verse.

8:35 Sexy saxophonist and the band join in! (He’d better let her share the confetti shower if he wins on Wednesday.) Phillip sounds really great on this, I can’t lie. And there’s a looseness and impish energy this time that wasn’t quite there the first time around. Nice.

8:37 For a quick, nauseating second, I thought it was that kindergarden-age girl holding up half of the “We’ve Got Tonight, Why Don’t We Stay?” poster. Thankfully it was just an illusion.

8:38 Randy calls Round 2 a dead heat. Steven says something about hatching eggs and says Jessica has the edge. J.Lo gives it to Phillip, and then Ryan — in a moment of pure poetry — cuts her off after the word “authentic.” (You know she was hoping to giggle and reduce Phillip to a hot chassis with a guitar, but no dice, Gigli star!)

8:41 Live-blogging always makes the backs of my knees sweat. #BloggerOvershare

8:42 Jessica gets assigned another ballad — a song called “Change Nothing.”

8:43 Hrmmm. I might’ve changed the key. The verse seems pitched just a little low for her, no?

8:44 Er, and the chorus is a little…sharp? But on the plus side, this sounds like an actual real song, not a hideous piece of treacle written specificially for an Idol coronation.

8:45 Randy thought the song was “just okay.” J.Lo wouldn’t have picked a straight pop ballad for Jessica’s lead single, either. “Everything has to be you, Jessica!” Jimmy Iovine looks mildly embarrassed. Steven didn’t feel it was the proper song, either. Ummm…couldn’t Uncle Nigel have let her end her set with “The Prayer”?

8:46 Even Jessica agrees in the real world, she’d prefer to record something a little more “urban.”

8:48 Look, I don’t disagree that “Change Nothing” probably isn’t the best first impression Jessica could make at radio — hey, Iovine, it’s not too late to find her something with a little more edge before June comes around — but it also seems a bit disingenous for the judges to hammer her for a composition that I can pretty much guarantee she had no say in covering. Know what I mean?

8:50 I swear, Ryan emphasizes the “Lee” in Leesburg, Georgia, everytime he introduces Phillip’s hometown.

8:51 Speaking of hometowns, Phillip’s original single is called “Home,” and it’s got a driving beat and a melancholy melody that’s a little reminiscent of…hrmmm…help me out here, Idoloonies.

8:52 Enter marching-band drummers. And cue standing ovation from the judges.

8:53 Selected Randy-isms: “Everything about that was perfect!” “True artist’s performance!” “Brilliant! Genius!”

8:54 J.Lo already offering congratulations, and given the choice of material, she may be right. That song was a perfect fit for Phillip, and the staging was spectacular, without ever feeling inauthentic. Not even the perfect little pout on the final “home.”

8:57 Scotty McCreery’s “PLease Remember Me,” live, and serbing as a backdrop to Season 11 highlight reel. Plus Swaybots.

8:59 Why is the highlight reel being minimized? Need more semifinalist footage up close for my aging eyes! I swear it’s like a postage stamp on the envelope of my TV screen!

Winner of the Night: Phillip
Should Win the Season (not counting Joshua): Jessica
Will Win the Season (in an upset): Jessica (call me crazy, but I think her fan base is gonna help carry her over that incongruous final ditty.)

What did you think of the Season 11 performance finale? Hit the comments with your thoughts, and come back Thursday to to read my full episode recap!

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  1. Jolly David says:

    THE WRITER OF THE MAIN BLOG/ ARTICLE ABOVE THAT IS MICHAL SLEZUCKS IS SO BIASLY INTO PHILIPS,,HERE’S A PART OF IT,,,” Yep, it’s all come down to the dolphins-vs.-egg beaters matchup that finds pint-sized diva Jessica Sanchez and Her Deadly Heels competing against swampy guitarist Phillip Phillips and His Roguish Flash of Chest Hair” ..YOU ARE SO GAY MISTER MICHAEL SLEZUCKS!! EEW ,,YOU ARE NOT CREDIBLE…

  2. FreeHaley says:

    It’s (on iTunes album charting) Kris #4, Haley (Deluxe) #6, Carrie #7, AI Top 3 #15, Adam (Deluxe) #19, Haley (Regular) #34, not sure if Adam has Deluxe only or if everyone went Deluxe with him and the regular is not charting at all or something.

  3. FreeHaley says:

    Phillip definitely has some personality and he can be cool to listen to for a while and he it was cool that he just did his whole thing but in the end I have to give it Jessica FTW.

    Joshua and Elise left toooo soooon though. It was nice to see Hollie fight back against it all and pull off some great ones like Bleeding Love at the end.

  4. i think jessica wins round 1 and 2, round 3 goes to phillip, maybe? all i can say is that jessica’s the prayer blew me away…

  5. R-Dub says:

    Jessica has the best voice I’ve ever heard for a 16 year old. If you disagree you are tone deaf. I just don’t like her, can’t put my finger on it. She just leaves me feeling empty and just seems so over dressed. She also comes off to me as a bit robotic.

    • tarc says:

      Um, that empty feeling is why she’s not the best 16 year old singer I’ve ever heard – not by quite a few. Emotional conveyance makes a singer, not vocal tricks.

      • Templar says:

        Jackie Evancho did Prayer better, and she’s a good bit younger.

        • tarc says:

          When Jessica started singing The Prayer, I was excited, figuring that she’d slay it. It’s extremely technical and age and emotional-level appropriate. She didn’t cut it technically or emotionally. And yeah, Charlotte Church was killing this at 11.

      • Joy says:

        Exactly there are other 16 year olds that are just as good with better performance quality, the show always loses my attention when Jessica performs because it’s just not intertesting-leaving me feeling empty as well. Once you’ve heard her sing once, then things start to get monotonous. And every ones making a big deal about her age but when Lauren sang “I don’t wanna miss a thing” in her audition she was only fifteen which I thought was pretty amazing (and no I’m not going to say she is the best 15 year old I’ve heard either) and her voice was more unique.

    • Shel says:

      Goes to show how different personal impressions/opinions can be. I was just telling my friend today that Jessica is the first young powerhouse voice on this show (and we’ve certainly heard a bunch) who totally connects for me. I love her voice AND I get the emotion she is conveying, and that stems right from the beginning with her audition. I was actually stunned how much I liked her since I don’t tend to connect to these young vocal phenoms at all.

  6. Shel says:

    Thanks for the blog, Michael – you ended up covering almost every major point I was thinking of also. Jessica: Her first single song was not the best for her, but I agree that it certainly wasn’t the worst song we have heard the poor finalists sing. I was totally steaming that the judges all were conveying sad news to her afterwards – what, if anything at all, do the finalists have a say in in terms of that song??? I thought…nothing.
    Seriously, do they get to pick a song from several new ones? Or are they just given one?
    Phillip: His first single song was the best I have ever heard, and he sang it really, really well. I did love the production of it, too, though perhaps the drums were a bit much. lol I felt that song was written FOR him, completely. I assume that’s what is supposed to happen with these songs, but I never felt like it succeeded before tonight.
    Moment you missed in the blog that had *me* fuming: Jennifer, picking Phillip for the 2nd round win, claiming she had “heard that before from Jessica” (“The Prayer”) and that Phillip gave something new. Umm, JLo, you heard him do “Moving Out” before also – that was the point of the 2nd round. And while I agree with you, Michael, that Phillip did a great job on it, it didn’t feel “different” to me than the first time he sang it. Totally agree that it was a great choice for him, though.
    Jessica for the win, for me. I thought she won the first two rounds, easily. I don’t blame her for the 3rd song which I thought she still sang well. And I believe the winner should reflect the whole season and Jessica is it for me (barring Joshua of course).
    Have to say, I’m batting 0 in any of my choices winning these reality shows this year however. *sigh*

    • deedee says:

      Every year there’s a different winner’s song selection process, but this year it sounds like they had two or more songs to choose from. Last night, Jessica told Ryan she chose that song because it showcased her voice … which means there were other options. Maybe all the options sucked, but still they had some say in their first single.

  7. I want Jessica to win, but I will support Phillip in the future

  8. krix says:

    Phillip’s original song is not so original after all…same arrangement with the original version by Greg Holden. Except the singer/songwriter of the song “Home” performed it way better. just search in youtube Greg Holden – Home.

    • Marsaili says:

      And Greg Holden LOVES Phillip’s version and is thrilled he picked his song. Just make sure you note that when you go to his Youtube page.

  9. Mel says:

    Jessica was boring. Simple as that. She’s 16 years old and came out there and did 3 ballads, that made her completely boring. I LOVE I Have Nothing and The Prayer but her versions did absolutely nothing for me! She should have done at least something young, fun and upbeat. Even if it was something by Beyonce who she is basically a sound-a-like of. And one that she didn’t take and turn into a boring ballad like she did with the Beyonce song she did earlier in the season. She is basically a pageant singer, get up do the big ballads and be boring. She needs to have some fun. I actually liked a few of her upbeat performances (when she didn’t go overboard with the screaming) but they were few and far between. Phillip should win, he has more character. He fits into the Mumford and Sons style of music but still makes it his own, and I know if you’re not into that kind of music it could be a little boring but at least it’s not just another big ballad with the big not at the end. Ya he had some iffy weeks but there were a few performances where he was just BRILLIANT, like Valcano. I hope Phillip wins.

    Plus I want another WGWG (as people so stupidly call the guys who have won recently) just to piss off the ones that get so ridiculous about it. Ha! It’s just ridiculous that people think Phillip shouldn’t win for this reason. He’s a talented guy, voice and instruments, there is NO REASON he shouldn’t win. I have no interested at all in Lee or Scottie, but Kris is AWESOME and writes amazing music. If a WGWG is on Idol and as talented as Kris and Phillip then he deserves to win. Simple as that.

  10. Jack says:

    What pray tell does HEFFA mean?

    • Templar says:

      Heffa [heifer] is a female bovine that has never been bred. Once she has a calf, she’s just a cow.

  11. Jack says:

    If HEFFA means a “fat cow” I don’t know how it possibly applies to Jessica, that makes no sense at all.

    • Tone says:

      It’s just an expression like when someone calls someone who works it and displays skill the “B” word even though that word means female dog and is mostly used in a negative sense. Like “Work it, B****!” “Work it, Heffa!” Get it.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      A “heifer” (correct spelling) is a cow that’s never had a calf, or a maiden cow.
      As far as the “urban dictionary” definition, see Tone’s explanation. Back in the 80s I worked with some black women that used the word for both good and bad references. It was the first time I’d ever heard to word to describe anything other than cattle, LOL.
      “That heifer isn’t getting MY man” – that’s bad.
      “OOOOOOOhhh, I love Whitney Houston – that heifer can really sing!” – that’s bad.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        OOPS! The Whitney Houston reference, “that heifer can really sing!”, I meant to say that’s a GOOD use of the word. Wow. Need more coffee!

  12. Bazinga! says:

    Mr. Slezak i believe it did turn out to be the Jessica Sanchez Sabotage Hour. Marching band for Phillips? Really???

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      It reminded us of Paul Simon’s “Graceland” days, except that marching band was in South African garb.

  13. C says:

    Note to all singing competition contestants: The purpose of a song is to convey a message or to tell a story. If you don’t pronounce your words, you can’t do either. I haven’t heard “The Prayer” for a long time. I remembered that it was one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, and I loved the lyrics, but I didn’t remember them anymore. When Jessica was supposed to sing it last night, I was really looking forward to hearing it and its message again. I COULDN”T UNDERSTAND EVEN HALF OF THE WORDS!!! This seems to be a very common thing in pop music. It even drove me nuts with Colton, who was my favorite. If you don’t pronounce the words clearly, you may as well just HUM!!!!!! Phillip will win, even though he’s got one of the butt-ugliest voices I’ve ever heard and will need auto-tune constantly. Jessica should win because she’s got a lovely voice and heaps of talent. Her inability to truly connect with her songs will change as she lives a little more (change that minimum age, AI!) and you can’t tell that from listening to the radio or a CD anyway. But, Phillip’s the guy and probably seems very sexy to a 12 year old, so she’s crazy about him and votes hundreds or thousands of times because she has nothing else she REALLY has to do that evening. Note to AI: Change your voting system and your minimum age.

    • Davey says:

      Well maybe you’re deaf. I heard every word of Jessica’s The Prayer last night and they were all beautiful. Sorry you didn’t like it.

      • C says:

        I loved the sound; the tone was beautiful. I just couldn’t understand the words and neither could my daughter.

      • idolmama says:

        Yes we could “HEAR” every word. We just couldn’t “UNDERSTAND” the words because of poor diction. I said this all season. Jessica may sing well but she sounds like there are marbles in her mouth because you can’t understand her pronounciation. Maybe that is why some people feel they don’t connect to her emotionally. You can’t connect to a song if you can’t tell what the words are.

        • Jaxguy says:

          Sorry but you people need a hearing test. I just rewatched her sing and you could easily understand every word and I do have some hearing loss.

        • tarc says:

          I’ve mentioned that a few times (and a lot of pros agreed). She has gotten a bit better as the season went on. I imagine that they’ll fix that right away now that she’ll be under contract.

  14. Tone says:

    Ok thoughts on last night:

    Round #1- Jessica won that round for me. She came out strong. I really didn’t feel anything for PP’s first performance.

    Round #2- Tie. They both did songs that highlighted their best in terms of vocal awesomeness (Jessica) and performances swag (Phillip).

    Round #3- Phillip definitely won that round. Coronation songs by definition are kind of corny but I think Phillip was amazing on “Home”. Jessica to me just had the wrong song that didn’t play to her strengths.

    Other thoughts. Why are people bringing up Lee DeWyze? It’s unfortunate that Lee was pushed to make his debut Idol album in a style that didn’t fit him. He was more soulful and folksy than the producers wanted us to believe. I don’t think Phillip will have that problem. I mean if they couldn’t talk him into performing wearing a suit what makes you think they can talk him into making a “pop-rock” record when that is not who he thinks he is? If theirs anyone I’m worried about it’s Jessica. She’s so young and it would be easier for the producers and Jimmy to sway her into trying to make a more pop crossover record when urban/soul/R&B music is more to her strength. I hope she takes to heart what J.Lo told her because she’s going to need it.

  15. C says:

    Got a phone call last night right before Phillip’s last song, so I just watched it now on the AI website. The drummers were just stupid. He was flat on every high note. How that got a standing ovation I’ll NEVER understand, unless, as some suspect, it was scripted. However, I must agree with those who said it reminded them of Paul Simon or Simon and Garfunkel. I expected to start hearing someone sing “The Boxer” at the beginning.

    • Jaxguy says:

      He got a standing ovation because the judges have no respect for the other performer. They stood for everything Josh did. I loved him, but the standing o’s were way too much. If they gave a standing o for Phillips last song, Jessica should have gotten one for the prayer. It’s plain as day that they are pushing for a Phillip win just like they did last year for Scotty. Every song Phillip and Scotty sing sound the same to me. But Scotty got praised for everything he did. I think only once he got a less than rave review. The judges are helping to ruin this show. And when the pros pick songs for these kids and then after the fact, say what a mistake they made, like Jimmy I likes to do, it ridiculous. They desperately need a Simon Cowell type judge. Then when America votes for a winner, good or bad, it will be easier to take. The stuff they spew, the judges, borders on stupid.

      • C says:

        At least Scotty had a nice rich tone to his voice. This guy sounds just plain awful.

        • Mary B says:

          Scotty has matured so much in his singing and his whole demeanor. What a difference a year makes. I never liked him on idol. He was a nice kid and all but I did not care for his music. I actually enjoyed him last night.

      • Paul says:

        The judges must have figured all those standing Os did Joshua in – so if they want Jessica to win after P2s performance, what better way to do it that give P2 a Standing in the hope it takes him down too.

        I had trouble understanding Jessica’s words too – and for those who want to know why P2 gets a marching band – well Josh got the constant gospel choir and big production so perhaps another P2 sabotage? Actually, I think it you added up all the accompanying instruments of the 3 each performances, I think P2 is probably still behind the multi-orchestra Jessica.

      • Joy says:

        did you watch last season? they were deff pushing for a Lauren win, not Scotty. Giving her the Mama song and bringing the doctor in scrubs out onto the stage..I was a huge fan of both of them and even I noticed that..

  16. john says:

    CHANGE NOTHING… songs don’t need not be literally romantic…. Here’s an excerpt of Jessica’s 3rd song.. ” They say we don’t fit together (American Idol) could do better.. There’s always something.. They don’t know what we’ve been through cause when you (FANS)hold me like you do… That’s when I wanna change nothing…
    Jessica Sanchez gave it her best shot.. that’s what matters!

  17. Phillip all the way. Song choices killed Jessica the last 2 weeks. Not all her fault. Too bad.

  18. Theresa says:

    What a boring final episode. For the first time since the show began I didn’t vote in the finale.

    • john says:

      You’re not the only one that felt that way. Phillip yawned after his 3rd song while Ryan was reading out his numbers.

  19. idolmama says:

    Overall I was totally unwhelmed and bored by last night’s show. At least it helped pass the time while I got caught up on the ironing. Feel sorry for Jessica. She does have a good voice but she is still so immature/sheltered in so many ways. Her final song was just plain awful and soo wrong for her. I also wonder if she has had a vocal coach other than the ones that help out with Idol. She really needs to work on her diction and breath control. It seems that when she sings in her lower register, which is her weakest link, she loses her phrasing and breath. Time and training will help with that area. Song choice….umm… I actually may agree with JLo on this. Jessica will have to learn to stand up to producers and the powers that be and let them know a song is wrong for them. But Jessica is so you I really think she was clueless that she made such a bad choice. Again, where was Jimmy Iovine’s “mentoring” advice? How many times has he said he is going to check for songs/lyrics that are not too old for her, or her costumes which are too old for her. And Yet the same thing keeps happening over and over?

    Loved Philip’s “coronation” song. Although the marching band seemed to be wrong for his style of music. But I guess it made for good TV. Thought it my favorite performance of his in addition to “Volcano”. I was hoping for a repeat of “Volcano” as his favorite song but it he may have felt it was too soon after the original performance. “Home” may actually be one of the few songs I download from this season.

    Still can’t figure out this season. So many great singers so few downloads that I actually will listen to.

  20. Erin Hoffman says:

    Hey the song that Phillip’s song sounds like is “Swallowed by the Sea” by Coldplay. :)

  21. ClickMe says:

    Goodness.. Jessica was so dull…
    and Phillip last song was super WOWW!!

  22. givemeglenn says:

    Helping the contestants translate the Summer’s classic songbook (the disco queen appeared on the season 7 finale) to a group performance with ’70s icons Gloria Gaynor, Thelma Houston and Gladys Knight joined by Nelly Furtado, Sheila E., Jennifer Holliday and, of course, the Season 11 girls (later in the show, they perform with Chaka Khan). In addition, Broadway and Glee star Kristin Chenoweth will trade vocals with finalist Jessica Sanchez on the Summer-Barbra Streisand girl power anthem, “Enough is Enough.”
    Among the other stars set to perform with the finalists are John Fogerty, who will duet with Phillip Phillips, Reba McEntire, who will kick up her boots with Skylar Laine and the long-awaited Fantasia-Mantasia mash-up – a no-brainer for second runner-up Joshua Ledet.

  23. Evan says:

    Has Randy ever liked a coronation song? I swear he says that EVERY YEAR.

  24. rodeoblu says:

    VOTING FROM OUTSIDE U.S. IS CHEATING why is no-one broaching this..Slezak I’m a big fan and I’m directly challenging you..this IS news. There are you tube videos..a massive amount of info including on the official American Idol Blog on how to cheat the vote with citizens of the Philippines voting via skype..and voip. Whatever the outcome it will be nullified..and no one wants to bring this up .or even look at it..The campaign to cheat the vote is massive..This isn’t a conspiracy’s right there in front of everyones eyes!

  25. MoonerMan100 says:

    Everything aside, I’m really excited to hear the new Aerosmith song tonight! First new song after 8 years! HOPE THE BAD BOYS FROM BOSTON ROCK THE HOUSE TONIGHT!

  26. Enyu says:

    I cannot believe they let Jessica sang that last song! I mean what the heck??!!! We all know she’s 16 but do they really have to toy with her just so she could loose her chances of winning? Its just not right. It just makes me really mad!!! I’m really starting to think that they only want white guys with guitars to win in American Idol. If Phillip wins (no offense)? They should just re-name the show American “ARTIST” (meaning a white guy playing the guitar) and if Jessica wins (by some miracle)? They better not let her sing that song and change it to something awesome or let that darn show end right there! Arrrgghh!!! seriously frustrating!!!

  27. anabelle says:

    You people are finghting,argueing about the finale of sounds like a jerk!why if Phillip or Jessica or even Joshua will win,they will give you?NO!so just relax and watch the coronation night of AI and we will lestin to those Stupid comment of Jennifer Lopez,that she is only using AI for her own.let me ask you guys…does Jlo can sing like those singer of AI?my answer is NO!she is a lipsync master.god bless her and her toy dancer.weeeeeeeee!what a shamed………

  28. Angel says:

    i just hope that jessica is the winner but i have a feeling that PP will win this season.
    It doesn’t matter anymore.
    Being a winner of AI doesn’t guarrantee to have a successful career like lady gaga,justin bieber etc…It just give exposure to the contestants.
    I would not object if PP wins.Even if jessica will be the runner up,i just hope she will have a good career.
    if JS wins,well,congratulations!
    about being unique-they’re both unique because no two individuals are exactly alike.

  29. givemeglenn says:

    Pretty much EVERY major media outlet has Phillip winning last night, from USA Today, to ABC to Fox to MSNBC and I can go on and on. And they are all pretty much saying the same thing about the season winner; Phillip Phillips.

    All of you people who are “hating” on Phillip may think you’ve developed some machine that would bring him down, however when every mainstream media is singing his praise because THEY, and the INDUSTRY EXPERTS think he’s good, then your smear campaign is doomed to fail misreably.

    It’s high time to start supporting your singer because you prefer them rather than trying to build them up by insulting the other singer. The bottom line is that if your favorite (Jessica) isn’t good enough to win on her own abilities, then she doesn’t deserve to beat Phillip, and she won’t if the voting system is honest.

    Both of these singers have contracts waiting for them after tonight, so everyone will have a chance to buy their respective albums in the near future. Feel free to purchase those from your preferred singer, and not the one(s) from the singer you don’t like; that’s okay. See them concert or not, that,motto, is your choice. Listen to them on the radio…or not. In other words, all of your insults, claims of conspiracy, claims of racism, etc., are nothing more than a waste of everyone’s time and energy.

    • davey says:

      What are you talking about? Phillip has been bad several times this season and the judges were afraid to criticize him from day one. The whole show has been rigged by the the producers from the day they featured Phillip the first few weeks. You obviously haven’t watch the show over the years. They’ve sabotaged singers on this show from day one.

    • tarc says:

      And here come the haters…

  30. Angel says:

    i just hope that jessica is the winner but i have a feeling that PP will win this season.
    It doesn’t matter anymore.
    Being a winner of AI doesn’t guarrantee to have a successful career like lady gaga,justin bieber etc…It just give exposure to the contestants.
    I would not object if PP wins.Even if jessica will be the runner up,i just hope she will have a good career.
    if JS wins,well,congratulations!
    about being unique-they’re both unique because no two individuals are exactly alike.
    Besides,they are already friends!
    I have nothing bad to say to PP.He is such a good guy,gentleman and I think he is fun to be with even though i don’t know him personally.LOL

  31. MoonerMan100 says:

    Jessica has already had Tommy Mottola and Jimmy Iovine in her back pocket! She has huge fan base in Asia, Mexico (which eventually spread to whole Latin world) and in the US. Season’s not finished yet and she has more than 400K followers on twitter! The thing is, whatever happen’s tonight, SHE ALREADY HAS WON!! Although I think she will win the title too!

  32. Jaxguy says:

    Let me begin by saying. I am a huge Jessica fan. Brilliant vocalist. Loved Josh also and wanted a Josh/Jessica finale. Didn’t get it though. I don’t hate Phillip and I am from the South but I would only, maybe go to the local coffee house to listen to him. I have heard better in that setting in the last few weeks. If he was not good looking I truly believe he would not have made it this far. Last year Casey was way more interesting and way better, yet he was not good looking and got knocked out because the “fast fingers” were not there for him. I confess the last song was good. But his vocals were just ok. I have to tell you that his last song was tailor made for him but the reaction of the judges was sickening. I am beginning to HATE RANDY. And when Jennifer said there is nothing on the radio that sounds like that, has she ever listened to Mumford and Sons? RAndy threw his token crumbs to Jessica in Round 1 then just ignored her after that.
    Now I will critique Phillips songs. Stand by Me. RUINED IT! If all his fans like it so much please go buy his CD. I bought Haley’s yesterday. I loved her and gave her my support.
    Movin’ On. was not that good. Just wasn’t.
    Home was the best of the three. A simple song, average vocal at best. It also sounded a lot like many other songs in that genre. It was a very, extremely non challenging song. Not many lyrics and vocally simple.
    Will on critique Jessica’s last song. I didn’t hate it as much as everyone else. It sounded like most everything on top 40 radio.
    The performance of the night was “The Prayer.” Gorgeous.
    Now the meat.

    I can’t believe that idiot Randy called round 2 a tie and Jennifer gave round two to Phillip. She actually said that she has heard Jessica do that before but MOvin’ Out was vintage Phillip. Is she really that stupid. First his Movin’ Out couldn’t touch her Prayer. And to show you how horrible everything these judges say, Phillip did Movin’ Out just like he did early in the competition so how could she say I heard that before from Jessica yet Phillip did Movin’ Out exactly like he did before. What a crappy group of judges.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      amen, brother…it’s great to read someone vocalize my shared opinions too…love Slezak but for the 1st time after several seasons of his formerly astute blogging I am seriously questioning his taste level – so its good to be able to agree with you

  33. Beth says:

    Personally I am pulling for Jessica Sanchez because if she cannot win Idol then I feel like no girl will ever win Idol ever again, and that’s not right. She had an amazing series of performances this season, way better than Jordin or Carrie IMO. I will end her performances going DAMN GURL.

    However I have to admit that Phillip Phillips has peaked at the right time. Volcano was an amazing performance, then We’ve Got Tonight was good last week, and his final song blew Jessica’s out of the water. I feel like this is a situation where PP has the advantage of (1) being a guy and (2) having the momentum and (3) winning the last two weeks, so I think he will win and I won’t be too bothered.

    BUT WILL A GIRL EVER WIN IDOL AGAIN? If Jessica can’t, I don’t know.

  34. wendeeloo says:

    The reason DWTS gets a winner who truly is voted in by their whole audience is because it is 5 VOTES PER PHONE LINE – 5 ONLINE – Not 4 HOURS of unlimited voting – Which I no longer do for Idol because ….. what’s the point, Simon, Nigel? If you can’t compete with kids willing to devote hours to voting, why bother? And how inconsiderate of the show to expect their audience to devote that length of time to Idol!

    • MoonerMan100 says:

      Don’t say there is no point to 2 hours or 4 hours voting! AT&T is the sponsor! How do you think uncle Simon and uncle Nigel fill their pockets?!

      • FreeHaley says:

        I still don’t see how AT&T makes money off of it. The numbers are toll free for the land line people and don’t open until late when all cell plans that I know of have free unlimited calling. Anyone who would text 10,000 times for 2-4 hours is surely going to have an unlimited texting plan to begin with. So…. how do the massive vote numbers get them any $?

  35. j. says:

    Haley Reinhardt’s singing sounds great on her new album, if you can call it singing with those flimsiest of songs. Hope she gets some better material next time around.

  36. Heather says:

    If you haven’t bought a single from iTunes or voted to support your contestant, you have no place in these discussions, period. I think both Jessica and Phillip are great singers, but I don’t prefer to hear another robot singer like Jessica. I LIKE Phillip’s STYLE of music, and as such, prefer he wins. I’ve bought all of his iTunes studio recordings, and think he’s awesome. Just because you don’t prefer someone’s styling doesn’t mean they’re bad, or the voting is flawed. It means you prefer something else. P2 for the win please!! HOME!

  37. givemeglenn says:

    If you go to the iTunes Store and look at the “Ratings,” Phillips songs, especially “Home,” blows Jessica’s away, and by a huge margin, and I mean a HUGE margin. In other words, it looks like fans are downloading Phillip’s songs and loving them and not so many of Jessica’s…

  38. What really bugged me about Home was he did so little singing. After the drum corps enters, he basically did some (mumbled) humming, and the last line. That was it. He basically had training wheels for his coronation performance. Overall, it was a great performance, but most of the credit goes to the producers. Jessica’s song was such a bad song that his was going to look better no matter what.

    • TinyTim says:

      See my post below, Idol copied that Home song from a previous artist. Not too surprising really when they have done it with others.

      • TinyTim says:

        BTW it wouldn’t surprise me if what Jessica sang as her *original* song had been already done by an earlier artist too.

  39. TinyTim says:

    When I heard that song *Home* last night I thought it rang a bell but couldn’t remember when I had heard that before. Now we have it, thanks guys!

    So Phillips was given a song already done by Greg Holden so it isn’t original as they said. And Greg sings it way better than Phillips does, surprise surprise.

    Funny how none of the three judges mentioned this but pretended Phillips was the *artist* that arranged the whole song!

    And Jimmy was grinning from ear to ear after he performed it like he masterminded the whole song too.

    Idol should be ashamed of themselves for doing this to Jessica, how unfair can you be to another contestant. This is why the shows viewership is declining every year, year after year. You PO enough people when they learn the truth and they don’t watch anymore.

    Lol. I also see none in the media have picked up on this either, all the music blog experts out there.They went right along with Idol, hook, line and sinker.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      Hollywood Reporter currently has a story on it they pursued minutes after PP sang it…agree the original Youtube version with Greg Holden is edgier, much more dynamic, shows a good range (those high notes PP can only dream about, so Idol had to use background singers), and the drumming thing they borrowed from someone else mentioned in the story

    • Joy says:

      watch the video greg himself posted on youtube today and him singing the song and read what he had to say about Phillip in the information section..and Phillip isn’t the first to have a cover song as his coronation and have it be referred to as “original”..

  40. Jennifer W says:

    Phillip was the best last night & his last song was incredible. I disagree-I think Phillp should win.

  41. An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a co-worker who has been conducting a little homework on this. And he actually ordered me dinner due to the fact that I discovered it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending the time to talk about this subject here on your internet site.