Idology: Who's to Blame for Joshua's Exit, and Why Jessica Can't Lose to Phillip

American Idol airs its two-part season finale this Tuesday and Wednesday (8/7c, Fox), but before the Idoloonie Nation can focus its energies on the apples-vs.-picture frames matchup of Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez, we need to take a moment to ask: “HOW THE HELL DID JOSHUA LEDET GET VOTED OFF IN THIRD PLACE?”

Whew, that felt better.

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Also possibly cathartic? Season 6 standout Melinda Doolittle and myself assigning blame to a number of parties for Joshua’s unfortunate early exit. Plus, I put my money where my mouth is and wager there’s no way Jessica can lose to Phillip, Melinda explains why she’s mad at Jennifer Lopez, and executive producer Jason Averett works through his issues with clips from Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Buffy, and Community.

So press play below for this week’s Idology therapy session, and for all my Idol news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. ben says:

    The same way Melinda did, I suppose. Joshua was, I think, easily the best on the ngiht. But his popularity clearly wasn’t there to get him to the victory. Polling all season was able to tell us that.

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      Yeah, I love Idology but I get a bit confused when Slezak starts talking about “assigning blame.” R&B the likes of which Joshua often sings simply isn’t as popular as it used to be. He’s never had the traction that Phillip and Jessica have and as well as he performed last week it always seemed probable to me that he’d go home. By the same token, I don’t know how Slezak can say with such confidence that Jessica’s going to win. I certainly hope she does, but four straight years of Phillip-ish winners has to count for something.

      • Sha says:

        Don’t forget, Slezak (and many others) also confidently predicted that Adam Lambert would win. That fucshia hair was hilarious! I hope he’s right but then again, he also said Joshua would make the finale…

        • Miscellaneopolan says:

          I’m also happy that he promised to donate to a charity should Jessica lose, but how is that fun for us? He should have offered to get Deandre-ish hair extensions or something.

          • wickerpark says:

            Jermaine Paul is R&B yet he won The Voice while Tony Lucca, the perceived WGWG came in 4th. Why can’t this happen with AI? Simple, its because of AI’s unlimited voting system which The Voice didn’t allow. 100k AI power voters can easily tramp a million casual voters. Hypotethically, it wouldn’t matter if only a 100k of the viewers like Phillip while 1M of the viewers like Jessica. In the end if Phillip’s 100k fans generate more votes that Jessica’s 1M supporters, Phillip will be declared the winner regardless of more people actually liking Jessica.

          • Miscellaneopolan says:

            I very much agree that this is a problem. If the show really wanted the winner to represent the votes of the most people watching rather than the votes of those people obsessive enough to vote for two hours straight, it would limit the number of votes.

          • ben says:

            Yes wicker, idol need to fix their voting system pronto.

          • Bernie Villorente says:

            Jessica has an army of deranged fans from all over USA. They are united and vote like crazy. I think Jessica’s going to smash it! I predict a 70-30 win for her.

          • Leo says:

            The only thing I’m worried about are song choices. Jessica got some crazily bad choices in Top 3 especially from Jimmy. I hope she takes on “I Will Always Love You” as her favorite performance and recapture that magic moment in Top 13. And please Simon Fuller, don’t screw up your choice for Jessica!

          • valeriek says:

            i am 59 and i LOVE Phillip!
            I think Jessica sounds like one in the crowd.

          • givemeglenn says:

            A ton of the people posting for Jessica on the blogs and Twitters AREN’T from the US and AREN’T qualified to vote for her so. This means many of the “polling factors” can be thrown out the window because they’re so skewed. Also, many of the negative comments being made against Phillip are coming from Jessica fans who aren’t eligible to vote as well, therefore, all they’re attempting to do is influence voters who CAN vote tonight to NOT vote for Phillip because of the comments about him, thereby giving Jessica their votes by default. It’s a desperate drive by desperate group of fans.

            However, to make matters worse, they ARE trying to get Jessica fans out of the country to try to vote for her over the phone using Skype and Magic Jack, which will, in essence, actually tie up Jessica’s call on lines from legitimate callers (blocking the lines while they’re voting illegally, and then having their votes discarded by the system after the caller ID tag is matched). By blocking call in lines for legitimate voters by voters who will have their votes tossed, this means that the number of call in votes that can actually be cast for Jessica will be reduced, thereby actually HURTING Jessica’s chances for winning the competition.

            I guess karma can bite you in the rear if you deserve it. So to all of you Jessica fans trying to “stuff the ballot box,” PLEASE tell all of your Filipino fans overseas and in the wrong time zones to call in as many times as they can tonight so they can block Jessica’s lines from real voters. Phillip’s fans will really appreciate it.

          • idolfan22 says:

            givemeglenn is so right. Jessica has had a slew of fans that for most all of this season have bombarded the the boards of the other contestants with negative contestants so badly that it was difficult sometimes to even post. I am an avid fan of Joshua’s and I saw it on a lot of Joshua’s boards. The only thing I’d say is I’ll bet you a lot of those votes from the Philipinos and China are getting in. I don’t believe they’re being blocked at all.

        • Name That Tune says:

          Didn’t he also think Crystal Bowersox would win?
          Obviously, the show’s producers are pushing for a different outcome this year (there were only TWO WGs in the top 10), but wishing doesn’t make it so.

      • ben says:

        To be fair, though – I’ve been following a number polls for a couple of years to try and extrapolate accuracy of various polling, and Scotty and Lee polled well for the win with accurate sources. So has Jessica, rather than Phil. I wish I knew further back (ie how well Adam polled v Kris) to know just how meaningful that is.

        • Miscellaneopolan says:

          Out of curiosity, did your polling predict Jessica’s ouster in top 7 week? Cause that sure surprised me.

          • ben says:

            No. And I’m still not 100% convinced it really happened either. Certainly noone has been ousted without ever looking like being in the bottom before or after. Their contracts allow idol to mess around with things like that. Conspiracy theory of course… I’ve always thought Idol to have fairly strong integrity – but even if the elim was real, I think shock results are less likely to happen in the finale (when voting for more than one person is wastage, and everyone votes for their fav) than at a more early point in the season (where people often appear to vote more for those who are percieved to be in danger than those percieved to be safe).

          • ben says:

            I’m only raising the conspiracy theory as a ‘maybe’ – polling such as that will be wrong on some occasions even if its trends to be fairly accurate over a long period of time. and I don’t claim it will be Jess, just that I think there is a good basis to predict Jess.

        • tarc says:

          Um, three polls last week had Philling leading the neck-in-neck Joshua and jessica two to one (aka, Phillip had almost as many votes as the other two combined). I’m not even sure if I want Phillip to win (since Jimmy’s going to sign him anyway), but let’s get real here.

          • ben says:

            Tarc, I stay on top of 20+ polls, and have learned to have a pretty good pcture of those that are accurate and not. But that doesn’t mean I’m right, of course.

          • tarc says:

            You’re right, Ben; they’re all non-scientific. But the three I follow are usually pretty close to being correct as far as bottom finishers. When you have 5,000 responses in on a general pop site, seeing a 2:1 favorite was pretty stunning (and likely to be indicative). I’m not even sure I want Phil to win (for his sake exclusively), but I’m sure he’s the frontrunner by a decent margin.

      • MA says:

        “Yeah, I love Idology but I get a bit confused when Slezak starts talking about ‘assigning blame.’”
        I think he’s just being funny and chatty.

    • Phillip has no class. He should have deferred the coin toss to his female opponent like Scotty and Lee did to their female counterparts.

      • givemeglenn says:

        Chivalry says that a man ALWAYS let’s a WOMAN go FIRST. If Jessica was a “liberated” woman, and Phillip HAD offered Jessica the opportunity to choose, then she should have refused anyway. So what’s YOUR point?

  2. Jason says:

    I love you Slezak, but Jessica so has this thing lost to Phillip. He’s never been in the bottom. Jessica has. It sucks, but he’s so won.

    • Lunakit says:

      Yep, Michael you should look into Melinda’s charity and see if they accept Paypal…

      • Phillip winning is gonna be such a shame. Has the guy done a consistent job? Sure. Does he have a legion of (mainly female) fans? Of course, but both Jessica and Joshua have out-sung and out-performed him over and over again all season long and the way he looks is unfortunately a main reason as to why he has stuck around. I agree with Michael as to the fact that Jessica had a rough outing last week and she’s still around can only help her tomorrow if/when she performs to the best of her ability. But Phillip hasn’t smelled the Bottom 3 or 2 all season long. I sure hope that Jessica won the coin flip and goes second, her closing out the show would be a huge advantage for her. If Phillip out sings her tomorrow then all the power to him, but I don’t necessarily see that happening.

        • deedee says:

          She did not win the coin toss. P2 is singing second. I agree with Slezak that Jessica will likely win. She strikes all the right chords: female? – check; “saved” contestant? – check; 16 years old? – check: big voice? – check, megafanatic fan base? – check. Yo, she’s gotta have it, dawg.

          • Jeremy Gable says:

            Crystal Bowersox went second, outsang the hell out of Lee, and still lost. So yeah, Phillip totes has this in the bag. Let the white guy with guitar curse continue, I guess!

          • Lee says:

            I think a lot of Joshua’s fan base will now vote for Jessica. The same thing happened in Melinda’s season. After Melinda got eliminated in Top 3, a lot of her fan base voted for Jordin Sparks–not average rocker, Blake Lewis. See any similarities this season? Jordin was the power vocalist like Jessica, and Blake was the limited-vocal range singer like Phillip. I think Jessica will win just as Jordin did. And it’ll be funny that a female singer hasn’t won since Jordin.

          • JC says:

            Jessica can win she needs to pick the perfect song to sing she can’t lose to Phillip even though I have a bad feeling that Phillip’s health problem (kidney stones) might get him some sympathy votes but who knows no one can predict the future Jessica has a huge and very dedicated fanbase regardless of her performance :)

          • Name That Tune says:

            Um, Lee, I was still voting in Season 6. When Melinda went out, I didn’t vote & didn’t watch the finale. Don’t assume that people who supported Joshua will automatically vote for Jessica. If they feel disenfranchised, they may not vote at all, which only tips the scales in P2’s favor.

        • Amy says:

          I don’t agree that P2’s been out-sung and performed by Josh & Jess. So hard to compare them all, but within their respective “genres”, to me, P2 was very entertaining, and more so than Jessica. Hard to beat Josh’s brand of performing; his is BIG performing the way Jessica is BIG vocals. P2 though, within his own wheelhouse, is terrific and unique, and I was thoroughly entertained by him all season. Was it part of the package that he’s good to look at too, sure, but not at all why I enjoyed watching him or why I bought his music. Other seasons had many a “cute guy” I couldn’t stand to watch or listen to…Stefano Baloney, I’m lookin’ at you!
          Anyway, P2 has looks and appeal and that’s part of the same package Jess and Josh will sell too…Jess in her spiky heels and short dresses, Josh as he rips of his cool jackets. It’s all the same. I don’t think P2 should be sold short on talent, originality and solid performances because he happens to look good to girls. I’m not saying he compares but it’s as old as time…Sinatra, Elvis, Beatles…didn’t take away their talent.

          • Macy says:

            Preach it! I love everything you wrote.

          • fran v says:


          • adriana says:

            asi se habla

          • jessie j says:

            P2 IS “terrific” and “unique” — those are 2 adjectives I would least associate with him. But more so “very entertaining” LOL sure if you think that him squinching his face and contorting his legs, arms and body while he sings — is considered entertainment LOL Whatever else you will find entertaining, I would dread to contemplate on, so I won’t. hehehe

          • kris says:

            well said!

          • wordgirl says:


          • Debbie Morin says:

            Jessica has vocal talent no doubt. In my opinion she does lack a little when it comes to performing and entertaining.Phillip also has a unique vocal quality to his voice. He also has the ability to entertain. He is truly an artist. Jessica, with more experience, will be the next top Diva in the future. I believe both of these contestants have a great future. Tonight however, my vote is for Phillip. I also think he has the female teeny boppers vote. I also thought it was going to be Josh and Phillip going head to head in the finals so I could be wrong. i just think he appeals to a wider age demographic. For example he appeals to my 21 year old son, myself, and my 52 year old husband and the teen votes. GOOD LUCK TO THEM BOTH! Either way I won’t be terribly disappointed in the results one way or the other.

        • tarc says:

          If Phillip wins, it will hardly be a shame: it will be precisely what it is: America’s decision of their favorite. There aren’t any statistics to support that Phillip has ‘mainly female fans’ – in fact, it’s clear his support includes a lot of guys. It’s also nonsense to say Phillip got outsung – apple and oranges. Phillip was in the bottom 2 once. You seem to be kinda confused across the board.

          • Mary B says:

            Phillip was not in the bottom two. That was in no particular order. The same thing happened with Scotty last year. Check out American Idol season 11 and you will see he is not listed in the bottom two.

          • tarc says:

            Ah, my misunderstanding then. I did not hear Ryan say ‘in no particular order’ – he was, instead, one of the two left on stage for the bottom vote getter reveal. Cool. :)

          • Amy says:

            I just went to finish downloading songs I want from Phillip and if number of ratings and reviews mean anything, his far outnumber Jess’s, Josh’s, Hollie’s (and that was compared to some of those others’ strongest Idol performance songs.) “We’ve Got Tonight”, alone, had 999 ratings vs. a little over 100 on most of Josh, Jess’s songs. His others were in the 300+ to 600+ range. This guy has a following, and it was not just girls in the reviews. Also, he really translates vocally well without watching him.
            Joshua, I listened to to see if I would like some of my favorites of his tv performances, and much as I loved them live, vocally he almost has a lisp and funny enunciation on some, that you hear much more on the recordings. I’m not trying to compare these two guys, just making both points. I really liked Josh’s performances and wanted the recording to be better on them…but I guess that is what I was hearing on tv too…didn’t think it would translate to me to just listen to. I wished they were cleaner, better vocals, because I did like his soulful renditions.

          • Mary B says:

            I downloaded every album since top 13 and that is how I fell in love with Phillip’s music. I play his stuff all the time and I never get tired of it. His recordings are stellar.

          • tarc says:

            I bought all of Phillip’s songs, and none of Jessica’s or Joshua’s. They’re talented, but they’re just not inspiring me to buy them in spite of the fact I like other artists in their genres.

        • Hannah says:

          Remember clay aiken went last on the season 2 finale & lost to reuben & he also was never in the bottom 2 or 3 while reuben was once I also have reason to believe that certain winners are predetermaned based on fanbases & judging by the history of a certain prediction site & previous patterns people like chrystal & lauren were’nt going to win regardless of how well they performed on the finale & if it’s based on this years polls then it is prededermaned that jessica will win & really hope I am right!!

          • Amy says:

            David Archuleta was never in the bottom 3 or 2 once either.

          • D says:

            Archie wasn’t in the bottom 2, but neither was the guy he was up against! DC won that year, and P2 will win this year!

          • Amy says:

            I’m pretty sure DC just was once in the bottom 2 (or 3) and it was one of those “shock” weeks, like wow, how’d he get there?… better vote harder for him, then the Cook fans kicked into high gear.

          • Mary B says:

            Neither of the two David’s where ever in the bottom 3 or 2. Ruben was though. You can find all the information you want if you google American Idol Wiki. It has everything even what songs they say on what week. Pretty neat. It even is up to date on this season.

      • TinyTim says:

        The Joshua fans clearly had an ear for singing so would most likely go with Jessica in the finals, she has sang circles around Philips so far.

    • Davey says:

      But Jessica has only been in the bottom once. Stranger things have happened. No one expected her to be in the finale.

    • Mary says:

      We don’t know if Phillip has never been below Jessica. In the past few weeks they never said who was the lowest of the 2 of them.

    • Mary says:

      We don’t know if Phillip’s never been the lowest vote getter. In the last few wks they phrase it so you don’t know.

  3. Lunakit says:

    Condensing Idology down to 10 minutes is like trying to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” in under a minute and 30 secs…
    #as if nothing really matters

  4. Kesia says:

    Boo hoo, where is Skylar’s interview? Good episode anyway.

  5. Kail says:

    I don’t understand how you guys can’t figure out why Joshua got eliminated. It was because of Phillip’s army of horny hormone deranged teenage girls texting and calling their hearts away at the speed of light. Try as might I guess calling the idol numbers voting back and forth between Joshua and Jessica for 2 hours straight were just not enough to compete with them. It’s sad really, American Idol isn’t really a singing competition like it first was, now it’s just a popularity contest….

    • Sam says:

      I feel bad for p2 because of this ^^^. A lot of guys i know who watch the show like phil the best by a mile. I think a lot of guys that vote are voting for phil because he is not just a heart throb he is a guys guy. That was the difference between him and colton and that is why he outlasted him. Phil’s style related to guys like dave matthews and damien rice. He may be a “heart throb” because he is handsome, but he doesnt seem to want to be one or act like one

      • TheBeach says:

        I agree with this. Phillip has never come across as trying to be this sex object type of singer. He’s just an “aw shucks” kinda southern boy that just happens to be handsome. He doesn’t give the romantic googly eyes of an Ace Young, or even a Colton Dixon. With him it seems to be all about his music and that type of music is the kind that younger male viewers relate to more than that of Joshua or Jessica. Saying that he has only gotten through because of the young girls’ votes is doing the kid an injustice.

        • Name That Tune says:

          So TheBeach, you’re trying to tell me that all of a sudden, it’s the guys who are obsessively voting for 2 straight hours? Where did all those teenage girls go?

          • TheBeach says:

            Nope, I never meant to discount his tweener vote, just that they aren’t the only ones voting for him.

        • Debbie Morin says:

          i so agree with you Beach…I’m female in my 50’s and my husband, my son and his friends (21 AND OVER) all prefer Phillip. They agree Jessica can sing but Phillips style of music appeals to them more.

      • jessie j says:

        aww c’mon sam, don’t tell me you fell for it too?

        “he doesn’t want to be one or act like one” what — he doesn’t want to be a heart throb??!? if that’s true, then he should quit now — because that’s exactly the reason why he’s still there. if he’s a true artist & plan to embark on a career as one, then he should pull himself out of it voluntarily.

        Otherwise, he’s just pretending. All that coy “I don’t care if I win or lose” & “I am just me, take me or leave me” — is all just an act, and everyone just like you fell for it.

        • Lee says:

          I’m with Jessie J. It is all an act. Phillip is in it to win it. He wants the female votes by playing coy. He wants the young people’s votes by acting silly on camera. And he wanted to go last in the finale after winning the coin toss. As Jessie said: all that coy about “I don’t care if I win or lose” and “I am just me–take me or leave me” is all just an act. I’m not blaming him for wanting to win, but i definitely am not gullible to buy his act.

          • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

            Exactly, if I was thisclose to winning AMERICAN IDOL, I would for sure pull out all the stops to win. He’s a really nice guy but he’s not a moron either people.

          • Sam says:

            i dont know i really think he is genuine. I havent fell for anything, i just believe he appeals to guys not just girls. A lot of guys i know really dig him. Josh was my fav i was only defending phil because i do like him and think he is a talented guy who deserves more credit and shouldnt be lumped together with all the heartthrobs.

          • Robin says:

            Of course he’s in it to win it…isn’t that the reason why they all try out in the first place? And after making it this far in the competition, why would anyone pull out voluntarily? That’s just absurd. Phillip is no dummy, charming and charismatic-YES! Sam, my husband said the same thing about Phillip being a “guy’s guy”…he really enjoys his music. Colton definately knew how to work the camera. Phillip always seems to get lost in the music, I love how he and the band have this great energy together and I love his song choices over the course of the season. Song selection is a make or break it factor. I am happy he has made it to the finale. I picked him to win it from his audition. I will be thrilled for Jessica if she wins, she definately has the bigger and better voice. But for me, Phillip will be my American Idol, win or lose. I hope we get a great show tonight, good luck to both.

          • Templar says:

            I think you’re off base. Philip’s natural humility reminds me of Jon Bon Jovi [although their singing styles couldn’t be more different]. One of Jon’s biggest assets is his way of driving women crazy without alienating their boyfriends. Phil is gentle and unassuming, just like Jon Bon Jovi.

          • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

            “I don’t care if I win or lose”
            Phillip has NEVER said that or even anything like that. Stop with the lies.

        • givemeglenn says:

          You don’t know Phillip so keep your mouth shut; I can tell you as an absolute FACT you don’t know what your’re talking about. My family is friend’s with Phillip’s family, and I can tell you that what you see with him on stage is EXACTLY what he is in person, except he may actually be shyer. He isn’t a “ladies man” nor is he an egoist. Phillip loves music, and THAT’s when he comes out of his shell. He DOES have a great sense of humor, and Phillip is in a tremendous amount of pain, however, he wants to win Idol because he wants to have a career in music; it’s THAT simple. Phillip is from South Georgia, and he was raised to work through pain when things such as this will get you to an end goal; this is Phillip’s WORK ETHIC, not Phillip’s ego.

          Once again, trying to build up Jessica by putting Phillip down…You people amaze me.

          • T_T says:

            I like both contestants. And wow, you’re lucky to be friends with Phillip/his family. But please cool down. I didn’t see anyone put down Phillip to build up Jessica. All are just giving their opinion. I’m sure it hurts you to see negative comments about Phillip but don’t take them personally. You of all people would know how Jessica, her family & friends feel when they see all the negative comments and accusations about her too. Having said that, I do believe Phillip is genuine guy & a real pro. It does show people he is shy. He doesn’t take advantage of his numerous female fans.

            I’d be happy with whoever wins tonight.

          • jessie j says:

            I wasn’t putting down P2, I was just stating my opinion about a specific thing which you have in fact agreed with — he wants to win Idol because he wants a career in music! All I said is that I don’t like the hypocrisy, people having false interpretations about P2 because he acts all coy and says “I just do my thing and have fun” — ok those were direct quotes (he didn’t say exactly that he doesn’t care if he wins verbatim but that’s the kind of impression he leaves you). To say that you jut do your thing and have fun, and not because you don’t want to win — c’mon, whatta load of you-know-what! you’re not supposed to be in a “competition” if that’s all you want dude, so he (and you) should be the one to “keep [his] mouth shut”

      • raema says:

        doesn’t really matter if P2 wins or not. he’s gonna get signed anyways because he is relevant. he’s a great musician and hopefully he comes out with an album sooner than anyone because i would so buy his album…

    • Sheri Mason says:

      You are soooooooooooooo right on!

    • Stephanie says:

      It’s a 4-hour voting period at top 2, has been for a while (voting ends at 1am ET/PT)

      • Miscellaneopolan says:

        Seriously? That’s awful. They really want to be able to say they got more votes than ever before, don’t they? Stop stealing people’s time, Idol!

    • Sha says:

      Maybe guys are voting for Phillip as well but do people honestly think any guys are spending two hours every week speed-dialing/texting? Personally, all of the guys I know would be doing something else at that time like watching sports. The teen girl group (and perhaps older women group) is definitely, far and away, dominant.

    • kcostell says:

      I’m still not sure that the teenage girl vote is the reason people win. Colton was supposed to have that vote sewn up, and it didn’t get him very far.

      Conversely, across the pond, Matt Cardle (the last of a long series of sensitive soft rock guy winners) won the X factor vote pretty much every single week from start to finish, despite being up against a certain One Direction. I’m pretty sure the “teenage girls texting and calling their hearts away” weren’t doing it for Matt Cardle that year.

      • Dex says:

        On the UK X Factor you have to pay like £1 per vote, I’m not sure there’s a limit but that’s pretty expensive for one vote and you had to ask the bill payers permission to vote (aka the tween girls parents) I think it’s a fairer voting system and people only vote when they feel like it’s worthy of money!

        Phil deserves to be there and so does Jessica. They’re all amazing.

  6. Gurl, you crazy. Philip is totally going to win this. Like, come on.

  7. dallasgirl says:

    Because Joshua didnt get enough votes that’s how. I don’t see how Jessica made it to the top 2. She should have been gone week ago. Phillip belongs in the finale & hopefully will win.

    • shelbybb says:

      You are so right, Joshua didn’t get enough votes – plain and simple. Why is it so hard to believe that Joshua didn’t get past third place? Not everyone was gulping that kool-ade! Guess the judges were just to busy giving their standing o’s and forgot to sprinkle their winning ferry dust on Joshua last week. Or could it possibly be that the voting fans of the show just happen to like two other contestants better?
      It would be so nice if for just one year we could here “the best man/women won.”

      • deedee says:

        So, you are saying that your hosts, Michael Slezak and Melinda Doolittle were gulping the kool-aid, huh?

        • TheBeach says:

          Actually, I think Michael and Melinda did go a bit overboard.

          • deedee says:

            That’s not fair. They like who they like, and they are entitled to it. To say that they were only drinking the Idol kool-aid is an insult — as if they (of all people) don’t have minds of their own.

        • darcy the slutty twin says:

          Joshua was great and he has a lot of fans, but I wouldn’t have wanted him in the Top 2 over Phillip or Jessica. To be honest, I was hoping Hollie would outlast him. But that is just me in my mom jeans.

        • TheBeach says:

          @deedee…you replied to my post as the one referring to “kool-ade”. Please note that was another poster, not me, who said this. Please get you posts straight before calling out “insults”. I stated that I thought they went a bit overboard. Do I think the chest-beating over Joshua’s elimination was a bit excessive? Yes. Did I think his Mary J cover was one of the best moments ever on Idol? No. I much preferred “Man’s World” and “When a Man Loves a Woman”.

          • deedee says:

            Yes, I noticed after I posted that you’re not the one who wrote about kool-aid. Just an honest mistake, TheBeach.

          • tarc says:

            Compared to the original, Joshua’s Mary J cover was not good at all. (Sorry, it wasn’t.) I was even hoping for a Phillip and Joshua finale, but he didn’t have the best night.

        • Tom22 says:

          I’m definitely question his taste in music … he seems to like things far more straight forward and one dimensional than I do.

          For example he picks a Skylar song I think is quite average as a top performance ever on idol. I think she’s a super talent but that she really showed what she can do on her more lyrical ballads. I’ am an over the top Haley reinhart fan but I can’t enjoy her house of the rising sun at all to me because I don’t think she brings anything to it because the song doesn’t fit her world view and doesn’t let her show her wonderful take on so many different human emotions that are particularly important to her in her unique way which she didn in almost every other song she sang on the show.

          As for Melinda… I think she’s and incredible talent but I also felt he felll slightly short on that sultry embrace of words necessary for the bluesy songs and maybe doesn’t approach the world that way as much. I really adore her personality and her voice and thought she did and incredible job with the Whitney houston son I believe in you and me.. which I think fits her personality an I think she’s a bit more of a dignified Whitney Houston type (maybe a bit too silly and playful for the term “dignified” but she’s more educated and professional and compoosed than a down home spirrit moved beyond reason into flights of passion and possilbilty).

          So, … I guess we’re all entitled to opinions. They loved “I guess it doesn’t matter anymore” which I thought was incredible too but I just don’t see the qualites in that in Joshuas’ performances but somehow they do.

    • Sha says:

      Obviously he didn’t get enough votes and that’s how he was eliminated. Duh. What Michael and Melinda are discussing are possible reasons why he didn’t get enough.

  8. JASon says:

    HAley’s doing a free concert and CD signing in Hollywood tonight at Hard Rock cafe. Come down and support her if your in the area.

    • Lauren says:

      And her album “Listen Up!” comes out tomorrow!

      • JASon says:

        Yeah listening to her album right now!! It is amazing!!! Not your typical Idol album. Good soul throwback!!!

      • Miscellaneopolan says:

        And for any Chicagoans in the audience, there was a full-page spread on her in the Red Eye (extremely popular local paper) about her performing at Lollapazoola this year! And I heard ‘Free’ over the speakers in a movie theater. Everything’s coming up Haley.

        • Mary B says:

          Now she is the one I am really pulling for. I want her to be a big success. She was treated so unfairly last year and deserved better. Without a doubt she should have won and I am telling you she is going to fly past the other two with success. She is fantastic.

        • tarc says:

          I just listened to Haley’s album last night, and it’s really, really good. The first track is just insanely catchy.

    • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

      Can’t wait to buy her album tmr so excited ! GO HALEY!

  9. Cy says:

    Since I moved to Seattle and into an apartment building that gives you ZERO channels if you don’t sign up for cable, I haven’t been able to watch Idol this season. But I’m thrilled that Jessica, whom I caught before my move in Hollywood Week (and she completely blew my mind) is in the finale. And because she is extremely talented (and I’m also sick of seeing boring guys with guitars win Idol year after year), I will be checking the internets tomorrow night to get the phone number to vote for her, even if I can’t watch the show myself.

    Thanks for keeping me in touch with Idol, Michael + Melinda!

  10. Lunakit says:

    LOVE the pixelated thigh rub!!
    tee hee!!

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      That was definitely good for a guffaw. I’m glad they pointed out Elise’s “come on” face as well. Although I’m not sure she was reacting to what J.Lo said; I think that’s just Elise’s default expression.

    • darcy the slutty twin says:

      I love that they pixelated that because I have it in good authority that Phillip’s thigh rub was exclusively for me. It’s a sexual signal that he has been sending through the TV for me. You wouldn’t understand.

  11. Danielle says:

    Phillip is an original artist unlike Jessica & Joshua. He gets votes every week bc people like his style.

    • Lunakit says:

      Yep, I hear Phillip and Lee Dewyze are already planning a duet…

      • dallasgirl says:

        Don’t compare Phillip to Lee…they are 2 different guys.

        • flutiefan says:

          yes, they are. just because they are WGWG doesn’t mean they’re the same.
          either way, i have Lee’s album (got it on clearance) and i LOVE it. never thought i would. but i took a chance and was pleasantly surprised.

          • tarc says:

            Find Slumberland, one of his pre-Idol albums (it’s on iTunes). It’s really excellent.

        • Lunakit says:

          easy now, just a joke…
          I think the comparisons are there to be made though: they are both low key, ‘everyday joe’ kinda guys who write their own original music. Lee’s fame trajectory should be a cautionary tale for Phillip2. When your fan base largely depends on the whims of teen girls, you may only enjoy the limelight until the next cute guy comes along…

          • Mary B says:

            That’s where alot of you are not getting it or not accepting it. Phillip fan base is more than just a bunch of teenage lovesick girls. More people than not that I talk to like Phillip than any of the others. I think he will do just fine if the idol machine doesn’t screw him up.

          • darcy the slutty twin says:

            I agree, Mary B. It is not teen girls who are voting for Phillip. In fact my teen son has been voting for him for two hours while I sit in front of the TV taking all of his deliciousness in.

          • darcy the slutty twin says:

            I meant “teen nephew.” Being horny can lead to typos.

          • D says:

            Those who live in the “Phillip has the teen vote” world are fooling themselves. His fan base consists of men and women who like originality of voice and style in a performer, not a bland, rehashed version of singers that already exist.

          • Name That Tune says:

            The truth is, there are a LOT of WGWGs out there, playing in bars, clubs, releasing CDs. Nothing really unique about it. So we have this year’s flavor. Next year, we’ll have another. Which reminds me of the horse “I’ll Have Another”. He might win the triple crown, but next year will we be saying “I’ll Have Another”?

        • DaveyJ says:

          Yes, Lee can sing and the other can’t

      • MoonerMan100 says:

        Man that was pure evil!!! LOL! :D :D

      • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

        heheh good one ! :P

    • Owen says:

      You know, he’s really not that original. Yet. Maybe someday, but he’s as much a copy-cat as Jessica. And we all know who he’s copying. If you like someone better, fine. Just don’t lie to prove your point.

      • ben says:

        I agree so much with this. Saying Phil is original and Jessica isn’t is just blatantly wrong. But thats fine, originality is overrated anyway – whoever wins, I just like the fact that they are good.

        • tarc says:

          I’m not sure in what universe ‘originality is overrated’, but it’s be a pretty pathetic one.

          • ben says:

            Really? Tell that to Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, all of which had the same plot. It’s easy for people to compare things and say they are ‘unoriginal’ if they want to. Which is why ‘originality’ is a crock. Jessica and Phil are both original. They are also both not original. Adele and Lady Gaga hardly have the most unique voices in the world, there are several who went before that they sound similar to. The number of truly original voices in the world is very few indeed. It’s a ridiculous expectation to set yourself if thats what you want.

          • tarc says:

            You can reduce pretty much every story in the universe to about 16 main plotlines. Does that mean a damn thing in reality. Nope – it’s the *originality* that makes everything distinct – be it writing or genes. A universe with 16 stories is pretty pathetic – and HP, LOTR and SW are all celebrations of originality.

          • tarc says:

            Oh, and I’ll also disagree about the rest of that comment – when you extrapolate my comment that far from the original, you always get nonsense. part of the problem is that I don’t see Jessica ever being original at all – yet. I’ve see it, I’ve heard it, and often I can recognize where she cloned her better performances. Not that I think she’s bad because of that – she’s just 16, and she has the potential to be incredible. I’ll also disagree about Adele – her particular combination of qualities is highly remarkable. Add to that her astounding songwriting, she’s literally the voice of her generation. That’s as far from ‘unoriginal’ as you can manage. It doesn’t take bizarre to make original.

          • ben says:

            I think you pretty much countered youself with those comments. You say thats its not the substance, but the uniqueness, that makes something original. Well, Jessica is unique. So is Phil. They both have easy, lazy comparisons to other singers, and anyone with a bias (as clearly you have) can easily use that bias to try and say one is original and the other isn’t. But thats not true in any sense of the word.

            Phil, and Jess, have both been ‘copying’ this whole season. It’s all you have time to do on the show, when you have a week to prep one, two, three songs, there is no time to ‘make it your own’. You can only steal other peoples ideas. This was true of Blake, David Cook, Adam Lambert etc… its true of Phil too. So, if thats what you mean by original? Then you’ve been inconsistent. It’s also true of Jess’s creative moments on the show; if creativity is what you consider to be ‘original’, then it would be unfair to deny Jess has had plenty of creative moments on the show.

            Really, I’m just sick of fandoms biases making them think their subjective judgements are objective facts. You just like Phil better. Stop trying to justify it with nonsense like him being original and Jess and Joshua not. It’s no different to people saying Jessica and Joshua are technically good singers and Phil isn’t. If you see nonsense in me extrapolating your comment, it’s only because the comment was a silly one that lead to nonsense in the first place.

          • tarc says:

            No, I never said that it’s not ‘substance’ but uniqueness; you made the fallacious extension of a one sentence comment. I said (and reiterate) that originality cannot be overrated. I said nothing about substance or originality versus substance. You assume too many things to assess bias. And I’ll repeat a billion times that songwriters (or writers) are always going to be more original than those that just sing. I’ll also repeat that rearranging most every song is more original than cloning someone elses’ (and I like Jessica, but she’s not getting credit where no credit is due). Finally, it’s your extrapolations that make no sense (no different than extrapolating “20+” non-scientific polls – and making some judgement from it and acting like that means something more than it does). Bottom line is that there are plenty of facts involved and informed opinions; if you can’t handle it, that’s your issue.

      • T_T says:

        I was actually disappointed when I saw Volcano’s original video. It was the exactly the same as what Phillip did on the show. Even the staging, mic filter, etc were all copied. And I liked P2’s Volcano A LOT. After that, he got minus points for me. :(

    • Edward says:

      It’s okay to say that Phillip is an original artist but why must you say that Jessica and Joshua are not, just because they don’t play an instrument,sing obscure songs,or shift the melodic structure of the song suddenly they’re not artists or original.You should be glad Phillip went up against two diverse singers and not just another version of himself.

    • jen says:

      original artist?? Doing a Dave Matthews impersonation every week does not make one an “original artist”.

    • jessie j says:

      How can he be an original when he’s a Dave Matthews copycat? ugh. just stop it *roll eyes*

      • tarc says:

        Because he sounds nothing like DM.

        • Mary B says:

          He is totally original. He changes songs around all the time and does his own version. That takes talent.

          • tarc says:

            And he writes his own music (unlike Jessica). You kinda get a skewed sample when someone that does their own thing is forced to do covers (and a limited selection of covers, no less).

          • ben says:

            Mary, did you forget Jess did the same once or twice? The reality is though – with Jess and Phil, their ‘original’ takes on songs are taken from other people, on the internet (YouTube or whatever), who did that different take first. It takes more time than that to be truly original. There is a difference between ‘different’ or ‘unusual’ and ‘original’.

          • Mary B says:

            Again I am not downing Jessica I am only telling you I believe Phillip has more talent than lots of you give him credit for. Who did “The Letter” like Phillip did it?

          • tarc says:

            And I’ll point out that Phillip rearranged virtually all of the songs he did (with the exception of the DM cover, which was almost an almost exact copy – which I saw as a thumbnose to his critics). Jessica’s cloned quite a few of her songs, particularly I Will Always Love You and Beautiful Nightmare.

          • jessie j says:

            “He is totally original. He changes songs around all the time and does his own version. That takes talent.”

            He only has to do that because he can’t sing the high notes in their original keys, so what comes out “seems” like a different version. Then people say that when you do that, you are an artist, when all that is simply about a guy who has to “improvise” because of his vocal shortcomings. Sure, improvising is a talent ugh. But the question is — does the song still sound that good when he does his own version of it? Seriously. Thriller-acoustic version — haven’t we already seen Will Ferrel do that in SNL?

          • tarc says:

            Phillip’s got plenty of range, the last song he did last week covered about 2.5 octaves – which is more than most male country and pop stars. Get real.

          • jessie j says:

            “2.5 octaves – which is more than most male country and pop stars”

            uhm, are you complimenting Phillip or insulting all other male country & pop stars? I don’t get it.

          • tarc says:

            Neither. The observarion merely nullifies the common critique. Britney gets along with half-dozen notes and makes millions (with autotune, of course).

          • Mary says:

            Changing a song around is only a talent when it sounds good. Some of Phillips changing is not so pleasing in my The Letter. i love the original…did not like his version. Jessica does her own thing with her songs with her dynamics, etc. By the’s not that hard to change a song around…some songs maybe shouldn’t be changed that much. The only time I love Phillip”s singing is when he does group songs, or when he sang the Gotye song with Elise. oh and Movin’ out (Billy Joel). Love Jessica’s funk! Hope she wins…please!

      • givemeglenn says:

        Even Jimmy (besides ALL THREE JUDGES) says Phillip is an original artist. I’ll take their opinion over any of you people who think otherwise. Once again, trying to make Jessica look better by putting Phillip down; typical.

        • 5talentgirl says:

          @givemeglenn Your bias is really showing. And every time you write ‘you people’ it sounds just a little ugly. Phil is a good artist. So is Jessica. So is Joshua. Comparing talent/popularity/entertainment value/opinions is what this blog is all about. No use getting all upset and pointing fingers at ‘you people’ if they disagree with you. He doesn’t need you to defend him. His singing and integrity defend him. Joshua, however, was my favourite and I’m sad he didn’t win.

    • ramification says:

      Jessica and Joshua are artists, singing is art, pouring your heart and emotion into a song and connecting with an audience is art. Phillip is also an artist, but this idea that his style is more ‘valid’ art baffles me. Whitney Houston sang a Dolly Parton song for her biggest hit, was she not an artist ?

  12. googlecat says:

    oh Michael, don’t jinx the finale with your bet. Jessica IS going to win this. Her voters should not get complacent with your prediction.

  13. Mary B says:

    I really believe in the end Joshua did not have the fan base and that is what did him in. For some reason he did not connect with the fans like Phillip and Jessica did. Both have over 300 thousand twitter fans and Joshua only had 110 thousand. The judges constant standing O’s and statements like he is the best singer in 50 years certainly did not help. People were actually looking for a reason not to like him. It was just over the top and became a joke even though he was terrific. I liked Joshua and thought he had a beautiful voice the problem for me is the over singing wthat became screaching. I know some of you love that but it just did not do it for me and I guess alot of other people out there. If he did more Ready for Love performances, I without a doubt would have been in his camp. This is where I believe Jimmy Iovine and the judges failed him. He needed to appeal more to the masses instead of one genre. I do think he will be fine in the end so I wouldn’t worry too much about it, there is no question he is a fantastic performer.

  14. Carrie L says:

    Phillip will totally win over Jessica. I would buy his cd but would never buy her cd.

    • flutiefan says:


    • Amanda Susan says:

      I would turn the radio station if I heard her sing. But Phillip is the type of music I buy. (and I’m not a teenage girl)

      • Miscellaneopolan says:

        I wouldn’t buy either of their CDs, but I would totally bop along to Jessica’s music on the radio. Oh, the varied tastes of the nation.

    • kcostell says:

      Careful what you wish for… 2 years ago I was sure (based on his pre-idol music and his performances) that I would purchase a Lee Dewyze Cd. Then he came out with an overproduced rushed piece of dreck not at all like either of them.

      • tarc says:

        And that was his label’s fault – trying to make a pop artist out of a guy that does this pop-rock-country-bluegrass fusion. his first two (pre-Idol) albums were great stuff!

        • kcostell says:

          But will the label do any better with Phillip? I guess that’s the $11.99 (or whatever price they’re selling it at) question.

          • tarc says:

            You really can’t know, but I think that with Jimmy Iovine in charge now, I can’t imagine they’d make that mistake again.

    • Davey says:

      Jessica will totally win over Phillip. I would buy her cd but would never buy his cd. See it can work both ways.

    • Mary says:

      That doesn’t mean he will win.

  15. flutiefan says:

    sorry, but i couldn’t stand Joshua. and i’m not some teenybopper nor am i some hormonally charged cougar. i actually never voted for anyone until Top 3 and that’s when i decided i couldn’t stand it if it was a J & J finale. that would’ve been my biggest Idol nightmare of the Season.
    am i some P2 lover? not hardly. but Joshua was terrible (he could not finish a phrase to save his life… i can imitate him to a T and i have no recording contract — as well i shouldn’t). Jessica is infuriating. that slow vibrato is just painful, as was her final note on that song last week that Lopez said was so amazing…. she needs to clean her ears. it was the single worst note of the year — and i heard Phillip’s “Time of the Season”. she is totally calculated… nothing is original nor spontaneous. her parents have groomed her for this and it’s sad. the girl has talent, i just wish she’d learn how to use it. at least Phillip is his own man, makes his own decisions (the wardrobe clearly shows that), and has demonstrated that he has some artistry.
    is his voice the best? of course not. did i think he ever really wanted to be the American Idol? nope. but this is where we are… and i will vote P2 the WGWG over Jessica the Robot any day.

    • Owen says:

      Dear Flutiefan:

      “am i some P2 lover? not hardly. ”

      I don’t completely believe you…but you’re a child so I’ll let it pass…THIS time…

      • flutiefan says:

        so sweet of you, Owen. no idea why you must spew such vitriol at me, i have done nothing to you. i’m a grown adult with my own opinions. and my opinion is that i am not a P2 fan. believe what you will. child.

    • Lee says:

      @flutiefan: I seriously think you need to get your ears cleaned if you think a robot sang And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going. To me that was the best performance of the season. And that’s why Jessica is in the finale.

      • tarc says:

        Ew. No. A kid came out and sang a song too old and too big for her and she sounded like a girl singing a woman’s song. It was far inferior to her clone of Whitney’s I Will Always Love You. Phillip and Josshua topped INTY with most of their songs this season by just singing songs they connected to emotionally.

  16. Ken says:

    HAHAHAHA that shot of Elise was priceless! I was too distracted by Shannon fanning herself while watching to notice her. I’m so glad you pointed out Elise, I am dying!!!

    • Mary B says:

      Poor Elise, now everyone is going to say she is lovesick for Phillip. LOL It was a good shot.

    • Josh says:

      IKR – I like Elise a lot but she is in serious need of a game face. I am all for honesty but when you are having to market yourself in the smarmy music industry, prob best not to get caught with an ‘Are you effing kidding me with this?!” look -lol.

      • noa says:

        i hope she never gets a “game face”. i love the honesty.

        • MA says:

          Me too. She only needs a game face if she wants to play the game. Plus, why does everyone always want to change everyone? Let her be who she is. So far, that person is pretty great.

    • Amy says:

      Same here! LOL.

      • Ray says:

        Get a life! Elise a grown adult. Why is it so important for her not to exhibit her feeling any way she wants..People do not buy their music based on someone’s facial expression, but if they like the music or the performance. Really petty.

  17. Sarrah says:

    I think phillip happened to out perform everybody last week which usually doesnt happen so yes he does deserve to be in the finale. Did a want him to be, no. But u cant fight that all three of them didnt deserve especially after p2 had a night like he did

    • jessie j says:

      his “best” is only comparable to joshua’s worst. he sang a little melody that was “out-of-tune” in many parts (oh yes, Steven Tyler himself noticed & subtly pointed it out, ha-ha) and rubbed on his leg over and over, and that’s it — P2 has outsung the other 2 just like that? So the rumor is true, its official — America is tone deaf.

      • tarc says:

        LOL! Hardly. Good taste is good taste. :)

        • jessie j says:

          oh yeah, good taste, uhm — because you choose an “artist” over a “pop star” .. Someone sings a different arrangement of a song (to compensate for the original notes he can’t sing) and he’s immediately called an “artist” .. and everybody who likes him has good taste LOL How do you define an artist anyway? Someone who plays at least one musical instrument? And people keep saying he writes songs — where? where’s his original composition & where can we hear it? oooh, so that’s what an artist is! duh.

          • tarc says:

            First of all, I was just joking about the ‘taste’ thing – everybody has their own and everybody thinks everybody elses’ stinks. And yes, people that write their own songs and get paid to play them are artists – that should be self-evident. Philip plays several instruments. And you can see some of the originals on youtube (which should have been a easy search if you weren’t so lazy). But, hey, I’m helpful. And fond of people that are actually good at what they do.

          • jessie j says:

            ooh, pardon me tarc. I didn’t know that just because I don’t search for P2 on youtube — instead of gazillions of other “artists” & pop singers — I’m automatically classified as lazy. ok. lol

          • tarc says:

            Well, when you have such a question, it might not be a bad idea to spend the seven seconds to see if you can answer it yourself. Right? Just sayin’.

          • jessie j says:

            Well, what if you’re just bluffing and it doesn’t really exist. I think a lot of what he is – is just a figment many a teen girl’s imagination, including him having written original compositions. sorry, but I can’t even think of wasting time searching youtube for nothing.

          • tarc says:

            Hence, ‘lazy’.

  18. Renee says:

    I’m wondering who gets Joshua’s votes?
    I don’t think that calculation is going to be as clear cut as for #3s in past. Some will likely not vote at all due to outrage or apathy. But does Jessica get those who like classic vocal talent, big belters (and maybe some diversity) – or does Phillip the bulk of those votes because he’s a friendly cute dude and Joshua’s voters maybe have with less interest in a teenager w/a big voice and shy personality? Since voting is unlimited, I give the nod to Phillip – even if Jessica gains a bigger chunk of Joshua’s voting base – I don’t think they’re power voters/texters like Phillip’s well-trained army.

    If it goes that way, I do think a girl could have won this but she would have had to capture the Taylor Swift/Demi Lovato demographic and I think Jessica was hampered by those tired diva song selections that aged her and the fact that she tended to telegraph nervousness or stiffness on stage (when not singing) instead of perky. This is an example of when real mentors would make all the difference.

    The judges really are incredibly awful. It’s actually insulting that the show values its viewers so little.

    • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

      Personally, I don’t think an eliminated contestant’s votes go to anyone really. When you root for someone whole-heartedly and then they are out, only a few will actually go out of their way and power vote for another the next week. So I doubt most of Josh’s votes will do much of a difference.

      • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

        I mean if u think of it that way then why didn’t Skylar AND Hollie’s votes both save Joshua? Given that their BFF’s and all….so i doubt the vote carrying really has much of an effect.

      • Mary B says:

        I so agree here. Last year I was a big Haley fan and after she was eliminated I did not vote in the finale which I o ly had oni the background while I was reading.

      • Kay Sonnier says:

        Totally agree with you…when u support someone the whole way through and feel like they should have made it thru…why would u vote at all in the file…much less power vote! Y’all have fun!

  19. Liv45 says:

    Joshua just doesn’t appeal to the majority of voting fans which tend to be younger. He should have been singing younger songs too. We forget he’s only 19!! Also, I really don’t believe he is comfortable in his own skin yet. He still seemed very awkward in some situations like when Phillip tried to get to close to him after that one duet… He needs to open up a bit more, and loosen up (personality-wise) I like all of the top 3 contestants for different reasons and he is definitely very talented! He just maybe needs a couple of years to figure out who he is so his confidence matches his ability, because lord knows he’s got it goin in that department. Either way, can’t wait for tomorrow :)

  20. Diane Sim says:

    thank you guys I’ve been waiting this week episode of yours, as always I like your reviews very entertaining and honest to goodness comments. More power to both of you :)

  21. Amy says:

    Idology…worth the wait. Love the (usual) cuts of Randy being clueless especially tonight too. So glad you mentioned the “this time we disagree, I liked it too!” I spent extra brain cells on that one last week, thinking maybe, somewhere in there was the logic I had missed. Thank you for releasing me.

    What’s “fusty?”

    Imagine was already stripped down, and sung as good as it gets, in my book, in both ’08 and again in ’10, with piano.

  22. ashley says:

    can’t wait for Slezak to fight malaria!

  23. EC says:

    not everyone is a fan of gospel music

  24. catie says:

    yeah i agree with renee. i think a girl could have definitely won this over P2 but she would have to capture the taylor swift/demi lovato demographic and steal some of his votes, but the only girl i thought who could have done that was skylar or maybe even hollie. jessica’s diva’s songs i don’t think are going to endear her to younger viewers, and as has been mentioned her personality is a little lacking, and that is always a problem. however i sincerely hope i am wrong and she can somehow pick up these younger votes and win. i kind of wish she would sing a some upbeat power pop song like kc’s “since u been gone” i think that is her only chance of winning is something like that.

    • YUAN says:

      You must check Jessica’s youtube personal videos, and she does cover a lot of younger songs, like “Skyscraper”. She was really good there, much better than Demi’s version. Its the mentor’s selection where she is getting off – times.

      At the moment, she is just too young for her very big womanly voice. She will win, though. :)

  25. Alice says:

    You know this is the only bone I have to pick with Idology in general.
    Though he has his share of love for rocker chicks (Allison, Elise) and really surprises me sometimes (Skylar), Michael tends to love first and foremost the great divas (then divos) – which is cool. But so does Melinda-even more so (and I love her). Now, I feel there’s too much same, same desire for foundation cracking – belting w/hand in the air, take it to church vibe. I am not a Phillip fan but if he were a really, really good alt/soft rock guitar guy or if there had been an outstanding pop singer – I still don’t think either would have gotten much traction with Michael and Melinda. Next season, maybe some guest appearances by fun people w/pop or – good lord – even hip hop leanings – would be nice and maybe spice things up a little. Just a thought – but it’s a nitpick – I love these guys.

  26. Alice says:

    And kudos to Jason Averett – particularly fun cliips and challenging to get them in too short an Idology. His clips have been lightening my spirits for a few years now.
    So, Jason, now that the season is coming to an end, does your mama let you date? :)

  27. Phillip has this in the bag. He has never been in the bottom. He must be so far ahead in votes, it’s inevitable. Like Season 5 with Taylor Hicks. Hope he has a better career than Taylor. LOL

    • MA says:

      According to Nigel, the top vote-getter this season has changed from week to week, with everyone (including Elise) being up there. He could just be lying, sure, but I suspect he’s not. This season has been so good, and the eliminations didn’t go according to any real plan, so I suspect the votes are close. I don’t like to make predictions, but I think either of the last two could win.

      • noa says:

        i’m torn between being really happy that Elise got the most votes at one time (he said it was Whole Lotta Love week) and being really mad at everyone for completely abandoning her the following week. she went from first to second to last??

        • MA says:

          She may not have been last, just bottom three. It is strange, but I guess a lot of people were voting week to week (for her, anyway, and maybe Skylar and Hollie too). And I love Elise, but will admit “I Want to Know What Love Is” wasn’t great. It wasn’t bad exactly, but it just didn’t sound right, almost like she was off key or flat or something. All my friends (and we were all rooting for her the whole show) kind of shoulder-shrugged at that. It wasn’t enough to make any of us drop her, of course, and that Stevie Nicks/Tom Petty duet she did (I think it was that one…or maybe the Gotye?) was fantastic. But several people just went to bed and didn’t bother to vote, so I’m not surprised she dropped that week.

  28. Ebony says:

    I have come to love watching Idology over the past weeks. And this week, besides the usually astute observations of last week’s show, especially over the WTF departure of Joshua, I was treated to so many geeky good clips I nearly squealed with delight. Community, Sherlock, Doctor Who, The Avengers, and Scott Pilgrim! Loved it.

  29. RealityCheck says:

    I am still holding out hope that P2 is gonna step aside due to his illness and when I turn on my TV tomorrow night, Joshua will be standing there instead!

    • Amy says:

      LOL. Well…at least you have the right screen name..

    • Mary says:

      If only. if he wins, it will be interesting on how they will handle it. I fell bad for him, but he should of dropped out. I do not think it was fair he got special treatment due to his illness, and they should not have to rearrange everything if he cannot meet the obligations a winner usually has.
      Anyway, I hope Michael is correct, but the voting hours are extended on final night, and those young girls can stay up all night voting. I think Jessica has the most potential, but she needs good material.

  30. Joey Martin says:

    I voted a 1000 times for Jessica. That’s why! Now, can you top that?

  31. Amy says:

    I’ve enjoyed this Season of Idol. And it hasn’t been as predictable as other years. I loved the varied styles, and pretty level playing field.
    That said… though I no longer vote, I decided it was P2 for me last week, since he’s the one I’ve really enjoyed the most consistently this his style, his versions of songs, his overall appeal…and yes, he had a great top 3 night. I really liked all 3 songs, with Beggin’ and We’ve Got Tonight being my favs. Beggin’ was infectious. We’ve Got Tonight was one of those “Vocano-like” P2’s surprises. And I think he’s got more of that in him to show us. He’s usually all upbeat, and like a musical live wire…but he’s shown he’s got pathos and sensuality too. And he’s listenable to me…I downloaded a bunch of his songs from Itunes last week. Joshua who I loved to watch perform, and I’d love to see more of…is not one I want to listen to on my Ipod….some things don’t translate from a live performance to what I just hear. I guess I love his performance more than the actual quality of his singing voice.
    But as far as who wins…it could go either way…and truthfully I see Jessica as an “Idol” more than P2…and I don’t think it will matter much for either of them. He may be better off not “wearing the crown.” Jessica is talented….I definitely hear it when she sings, but don’t feel it much…and that feeling is what makes me buy music.
    I’m looking forward to the final shows, though! Can’t believe how this season seemed to fly.

  32. To me…the biggest problem I have with Philip being in the top 2…He didn’t do even ONE Ford commercial…but he gets one? WTF? That is just WRONG! I don’t wanna hear that he’s sick…if he’s that sick, he shouldn’t have been on the show to start with! How the heck he gonna deal with being on tour? Total BS!

    • Sha says:

      didn’t he do them in the beginning? and he’s actually missing the first few shows on the tour due to surgery. Don’t hold it against him though, it’s not like he knew he’d get sick

  33. Luminous says:

    So agree with you 100% ..Jessica were able to survived the “screw Jessica week” conspired by idol Producers .they tried to mess her by choosing stupid songs. Such a shame on them. With that in mind ,Jessica’s followers will vote for 2 hours so their idol will be in.. and I’m sure they will do the same on the finale. Over praising Joshua didn’t give any favor. Hope Jessica will be pick the right song for herself.. But regardless of bad song choice..she wil still surely give a stellar performance .. This season is Jessica’s moment..

    • Mary says:

      Hopfully for 4 hours. hey extend the voting hours on the finals. I will vote for her, but I will be honest, not for four hours.

  34. Amy says:

    ps. No matter what I said about Josh though….as I said last week, I envisioned a much better Finale between him and Jessica or him and P2…I can’t even picture P2/Jess Finale, which should make it interesting… They’re just so incongruous to me.

  35. Realist says:

    It really doesn’t matter who wins Idol. What matters is what comes after, what kind of an album the winner, runner-up, and other finalists put out; whether or not they are enough of a draw to sell concert tickets on their own; whether they have that certain something that catches the interest of others outside the “Idol bubble” so they can maintain a career.

    Winning Idol is not a guarantee of success.

  36. Tim says:

    Like me, i don’t think america got Josh. his type of music just didn’t resonate with me similar to the way jacob did, but i will give him much more credit than jacob.

    • Lee says:

      I think I got Joshua. The main problem I had with Joshua was that he seemed to play the same “emotional” character for all of his songs. That gets boring after a while. It’s like watching Adam Sandler playing a jerk in every movie. No wonder he mixes it up by taking on some serious roles as well. Joshua tried to play other characters, such as the introspective character in Imagine, and IMO didn’t do too well with it. Jessica, on the other hand, has successfully played other characters, such as an insecure jilted lover in And I Am Telling You, a young romantic in You Are So Beautiful, an independent woman in I Will Always Love You, etc.

      • Mary B says:

        Yes I too found Jessica to be more versatile than Joshua If you played the end of his songs only you could not tell which song they were, they were all the same. He needed more versatility. I blame the judges and Jimmy for that

      • ben says:

        I think versatility, one of the biggest criticisms of Jess, is also one of the most unfair. I’d say the same about Phil too. I do agree Josh wasn’t entirely versatile (although ‘I wish’ in top 13 may speak otherwise), but I just felt he was a bit less engaging whenever he didn’t connect to a song. With Jess and Phil, if they don’t connect with the song I still feel its possible to conenct with them.

    • givemeglenn says:

      When Joshua sang his R&B, he was AMAZING. However, when he tried to put of a “gospel” twist into a song, it turned people off. All of the choirs and all of the extra rifts took away from his obvious amazing vocal abilities, at least in my opinion. And I would add that the judges didn’t do him any favors giving Joshua standing ovations almost every time he sang. I think that made a bunch of us start to really listen for faults and things we DIDN’T like about Joshua and his singing style.

      Personally, I think Joshua should be in the finale with Phillip because the two of them easily had better nights than Jessica, and I also think they have been more consistent throughout the competition (and, obviously, I prefer both of them over Jessica). But it was obvious Jessica’s fans were/are a lot more organized than Joshua’s, and in my opinion, that was the ONLY reason she made it through over him.

  37. SL says:

    Melinda and Joshua should do a show together! I would go!

  38. Sha says:

    Michael I LOVE your tshirt! Where’s the link for that? I want one! Agree with Melinda that Joshua is a consummate professional, more than anyone else this season. I’m looking forward to him most on Wed night and LOL at jlo trying to suck up some of his voice, she totally was. smh

  39. Tim says:

    OK I confess. I mainly watch American Idol so I can better appreciate the episode of Idology that follows.

    I have a theory about why Joshua did not make it further on the show. He was a one trick pony. I was doing a thought experiment, thinking that “We’ve Got Tonight” was such a great song. It was a real high degree of difficulty for Phillip…you could even say it was a trap laid by Jimmy. But he produced a totally vulnerable, heartbreaking performance.

    But what if Jimmy had given this song to Joshua? Would he have had a similar moment?

    I picture Joshua starting off tenderly, then building to a glory note at the bridge. Finally, in the last verse, he grabs the girl by the throat, chokes her, throws her on the ground, handcuffs her, and yells at her, until she agrees to “stay”.

    Joshua reminds me of the classic Otis Redding song, “Try A Little Tenderness”, where the irony is, by the last verse, tenderness is out the window and is replaced by hollerating.

    Finally, let me say that I feel Phillip should win because he has played the game his way. He has not thrown in a glory note all season. Some may opine that this is because he can’t sing, but I say you just don’t hear the glory notes anymore on the radio. They are reserved mainly for beauty pageants.

    Further, I applaud Phillip for rubbing his leg. All season long he has eschewed the classic singer’s move of holding his arm out in the air as he sings a glory note as if he were a Queen greeting her subjects. I would bet good money that Jessica and Joshua could not sing a complete sing with their hand on their leg.

    Of course, your mileage may vary.

    • Mary B says:

      I too felt the same way with both the judges and Jimmy Iovine’s song choices. They were trying to sabotage Phillip. Who knew he would be able to sing We Got Tonight so beautifully even Jimmy said he surprised him. If it surprised him why did he even attempt to give him that song unless he expected him to fail. There is no doubt that Joshua was the judges and producer’s favorite. Niegle even admitted he was his favorite. They wanted Joshua in the finale. The only thing I can say, this renews my faith a little in the voting integrity. Phillip won it and there was nothing they did about it.

      • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

        So Philip was being sabotaged that night? Ummm…”My all”, “I’ll be there”….?!?!?

        • tarc says:

          I have to agree here – Jessica got the worst songs by far (and then picked a bad one for herself, which is pretty ominous). My All is a really awful song and she didn’t help herself with her choices (she literally warbled the whole song – badly).

          • Mary B says:

            I was really not comparing Jessica to Phillip. I was just saying they wanted Joshua.

          • Mary B says:

            Phillip did something with his out of comfort song but Jessica did nothing to make it hers.

          • tarc says:

            I agree – they seemed to be pushing Joshua. They certainly gave Jessica the worst songs as well.

          • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

            To Mary B, given that they barely had much time to rehearse, I don’t know how it is possible to change a freaking Mariah Carey song after trying your best to even sing it normally. I am a HUGE Mariah fan (I’ve seen Mariah do my all in concert and damn she can sing lol) and let me tell you that that was seriously the best cover I’ve seen of it….it’s so hard and to change at all would most likely go in a bad way…you just can’t change that without messing it up.

          • Mary B says:

            well, look who gave it to her Not too smart. Believe me I will not knock Jessica, I believe she has a good shot of winning and I won’t be crushed. I just happen to like Phillip’s music better. That’s all. BTW I seriously think Jimmy was not trying to hurt her, he wanted her to do something younger and frankly she did a beautiful job with it. You need to listen to the studio. She just did not have enough time with it Like Haley’s Earth Song last year. She got so beat up for it but her studio is absolutely beautiful.

        • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

          I know the judges gave it to her, my point was directed towards u just cuz u were saying she didn’t change it up…so i was just givin my response lol.

      • Tommyo2000 says:

        Well Yeah they try and sabotage all of the contestents… not … and really We got the Night was a difficult song?? ..

        • Mary B says:

          No one said it was difficult but according to many Phillip bashers it was said he could not sing a melody and out of his range.

          • tarc says:

            Yeah, it’s weird, Phil had a solid 2.5 octaves last week and somehow his range is ‘limited’. He’s sung at least a half-dozen songs with very little deviation from the melody, but some say he can’t sing the melody. It’s bizarre. But hey, they’ll listen to Britney’s three note range that needs autotuning to be melodic. *shrugs* Weird. And Bob Seger is hard to sing: it’s simple and melodic and nearly 100% emotion. There is nowhere to hide any flaws, and it’s a song Jessica could never sing (for example).

          • deedee says:

            Pff, I’ve gotten used to your wild exaggerations, but now you’re just being funny. I’m not the least bit a fan of Jessica, but saying she can’t pull off that song is crossing the line into Randy’s “bleep-bloop-blurp” language.

          • Mary B says:

            Dee Dee you are one of my favorites on this blog. What exagerations? Was that meant for me? I have nothing really bad to say about Jessica. She, Holly, Elise and Phillip have always been my favorites. I just prefer Phillips music better but will not be unhappy if Jessica wins.

          • deedee says:

            No, Mary B, I was addressing Tarc, who wrote that “we’ve got tonight” is a song Jessica could never sing (sorry to be talking about you ‘behind your back’, Tarc).

          • tarc says:

            At the moment, she couldn’t without causing titters. First, she (like Christina) couldn’t resist screwing with the song. Second, she would be laughably out of her depth in connecting with the song emotionally. Sorry, it’s true, and you know I like Jessica. She’s just not there; like Jimmy just said in that interview, she’ll be amazing – in a couple years.

          • jessie j says:

            “First, she (like Christina) couldn’t resist screwing with the song.”

            When its Jessica doing it, its called “screwing with the song” — but when its Phillip changing up the song, its called “being an artist”.

          • tarc says:

            And what wild exaggerations? Phillip’s range? That’s sinple enough: download a free tuning ap and match the notes on the recording.

          • deedee says:

            Oh, Tarc. You always make it sound like Phillip is The Second Coming — as if he has no weaknesses, whatsoever… and as if his shortcomings are actually strengths that his critics just don’t get because he’s so over our heads. I’ve grown used to it. And btw, just because you can strain to hit notes in the outer limits of your upper and lower range, doesn’t mean those notes should be included in your total range. I have a 2 octave range, but can contort to hit higher and lower, and claim almost 3 octaves. Doesn’t mean I have a 3 octave range.

          • tarc says:

            Actually, I don’t. I criticise everyone – and there is plenty of proof all over this site. So, moving on… I have nearly three myslef, but I’m a bass-baritone. That’s prettt wide. The point here: Phillips range is demonsterably not ‘limited’.

  40. Amber says:

    Go Phillip! I will be voting nonstop for him tomorrow. He has to beat Jessica, she irritates me so much!

  41. Kitty says:

    Michael, Melinda- I just want to say that’s exactly how I felt when Elise was eliminated.

    I’m all for breaking the WGWG streak. But honestly, if I had to choose between buying Phillip’s album or Jessica’s, I’d pick Phillip. I think when the competition’s over, it becomes a matter of personal preference.

    To end on a superficial note, Melinda–your arms look fantastic. I’m just sayin’.

  42. MA says:

    Fantastic Idology as always!! The bit with Elise was hilarious…and I totally believe it. The gang rocking out to Josh was also fantastic. The shirt = awesome. I’m going to miss Idology so much when this show ends.

  43. Garnet says:

    So has the WGWG become the title holder and the finale the event for some non-Wgwg to challenge the defending champion?

  44. Suggestor says:

    As much bickering and insanity on these comments section this season (and I missed a chunk at the beginning) I’m going to miss this weekly forum of one of the best seasons of Idol ever. Have a great Tuesday everyone and VOTE for your next American Idol!

    • bjp says:

      ditto to that!

    • Kitty says:

      I didn’t even think of that! Shoot…the comments section has always been a good time for me, but even more so now that I started participating in it….maybe next season I’ll be on Idol and I’ll come here and anonymously defend myself. It’s good to have a dream.

      (But seriously, I would totally do that.)

  45. bjp says:

    Another awesome episode of idology! I am sad the season is coming to an end… Slezak and Melinda have made this season awesome! I challenge everyone out there to make a donation to regardless of who wins!

  46. Garnet says:

    I don’t know if it was because I was reclining on my couch comfortably with a bowl of chips so I didn’t stand up for Joshua, didn’t get moved by Phillip, didn’t care for Jessica’s first song. Listened intently to I don’t want to Miss a Thing out of morbid curiousity but really enjoyed I’ll Be There. It might be a vote for the song itself and the Jackson 5 but Jessica didn’t do too badly singing Jermaine and Michael’s parts quite well. I’ll vote for those high Michael Jackson notes.

  47. Louise says:

    Um, can we have a moment of silence for Melinda’s amazing arms?

  48. Tess says:

    I’ve hated P2 all season but over the last 2 weeks he’s actually rather suddenly doing well, I think. I always figured he’d make top 2 but only in the last 2 weeks has he shown why he deserves to be there. Based on last week’s show I thought Josh would’ve narrowly beat Jessica for the other spot, based on No More Drama. Jessica’s songs were bland and did nothing for her nor did she bring anything to them to make them better (seriously, My All didn’t have to be tough if she didn’t try to sing it just like Mariah). So I found her top 2 spot to be surprising. It has seemed that P2 has dominated all season so if he loses, I’m gonna be thinking the show is rigged or international fans found a way to get votes in and the show allowed the cheating to occur to get their desired outcome. Not that I’m a fan now, but if I was forced to listen to one of them I think I’d prefer to listen to him. He’s more my style of music and I prefer some emotion to the “perfect” but emotionless voice.

    • jessie j says:

      yeah, that’s the way to do it. really. WGWG sings crap in the first few weeks, and bring out his best only in the last 2 episodes before the finale — and voila! everyone now thinks he’s the best. even if his best day is actually equivalent only to one of the contestants’ worst day. tone deaf.

      • tarc says:

        Or Phil’s so awesome the general public consistently votes and buys in support of the guy, which pros come in and rave about him. What are you missing?

  49. WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

    Dear Jessica power-voting fans, please give those teenage girls a taste of their own medicine for the past 5 years and make sure Jessica Sanchez is the next American Idol!!!

    • tarc says:

      Or powervote for Phillip if you like him best!

    • Blue says:

      Will do. Seems like not a lot of blujays want to participate in this discussion. Idk, prolly because they been busy preparing instead of whining

    • xyz says:

      WRCS.. hahahaha.. that sure was funny.. don’t worry your wish is granted! power voting here we come!!!

    • gailer says:

      No teenagers are watching Idol. I will be voting against her tonight, not because I think PP should win, I just don’t think she should. ;)