Finale Ratings: Grimm at 17-Week High, Nikita Steady, Supernatural Dips in Friday Farewell

NBC’s Grimm wrapped up its freshman run with an audience of 5.3 million total viewers while scoring a 1.6 demo rating, rising 19 and 33 percent week-to-week and hitting a 17-week high in the demo.

The series finale ofNBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? (5.54 mil/1.0) also was on the upside, gaining 16 percent and a tenth.

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Elsewhere in finale-land, Shark Tank (5.53 mil/1.5) dropped two tenths in the demo, Nikita (1.5 mil/0.4) rose 17 percent in audience while flat in the demo, and Supernatural (1.6 mil/0.6) slipped a tenth in its final Friday outing. The Winchesters will see you Wednesdays at 9, come October!

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As for “superlatives” on this final Friday of sweeps, a Blue Bloods repeat led in total viewers with 6.5 mil, while Grimm scared up the best rating.

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  1. RON says:

    Wow,grimm is good.ratings says it all.i cant wait for its return together with fringe and supernatural.i hope revolution is that good

  2. Rhonda says:

    Supernatural was pre-empted here in upstate New York for a Yankees game. I watched it online the next day.

  3. Anna says:

    Just wait for NBC to ruin Grimm, too. Because that’s what they do – they ruin good shows.

  4. Michael says:

    Dont get why people watch Grimm it is beyond boring

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol, Grimm is anything but boring. It’s fantastic! While the first few episodes were boring, it became such a good show. The finale was great and I can’t wait for Season 2.

  5. Mrs. Peele says:

    You know, I never believed in these ratings things because there are so many variables like the person who commented that Supernatural was pre empted for a Yankees game? Come on so does that mean the station will show it over Memorial Day weekend? Or will they pick another day? Kinda weird to me. What fan would not want to see the season finale of their favorite show? I have three tvs in my home – if I have all three on CW does that count extra? A lot of people I know can only view it on line and those from other countries have to watch it differently also. DVRs record several shows at a time so how are they counted in the scheme of things?

    • Renee says:

      Basically they only care about people who watch it live, because that’s the only people who see the commercials. And they only count people who watch live who have a Nielson box…as I understand it. They are interested in the number who do watch, but what they can sell to the advertisers are only the number of people who watch live.

      • Mrs. Peele says:

        Thanks Renee for your response- It just bothers me because with all the electronic monitoring we are subjected to everywhere we go – the store, where your receipt tells ‘someone’ everything you buy, the internet can track where you go all those things yet they can’t tell via cable or satellite what shows a regular household watches? I watch Supernatural faithfully, and I record GRIMM so I technically watch both. Oh well, you can’t fight City Hall LOL

        • Renee says:

          Oh I agree and I’m in their precious coveted demo range, but I don’t have a box so I don’t count. I’m really tired of not counting.

    • Meg says:

      I know when ANTM is pre-empted for friends in the Chicago area (that the same channel that carries the Bulls games) it’s usually shown around 11 PM or midnight or sometime on the weekend.

  6. farsia2010 says:

    it felt rushed, awesome, but rushed. for some reason the way they built up to the cliffhangers didn’t feel like season finale cliffhangers, it felt like in between episodes sort of thing. i don’t know why. usually at least SOMETHING is resolved in the finale, it didn’t seem like ANYTHING did, there was no closer at all as far as i am concerned. it should have been resolving all (or at least most) of season 1 issues and when all seems well the last minute a game changer happens like we suddenly see Renard in his Wessen form and Nick’s mommy dearest reveals herself. but the whole ep felt like the writers didn’t know what to do to fill up the time until they could throw the cliffhangers at us.
    But Nick is really badass, very cool and hot. i hope the next season will be more sure of itself. this one was a bit shaky here and there, it was only learning how to walk, hope the second season will be running!
    oh and i am really scared that when Nick took Juliette to the trailer he unwittingly revealed its location to Adelind. could she see through Juliette eyes? on the other hand she is not a witch anymore, she doesn’t have any power so probably she could see through J eyes. the potion worked because it was some pre-prepared poison, so need for witch’s power.
    another reason the finale didn’t cut it for me is because 2 of the cliffhangers were about characters that i either don’t care about or want to die. Juliette and Hank. i just don’t care about them so i am not worried about their wellbeing. they can live they can die, whatever, just as long as they leave the show. and next season maybe Nick will get a good looking girl for a change not sb who looks older than him. he looks like he is a prince but she looks like Cinderella’s ugly stepsister and Hank should die already! the actor has such a heavy presence that it sucks all energy out of the shot and makes it hard to smile or even breath.
    sorry if i offended anybody, but this just my opinion.

  7. Mrs. Peele says:

    Although I did enjoy GRIMM’s finale. I am surprised that the hero wasn’t the one in peril. I have been waiting all year for his girlfriend to get axed in some grisly manner because we know that it is very hard to keep a female spouse or girl friend very long in these types of shows. Same thing goes if the story revolves around a woman – the man in her life is usually killed early on or before we even start the series – I believe that was Nikita’s premise. Juliette dying would not bother me a lot because I have been waiting for it all season! When Nick finally decides to tell her ‘the big secret’ he does it in such a rambling, babbling way that even someone who believes in what he is saying would have trouble ‘believing’ it. He acted insane! And just as he is going to prove to her what he says is true, she faints from the poison. How convenient! I think he should have listened to his aunt, but, of course – they NEVER listen! Hope next season gets more with what he is supposed to do then continue with Juliette. It’s funny though that his captain can ‘conceal’ his true identity from Grim but all of the other creatures he can see their ‘true’ faces right away. You’d think they would all be able to do that – unless I missed the memo on that.

    • Spoiler Junkie says:

      I am pretty sure the Captain belongs to one of the Seven Royal families and IMO has the power to conceal himself from Grimms – thus his deception of Nick. Remember in the episode where there was an underground Wessen fighting ring. The organizer of that ring was some kind of lion like creature and when the Captain met him, he addressed the Captain using the term “Your Majesty”.

      As for the finale in general – I loved it and I am happy to see an uptick in ratings. I care about Juliette’s character and I am most anxious to find out what happens to her in S2 – will she die? will she turn into a Wessen ? ( although that is a far reach) Will Rosalee find a cure in time or will Juliette go crazy and aggressive as the cat did?

      Also loved the reveal about Nick’s mother. Why did she fake her death 18 yrs ago and leave her only son with her sister? Was she always on the run? So many questions. I hope they are all answered in a satisfactory way in S2.

      • farsia2010 says:

        you got me thinking, if mommy dearest is alive then how did the Grimm gift pass to Aunt Mary??

        • Elyse says:

          *Aunt Marie

        • shamangrrl says:

          I don’t believe it’s a “one gift per family” deal. I think, when raised by a Grimm family, you are a Grimm. But Nick wasn’t raised that way – and he didn’t really inherit being a Grimm – he already was one, he just didn’t know it. He inherited Marie’s trailer and everything in it. I think that the ‘gift’ is what kicks in at a certain age, when the Grimm begins seeing true faces. Don’t forget, in the Pilot, Nick already has some kind of sense of people, but he had just started seeing Wessen faces, and he didn’t know what was going on.

          And I agree, the series got better as it went along. DG is never going to set the world on fire as an actor, but once he relaxed into the role, he became much more watchable.

          • farsia2010 says:

            no, he was a Grimm but the you need to rewatch the pilot, it clearly explains that while you are a Grimm your gift wakes up as it passes to you from the death of an active Grimm in your family

  8. @@@ says:

    Nikita was so good, I hope that more people tune in over the summer and once it comes back in the fall, the ratings will be higher

    • Pati D says:

      Nikita is going to have tough competition with Fringe and Grimm airing at the same 9pm spot on Fridays.

  9. bad kevin says:

    Don’t know how Nikita will fare going up against the likes of Fringe & Grimm this upcoming Fall.

    • Elyse says:

      Kind of worried about it. Hopefully Nikita can last another few seasons. If they can keep the story interesting.

  10. Linda K says:

    Love the show and can’t wait for Season 2!

  11. Sam says:

    I hope Juliette dies! She ruins the serie!