Spoiler: And the Celebrity Apprentice Champ Is...

If you have yet to watch Sunday’s Celebrity Apprentice climax, hit the nearest exit. Everyone else, read on…

Just like on American Idol, the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice ended with a confetti shower.

Unfortunately for Clay Aiken, the parallels between the two veteran reality programs didn’t end there. Despite besting rival Arsenio Hall in the final challenge of the season by a $301,500 to $167,100 margin, Aiken once again played the role of bridesmaid in the final minutes of the show. The judges’ panel of Donald Trump, his hair, and his uneven spray tan named Hall the winner, giving him the title of “Celebrity Apprentice” and a cool $250,000 to the chairty of his choice, the Magic Johnson Foundation.

Did Trump make the right call? Did Hall deserve the win over Aiken, especially considering his undefeated record as a team leader? Hit the comments and sound off!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Denise says:

    Clay was robbed!

    • For the second time. I have love and respect for Arsenio, but Clay should’ve won this. He performed throughout the competition better in every way.
      Wow. AI Season 2 redux. Disappointed. I only watched this season for Clay.
      Won’t tune in to this show again.

      • Jon says:

        I agree! I only started watching for Clay too. He is so charismatic and just a well-rounded human being. Arsenio is cool too but he is a relic from 20 years ago. Who cares?

      • Based on the task , Clay should have won,
        They both had to do a PSA and in my mind it was a toss up between the two.
        They needed to provide an event , and unlike Arsenio , the Clay event looked great and tied into his charity.
        They both needed to provide entertainment , and again though the comedy act was nice , the singing act was more a once in a lifetime moment , so again a win for Clay.
        The needed to raise funds , and here again , Clay out did Arsenio 2 – 1 .
        Over all just based on the even , it was Clay all the way.
        The difference came at the board room where Clay unlike Arsenio was not aggressive enough for Trump at showing a killer instinct to come out on top and that is why despite Clay really winning the challenge lost it in the Boardroom.

        • Mash Mouth says:

          I agree with your take. I thought had Clay given a stronger argument as to why he should be the next apprentice, he should have won. Instead, he gave a lightweight response to the question and left the title up for grabs for Arsenio to take.

          I also could not help but observe a subtle and sometimes obvious coordination to give Arsenio a head start to his career, post-apprentice from Trump, Lisa and Arsenio.

        • shel says:

          I completely agree with your take on this. I would add that he easily got more votes from the other celebrities. I also thought his event looked like it had a theme and was certainly cohesive.
          I liked Arsenio, mostly, throughout the show. But there were times when he really seemed to be “acting” concerning his sincerity and it turned me off. It bothered me that he stood up and seemed to share in Clay’s applause when they were finally brought out to join the live show. He seemed more like a kiss-azz at times, esp in the boardroom. I never got the feeling that Clay was doing that.
          In addition to the event, I felt Clay played a better all-round game than anyone else.
          I hate to say it, especially since I’m sure some people will jump on me for it, but looking at the past winners (thanks to the montage), there was one woman and a bunch of white men. When I realized that, I had a feeling Trump would take the opportunity to diversify his winners by choosing Arsenio.
          As an aside, wow, are those women who were fired early still stinging over the show. I am so over Miss Universe and Trump seeming to give her constant reinforcement. She wasn’t good, she had no good ideas, she has a superiority complex. I just want her to shut up…it’s not all about her.
          The thing that made me laugh most during the night…how Trump would interview every contestant, then completely ignore their attempts to complain, spotlight a grievance etc. Always the follow-up was some form of, “but you had fun, right?” or “you did good right?” lol And they would all cave in.

    • sven johanssen says:

      clay is gay and he lost.

      • Mike says:

        Oh, wow…

        • uh huh says:

          Hey, whenever Trump pretends to run for political office, he kowtows to the birther/tea party morons. And if that crowd is one thing, it’s homophobic. Would Trump want to risk his standing with those nutjobs by hiring the openly gay guy? Does make you go hmmmmmm.

          • Nicotine says:

            You can’t argue with logic, and that’s pretty sound logic.

          • A Lincoln says:

            And if Clay had won you would have used the same “logic” tio saty Trump is anti-black…

            Your politics would attack Trump under either circumstance.
            Like all the ledft wing “morons”…to use your term.

          • TC says:

            uh…stupid logic given Arsenio’s charity is HIV awareness and as the winner, Trump donated $250M to it

          • les says:

            what a dumb ass thing to say I’m a tea party member, and was for Clay all the way. You freaking bigots that attack us with lying slander is really getting tired. Not one tea party member I know has ever hated anyone, unlike you narrow minded assholes. all we want is fiscal responsibility, and personal accountability. The only answer you losers have for us are bogus accusations to try and tarnish our integrity. desperate measures for losers.

          • KevyB says:

            He isn’t a bigot because he’s a Republican… he’s a bigot because he’s a bigot! Did you ever see the early seasons when he was asking the gay contestant all kinds of creepy questions about his sexuality? He was clearly doing it to NOT look like a bigot, but he’s such a lousy actor it didn’t work. And it’s stupid to lump in the tea partiers with the Christian right. Yes, many of the tea partiers are raging bigots, but their percentages are far lower than they are in the Christian right. But calling “birthers” morons… that’s extremely accurate and clearly bigoted. Nobody would be questioning his birthplace if he weren’t black. And to continue with that garbage when all it takes to be qualified for President is ONE American parent? More moronic than bigoted!

          • KevyB says:

            Oops, meant the birther morons are bigoted too, not the poster. Though when I heard who was in this season, I said, “Well, Clay will never win because he’s gay, but Trump will let him go far to show how not homophobic he is.” Called it months ago!

          • Debbie says:

            Clay would not get hired. He would just win money for his charity. You are thinking of The Apprentice. Not Celebrity Apprentice. The Apprentice is no longer on.

      • CJ says:

        And the sky is blue.

      • Cathy says:

        Homophobic much? Seriously, stop posting.

    • Mary Adamita says:

      As soon as they started to talk about Halls new show, I knew it was going to him. REALLY Clay started his own foundation. If thats not leadership than what is.

      • Mash Mouth says:

        Agreed Mary. Arsenio’s next show (whatever that is) will likely fail for the same reasons his last one did. He seems like a nice guy, but there’s not much there after that for me. He’s also passive/aggressive, and that bothered me throughout the show. His explosion of verbal abuse on Aubrey was way over the line for me. Clay was more consistent and did a better job with the project at the end. Something smells fishy about this one.

    • greysfan says:

      Agreed. Damn you Donald Trump.

    • smidnite says:

      IMO this was about the third or fourth time that the wrong person won; which is why I’m giving up.

    • caacat@prodigy.net says:

      It was clear from the beginning that Trump made some kind of back-alley deal to allow Hall to win. Wondering how someone that was a loser in tasks and rode on the backs of hard working, talented people could be seen as a winner? It’s the smoke and mirrors of political correctness.

    • Bill Hoffman says:

      Trump is a homophobic bigot. There was no way he would give Clay the top prize.

  2. anne watkins says:

    its not fair clay should have been the bride

  3. Lynn says:

    Trump was wrong. Clay was robbed.

  4. Michele Perez says:

    I think Trump had a stroke and said the wrong name. What was her thinking. Poor Clay, robbed again.

  5. I gave up on this show when it was clear Donald picks his closest friends over the person who deserved to win.

    • CJ says:

      It has been clear for every season of the Celebrity version that Trump doesn’t take the choice seriously. Since it’s all for charity, it doesn’t matter that much anyway. Even the weekly “firings” are largely arbitrary, other than trying to keep audience favorites or controversial contestants on longer.

    • tserd says:

      you’re absolutely right. When Trump chose Joan Rivers in a previous season, I sensed the same thing and vowed never to watch the show again. I watched the last few episodes this season and couldn’t believe that the nut job picked Arsenio. Clay was brilliant, gracious, calm, intelligent and level headed throughout the episodes that I watched. Furthermore, he beat Arsenio by a huge amount in the finale. It’s all about Trump’s connection to Magic and Magic’s connection to Arsenio. What a stupid show!

  6. HasBeensTV says:

    who watches this show still?

  7. Mike says:

    Boring once they put BOTH of them in the finale. I’m all for the philanthropy — best thing about this show; doesn’t make you feel so dirty ha! — but come one, these two going head to head? Zero drama. :D

  8. I liked both of them, actually. Arsenio, undefeated. Clay, probably stronger in terms of clear ideas. Both passionate about their charities. I would have been happy with either outcome.

  9. uh huh says:

    Put me FIRMLY in the “Clay wuz robbed–AGAIN” column. CLEARLY that last task had absolutely NOTHING to do with the winner, because Team Clay put Team Arsenio to shame on EVERY aspect of it. Better PSA, better party, better variety show, TWICE AS MUCH MONEY RAISED. Sheesh.

    • smidnite says:

      Annie Duke raise much more money than Joan Rivers; who was praised by Trump for using celebrity lookalikes in her final presentation.

  10. jaynecobb2 says:

    This show is still on the air

  11. David says:

    Clay raised almost double what Arsenio did in the last challenge….and 3/4ths of the celebs told Mr. Trump that Clay should win. And he chooses Arsenio?? It seems like Arsenio was chosen the winner long before the very first challenge.

  12. uh huh says:

    Maybe Donald Trump really is as homophobic as he said he was when he was pretending to run for president.

    • missnisha6849 says:

      Of course he is. I was hoping for Clay’s sake that Trump would play fair, but clearly The Donald is The Donald. Crazy, egotistical, fail of a Tea-Partier human being! Ugh.

  13. missnisha6849 says:

    And The Donald cheats the rightful winner over his “favorite”, yet again. UGH!! We know Trump plays favorites, and we know his prejudices. I was hoping that he would play fair, since Clay clearly outshone Arsenio in the fundraising department. But this is Donald “The Hair” Trump we’re talking about. Suckage. Oh well; at least AUBREY didn’t get her “revenge” against Arsenio. B****!!

  14. Dude says:

    I’m glad Arsenio won.

  15. Lauren says:

    There was no way Trump was going to pick a gay Apprentice. No matter how well he did on the final task (and outshone Arsenio in every element) Trump wasn’t going to give him the title or the money!

    • james says:

      That’s really not true, he was seen with clay making the rounds on talk shows.

      • uh huh says:

        Doing talk shows is one thing. Having him tied to your “brand” for all eternity is something else altogether. Seriously. If he wants to mine the tea party idiots for more publicity on a future fake political run, there’s NO WAY he could “hire” the gay guy. No way.

    • Tess says:

      I think it had less to do with Clay being gay and more to do with Arsenio being black. All previous winners were white – the last two also happened to be singers as well. It was more about demographic representation than who did the best job. As much as I wanted to see Clay win, I still am surprised he was even in the top 2 because of that very reason (my thought was that Trump/NBC would’ve wanted a black guy or woman to win so I expected him to keep Aubrey over Clay for the final 2 actually). Whoever thought Trump used actual facts or reason to decide on who wins anyway?

      • macy says:

        “Whoever thought Trump used actual facts or reason to decide on who wins anyway?” — RIGHT!! That’s what makes this show so deliciously horrible, or so horribly delicious. There is no logic to it!

  16. james says:

    Clay who really was robbed LOST BECAUSE he had a terrible answer as to why he should be celebrity apprentice — his mother is in the audience and doesn’t want to sit through him coming in second again — Arsenio on the other hand made trump feel like if he picked him he would be certain that his name would be spread around. Ugh, should have been clay, arsenio never should have even been in the finale.

    • uh huh says:

      Nonsense. This decision was made the first day the final cast was put in front of Donald Trump before the season even started. EVERY firing was a political/PR decision on Trump’s part, from the first to the last. You really think anything anyone said tonight would make a difference? Of course not.

      • missnisha6849 says:

        I’d totally believe that with Joan Rivers’ win (on her year on CA), but I guess I’m naive to think Trump would play any semblance of “fair” this time around.

      • MJ says:

        I’ll bet Arsenios new show will be on the same station and they made this decision to get publicity. Why else announce he has a new show coming out.

    • Broadwayfan says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I remember last year. When asked the final question “Why should you be the Celebrity Apprentice?” John Rich was very passionate in his reply. So was Arsenio.
      I knew it was over when Trump asked him to elaborate twice, and only gave Clay one opportunity to speak.
      Clay is just more low key, and doesn’t say enough. If he’d drilled on the fact that this charity was HIS charity; it meant everything to him, it might have made a difference. But who knows how much time passed between the task and last night? We know it was months.(Empire State Bldg. was lit in read and green for Christmas) I’m sure Trump’s mind was made up long ago.
      Based on the task and the money raised I thought Clay was the clear winner. But…you never know what is going to make Trump make the decision.
      Wasn’t Ivanka beautiful in that dress? Loved her.
      And Aubrey…one last chance to kiss up to Trump. Yeah, I can see you have an inferiority complex, Honey!!! Glad to see the last of her.
      As for all these ‘gay’ comments…I thought it was interesting that the two gay men in the competition played for other sorts of charities. Which shows that isn’t what defines them.

  17. sven johanssen says:

    Arsenio is gay too.

    • uh huh says:

      Even if he is, he isn’t going on “Face The Nation” to face down Tony Perkins on the issue of gay marriage, is he? Clay did that.

  18. Connie says:

    No Clay should have won. If he brought that much money in, then he should have won. But I saw in the past 2 to 3 shows that the Trump seemed to think that Arsenio would win it and of course with him making the call?

  19. cdgrl says:

    Should’ve been Clay…but how does Donald make the decision anyway? I’m convinced he flips a coin….

  20. Janice says:

    Reminds me of last season when holly Robinson Pete made a lot more money than Brett michaels and was a better project manager in every way but Brett win.

  21. gailer says:

    A tough call, but I think I would have gone with Clay just because Arsenio lost his cool too much on the show.

  22. dd says:

    I agree it has more to do with arsenio being black than clay being gay . Trump favored arsenio from the get go . Clay earned twice as much , had the best pa, and party but it never matters when it comes to trump . Remember the look on Donald ‘s face when arsenio says to clay I’m going to be all in your a##. Clay says you may want to reword that . Trump looks disguisted its classic .

  23. Mark Gray says:

    Clay is gay! Arsenio is anal! And Trump used his hand pump & F**k us all……

  24. dd says:

    I was also a little taken back by arsenio little meltdown with Aubrey too. It’s funny trump ask everyone who should win and they mostly favored clay . Arsenio got on my nerves with that crying over his cousin bit . Not to mention his pandering to trump how he needed his approval and his life would be complete .

    • macy says:

      He shouldn’t cry over his cousin who just died??? So sorry that that little bit of humanity got on your nerves.

    • Blank Slate says:

      It was totally bizarre to hear Arsenio Hall asking for his life to be validated by Trump. You have got to be kidding. Arsenio earlier made a joke about master and slave and my word the “Please approve me” scphiel from Arsenio felt precisely like asking the master to free him from his burden. I was blown away and, quite frankly, nauseated by the vibe.

  25. alyssa peretti says:

    HA. Clay aiken what a joke. Ruben Studdard was a better singer and Arsenio is a much better apprentice. No wonder he lost he’s a loser.

    • Ray says:

      It’s obvious that you are a bigot. You are wrong on both counts.

      • jessica says:

        “it’s obvious that you are a bigot”? how did the previous person’s post show any sort of bigotry? bias maybe, and a clear opinion… you should probably look up the definition of bigotry.

    • Blank Slate says:

      Get over yourself. Trolling is so 2003.

  26. Danny says:

    Clay should have won. In fact, I thought that Aubrey was more deserving of a Final Two placement than Arsenio, despite the fact that she often is “punch in the face” worthy. Arsenio was mediocre all season, despite his two PM wins (one of them being a task where Aubrey essentially led and won it for him). I do think that Trump wanted an African-American winner- I expected him to go for a female winner since 3/4 of the Celebrity Apprentice winners have been men so far, but given the final women, it is no shock that he stuck with the men to go the distance, so choosing a non-white man (like the other winners) would provide some diversity. Also, Arsenio probably won because he is perhaps the more famous of the two.

  27. Debbie M. says:

    Clay should have won. The Donald proved without a doubt that he is homophobic (although I’m not entirely sure that Arsenio isn’t on the down low).

  28. Babybop says:

    I agree with everyone who says Clay was robbed!! Arsenio was too emotional and wasn’t a leader. I also agree that they hired him because he was black. Next season, a girl will win. I’m predicting it now.

  29. LilyL says:

    I also thought Clay should have won. He collected double the money and his PSA was better. However, Trump is a basketball fan and because of that I knew Arsenio would win. Clay’s career is going fine, whereas Arsenio needed a talk show. So inasmuch as I was on Team Clay and wanted him to win and hoped he would win…it was only logical to anyone who knows Trump’s mind that Arsenio would win.

    • Juan says:

      I actually thought Arsenio’s PSA was better. It was humorous and clean, and serious when it needed to be.
      Editing helped a lot.
      Clay’s scenes of the kids seemed repetitive, and hasn’t everyone had enough with dramatic and weighty PSAs?

  30. Bob says:

    The two most worthy people in the final based on ideas and talent should have been Penn and Aubrey. But since its Trump, you get Arsenio vs Clay. Based on the last task, Clay should have won hands down. Arsenio joins Joan Rivers and Brett Michaels as people who should have never won the apprentice.

    • TC says:

      Aubrey was NO LEADER. She wouldn’t last five minutes at the company I work for based on her immaturity and inability to play nice with others

  31. Blank Slate says:

    Arsenio. Nice man but there was no basis for the “win” at the end other than it was written in the script months ago.

    The fact that the contestants were required to call him “MR. Trump” was the first slap in the face. Donald Trump is a disgusting human being who is a big bully with a bigger mouth to abuse people and get his gross mug in the news. HE DOES NOT HAVE THE MONEY HE PRETENDS TO HAVE. Do not be fooled by this fool. Look up creepy blowhard in the dictionary and his creepy face will be pictured.

    The Jerk knew all season people were turning in for Clay. Like anyone knew or cared about WHO THE HELL IS AUBREY O’DAY (and please Aubrey, get over yourself– another foul-mouthed abusive fake).

    Trump used people for ratings. Tuning in for Clay and keeping him on until the end for ad revenues.

    Trump: Not do I want to see your birth certificate, I want to see your tax returns. Tell the truth. You are bupkus. You are nothing. You couldn’t shine Clay Aiken’s shoes. AND NEVER ASK ANYONE TO CALL YOU “MR TRUMP.” You’re not worthy. Truly a nauseating excuse for a human being in re How we went after POTUS Obama. I tuned in from the beginning for Clay and stuck around for Clay. We were used. That’s what right wing nuts do. We were fooled again.


  32. Blank Slate says:

    p.s Ironically, it was nearly 9 years to the DAY Clay was named runner-up in a reality show. Season 2 of American Idol ended on MAY 21, 2003. Clay questionably comes in 2nd to Studdard. Fast forward to 11 pm on May 20th, 2012 when Clay questionably comes in 2nd to Arsenio Hall.

    I sort of believe in my heart the “celebs” know exactly what is happening every step of the way and that the results are not the surprise the show leads one to believe.

    Still, Chump knew interest in this season’s Celeb Apprentice was largely due to Clay’s presence. And just like on AI, his talent is used until the very end when …….

  33. Blank Slate says:

    And since Arsenio’s alleged new talk show was mentioned at least 3 times in the finale, you can be sure The Chump has a monetary stake in it and that this season of Celeb App was a commercial promoting Arsenio’s next venture. Wooo wooo Boooo!

  34. Sue says:

    How many blacks have won? How many gays have won? I rest my case.

  35. Yo' says:

    Well, Lisa Lampinelli was right: Arsenio offended every woman in America with his over the top rant at Aubrey. Then he proceeded to fawn all over Trump. Clay stayed reasoning and reasonable and deserved to win for that alone. If this is intended to quick jump Arsenio’s career, it won’t. If Trump really hired employees like he chooses Celebrity Apprentices, he would be bankrupt. Again.

    • Chris says:

      As a woman, I can clearly say Aubrey deserved Hall’s ranting. She was arrogant, rude and her behaviour was embarrassing and childish throughout the whole season. She came across as jealous and catty- especially when it came to Debbie and Dayana. I had no clue who she was before the season began so had no preconceived notions. However she and Lisa Lampanelli came across a classless bullies. Dayana and some of the other females may not have been as strong as players as Lisa and Aubrey, but at least they conducted themselves with dignity and respect. As for selecting a winner, it wasn’t really clear how Trump came to the conclusion he did. He offered no explanation as to his decision. Perhaps he despised Aubrey too and liked the fact that Arsenio was the only ones to really stand up to her and put her in her place. For that, I respect Hall but had no strong feelings one way or another on who should win.

      • Alex says:

        As a woman, I can clearly say that Aubrey did NOT deserve to be called a “w—-” and shame on you for saying that she did. That is just sick.

        • Chris says:

          If you cared the read the post carefully Alex, you will see that nowhere did I EVER state that Aubrey should be called a “w___” (and by the way, I don’t think the word he used started with a “w”). I said that Aubrey’s behaviour was immature, disturbing, rude and disrespectful-especially towards the other women on the show. I implied that her tactics were an embarrassment to women-and they were. I’m glad Arsenio stood up to her. I stand by that statement. It’s never ceases to amaze me how people read and hear what they want to.

  36. Batman says:

    Look at the pattern of every winner Trump has selected on Celebrity Apprentice.

    1. Piers Morgan was just taking over for Larry King – great future publicity for Trump.

    2. Joan Rivers – great future publicity for Trump as she is on more tv than anyone but a late-night host.

    3. Brett Michaels – just coming back from his numerous health issues that occurred after taping the show but before the final. Great publicity for Trump.

    4. John Rich – perhaps “the” biggest name behind the scenes in country music as a performer who is also a power broker and a top country star as well. Great future publicity for Trump.

    5. Arsenio Hall – turned the show into a commercial for getting himself back into late-night tv. Specifically said how he would represent Trump. Great future publicity for Trump and likely second guest on new talk show after Magic Johnson.

    By every criteria historically used by Trump in judging CA, Aiken won hands down, He had: more money, better event, “family entertainment” which the show was supposed to be, overwhelming support of the cast except for former Ms. Universe (a former Trump employee), etc.

    IMHO, Clay Aiken was robbed. IMHO, this may involve not wanting a gay man to be the winner. IMHO, I realized last night how each CA winner to date has specifically been able to immediately and long-term help Trump in anything he may be involved. Look to every runner-up and realize they could not do this.

    IMHO, I came to the conclusion last night that CA, I think, is the closest thing to a fixed reality show on tv. I’m done with it in the future.

    • macy says:

      It’s not fixed, it’s just that Donald picks whoever the h*ll he wants for whatever reason. That’s what makes this show so wonderfully bad.

  37. macy says:

    Best line of the night, from Arsenio: “When I was growing up they called me skinny Ruben. I don’t even know why.”

    I love this crazy, illogical show, even though I’m not a Donald fan. I love Clay and Arsenio both — I would have been happy with either of them winning. I would love it if they stayed friends forever. Maybe Clay can be Arsenio’s guest on the first night of his new show?

  38. Beth says:

    Clay was robbed…he was the clear winner !

  39. Kmuck says:

    So, besides his other, many detriments, Donald Trump is homophobic. No surprise there.

  40. Susannah says:

    I only watched the show sporadically, but even so, it was obvious that Arsenio Hall and the Magic Johnson charity were Trump’s favorite.

  41. TinyTim says:

    Neither Clay or Arsenio should have won this show, they never raised money and never won any tasks like in past seasons. This was the worst show ever!

    I hope this show is canceled!

  42. posse123 says:

    I think this whole finale was to promote Arsenio’s show. Something fishy going on. Clay, raised lots more money than Arsenio, he got along with most of them, he was the most creative throughout (Arsenio relied too much on his team members to complete the tasks), his finished project for the finale was amazing and he put much more work into it himself….painting, coming up with the idea, and the singing was so much more entertaining than the other team. Clay was always composed when he talked with people to get them to do what he wanted, but stern enough to get his message across. The one thing about the finale that really should have sold Trump besides Clay having the best presentation, and raising more money was Lisa coming over to Clay and donating 20,000 and then turning around picking him to win. I don’t like her, but that should have been a big selling point. IMO (and I have nothing against Arsenio and wasn’t a big fan of Clay’s….but I am now after the way he handled himself on this show…..IMO he needs his own show)…..Clay actually won this hands down…there was no comparison between the two. Hey….maybe if Arsenio doesn’t make a go of his show, then Clay could take it and make it a hit. Who knows LOL

  43. Ed says:

    I quit the Apprentice a while ago, shortly after the whole Rosie/Trump fiasco.

    He was never consistent with ANYTHING. One week he would put someone down for working for themselves because it showed they couldn’t be a leader. THEN the following week he would reward someone who did the EXACT same thing saying how they proved they could the work of 4 people by themselves. It annoyed the crap out of me.

    NOT to mention his constant “The Apprentice is the #1 show on NBC!” BS, what demographic is this guy looking at?????

    I mean seriously.

  44. Pam Hill says:

    I just knew that Trump was going to pick Arsenio…..it was very clear that he favored him. Also, I don’t think that Trump liked Aubrey and he was secretly happy over the way that Arsenio lashed out at Aubrey. Just my thoughts on the matter! I was rooting for Clay all the way. Clay was robbed again.

  45. LeslieB says:

    Can we please discuss the bigger elephant in the room!! Who in the world thought that a duet between Clay and Arsenio was a good idea? Skinny Ruben, my a$$, Arsenio!! Who told him he could sing?!?! Celeb Apprentice was declining quickly for me…after that “musical” display, no mas!!

  46. caacat@prodigy.net says:

    It was clear from the beginning that Hall would win. He was useless in tasks, insulted Aubrey in a way that would not have been tolerated if done by another person, raised less money, had a low class event. DUH! Of course there was some back-alley deal
    with Trump to allow Hall to win.

  47. Julie Moore says:

    It really is too bad that politics played an important role in Trump’s decision. I don’t think he’s homophobic nor a racist; I think this decision has to do with Hall’s new show. And let’s be honest, Trump obviously wanted to donate to the Magic Johnson charity as opposed to a less “popular” charity. I think Clay knew he wasn’t going to win and it reflected in his final boardroom answer.

    I like Arsenio. I found him very funny during the season, but did not find him to be the superior project manager. Clay’s managerial skills surpasses Hall’s. And I agree that Aubrey was the reason for Hall’s two wins.

    Oh well if history repeats itself, the runner up will prevail to be far more successful than the winner. And if anything Clay is wonderful with children and should work with them in some capacity. I love you, Clay Aiken! Do great things!

  48. Ella says:

    Seriously, Clay was robbed and this was horribly unfair. He outperformed Arsenio is every way – money earned, strategy, management – everything. This sucks.