Supernatural Finale Recap: They Went Where?!

Supernatural Jared Padalecki Misha Collins Jensen AcklesWARNING: If you have yet to watch Friday’s season finale of Supernatural, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

Supernatural has been to heaven and hell and, in Friday’s season finale, the CW series headed somewhere new:purgatory!

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In their quest to kill Dick Roman, Dean and Sam teamed up with the shifty Crowley because they needed his blood. Dick presented Crowley with a counter offer: He can have Canada as a free-reign grazing land for all of his ilk in exchange for handing over some useless demon blood to the Winchesters. Despite a lengthy retainer, Crowley eventually handed over the real deal blood to the boys. After convincing Castiel to join the fight – they needed his ability to see the original Dick Roman, who managed to clone himself – they headed into the belly of the beast with style.

“We’re going to announce ourselves – big,” Dean declared as he put the Impala back into action. And what a sight it was, even if Meg was the one doing the driving. Welcome back, old friend!

Meanwhile, Sam found Kevin the prophet, who told him about Dick’s plan to kill skinny people with a drug-enhanced non-diary creamer – you got to give him points for inventiveness – and insisted they blow up the lab. But Dean and Cas were already there and putting that special “kill Dick” bone in the Leviathan boss. The first attempt didn’t take, but then Dean surprised Dick with a second bone through the neck. He exploded in a burst of black goo and disappeared…with Dean and Cas! In the final moments of the finale, the two found themselves in a creepy, dark forest.

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“Every soul here is a monster,” Cas explained. “We’re much more likely to be ripped to shreds [than to get out].”

And then Cas disappeared too, leaving Dean all by himself, as shadowy figures with red eyes circled in on him. Yes, they were in purgatory, and the residents were not too happy about the new visitor.

Elsewhere in the finale:

After nearly killing the maid he was riding and Sam, Bobby said goodbye to the boys. “Here’s to running into you guys on the other side – only not too soon,” he said. And nice touch, team Supernatural, showing Dean and Sam’s broken reactions instead of Bobby going up in flames.

Crowley’s demons came calling for Meg and Kevin, leaving both Sam and Dean alone in two completely different spaces. And while the head of the beast has been destroyed, Crowley sure made it clear that the problem Dick created is far from over, even in his absence. This certainly sets up a potentially dynamic start for Season 8.

How great is it that seven years later, the show still uses “Carry On My Wayward Son” for the ep’s “Road So Far” montage?

Supernatural fans, what did you think of the finale? Did it get you excited for next season? Are you sad Bobby is gone for good? And how much did you yelp with joy when the Impala returned?

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  1. SLO says:

    Loved the finale, except I can’t to see how they get Dean back.
    Gotta admit, they got me. Never saw that coming.

  2. winterworlf says:

    I’m so excited to see what Sam is going to do. He is my fave.

  3. Gingfuzz says:

    What a season finale (well last half), i cant wait for season 8, i have been watching since the start and i have to say IMHO i found this season to be filled with what seemed to be a lot of filler episodes, there was a few times that the story just seemed to go into the background, although there were a few very subtle hints that the story was still going, the biggest thing i felt was the biggest let down this season was when cas had “shifted” the damage from Sam to himself, there was sooooooo much potential to have a another full episode about Cas and Lucifer, that would have been such an interesting episode, then running a tie in with cas waking up at the end, just for the next episode to have Sam and Dean cracking open the word of god, that would have explained why Cas had lost his marbles and be how he is now. it would have gave more character depth and then finally could have laid the whole lucifer arc to rest and truely pave way for purgatory… i feel the way its currently set up is that lucifer might end up getting another shot, but this time actually helping out Cas and Dean since i was never offically stated that lucifer has been killed off… who knows what is coming in season 8, im just looking forward to Dean and Cas taking on old yellow eyes and lilith. (well heres hoping!!!!!)

  4. stacy says:

    I like the final, I love the song in the beginning. To see dean baby that was great. But why split Dean and Sam up again, I just dont know because they a team and funny to when they pick at each other and trick too. so, why split them. Well I will watch matter it not great or is great because I watch everyone of supernatural. Here to season 8 hope it is a nail bitting time and more of Deans Music and The Car because that makes the show!!!!!
    Thank you Sam and Deanxoxoxo

  5. PaulaHoule says:;sweepstakes’win baby car’?’

  6. bill says:

    Supernateral is one of the closest to the (real thing) tv shows I have ever seen, since the story line is touching on one of mans biggest fears, the things that are going on around us every day that we cant or refuse to see. well be advised this is not only a great show but with some trepidation can say that if people knew how close to reality it is it Would scare you to death. So be advised the resaon for the sucess of this series is due to the driving story line. death isn’t the end of this life.

  7. AB says:

    You suck, troll.