House Series Finale First Look: It's Business as Usual at Princeton-Plainsboro... Or Is It?

In the following three clips from Monday’s House swan song, Wilson is still among the living, Dr. H and his team are trying to solve a new medical mystery, and there’s not a single Princeton-Plainsboro alum in sight.

In other words, it looks pretty much like any other episode of the show.

But something tells me these scenes represent the relative calm before the series-ending storm.

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Press PLAY below and then hit the comments with your thoughts/hopes/predictions for next week’s endgame.

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  1. a dead poets society reference? lol nice.

  2. mst3k says:

    So… from these clips i can garner that House will end up in prison, killing himself on vicodin. Also, Wilson will die alone.

  3. Andy Bachand says:

    It would be nice if they referenced RSL’s best movie role ever…”My Best Friend is a Vampire”.

  4. gigolo says:

    House will be trapped in a hole, and then we’ll have some melo flashbacks (or hallucinations) with kutner, cameron, 13, chase, masters…
    and of course someone (wilson?) will be there to save him. End.

  5. tahina says:

    From the clips, its House as usual, a fill in episode, but with a twist nobody sees it coming..House has an accident, he falls down a hole, he thinks he is dying, but people from the past(Cameron) come and talk to him,dead people included(Kutner), and someone in particular will safe him, like in Help Me..then the finale.

    • gigolo says:


    • gigolo says:

      then the finale > an amputation.

      • cen says:

        God, I really hope not. I don’t understand why anyone could think that an amputation – especially so much of the leg – would make his life better. The pain will be still there. He just won’t be able to do something about it anymore because it’s in his phantom limb. And he would be even less mobile than he’s now. I really hope they don’t go there.

        • Amy says:

          On the off chance you happen to see this…if the source of his pain is where the infarction was, then amputating above that point might give him pain relief (once the wound healed). Phantom sensation and phantom pain are different things, and while phantom sensation is very common, phantom pain occurs much less frequently. I’m not saying he definitely should have an amputation (I’m not a doctor), but it might not be as terrible as you think it is.

          • Brit says:

            Not to mention that House knows how to trick the brain to relieve phantom limb pain. Remember House & Wilson’s bitter neighbor?

  6. gigolo says:

    Yes but without his leg pain, he can finally stop taking vicodin.
    No physical pain anymore to endure.

    • cen says:

      Is this a reply to me? I am going to answer on the off chance that it is. :) The thing is, from what I know, I don’t think there won’t be any pain anymore. I think there is a *chance* that it will get better, but not a big one. And definitely not all the time. And when the pain comes back there’ll no place to actually attack it.
      And I don’t know. Losing a leg? Pretty much *all* of it? Protheses don’t work that well if they are attached that far up. And that’s what it would be like for House. If a prothesis would even be possible. It isn’t in every case. He’d be in a wheelchair sooner than later. I don’t like that idea. I really hope they won’t go there.

      • Don’t amputees experience pain? I am lucky enough not to know, but I am sure they do!

        • terra says:

          They do. My father had had half his leg (below his knee) amputated when he was in his thirties. Over the next ten years they had to take off more and more of it, hoping to get rid of at least some of the pain. In the end he was left with half his thigh (still more than House would have left). The pain was still there. He could never get used to a prothesis. He dealt pretty well with it, having a fulfilling job and a family and all that. But when he retired it got worse and worse. He died when he was in his eighties. Which doesn’t sound bad at all, I know. But he was otherwise very, very healthy. His doctors assumed that it was mostly his painkillers who did him in. (Of course I don’t know if that’s common. Maybe it was just him. But somehow I doubt it.)

          • D says:

            You make really valid points there, but if House stays on the Vicodin he wouldn’t make it anywhere near into his eighties before his liver packed in. It probably should have done already.

          • gigolo says:

            agree with D, vicodin will kill him.

  7. PPTH Blows up > Everbody Dies !

  8. Cloudy Knight says:

    The House character was originally conceived as being in a wheelchair, but the network vetoed it. It would be something if that’s where House ended up instead.

    • cen says:

      True. But they it was vetoed for a reason. His energy is one of the reasons people like him. So, no, I wouldn’t like it if he ended up in a wheelchair. Okay, LOL, I am apparently the Defender Of House’s Leg here. Never mind me. :)

  9. Maybe House and STacy could reunite. The leg should stick around, I think. I hope that House has a real epiphany– not just a medical one. I hope he realizes how much he has
    affected the world around him, and that he should stop tormenting people who love and respect him. But good luck!
    I like him the way he is, really.
    Farewell to a great descendant of Sherlock Holmes!

  10. Jules says:

    Simply priceless!
    Love the Dead poets society reference…will be more fun if House said that (in front) at Wilson instead of Taub…could imagine RSL true reaction…😜
    But I’m happy they don’t show to much..keeping the mystery..until the finale episode aired..
    And the main promo with the “LIVE FOREVER” song is simply perfect and heartbreaking at the same time…hope that she will be include in the episode…same thing for “You can’t always get what you want” hopefully will be include one last time at the end…

  11. AJ says:

    I figure the “Everybody Dies” is a bait and switch. We have all been lead to believe that Wilson is going to die and in the end it will be House who dies in the finale.

  12. Jessica says:

    love the dead poets society shout out….lol
    but makes me wonder if its house that dies instead of wilson…..

    • Jill says:

      All I know is I am going to miss House every week, will miss the greatness of Hugh Laurie. I do agree with you Jessica, I think something bad will happen to House.

  13. H says:

    I don’t care anymore,because without Cuddy,no House finale for me!

  14. Who is that woman in the mask behind Taub?

  15. There is not one cast member who has had any support to the Cuddy character. It is just too quiet for me. I think that there is just no way that Cuddy does not have even one second in the finale. I am dissapointed in Universal and they really ruined a good show, but I am definitely ready to see Lisa Edelstein in a new series. Let’s just enjoy the finale and get over being screwed over by Universal and Fox.