Fall TV Preview

CW Boss on the Demise of Ringer, a Supernatural End Date, Gossip Girl Episode Count and More!

Ringer CancelledAfter showing off his network’s fancy new fall line-up to advertisers Thursday morning, CW president Mark Pedowitz met with reporters and was (lightly) grilled about the failure of Ringer, the possibility of Supernatural ending next season, the length of Gossip Girl‘s final season and more.

Is eight enough for Supernatural? | Pedowitz is not looking at Season 8 “as the final year in any way, shape or form.”

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Nikita‘s new foe — Fridays at 9/8c | Pushing Nikita back an hour gives it an incongruous and soft lead-in in Top Model and pits it against genre-TV rivals Fringe and Grimm, yes, but Pedowitz says it provided affiliates with a stronger 10 pm news lead-in.

Status of Selection pilot | Based on a series of young adult novels and likened, in tone/themes, to The Hunger Games, “The Selection is going to go back into redevelopment; we’re very high on it.”

Gossip Girl final season episode count | “We haven’t announced anything [regarding final season episode count]. It may be 10, it may be 11, it may be 13…. Our goal is to run it in the fall and end it in the fall. Obviously, it’s going to end before Christmas.”

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What went wrong with Ringer? | “I don’t think anything went wrong with Ringer. I was happy it’s there…. The show was well-crafted, well-produced, well-written, but it was a complicated serialized show” — thus making it especially vulnerable to an extended holiday break. “After it finished a run in the fall and came back in January, the audience went somewhere else. And it just could not find the 18-34 demo that we hoped.”

First Cut title change | The title of the Mamie Gummer-fronted medical drama First Cut was changed to Emily Owens, M.D because, for one, First Cut didn’t quite capture the essence of the show. Plus, “Since Mamie is so talented and so great in the show, we decided to go with her character’s name.”

Holding premieres until early October | Launching the season against everyone else’s new offerings affords The CW “no traction” out of the gate, so Pedowitz’s hope is that after a couple weeks of sampling ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC shows, people will discover what The CW has to offer. But more importantly, with the late start, “We can run straight through October and November without any repeats.”

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  1. Ken says:

    Mark’s comments were diplomatic. I watched every episode and thought the show was mediocre. However, I watch it for pure entertainment even though I thought the story line was far-fetched at at time goofy. Ringer was the most promoted show on the CW. It was first devleoped for CBS but the writers had to change to make it work for the CW audience which is completely different. Different demographics. The CW is for a much younger audience as compare to CBS. The talent was there but the story line was not. Andrew, Henry, Vic, and Malcolm were portrayed as ‘clueless’ the majority of the time. The writers should have focused more on the main characters and got rid of all the peripheral characters like Juliet, etc. With weak and too many characters to track without a scorecard, the show lost its audience from the get-go. With too many complex story lines, the show appeared disjoined as the various writers had to merge their story lines together to produce a seemless show. I would have like to seen the whiteboard where the story lines were developed. It was probably messy. It didn’t help to keep jumping back and forth from the past to the present. Yes, it had to be done to explain the everything, buti I believe it was too overused. Also, some of the story lines were absurd. With verdict of not making Season 2 becoming apparaent, the writers should have produced a better ending. A bad ending just alienates the audience. I have to believe that the everyone associated with the show knew what the verdict was going to be way in advance of it being made public.

  2. Nathan says:

    I was really hoping Pedowitz would say something about the Secret Circle. That show really sucked me, I watched the whole season, and then it got cancelled. What went wrong with the show that they had to cancel it?

  3. Joe says:

    Nikita lost me somewhere in the early part of season 2. Ringer and Secret Circle were the only shows i watched on the network. i guess its goodbye CW for me

  4. Ray says:

    Why was there no mention of The Secret Circle’s cancellation, when it pulled in more viewers and higher ratings than Hart of Dixie, Gossip Girl, Nikita, Ringer, or 90210? The CW’s executive decisions just don’t add up…

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’ll be a long time before Supernatural will end because there’s still more story to tell but Mark didn’t say ANYTHING about The Secret Circle?!

  6. Ella says:

    I literally don’t want Supernatural to ever end. I do however, want next season to FIX the relationship between Cas and the boys and the general mess the show became over seasons 6 and 7.

  7. Kathryn says:

    This guy must not be paying attention.
    Is it surprising that Ringer’s audience went away after the December break? They postponed its Winter debut for a MONTH. That was practically a t.v. show death sentence.

  8. Marc says:

    Don’t know how many times I’ve had to talk you folks off the Supernatural renewal ledge. Maybe now you’ll believe me. I work for The CW, and the only way the show will ever end is for the boys to call it quits. It just won the People’s Choice Award for Best Network Drama, for pete’s sake. Why were you even “questioning” whether it would return. Mark loves the show, fans love the show, the boys and crew are family….it’s a cornerstone piece of the CW Network.

    Now, for all of you whiners who think Supernatural should’ve ended already, I have some advice for you: STOP watching it. There are millions of fans who still love the show and always will. A “bad” SN episode is still much better than most network TV. Enjoy Jared and Jensen while you have them, because they won’t stay in these roles forever. But man, I’m sure loving the years we’re spending with them now!

    • Marc says:

      P.S. Boy, I sure hope Jared and Jensen never read the ridiculous comments many of you post. You embarrass yourselves and tear down the work of two fine young men who’ve given their adult lives to entertain you. Many of you whiners should be ashamed to even call yourselves “fans” of Supernatural. You frankly make me sick.

      • PaintedWolf says:

        Well said, Marc.
        And for anyone who doubts Supernatural’s ratings, correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s currently and has been CW’s #2 show for a while now.

      • Melissa says:

        Welcome to the scary side of the “fan” base. Believe me. The good outweighs the bad, but it’s still disheartening to see random people displaying their personal opinions trying to speak for the entire fan base.

        I love the show. I love supernatural. Long live.

    • Jude says:

      Bless you, Marc ! I wholeheartedly agree on your entire assessment! Many of the fairweather fans I know kept doubting the chance at renewal….. Doh!! They beat highly promoted shows like HOUSE, GOOD WIFE, GREY’S …..as not the sciFi candidate but as the BEST SCRIPTED NETWORK DRAMA period !!! CW would have been crazy to retire such a gem! This is a well-crafted show with gracious, talented young actors and a solid, small, but hugely vocal audience! I saved and scraped to attend a few of their great conventions where people from all palces around the world pay $350 to $500 apiece to just be able to sit in the same room with these wonderful people and listen to them entertain on a more personal level. A truly fantastic experience.

      The people who are so critical should really move on, or at least tone it down. It breaks my heart to think that anyone involved in this show should ever read these negative, nasty comments! What a bunch of ungrateful creatures they must think we are! This awesome show is such a fantastic hour of escapism for so many of us. When it finally does decide to end all I can say is thank God I bought the DVD sets!!

  9. Jona says:

    Does this mean that TVD will start fourth season in October????

  10. Sally says:

    Emily Owens now reminds me even more of Grey’s Anatomy

  11. Angel & friends says:

    Oh, Please who dont like to see supernatural heare is our advice they dont need to bother their self to watch it or may be they need to turn of the channle and let enjoy others who want to see it.we love to see it and we are hoping for its season 8th,9th,10th,11th and many more after season 7th.we are requested to its producers to keep going with it and dont bother about who dont like it but still ther are lot who enjoy it very much and last jared & jensen rocks……………………

  12. Lori says:

    I still love SPN and think it is one of the best shows on television! If you don’t like it then don’t watch but don’t nitpick and don’t whine just because the plotline isn’t going the way you want it to. One of the great things about SPN is the fact that they don’t play it safe, they aren’t afraid to juggle relationships, to have people experience real frustrations and falling outs. Given what these characters have been through how can you expect that their relationships and interactions wouldn’t be affected? I bet if they had kept the dynamic exactly the same that many of you would be whining over how the show needs to change. I’d love to see SPN run a few more years! Or even eventually to have the show set in Heaven with the boys coming back and forth as guardian angels…

  13. Grace says:

    I would really like to see THE TRICKSTER/GABRIEL come back to SPN. RICHARD SPEIGHT JR. was so good in that role. I really miss him.

  14. oliver says:

    And what about cancelling the secret circle?! No interview about that? Cancelling TSC and Ringer over GG and 90210 will go down in the list of “wtf were they thinking” decisions in the history of television.

  15. Ally_1024 says:

    Good grief, reading some of these posts you would think The Secret Circle was the one of the greatest tv-shows ever in the history of man and the stupid and evil network was just way to idiotic to realise that!

    For crying out loud people it’s not like this show is Firefly!! It’s no where near has good as you people are making it out to be! The main protagonist is completely useless and annoying, most of the male characters ether sucked or where mishandled, and it took way too long to start getting interesting!

  16. Angel & friends says:

    we realy like supernatural and we realy want its more and more seasons we dont want its end and those who dont like it more then they dont need to see it and dont need to show their negative concerns about the show. hears our advice for them if they dont apprais somons work then dont need to show negative concern about somones work and if they have suggetions for the improvement in show then they are most welcome otherwise leave it for others who still like it and they should move to the other show which they like but dont show your disregards about someones work thanks.

  17. Tony says:

    I’m sick of reading comments about ” Supernatural should have ended on season 5″, it didn’t end on S5, ok?? Get over it!! The show is not horrible, for some reason was renewed, and guess what? season 8 won’t be its final, I hope it reaches a 10th season. I mean its just a show, its for entertainment, nothing else. I know its good to end with less seasons and more ratings, but I think its better to reach 10 seasons with less viewers, cause anyway, most people don’t care about the viewers, they just care about enjoying the show while they have it. Long live Supernatural!

  18. nikki says:

    even though ive only seen up to season 5 so far i love supernatural.yes its got darker the past couple of seasons but its different and i hope it continues

  19. Kayla says:

    The ringer was one of the best shows on TV this year. I am so heart broken!!! There are all those stupid reality shows that should be cancelled but they cancel the ringer. This is unacceptable! It makes me not want to watch anything on the CW ever again.

  20. allen says:

    Supernatural is an awesome show i’ve ever seen, i love it and i am eagerly waiting for it’s
    next Season. The truth is it’s been outstanding beyond words till Season 5, Eric Kripke as a show runner and as a story writer has done an awesome job. Season 6 was also worth to watch as it had a continuity and connectivity with last Seasons and it ended well. But ever since Sera Gamble took the charge as the show runner for Season 7, it’s lost the magic. At first Season 7 was more concerned about the problem of what happened in last season and it’s going good till the mid then eventually it’s getting started to move from it’s real objective, from evil to some kinda co-operative business enemy…and the finale of Season 7 wasn’t much like as expected as the earlier finale’s of the show. But as always the end was a cliffhanger and that’s why i am waiting for it. The thing that got the fans hooked to show till Season 6 was the great story and the great skills of Jared and Jensen’s acting and the only thing that made us all stick to show during Season 7 was Jared and Jensen’s awesome acting. Now i am hoping to see something really great in Season 8 as we’ve seen in first five seasons with the new show runner, i wish Eric Kripke could return to make this an EPIC show and it’d never end because i love this show and i don’t wanna see it getting down!!!

  21. Dan says:

    I don’t give a CRAP if SPN gets lower ratings by the next couple of seasons, I’ll just watch it til the end. Screw you SPN haters!!

  22. Alice says:

    Oh! No! Please don’t end the supernatural show. That’s my Friday night show “THE BEST” I programmed it on my DVR and watch it afterwork. I love when the two brothers get together and hunt for demons. I have been watching the show since season two.what happen to the imparla? Please bring it back. There’s one more thing I forgot to mention this is very important bring back the windchester’s backbone uncle Bobby the show is not the same without him.

  23. Fred says:

    Really glad for supernatural! The people who think the show should end, are just people who call themselves fans but they really aren’t cause they actually watch other shows and they just can’t handle that after seven years the show stills great! Guess what?? 8 seasons and counting you idjits!! Just don’t be jealous and watch, if you don’t want to, fine, don’t watch, but if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything. LONG LIVE Supernatural!!

  24. mnkybee says:

    Glad to hear Supernatural is not coming to an end anytime soon…I am a newcomer to the show but started watching via Netflix from S1E1 and it has become a favorite! As for Ringer, I think they made the right decision…the show had so much potential but it wasn’t the long break that lost me, it was the story line where Juliet and her friend and her teacher pulled the scam about “he raped me”, “no he didn’t, I lied” crap to get the money from her parents. It seemed so unnecessary. Around that same time, if you look at episode titles, you will find that someone was lacking their creative mojo and had to fall back on the b word again and again and again. I love SMG and wish this show could have gone in a better direction but sadly it regressed quickly.

  25. I love the show. I love that the actors would do an episode where they spoof theirselves. I love the quirky humor. I love that the cast is so involved with the fans, all the inside jokes that’s written in, whether its a serious episode or not. I love the fact that they’re still excited about getting onset and I sure as hell love the show for it’s good, better, and spectaculacular episodes. What the problem is????? Lol

  26. Dan says:

    Hey, Patrick Malony, the show is called Supernatural…not “two brothers” They are hunters, most jobs doesn’t have them involved. Their job is to save people from Supernatural evil…not everything is about them, not even on the first five seasons…whether they’re involved or not, their job is to save people.

  27. molly317 says:

    I am so disappointed that Ringer is cancelled. Is there anything we can do?

  28. JJ says:

    Nikita is renewed and Arrow looks good. Ringer should have continued, but the other two are good enough for this failing Network. Nikita though should be on another network because it really is a great show!

  29. Moses says:

    How many shows out there failed to last 1 year? Exactly! Though season 7 wasn’t a home run, I can say 8 years strong for Supernatural! It will always be a part of my weeknight line up. You want to talk about a show that crashed and burned? Talk about Heroes LOL