Grey's Anatomy Boss Opens Up About Finale's Two Big Exits: 'It Made Me Sick, It Made Me Sad'

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 FinaleYou. Were. Warned.

Early Thursday, Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes issued the following alert to fans via Twitter: “Do not expect to be comforted or happy at end of the GA finale. I wrote it and even I found the ending to be very unsettling.”

She wasn’t kidding.

Although we’ve known for weeks that a Seattle Grace vet would meet an untimely end in this week’s plane crash-themed season climax, the death still packed a wallop — mostly because it came so early in the hour (defying finale convention). And, more importantly, because the character’s last name is in the title of the freakin’ show!

Yep, Rhimes went and killed Lexie!

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Truth is, Little Grey, played for five seasons by Chyler Leigh, didn’t stand a chance. Trapped beneath the wrecked fuselage, she was barely able to say a final goodbye to despondent ex Mark before she slipped away in the episode’s first 20 minutes. The death triggered a meltdown in sister Meredith (Ellen Pompeo really brought it, huh?) while Mark (an equally impressive Eric Dane) completely shut down. We would later discover that McSteamy was battling more than just a broken heart — he suffered something called a “cardiac tamponade,” as Cristina quickly diagnosed. She and Mer then performed some eww-inducing emergency surgery and saved his life. (Arizona and Derek also sustained serious injuries but, thankfully, survived.)

Meanwhile, back at Seattle Grace, Teddy nixed that Metcom offer and decided to remain at the hospital because she wanted to stay close to her dead husband’s ghost. And out of loyalty to Owen, who then turned around and fired her as a way to force her to take the job. (So long, Kim Raver!) Her exit would seem to pave the way for Cristina to become Seattle Grace’s new Cardio God.

UPDATE: After the West Coast airing, here is what Rhimes shared on Twitter about writing out Leigh and Raver:

Callie said it best tonight: Life changes in an instant. Turns on a dime.

This finale was incredibly hard to write. I did not enjoy it. It made me sick and it made me sad. We end the season not knowing ANYTHING about the future. Except for two things. We know we are definitely saying goodbye to two of my favorite people: Chyler Leigh (Lexie) and Kim Raver (Teddy).

I know this season’s finale had some surprises for viewers and the exit of Kim Raver was one of the big ones. But Kim’s series option was up and she was ready to give Teddy Altman a much-needed vacation. It’s been a pleasure working with someone as talented and funny and kind as Kim; everyone is going to miss her terribly. I like to imagine that Teddy is still out there in the Grey’s Anatomy universe, running Army Medical Command and building a new life.

I love Chyler and I love the character of Lexie Grey. She was an important member of my Grey’s family. This was not an easy decision. But it was a decision that Chyler and I came to together. We had a lot of thoughtful discussion about it and ultimately we both decided this was the right time for her character’s journey to end. As far as I’m concerned Chyler will always remain a part of the Shondaland family and I can’t wait to work with her again in the future.

I’d write more but I’m honestly too sad. I don’t like life changing in an instant and turning on a dime.

Elsewhere in the finale:

* Jackson decided to take the Tulane job, leaving best friend and lover April to mourn what could’ve been. (Sorry, no way Jesse Williams is leaving.)

* Bailey and Ben officially got engaged in one of the episode’s rare happy moments.

* Alex revealed in a voicemail to Arizona that he was accepting the position at Johns Hopkins. (Sorry, no way Justin Chambers is leaving.)

Reaction? Were you blindsided by the big death? When Lexie took her last breath, did you immediately flash back to this TVLine story from last fall and wonder if there was a connection? Which performance were you most impressed by? How long do you think Mer, Der, Cristina, Arizona and Mark will remain stranded in the middle of nowhere? Hit the comments!

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  1. greysfan says:

    So now i read the comments and now it must be all a dream! For gods sake. Chyler wanted out and this is how they did it. Yes it made Shonda sad and yes it made us scream in horror but this is how it was done. Chyler probably said to Shonda what if we have Lexie dieing and Mark declaring his love to her before she dies. Its a typical way to say goodbye in a drama series. Sorry but its not a dream. Chyler has a family and the long hours were obviously taking its toll.

    As for Arizona, the broken leg means Jessica can take time out to have her baby. She will probably be in bed scenes for part of season 9 which means this way it hides it.


  2. hey says:

    i cannot believe how lexie managed to make people love her! she was very adorable…i’m very sad that she won’t come back

  3. Fran says:

    Everyone’s so upset about Lexie, but what about Teddy? She is a fine actor and had to put up with some silly storyline with the death of her husband.
    This finale was disturbing, I am wondering how they can possibly make it through the night.
    Is Owen going to come to their rescue by flying in on a helicopter?

    Remarkable performances from Sandra Oh (“I can’t find my shoe”) and Mark Sloane.

  4. Theresa McLone says:

    Oh thank doG! I was really hoping no real character would be killed off. Lexie was so annoying FOREVER that I nearly stopped watching the show. No one under the age of 50 could tolerate such whinging. Sorry, but Lexie was toxic to this show and was from the beginning. The show has a chance now. Please let Mark move on and find a real girl.

  5. onlyakb says:

    honestly, they killed one of my favorite characters, I was actually holding on to the series because of Lexie and Mark thing, and then they send off Altman,who I was really hoping to get with Owen,ok at least they are friends again.
    conclusion,hate it!! unnecessary death, want to kill a character go and learn with Joss Whedon!!! cos come on kill Lexie just when she came to terms with her love for Mark and Mark was close to accept,is just mean, and just make it really cliche!!grrrrrrrrr hate it!!

  6. jojo says:

    we all have our favorites…someone had to go…cant pls everyone…did anyone hear those windchimes at the crash site?..heard it a few times, jw what it ment????

    • jojo says:

      we all have our favorites…someone had to go…cant pls everyone…did anyone hear those windchimes at the crash site?..heard it a few times, jw what it ment????

  7. Brenda says:

    Did it occur to anyone that Lexie’s character didn’t really do much at the end of the season? Who else was she going to kill off? Shonda has great material with April, she is so screwed up right now that it should make for interesting television. I loved Lexie, didn’t think she was the right match for Mark because they wanted different things, but I enjoyed seeing their drama unfold. I will miss her though….Another thing, Shonda did say she would kill off a character in the finale, but made no indication about the season premiere, so is anyone else concerned that she might still kill off Mark or Arizona? Yes I know many characters have renewed their contracts but there is always the possibility that she might off another one of them…either way Shonda really messed with my emotional stability on Thrusday: first Grey’s then Scandal! Love that woman!

  8. c. brown says:

    I wasn’t hoping it was Kepner, or Arizona, or someone else. Why did someone have to die at all? Enough already. People can move on without dying. Lexie could have decided to move somewhere else and focus on other things in life. Killing her off was stupid. I knew I’d be disappointed at the end of the second to last episode when I saaw there was a plane crash.
    Honestly, the best thing to do would be allow the fans the chance to feel good for their favorite chracters they watched grow into confident doctors, be implied to go off into the sunset as successful doctors elsewhere. Even if it meant the end of the series. You don’t have to always end everything with tragedy. I’m done investing time in the characters. Lexie dying was my personal SERIES finale. I been watching since the pilot nd loved it. I’m done. I won’t even tune in to see who else makes it or who else dies. I could care less if fan reaction makes them turn it into a dream sequence (unlikely). That was so unnecessary, I’d rather not invest anymore time in these chracters. The actual series finale, whenever that comes, might as well have a bomb blow up Seattle Grace 10 minutes before a Tsunami destroys Seattle followed by a meteor strike. Life can’t just go on for these characters.
    And the cop out of saying it was discussed with Chyler is just as stupid. If she wants to focus on her family life, that is respectful. Write her off the show without killing the chracter. The actors belong to their families; the characters belong to their fans. There is only so much a fan can take. Thanks for the memories. I’m done and very disappointed.

  9. change is good says:

    news flash! … its NOT over …there ARE more characters to kill off… both mark and arizona are on that edge and without contracts… people listen to the facts… clearly ‘lexie’ needs to get back to her REAL life w her very REAL children… perhaps if you think about that you can stop crying like one… after all this is TV… i was impressed by the acting and touched by the poignancy in this part of the show… like others have said… thats how things go down sometimes… life and love are lost… just like that… so all this waiting around not living it is something to consider… personally i dont watch much TV but i do enjoy a drama w good acting and complex characters… i also like to learn REAL things… greys anatomy has been fairly consistent in these areas… altho i have to say it seems both the writing and acting have been getting a bit predictable and soapy… so the creator is shaking things up! … good for her … now get over it and dont be a hater… you can look at what or who you like or dislike as an opportunity to learn about yourself… if you must stop watching this or any TV show do it because you have something better to DO with your precious short REAL life!

  10. Johnny says:

    Lexie is one of my favorite characters…..but I think Shonda doing something that unexpected is to be respected..IF every show would give what the viewers want then where is the element of surprise or creativity in that show..I understand that this has become a trend killing off characters we like.. ( although I hated George and Izzy was obviously leaving no surprise there) but I have to say something..If I were to pick a major character to leave it would be Derek…This character is annoying and really really not contributing even 2% in the show…Grey can deal without Derek they are so in the comfortable routiny zone of marriage..even the adoption issue was more about Meridith than Derek and MEredith together..
    Also I hate the character too pompous for nothing…
    I’ll miss Lexie but I won’t blame Shonda for anything…not getting the Mark/Lexie reunion is disappointing but at least it was very sad and made us Angry…which not lots of shows do to people…which makes Grey’s one of the best shows out there!

  11. Cindy says:

    I must be the only one who didn’t like the Mark/Lexie relationship. I wanted both to move on. I don’t like that Christine and Owen are apart. Hoping they get back together. I forgot last episode was on so I forgot to watch! I think shows have to shake it up so I can understand why Lexie went. I think it was more heartbreaking when George was killed off.

  12. Erica says:

    What did Derek mumble at the end of finale?? I’m having a debate over this and it’s getting heated! Did he say ‘boats’ or ‘rose’????

    • Nancy says:

      I cant remember hearing him say anything…I wish I would of recorded it..I read elsewhere someone say Rose..but whats the meaning?..I heard windchimes..and cant find out why..grrrrr

    • Maggievar says:

      he said “boats”.. If you remember, Derek has a “thing” for ferry boats! He is probably illusinating from the massive blood loss and it is probably a sign that he will die…

    • azerty says:

      To be honnest I listen a couple of times and I tought he said “Rose” and I was like “whaaaat?” but English is not y mother tongue so I am not really reliable on that one.

  13. Hang says:

    Why does Shonda always KILL off people???? I don’t understand it.

  14. Nancy says:


    • SBS says:

      Yes I heard it too. It doesn’t have a reason other then the fact that it’s a clever way to add suspense, due to the dissonance between the situation and where it’s placed.
      I should add: Chyler Leigh is awesome, and I hope to see her bring her charm to a completely different character in a completely different show (i.e. NOTHING by Shondaland, Please) very soon. I wish I could be there to write it.

  15. Kai says:

    I’ve followed Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning. I’ve never really had a favorite character except for the short lived Ava/Rebecca character played by the fabulous Elizabeth Reaser. However Lexie quickly became a favorite of mine and even though she didn’t start off very popular she slowly grew on people. Now I will admit I stopped watching GA after they broke up my only absolute favorite couple on this show the first time around: Mark and Lexie, however I continued to tape it and just FF through to Mark and Lexie scenes, both individual and together.
    To everyone who says it’s not SR fault for killing off the beloved Lexie, you are wrong. It was completely her choice. It’s her show, she makes the call. I will not argue that she agonized over it and that she didn’t want to do it, but she did. Did she have to choose death? No. Could she have written her off with the option of the character coming back? Hell YES! But she didn’t choose that. And for that she WILL lose fans. And this one for good. There is absolutely nothing left of Grey’s to keep me watching now. I don’t want to watch Mark get dark and twisty or even move on. Lexie was the love of his life and his soul mate and it kills me that their very much not finished story is over. It sucks for him, it sucks for the fans. And now it’s going to suck for the show.
    RIP Lexie. I wish this was a dream on the show and not real, but alas its a nightmare.

  16. nicole says:

    What’s sad about this finale is that it paved the way for so many narrow-minded viewers to express their “opinions”

  17. albtrex says:

    Shonda, I HATE YOU for killing Lexie!!!!! She was the BEST character of the show. Shame on you, shame on you!!!!

  18. Meggo says:

    It was a very unsettling episode. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I liked it, and of course I’ll continue watching! But I miss the old shows where finales didn’t have to be something depressing, dark and gloomy. Why do shows now have to end like this for the season? It’s like the creators/ writers have a choice “Do we make it a beautiful, happy finale, with a cliff hanger? or do we make it as depressing, sad and dark as we possibly can, with a cliff hanger?” your fans will always be here Shonda, make us happy, not sad. lol. O well, I’ll still watch, because as I said, I am a fan and I’ll always watch.
    To add to that, a finale like Hawaii Five-O was beautiful. It had happy (found shelburne!) and a cliff hanger (Whose going to die?!) But I felt happy at the end saying “Wow, what a beautifuly written episode.

  19. tess says:

    I really don’t get all these comments about how “everyone” wanted Mark/Lexie together. He was way too old for her, and she was even more juvenile and annoying then April. I won’t miss Lexie, and wouldn’t miss Mark if they got rid of him, too. Kudos to Grey’s for unloading one minor character and the truly useless Teddy. Cut out Mark and April, too, and the whole show would improve.

  20. Jessica says:

    I think it’s way more simple than Chyler Leigh wanted out so BOOM let’s kill her off. Shonda Rhimes is known for writing storoes that keep the viewer watching.. nobody saw it coming when George died and honestly we all hated it but we also all loved the fact that a creator was for once surprising us. Other shows you may figure out from the get go what’s going to happen. But not with Shonda. The problem here is I think that Shonda is taking it a bit too far. It’s not because the death of George didn’t put the ratings down that this time it will have no effect again. I think people also watch shows because they love “those worlds” and characters. Now people may want to stop watching because they can’t trust Shonda anymore. You don’t want to get attach to a show and watch it every week if you already know you can’t trust the writer and may end up see your favorite character die out of nowhere. And no.. life is not always that dramatic either. You ùay never get your happy ending with your true love, sometimes because of stupidity but it’s also rare to have AND your mother, AND your roommate (George), and your sister die within a short amount of time. And it’s not because “it was time for her character to be out” that it needed to be that dramatic. Jesus. If Chyler wanted out, there were many other ways.. and pretty much all of them were closer to reality than a plane crash where only one person dies and doesn’t even die right away. So no, I don’t buy it that “it’s to make us realize life changes in a heart beat” and that “Lexie’s story was over” No, I just think Shonda took it too far this time. I’m not saying I won’t watch grey’s anatomy anymore, I love it, and I know I will watch again. But I definitely lost an interest in the show because even if many things can happen in life and our lives can be a movie sometimes, I think the exit of Lexie Grey was nowhere close to what happens in real life if Lexie was not fictional but real. I just watched the episode. I’m disgusted now. I couldn’t believe she was really dead, I was hoping she fell into a coma. And honestly I just think this was meant to keep the audience watching but do you really think that people wouldn’t have been there in September if the season ended on a happy note this time? The whole episode left me bitter. I really don’t think it was a good idea to end the season with such an episode.

  21. anon says:

    These comments alone are worth a big news story. Two days later they’re still pouring in. More than 1,000 here and thousands more all over the web. And they aren’t short little swipes at the show. Many people are writing long and well thought out views that clearly took some time. And even the crazy ones are compelling. Very few TV shows or entertainment properties create this kind of passion in its fans. In that sense Shondaland has succeeded beyond belief.

  22. meliemelou says:

    As the majority seem to be saying, it was really a bad move, and not fair to the fans and to the storyline…If the actress wanted out, other ways were possible, and she could have come back for the series final episodes.And yeah, why not have given us more Mark and Lexie moments before, i just don’t get it. It’s just a show, but after a while, watching it week after week and year after year, you get attached to the characters and they are the reason you watch the show. Life can change on a dime, but since it’s a show, it would be nice not to have such a reality check…The Grey characters have had enough misery in 8 seasons…each had been on the border of dying, so why do this extreme finale for Lexie, who was the most lovable character?

    At this point, the only thing that would make it better, would be either to somehow reverse the situation, either to have Chyler Leigh and Shonda Rhimes explain what really happened. After this heartbreaking episode, I think fans deserve that.

  23. Ed says:

    To kill Lexie, and then exile Teddy? Lexie was the show’s most sparkling character, while Teddy was Cristina’s muse, and the dynamic of friendship between Teddy and Cristina could have eventually lured Cristina back to Seattle, especially since Derek is injured and Meredith will therefore need Cristina’s help. Of course if the actresses themselves wanted out, SR had problems, but to KILL Lexie seems both unnecessary and unwise. At least Teddy, like Izzie, can possibly come back, but our sparkling Lexie is gone! Unless it is a dream? But of course it isn’t. So, to lose 2 central character is both shocking and sad…

  24. Mell says:

    Lexie was the only normal relatable character on the show. And the main reason alot of people watched was her relationship with Mark. Now Mark is going to be depressed and the next season will be dark and full of surgeons unable to actually get over their injuries and be surgeons, let alone live normal lives. Awful ending. No longer a fan.

  25. nancy says:

    did anyone hear windchimes at the crash site????..if so what did it mean?????..why would windchimes sound in the forest..grrrrrrrrrrrr..also did Derek mumble rose at the end? if so..why?

    • Kathy says:

      About 2 or 3 season ago, Derek dated a nurse, Rose, then slept with her between times with Mer. Then in the season finale of that year he & Mer. got back together at his lousy trailer. After that he decided to have his talk with poor, poor Rose who felt she got used by him.

  26. Sam A says:

    I cant get over the fact that shonda REALLY killed LEXIE!! i mean its LEXIE!!! how can u kill LEXIE??!!
    There was so much more left for her! MARK!! their storyline could have gone on for another season or even until the series finale!!! how can there be MARK and no Lexie??!! its just insane and so heartbreaking…
    Shonda has driven herself into a corner with the Mark storyline now…hes clearly not going to recover from losing his soulmate, the only possible thing she could do now, is kill him off in the season premiere, i really love mark sloan(I have always loved him)…but thts the only gud thing tht i can see for him now! or hez gonna be a miserable, lifeless person! so as much as it breaks (wats left of my “greys” heart) to say this, but i hope Mark dies in the season premiere. :(
    Shonda shud have either kept them both alive or killed them both! :(

    personally I can’t watch the show anymore w/o Slexie!! and the first few episodes are just going to be depressing! It was my one constant favorite show because it had my favorite couple, but not anymore!! :(

  27. BREE says:

    Why did they kill her off?????? They didn’t kill Izzie off!! Let’s face it that was the best Karev was when Izzie was around. When Mark said thank you for the tellig me you love me couldnt lexi just accept a internship somewhere else and you pull a George Clooney at the end of the series. That was crap writing and the ending for one of the loved characters gets 20 minutes. I hope Mark was hallucinating the entire thing with Little Grey because shes gone and he feels he truly lost her. I’m done with the series because everyone I have put effort and true feelings into gets KILLED off except Izzie which still was crap should have just killed her off too. THERE WAS NO REASON FOR LEXI TO EVEN BE ON THE PLANE!!!!!!!!! SHE WAS AN INTERN NOT A SURGEON. IF SHE WENT WHY DID NOT BROMANCE JACKSON GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WROTE HER ON THE PLANE TO KILL HER OFF. HORRIBLE ENDING!!!!!!!! SHE WOULD HAVE TOLD DEREK IM NOT GOING CAUSE I FEEL AWKARED BEING AROUND MARK!!!!!!!!!! FIX IT FIX FIX PLEASE SHONDRA LOSING LEXI TO ANOTHER PROGRAM AND HAVING HER TO HEARTBROKEN TO TALK TO ANYONE FROM SEATTLE SHOULD HURT ENOUGH. KILL IZZIE DRAMATICALLY, ANNOYING APRIL, EVEN THE CHIEF. FIX WHAT YOU DESTROYED!!!!!

  28. BREE says:

    What are you going to do in the beginning of next season kill Arizona so you can have depression with Mark and Callie?!?!?!? Then put them together again. Thats not what the fans want!!!!!!!!! We waited forever for Mark and Lexi to get back together and you built up our spirits to smash us to pieces. I lost interest with Izzie leaving and George killed I even quit watching for a while but I loved Sloan and Little Grey and thats what brought me back. You give Mer/Der all the happiness and luck and everyone else has to suffer. I agree you killed lexi then Mark should have died too. Thats like killing Meredith and leaving Derek. What good is the lead without the true connection. You killed lexi with no chance of coming back that was so wrong. I think you really hurt the show here. With you killing off all these characters we love who wants to put any feelings in the ones you left. Not me. April is annoying like jackson but you blew it putting him with April, Karev boring life except pediatric moments. SO NEXT SEASON PEOPLE GET READY FOR……… KAREV SUFFERING DEPRESSION FOR ARIZONA BEING ON THE PLANE AND NOT HIM. ARIZONA DYING AND HIM TAKING HER SPOT, MARK GOING INTO DEPRESSION/ SUCIDIAL WITH CALLIE OVER THE LOSS OF THEIR SOULMATES, DEREK NOT BEING ABLE TO DO SURGERY AND POSSIBLY LOSE ARM (DOUBT IT) JACKSON BUMMED ABOUT LEXI WHICH HURTS APRIL, CHRISTINA AND MER TOGETHER FOREVER IN BONDS. I DONT THINK I MISSED ANY SPOILERS RIGHT. WOW JUST END THE SERIES NOW PLEASE ITS REALLY DEPRESSING.

  29. floor says:

    i just can´t belive it. im hoping to show me that was a drem or someone was high like in dr house

  30. Florence says:

    I don’t know why, but I can’t fully believe that they would just kill Lexie – I can’t believe the’d get rid of a character that’s a part od the only truly interesting couple that’s left on the show! It’s probably not just some nightmare, because that would be just too ridiculous.
    To all of you who showed ther disapproval for the emotional outbursts regarding Lexie’s death because ‘life DOES change in an instant and there isn’t always a happy ending’: I think it is a million times more likely for a couple to end up togehter than to die in a plane crash. You might wanna seriously reconsider that point if you try to sell Lexie’s death as ‘touch of reality’.
    Maybe I won’t stop watching Grey’s next season, but I really wish I could stay away. I’m just not that big a person. In my opinion, this show is just over, and it should come to an end gracefully and not be kept alive by life-sustaining measurements (haha, get the joke here). Why not give the people the Happy Ending they want and deserve after all the sh** that want down in this show?

  31. Alyssa says:

    After reviewing the episode I have come to a few new possible conclusions. We were wondering if the windchimes rang for everyone who is going to die/died/or left. Have to watch back again to be sure. Meredith is obviously the one in the hospital either recalling all of this or “imagining” it (the latter I doubt) bc in the beginning you definitely see the hospital/operating room lights flash before they show her face, like she’s looking at them. I thought one of two things about the “rose” thing Derek said, either he has some brain injury, or ironically maybe the early onset Alzheimer’s like Ellis, due to the injuries he sustained. I believe mark will survive now, though I have to double check if the windchimes rang for him, and I’m fairly convinced Arizona will die due to the build up from torres’s speech, Karev’s message, and her injuries.

  32. I love you Shonda Rhimes yes I’m mad that you killed Lexie off the show but I believe that it some how will work out for the best … I honestly am glad to see Teddy go I feel like her story line is over after the lost of her husband. I trust you with Grey’s and with one door closed leaves another one to open.

  33. Kris says:

    The worst part is that now mark is going to be so broken. It will be miserable to watch next season. And cristina? PTSD again??? Derek possibly not having the use of his hand (can you say Burke?) doesn’t seem like writers left the finale with much place to go next season that will be worth watching!! If mark acts all happy and moves on with someone new I will just be pissed off. He needs an appropriate amount of time for grieving longer than just this summer. And now mer lost her sister too? Haven’t these characters been through enough?? This finale while it was heartbreaking (I loveeddd mark and lexie) seems like overkill…..

  34. Callie+Arizona(Calzona) says:

    No offense to mark but i hope he’s the next to die he’s already on deaths door the love of his life just died. his daughter has a family to love her. Derek will be sad but he still has Meredith, I will be Royal pissed if they kill off Arizona which i have a feeling that is exactly whats going to happen because they just dont want Callie to be happy too long. every time life gets good for her BAM they tear it apart its just gonna suck she told callie to never leave and she mite be the one dying. i will never watch this show again if she does so please dont do it

    im so loving Christina in the last few season we get to see her struggle with emotional changes love and marriage and family she’ll get back together with owen he’ll be the one to find them

  35. Tama45 says:

    I’m still in denial….. I really think Shonda made a HUGE mistake. I admire her work a lot and i’m gonna watch season 9 because I love the show but for the first time I feel Shonda have done a really bad choice.

  36. CAROLINA says:

    I’M MAD, Why????? Because I don’t understand that if shonda knew “for months” that Chyler was leaving at the end of the season……. Why she gave us hope for a reunion with Mark???? Why she didn’t write more scenes with meredith? Why?????

  37. Tealamarie says:

    Really, Lexie dying…. breaks my heart.. why are these season finales like your worst nightmare?
    And why are Dr Bailey and Ben remaining to carry on a totally unrealistic love relationship? Dr Bailey is a pain in the — there is no way Ben would be so enamored with her! Is he kidding? April is the other annoying character! I think Avery feels sorry for her..
    All the other actors are great Alex, Christina, Owen, Meredith, Callie and Arizona (not so much their relationship.. they are not sexy as a gay couple… they seem more like “just friends”..) and Avery- hope they return for next season!
    Maybe the show will inject some additional star quality to keep our interest.

  38. FairyTaleLover says:

    What a stupid bitch Shonda Rhimes is. If it made her sick and sad then why the hell did she do it? What a total idiot. If Mark and Lexie had been together the entire season instead of the back and forth game they had going on, Lexie’s death might have been not as bad. Instead it was devastating. I honestly don’t know how Mark will recover from this not to mention Meredith and even Derek, This show is sooo over for me.

  39. Pamela says:

    SEriously, she should have killed off that annoying Arizona!! Then Mark and Callie could be together…if he isn’t going to have Lexi, that’s the next best relationship. Or Karev–what makes him so vital to the show, anyhow?! I think this should be a dream that Mark wakes from and he and Lexi get back together!

  40. Kathy says:

    Why couldn’t they let Cristina and/or Owen die? The actress who played Cristina is so annoying, and I couldn’t stand she wanted to abort (which is wrong to do) her baby with her being a married woman. My question is did she ever abort the baby or did she lose it in a miscarriage? What gets me about her is she was so angry when Owen cheated on her and she is one who wanted to kill their baby. As for Lexie, her chartactor was getting boring, it is ashame that her sister wasn’t more loving toward her too,and couple of seasons ago she said “No” to Mark’s marriage propossal too & buying a house together.

  41. Hey says:

    This show used to be my family’s favorite. It has been goin down hill for a while now. But enoughs enough. Pure crap is even being nice to this drawn out unbelievable ending. I for one will never be tuning in again.

  42. Julienne Ingrid Bonita Arce says:

    Im so sad.Out of all the characters,it’s Lexie who I love most.She’s beautiful & has the right mix of naughty/nice she’s the only 1 with a photographic memory.and she’s the only 1 who made the elusive Mark want to commit.In my opinion,what sucks is the timing. I do not think lexie was given enough storyline and her relationship with Mark wasn’t fully satisfied.If these much has happened then killing her off won’t feel like she was taken out of the show prematurely.However, from the writer’s point of view,I understand why her character needs to be killed off when there are other candidates we won’t be too sappy to say goodbye to.The show needs a showstopping finale.Something that will not only generate a buzz but a wildfire.Like George, she is a well-loved character in the show.Besides that,she’s the character from which we won’t expect to die because she seems indispensable.Why just not Arizona or Mark or Kepner?It’s coz fans won’t be crying this hard or be tormented for days if one of them was killed off instead of Lexie.Her character has endeared to fans thus,her death is more poignant. Moreover,the writers needed someone’s death to be the catalyst that will define most characters’ lives on the show. Besides Derek and Cristina (who obviously can’t be killed off) she has the biggest connection to the lead, which is Meredith. She is the love of Mark’s life, and was Jackson’s love. She is Derek’s sister in law and most promising protegeè.She is bestfriends with Alex and Kepner. And one of Bailey’s favorite resident. She was mentored by most attending like Richard, Callie, Arizona and Owen. So she’s definitely a loss to every characters’ lives.Lexie’s death will pose the most heart wrenching impact and life altering change for the rest of episodes for the next season. 

  43. Cowboy Roger says:

    It’s gotta be a dream… Teddy leaving is no big deal she barely knew her husband, she’s a surgeon, to mourn and hate so long- that was exhausting to watch. Killing Lexie was so stupid. She could of moved and made guest appearances, so why kill her? You should have killed off Teddy, then she would have been with her dead husband and been happy.

    • Donna says:

      I’m convinced it’s a dream! No doubt about it.
      As others have posted here the dialogue and acting was too bizarre but very close to what we are use to from GA writers. This is someone’s dream — I think it is Mark’s; allowing him to realize he should pick Lexie over Julia (I think that is her name).

      • Babygate says:

        That ol’ dog won’t hunt…In other words, that ‘dream scenario’ is just not a plausible. It would be the dumbest cliche ever and Shonda would lose a lot of credibility.

  44. Isabella D. says:

    I am really sad that Lexie died. Sorry but I cant watch Greys Anatomy anymore. Lexie was my favorite character.

  45. Babygate says:

    Now that it’s all said and done: I didn’t like it, but I understand Shonda’s reasoning for killing off Lexie. Just walking away would have been redoing Izzie’s exit all over again which has left a huge unresolved issue for Alex to deal with. He’s still not over her. For next season, I hope they will get rid of the Mark character. He really doesn’t bring much to the show. First of all, he will be mourning and Eric Dane is amusing, but he’s horribly bad at the dramatic stuff and he’ll most likely just ruin the essence of what should be a tragic and emotional arc. Second, with Lexie gone, there is not much for him to do. Jackson already passed his boards, does he really need a mentor? I like him as Sofia’s dad but it would be nice to get rid of that god-awful tri-parenting arrangement. Callie can mourn him and then move on. Also, It will make the cast more compact which will allow the storylines to be more meaningful and better developed. As an alternative, we can see Catherine Avery visit more often to keep an eye of Jackson (but not too much: she’s a lot like Bailey and it would be overkill). Webber can also become more significant in Jackson’s life. So, again, no need for Mark. And I say this as a long-standing Slexie fan…

  46. Julie says:

    did anybody notice that dereck said rose’s name when meredith told him to stay awake. I don’t care what happens as long and derek and meredith stay together when the show ends the series. I was sad to see lexie go would have been happier if it were owen,karev,or APRIL.

  47. westminster1015 says:

    I enjoyed watching most episodes these years, but this last one of the season sucks. Sucks big time. There are other ways to get rid of characers. This plane crash was ridiculously over the top.

  48. whiiit says:

    Everybody is saying it could have been someone else rather than lexie, but let’s face it, if it would have been anyone else we would have had the same reaction. Everyone in Grey;s Anatomy is a valued character and nobody wants to see anyone leave. If it would have been Arizona, that would have left Callie to mourn and Mark and Callie to take care of the baby. Arizona and Callie are the most stable relationship on the show; they are the relationship people look up too. And if Kepner would’ve died….well she could’ve and it wouldnt of But we would have gotten mad over her too… her and Avery, the fact that when she ‘turns on God’ for having sex and then dies could have been a touchy subject to a lot of viewers. And Ben die??? Why not let Bailey be happy?
    All I am saying is that much of the same reaction would have come from any death. Most of you can’t see it right now because you are blinded by the fact Lexie is the one gone.

  49. meza says:

    I can’t stay anything else except, for the seek of us Australians who are loyal to american tv shows like Greys Anatomy, kindly give us our fictional Lexie Gray back..

  50. england says:

    I have to say i have never enjoyed a show as much as this and was wanting sloan and lexie to get back together for so long and now it has just been ruined and i am not sure i will bother to watch, if there is anyway for her to be brought back (lets face it they are top notch surgeons) there has to be a way as mark and lexie were the way forward for the story of greys as i can’t stand it when a show just brings in newbies and gets rid of the old. Simple answer to the show is BRING HER BACK, after all a show depends on viewers opinions. I don’t care how it done it just must be done…