Grey's Anatomy Boss Opens Up About Finale's Two Big Exits: 'It Made Me Sick, It Made Me Sad'

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 FinaleYou. Were. Warned.

Early Thursday, Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes issued the following alert to fans via Twitter: “Do not expect to be comforted or happy at end of the GA finale. I wrote it and even I found the ending to be very unsettling.”

She wasn’t kidding.

Although we’ve known for weeks that a Seattle Grace vet would meet an untimely end in this week’s plane crash-themed season climax, the death still packed a wallop — mostly because it came so early in the hour (defying finale convention). And, more importantly, because the character’s last name is in the title of the freakin’ show!

Yep, Rhimes went and killed Lexie!

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Truth is, Little Grey, played for five seasons by Chyler Leigh, didn’t stand a chance. Trapped beneath the wrecked fuselage, she was barely able to say a final goodbye to despondent ex Mark before she slipped away in the episode’s first 20 minutes. The death triggered a meltdown in sister Meredith (Ellen Pompeo really brought it, huh?) while Mark (an equally impressive Eric Dane) completely shut down. We would later discover that McSteamy was battling more than just a broken heart — he suffered something called a “cardiac tamponade,” as Cristina quickly diagnosed. She and Mer then performed some eww-inducing emergency surgery and saved his life. (Arizona and Derek also sustained serious injuries but, thankfully, survived.)

Meanwhile, back at Seattle Grace, Teddy nixed that Metcom offer and decided to remain at the hospital because she wanted to stay close to her dead husband’s ghost. And out of loyalty to Owen, who then turned around and fired her as a way to force her to take the job. (So long, Kim Raver!) Her exit would seem to pave the way for Cristina to become Seattle Grace’s new Cardio God.

UPDATE: After the West Coast airing, here is what Rhimes shared on Twitter about writing out Leigh and Raver:

Callie said it best tonight: Life changes in an instant. Turns on a dime.

This finale was incredibly hard to write. I did not enjoy it. It made me sick and it made me sad. We end the season not knowing ANYTHING about the future. Except for two things. We know we are definitely saying goodbye to two of my favorite people: Chyler Leigh (Lexie) and Kim Raver (Teddy).

I know this season’s finale had some surprises for viewers and the exit of Kim Raver was one of the big ones. But Kim’s series option was up and she was ready to give Teddy Altman a much-needed vacation. It’s been a pleasure working with someone as talented and funny and kind as Kim; everyone is going to miss her terribly. I like to imagine that Teddy is still out there in the Grey’s Anatomy universe, running Army Medical Command and building a new life.

I love Chyler and I love the character of Lexie Grey. She was an important member of my Grey’s family. This was not an easy decision. But it was a decision that Chyler and I came to together. We had a lot of thoughtful discussion about it and ultimately we both decided this was the right time for her character’s journey to end. As far as I’m concerned Chyler will always remain a part of the Shondaland family and I can’t wait to work with her again in the future.

I’d write more but I’m honestly too sad. I don’t like life changing in an instant and turning on a dime.

Elsewhere in the finale:

* Jackson decided to take the Tulane job, leaving best friend and lover April to mourn what could’ve been. (Sorry, no way Jesse Williams is leaving.)

* Bailey and Ben officially got engaged in one of the episode’s rare happy moments.

* Alex revealed in a voicemail to Arizona that he was accepting the position at Johns Hopkins. (Sorry, no way Justin Chambers is leaving.)

Reaction? Were you blindsided by the big death? When Lexie took her last breath, did you immediately flash back to this TVLine story from last fall and wonder if there was a connection? Which performance were you most impressed by? How long do you think Mer, Der, Cristina, Arizona and Mark will remain stranded in the middle of nowhere? Hit the comments!

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  1. Gretchen says:

    I know I am in the minority here, but of all the possibilities to die, Lexie is the easiest for me. She always seemed immature and her relationship with Mark was creepy and seemed to be just so the “Little Grey” would also be seeing an attending.

    No matter who died, people were going to be upset.

  2. Cassandra says:

    i posted this yesterday and im posting it again bc i want to know if anyone else was paying attention to the clues…ok. everyone defending it, gimme a break. every time an actor wants to leave the show you kill the character? totallyyyy unnecessary and also, shonda saying she didnt want to do it but chyler and she talked and decided together…um. no way should that have been anyones decision by shonda’s. and it sounded like she didnt want to do it, so why did she?…im led to believe this is a big sneaky set up, which would be so cool. it must be a dream or something, there were weird chimes throughout the episode, and lexies last words were “meant to be” and callie was waaaay too happy. the whole thing just felt off, fishy, like shonda is up to something. i don’t buy it. and why would chyler make a statement that she’s hear to stay, and then leave the show? also, there was no set up to her death…like george joined the army before he died…lexie just professed her love to mark in the end of the previous episode…its just so inconsistent…if its not a dream or they dont find some way to redeem this story, its literally just the worst writing in history. first of all, when meredith sees lexi is trapped she would not have just looked at her for a second and been like, i have to find derek. no way. its her only sister. secondly, why would christina pull meredith up without checking her for injuries? i dont care how in shock she is, christina is too good a doctor to do something like that. even arizonia says to the guy dont move you could hurt yourself more…its all just too fishy. and then arizonia says, i think were all alive…maybe someones in a coma and dreaming this…or i dunno. but the writing felt too off to be real…and also normally the finales are 2 hrs, this was one. couldnt be too if youre setting up some tricky dream seq you want to hide for 4 months…i dunno. i call b.s.

    • Donna says:

      Great points, I agree. In fact before I read Shonda’s comments I was thinking it plays out like this: Mark has a heart attack and the procedure done by Christina in the woods is really done in the hospital and this is Mark’s dream while he is under.

      Another reason I think it may be a dream is honestly the surgeon,s particularly Christina and Derek have suffered significant injuries to shoulder, arm, hands — livelihood/claim to fame. Seems unlikely that suffering injuries like that would allow them to recover enough to be the top notch surgeons that their characters are — doesn’t make sense.

      Hopefully, this is case…

    • steph004 says:

      I think you are right. Something was up with this episode. I was too annoyed to watch it objectively…and honestly forwarded through everything at the hospital. Who could concentrate on that when the others were in such danger? I think it’s worth a second viewing. The parallel stories, the bells. Someone needs to ask Shonda what was up with the bells. Also ask if she’s been watching too much Lost.

    • Leah says:

      I totally agree. There was something really weird about that episode. And those bells really confused me; at first I thought a phone was ringing in my house or something but then I realized it was the show and they just made no sense. I swear if they make a time jump at the beginning of next season I’m going to scream. That was like the worst finale I’ve ever seen. The only thing I liked about it was Christina’s fixation on finding her shoe.

    • greysfan says:

      Give me a freaking break. It happened and thats that. Get over it. Lexie isn’t coming back and this is how it is.

  3. AliKat7 says:

    I honestly had hoped that Lexie wasn’t dead and that after the commercial break, Christina and Mer would be able to bring her back. Her death was such a shock and then it seemed to only continue to bother Mark. Meredith was fine once she found Derek. I thought that was pretty cold. I get Christina being that way because she honestly was – once again – the only one to hold her sh*t together in this. I couldn’t believe Arizona was obviously bleeding internally AND her leg yet no one really seem to check on her even after rescuing Mark and Derek. And the pilot? Could someone not have at least feigned concern that the poor guy might need aid? Christina and Meredith didn’t even have their injuries checked once things settled down. Christina had Mark pop her shoulder back in and went on with it. Meredith had a bloody head. Why wasn’t her neurosurgeon husband a little bit worried about that???

    *sigh* That aside, unlike some people I was glad Arizona wasn’t dead. I hope her and Mark do survive it although Mark didn’t look too good at the end. I’ll be annoyed as h*ll if they jump ahead a few months/weeks when the show resumes and not show what happened next. I won’t stop watching because I do still care about some of the characters but Lexie was one of my favorites. Her and Sloan needed their happily ever after and now he’ll be in mourning. Unhappy Sloan makes me unhappy. McSteamy is fun but he won’t be McSteamy for awhile since he lost Lexie.

    Callie’s speech broke my heart because she had no idea she was about to lose her perfect life (if she lost Arizona or Mark)

    RIP Lexie – You’ll be missed lil Grey Chyler Leigh

  4. soflirty84 says:

    Has anyone thought maybe she is sayin chyler wanted lexie to die to cover her own ass. Lexie is a fan fave & the backlash has been pretty extreme. I think she realized what a huge mistake she made & is now tryin for damage control. Killing lexie probably cost this show millions of viewers they can’t afford to lose. Even if chyler wanted out lexie didn’t have to die. Teddy gets to be chief @ another hospital & the actress is leaving. Why doesn’t chyler get the same consideration? I doubt chyler said kill lexie in a plane crash w/ 3 mins. Of dialogue for slexie and by all means build slexie up all season, tell fans they’ll have a rough patch but will be happy them yank it away. Whether chyper wNted out or not this backlash is right where it belongs. On shonda rhimes. You killed vests just like u killed lexie. Fix it!

    • soflirty84 says:

      My phone is stupid. It changed some wording. I meant chyler & shonda has killed greys just like she killed lexie. Stupid autocorrect.

    • greysfan says:

      Lexie is still a resident. She couldn’t be offered that opportunity.

  5. mia says:

    Grey’s Anatomy Big Death Scene D.O.A.

    Last night’s season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” was disappointing not merely because Lexis aka Little Grey was one of the show’s few remaining non-irritating characters, but also because the show had finally started to get really interesting again (e.g. those fun episodes involving the boards) and this episode was fairly flat, particularly considering the potential drama of its storyline. The much-hyped big death scene was more a case of “What, what? That was it?” Blink and you’ll miss it.

    Why Arizona should have died instead: Her relationship with Callie ran out of steam a while ago. They had become a boring, married couple (fine in real life; doesn’t make for interesting TV-watching), and I’m apparently not alone in finding her whiny and irritating. Killing her off would have at least made me care about her again, if only for an episode.

    Conversely, in the last few installments, Lexie and Mark Sloan consistently made me laugh. Lexie’s “I can’t freaking believe I just said that” faces (a la Bridget Jones), Sloan’s doltish responses to her declarations of love and their hilariously awkward interactions were pure comedy, and I’m clearly not alone in thinking that a renewal of the Slexie storyline would have been refreshing. Bring ’em together, break ’em up, rinse, repeat — who doesn’t love that? Furthermore, the pacing of the death was bizarre. Killing Lexie off so quickly was anticlimactic. Wait, what? That’s it? Seriously? Seriously. Seriously!

    And now what? Do the remaining crash survivors get eaten by wolves like someone mentioned above? Sure, that regularly happens in real life — the quick, undramatic death thing, not necessarily the wolves — but the point of TV (and any storytelling) is that it’s not real life — it’s entertainment. If we’d been taunted by the possibility of Lexie’s death up until the end of the episode — using it as a device to force Mark out of his emotional paralysis — and been led to assume that Arizona was fine, there would have been some juicy tension. And then, after being lulled into complacency re: Arizona’s apparent survival — she’s as peppy as ever, folks! — a last moment with her suddenly coughing up blood, shocking not only us but the character, too — would have been a nice little gut punch, so to speak.

    So, yes, I agree that the show’s decision to kill off Lexie — and in such a laissez faire manner — was baffling. More baffling still was the fact that a show that usually has a decent sense of dramatic timing managed to leach any emotional impact out of such a potentially big scene. As for the rest of the episode – eh. Jackson and Karev decide to take big new fancy jobs, Hunt nobly forces Teddy to do the same, the Chief’s all rah rah per usual, and April’s (shocker) still whining about Jesus. Blah, blah, blah. And I am the only one who cringes every time Bailey and Ben kiss? There’s something just wrong there.

    As it stands, I’m not angry or hurt by the writers’ decision. I have no plans to go on a Grey’s Anatomy strike, all melodramatic-like. It’s more that I find I don’t really care what happens next. And as a longtime Grey’s fan, that’s the most disappointing part of all.

  6. saltacid says:

    GA is over for me. I’m gonna pretend it ended before the finale.

    Just like I pretend that there are no Sex and the City movies because the shows ending was perfect & so much better than the movies (weird comparison but still). I also pretend that Two and half men ended after Charlie Sheen left.

    This is about money, keeping a show alive as long as possible. It just sucks for the fans because they continue watch out of loyalty… Well, I quit.

  7. jollin says:

    I’ve never been so disappointed in a fan base before. You are all acting like children, its a TV show, get over it and grow up. Shonda writes the show for a reason and you don’t, if she wrote it solely for a specific fan base it would be like a horrible fan fiction. Yes I’m devastated as well, but at the end of the day we will all be back fornext season.

    • greysfan says:

      Amen to that. The whole “I GIVE UP NOT WATCHING NEXT SEASON” is a crock. 99% of these people will be back for Season 9 and you know what its a tv show for gods sake. I am one of the biggest Grey’s fans out there and yes i was hurt and shocked by this but you know what this was meant to be. Lexie is a fan favourite we all know that and this is why it hurt so much and everyone is angry but Mark said he loved her and that is all she needed to hear. Then she dies. Its a typical thing to do in dramas that involve death. I am just really disappointed in the so called fans who say they are fans. You have been with it for 8 years then you are just going to give up? I don’t buy it. You’ll get over it.

  8. emg says:

    I would love to know why every season of Grey’s has to have some sort of major tragedy, as if in order for a season to be good, there must be a gut-wrenching, life altering event that has to kill off a few major characters. I’m really sick of this pattern across Shonda Rhimes shows.

  9. Kristyn says:

    Should have killed kepner! Good episode …really sad that lexie died! I loved her and mark! The suspense for next season is already eating me alive. I wish i knew who dies in the woods and who doesnt. I thought i heard Derek was not coming back for season 9. But i guess thats not true or maybe he dies the first episode. He did a interview a few months ago saying he was moving and leaving Greys!
    Still a dedicated watcher! Will never stray.

    I love the new show Scandal !!!!!!

    Never really got into Private Practice. Watched a few episodes and
    didnt care for the other characters. But i loved Addison!Maybe she can come back to seattle while Arizona is healing but please dont kill Arizona!!!!! One last question for Shonda Why do you kill so many babies???

    2 of Christinas
    1 of dereks sisters
    1 Amanda tanner in Scandal
    1 Alex’s intern
    1 gave away Marks Grandbaby

  10. amber says:

    Shonda you should be very concerned for GA next season.. if you don’t make this wreck of a finale a dream or something and bring back lexie your ratings will def go down. Lexie and Mark needed their happy moment a real happy moment including marraige kids a house anything!! I as a loyal fan of greys feel extremely betrayed and empty :'( and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way

  11. BEE says:


  12. Dee says:

    My thoughts are this…….there was way too much put into a one hour time slot…. this finale should have been 2 hrs long. It would have given us a little more time to prepare and accept Lexie leaving us… 19 minutes into the show BLAM she was gone! Yes life changes and turns on a dime, but we Grey’s fans could have used a little more time to accept this and really see her and Mark have a longer talk about the love they shared… Was that asking for too much?

  13. Sandy Brown says:

    I really thought the plane crash was a decoy to make us believe that one of the main characters were going to die. I had my head set that Adele was going to die from the Alzheimers, thus freeing Dr. Weber to be with Dr. Avery. Never did I once think it would be Lexie…wow…so disappointing!

  14. Alex says:

    First everyone complains because season 7 finale was not as good as season 6 finale and now you complain? What is your problem?? You wanted a shocking finale and that was the shocking finale! You want a NUCLER MELTDOWN? Dinosaurs all over Seattle? Sorry for the freak out. I enjoyed the finale.

  15. M says:

    Shonda, you have a few months to come up with a way to bring Lexie back, because that was just stupid!
    We don’t care if you use a lame “Meredith had a concussion during the crash and was hallucinating” storyline. But you better do it!

    • greysfan says:

      LEXIE ISN’T COMING BACK! She is a mother and the 20+ hours a day sometimes takes it out of her and she wanted to freaking leave!!!!!! STOP WITH THE LEXIE HAS TO COME BACK CRAP! ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!! SHEESH!

  16. Sophie says:

    Yes it is absolutely sad that Lexie died… We know shonda is dark and twisty and always has to make the audience cry. I thought chyler was amazing and I toi was hoping for a lexie/mark reunion. They’re the best couple of the show, after merder. But I think shonda made an impact with that one, as it’s like real life. It can change in an instant, and sometimes you waist in and don’t say all you need to say in time. Sometimes people lose the love of their life… I can’t wait to see how it will affect mark next season.
    I wonder if it was all planned since the beginning of the season. Remember the what if/then episode? Even though reality was altered, in the end, it all turned on right… Well in that episode Lexie died. So it’s like it was meant to be…
    As for people critizing meredith’s reaction, wouldn’t go after the love of your life in such circumstances? I would!! And I guess her reaction after findig derek is just that she can’t accept it yet and doesn’t realise it. The consequences will be next year.

    • Gretchen says:

      I don’t understand how Mark and Lexie were amongst the best couples of the show…Mark is sleazy and older, Lexie immature and looks quite young. Seeing them together creeped me out.

      The only reason those two were made a couple was to echo Meredith dating an attending, but unlike Meredith and Derek, Mark and Lexie seemed forced and yes, creepy.

      • Jenni says:

        Chyler Leigh is 30. She is hardly too young to have played an love interest for Eric Dane. They are both in the 30’s. Lexie could have been in her late 20’s but even then it wouldn’t have been creepy. She was a grown adult. Immaturity would have been from her personality, not her age.

  17. avanas78 says:

    I don’t really care who leaves the show. Fact is the writing for the past two seasons has been horrible. I’ve watched maybe 4 episodes of the last two seasons but decided to watch this finale and give it one last chance.

    Big mistake. The emotional attachment for the characters I used to have is lacking because the writers seem to have gotten very lazy and are lacking creativity. It’s a shame really.

    Time to hire some new writers i think. It’s not about killing off characters it’s how you do it. This episode was unemotional for me. Even the best actors can’t do much with a horrible script.

  18. Larc says:

    I don’t think any of this was a dream or anything other than the obvious. Chyler probably wanted to take some time off for her family, and this presented the perfect opportunity. As for them getting found at the crash site, my guess is early morning at latest. They were probably spotted from the helicopter, but it would take time for rescuers to arrive by foot. It would have been obvious something was wrong when the plane they were in dropped off radar. Also, there is likely a transponder sending signals unless Shonda ignored reality.

  19. toomuchtoofast says:

    I feel like they should have made this episode 2 hours. Too much was crammed in with the plane crash scene and what was going on back at the hospital. Lexie didn’t get enough of a goodbye and neither did Teddy… it all just felt way too rushed.

    • Cassandra says:

      thats why i think its a set up for a dream or something…the whole structure of the episode was much too fishy.

      • Linda says:

        never thought of a dream episode, but the commercials by Cheif Webber said before the opening tha what you think you know you dont ( so maybe next week, when we see thr real story things will be ok again ai hope ! )

  20. Heather says:

    I heard Lexie is not really dead from another website… It was that Arizona was coughing up blood and in real life Arizona is pregnant. Shonda is leading to believe that Lexie is dead! Lexie fans rejoice!

    • Larc says:

      They are doctors! If anybody would know when somebody is dead, they would. An MD is the final authority called on to confirm death.

    • Cassandra says:

      what website?

    • shutuprob says:

      Lexie is dead. The timing of Jessica Capshaw’s pregnancy determined only the seriousness of Arizona’s injury, a compound fracture of her leg, which will enable the show to work around her availability at the top of next season.

  21. Shelly says:

    But Christina found her shoe…

  22. Alex says:

    Shonda confirmed that Chyler Leigh would not be coming back. :( why are people thinking that Lexie isn’t really dead?

  23. DRW says:

    I’m not even saying this because she was the one who died, but Lexie genuinely was my favourite character I think!

    Compared with all the doom and gloom Grey’s usually has in it Lexie was like a burst of sunshine most of the time (not to sound too cheesy). So I’m really disappointed that she’s gone. Even if the actress wanted out, they didn’t have to actually kill her off.

    So yeah, I’m not gonna say ‘never watching this show again!!!’ because I will, because I love it, but as a fan I do think it was a mistake. She was a great character who really added something different to the cast.

  24. shutuprob says:

    It seems to me that when Michael linked back to last fall’s article about Chyler Leigh being missing from a few episodes last fall, that was a strong hint that, ultimately, the reason that Lexie got killed off is because Leigh, mom of three young kids, was in desperate need of less time on the show and the only way that Shonda could make it work story-wise was to kill Lexie off. After all, next year would have been Lexie’s graduation year as a resident, leaving them absolutely no career-related reasons to reduce her screentime. So it’s likely that, as one of the more central characters, one who was in an on-off relationship with another central character, the structure of the show would have demanded the same or more of a time committment from Leigh, not less.
    I wouldn’t be too surprised if the possibility of Lexie surviving but being comatose for half or more of the season might have been floated, if only by a writing staffer not named Shonda or by the network, but, if that’s true, then you’ve also got to take into consideration that you can’t put Sloane in a story stasis for that long two years in a row, which is what happened in the first half of the season due to Leigh’s absence. He was almost shrinking to being a mere supporting character in Callie and Arizona’s storyline rather than sustantaing his own, so even if mourning Lexie means that he breaks up with Julia and doesn’t perk up to start dating again until midseason, Mark has his own storyline again.
    I don’t mean to blame either Shonda or Chlyer Leigh or both for Lexie dying, though. It would be uncool to demand too much time of Leigh if her heart isn’t into it and conversely, it would be uncool to demand of Shonda that she take a storyline in a direction that she can’t make work. After all, we saw what happened the *last* time she tried to force a weird idea into the show: y’know, Izzie got a brain tumor and started to hallucinate visions of her dead fiancee. And Katherine Heigl rightly disavowed it.
    Finally, it’d be a wonderful confirmation of Ausiello’s conjecture if Leigh were to get cast in a small-ish recurring role on Scandal.

  25. Maureen says:

    I think this is just a dream……I know someone is going to wake up ……..

  26. PappysAngel says:

    Relax people Its just a tv show. Shonda gave you the warning, a beloved character will die. She showed you who was in the crash you all had an idea it was maybe Lexie so why the freak out? Because her and Mark won’t be together? Honestly that story was tired. In my opinion her story arch was over. So what saving her and having her and Mark get together and than they become the boring old married couple like Arizona and Callie? You would all be here bitching and moaning that nothing exciting happens with Lexie and Mark so kill them finally.

    Killing Lexie brings everyone together. She dated Karev, saved his life and she CHOSE Karev over Mark (season finale with the shooter). She fell in love with Jackson who still had strong feelings for her that he had to push away last I checked. Meredith is her sister, she was Derek’s apprentice, Cristina actually cared for her (watch seasons prior when she trains her to get some tough skin). She bonded with Callie over George’s death, etc ,etc Killing Lexie brings more depth to the other characters, it adds more shock value, how will they cope? Can you honestly see Meredith, Derek, Jackson and Cristina caring as much if it was Arizona? Nope.

    I respect Shonda storytelling and enjoyed the finale. It will be interesting to see how this changes the real Grey, Meredith. Will she be dark and twisty again.

  27. manjar Blanco says:

    OK. I am done with Grey’s anatomy.
    First: why do they always have to end the season with some bloody, “everyone is going to die” theme? It is really stupid.
    Second: Flat writing, ” I lost my shoe” (Christina) , “I heard your voice” (Derek, all smiles). These are just examples or very silly dialogue.
    April and Jackson: are “Best Friends”? Since when? the writers did not develop that relationship well at all!
    I think this show has run out of steam. I predict that season 9 will be the last one and it will probably not be very good at all.
    It was a fun ride though!

  28. Kris says:

    I will no longer watch the show due to the fact that Lexie was killed off. That was a terrible decision and will most likely drop the ratings of the show. In the end Mark and Lexie should have ended up together. Not happy at all with the director.

  29. Mary says:

    I have to admit the entire finale felt a bit off. I honestly think everyone is starting to get tired of this show. I’ve watched several other shows fluster in later seasons, but I think Shonda is starting to run out of ideas. She’s done practically everything under the sun and probably feels like deaths are the only way left to go. The scenes were back at the hospital were boring, and the whole time I was eager to get back to crash site or yelling at Owen to pick up the phone. Why would they only call Owen? Besides, private planes are generally tracked by radars at larger airport. When every single possible thing goes wrong, it begins to feel more like a soap opera. This episode felt slow to me. I loved the season 6 finale, it was fast paced and dramatic, keeping me on the edge of my seat the whole time. In this one she killed a main character and then basically had the remaining characters play Survivor. As a Grey’s Anatomy fan, I was disappointed.
    But as a Mark/Lexie fan I felt cheated. I understand that in real life people don’t usually get to have these long drawn out goodbyes, but when has this show ever been realistic? “Seattle Grace Mercy Death.” Lexie got about five minutes of screen time and they didn’t even have a final kiss. Their last kiss was a quick peck before she found out he had gotten Callie pregnant. I can understand if the actress wanted to leave, but I think that it could’ve been handled better. Chyler asked for an extended hiatus at the beginning of the season, but I have a feeling Shonda knew the actress was on her way out. She should’ve gotten Mark and Lexie back together earlier, the death still would have been beautiful and tragic, but fans wouldn’t feel betrayed. What happened to Mark and Lexie getting a happy ending and fans being satisfied? What happened to the 87%?
    Am I the only one who misses Grey’s being shocking? Everyone knew it was going to be Lexie, they made it extremely obvious in the promos. What about when we all though Izzie was going to die and George got hit by a bus? What happened to this Grey’s? I honestly feel like the writing has been getting lazy.
    There is a very large part of me that wishes that it’s all a dream or Lexie magically survives. In my perfect world, rescue crews find them and Lexie would still have an extremely faint pulse. They’re able to revive her and fix most of her injuries. She ends up paralyzed, with a broken arm, and in a coma. When she eventually wakes up, she and Mark get back together and her story line not only focuses on the return of this couple, but her learning to deal with her new reality, and possibly, just because it’s the show of incredibly unrealistic miracles, is able to walk again. She and Mark eventually get married and eventually have their own kids, two boys and one girl. I can dream can’t I?
    For anyone who’s wondering, I will still watch the show, but I have a feeling something will be missing. I will be royally pissed if they have Mark move on. He should just focus on his daughter, and mourn the love of his life. He should obviously eventually be happy, but not with another woman. It would be an insult to Lexie Grey and the vast following of fans their relationship resulted in.

    Did anyone else wonder about the wind chimes? Did they have some significance? I definitely didn’t catch it.

  30. lili g says:

    I feel empty… I have to keep watching to see what happens to Christina and Owen but if it weren’t for them…
    When George died although sad, FELT right but this, thid doesn’t FEEL right..

  31. Cassandra says:

    ok so there are lights that look like hospital lights in the beginning when mer is looking at the sky that turns out to be the sun but i think shes the one dreaming. and then chimes right away in the beginning of the episode. then again about 12 minutes in and then at 13 christina says come help lexie and theres thunder sound even though the sky is all sunny….then lexies last words are meant to be…she gets no message to her dad or her other sister molly….then when they find derek its just too uneventful after meredith thinks he is dead and is freaking out…then she tells christina shes still her person when she thinks her husband and sister are dead and christina doesnt respond? too cold…then the parallel between marks procedure and the one at the hospital…then arizonia spitting up blood all secret and not telling anyone…just too many loose ends..also season finales are normally 2 hours, this was one…if its a big set up you wouldnt want to draw it out for 2 hours, what a waste of time that wouldve been, but an hour…could easily write the whole thing off as a dream…also arizonia talking about george and being waaaay to happy. its just weird…if this isnt the dream its just way too inconsistent writing for shonda…that plane was in how many pieces? thered be no survivors…then they tell arizonia lexie is dead and she doesnt even have a reaction? cmon…this characters arent dead inside…this is a family and if this is how they really choose to off the character of lexie grey, its just poooor writing, and i have to believe shonda is better than that. bc she has written a compelling show i have cherished for 8 yrs. george died saving someone, lil grey cant just be a victim and crushed to death, no meaning. doesnt do the character justice and just makes no sense after she had lexie drool over mark all season just for that 30 second goodbye? no way. fix it over the summer shonda if you havent planned this as a dream already…cuz its baaaad writing…

  32. Sabrina says:

    I was extremely disappointed in the finale last night. They were making it seem in promos that this shocking death was going to be jaw dropping, depressing, and dark. Nothing of the sort happened. Yes it sucks Lexie was the one killed, but she was laying under part of a plane and couldn’t feel her legs, had a crushed pelvis and couldn’t breathe, it was a given she was going to die at that point. I was honestly hoping it would have been Meredith or Derek of Kepner—she could have committed sucide after all the bad stuff happening to her. I was pumped for the finale and EXTREMELY let down. And it went off with no big cliff hanger or anything. I may not even continue watching next season.

  33. KSM says:

    I have never been a big fan of the Lexie character, and while I enjoyed Mark and Lexie together, I wasn’t all that upset that they weren’t, so apparently I am in the minority. However, the scene between those two as she died was just so beautifully acted, it is a shame everyone just got pissed and didn’t watch the episode. It was a decision made mutually by both Shonda Rhimes and Chyler Leigh. I thought it was a good episode, and I will be excited for next year to see the aftermath.

  34. Monica says:

    “There is only one thing worse in the world worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about”
    I hated Shonda for killing Lexie but then Cristina said “I don’t understand how this keeps happening” and I remembered that it is still Grey’s and it will be Grey’s next year.

  35. Milou says:

    I HATE THIS!! She was my fav character.. I hope they loose lots and lots of viewers because of this.. at least they have lost me..

  36. anon o miss says:

    Wondering why more people on here aren’t talking about how at the very end, right about the 59/60 minute mark, Derek mutters the word “Rose” in his semi-concious state. It was right as Meredith was starting to nod off around the campfire and Yang yelled that she wanted everyone conscious. Perhaps Derek said the word “boat” but it sure sounded like “Rose.”
    If that is what he said I really don’t know where to begin in analyzing this crazy episode. Some aspects were well done, others were very off kilter and if Lexie had to die it certainly could have been written so that fans got at least something of a payoff. Not saying writers have to give fans every last thing, but they are the customers of this entertainment and they are loyal. They deserve something for tuning in all these years. To have re-built the Slexie tension for the last two years, even to the point where Derek became involved as the shepherd of the whole thing in trying to bring them together – and then just pow, turn it to vapor in one super-quick death scene, that came far too early in the show, was just bizarre. Could it all have been dream? Even with SR making that announcement about the actresses leaving (funny how she had to clarify her own script), the whole thing had so many loose ends and felt too surreal to not have been someone’s hallucination. I’ve never known this show to have writing that strange on purpose. Maybe Lexie really is leaving but she’ll get a proper sendoff in Sept?
    Anyway, any thoughts on the mysterious Rose utterance? God I would hate it if she was back in the picture. That character was nauseating.

  37. Lee says:

    Yes, all you patronizing posters, we know Lexie is a fictional character. And it’s apparent that Chyler Leigh had some input into her departure. Like someone else said- its not that she’s gone. It’s that THEY KILLED THE CHARACTER. Why kill another popular character? First George now Lexie. And Izzy is still out there somewhere? Fix it, Shonda.

  38. delores says:

    They “jumped the shark”. I loved this show and never missed it. Doubt I will watch it again.

  39. Summer says:

    I feel like this was a slap in the face to all of the Mark/Lexie fans. They were the only reason I even kept up with awful show for so long.. ugh.

  40. Lily says:

    Normally I am the person screaming at the TV when something really ridiculous or implausible happens or everything turns out to be a dream.
    But I would totally accept implausibility like all the doctors missed a heartbeat or the CIA faked Lexie’s death so she could become some badass undercover doctor or something if it meant she was alive!
    I am not a happy bunny

  41. BrookeH says:

    Lexie got a better, more humane send off than George, Burke or Erica. At least she didn’t disappear in the parking lot.

  42. Kelly says:

    Seems like they replaced Lexie with April which I will not accept and will not accept Mark with anyone but Lexie. He’s journey is over for me. CL may have chose to leave but Shonda chose not to leave the door open. She chose to kill her. Lexie was the best and I’m done with the show. No threat, no more comments just done.

  43. Alex says:

    Almost 1000 comments of angry fans about the death of Lexie.
    There’d better be some serious damage control for the Season Premiere. For one of the first times I’d actually prefer this being someone’s bad coma induced nightmare.

  44. Mary Upton says:

    I was crying my eyes out when I realized Lexie was going to die! She’s one of my favorite characters. My husband never comments on an actor’s skills, but watching Lexie’s final minutes, he said,”Damn! She’s a good actress!”. Dane’s acting looked a little forced but goodness, watching Chyler nearly killed me!! I hope Chyler goes on and does movies or whatever makes her happy. I was disappointed but will never quit watching the show. I love seeing Patrick Dempsey the most. I hate seeing anyone cry so it’s tough for me watching this stuff.

  45. s says:

    I like how no one cares that Teddy left, lol. (Just to clarify.. neither do I.)

  46. John says:

    If Chyler chose to leave, the door should have been left open. Lexie is the best. And I’m sorry death is overdone on tv, especially on Grey’s. And also come on Izzie got to live, and even Burke got to live. Why not Little Grey?

    I hope to see Chyler in more projects she is wonderful. I too think she’d make a great princess on Once upon a time, maybe Ariel.

  47. JL says:

    Ok everyone relax! Lexie is not dead. I bet money on the fact that Lexie just passed out and that Arizona is the one that dies in the season premier. She was bleeding internally and there was too much foreshadowing of Arizona’s death. She took Alex’s spot on the plane. As a result, Alex will feel like he owes it to Arizona (who trained him) to stay in Seattle and not go to John Hopkins. To me it was so obvious. Also, Christina will stay and take the Cardio job. Sorry I spoiled the season premier for everyone but that is what is going to happen! Mark and Lexi will have their day.

  48. Jill says:

    I have a feeling that Shonda isn’t quite done with the airplane deaths. She admitted that she had to write the finale without knowing where contract renewals stood. Now that she knows, I think the following will happen. Arizona is probably dead so that Alex can come back as the main Peds guy. Mark will either live so that he & Callie can comfort each other, or die so that Jackson will come back to be the Plastics guy. Then, they can explore the Jackson & April relationship since she comes back to take Lexie’s spot.

  49. Slh says:

    People please….it’s a show. Go outside, kick a ball around with your kids, hook up, do something! I love Grey’s but put it in it’s place.

  50. MG Allen says:

    I really hope it is all Mark’s bad dream…… and he awakens on the plane, with a determination to tell Lexie how he feels about her. Lexi can still move away (or maybe she enlisted in the army- after Mark left).. I am losing interest in watching and I hate that! I want a bit of Happy in this drama!