A&E Cancels Breakout Kings After Two Seasons

Breakout Kings CancelledA&E has pulled the plug on Breakout Kings after two low-rated seasons.

The show’s demise was foreshadowed earlier this week when Kings co-creator Matt Olmstead joined NBC’s new drama Chicago Fire as exec producer/showrunner.

Co-star Malcolm Goodwin confirmed the cancellation on Twitter Thursday evening and thanked fans for “the luv & support over the last 2 seasons! It’s been a fun experience! Much luv! On to the next.”

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  1. Jullz says:

    Am curious…. whch low ratings are they talking about….am all the way in Kenya n i loved this show…..There is no way this show had low ratings….C’mon…I loved it to the last episode….Renew it pliz..

  2. Amber says:

    That sucks hard I loved that show! Geez! All the good ones get canceled!

  3. Ryan says:

    That’s BS. I been waiting for the show to return. No wonder why. Who is to blame, the network or the peice of $’%#+ viewers who give ratings to these crappy reality shows. Lets all buy the two seasons and hope it will come back like family guy did. And as for A&E, I’m blocking the channel. Arts and Entertainment my ass!!!! More like Assholes and Elbows!!!!

  4. Susan Kelly says:

    :( Super Disappointed. I don’t think A&E had the right info about how many people actually watched this show… Sad it got cancelled….

  5. Bugsy says:

    This is bs, I see shows that have to rank way lower, like…….. Mob wives, jersey shore, come one, that show was 10 times better. Rip break out kings. I still have my walking dead show, and dexter as well as breaking bad. I hate watching reality, who really watches rich woman being bored or over payed actors or actresses who suck ass?

  6. nathania says:

    This was a total let down now I don’t blame some ppl when they say they don’t watch shows till its in at least the 3rd season. I REALLY like this show, I even got my cousin into it. It would be GREAT if another network picks this show up. I’m praying to the gods that this happen. A&E BAD MOVE!

  7. nicole says:

    That really sucks we’ve been waiting all year. Why do we have to watch the same shows with ‘different’ people? Every tv shows is the same, it isn’t that we would rather watch those shows its nobody is willing to come out with something new new and stand behind it.

  8. Seth says:

    I know all of us are really torked off at these Jagoffs for taking a good show off the air and putting “Reality” in its place. The fact is this makes me even more mad seeing how many people on other sites such as this one that really liked…..Screw that loved Break out kings. But the shows problem was there was no TNA, Abusive languge, and Dance mom child abuse and for that reason great 5 star shows like this will never last on tv; even though I am only twenty-three I remember when shows like this stayed on for years and now they are taken off the air to make room for trash. THE PRODUCERS OF A&E NEED TO PULL THEIR HEADS FROM WHERE THE SUN DON”T SHINE AND THINK FOR OUNCE!!!

  9. bill says:

    so many good shows cancelled…. if its a money issue maybe A&E should put there hand out..

  10. savannah says:

    i cant believe this show was canceled, i hate wanting to watch a series on netflix and finding out that the show is canceled and there is no ending

  11. Erika says:

    This just really bites! If A&E was a person: I’d literally shoot them in both their legs, throw them off the edge of the friggin Eiffel Tower, then (dead or alive) leave them stranded in a hole Somewhere so the weeping angels can send their ass back in time to the dinosaur age to have a t-Rex eat their face off. I’m just do tired of all these dumb ass shows being in the spotlight when CLEARLY other shows are actually worth the time. Anyone with a thirst for
    Knowledge and a decent IQ would prefer Breakout Kings over the bounty hunter , those rednecks who catch hogs, and storage wars. SERIOUSLY? Storage wars?! WHAT. Is. Happening. To. The. World. Everytime I had to sit through storage wars just to watch breakout kings, I felt like my brain was turning into tapioca pudding. WTH. F- you A&E. F-YOU. Eventually the cancellation of these great shows will blow up in your face, and I hope when it does, you cry. I’m going to go read a book now, because I’m smart enough not to watch your crappy shows.

  12. Tony says:

    Well with every channel canceling good shows for reality crap, it just gives all of us one more reason to cancle the cable and go to Netflix. Cheaper, no commercials are a few more. Jus sayin

  13. Nicholas says:

    Bring on season 3!!!

  14. jnorm says:

    Bad decision A&E. Probably going to replace it with another scripted “reality” show. We’re sick of the reality shows. Cheapskates.

  15. Amy says:

    Omg!!! This show was good, too good to be cancelled. There’s a lot of crap on TV and this was not one of those shows that fell in that category. Love all the actors & actresses, a more “real” feel. Their characters weren’t all perfect and rich with white a picket fence. They had real problems and real lives, thanks to the writer, when a viewer can connect and associate with the characters that’s what’s up! Thanks for two seasons, hope to see it on again in the future xo

  16. I’m not surprised. I always thought A&E has some of the lamest shows and I just got through telling my granddaughter that Breakout Kings was probably one of the best series on TV and knowing A&E’s habit of constantly shooting themselves in the foot, they probably didn’t renew it. And of course, A&E never shatters my apathy. This show had some of the best acting, writing and dialog of any series ever produced. Note that I watch a LOT of series. Online mostly as a small way of boycotting the cable companies for perpetuating the ongoing lie of all big business (better, cheaper, faster, more, take your pick). Sort of like, how ATMs were going to save banking customers so much money. Hilarious.

  17. Paul Demirs says:

    This was a spectacular show. Never should have been canceled. Y are they selling DVDs for the 1st two seasons if nobody watched…as the network claimed. Some reality shows are ok at best. Breakout kings was a masterpiece Imagine how many different ways they could have taken this show. I know they go by ratings. But put it on a different night and/or time and watch breakout kings go to the top.

  18. Julius says:

    Wow i am really upset with the fact tha this show is cancled. I literally just finished the 2nd season and i really wanted to know what happened next theni find out that it has been cancled! I have already said this once before… I am really upset that this happened. I am going to miss lloyd shea erica and julian. That combination was really something else. Once again i am upset and i hope there WILL be a season 3.

  19. Dominik says:

    You can’t do that after the last show I had my hopes up on what happens next fml

  20. lee says:

    I’m tired of getting into a new show and then they just f’n cancel it and this is why I dont watch TV anymore!

  21. sylvia says:

    I just discovered this show December 20th on Netflix. I had never heard of it. When I read about its cancellation I was as disappointed as the next person.

  22. Tracey says:

    That’s what happens when you kill off the LEAD actor!! Laz Alonzo was by far the only reason I watched this show!! I definitely stopped watching after the sorry way they killed him off.

  23. Jacob says:

    Just finished watching both seasons, (I watched them all in 2 days because I loved it so much) and was hoping for more but I guess it’s not to be

  24. gloria phelps says:

    Breakout kings was a 4;star rating television show and it is continuously watched on Netflix. There it has a 5/star rating. Why not bring it back.. The show is thrilling awesome and full of action .or turn it into a Netflix only series. There are several friends I know that watched it and have watched the series on Netflix.

  25. Debra Ler says:

    Figures, another good show down the drain along with LIFE, Psyche and Lie To Me leaving us with garbage like the Kardashians and Pretty Little Liars. True trash.

  26. angie says:

    this show was great,,,I watched netfliks because I can’t stand the crap they have on tv…I hate reality shows

  27. Jay says:

    Best show ever why would they took it off and cancel their so stupid for doing that bet they made a lot of money with it why will they do this to us when somebody actually loves a show for the first time and take it off air yall suck

  28. Jay says:

    Yall better put the show back on air best show ever man

  29. ashley says:

    I want breakout kings back on it was an outstanding show

  30. kassidey says:

    Y’all should really make third season cuasebiwwoudueather watchvthis somtimes over my favorite TV flash point I never say that so make another one the two seasons were awesome me and my mom love them make some more