American Idol Top 3 Results Recap: We've Got Tonight. Who Needs Tomorrow? [Updated]

As American Idol gets closer to the Season 11 finale, its results shows should — by the laws of reality television — get more and more suspenseful. The only problem is that with fewer dreams hanging in the balance, and fewer contestants for evil kitty Ryan Seacrest to bat about like so many trapped mice, the show’s producers have to pad the telecast with alarming amounts of pink slime to fill out the burger.

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And thus we get multiple promos for Ice Age: Continental Drift, a Ford “Music Video” so inane that I’m pretty sure Idol producers needed to sedate Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet with tranquilizer darts to get ’em through it, and announcements from Ryan Seacrest touting Season 12 auditions. (File under: I don’t think we’re ready for that jelly.)

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Ah well, at least we got Adam Lambert — his hair like the plumage of some awesome tropical bird, his nails painted a hue not even J.Lo would dare to rock — belting out his latest single, “Never Close Our Eyes.” Because let’s be honest, the Idoloonie Nation needed something positive to cling to after Ryan Seacrest delivered results that — once they were unleashed into the universe — felt more repugnant than making a salad from month-old sludge in the back of your refrigerator’s vegetable drawer.

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(Pause here for music therapy: THIS IS A…)

Without further ado, let’s cut to the results.

Sent First to the Finale
Jessica Sanchez

(Pause here for music therapy: MAAYYYY-UHHHH-NNNN’S WORRRRRR-UH-LLLL-DUH!)

Sent Second to the Finale
Phillip Phillips


Joshua Ledet

(Pause here for music therapy: WITHOUT A WOMANNNNNN OR A GURRRRRRLLLLL!)

I’m not even sure I have anything left to type. How could Joshua get sent packing after a four-week extravaganza that included “No More Drama,” “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” “To Love Somebody” and “Ready for Love”? Somewhere, Lady Justice has dropped her scales and headed straight for the freezer, to fetch her bottle of gin.

Nevertheless, there may have been one silver lining to Joshua’s ouster: A glorious encore of “…Man’s World” that ranks right up there with Haley Reinhart’s “Bennie and the Jets” and Allison Iraheta’s “Cry Baby” in the pantheon of great Idol exit performances. Was I wiping away a tear or ten as Joshua growled about man making the train, to carry the heavy load? As a glass of Sauvignon Blanc is my witness, you betcha!

Plus, Joshua now joins the hallowed ranks of prior Idol second-runners-up (that’s beauty pageant speak for third-place finishers) such as Elliott Yamin, Melinda Doolittle, Allison Iraheta (don’t tell me she was fourth; I’ll never believe you), and Haley Reinhart.

I’d weigh in on Jimmy Iovine’s day-after commentary on Phillip, Joshua, and Jessica, but I can’t bear it. Plus, Lady Justice needs a drink refill, and then she and I need to figure out whether Lisa Marie Presley was singing live or lipsynching there in the forest of the damned. (I didn’t mind her song that much, one way or the other.)

And with that, I send ye to the comments. Ease on down there and tell us if you think the right two contestants made the finale. Or just weep. And congrats to Joshua and Skylar Jessica and Phillip! Next week’s finale will certainly be notable in its matchup of vocalists who couldn’t be further apart on the musical scale if their names were Ke$ha and Josh Groban.

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  1. Bob L. says:

    Joshua never sounded better than he did in his swan song rendition of “Man’s World.” I got the sense that everybody present–judges, contestants, audience, and producers–knew that they were hearing the best singer on the show this year. Joshua will be just fine. He didn’t deserve to be stuck with the pablum the producers of Idol would’ve tried to force onto his first record. It’s an honor to be third, just like the most-talented vocalist in Idol history, Melinda Doolittle.

  2. db says:

    its not personal…they are all good kids. Music has improved and talent with the changes in the format….show has actually been much better this year. With the crown, I hope they continue to make good changes on the types of music they sing… year. Actually think they/the show is evolving in a good way. Some body leaves every week and this year…for a change…it felt impactful…so understand the frustration for many…good stuff…here’s to continuing to improve….I think Mike hits the subject hard alot….change the song book they sing….and wow! Good stuff they put up this year. Josh, I think, as well as this top ten/11 will do pretty good if given the opportunity and decent songs. Hasta til tuesday…

  3. RD says:

    Okay-i’m going to say it-because everyone else seems loathe to say it.Adam Lambert’s new song is horrible.

    • Angela says:

      I don’t care for it either. Honestly, I prefer Kris’s single to the two songs Adam has released. Haven’t listened to his whole album yet.

  4. HairLikeATeddyBear says:

    Oooh – looks like Josh will be performing with “the most amazing singer in history”! Wonder who that is… Aretha Franklin, please!

  5. Pilipinas says:

    Why voting from the Philippines hurts Jessica more than it helps her?
    1. They’ll get thrown out. Instead of adding to her votes, I’ll be giving her negative votes. I’ve seen posts by some people who are actually in the US who didn’t get through during the first hour of voting because the lines were busy. Illegal and mass voting will clog up the lines. Those valid votes that were not cast are like negative votes. And it could have cost her the finale if the votes were close.
    2. I’ve always been against voting for her from the Philippines. I’ve got Skype (actually access to 3 of them) and access to 2 Magic jacks. I’m proud to say I’ve never used them nor do I plan to use them. It hurts her credibility when she wins. I’m too much of a fan to do this, let something that she couldn’t control hurt her career.
    3. It could cause a backlash and make people not want to vote for her.
    Why majority of Filipinos are not actually voting for her?
    1. I’ve seen those irresponsible tweets, and I blame the media here. But I’ve also asked friends and family who watch American Idol and so far I haven’t spoken to anyone who has actually tried to vote for her. Those who have easy access to Skype at home, are actually at work when the lines are open for votes. Some companies here are so strict with internet access at work that a lot of sites are blocked and applications can’t be downloaded to your workstation unless approved by the IT department. So it’s a combination of “can’t” and “won’t” reasons why this can’t be happening en masse.
    2. Yes there are 90 million Filipinos, but sad to say there are only a fraction of Filipinos who have easy access to the internet. It’s mostly just in the major cities. Our household is more of an aberration where we all have our own laptop or desktop. In our neighborhood, computer shops abound but it’s usually filled with kids who go there to play networking games. Filipinos are great fans but they’re not going to pay for 2 hours to go online and vote. I’ve never actually seen this happen and I’ve been to those shops for my printing and computer maintenance needs.
    I’m not going to deny the campaign by some quarters to vote for Jessica by various means from the Philippines, I’m against it and credible Filipino personalities I follow on twitter don’t advocate it. It’s those clowns (posing as celebrities) from the entertainment industry that are behind these. Oh yes, we do have the likes of Perez Hilton here. And they have as much credibility as he does. They will latch onto any current hot topic. They have their own lobotomized following who will do what they ask and retweet and troll around the internet. They might be loud and infamous but they do not represent the responsible majority.

    • Mary B says:

      Thank you for your post. I too read where if they are trying to mass vote from skype in the Philippines or any other country besides the US it can hurt her rather than help her because those votes will be thrown out and they will tie up the lines and legitimate votes will not be able to get through. I admit I was concerned about this until someone on this list brought to our attention that last year final three had almost the same amount of votes as this year 90 to 95 million. It shows me that even if it this is happening Idol has it under control. I just hope that who ever wins will be respected and not ripped apart because of the complaints about voting. Phillip is constantly ripped apart because it is said he only got where he is because of little girls power voting for him. Jessica is constantly ripped apart because people are saying that she only got where she is because of her race and people power voting for her because of it. Both of them are extremely talented in different ways and both of them deserve to win and worked extremely hard to get where they are. I just wish people would stop being so cruel about it and realize they are doing more harm for their favorites than helping them by ripping the other contestant apart or belittling his or her talent. I wish both Phillip and Jessica the best of luck and am looking forward to Tuesday’s performances.. I think it will be a great finale.

    • ivy says:

      hey if it’s true that jessica is getting lots of votes outside the us then how come she was last with dialidol last week?

  6. WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

    I think the voting is so high up from last year cuz now u’ve got all these different ways of voting, including online voting…plus with technology advancements over the years, it’s understandable the ppl can send massive texts thru their iphone. My dream voting system is each number being limited to ten votes and no online voting etc…it’s more fair that way.

    I know AI thrives on its ‘we got X MILLION VOTES LAST NIGHT!’ but who really cares if u are the number 1 show on TV?

  7. ClickMe says:

    Hope the Top 2 performances are going to be excellent UNLIKE the top 3 performances which was a snoozefest!!
    Please please please…. Song selections must be great and at this point, I dont care who wins BUT at least they would do their best to give their all..!

  8. HairLikeATeddyBear says:

    [This is a re-post ‘cos my last one didn’t make it somehow!]

    Looks like Josh will be performing with “the most amazing singer in history”! I wonder who it is… Aretha Frankin, please?!?

    • deedee says:

      @HairLikeATeddyBear – your post did make it – see upthread :D. Aretha is a good guess! That would make total sense, especially since he did an Aretha song with Jessica. Or maybe Fantasia. Is it possible he thinks Fantasia is the most amazing singer in history? lol

  9. Blue says:

    Ouch, ouch, and Ouch. Seriously, some of u guys better go on a date or something. I’m only 16 (like Jay) and i can only imagine what I wouldve felt if i was in her shoes reading these comments. Damn, u guys are really mean. Her and her blujays worked HARD and invested time and energy to get her to the finale, rather than whining u guys shoulda voted instead. I don’t like Josh or PP that much but I respect them like any other human being. Give her some respect… :'(

    • Marsaili says:

      You are right, they are really mean here–but ALL the contestants have worked very hard and have been for years and they all deserve respect! I’m glad and horrified that a teenager can see how wrong some of you people are yet the adults keep plugging away with the nastiness. Thanks Blue! ;-)

      • Blue says:

        Thanks :) imean it’s just hard to comprehend how someone could have so much hate in them you know. I have become so connected with Jessica that if anyone says anything like she’s an emotionless b*tch… I feel like that’s being directed to me and I even cried once reading the hate especially in general discussion forums. Someone in twitter once asked her that she should stay strong and she replied saying “i’m trying. Thank you love.” honestly, reading that just broke my heart. I admit she does have one of the most craziest fans and she’s undoubtedly one of the most popular and maybe all this brought hate upon her. They could just say that they just don’t enjoy her but to say she’s a cocky b*tch and has an attitude?? I feel its being directed to me and it makes me so depressed.

  10. deedee says:

    LOL, I love Slezak! He tweeted this pic of his t-shirt from this week’s Idology: :)
    Joshua tweeted that thus made his day.

  11. MoonerMan100 says:

    Where are all these anger coming from? Why are lots of people fighting here? Everybody just calm down, support & vote for your favorite, respect the other contender, respect his/her supporters and have fun!

    And don’t forget, make love*! not war!

    * if it is legal for your age in your state/country!

  12. TinyTim says:

    Idol clearly needs to stop allowing contestants to play instruments, once they started that trend we have had a string of mediocre winners except for Scotty. So much for this being a mostly singing competition, it really became a dating competition to see who was hottest with a guitar.

    I really don’t care who wins but good luck to philips if he is voted the winner. He can barely hold three notes, and yes those three notes sound good, but they are not worthy of winning a singing show. If he wins then he will always be looked on as the winner and when he sings people will wonder why. Please don’t do that to this poor kid, I bet he would have quit if they allowed it. He had some rough weeks and the judges gave him a pass and still pretend that he is an amazing singer.

    jennifer, randy and the old guy will never attend a philips concert, not in a million years. I could see them going to a Jessica concert though. Anyway good luck to whoever wins, philips my heart goes out to you. If you win you will hope you never did in a couple of years as the expectations are sky high for you as a winner and they take away all the money you won with the marketing tricks the record company plays. If you don’t have a hit single, especially more than one, you are toast. Hoping for Jimmy to give it to you is a long shot, that is why some other idols all have to resort to writing their own songs, but by then it is too late.

    If you were a Country singer I would feel different and say you would have a much better chance, but as a pure pop kid it is way harder if not impossible. if you are smart you will sandbag this week and not sing well on purpose to try and lose. You will still get a record deal and tour as the second place finisher, but the expectations won’t crush you.

    Fans will be upset you finished second and buy more albums, thus actually helping you. Think about it, it makes sense.

    • Mary B says:

      Are you kidding me. It is your opinion that Phillip is not good. Some of us here men and woman happen to think he is terrific and love his music and will support him now and after idol. He is the whole package not some karaoke singer. To suggest he should sing bad to blow it so he doesn’t win after how hard he has worked and even continued to give performances when he was in incredible pain is disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself. He is to be admired for his stamina and dedication not torn down. Just shows you what he is made of and with that he will go far.
      I am sick and tired of people being judged by what they are not who they are. It doesn’t matter what Phillip does, some of you will still knock him down just because he is a nice looking guy that plays a guitar. Every one who has won in the last few years deserved to win. David Cook to me was the right winner in season 7. Yes, I agree Adam Lambert was the most talented in season 8 even though Kris was good. The reason Adam did not win is because he came out being gay and unfortunately there are large parts of this country that look down on that and would not vote for him. Season 9 I voted for Lee because I liked him better than Crystal and I still do. I think his problem was idol tried to mold him to be who he wasn’t but he isn’t done yet now that he broke from idol. BTW, I don’t see Crystal blazing into success either. Season 10, I wanted Haley in the worse way but Scotty had the fans and not only the young teenage girls either and his fans are standing behind him and I believe he will be a success. So what is the problem? There where plenty of winners who were not WGWG who won who are not the successes Kelly and Carrie are. Stop judging someone just because they happen to be good looking and play a guitar and judge who you like. Fine you don’t like his music but he is different from anyone else who has won in the past few years and has developed a huge fan base of people that embrace his uniqueness . The only thing similar is that he is a boy, white and plays a guitar. I don’t care whether or not Phillip wins because I believe he already has won but da–m it I will vote for him. Enough of this crap already.

      • TinyTim says:

        MaryB you need to take a timeout, lol, yes I am saying philips should sing badly on purpose so as not to win. If you think he is the total package I am happy for you but he isn’t, not today, not yesterday and not tomorrow. maybe with a lot of singing lessons he can be but by that time he will not have a record contract, this is a one shot deal for him.

        Do we have to go over the past winners to prove my point? Had Idol not allowed instruments then this show would have had better results, it would have forced the viewers and contestants to concentrate on singing, not being cute.

        If philips wins I am happy for him, I really don’t care as much as you do who wins. But I am only saying if he wants to be happy he shouldn’t win based on his singing. Philip has even said he is not a better singer than Joshua and Jessica. He is smart so he should also see the tea leaves in this.

        Anyway I hope you are sitting down when the results come out on who wins as I doubt it is philips. Most viewers have seen enough of the show to see what I am saying, even the guy that writes this blog must see it. Philips is cute, he plays guitar and sings no better than many other past Idol winners that are doing badly. If he was a Country singer I would feel different, but he isn’t. He is a pop singer and that has the shelf life of bread these days, not long. I hope I am wrong and you are right, but please don’t take this personal. It is the track record of the show I am talking about, and viewers of this show vote to death but don’t buy the albums to back it up, then move on to the next hot thing and we all know it now.

        I would actually love it if the show forced everyone who votes in the finals to have to preorder an album to back it up. Then we would see a different show too. If philips won and that happened then it would be OK with me. But the way things work now expect a flop from him and Jimmy, Jimmy has had weeks to prove philips as an artist and hasn’t done it, even Jessica had to get lucky with some songs due to him. I would love to see a blog post about jimmy here and see what everyone thinks, he walks on water but can’t swim, lol.

        • Just Breathe says:

          You know TT, I’m in agreement with much of what you say, but it also has become a show that only a teenager can win. Jessica is 16, Scotty was 18 when he won. They lowered the age to 15, and I think we are never gonna see anybody over the age of 21 win this show again.

          But that’s okay, ‘cuz other shows have stepped in to provide a place for older talented singers to compete. Probably where Elise needed to spend her time.

        • Marsaili says:

          Again–it’s all YOUR opinion—not fact. And Phillip is NOT a pop singer, at all. LOL, even saying that is hilarious! jimmy may not have proven it to you but he surely has to millions of others and he’s got the backing and opinions of all the mentors as well who all thought Phillip was the best. Whatever happens, happens but Phillip is much more than you seem to think he is and I think that it would be best for him as an artist to NOT win—but I hope he does either way (especially since it’s not Joshua up there with him). Of course if he did win then all you people that dismiss his talent will just blame it on the female fans instead of acknowledging that he is what America prefers as a performer. Note, the biggest Idol stars are not R&B singers–a la Jessica—they are Pop and Country—and the Poppy one is now going country—so that means the BIGGEST former Idols are Country stars—not R&B singers. Phillip is a bluesy, southern rock sound—more a kin to country than pop. He’d probably do better in the long run because that sells a heck of a lot more than R&B.

          • FreeHaley says:

            Phillips isn’t even remotely country sounding! I’d call him pure pop before country. (not that I think any of these things are bad ;) )

          • Marsaili says:

            Well, well, well! I guess he DOES sound country when he isn’t singing IDOL pop songs!!! WOW!

          • FreeHaley says:

            still doesnt sound country to me

          • Marsaili says:

            I listen to country radio all the time–that sound could easily be on country radio alongside Mumford and Sons, Dierks Bentley, Zak Brown Band, Eli Young Band,–That song and Phillip could fit right in.

          • FreeHaley says:

            Well I say it could fit right in on the major pop/rock stations. Maybe he will do ok then hah.

      • Marsaili says:

        Actually, Crystal is doing very well—she’s got videos on CMT and GAC and her albums has done pretty darn good. I hear her on country radio all the time, too!

        • Mary B says:

          My point was that she was dropped from the record lable around the same time as Lee was. They are always saying how the guys are dropped from the record lables.

  13. GeorgeR says:

    omg its like reading a political blog Josh is great. but he was voted off move on already any word on what the remaining contestants will be singing? Who is everyones new favorite? Any news about the finale? Wheres Slezak and Melindas recap? If Phillip wins will he have surgery first then do press? Or will he get his trip to NYC. The Filipino thing is getting old and its all been said before with other contestants when Adam Lost etc It really is TV people we may never know the truth and the Idol machine probably plants these stories to keep it fresh. Why are you all getting so nasty with each other? hmmm

  14. givemeglenn says:

    It appears that all of the telephone votes from out of Country/out of Region WILL be able to be traced and thrown out. If this is the case, what this means that all of the attempts Jessica’s “fans” will be making to call in on Skype to “stuff” her votes will actually work against her because what will be happening is that the calls that will be thrown out will be tying up voting lines fom legitimate callers, thereby reducing the number of actual votes Jessica can actually receive. In other words, by trying to cheat to get Jessica named the next American Idol, it’s very possible they’ll be cheating her out of her chance to out of actually win it!!!!

  15. Mary B says:

    Again, your opinion on how good Phillip is or not. I happen to also believe Jessica’s going to win. I feel it in my gut but not for the same reasons you mentioned. I love Phillip’s music and I am listening to his studio tracks as I am typing this. He records well. Only time will tell who will be successful and who will not and unfortunately it takes more than talent for that. Some of the stars out there today can’t sing there way out of a paper bag (my opinion) but they have something that grabs the audience so they are popular. I wish both Phillip and Jessica the best and hopefully both of them will have a wonderful future ahead of them.

  16. ohreli says:

    Elise fans went to Jessica. Simple as that.

  17. ohreli says:

    All the Elise fans went over to Jessica. Simple as that.

  18. Hey! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Thanks

  19. Good post. I will be going through some of these issues
    as well..

  20. givemeglenn says:

    While I’m at it, if you notice on the video, it also shows the different time zones so east coast voters can also vote for her during west coast voting times…when those times are normally blocked out. Now tell me, does THAT sound like they aren’t organized and trying to cheat the system?

  21. Marsaili says:

    I believe they throw out any east coast votes that are done after the 2 hours is up.

  22. givemeglenn says:

    Marsali, what they’re doing is called “spoofing” the telephone numbers and IP addresses so that the AI facilities actually can’t tell where the calls and web connections are coming from. For example, if you have caller ID, you may get a number that pops up with a local area code but the call is actually originating in Omaha or the Philipines using VoIP.

  23. Mary B says:

    I’ve been reading a lot about this skype voting more and more. It is all over the internet and I really believe it is happening. Too many are admitting it and even going into detail about it. There is even the time down pat on when they should do it and it is between 1 and 3 PM on a Thursday if the show is on a Wednesday. Every season there is some sort of controversy about the voting. Last year there was some sort of situation when James Durbin the weehk he was eliminated. They did something with switching up the numbers and Lauren got some of his votes. That’s why he is do bitter about it. I have a strong gut feeling Jessica is going to win which is fine with me even though I am a P2 fan but I would be happy if it is fair win. I also believe she is the producers chosen one which makes sense because there is a lot of noise out there about a girl winning this year. I like to believe everything is on the up and up but there is a lot of stuff out there that makes me just how real it all is. Question, why are so many people on all different sites saying they had a ton of trouble voting for Joshua this week? Just a coincidence or was there really a problem with his phone lines. Then they wonder why they are losing viewers.

  24. Marsaili says:

    Ok, that’s what I thought they were doing. Damn cheaters!

  25. tarc says:

    Yeah, you can purchase a month of spoofing services for like $10 from many vendors.

  26. Mary B says:

    Question. a few weeks ago there were 30,000,000 votes with more viewers, This week there were 90,000,000 votes with only 15,000,000 viewers. Makes you think. I think idol is turning their heads because they want a girl winner so they are saying they cannot detect the Skype votes. I really like Jessica and think she is really talented but this has really made me angry. whatever I am saying is stuff I found out just googling it. There is stuff all over the internet about this. If this is true which I really believe it is than Joshua was robbed.

  27. Marsaili says:

    You know, when Ryan announced the number of votes I was thinking—that number is even higher than the numbers for any previous finale—and with viewership down, I just can’t believe that all those votes are “proper” votes. They really need to change this system.

  28. ivy says:

    American Idol already said that votes outside the us are not being counted.

  29. Mary B says:

    Totally with you on this and if they don’t, this show is going to go totally down the drain and you know what if they don’t fix it deserves to.

  30. Cris says:

    I think the top 3 votes is near 90 million, last years top 3 gathered a little over 90 million. I don’t know the data on viewers.

  31. Call Nigel if you are so damned worried about iit and so mad. You act like these contestants are stupid or don’t want to win. I;m sure both Josh and Phil would question it if it were true. If not them, I am sure their parents or friends or family wold make them aware of it and they would ask about it, People always looking for an excuse instead of being happy for all them.

  32. deedee says:

    Oh, relax FMon. We’re just chattering about the latest “scandal”. Nobody’s taking this quite as life-or-death as you are making it out. I’m pretty sure you’d be here crying foul if Joshua had made it to the finals instead of your BeBe Chez … whining about all the unfair pimping, and over-the-top standing Os, and favouritism, and blah blah blabbity blah. Please.

  33. Mary B says:

    Nigel is aware of it and has not responded to it and as far as family and friends there was a whole article coming from Phillip’s hometown urging everyone to vote extra hard because another contestant is getting votes in a unconventional way and if Phillip does not get to the top 3 they would have to cancel the concert.

  34. JB says:


  35. me says:

    deedee.. SHUT UP! just accept the truth.. don’t make excuses loser!!!!

  36. deedee says:

    Can you please stop harassing me, you unfathomable idiot. You sound like an imbecile.

  37. Marsaili says:

    Oh the child is back—can’t have a conversation without insulting people. Geez, people like you should be banned from the internet.

  38. ivy says:

    american idol already respond saying that votes outside america are not being counted.

  39. darcy the slutty twin says:

    Are we really thinking people from the Philippines are actually spending $10 to purchase these devices and then spend two hours power voting for an American contestant who just happens to be part Filipino? I really don’t see the logic, especially considering that people who have access to Skype are probably at work during the US voting hours. And really, the question needs to be asked, where was all these alleged support last year when Thia was competing? Sorry to keep responding to these posts, but I just hate when words like “millions of illegal votes from the Philippines” are thrown around, which insinuates that an entire country is stupidly doing these all for naught, since these votes won’t be counted.

  40. i agree with you.. very well said

  41. ivy says:

    if it’s true that jessica is getting lots of votes outside the us then how come she was last with dialidol last week?