American Idol Top 3 Results Recap: We've Got Tonight. Who Needs Tomorrow? [Updated]

As American Idol gets closer to the Season 11 finale, its results shows should — by the laws of reality television — get more and more suspenseful. The only problem is that with fewer dreams hanging in the balance, and fewer contestants for evil kitty Ryan Seacrest to bat about like so many trapped mice, the show’s producers have to pad the telecast with alarming amounts of pink slime to fill out the burger.

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And thus we get multiple promos for Ice Age: Continental Drift, a Ford “Music Video” so inane that I’m pretty sure Idol producers needed to sedate Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet with tranquilizer darts to get ’em through it, and announcements from Ryan Seacrest touting Season 12 auditions. (File under: I don’t think we’re ready for that jelly.)

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Ah well, at least we got Adam Lambert — his hair like the plumage of some awesome tropical bird, his nails painted a hue not even J.Lo would dare to rock — belting out his latest single, “Never Close Our Eyes.” Because let’s be honest, the Idoloonie Nation needed something positive to cling to after Ryan Seacrest delivered results that — once they were unleashed into the universe — felt more repugnant than making a salad from month-old sludge in the back of your refrigerator’s vegetable drawer.

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(Pause here for music therapy: THIS IS A…)

Without further ado, let’s cut to the results.

Sent First to the Finale
Jessica Sanchez

(Pause here for music therapy: MAAYYYY-UHHHH-NNNN’S WORRRRRR-UH-LLLL-DUH!)

Sent Second to the Finale
Phillip Phillips


Joshua Ledet

(Pause here for music therapy: WITHOUT A WOMANNNNNN OR A GURRRRRRLLLLL!)

I’m not even sure I have anything left to type. How could Joshua get sent packing after a four-week extravaganza that included “No More Drama,” “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” “To Love Somebody” and “Ready for Love”? Somewhere, Lady Justice has dropped her scales and headed straight for the freezer, to fetch her bottle of gin.

Nevertheless, there may have been one silver lining to Joshua’s ouster: A glorious encore of “…Man’s World” that ranks right up there with Haley Reinhart’s “Bennie and the Jets” and Allison Iraheta’s “Cry Baby” in the pantheon of great Idol exit performances. Was I wiping away a tear or ten as Joshua growled about man making the train, to carry the heavy load? As a glass of Sauvignon Blanc is my witness, you betcha!

Plus, Joshua now joins the hallowed ranks of prior Idol second-runners-up (that’s beauty pageant speak for third-place finishers) such as Elliott Yamin, Melinda Doolittle, Allison Iraheta (don’t tell me she was fourth; I’ll never believe you), and Haley Reinhart.

I’d weigh in on Jimmy Iovine’s day-after commentary on Phillip, Joshua, and Jessica, but I can’t bear it. Plus, Lady Justice needs a drink refill, and then she and I need to figure out whether Lisa Marie Presley was singing live or lipsynching there in the forest of the damned. (I didn’t mind her song that much, one way or the other.)

And with that, I send ye to the comments. Ease on down there and tell us if you think the right two contestants made the finale. Or just weep. And congrats to Joshua and Skylar Jessica and Phillip! Next week’s finale will certainly be notable in its matchup of vocalists who couldn’t be further apart on the musical scale if their names were Ke$ha and Josh Groban.

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  1. davey says:

    Jessica is going to reveal a hidden talent next week and take out her guitar. Take that, P2. Did you ever notice Jessica rarely performs with a band? She should next week.

  2. Mara says:

    But Joshua had the most talent! When Jessica was safe I knew Joshua was going home. Everyone knows broing-bland-hillbilly-whiteguy always wins… but I thought Joshua would get top 2 at least! He had the most passion and stage presence.
    I wanted a Joshua/Jessica finale. I guess that was crazy. I think Jessica is talented but she just isn’t likeable. Too packaged and stiff. Too perfect. I would prefer it slightly if she won, even though Joshua deserved the win, but we all know PP was going to win no matter what atrocity he committed.

    • MoonerMan100 says:

      Each of those three has lots of fans, so I don’t think your likability theory is correct!

    • John says:

      Jessica is not likeable? Then how come she made it to the finale than your preferred Joshua? LOL:P

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Why does everyone keep calling P2 a “hillbilly”? Is everyone from the South and Midwest automatically a hillbilly?

      • Marsaili says:

        Consider the sources………*shaking head*………I’d rather be considered a hillbilly! Of course, I’m probably one of the few who actually DO live on a farm in the country!

  3. GJ Lopez says:

    After Josh’ ridiculous Gospel rendition of “Imagine”, he just has to go. I’ve had enough of the screaming. After Hollie’s ouster, this is the only finale I can accept for Season 11. America got it right.

    • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

      Although I wish Josh woulda been there with Jessica, I agree…with Imagine I was like “Dude. Sing the damn song like it was meant to be. Stop oversinging/screaming/hollering EVERY song.”

  4. We have to endure the Ice Age thing and then they cut Joshua off during his exit song — (sharp pain in head and twitching eye). Congrats to Joshua and Elise — oops I mean Jessica and Phillip, sigh! Loved me some Joshua. Next week on Idol — Will they get Phillip into a tux, will he sing the Idol coronation song with “melody”. Wouldn’t count on either happening. Phillip seems like good people and I love the studio version of Volcano. But he’s never going to be a “Pop” singer. I hope to listen to music from him down the road. But this is now Jessica’s crown to win.

  5. tomitweets says:

    1. No worries. Joshua will have a recording contract. He was the best performer on the show (but P2 will appeal to a different genre). It doesn’t really matter if he won or not..certainly hasn’t hurt Daughtry and Adam Lambert.
    2. I’m seeing Adam live three times next week, after seeing him in a glorious 40-minute performance for 200 people in the I Heart Radio studio. What’s funny is so many people STILL think Adam won Season 8.

  6. Jessica wins says:

    Why is Jessica getting so much grief and not Phillp, she is the better singer. This is all about styles of music and what people prefer. I believe Phillip is a one trick pony and should have been gone. It will be interesting in the arrangements when they sing the same original song, that will be Jessica’s opportunity to win it.

    • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

      Because there were two MAJOR vocal powerhouses this season – Jessica and Joshua. And with all the judges’ praises, standing O’s etc, they got America to really get behind the guy and believe he is really the best ever. So when someone ‘Meh’ in my opinion (Philip) made it through, they were more accepting cuz he had that one great performance at the end and frankly, I think it was cuz we’ve all been expecting it since his unexpected SAFETY during Skylar’s exit week.
      However, when someone who was also a vocal powerhouse (Jessica) made it instead of Joshua –people went crazy. Cuz it’s as if they’re saying Jessica is better than Joshua, Jessica has the better vocal ability than Joshua etc and that’s how it comes across with the result and they wanted Joshua to get that title of beating HER out.
      Which is stupid. Cuz clearly Jess deserves to be there and Philip doesn’t.
      GIVE JESSICA A DAMN BREAK JUST CUZ UR FAVORITE IS OUT! She had STELLAR and PERFECT performance ALL season long except at the end, that’s it ! Someone like that deserves the top 2 1000%.

      • Marsaili says:

        You can think whatever you want. Plenty of people think Phillip deserves to be there and they will carry him to the end Whether he wins or not isn’t important because he’s already got a guaranteed record deal and legions of fans—so keep worshiping Jessica—that’s cool and all, the rest of us who are backing Phillip will continue to vote for him and be happy for him no matter what.

      • me says:


  7. kimgel says:

    this is what i got to say:
    Not all the winners are the best
    and not all the best are the winners.
    bout jessica sanchez there are a lot of singers like jessica but it is very obvious that it is very rare to find a talent like jessica.
    she is a precious gem which is rare and expensive and not the dry leaves you will usually see on the way or streets.
    maybe some people don’t like and don’t see jessica just like mine but it is the number 1 fact in life that “Not all the people will like you for what you are and what you have.You cannot please everyone to believe in you and to be on your side.Even if someone didn’t like you,you should accept that and if you didn’t like someone too,you can give your opinions but watch your words and learn to respect them”
    BUT since they are in showbiz-the opinions and criticism should be normal for them.That’s hard how to be in their situation.maybe you are free to say you don’t like sum1 but to say something bad to those people because you think that somebody else is getting that they don’t deserve you should think again!
    the final two will not be in the final two if they dont really deserved it.haaaay!

  8. Guess what: I want Phillip Phillips to win. I won’t put down Joshua or Jessica or Skylar or Hollie because they’ve all had performances I’ve liked and none of them are intensely annoying to me. However, the long and short of it is that Phillip sings songs and a style of music I prefer. He sings the type of music I will buy. I do not like pop and R&B ballads on a regular basis. Joshua and Jessica are good at singing those types of songs, and that’s nice. but as a viewer and as someone who listens to a certain type of music, my preference does not go to them.

    I’m tired of people claiming that voters are crazy for voting for Phillip, or that they’re tasteless or boy-crazy. I haven’t voted, but if I did, why would I vote for someone who didn’t sing the type of music I liked? There are so many artists who are hugely successful and yet have imperfect voices. (I’m not referring to those “artists” who use Autotune.) Despite possible original intentions and claims by judges half the time, American Idol is not about finding the best voice. It’s about finding a new artist that possibly might be popular.

  9. nlkt says:

    i prefer a joshua-phillip finale with joshua winning. i wasn’t a fan of joshua in the beginning but he won me over more & more each week. jessica should have gone home after an underwhelming night and lackluster song choices all throughout the season. i think her best was ‘stuttering’, the week she was voted out. and i’m not pro-save, so i don’t believe that an eliminated contestant should win. now i’m rooting for phillip to win. :)

  10. Deb says:

    Joshua was a great performer, I suspect it probably surprised TPTB how good he was, but his style is a throwback that may or may not turn into big record sales and they know it. They’ll give him a contract and see how it all plays out. Jessica is fabulous, sings like a pro/adult, but has not developed physically. She needs that development to command a stage on her own. Often she looked like a child performing in adult clothing. Once she develops, she could be another Kelly, Carrie – perhaps bigger. Phillip is primed and ready – he could be the very first WGWG winner who actually makes it big. Largely because of his looks and his casual style, demeanor. All 3 are unique and have fan bases — all 3 will sell records, but there has to be an “it factor” to make it big right out of the gate. Jessic’a factor is years away. Joshua’s might be there, but unknown. Phil has it right now. He has been the chosen one all along.

    • 5talentgirl says:

      @Deb, Nicely put comment and I do kind of agree.
      Phil isn’t the best singer, but he does have a charismatic quality along with natural ability that intrigues and makes him popular.
      Joshua will need to come out blazing on his first single/album release to turn his fan base into record sales. I believe he can do it if he gets some great songs and I really hope it happens for him – his vocal talent and showmanship were amazing in my opinion. Joshua was my choice of the final 3 for the win and all season I have loved his performances.
      Jessica is brilliant but her youthfulness does overshadow her performances somewhat. I think she will have an excellent career ahead of her though as she matures.
      My favourites of the season overall though were Joshua, Deandre and Colton, followed by Jessica and Skylar. I believe those 5 could have stellar careers. And even Hollie and Elise may do very well (I see Hollie as a Disney soundtrack singer, though).

  11. kimgel says:

    What ever happens happen.
    i like the reaction of jessica when ryan announced she is on the top 2.
    looks like she want to say REALLY?I CAN’T BELIEVE IT?
    that’s what i like about her she is not too overconfident that she will win.
    I also find PP humble even though i dnt know him personally-i think he is sweet,nice and friendly(hope i am right)
    for joshua-i really think he is shy whe ryan talked to him but when he is singing he let it all out.
    my prediction when ai was just starting-i knew that colton would win but i was wrong.

    • googlecat says:

      I watch her perform with confidence but then after she sings, she turns into a kid again who is waiting for approbation from the adults. I think she really thought she was going home since she had an off night.
      Phillip is a good guy. I think he likes to kid around but I’ve never seen anything to show that he’s mean spirited. I wish him luck but I’m still rooting for Jessica.

      • Tommyo2000 says:

        That has been my thought on why she is as polarizing a contestant as she is … her voice and ability is way beyond 16 and a lot of people expect her to somehow be older when she sings … hence all the complaints about her singing material that is too mature … Its kind of like Kobe going from high school right to the pro’s … he was a boy in a mans world… pardon the Josh pun… and its not her fault her talent is kind of freaksih for her age … she is just working it as she should

        • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

          Exactly. When I see Jessica on stage or pretty much anytime she is not singing – I see a sweet little kid who looks so pretty and wonderful.
          But when she sings – that kid goes away and this musical BEAST comes on stage and blows me away. It’s crazy and scary how much you forget she is 16 when she sings, that monstrous voice of her’s makes me forget her age, all I can think about is her performance and that’s what captivates me about her – the emotion she puts into it and everything, damn damn damn damn! She deserves to win. I’m sick and tired of ppl saying she’s too young etc etc…when u hear her sing, she feels it and delivers and turns into a WOMAN.

          • Suggestor says:

            @ WishesRandyCouldn’tSpeak Probably one of the best descriptions capturing why Jessica appeals to many of us. :)

          • MamaLis says:

            That’s interesting. Except for a couple of songs maybe, when I see Jess sing, I don’t see the “woman” thing at all. I see “Wow. Really powerful 16 year old!” (And so tiny!) And that’s what’s missing for me. I’m very much in awe of her god-given talent, for sure! But I need some “life” behind the words. I need to feel the storytelling and experience. [Beyond: “What should my 202nd video be on youtube?] And I don’t mean that in a crass way. Good for her for advancing herself – again she’s very talented.

  12. baddog says:

    Mike – u bin pimpin for 2 losers without good reason – Skylurrrrr and Churchy McChurch – both SCREAMERS! Everyone I know couldn’t stand either…and we are very happy with the final 2!

  13. Connie says:

    everybody keeps bringing up the save and how they shouldnt have used it on Jessica but come on now she has an amazing voice but I bet if it was used on someone else like Colton or Elise no one would be complaining so get over it already how many weeks ago was that and besides it would have been wasted anyway because they were never gonna make it to the finale.

  14. Sue says:

    Imagine there’s no heaven
    It’s easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky

    These lyrics do not sound like Joshua anymore than Lady Gaga sounded like Colton. You must stay true to yourself. Carrie Underwood did and so did Scotty McCreery.

    Think about it….

  15. I watched each week. Each time Jessica or Phillip were complimented by the three judges, they would say Thank You to each judge individually. When the judges complimented Joshua, I never saw his mouth word a Thank you, all he did is crack that smile but no Thank you. I was turned off on this because the two most beautiful words in the English language are Please and Thank You. Joshua may be a great singer and perhaps even reach new heights and contracts, but, I pray he learns to say Thank You when he is given a compliment on his singing performance. In this case, I am happy for Jessica and Phillips.

    Sam Miller

    • DZ says:

      Lies. I just re-watched Wednesday’s performance, and he clearly thanked the judges after No More Drama.

      • Marsaili says:

        You are right, DZ, he has thanked the judges each time they compliment him—he’s very quiet and he doesn’t always hold the mic up to his mouth—but he gets a sweet smile on his face and he always says thank you—-I don’t know why someone would want to lie about that—some of these people are just—-WEIRD!!! ;-)

    • TC says:

      You didn’t watch close enough or you only saw what you wanted to see. I watched closely and Josh ALWAYS showed gratitude and expressed thanks openly by saying “thank you” each and every time the judges complimented him. It amazes me what people post on this page

  16. carol522 says:

    The IDOL machine has a way of really pushing a winner or letting the winner die on the vine. Contract Carrie and Kelly with Taylor and Lee. Kris Allen still has a contract, but for how much longer. They dropped David Cook and Ruben. P2, if he wins, may only have lukewarm backing from the label, i.e, the contractual obligation. If he sells poorly, he will be dumped.

    Jessica and Joshua are young talents that they can take their time in developing. Joshua is a complete package, if they can find the right music. I’m thinking Bruno Mars -CeeLo Green type of vibe. He’s got the look and the stage performance, which in today’s music scene seems to be more important than the voice. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he is a terrific singer.

    Anyway, I won’t watch the finale. Neither Jessica or Phillip are appealing enough as performers to use the DVR. I will be watching for Joshua to make his rounds on the talk shows.

    • deedee says:

      Unfortunately, the person who gets cut in the #3 spot doesn’t get the media rounds because of rehearsals for the Finale. And then, after the finale, it’s the winner and runner-up who do the big media blitz. So, third place always gets screwed in that respect.

      • deedee says:

        P.S. I just read that Joshua has signed a “huge deal” per his fb page. Ok, well the swiftness of the deal is a good vote of confidence and a promising sign.

      • FreeHaley says:

        Yeah I remember last season I was looking for Haley making the rounds, but nope, James and below got all the press and 1,2 and really, really got all the press, but #3 gets the shaft of that big press push at the end. :(

        • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

          omg same. I was so pissed. Ellen had everyone but her and the top 2 but the top 2 ofcourse got way more media coverage. Like, she had a hard ass time enough u know? Ugh.

    • Davey says:

      Kris Allen has done a lot of extra things for Idol that are charitable so I don’t know if they are going to just drop him. But he would be better off with another management company.

  17. Jake says:

    I’m a fan of Phillip (and Hollie, Skylar, Elise, and Erika), and I am glad he made it to the Final Two- after last night, he deserved it. I’ve never been a Joshua fan, but he deserved to get to the finale far more than Jessica. Jessica still screams “generic” to me, and while vocally talented, performances of hers that seem truly emotionally genuine are few and far between, at least to me. It is clear that Jessica will be pushed by the judges for the win, but both Joshua and Phillip should have gotten to the end.
    Also, as much as people claim race has played into Phillip’s success, the same can be said of Jessica- I haven’t seen much in terms of the Hispanic side, but the Filipino side is supporting her like crazy simply for her race (aka before we’d even heard her sing).

    • Cris says:

      I am a fan of Jessica (and Hollie, Erika and Colton). She deserves to be in the finale. I have never been a fan of Joshua, but he should be in the finale, he deserves it more than Phillip. Phillip is good but Joshua is far better than him.

      It’s not clear to me how the judges will push Jessica for the win. Jessica will push herself to win – it’s her dream, she owes it herself, to her family, friends and fans, who have been supporting her throughout her journey. I have no doubt this will be Phillip’s frame of mind.

      There are fans who will support their idol all the way (even before any song). They are the so-called loyal or die-hard fans. This is not Jessica’s monopoly. Phillip has them, so do Joshua, Hollie, Skylar, Elise, Colton, etal.

      • Jake says:

        The judges push for their favorites via standing ovations and declaring someone the “winner” of the night. They did it last season to push Lauren Alaina and (thankfully) they were unsuccessful.
        Also, I didn’t say die-hard fans are “Jessica’s monopoly.” I said that Phillip has fans who vote for him because he is the cute guitar-playing white guy, and this whole WGWG concept gets all this attention, but Jessica has the same kind of fans, those who support her just because she is Pinoy. Never said she was the only one, just that it seems Phillip’s fans are getting trashed for that reason while other versions of the same thing go unacknowledged.

        • Cris says:

          Jessica didn’t get an SO last time, but Phillip did. So I cannot see why Jessica ‘clearly’ will be pushed by the judges for the win. Joshua was clearly pushed, with a dozen or more SO’s, but as we all know, it didn’t work. When you said ‘aka before we’d even hear her sing’, I thought you meant Jessica’s monopoly. of die-hard fans, so okay now. I don’t know on this site, but try visiting other sites, Jessica’s fans are being trashed for being Pinoy. Jessica herself is being called ugly names. Let’s just be happy our bets made it to the finals. May the better singer win.

        • Mary B says:

          You are right Cris, I looked it up and last year there was a similar amount of votes for the top 3. Also the finale generated over 124,000,000 votes. That makes me feel better. I know this skype thing is going on but maybe not as many votes are getting through as everyone is thinking.

  18. lambertslabelle says:

    we know from experience (D Archuleta,Daughtry,Jennifer Hudson….ADAM LAMBERT..just to name a few…) that the finale doesnt realy matter when you re damned talented.I m shure everyody of the last top ten will have their chance to catch a recordcontract.But I can understand taht people are disappointed.I actually have to admit..I cried when Adam came in second.

  19. 17 says:

    The most unbelievable story of the season has nothing to do with who has been eliminated – it’s that Jessica still survives. From a strictly statisical view, her continued presence represents an improbable miracle of sorts. There’s no valid explanation for how this singer had the lowest number of votes with 7 competitors remaining and now gets the opportunity to sing for the title.

    Based on how things have unfolded, it’s actually more likely Jessica was never the lowest vote getter. The whole “elimination” was staged in an effort to bring credibility to the Judges’ Save for once. Matt Giraud, Big Mike Lynche, and Casey Abrams didn’t advance to the finale, and could be considered unworthy of the save. Unlike the previous 3 years, Jessica’s resurrection has vaulted her into new territory for a contestant America originally didn’t choose to advance. Just gotta wonder – was she ever really in danger?

    Casey Abrams and Big Mike sang 5 additional shows after being saved. Their initial “eliminations” were early (Abrams-Top 11, Mike-Top 9), and that gives support for them lasting as long as they did. With so many weaker (less popular) competitors still in the compeition, their supporters could vote frantically and keep them around. Their inevitable exit did come (Abrams-6th, Mike-4th) as the true favorites of those seasons were never challenged to gain more votes than either of them.

    Matt Giraud was saved in Top 7 week (same as Jessica). By this stage, though, the show’s chosen ones have been pretty much etched in stone either by voters, judges, or producers. Just observing the 6 or 7 results shows up to this point, it’s fairly obvious America has usually settled on a few top singers and the rest are just buying time. Giraud only sang 2 more shows before getting the boot as he was in no position to close any gap against his competition. But how does Jessica overcome these odds to reach the final? From a sheer numbers point of view, assuming Jessica did have the lowest vote count at Top 7, she should have finished no better than 5th (maybe 4th if the stars align on voting night).

    These comments are not being shared to support any of the current or eliminated contestants. The final results for Season 11 were probably already determined many weeks ago anyway. For quite some time, this show has taken on a mind of its own. The initial design is still evident as it represents the hook for the viewers, but the goal of finding THE American Idol has lost meaning.

    Winners or not, so many of these performers record albums, and that’s just good business for the AI department ($$$). When the live shows are progressing, the question each year should be, “Which contestant needs to win AI in order to sell their music?”

    • yep says:

      I agree. I cry foul on that “save” business

      • Cris says:

        Why? it’s part of the rules. And Jessica being in the finale just proves that the save was all worth it.

    • 17 says:

      Initial Post after Jessica’s save:

      Apparently the AI machine has grown big enough to consistently get away with disregarding the public vote. I thought there was a 3rd party auditor whose sole purpose was to maintain the integrity of the show’s purpose, but maybe they are all in on the action by now. At least once per season, actual results are ignored in order to script a program that showcases more drama than would otherwise be available. It’s no secret there is an agenda for this show, and the powers-that-be work all the angles to maintain the course. No analysis about how the situation developed last night is credible. Sometimes you just have to call BS! Even if Jessica suddenly plunged into the bottom 3 for the first time ever, without seeing the actual tallies, there’s not a valid explanation on how she became the lowest vote getter overnight. Referencing Dial Idol holds no weight since text voting is an option and with several singers still in the running, at least half of them are predicted by this method to be in the bottom 3 every week due to statistical error. The time to use the Judges’ Save had essentially run out (holding it for one additional week wouldn’t have made for good programming), and unlike all the other resurrected competitors from previous seasons, somebody worthy of the save needed to be featured this time around in order to make it count for something. All that mattered was determining which person fit the storyline the show is trying to follow. As Jessica continues to advance through the rounds, we will always be reminded how she was saved by the judges. A claim can be made if the results of last night are truly accurate, she will probably finish no better than 4th place. With her diminishing popularity, it’s not likely she gains enough votes week after week to surpass those who are now in front of her. But if she surges to compete in the finale, then you’ll know for sure last night was a hoax.

      Comment by 17 – April 13, 2012 11:10 AM PDT Reply To This Post

      • FreeHaley says:

        I disagree. I think they do everything in their power to control things and script things plenty too much but I do not think they play with the votes like that. Maybe it’s not an official game show and maybe they wouldn’t get into severe legal trouble, I don’t know, but I just don’t think they’d ever risk it getting out that they played THOSE sorts of games (with votes that were not 100% clearly fraudulent by any standard).

        • Can'tBelieveI'mPosting says:

          I don’t think votes were manipulated or whatever. It’s more like when it was decided the save was going to be used on Top 7 night and everyone was going to be safe anyway, they wanted to save a worthy contestant for once. The save never really worked before, but maybe this time they pretended to eliminate Jessica just to save her.

          Since it was Top 7, any of Hollie, Elise, Colton (I don’t remember who else was a low vote getter back then) would have been saved that night as well, but there was no chance of any of them continuing for much longer. I bet Jessica has always had strong votes. The save was just a way to solidify her fan base a little and give her the extra push she might have needed to be the first girl winner – even though I still think PP2 has it in the bag.

          • Can'tBelieveI'mPosting says:

            *Sorry – first girl winner since JSparks

          • deedee says:

            You are right on the money. I think it was planned ahead of time to use the save on a contestant who was already doing well, just so that when that contestant made it to the finale, they could point to the efficacy of the judge’s save, and justify its existence. It also makes the judges look wise … or wiser than the voting public. See? Look – “they” clearly know what a good artist is because they yanked her from the brink of obscurity, and vaulted her into glorious victory. I don’t for a minute believe that Jessica actually had the lowest number of votes in top 7.

          • Tommyo2000 says:

            All this theory assumes that the save is needed to save the eventual winner to be credible … take Casey … he was never going to be the winner but going out at 11 would have robbed the audience of five more weeks of some really good performances … The save is legit if it keeps a really talented performer from being booted too early … keep the save!!!

          • Cris says:

            The save did not solidify Jessica’s fan base. He near-elimination did, it was like a douse of cold, cold water to her supporters. It was a wake-up call. The save actually gave her supporters the opportunity to show their support by actually voting. The save also gave Jessica an opportunity to woo others and increase her fan base.

            Jessica deserves the save. Jessica FTW!

      • Mary B says:

        Colton was never in the bottom and was listed as the favorite to win the week before his elimination. How do you explain that. The favorite can be eliminated without it being fixed. Its happened several times. The reason Jessica never was eliminated or in the bottom three after that is that it woke up a sleeping giant of fans after that lots having to do with her heritage. Her twitter account was no where near the followers it has now. That all happened after the save.

        • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

          Exactly. Colton was never in the bottom but then got the boot, a MAJOR ladie killer and marketable and current artist so I doubt AI purposely eliminated him.

          Stuttering was the performance that truly solidified me as a Jessica fan. But still, I was rooting for others and felt Jess was for sure safe anyway….I woulda given my vote to anyone but her cuz all the top 7 were great and I didn’t want any of em to leave but I thought she was safest.

          To be honest I am so glad the save was used – not only cuz Jess was saved but because we got to see the Top 7 perform again. They were the best top 7 EVER.

        • MamaLis says:

          Again, Colton had different variables at play. Colton had a large Christian fanbase. The week Colton left he performed an admittedly “controversial” Lady Gaga song that many of his followers revolted at. So Colton was a stimulus> response type of fall. For Jess it was just another week.

      • Cris says:

        There’s the magic words, diminishing popularity (or even stagnant fan base) – basis of those claiming statistical improbability on her staying power. Consider her increasing popularity or fan base and you’ll be surprised – it IS statistically probable.

      • MamaLis says:

        Oh wow. I remember your post 17 (not your name)! I was actually referencing it earlier! I thought you made a great point that night, and I think you make a great point, once again. When you start looking at the math – just the math – it’s hard to ignore. And I think they were vested in Jessica (it would only help her). As you say, she fit the storyline.

        • Cris says:

          MamaLis, I replied to your reply. As I said there, my name is Cris, not Chris (we are two different persons). I know the storyline fits her, so it’s hard not make theories out of them. It makes a good topic for discussion. But, I’m not buying it.

    • I think the “save” needs to go too. If America votes, they vote and let it be. I’d prefer to see a different voting system. Limit to how many times you can vote — 5, 10, not sure. But Idol loves to give out their numbers each week — “20 million votes this week”.

    • Sandi says:

      When it comes down to it, if it’s your fave that gets saved, everything is rosy. When someone gets saved at the expense of another contestant that you like, then you cry foul. It’s the same story for everyone.

      The system is set up so the powers that be have input and so does the voting public. You could cry foul that they pick wildcards rather than go with a straight vote for who makes it to the finale. You could cry foul that they choose the order of performance where some people get the pimp spot or the death spot more than their share. You could cry foul that the judges open their mouths at all and try to influence the voting public.

      Nothing in life is completely fair. They all have a chance of a lifetime being on Idol.

      As for Jessica, she was saved exactly once. She hasn’t been in the bottom since then. It’s not like they’ve been overriding the will of the people and saving her from elimination as she gets voted off week after week. As a Jessica fan, I could say that they’ve been quite unfair to her with their very muted praise, lack of pimp spots, and suspiciously terrible song choices (sabotage?) But those are the breaks…

      • Sandi says:

        I meant that they have wildcard picks rather than just a straight “top 13” vote as to who makes it to the finals. Typo.

      • RememberJPP says:

        I think you missed the point – nobody cries foul that Jessica was saved — the confusion is for how she was in the position to be saved in the first place considering everything leading into that night and everything that has transpired since.

        • Name That Tune says:

          I think it was contrived, which is what 17 was trying to say. If you apply the VoteFair model, it is unlikely Jessica was ever at risk for elimination. But they had only 2 nights left to use the save. If you believe that TPTB are trying to get the WGWG monkey off their back, then it’s perfectly plausible they manipulated the whole thing.

        • Cris says:

          Sorry JPP, but a few are crying unfair over Jessica’s save.

          • ivy says:

            dont blame jessica. she didn’t make the rules

          • Cris says:

            Ivy, I was defending Jessica and the save, Exactly what I said in other posts, the save is part of the rules. She proved that she deserved it as she is now in the finale.
            JPP was saying that nobody’s crying foul about the save, so I was just telling him it ain’t true, Come to think of it, if my comment is read by itself, without going thru the conversation thread, it sounds like I also am crying foul. Sorry for that.

      • deedee says:

        Not true. I would still think the judges’ save should be thrown out even if it were Joshua or Skylar or Elise (my faves) who benefited from it. It’s an unnecessary device.
        Also, I’ve always felt that the “sing for your life” aspect of it is humiliating and doubly hurtful to the one who just got booted. “Sorry, America doesn’t like you. Now, sing like a desperate trained monkey to see if the judges think you’re worthy. Oh, sorry, they also think you suck… even though just last night Steven told you you’re beautiful, Randy said you can sing the phonebook, and JLo said you gave her ‘goosies’. Buh-bye now”. Bleh. Get rid of the save.

        • Cris says:

          Deedee, you kept harping on the save. May I suggest you petition the producers to drop it.

          But in the meantime, the save is a part of the game. It is this year, and the past years. It most probably will still be there next year(s).

          The save will be played out, whether you like it or not. It will stay, until of course your advocacy is adopted by the producers, or AI goes off air permanently.

          • deedee says:

            Cris, I don’t keep “harping on the save”. There’s a discussion on the save here, and I’m offering reasons why I don’t like it. Isn’t that what everybody here does? Good lord.

        • Cris says:

          Deedee, went back to your comment. And I realized I was out of order. In fact, you have good points there. Just don’t know how I completely missed them. My apologies.

    • Cris says:

      It IS NOT an statistical improbability.

      Have you considered all the factors, especially on the increasing number of votes per week and Jessica’s share of that increase. Did you also consider the shift of votes from the previous week, i.e. votes of the previous week that originally were not for her, but shifted for her on the next week?

      Just try playing with some figures, and am pretty sure you’ll figure out that Jessica’s staying power IS statistically probable.

      • MamaLis says:

        Refer to 17 above. While it IS possible, Chris, I give you that. It’s not probable.
        Please also note that no one is saying Jessica didn’t deserve ‘the save.’ True or not. She did.
        Also get off Dee’s back. We’re having a discussion around here, and that’s what we do. Discuss.

        • Cris says:

          MamaLis, about the probability, let’s just agree to disagree and leave it at that.
          There ARE people who are crying foul, unfair, etc that Jessica was saved. So thanks for recognizing she deserved the save.
          O yeah Deedee, posted my her.
          And Cris, not Chris (third time and hopefully the last time I say this, hahaha)

  20. angelstorm says:

    Nah – I’m not sorry about Joshua not making it to the finale. I feel bad for him sure because he did really want it but my problem with Joshua is that when he starts off a song – it’s great – about 30s to 1min into that song . . . it all starts to go down hill. Just the screaming and the more screaming and the jumping up and down on the stage. Too much drama. No. 3rd place is a good spot for him to finish. . .

  21. db says:

    good kid. hope does well. doesn’t it make sense that once hollie left that jessica would do better in the voting?…

  22. Michele Franco Perez says:

    Don’t even whine if you didn’t vote!! Joshua’s lines were impossible to get through. There 20 busy’s to one vote. This has been an ongoing problem with Idol voting. It happened all the way back to Clay when I couldn’t get one vote in because of busy lines. Do the producers plan it this way? If they do they’re stupid because Joshua is the one to have a career.

    • TC says:

      funny you should say that. I have been voting for Joshua over the last month or so but was not able the other night because I was out of town on business and can’t vote with my verizon blackberry. My sister who also loves Josh said she’d vote on my behalf. She said she tried for an hour straight and was only able to get in a few times. Otherwise, it was busy the whole time. I really can’t say I trust the results, the accuracy of the voting system or that cheating doesn’t occur-especially now that you can vote online.

  23. Michele Franco Perez says:

    Joshua is one of the greatest talents on Idol ever!! The teeny bopper girls were voting for Phillip with their vaginas.

  24. Renda says:

    Although I’m sad about the fact that so many great contestants that arguably could have won have been sent home (Skylar, Colton, Elise, Joshua) and the fact that any one of those four would’ve made for a very exciting and entertaining finale, I can’t help but remember back to last year and the finale we faced after Haley was eliminated. I think no matter what our differences are, or who are favorites are this year, we can all agree that Jessica and Phillip, individually, have more talent and charisma than Lauren and Scotty combined.

  25. Badjuggler says:

    This “competition” has been totally co-opted by little white girls. It is officially disgusting.

  26. Ang says:

    Personally I thought Joshua should have been gone weeks ago.. The Judges just kept pimping him! I was hoping for a girl girl show Skylar, Jessica, Hollie tie.. Phil is my fav but I hope Jessica wins she’s more Idol material then Jimmie can take Phil and make a real album we’d buy. :)

  27. mercedes says:

    About 6 weeks ago or so I thought there was a slim chance that Phillip wouldn’t win. But when he said “your daddy let you date?” all the little girls (and cougars) in America started voting with their panties instead of their ears. Although he’s not the most deserving, there’s no way he won’t win this. And here’s the problem, although per Ryan there’s 90 million votes, it only takes 30,000 people voting 500 times each to accumulate 15 million votes. If they’re each power voting 1,000 times, it’s 30 million. Unfortunately selling 30,000 units of your cd is a massive failure. The point is that relative to the total 90 million, only a very small amount of people are deciding this. Last year after Hailey I skipped the finale, this year I’ll be skipping it again. Next year, I won’t bother at all. Lord knows listening to the 3 stooges on the “judges” panel is so annoying it’s not worth it to get to the talent.

  28. McJagger says:

    The contestant’s song choices this year were once again disappointing. If Joshua had sung more contemporary stuff he might have made the final. I’m mid-40’s and was raised on Motown, Soul and R&B, but Joshua should have used Hollie’s strategy and sung something that the younger voters would have appreciated. Even the most exquisitely performed oldies are just that – old.

  29. Sandrine says:

    Well, now I’m sure P2 is gonna win. Any final 2 with him in it guarantees him the crown. I just hope I’d be proven wrong next week. I was rooting for him since audition week but I grew tired of his style. All the epileptic growling put me off. Week after week, it doesn’t matter if he gave mediocre performances, he was never in the bottom 2 (thanks, teen girls!) Doesn’t help that the judges are afraid to say anything negative about these contestants. Damn! Was hoping for a Joshua/Jessica finale. At least that would be more fair.

  30. TC says:

    I have about as much desire to watch a P2 vs Jessica finale as I do going to my Ob/Gyn for my annual. At least I can skip out on the finale

  31. Mary says:

    I hear people saying that the finale will be a snorefest. I won’t speak about P2, but…Jessica is definitely not boring…I’ve been excited about her from the start…she is so versatile…high, low, strong, soft, swag…SOOOO excited for her….and yes, she’ll even sell records and make $ for the american Idol machine.

  32. Wanted the two J's says:

    For everyone who is upset that Joshua is not in the finale, then who should have gone home and why. Everyone says Phillip did the best on the final 3 show but he was not that great to the point it was a seperation. Jessica was given horrible song choices and still plowed through because YET AGAIN, Jimmy says he had second thoughts on his song choice.
    So I say look at their body of work over the entire season and it has to be Phillip who goes home. Phillip lacks versatality and went through that stretch where Colton, Skylar, and Hollie were sent home when it easily should have been him.

    It is now a catch 22 with AI because Jimmy does not know what to do with either finalist that would win. If Phillip wins the the AI fan base will throw their hands up with yet another WGWG win but if Jessica wins then you have all these “conspiracies”, lol.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Well, NOT EVERYONE says P2 did the best on the final 3 night. I would say he came in second. But I don’t think he was in the top 2 for the entire season. So send Jessica or P2 home, depending on whether you think an entire season should factor into your decision-making.

  33. TinyTim says:

    Does anyone watching Philip see people paying $45 to $85 to see that? After a year he will be doing coffee shops like the other WGWG are doing. No big band, no sax player, no drummer on stage, just him and a waitress offering coffee folks.

    • Templar says:

      ITA with the WGWG exception of Scotty McCreery. Country music is a whole different animal and I believe Scotty will have a respectable career that will span 10 years or more. Even Bucky Covington and Casey James are making a living in Nashville. On the bright side Tuesday and Wednesday just opened up for me. Wonder why they moved the final performance night and finale up a day.

  34. sandi says:

    I have finally had it. I don’t think I can invested in another contestant. Phillip will join Lee Dewyze, Taylor Hicks for non-success as an American Idol. Great for Jimmy to decide the day after that he “might” have given Joshua the wrong song to sing. I doubt I will watch the final two, and I predict Joshua will far more successful than Phillip or Jessica. BUT you forgot to mention Casey James (also third) whose CD debuted at #2 on Billboard charts. Just ayin

    • I like to see Joshua perform, but I don’t like his studio tracks. So, I don’t know. He is a great and excellent performer and he brings energy and passion when you can see him. But seems boring when you only hear him on a CD…..

    • Marsaili says:

      Yeah, Casey James—a hot WGWG! I don’t think I can take another person thinking they know it all about where the contestants will end up—or even how the former contestants are doing (WAY better than you ever admit or probably even know—-it’s just a case of the sheeple repeating the mantra—WGWG=Lee, Taylor, Cook and Allen=no success—-and you all are SO wrong. That’s ok—you’ll be eating your words when Phillip is successful and the other WGWG’s keep plugging away, earning a good living—probably making a hell of a lot more money than anyone here.

    • tarc says:

      DeWyze and Hicks are plnety successful. Just sayin’. Beating the tens of thusands of people that try and fail to make a living at music is success against huge odds. Success in that industry depends on a lot of things, material and luck being just as – or more – important than talent. Both DeWyze and Hicks got misdirected by 19 into thinking they were pop stars, which nobody else agreed. Now they’re back doing the right type of music for them, and they’re still doing fine.

  35. That’s the beauty of this top 2. So, DAMN POLARIZING musically of course. But seems to me they’re both down to earth kids. So, just VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  36. Paramour says:

    Yaaaaa Jessica!

  37. Mary B says:

    I posted on this site the other day that a kid from the Philippines posted on a different site that they were voting big time for Jessica via Skype. That she is Filipino and they are loyal to their own so everyone is voting for her over there and it is all everyone is talking about, but someone told me not to believe what I read on the internet.

    • Mark says:

      about the album sales-oh just like past few years-many were saying that the WGWG would sell albums-and here now again with PP. i just hope that he will really sell album coz look what happened with kris,lee,cook-etc….now dey say PP will have high chances to sell more albums than any these guys and any of the contestants now because PP is unique,different etc.,(well no two individuals are exactly alike so even jess and josh is unique and diff. too.)about album sales-i just read from the comments that jess will not sell albums-
      well it’s ok to be underestimated like susan boyle who has great album sales and also adelle.
      i must tell you almost all the singers and performers like lady gaga,justin bieber have been neglected and rejected by some producers because that producers doubt that they will not be a big hit.
      with right producers-jessica can also have great sales of album!!! so i honestly think that with all the happenings in the world now-everything can happen!!!

  38. jenny says:

    almost all predicted jessica to go and i was thinking these writers are writing with their hearts and not their brains. jessica is a darling for those people who love their ears stuffed with beautiful voices. how come joshua cant sing imagine as beautifully as david archuleta if he is the best voice in the last 50 yrs? he needs to scream, screech and move to get our attention. his voice cant do the magic alone like when jessica just sat there and delivered the most beautiful rendition of you are so beautiful. joshua was eliminated because more people voted and loved jessica and philip. thats a fact. even the most simple song can haunt and touch the viewers if sang beautifullly without screaming, screeching and moving. look how philip did with volcano. joshua did imagine and he cant deliver its not the voters fault that majority are not sold to his style. if only joshua lovers cared enough to vote for him i would have believed that i’m in the minority. america got it right! the more pleasing to the ears voices made it to the finale!

    • Marsaili says:

      um, that’s an obvious fact. The FACT is that Joshua never had a chance against the fans of Phillip and Jessica—that doesn’t mean he didn’t deserve to be in the finale because he did—and it doesn’t mean that his voice isn’t as beautiful as Jessica’s or anyone else’s because it is—he didn’t scream Imagine—he did it differently than Archie because he’s a different person and a different singer! It wasn’t his best, certainly—but every other performance of his was off the wall—and NO ONE has had that kind of run on Idol this year like Joshua–not even Jessica.

    • Mary B says:

      I agree with you. It bothers me when every one is saying how Joshua was robbed and he should have made it instead of Jessica or Phillip. I have all the download albums of idol since the top 13. To get and idea if I would be able to listen to entire cd of an artist. I sort my ipod to artist and play all the selections from that particular artist. From doing this I really started to get into Phillip’s music. It is funky, fun and different. Holly and Jessica’s selections were beautiful but not unique. Joshua’s were so grating on my ear and I realized almost every song sounded the same at the end and it was so annoying I would have to lower my stereo. I am sure there are a lot of you out there that really enjoys that type of music but not for me and many people. I am not saying Joshua does not have a beautiful voice because he does. Probably one of the best in the competition but it is what he does with his voice that I am not fond of. I just wish instead of jumping up and down with the standing O’s one of the judges or Jimmy would have given him some advice to tone down in order to appeal to the majority instead of a select group that enjoys that genre. His fan base was not as big as Jessica’s nor Phillips, there was a reason for that and not because of race and the fact that tweens are voting for Phillip and Filipinos are voting for Jessica maybe a little but not such a huge degree as everyone would like to believe. I really do not think he didn’t have a chance of winning unless he changed his type of singing and mixed it up a little. The judges and Jimmy did him a disservice and steered him wrong. I really like Joshua and I wish him every success but I don’t think his type of music will ever be a big draw to the masses. He needed more of Ready for Love type music.

    • deedee says:

      jenny, many many people also LOVE ugly Christmas sweaters and Denny’s Slam Dunk breakfasts. Does that mean they understand high fashion and fine cuisine?

    • 5talentgirl says:

      Um, not a fact actually. Fact – more VOTES were cast. Unknown factor – the quantity of people who cast those votes. More people could have voted for Joshua but not as many times. One man one vote or something nearer to that is the only way to properly gauge actual popularity.

      • Marsaili says:

        I messaged dizzyfeet to ask why they don’t make the voting more fair. He never responded. Of course, he flies off the handle when anyone questions his decisions.

  39. MamaLis says:

    Here’s what I want to say – (800 comments later).
    1. I watched the “After the Cameras” thing on Idol. Broke my HEART to see Josh break down in tears. Jennifer called him a “Puppy” but that’s what he is.. a little sweet Puppy! I think this year there really is a special chemistry with that group.. even those innane judges. 2. Every time I see Phillip interact I adore him, too! He seems so genuine and kind-hearted; I’m VERY impressed. What good guys. Both of them!!

    • deedee says:

      OMG, MammaLis, I also loved when JLo called him puppy because I use that word too for anything I find adorable. His crying really was heartbreaking, wasn’t it? In a later interview, he said he was just fine until people came up to console him. Then he “lost it a little bit”. Aww, puppy! :)
      And *high 5* to Phillip for grabbing the mic after Josh’s singout to say “if that’s not singing, I don’t know what is!”. Real class.

      • Amy says:

        Where’d you see the whole performance?? On my programing it cut out after Josh brought mom on stage and before he stopped singing!

        …just as it did with Elise! grrrrrr. I was swearing that if Jenny from the block hadn’t rambled on so with her opinions at the end, I might have been able to see Josh’s full exit! Wish Idol producers would watch the timing more and let us see those exits until the end, like they always used to (um except in Season 7 when a few states only got to hear “Davidddd (click)” LOL)….lately they always run over and cut it off.

        • deedee says:

          Amy, you have to go to and look at the “while the cameras were still running” videos (or whatever it’s called). Last night it was the default vid on the home page. It might still be there.

        • Marsaili says:

          Goto they have video of it (and everyone else who got cut off) there.

      • MamaLis says:

        Awww. Yes, here Josh sang that final song like such a man and with such ferocity, then he just looses it in honest heartbreak. He wanted it so badly; and deserved it, too.
        And Phil… you know even when they announced his name. I watched it a couple of times. It was a huge moment for him but he didn’t make it a huge moment because of the loss for Josh. He took a few seconds to process *yes* for himself, then immediately (and consciously) dialed-back and consoled Josh. I thought that was very cool and ya.. kind-hearted.

        • Marsaili says:

          Phillip really is kind—a good guy! Joshua has broken my heart with his singing so often this season, but seeing him crash last night after all that pressure, and then the results and then singing his heart out at the end—that was just so heartbreaking. And then a little while later at the red carpet interview he’s like—“I just feel SO relieved it’s over and I don’t have to compete with my friends anymore!” —paraphrasing there. LOL! I can’t even imagine the pressure these kids are under! It just makes me more angry about how nasty some of these posters can be—those kids don’t deserve the kind of talk that goes on—it just goes to show how low some people are here.

  40. ladyhelix says:

    Well, at least Joshua is in good company!! (Elliott Yamin, Melinda Doolittle, Allison Iraheta and Haley Reinhart). As Adam said afterwards – Joshua’s got NOTHING to worry about, he’s gonna do just fine.

  41. Jessica wins says:

    Aside from the original song I hope they allow Jessica to sing one Beyonce song and one Adele song. One can be mid tempo and other slow. Give the girl a chance to win with familiar material that showcases her strengths. Those songs last week were horrible.

  42. Christine says:

    The finale SHOULD have been Joshua vs. Elise. That is all.

  43. Kelly says:

    I must be the only person on the planet glad to see Joshua get the boot. Not my kind of singer at all. Good riddance.

    I am super excited to see Phillip Phillips, my fave all season, in the finale even though I really do not want him to win. Idol needs a female winner and Jessica needs to have the Idol machine behind her to be successful. Phillip will do just fine on his own. (In fact, Joshua and Skyler ought to do just fine on their own too.)

    Bring on the finale and 3 more Phillip Phillips tracks to buy!!!

  44. Cris says:

    I got this from Wikipedia…

    A bill, Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009, was signed into law by Pres Obama in Dec 2010, to address spoofing.

    “Under the bill, which also targets VOIP services, it becomes illegal “to cause any caller identification service to knowingly transmit misleading or inaccurate caller identification information with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value….” Forfeiture penalties or criminal fines of up to $10,000 per violation (not to exceed $1,000,000) could be imposed.” (lifted verbatim from Wikipedia).

    I doubt there is cheating, given the enormous penalty that may be imposed.

    Having said that, as a Jessica fan, if it’s true there’s cheating through Skype, then I will be the first to say she does not deserve to be in AI. And I will really feel the pain for her because she is the unwitting victim here, she’ll be totally devastated.

    • Mary B says:

      Cris this is really happening. Google “Skype votes from the Philippians for American Idol” and you will find tons of stuff. My daughter in law is Filipino and I have to tell you they are extremely loyal to their own. Its amazing. Its not a bad quality but in this case it is totally unfair just as unfair as a bunch of teenage girls power voting for someone because he is cute ( not saying that is what is happening with Phillip, I love Phillip and think he is extremely talented) Idol has to change their voting rules or their show is going to be totally destroyed, this is total proof of it. Fans have to make noise and not stand for it anymore. It is also a shame because I don’t believe it is Jessica’s doing but if she wins and this gets blown up which it may( lots of angry fans) her title will always be tainted.

      • givemeglenn says:

        They even have one URL listed showing how Jessica’s voters can actually place TWO VOTES per ONE SKYPE call at the SAME TIME by setting up groups on Skype and then doing a “group call” to the designated AI number for her. This is how “insane” this voting process has gotten…

      • givemeglenn says:

        This is how they tweet them:

        1 of 2 Vote for JESSICA SANCHEZ>> Skype. 18664365702 18664365705 18664365708. Vote between 1 pm – 3 pm. #americanidol #jessicasanchez

        • deedee says:

          Wow, unbelievable. So, if there’s a whole other *country* fanatically voting for Jessica, is there any way she can lose the title? What I think is – if the show wants her to win, then they don’t give a rat’s arse where the votes are coming from, as long as nobody can prove they knew the skype numbers were spoofed (or whatever the term is).
          I don’t know what they’d do if they didn’t want her to win. Either cut their losses (like with Taylor Hicks), or find a way to throw out some votes based on the illegal mass of voters unfairly skewing the numbers. Either way, I wouldn’t want Joshua to come back because it makes him look like he didn’t really earn his place in the finals (even though he definitely did). And if he wins under those circumstances, it would be even worse. JMO.

          • Templar says:

            And the population of the Philippines is over 90 million, 3x the pop of Canada!

          • Cris says:

            Looking at it… I find it absurd, ridiculous, preposterous… a whole country being accused of an illegal act. For what? A singing competition crown, which is not even a guaranteed ticket to success… LOL

          • deedee says:

            Cris, nobody’s blaming a whole country. Plus, the “illegality” of it is only within the boundaries of the game. But if this sort of thing *is* going on (and I’m not sure it is — meaning, those “illegally” cast votes might be thrown out if they can be identified) then it’s not fair. But we’ll most likely never know one way or the other about the issue because Idol’s vote counting practices are a tightly guarded secret. I’ll wait for Seacrest’s tell-all book in 30 years.

          • darcy the slutty twin says:

            But deedee, you did mention a WHOLE OTHER COUNTRY. And Templar, I find it hilarious that you think those 90 million people have Skype and are calling in for Jessica. This issue is making me very uncomfortable. It is insensitive to a whole country and a whole race of people. And if this sort of thing is going on, it makes you wonder why Ramiele Malubay finished ninth and Thia Megia last year finished 10th. If I remember correctly, those two are of Filipino descent, and not even part Mexican or anything.

          • deedee says:

            But, Darcy, I don’t mean the whole country is doing something wrong. I mean that if this sort of thing IS going in another country (any country – Canada, UK, Venezuela…) then it’s something they need to look at. If Liverpool had a large organized Skype campaign to vote for Hollie, that would be the same thing. Anyway, who cares. The show will address it if they see fit.

      • Cris says:

        I have read blogs from Filipinos that these do not work. Even assuming for the sake of argument that calls from these modes can go through, there’s a process being observed by AI where votes are screened for validity. I will take comfort in that and under the “Truth in Caller ID Act” that no cheating is being done or at the minimum, no illegal votes are counted.

        • You guys all crack me up. You guys all think that the other contestants are stupid? They all want to win and they all can get on the internet and read about this as much as you. You really think they would just let it go bye without questioning it? You think their friends and family wouldn’t make them aware of it? If one of my friends or family was on the show, I would most certainly let them know. You guys worry more than the contestants…lol… anything to try to discredit someone else instead of wishing them all the best.

          You guys should call Nigel or Fox if you are that concerned,], Whining on here isn’t going to do nothing.

          • deedee says:

            But we’re still allowed to whine, right?

          • Cris says:

            I’ll take the cue from Frank. Will leave Deedee and company to whine.

            As for me, I’m gonna “wine” to celebrate my dear Jessica’s entry into the finals.

            I’m wishing all the best for Jessica, the next American Idol!!!!

  45. givemeglenn says:

    Joshua should ask AI officials to have Jessica removed as the second place finisher so he can take his rightful place spot in the finale.

    • Cris says:

      If there’s even an iota of evidence that illegals votes were counted in Jessica’s favor, Joshua doesn’t even need to ask AI. Jessica will willingly give up her spot.

    • Cris says:

      BTW, Jessica is not the second placer. The finals still has to be done.

    • Mary B says:

      It is going on but as Cris pointed out last year there was also over 90,000,000 in votes so maybe not as many votes are getting through as we thought. Hopefully they are getting blocked. Finale last year generated 124,000,000 votes. This makes me feel a whole lot better.

  46. JB says:

    FMon.. I totally agree with you.. those who keeps on talking about this so called “spoofing” are just BITTER… I don’t think AI producers, staffs etc. are not that STUPID to allow this “FRAUD THEORY” to happen.. i’m not a jessica nor a p2 fan but that’s the way it is! they have been chosen by America to be in the finals whether we like it or not.. can’t we be just be happy for them instead of making up stories.. AI is just a launching pad for all of these talented kids and it’s not always the winner who makes it big outside AI…

    • Mary B says:

      Not true I am not bitter at all. My favorite is in the top 2 and I am happy for any one of them who gets to be idol but these kids are all working there butts off to get there and when there is talk of unfair voting, is not fair to any of them. The bottom line is AI needs to change their voting rules. Every year there is some sort of controversy with the voting. It is time the whole structure is changed.

  47. JB says:

    FMon.. AMEN!… those who are pushing this so called “spoofing” are just Bitter… or should I say “Jessica HATERS”.. I don’t think AI producers, technical people etc. are that stupid to allow this “Fraud Theory”.. come on! can we just accept that america chose Jessica and p2 to be in the finale? it’s as simple as that.. anyway, winning the title does not guarantee success in the music industry.. AI serves only as a launching pad for all of these talented kids., so instead of wasting time making up stories, let’s be happy for them… In fact, I’m not a Jessica nor a P2 fan but I don’t mind one of them winning the title.. ALL OF THEM DESERVES IT!

  48. givemeglenn says:

    I’m not “bitter” in the least, just don’t like dishonesty. Google Jessica Skype American Idol for yourself and you’ll see how many links there are available. Do you honestly believe these are nothing more than urban myths? If you do, then try Googling urban myth Skype Vote American Idol and see if anything even shows up…

  49. ABC says:


    • Mary B says:

      Before you accuse people of making up stories I suggest you do a little digging yourself and find out that this is not a made up story, it is a reality. I am not bitter at all because my favorite is in the top 2 but it bothers me when this type of thing goes on. It is not fair to any of them including Jessica because by them doing this if she wins there will always be speculation that it was won unfairly. I truly don’t believe Jessica is responsible for this and she becomes a victim of it also. The only thing we do not know for sure is whether or not these votes are getting blocked but as far as it happening it is fact not theory.

      • Marsaili says:

        The Jessica-trolls are back—they can’t have a conversation without resulting to insults and naughty words—they aren’t even worth the time of day.

      • ivy says:

        maybe it is happening. but ARE THE VOTES BEING COUNTED?

  50. givemeglenn says:

    It’s even gotten so bad on some sites, I’ve seen some Jessica fans insinuating Phillip is even gay because he put his arm around Joshua and was teasing him. They are, obviously, trying to to upset his fan base. Knowing his family, I can guarantee you it’s an absolute lie, and just another example of a dirty trick being played.

    • Tim says:

      Why would that upset his fans? Are they a bunch of homophobes?

      • givemeglenn says:

        No, but they keep saying all these girls are “in love with him,” and if they can make them think he’s gay, then maybe they won’t feel the same way about him. It’s stupid.

        • Cris says:

          Then you are saying these girls are really in love with him for his looks, not his singing. Why didn’t you mention that Jessica likewise is getting a lot of thrash being thrown at her? Oh yeah, why did I even ask it? You don’t like Jessica.

          • tarc says:

            Wow, you love to make things up as much as Joe. In fact, maybe you’re the same guy…

          • Cris says:

            Hey Tarc, what are you talking about? Try to understand, if you can, GMG’s comment. Then understand, if you can, my reply. Then go back to me, and make a sensible comment.

            Who is Joe? If he supports Jessica, well then we are one … in that purpose.

        • Tim says:

          Plenty of girls were in love with Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert too. Of course they were talented.