American Idol Top 3 Results Recap: We've Got Tonight. Who Needs Tomorrow? [Updated]

As American Idol gets closer to the Season 11 finale, its results shows should — by the laws of reality television — get more and more suspenseful. The only problem is that with fewer dreams hanging in the balance, and fewer contestants for evil kitty Ryan Seacrest to bat about like so many trapped mice, the show’s producers have to pad the telecast with alarming amounts of pink slime to fill out the burger.

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And thus we get multiple promos for Ice Age: Continental Drift, a Ford “Music Video” so inane that I’m pretty sure Idol producers needed to sedate Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet with tranquilizer darts to get ’em through it, and announcements from Ryan Seacrest touting Season 12 auditions. (File under: I don’t think we’re ready for that jelly.)

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Ah well, at least we got Adam Lambert — his hair like the plumage of some awesome tropical bird, his nails painted a hue not even J.Lo would dare to rock — belting out his latest single, “Never Close Our Eyes.” Because let’s be honest, the Idoloonie Nation needed something positive to cling to after Ryan Seacrest delivered results that — once they were unleashed into the universe — felt more repugnant than making a salad from month-old sludge in the back of your refrigerator’s vegetable drawer.

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(Pause here for music therapy: THIS IS A…)

Without further ado, let’s cut to the results.

Sent First to the Finale
Jessica Sanchez

(Pause here for music therapy: MAAYYYY-UHHHH-NNNN’S WORRRRRR-UH-LLLL-DUH!)

Sent Second to the Finale
Phillip Phillips


Joshua Ledet

(Pause here for music therapy: WITHOUT A WOMANNNNNN OR A GURRRRRRLLLLL!)

I’m not even sure I have anything left to type. How could Joshua get sent packing after a four-week extravaganza that included “No More Drama,” “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” “To Love Somebody” and “Ready for Love”? Somewhere, Lady Justice has dropped her scales and headed straight for the freezer, to fetch her bottle of gin.

Nevertheless, there may have been one silver lining to Joshua’s ouster: A glorious encore of “…Man’s World” that ranks right up there with Haley Reinhart’s “Bennie and the Jets” and Allison Iraheta’s “Cry Baby” in the pantheon of great Idol exit performances. Was I wiping away a tear or ten as Joshua growled about man making the train, to carry the heavy load? As a glass of Sauvignon Blanc is my witness, you betcha!

Plus, Joshua now joins the hallowed ranks of prior Idol second-runners-up (that’s beauty pageant speak for third-place finishers) such as Elliott Yamin, Melinda Doolittle, Allison Iraheta (don’t tell me she was fourth; I’ll never believe you), and Haley Reinhart.

I’d weigh in on Jimmy Iovine’s day-after commentary on Phillip, Joshua, and Jessica, but I can’t bear it. Plus, Lady Justice needs a drink refill, and then she and I need to figure out whether Lisa Marie Presley was singing live or lipsynching there in the forest of the damned. (I didn’t mind her song that much, one way or the other.)

And with that, I send ye to the comments. Ease on down there and tell us if you think the right two contestants made the finale. Or just weep. And congrats to Joshua and Skylar Jessica and Phillip! Next week’s finale will certainly be notable in its matchup of vocalists who couldn’t be further apart on the musical scale if their names were Ke$ha and Josh Groban.

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  1. J. May says:

    Congratulations to P2, 5th WGWG to win American Idull.

    “That’s a joke, right?”


  2. Marilyn says:

    Dammit, this is Melinda Doolittle all over again! Another best singer comes in third. Ridiculata!

    • FreeHaley says:

      To be fair, Sparks is pretty damn good. Did you hear her on billboard tonight?
      Melinda was awesome too but you can’t take anything away from Sparks, she was a totally legit winner.

  3. hardy curtis says:

    i like joshua’s voice but sometimes i don’t like when he oversang the songs. he already has a good voice yet he always looking for trouble or fight when he sings…. not classy.

  4. joshfan says:

    For all you people complaining about josh’s screaming you do not know the difference in live shows and a recording.

  5. idared says:

    This is season 5 all over again. Jessica will be another Kathryn McPhee. Amazingly gifted vocalist but not much stage presence or charisma at this point. Phillip is like Taylor Hicks. Quirky southern charmer who developed a great stage persona. Not wavering from his musical identity. A musician. Kathryn was in the bottom 3 multiple times. Taylor never cracked it. I have a feeling history could repeat itself and Phillip will win. I do believe his style is the more relevant of the two by today’s musical standards and tastes. Good luck to both. As for Joshua, to each his own. Whether you like his vocal stylings or not, he was undeniably the most exciting Performer this season and will surely be heard from again in the not too distant future. Right Jimmy Iovine??

    • deedee says:

      Yup, season 5 redux. Joshua was totally Yamin’d tonight.

      • DZ says:

        I’ve never felt this way about a contestant (Joshua) since Elliott Yamin. I’m so disappointed.

        • deedee says:

          Somebody on another site said that the “Top 3’s” should go on tour together and show the world what soul is: Melinda, Elliott, Haley and Joshua. Can you imagine the amazingness? Oh, and Allison – our honorary Top 3er.

    • Jeanne says:

      LOL and Taylor Hicks was dropped by the label after his first CD failing to sell. hmmmm I would not want to be compared to him. He went from that to being in Grease as the angel on broadway to now a singing stint in Vegas. So yeah Philip = Hicks good luck with that! The producers aren’t stupid they know who will make them the money! They are investing tons of money into the winner.

      • Gregg says:

        Taylor is a multi-millionaire now, too, and very happy in his career, making records and touring when he wants. Wow, I can see how you’d feel sorry for him. Not! LOL…

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I think Taylor Hicks is perfect for Vegas. He is an ENTERTAINER. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! A lot of top-notch performers have chosen Vegas (like Celine Dion – even though I don’t care for her) because they don’t have to do the touring, which is grueling. The music industry is quite diverse and there’s room for everyone.

        • deedee says:

          The difference is that Celine was an established star who chose to do a residence (or whatever it’s called) in Vegas. Taylor Hicks is like a movie that goes straight to DVD. I’m not knocking his career… he sure makes more money than me! It’s just not on the same level as a Celine.

      • givemeglenn says:

        And yet Taylor has his own Las Vegas act…now what does that tell you?

      • givemeglenn says:

        Frank Sinatra sang in Vegas, Liza sings in Vegas, all of the top acts sing in Vegas…

  6. Mary B says:

    I really don’t think they can fake that. I just think her fans woke up after that. Look what happened to Colton, first time in bottom three and he was eliminated.

    • MamaLis says:

      Ah yes. Good point. Except Colton was a different scenario. Colton had in large part a Christian fanbase, and the week he was eliminated, did what was considered a ‘controversial’ Lady Gaga song. He actually upset his fanbase, and thus the incremental revolt. Different variables at play in the Colton scenario.

  7. Tekwzrd says:

    What we have this year is a bunch of raw talent, blah performances and caterwauling identified as singing. Record sales will determine which of these appeals to the buying public.

    That said, while I love Slezak’s talent for word-smithing sarcasm and respect his opinion and knowledge of AI, I am SO over the MiMiJo (michael, mindydoo, Joshua) love fest! I’m not sure what they here in Josh’s voice that is so appealing, but the lack of any major differences of opinion have made these idologies eye rollers for me. If not for michael’s humor, I’d skip them all together.

    Good luck to the three of them…I doubt any of them will be a huge hit, but they all sing better than Lee!

    • Alice says:

      I do think that, as much as I’ve come to love Melinda, Michael needs someone more acerbic like former Idolatry partner Kristen Baldwin. They had a great rapport and K. was usually happy to play bad cop – she also rarely became too wrapped up – though there was her delightful ‘Put the Go in Gokey’ campaign. Michael and Melinda is a little too matchy matchy I think – she could be guest – but would love to him w/someone more willing to challenge him and w/equally snarky humor. Sigh – I know it’s not to be.

  8. fiona says:

    Each one of the top three are polarizing singers TBH:

    those who like it say = best personality on stage, unique, amazing singer, proactive
    those who don’t like it say = too gospel-ly, too much screeching

    those who like it say = unique voice unlike all the others, great personality, original, goo performer
    those who don’t like it say = WGWG, can’t carry a melody, worst singer OF THE THREE

    those who like it say = best voice, great control, big balladeer, (Filipino/Mexican – sorry but some people vote that way… its true)
    those who don’t like it say = devoid of personality/emotion, too young

    to each his own right? I personally love both J’s and would have been happy if they both made the top 2 and one of them one. I really would have pegged P2 down at top 5 week. other than Volcano I haven’t really liked any of his performances. I personally think Jessica sings with passion and the too young comment = honestly there’s a 5 year age difference between the top 3. And sometimes in this industry its better to start at this age and have a foot in the door and GROW to be something amazing.

    Either way all three will get contracts, and all three will get some share of fame in their respective industries.

    • Jigz says:

      Im amazed with that 16 yr old who sings like pro, i bet j lo cant even sing close that good of that 16 yr old. At 16? What a talent

  9. Juan says:

    Alright! My finale prediction is coming true!
    Phillip Phillips! Phillip Phillips!
    This is a competition of who’d we rather ____, right?

    • tarc says:

      Wow, sexist much?

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I think Juan is a guy and that’s just creepy.
        Now, hopefully a bunch of people will jump on here and accuse me of hating gay people. :-)

        • tarc says:

          The minute you have to go to the groin to justify (or dismiss) an argument, you’ve already lost. Just sayin’.

          • MamaLis says:

            Unless you’re a professional ball player and the argument is about say, compression shorts vs. jock straps. Then you have to go there… you know….

          • tarc says:

            LOL! True, MamaLis. I’ll amend that to: the minute you go to the groin to justify (or dismiss) and argument (not directly about groins), you’ve already lost. :D

  10. Beck says:

    It’s prob a blessing Slezak doesn’t like Phillip because all his faves LOSE

  11. amalie says:

    Worst. Results. Ever. On a day we lost Donna Summer? Really? What a double whammy. No. Credibility. For. Idol. Ever. How clever would the judges have been to give him a Donna Summer song instead of Etta James? Which is not to say he didn’t kill it last night. But s*&%#! America didn’t get it. The voters will never get it. What Joshua can do that no one else can. Such a “throwback”. Such a performer, his shy demeanor transforms on stage the minute the spotlight hits him. As last night he hugged J Lo, that was not a record playing in background people! He was singing! Live! Amazing! He is the single greatest performer and talent EVER that ANY reality singing show has discovered. Bring it Jimmy. Or may he sign with someone who understands his range and incredible power. Joshua, I will follow you forever! Thank you and best wishes to you! Your talent is awe inspiring! Your joy is infectious! You rock!

  12. Danielle says:

    Super relieved Joshua “got voted off”. I’m pretty sure he was offered a record contract. It happened with Tamyra Grey in season 1. In mho, she was the better singer than Kelly Clarkson. I like Kelly, don’t get me wrong. Now Joshua can go and do the kind of music he wants instead of getting stuck with the pop crap they make you do while being locked in their contract. Thus, I hope Phillip comes in second next week so he is free to do what he wants. Jessica is ok. Very emotionless and “technical” to the point she can only sing songs as the original artists did. Maybe give her a few years? Not my type of singer so I won’t be holding my breath.

    • deedee says:

      But where is Tamyra now, and where is Kelly Clarkson. Winning the show doesn’t guarantee long term success, but it’s a great launching pad. Signed non-winners don’t get that boost.
      Also, Jimmy gets first refusal for record deal. If Jimmy wants Josh, he must sign with Interscope. He is not free to find a “better” deal unless Jimmy passes on him. Josh will most likely get signed with Interscope, and might have moderate success, but he won’t “be free to do his own thing and not get stuck with crap the label makes him do”. AND – I’m not sure we’ll ever see him again beyond a yearly performance on the Idol results shows.
      Yes, I’m a realist.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Tamyra Gray has had a good post-Idol career. She’s not a superstar like Kelly but she’s appeared on some TV programs and she’s written some music (I think she wrote Fantasia’s “I Believe”). She’s married and had a baby. Like a lot of other Idols she’s had opportunities that would not have been possible had she not been on Idol.

        • deedee says:

          I know. I’m just saying that the career push of an Idol win can be the difference between a low-key success in the industry versus a big superstar career. Because it’s all about promotion and less about actual talent. So, although there are no guarantees, I always wonder “what if” about certain contestants who didn’t win and who didn’t get that massive early support. I’m feeling that way about Joshua now.

  13. Alexandra says:

    I am not a fan of Jessica, I don’t like 16 year olds on Idol, i think Jessica is an amazing mimic, not original singer, and unless they bring back Elise, I will be voting for my first WGWG since Cookie, because I think Phillip out-performed Jessica this season.

    • Jeanne says:

      I read once by the infamous David Foster that ANY singer who is able to mimic another singer is considered a GREAT SINGER! Not many people can do that. PP has been said to mimic Dave Matthews so what is your point? As I said in a previous post. 16, 17,29 years old it doesn’t matter. If you have talent you have talent. Leanne Rimes discovered at 15 won alot of awards still going strong…Charice discovered 13 years old powerful singer…she was given the chance and has proven herself to stand right up there next to Whitney and the greats. In any case the point I am trying to convey here is, doesn’t matter what the age. If you can sing you can sing. Celine Dion also became famous at a young age in Canada. They had to start somewhere!

      • Marsaili says:

        Leanne Rimes was discovered at 12 and the difference between her and other young singers is that she was able to convey the proper emotions for the songs that she sang—and she didn’t sing songs about sex when she was very young. Jessica is a wonderful singer and she can mimic other singers very well—but she most often cannot convey the feeling in the song AND she sings songs that are too mature for her—Leanne Rimes didn’t do that. Charice and Celine Dion didn’t sing songs too mature for them when they were children, either.

        • Stephie says:

          I used to be very impressed with LeAnn Rimes, she had a beautiful voice at age 13, before she turned into a shameless, manipulative, cheating ‘ho. Here’s hoping Jessica will continue to use her amazing talents for good purposes.

        • ivy says:

          watch jessica’s performance of “and i am telling you” if you still say there is no emotion then that description falls unto you.

        • ivy says:

          i disagree with MOST of the time. maybe ones or twice.

    • Davey says:

      Well Jessica didn’t mimic Steve Tyler on Wednesday night and she did a credible job.

  14. teatime says:

    Volcano was one of the best performances of the season. I think Phillip will win this.
    Joshua had a great run on this show. Finishing third might make it easier for him to record the album he wants since I don’t think Pop was what he was going for.

    • D says:

      Volcano was his MOMENT of the season! I am STILL listening to it in the car and playing it on TIVO after more than a week! Phillip deserves to win this thing!

      • AliAle says:

        Do yourself a favor and buy Damian Rice’s album “O”… then you’ll have 10 songs to listen to in the car.

        • noa says:

          that’s exactly what i did after P2’s performance. i downloaded O and been enjoying it ever since. thanks Phiilip!

          • tarc says:

            I’ve had O for ages, so I’m playing the P2 version: more haunting, less gloomy.

        • NedPepper says:

          I may be in the minority, but I like 9 better. Lisa Hannigan was starting to bloom as a performer instead of Damien’s understudy (girlfriend) on that album. And I think I like her solo stuff just as much as Damien’s work. She’s great. And she stole his cellist in the ‘divorce.’ And he hasn’t put out an album since. (Although I’m waiting patiently.)

  15. darcy the slutty twin says:

    It is what it is. I voted a lot for Phillip because there is undeniable attraction between us and his constant subtle sexual signals to me while performing has led me to powervote every week, arthritis be damned.
    I threw a few votes Jessica’s way because her dad’s hotness cannot be denied. Sorry, Josh. Great run, but…

  16. sam says:

    I’m so sick of people comparing Philip to the dreadful Taylor hicks — who I don’t know why he ever won american idol and won over fans and who then proceeded to not even buy his CD — Philip has a lot more commercial prospects than that — think Volcano.

    In the end all of you who really want the best singer to win, watch next week and vote. Many of you wanted a jessica/joshua finale — well who would you have voted for? Now that Jessica is in it — and she sings the you know what out it next week — then please vote for her all four hours and correct this from being what you all are predicting a Philip win.

    Don’t just give up.

    • NedPepper says:

      Think Volcano? Damien Rice ain’t exactly selling out arenas. And do you think 19 is going to let him write anything close to the maturity of Volcano? See, he should WANT to lose. His album will be awful pop crap. I feel sorry for him. He’s going to be Taylor Hicks, Lee Dewyze. It’s the double edged sword to winning. Runners up always have a little more freedom.

      • deedee says:

        Which is why for the show’s sake, Jessica should win. She is the perfect mold-able play-dough pop princess mini diva who can legitimately pull off awful pop crap. With the right Top 40 Bieber-type tune, she can make the show a lot of money. And that is why all power votes should go to Phil. Bitter? Me? :-/

      • tarc says:

        I don’t think 19 will have any more luck making Phillip ‘pop’ than Tommy Hilfiger had in changing his wardrobe. He’s got a LOT more potential than Taylor had (he’s much younger and much more commercial) and he’s not going to get steered down the pop lane like Lee did. I think everyone would be happy with a DMB level of success.

  17. NedPepper says:

    I’m considering skipping the finale for the second straight season. I just…don’t care. They picked every person I loved, liked, kind of liked and now…I have no one to root for. My two least favorite contestants are in the finals. I’m honestly considering calling it quits for Idol. Last year made me mad, but I gave them another shot. And now I’m just mad again. I think they should have just given Phillip the crown and skipped the whole finale. He’s won. We get it. It’s not suspenseful. It’s not a feel good moment. I knew he was going to win by Hollywood week. Just like Scotty. Say what you want, but there realliy is a WGWG problem and it has destroyed the credibility of this show. Having crushes on teenage boys is not what is this show is supposed to be about. And yet, that’s what it is. And I find it creepy and weird, but ultimately, we’ll never get another Fantasia or Carrie or even a Jordin Sparks. What’s the point?

    • Name That Tune says:

      NedPepper, I’ll be skipping the finale for sure. I was completely bored with Scotty vs. Lauren. What we will get is Jessica singing something pretty, then choosing the wrong song & P2 doing whatever he does and taking the crown.
      Idol thrives on ratings. If you don’t watch, ratings go down. The people at FOX are making noises they are worried about the future of this show. And they should be.

  18. Kimgel says:

    I like jessica-but it wil be better if she wil not win! there are a lot of pressures and expectations to the winner of ai every year.
    so it’s better to be a runner up coz i know she wil have a good career and it’s a big slap on the face of PP(if he wil be the winner)that the runner up has a better career than him.
    example:kris allen and adad lambert.

    • Jigz says:

      You are right but still a win is a win for the record…whatever happens to the carrer who made it but didnt make it, still remembers how its feels to be champion… Much worst if you did nit make it at al friend

  19. aw says:

    hahaha its funny to see the comments reflecting Michael’s Phillip hate all season – Michael you used to be so spot on at predicting what America wanted but this year you ve got too blinded by bias..still love you but think Phillips great and so does America and would really like him to get some credit from you too!!!! Joshua and Jess are great singers but Jess is almost always karoake and Joshua has just become too expected now – really think you should stop the bashing of the most original and interesting, and enjoyed contestant left! P2 for the win!

    • deedee says:

      Blinded by bias? And what bias is that. Are you “biased” against *fill-in-the-name-of-contestant*, because you like Phil? Slezak isn’t a judge in the Supreme Court, ffs.

    • tarc says:

      And you missed the part where Slezak has dissed Phil all season. Seriously dissed. He’s not a fan.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Except, Slezak gave P2 praise for “We’ve Got Tonight”. I didn’t care for it, but whatever.

        • tarc says:

          Bias is rarely, if ever, black & white.

          • deedee says:

            The point is Slezak is not *obligated* to be impartial like a courtroom judge. He is sharing his opinions on contestants based on what he likes/doesn’t like. It’s not “bias” – it’s preference and taste. Should he say he likes Phil’s performances (or anybody’s) if he doesn’t like them? Just to show impartiality when critiquing? That doesn’t even make sense. A critique is a judgment of quality based on subjective opinion. Why not do away with voting for a winner altogether, then? They are all winners! We are all American Idols!

          • deedee says:

            … and Darcy’s evil twin is right: if Slezak gave a good score for even one of Phil’s performances, that tells us he’s not automatically, by default panning Phil based on some irrational hatred for him. He is evaluating performances on their own merit. Some people can do that, you know.
            Even I – a non-fan – enjoyed Phil’s Volcano, and even thought he did well on Top 3 night. I even said he should be in the finale based on his Top 3 performances. And huge Joshua fan that I am — I even said I HATED his “Imagine” with a passion. How ’bout that! …. ugh, I dunno. I’m just annoyed today by the immature bs here – more than usual, I guess.

          • tarc says:

            So you concur that Slezak doesn’t like Phillip and that his bias is uneven. I’m not sure why you posted, deedee. I’d suggest that Slezak make an attempt to be less biased, however; it’d improve his column overall.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Honestly, Michael is living in the past, and still treating this show like it’s about SINGING. His criticisms are about the SINGING, but this show really hasn’t been about singing for several seasons. It’s no longer relevant to talk about the notes these guys can hit, or the power or emotion or interpretation they bring to the songs. No joyous “Sing Heffer” comments from Melinda. It’s also no longer relevant to talk about how many CDs they’ll sell post-Idol. That may have been true in Seasons 1-6, but not anymore. That was Idol in its glory days.
      There’s a whole lot of denial going on about this show. The people who produce don’t see anything wrong with what they are doing or the results they are getting. It’s just a cash cow, but the money is running out.

    • MamaLis says:

      See, I didn’t get that from Slezak. I know he liked his Skylar, but I didn’t get his “hate” for Phillip. I don’t think he “hates” on contestants at all! And bashing? The only people he bashes are the judges.

  20. EvaneSam says:

    I’m not really surprised. Jessica did have the most video views on YouTube and on most polls she I saw she was in the Top 2. Too bad though. After Skylar was eliminated I was hoping for a J-J finale. One more year of white-guy-with-a-guitar. :(

  21. Stephen S. says:

    Yay! The right two made it through!

  22. AliAle says:

    I cannot believe America sent the most worthy remaining contestant home… I would’ve loved to see him perform in the Final 2. Huge bummer!

  23. Jigz says:

    Im happy w the results, j and pp into finals… Josh is good and i like him first but after a while his screeeeeeching annoys me and songs are not contemporaries and the rendition is over acting to me, better watch tom jones…hehehehe.

  24. Jigz says:

    Whoever wins deserved it though i will go for J. Goodluck to both of u

  25. Gale says:

    Joshua is my American Idol. The wrong singers will continue to win this show until they change the voting process. By the way, I would think that participating in the Ford music video should be a prerequisite to moving on in the competition. But PP gets to sit it out week after week.

  26. Nicholas says:

    People calling Jessica too young and not know what she’s saying? Joshua was the music illiterate of the three. He has never heard the song “To Love Somebody” before. If you don’t know that song you have lived under a rock since birth.

    Josh was a fantastic singer, but he was musically illiterate and overpraised to the extent it ticked people off. He was a great singer but not a 16 time standing ovation deserving winner.

    Also, let’s be real. Only one of the three judges can actually sing in Steven and he’s not even a great one. So the judges really shouldn’t be judging a singing competition. The Best JUDGE is Jimmy Iovine and he isnt a judge. I mean he has signed one of the biggest artists ever in Eminem. Lady Gaga who has a one-million first week sales album is signed to Jimmy. 50 Cent who has a one-million selling album is signed to Jimmy. Jimmy knows his stuff. A lot of other fantastic artists i didnt even name.

    I love Eminem, Hate Gaga, and 50 cent is Hit or Miss. My point is Jimmy knows what’s up. He loved all three of the finalist tremendously. So people bringing up conspiracy theories boggle my mind. Jimmy thinks all of them would be deserving winners. So for them to try to manipulate the competition according to some of you makes no sense .

    • i very much agree , Joshua was great with Technique , but he had yet to develop to the point of a full out recording artist. His current strengths are perfect as a lounge act , BUT , he is years away from being worthy of cutting an album.
      The only artist that was ready and defined was Skylar, and if Simon had been around he would have pointed out that only Skylar was ready and Philip at least had the potential if he was ready to change up his approach so he message was better communicated.
      But of the final 3 , let me just say , THANK GOD , America did not let the producers and judges force Joshua down our throats for the final show.

      • Nicholas says:

        Well said. I thought Skylar would last longer than Josh. I said months ago before i even started watching Idol that Phillip would win. Phillip does have originality it’s just a shame if he win’s people will say it was juts cause of the teeny bopper vote. I do believe he was the least talented of the final four. (I include Skylar in that in not Hollie even though Hollie made it one step further, Phillip is more talented than her).

        And out of the top four in my opinion he owns a big advantage in the future because he would be the only one of those remaining four who would write there own stuff. I wan’t Jessica to win and I think she is amazing, but she will be a pop artist just like Joshua. And when it comes down to it…Songwriters are what i love most. Great lyricism is very important to me. I hope eventually Jessica can write her own stuff but that is a real unknown. I guess it’s a unknown for Phillip as well but he is the type that you expect to write his own stuff. Now that doesnt mean it will be any good but it rates highly to me if you do write your own stuff. Maynard James Keenan, Marshall Mathers III, Trent Reznor, Kevin Matisyn, Amy Lee and etc. Just named my favorite singer/songwriters but there are a lot more i respect. If you write your own stuff i give a big thumbs up for that.

        But Idol is a singing competition so i root for the best singer and that would be Jessica.

        Seriously i know she will not be a lead for a rock band, but I know Jessica could be a great lead singer. Her voice is just amazing. I would give anything to hear her do an Alternative Rock/Metal song rather from Evanescence or Lacuna Coil or any number of female fronted bands. She would kill it. So Voice is really important to be. Lyracism, Melodies, Vocals are the biggest things i look for. And in American Idol this season…as with every year..Lyracism is not a thing that maters in the show. So i look at Vocals and Melodies and Jessica and Josh were the best imo as far as that goes.

    • Suggestor says:

      I gave Jimmy props for admitting what a horrible song choice he picked for Jessica. However, how awful would it be if she got voted off because the mentor /producer didn’t actually listen to the song he asked Jessica to sing? He would be getting tons of flack for that. If Jessica wins or sings with Jimmy, it will be in his best interest to study exactly what Jessica’s strengths are. The bluesy, soulful growls, winces and squeaks is what was missing Wednesday due to song picks. I think she will be fine with a powerful ballad or two, but she can sing very current songs (see her original “What Ya Want” on youtube) and catchy one that have her full voice in there not just falsetto.Otherwise, let Akon handle her.

  27. John says:

    Whether you are switching to X Factor or not after Idol,
    Whether you love the result tonight or not,
    Whether you think Idol is a rigged show or not,
    It is all your outbursts of anger.
    Bare in mind, you can’t always expect things to turn in your way, and live happily ever after.
    And Nigel doesn’t care about your comment.
    Fans are still gonna support,
    Haters gonna hate,
    That’s the trend every season.
    And I see people coming back too after the new season got some great talents again.
    Well, (though the ratings drop, but still America’s favorite show) how true is that after all the seasons? LOL
    Respect each contestant, and do what you are supposed to do as a fan, VOTE.
    That’s it.
    Wish good luck to both Phillip and Jessica.



    • NedPepper says:

      Dude, when I say I’m going to quit watching something, I usually do. I said no more Voice halfway through the season, and guess what? I deleted it from my DVR. When Ringer got really soapy and stupid and not what SMG promised? See ya. When I realized Hawaii Five-O was never going to be a good show….into the delete file. Tru Blood and Dexter…used to love ya….stopped watching. Ponit: People really do stop watching.

  28. MoonerMan100 says:

    At least Jessica is there in the finale! But as I said in the previous post’s comments, Phillip does not deserve to be anywhere near Jessica, Joshua, Skyler, Colton, Elise and Erica! GO JESSICA! GO!

  29. Chrissie Kirk says:

    Please…someone tell me why Phil is not in the Ford commercials? I mean does he have the clout to tell Idol “these ads are totally lame and I will not be a part of them” and then he doesn’t have to perform like a circus animal?

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Readers here have said it’s because of his health/kidney problems and they’re letting him rest.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Well he does have kidney stones, which are painful. He often looks like his back is killing him. Probably can’t stand for prolonged periods of time.

      • FreeHaley says:

        Yeah they say he has been doing badly. Apparently he almost had to skip home town visit for emergency surgery but managed to put it off and hopes to get through the finale. It’s no joke. The pain can be severe and it can back things up and you can vomit bile and not be able to sleep etc.
        Hope he manages to make it through.

  30. Jeanne says:

    LOL comments on here are cracking me up. What in the world does age have to do with a person’s ability to sing? Leanne Rimes became famous when she was 15 and has won tons of awards since and still around. Being 15, 16 or 29 should never matter. If you have the talent you have the talent. As the years go on Jessica will get better and better. Charice who is a wonderful singer was discovered at the age of 13 she is also a power house singer. So because she was 13 she didn’t deserve to be where she is? I don’t think so. As for PP he is not really my cup of tea. It’s the teenage vote that kept him there. Everyone has their taste in music. Everyone is entitled to like whomever they like without bashing the other contestants. They will ALL be getting a recording contract anyway so all the fighting over the top 3 is absurd. In the end it doesn’t matter what place you came in. They will be signed. All American Idol is …is a fan voting war. It’s all about ratings people. Stay tuned!

  31. cmkramer87 says:

    How can Phillip be an Idol when he’s too sick to do the Ford music videos? And how can he handle a summer tour?

  32. John says:

    Go Jessica!!! May the odds be ever in your favor!!!

  33. RD says:

    In an ideal world Joshua should have been in the final,but we all know,I think,that he has a big career ahead of him.These days,with the talent,all you can reasonably hope for is top three,and at least Joshua got that far.At this point I believe it’s almost a foregone conclusion that PP will win.I’ve never been on his train-mimickry and strained vocal performances aren’t really my thing unless unique songwriting ability comes with it,(and who knows if he possesses that?),but I guess i’m not the voice of america.Talent-wise,I want Jessica to win,but I doubt it will happen.Still,a good season,all in all.

  34. John says:

    “These cards are all very FEMININE – which suggests to me that the winner will be a female. In fact, it may come down to two females in the finale and both may be very good, making this a hard choice for the voters and the judges.

    The Queen of Wands suggests a fiery, outgoing and friendly gal while the Queen of Pentacles is earthy and motherly (look at how she has a hand on her abdomen as if she is patting an expectant belly). The Ace in the middle seems to be handing the cup towards the Queen of Pentacles – which says to me that our winner may be a very feminine, kind-hearted female who may win our hearts with her warm personality. While the other finalist may be more of an “entertainer”, the winner may be the one that people can connect with on a deeper emotional level.

    The Queen of Pentacles is traditionally dark haired, dark eyed – perhaps this year we may see a Latina or African-American female leading the pack. I’m going to assume she’s a mom or has a deep connection to her mother. She may even be involved in something with children (a teacher perhaps). I feel she may come from the South or Southwest (San Diego keeps coming to mind).”

    — According to a psychic posted to a certain website (since it is not allowed to post a link here) at 9:42 am on January 28, 2012.

  35. Radio Ga-Ga says:

    JESSICA for the WIN!

  36. Davey says:

    I thought Casey James was also the best of 3 in his year–a wonderful guitarist and musician–but Michael never liked him and never even interviewed him. His Jealous Guy is still one of the best of his season.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      As I recall NOBODY liked Casey James. The guy couldn’t do anything right to suit the judges (except “Jealous Guy” – even a broken watch is right twice a day). Casey James may have the last laugh – his CD is amazing.

  37. Vetle says:

    If Jessica can’t beat Phillip in next week’s finale, I will lose the rest of my faith in the American public. I can’t handle another Lee DeWyze moment (and I actually think Lee was better than Phillip. Lee just paaaaled in comparison to Crystal (who I think had way more moments than Jessica).)

    Funny how none of them really was a late bloomer. Both of them just went comfortably to the finale (except with Jessica’s save). At least this prove that the judges’ save went to the right person this year.

  38. John says:

    Idol Psychic Prediction: This Season’s Winner
    by donnaleighdlr 8:40 am on January 28, 2012

    It’s prediction time! And here we go ~ my second prediction for American Idol.

    The question is: Tell me about the winner of American Idol this season!

    For this reading I used 2 cards from Ciro Marchetti‘s Oracle of Visions, and one from his Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck:

    And here is what I see in these cards:

    It will likely be a feminine energy. A female will likely win. [Jessica is the last girl left]

    The Page suggests that either she is childish, has a child, is with child, or is the child of someone (i.e., as in Jim Carrey’s daughter being the child of someone famous). The page is child energy. [Jessica is very young]

    With the 1st card being so motherly and the Page being a child, is she herself a mother? Does she have a child? Is she a mother? Is she close to her own mother? There is a mother/child vibe here that can’t be denied.

    Is she doing something in her performance for her mother, like her mother? The first card has a very motherly vibe. [Was “You Are So Beautiful” dedicated to her mother? Either way, Jessica’s mom was there in LA for Jessica’s whole journey.]

    This may be someone without a lot of experience singing in public. The mirror suggests self-practice or singing alone, and the Page suggests newness and naïveté. A beginner, though a creative one at that. [Well, she did self-practice a lot..]

    She may have some sort of shame or embarrassment in her past, something she wants to hide.
    She has learned some hard lessons. Her life has not been an easy one. [I’ve worked hard my whole life for this]

    Maybe we will see her in a dress of yellow or pale yellow/cream colors. I also can’t deny the bold red in the Page. Watch for costumes. [Yellow dress for “Dance With My Father]

    Her mask is interesting…will she bring a Gaga like vibe? Will she have a hidden self? Does a real part of her have yet to emerge? How does the mask speak to us? What is she hiding? [BB Chez]

    I am drawn to the clock in the second card…will there be a song reference about time or the past that she sings? Will this song have meaning to something painful in her past? Something that hurt her but people feel the same pain in her song and relate to her? [And I am telling You (I’m Not Going)”?]

    Does she have body consciousness issues? The 2nd card suggests this may be possible of the person. Either exterior or interior consciousness concerns seem to be at play. [We wouldn’t know??]

    And I’ll pull forth some literalism here. I see red in the curtain of the first card and red in the Page card. I saw last year that background colors on the show’s stage often matched the colors in the cards. So I’ll be looking out for that red vibe. [Red doors, red umbrellas in her performances. Can’t really remember the staging for other performances.]

    The mask in the first card matches the mask seen in a previous prediction I did for Steven Tyler. So this may be someone he has seen from the beginning as a true winner. Follow his lead, he seems to sense it already. They share the same mask. Steven may also see sparks of himself in this person somehow, a nod to his youth. Or he may identify with her. These two seem bonded with this mask match. [She sang his song, Steven even said she will be the last one standing]

    It will be fun to see how the contestants narrow down. Let’s see if our girl with the mother vibe wins!

    Here’s hoping you have an Idol-filled week!



    — Another psychic prediction, it really seems to be Jessica!!! Okay, I’ll stop posting like this. :)

  39. Tati83 says:

    People saying this season resembles Season 5, if anything it is more like Season 6. Melinda Dolittle (judges favorite and soulful singer) Joshua Ledet in third place. With a young, talented (initials J.S anyone) Jordin Sparks/Jessica Sanchez winning it all and becoming youngest Idol winner ever!

  40. Jill says:

    I personally want something modern and dislike being “taken to church” by Joshua (He even took “Imagine” to church, poor John Lennon who was wistfully imagining a world with “no religion”) You can hear people screaming like this in churches all over America. No thank you.

  41. John says:

    KRIS allen – scotTY mccreery – LEE dewyze – david COOK


    – – Now the KLC curse is over I guess I am hoping the WGWG thing is over now as well :)

  42. darcy's evil twin says:

    Jessica’s a good singer but she needs more experience and education, IMO.
    I’m going with P2. He’s had some standout performances and he’s a good musician. I think P2 and Skylar are going to be the type of performers that I like much better in their post-Idol career when they’re doing their own music.

    Sorry, but I’m not a big fan of “we don’t need another WGWG Idol”. The best contestant should win. P2 for the win.

    • Bonnie A. says:

      Perfect post!! Couldn’t agree more!

    • Name That Tune says:

      That’s only if you thing P2 was the best contestant this season. The BEST contestant left last night.

      The only thing this affirms is that a SINGER can’t win this show. I’m okay with that, but I wish the producers would stop misleading the public about what Idol is. Next season, lets see at least half of the Top 24 be some variation on the person who plays an instrument, and leave the singers for the other shows. Then it will be contest to find the best musician and they can stop leading people on.

  43. Kimm says:

    This is so typical of American Idol voters…Joshua should have won…Period. Kudos to Jennifer, Steven, and Randy for picking the best top 10 ever. They got it right, America didn’t.

  44. junebug says:

    Highlight of the night…..seeing Deandre dancing to the final performance.

  45. Marsaili says:

    Still, all this bitching and moaning about WGWG—get over it! Guys with guitars have ruled the airways since the days of Elvis, Buddy Holly, the Everley Brothers, Roy Orbison and so on—American didn’t get it wrong—that is the type of singer American prefers! Whether you like Phillip or not—he is in with the current music, much more than Joshua (*sob*) and even more so than Jessica. Rock and Roll IS what sells, more than any other genre and it always will—-Would I have liked to see Elise win it all??? You’re DAMN STRAIGHT! But this is AMERICAN IDOL—and most IDOLS over the years since back in the day have been WHITE GUYS WITH GUITARS! Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, U2, heck, even Garth Brooks—-that is what American prefers over most genres of music. And no—don’t get cocky and scream “Marsaili is comparing P2 to The Beatles?????” Duh. Phillip is a rocker—and America likes rockers—simple as that. Yes, it may end up causing better singers to be passed up—but the fact remains that everyone in the top 10 gets major exposure and if they have what it takes they will prevail! And NO people—not everyone is going to be as big as Carrie and Kelly—it is unreasonable to even expect that. America didn’t get anything wrong—-you just don’t agree and pisses you off.

    • junebug says:

      I love, love, love this post. I am so sick of the whiney babies on here and other forums. That’s what made the Runaways so amazing. They were one of the few bands that had girls that rocked. Rock is what sells and very few girls try the hard way like Joan and company. Most girl groups use t and a to sell their records, not their vocal talent. And a lot of the women who DO have the vocal talent aren’t as popular. How many people would rather see Helen Reddy in concert than Led Zeppelin? Not very many.

  46. John says:

    Jessica Sanchez is fated to win this season. The sore throat during Top 3 Performance Night, the “save” and all.

  47. rosemary says:

    The receipt to winning this show…. see Kris Allen, Phillip Phillips…. give mediocre performances, that when you finally do something a little better, the public are fooled into thinking it is fantastic. For Phillip his last performance was good, but in the general context of a song sung, listen without looking at his sweet blue eyes, … really average. I know people say they are not going to watch againk, but I will never get invested in a good singer again, they are always let down by the public…. see Clay Aiken , Adam Lambert, Joshua Ledet… Daughtry.

    • Marsaili says:

      I don’t agree with you at all. But that is the thing about opinions, everyone has one. I’ve been listening to Phillip’s last song—the live version and the studio version—to me it is awesome. I don’t believe Kris Allen is mediocre or Phillip or Lee or Scotty or David Cook or Daughtry. I understand some people do. Every single mentor and Jimmy have said that Phillip has got something special—you don’t think so—I agree that he does. So all you have to do is not listen to his songs, and I will listen to them and we’ll both be happy ;-)

    • tarc says:

      Well, then stop being wrongheaded about it. Contestants are never ‘let down by the public’ – the public, collectively, tells you what they want. If you don’t want to sell records to the public, the contestant can ignore this. But if they do, they need to change and adapt to provide the public the goods that they want to buy. What you are really saying is that the general public doens;t always have the best tatse (or the tatse that matches yours). Well, der. So what? You’re shouting at the rain if you think you’re going to lecture the general public about anything whatsoever.

    • NedPepper says:

      The difference is that Kris Allen is really talented. Both he and Adam won. That was a feel good finale.

  48. rosemary says:

    Meant to say recipe to winning this show.

  49. givemeglenn says:

    The worst things from the results show; Joshua was voted off and we have to endure another week of Jessica’s fans on the blog insulting Phillip and telling the world how she is the best singer in the history of American Idol, maybe the history of music. I have to say I believe you people HAVE to be about the MOST obnoxious and racist fans I have ever encountered reading these blogs. If people continually brought up Jessica’s Hispanic/Filipino ra e as a reason NOT to vote for her, or Joshua’s African America race NOT to vote for him, this site would be RIOTING. But here we are having a HUGE number of you continually talking about Phillip being a “White Boy”. HOW DARE YOU.

    Like his music or not, that’s discrimination just like it would be NOT voting for the artists because of THEIR races. If you chose to vote for a singer because you PREFER their music, then that’s fine; but you people who choose to bring race into the equation should all be banned from voting as you aren’t even voting for the right reason.

    I can guarantee NONE of these artists would want to associate with ANY of you. Grow up. These kids have more maturity than all of you.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Hey, it’s not about RACE. The show has become a platform for guys who play instruments. They happen to be white. But it is not friendly to singers.

      The last winner who wasn’t a white guy who plays an instrument? Jordin Sparks. She was a SINGER. She was also a teenager. Idol USED to feature singers, it USED to be a place where SINGERS could win. That isn’t possible anymore.

      • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

        Spoken very well. So true man. This show used to be about finding the greatest singer in America…then with the introduction to musical instruments it brought forth a new legion of winners – the guitar playin hot dudes. Lol. To be fair, they were all great during their season and are still great (screw u scotty haley shoulda won … hehe). But when u look back afterwards it’s like..WHY aren’t the SINGING singers not winning? It’s mostly sing decent and emphasize on the performance, instead of having a fantastic performance created by passionate and impeccable SINGING. That’s what I miss, I so hope Jess wins this so that this show can finally get back to be what it was all about from the beginning – SINGING.

        • tarc says:

          LOL! American Idol has always been about making a TV show that generates ad revenue for FOX. Full stop. Getting unknown musically inclined kids to provide almost free entertainment for that purpose for a pretty measley prize (especially at first), was just a side effect. the rest was just sorting through a bunch of people for what striked the judges fancy at the time (with huge biases intact), and then the public sorting out the most popular one. It’s a pretty simple way to make big money.

          • Just Breathe says:

            Well, that is the other part. But there’s concern, because Idol is pulling in the 37 million viewers it did in its heyday. Now it’s down to 5 or 6 million & The Voice actually drew more viewers for much of the season. Which means Fox charges less for commercials or has to give back in terms of free time.
            The Finale will be aired against practically no competition – most of the competitors’ ended their seasons a week ago, so there may be a bump in ratings, but we’re not gonna see those high numbers anymore.

  50. Robin says:

    So MjsBigBlog just posted that Tuesday they will perform 1-their favorite song of the season, 2-producers choice for the contestant and 3-contestants winner’s song. This kinda sucks…I hate repeats! And I think back to season 9 with Beautiful day and Up to the Mountain….hope they pick better songs for Jessica and Phillip.

    • googlecat says:

      Oh no! I was hoping for new songs. Even obscure songs are better than repeats.
      Dear Jessica, please don’t sing Stuttering. I loved the song the first time you sang it but it could be jinxed. How about singing “It doesn’t matter Anymore”?