American Idol Top 3 Results Recap: We've Got Tonight. Who Needs Tomorrow? [Updated]

As American Idol gets closer to the Season 11 finale, its results shows should — by the laws of reality television — get more and more suspenseful. The only problem is that with fewer dreams hanging in the balance, and fewer contestants for evil kitty Ryan Seacrest to bat about like so many trapped mice, the show’s producers have to pad the telecast with alarming amounts of pink slime to fill out the burger.

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And thus we get multiple promos for Ice Age: Continental Drift, a Ford “Music Video” so inane that I’m pretty sure Idol producers needed to sedate Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet with tranquilizer darts to get ’em through it, and announcements from Ryan Seacrest touting Season 12 auditions. (File under: I don’t think we’re ready for that jelly.)

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Ah well, at least we got Adam Lambert — his hair like the plumage of some awesome tropical bird, his nails painted a hue not even J.Lo would dare to rock — belting out his latest single, “Never Close Our Eyes.” Because let’s be honest, the Idoloonie Nation needed something positive to cling to after Ryan Seacrest delivered results that — once they were unleashed into the universe — felt more repugnant than making a salad from month-old sludge in the back of your refrigerator’s vegetable drawer.

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(Pause here for music therapy: THIS IS A…)

Without further ado, let’s cut to the results.

Sent First to the Finale
Jessica Sanchez

(Pause here for music therapy: MAAYYYY-UHHHH-NNNN’S WORRRRRR-UH-LLLL-DUH!)

Sent Second to the Finale
Phillip Phillips


Joshua Ledet

(Pause here for music therapy: WITHOUT A WOMANNNNNN OR A GURRRRRRLLLLL!)

I’m not even sure I have anything left to type. How could Joshua get sent packing after a four-week extravaganza that included “No More Drama,” “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” “To Love Somebody” and “Ready for Love”? Somewhere, Lady Justice has dropped her scales and headed straight for the freezer, to fetch her bottle of gin.

Nevertheless, there may have been one silver lining to Joshua’s ouster: A glorious encore of “…Man’s World” that ranks right up there with Haley Reinhart’s “Bennie and the Jets” and Allison Iraheta’s “Cry Baby” in the pantheon of great Idol exit performances. Was I wiping away a tear or ten as Joshua growled about man making the train, to carry the heavy load? As a glass of Sauvignon Blanc is my witness, you betcha!

Plus, Joshua now joins the hallowed ranks of prior Idol second-runners-up (that’s beauty pageant speak for third-place finishers) such as Elliott Yamin, Melinda Doolittle, Allison Iraheta (don’t tell me she was fourth; I’ll never believe you), and Haley Reinhart.

I’d weigh in on Jimmy Iovine’s day-after commentary on Phillip, Joshua, and Jessica, but I can’t bear it. Plus, Lady Justice needs a drink refill, and then she and I need to figure out whether Lisa Marie Presley was singing live or lipsynching there in the forest of the damned. (I didn’t mind her song that much, one way or the other.)

And with that, I send ye to the comments. Ease on down there and tell us if you think the right two contestants made the finale. Or just weep. And congrats to Joshua and Skylar Jessica and Phillip! Next week’s finale will certainly be notable in its matchup of vocalists who couldn’t be further apart on the musical scale if their names were Ke$ha and Josh Groban.

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  1. DantheMan says:

    How could it happen? A large majority of us found Joshua Ledet’s hairball coughing up screeching to be UNBEARABLE! I know his fans thought the more hairballs he coughed up the better he sounded. But for the rest of us, his natural voice was beautiful but what he did when he got excited in the music was completely unlistenable.

    • Syl says:

      This was pretty much the consensus in my house. I am excited for the finale next week.

    • HudsonRiverside says:

      Felt Joshua’s early rendition of ‘Jar of Hearts’ was so good that if he had maintained that level of clarity mixed with the intense runs he would have had a larger fan base. He had the Terence Trent D’Arby vocal cords – modern Sam Cooke. Yet he rarely did the smooth silky stuff. Jessica was attacked for those choices but she knew this was a competition. She studied it. Phillip was smart enough not to listen to AI judges too much because they are there to find your limitations and expose them so that the audience can eliminate you in the process. So he was smart to stay in his comfort zone and that worked really well in the long run. The one major hurdle he will have is actually winning, he will have to fight the Idol machine every step of the way. I don’t know if they can bring people in from their stable who can steer Phillip in the same direction he wants to be at. He should see if there’s a clause in there that says the record must have his final sign off prior to release.

    • Angela says:

      That’s his style. It’s blues. I love that he’s a bit of a throwback.

  2. Deb says:

    Jimmy Ivine was right. P2 won the night with that last song but he was also right that Joshua out sang Jessica last night..

    • gailer says:

      I agree. I think all the “girl” votes went to Jessica. There were people who seemed determined for some reason that a girl should win

      • Owen says:

        Because a girl winning wouldn’t just be nice, its good for the franchise. Do you think when Phillip wins it will be any different. With the exception of Scotty, EVERY MALE AMERICAN IDOL WINNER has been dropped by whatever division of 19/RCA they were signed (sorry, Kris Allen is not officially been dropped, but any minute now). And EVERY SINGLE FEMALE WINNER is still signed. And there have been a heck of a lot more male winners. Do you really, REALLY think in two years things will be different if Phil Phillips wins? Jess is great now, but she’s just going to keep getting better and better.

        • Marsaili says:

          and there is no reason to think that Phillip isn’t going to get better—he’s young—younger than the other WGWG’s other than Scotty. He’s got time and room to grow. The other guys are still doing well—again, being dropped from 19 isn’t the end of the world. Stop dismissing the successes of the former Idols—they are out there touring, making records, still drawing people in —that’s all anyone can ask for. Not everyone is going to be a Carrie or a Kelly—-Jordan isn’t, J-Hud isn’t, Fantasia isn’t, and so it goes for the rest of the great women on Idol. There are tons and tons of Idols who are doing well and there is no reason to compare them to the top two, or dismiss them because they aren’t like the top two.

          • tarc says:

            19 focuses on pop stars only. Being dropped by 19 means literally nothing for the non-pop people; they all were picked up immediately by more appropriate labels.

          • Owen says:

            Like you always do, Marsalli, you try to misdirect what my point was because I dared infer that Phillip Phillips wasn’t the greatest singer in the history of the world…up until the American Idol Season 12 WGWG comes along…if you were so invested in how well AI singers “tour, make records, draw people in” then you wouldn’t give a crap about who wins. My point is that girl winners on AI always do well enough in the industry to keep their record contracts…and the guys DO NOT. You can not argue with me on that point. That is fact. And its good for American Idol, as a brand, a show we all supposedly love or else we wouldn’t be giving so much time to it and these boards, if the winner SELLS. And makes money for the record company taking a chance on them. Daughtry making money isn’t the same. He didn’t WIN. As much as I loved Haley last year, I was sorta rooting for Scotty cause I was pretty sure he would put Idol back on the map, record-selling-wise. All three of last night’s contestants will be signed, that we can all pretty much agree on. But I believe, like the female winners before her, Jessica Sanchez has the only real chance of charting big. This isn’t just me, this is history. History has been wrong before, but I just don’t see Phillip Phillips as the chain breaker.

          • Marsaili says:

            The guys get dropped by 19 because they aren’t POP stars—and they get picked up by other labels. Jessica does have a great career in front of her—but that does not mean that Phillip doesn’t have one, either. And AGAIN, I have been saying for weeks that i would be happy no matter who won (even though I was heartbroken to see Joshua leave) so again, you are wrong about ME. David Cook charts, Casey James is charting now, Adam Lambert is charting now, Scotty—well since he’s the winner we know that he is doing well—these guys are not sitting around not making money. They aren’t making pop records for 19, that’s all—and they shouldn’t be, either! I think if 19 had promoted Kris and Lee and Taylor properly and had them make the music that they are suited to make, they would have done a lot better in the long run. None of them are dead in the water–so it’s premature to dismiss any of them.

          • tarc says:

            And Marsaili is perfectly correct here. There’s a big resurgence in modern bluegrass right now (The Duhks, Punch Brothers, Nickle Creek, Mumford & Sons), so it wouldn’t surprise me if lee DeWyze went back to his pop-rock-bluegrass roots (aka Annabell off Slumberland) and had a few hits. All of these guys are young and working and very talented.

          • afghan says:

            He does not want to grow. He does not participate in any commercial. He does not want to change his clothing. He does not listen to Jimmy.

          • tarc says:

            @afgahn – He has grown (obviously), he has adjusted his wardrobe as much as he’s interested in doing. He did have to skip some of the commercials, but that was due to health concerns (aka kindney stones). He obviously collaborates with Jimmy – Jimmy plans on hiring him! I really have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • gailer says:

          I don’t want a girl to win just because she’s a girl. Period.

  3. Kristi says:

    Even if they limit votes like on the Voice, the cute guy will still be voted through.

  4. darcy's evil twin says:

    This is a maaaaaannnnnzzzzz world…..! :-(

    Wow, what a bummer. But I’m not surprised at all. At the beginning of the program the Tweedle Trio looked as though they were about to face a firing squad. WTH was that about?
    WHAT an exit performance by Joshua. I hope the entire performance is on the Idol website.
    And whatever Jimmy Iovine was drinking when he listened to P2 perform “We’ve Got Tonight”, I’ll have whatever he’s having. Make it a double, please.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Hah I think he was having a little “I’ve seen how far P2 is in the votes and I want my record deal to go well so I will sing this man’s praises to the heaven’s in case he wins” mixed into his non-alcoholic beverage.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        You get a Made Me Laugh! :-)
        But do votes translate into CD sales? Not always.

        • NedPepper says:

          Nope. And he won’t sell. I gaurantee it. P2 will not be the next Carrie Underwood. Or Kelly Clarkson. Or Daughtry.

          • Marsaili says:

            Not one person has come close to being the next Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood–and it’s not likely that anyone will—that is a rare occurrence–but many of them are still doing very well, and I am sure (as is Jimmy) that Phillip will do just fine.

          • tarc says:

            Only pop stars ever sell like Carrie or Kelly. Tell us something we already don’t know. I’ll guarantee you that P2 will make a living in music for the next two decades minimum.

  5. FreeHaley says:

    Was hoping, at this point that is (Elise!), for Jessica and Joshua. At least got one of two.

    Man Steven looked bummed about Joshua getting dumped just as he did when Haley got booted. He really looked “ahh come on mannn” about that one last season and really sad and resigned about it and to some extent this year he had some of that look too it seemed. JLo and Randy took it in stride (this year, almost with glee, sad to say, last year).

    Gotta say I agree with Mr. Tyler both years. And it was great that he alone didn’t succumb to TBPT and drive the greyhound bus last season.

    Phillip is ok but, he just seemed a little too same old after a while and maybe limited enough you get bored by the time his second album hits(?) or maybe even half way through the first (then again Goo Goo Dolls did well and all their songs sounded kinda the same hah), but I’d really rather have seen Hollie or Colton for sure and Joshua, who also now absolutely more deserved it more for sure, and Elise, who also did as well for sure.

    It does seem that nobody with the most standing Os ever makes finale these days. Last season the top two might not have had more than 1 between them (?).

    Anyway glad Jess got there and a bit bummed Josh got booted. Still missing Elise, in particular.

  6. sam says:

    i am so thrilled beyond belief that Jessica Sanchez is in the finals with Philip (although I wish it was colton). soooo happy!!!!!!!

    • Sandi says:

      I’m with you to a point. I wish it was Colton and Jessica. But then I wouldn’t know who to support…

  7. darcy's evil twin says:

    Okay, I was not imagining things last night – “I’d Rather Go Blind” is being used on a Kraft “anything’ dressing commercial. Perhaps that’s where Randy got the idea for Joshua to sing it, LOL.

    • gailer says:

      The dressing commercial came on right after Josh sang that song. It was pretty funny

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        that WAS funny. I thought I saw that when I was watching the DVR recording of Wednesday’s show, but I was so tired I finally convinced myself I imagined the commercial. I was finishing the DVR recording to day and I wasn’t imagining it after all.

  8. cherbear says:

    Joshua. Whyyyyyyyyyyy?! Why, God?! I like Phillip but there is no emotional connection with Jessica at all. She’s a great singer but she never makes me FEEL anything. I was really hoping that Joshua would win it all.

  9. hrfe says:

    This was definitely a situation of fan-base-was-too-complacent-because-they-assumed-he-would-be-safe.

  10. googlecat says:

    I am happy for Jessica but really bummed that Joshua left.

  11. paul says:

    It’s amazing that joshua got this far because his Facebook and twitter following is a quarter of philips or jessica’s — but that really wasn’t a gauge as Colton had the highest at the time.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I picked Colton to win this whole shootin’ match. :-) So there you go.

      • Ted says:

        Same here — my favorites were in this order — colton, jessica, hollie, philip…..

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Colton wasn’t necessarily my favorite, but I thought he would win.

          • Bobbi says:

            Colton and Jeremy were really cheering for Jessica when her name was announced. I think he wants to finish that promise he made to Jessica of a duet. I was surprised Deandre was so laid back when the other two guys were whooping it up.

        • Sandi says:

          I’m with ya on the first two. As long as we’re doing this, I’ll play. My faves in order:

          Colton/Jessica (tie)
          Skylar/Joshua (tie)
          Philip/Elise (tie)
          Deandre/Hollie (tie)

  12. Hmmm… BB Chez vs Lee DeWyze Lee DeWyze. Don’t particularly care for either, but I’ll probably take Jessica since she’s the less offensive of the two. You take what you can get, I guess.

    • Owen says:

      You know, Joe…you just gotsta stop trying to make “Lee DeWyze Lee DeWyze” happen…I see what you were goin’ for there, but, nah…sorry, dude.

  13. dj says:

    While I rhink Jessica and Philip are both talented, Joshua was just so amazing that I wanted him to go all the way. I will miss the way he exploded on stage and then just smiled his little Mona Lisa smile so calmly the rest of the time. He had a classy exit, just like his bff Hollie.

  14. Personally, I am thrilled that Jessica will be in the finale. She deserves it. She is an awesome singer although it appeared to me that the two songs she was given (Jennifer and Jimmy) were less suited than the ones given to Joshua and Phillip. I was glad that Jimmy admitted that ‘I’ll be There’ was not the best song for her. I mean if she had longer than 2 minutes to sing it, she could have had her ‘MOMENT’ to make Mr. Randy happy. I like Joshua but he seemed to be screaming too much for my taste. I’m sure he will do fine and will get a record deal.

    By the way, Michael Slezak, you have done an awesome job covering Idol, Glee, DWTS, etc. I enjoy your columns and of course IDOLOGY. :)

  15. Sha says:

    Joshua left with his head held high. The most incredible performer this season for me. I just feel numb about the whole thing. He needed the win. I’m sure that Jessica and Phillip would have been fine post-idol if they were eliminated. Joshua’s prospects look glum finishing in third. Jimmy don’t let us down with this one when you sign him!

  16. Chuck says:

    I thought Joshua was the best of this season, but I also thought he had some of the same problems that ultimately doomed Melinda: his favored style is a good 40-50 years out of date. He did some contemporary material and did well with it, but he needed to do more. He needed to prove he could be Usher Jr. or at least Bruno Mars Jr. in order to win.

    At least now I can pull for Jessica next week 100%, though I have no illusions that she has a chance,

    • Christine says:

      Well he did do Bruno Mars and actually improved upon the song, but I guess America forgot.

      • Angela says:

        ^This. I thought “Runaway Baby” was pretty awesome. The Mary J. Blige song is also relatively new. I like his throwback/retro style, though I can see how not everyone would.

    • Sam says:

      Her chances are 50-50, isn’t it? More if you vote for the best singer!

    • Josh says:

      I agree with Chuck. Joshua left an overall impression of an old school singer – and applied that style even on more contemporary songs. You ended up with two guys inflexible in varying from their chosen styles which are def. narrow/niche and one young girl with a big voice who hasn’t even had a chance to find out what kind of artist she wants to be. Frankly, though I think they are both very nice guys, I found Joshua and Phillip’s refusal to show true diversity as singers arrogant and immature. It’s a shame Colton wasn’t a better singer because he seemed like the only one really got the idea of showmanship and mixing it up in song choice – in tempo and genre. (Skylar deserves credit here I can’t give her just because I personally loathe country music much as I do broccoli.) But I think a lot of this is because the behind the scenes veterans – vocal coaches, musical director – no longer get enough time w/kids – it’s the Jimmy Iovine bad advice time sucker machine. (sorry for the rant but not very.)

    • Casual Fan says:

      She has a chance. Twitter comment are better gauges than those here.

  17. kevin says:

    This website predicted a backlash on Joshua from the over fawning judges panel. It came true. Just follow the left over votes after each elimination and you can see why. The other singers voters were not going to Joshua because of the different genres. Carrie and Bo was best ever finale.

  18. Lois Benton says:

    Done with this show now. Five years is enough. I’ll leave it to middle-aged, overweight women who confuse a singing/talent contest with their inappropriate fantasies.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      HEY, watch it! I am a Joshua fan and I am NOT middle-aged (I plan to live to be 114, thank you) and I’m not overweight!

    • Syl says:

      Tired of this BS. I voted for Hollie and then Jessica. I personally think it’s men who are P2’s largest demographic, whether they are voting or not, IDK. His music just appeals to more people. I have heard both my father and my sister say it is his singing that they love best. The man has talent and charisma coming out the wazoo. Just because you don’t like him, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

      • tarc says:

        Sing it, Syl. :)

      • Gorm says:

        “I personally think it’s men who are P2′s largest demographic,”
        Yeah, right, all those MEN out there rocking out to “Time of the Season” butchered by phillip phillips. The ONLY people voting for phillip are women that are voting with their hoo-ha’s instead of their ears. He isnt very talented outside of his dave matthews impression. he is another Lee DeWyze all over again, but this time without a functioning renal system.

        You are completely delusional if you think taht young or adult men as a demographic, rathter than just your twisted family, like Phillips Phillips’ performances.

        • Marsaili says:

          That’s a bunch of bull—every man in my house is rooting for Phillip—every male I know that watches is rooting for Phillip—my friends/family—they are rock and rollers—they don’t do diva pop, or even gospel pop for that matter. They’ve all been behind Phillip since the beginning.

        • Jeanette says:

          hoo-ha? really, gorm? wow, you managed to insult women and mock people with kidney pain – so clearly the voice of reason, if not much of a speller. (btw – i realize you have a deep seated fear of hoo-ha, but they’re not actually possessive – gorm no like grammar?.)

        • tarc says:

          There are plenty of men that are voting for Phillip – we have three here in my houshold. Like all of the contestant, Phil had *one* bad song – the falsetto bits on Season. Big deal. The studio version is great. And Phillip should be glad to be as successful as Lee DeWyze – how is making a living in the music industry, quite unlike 99.9%+ of people that try.

    • Marsaili says:

      Another jack ass insulting women. Dude, you are lucky you aren’t face to face with many of us women!!

      • Lois Benton says:

        I AM a woman. Not middle-aged or overweight, but still. I got into this show because my friends were watching it, but I guess it’s time to grow up. Men are SO not voting for Phillip in any numbers that matter, based on what I see in person and on the internet. Teen girls alone could not carry the wgwg that have won the last five seasons–and are they still watching the show anyway? I have gone to a couple of American Idol concerts and it’s a real eye-opener. I like a laugh like everyone, so I read blogs and such, but it was kind of sad when David Cook had to post a plea to his fans to stop stalking him in his hotel. And Kris Allen said, memorably, “I guess those people buy records too.” Except they don’t in any numbers that matter for the wgwg’s. I guess the bottom line is that AI is just a TV show and it’s not really a talent or singing contest. But if it’s touted as a singing contest, but instead it’s some people’s substitute for Chippendale’s, it’s not going to be a very good TV show.

        • Marsaili says:

          Oh, so you have seen Phillips” millions and millions of voters? Please, you don’t know crud–men DO vote for Phillip because he’s the only one who’s been left that they identify with (except for those who prefer diva pop) Every guy I know that watches the show is and has been rooting for Phillip. There were tons of guys at his hometown concert, too—we’ve got someone here on the boards that was ACTUALLY there—and they will tell you—you are full of it. You don’t have any clue who is really voting for anyone but to dismiss it down to a bunch of horny-middle-aged women is disgusting and if you ARE a woman you should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Owen says:

            And, Marsalli..what kind of man prefers Diva Pop? What kind of man would that be..? Hmmm? I’m sure a lesser man, right? A much lesser man who you might not even consider a man…

          • Marsaili says:

            I wasn’t putting a judgement on that statement–there are a lot of men here that like diva pop—no insult intended. don’t even try to go where you are insinuating I went—because that would just be SO wrong in so many ways…..I don’t place value on people by what music they listen to—-wow what kind of person are you to even think that? My brother, the most heterosexual man I know—in a band, plays heavy metal, tons of tattoos LOVES Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, pretty much any dance band of the late 80s early 90’s—I don’t think he’s any less a man for liking that kind of music. Wow Owen, not only are you really reaching—but that is probably the most insulting post you’ve directed at me yet.

          • Owen says:

            Because, Maralli, I don’t like you. There is a “doth protesth too much” thing goin’ on with you. You make these casually racist/xenophobic/homophobic statements for a couple weeks now, and then you’re all so innocent later. You either don’t see or choose not to see the potential in the things you write, or you’re doing it on purpose and then playing the nice misunderstood poster. Added to the hypocrisy of “you guys are all so sexist. You are mycologists to dare saying a girl is voting with her loins” when you are clearly as prejudiced as anyone on here. So, my thoughts about you are also: “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

          • Marsaili says:

            Owen doesn’t like me. My life is over. I’m going to take my xenophobic/misogynist/homophobic/racist self and just end it all. Good bye cruel message board—I’m heading to the Philippines to join a Blujay fanclub and hopefully become the person that Owen can be proud of again.

          • Owen says:

            sorry, girlfriend, that should read “misogynists” not “mycologists”, damn Firefox spell check.

          • givemeglenn says:

            Yep, I was at the concert, and I would say that at least 50% were made of people 25 and older, and half of them were male. I can also tell you that EVERY guy I personally know supports Phillip because they prefer his style of music. It’s not a knock on Jessica, they PREFER Phillip’s music.

          • Marsaili says:

            I hear ya, GMG! I wish I could have seen it, too, it must have been great!

          • tarc says:

            *sighs* It’s too bad that you don’t understand precisely why making such ludicrous blanket statements like ‘women are voting with their loins’ is pretty much textbook sexism (and stupid). I guess it goes along with not understanding the definition of ‘singing’.

        • Joe says:

          Lois – Great post. The desperate older females that show up to Idol shows are only matched by the usual audience for Ice Skating extravaganza’s. That’s who is putting the crown on Phillip and all the screaming queens in here who want us to think men are voting for him, will buy his CD and pay for his concert tickets are complete and utterly deluded.

        • tarc says:

          That’s the problem with anecdotal evidence – it leads you far astray.

        • afghan says:

          You are right. I got the meet and greet ticket and was sitting next to a girl and her mom.. The mom was like should I tweet, “OMG, Scotty is so cute.” The girl was like, I don’t think he is cute or can sing, but why not?? My friends will be so jealous I met him. So that’s it. Idol is just a game for them. So sad!

    • NedPepper says:

      It’s kind of true…harsh…but true…look at Phillip’s video package from home….right when he’s trying to walk into his Dad’s pawn shop….his fanbase….yikes…

      • tarc says:

        Those were the people in his hometown, not his fanbase.

        • Lois Benton says:

          No, that’s his “fanbase.” In smaller numbers, some other men and women may vote for him, but only because they lust after him. And that kind of “he’s so hot!” fanbase doesn’t stick. They don’t buy many records and are gone when the next crush comes along. Look at the numbers from the last five years. They don’t lie. They name of this show should harken back: “Hot or Not?”

  19. Christine says:

    Now that the three most gifted singers are gone, this will be another boring final.

    • Amy says:

      Just out of curiosity, who did you consider the best contestants? I would personally have loved an Elise, Colton and Joshua top 3, with Jessica coming in 4th. Not really sure who I would have chosen for the top 2; really, any combination of my top 3 would have been cool.

      I like Jessica a lot, but to be honest, she just hasn’t been as exciting to watch as some of the other contestants. I wish I could be happier for her, but I really think Joshua deserved to be in the finale. When he performed, it all just seemed so natural, and I know that his style of music isn’t exactly current, but considering the fact that the modern-day chart toppers are people like Katy Perry and LMFAO, Joshua’s throwback quality was a good thing for me. Ugh, Phillip seems like a nice guy, but there’s no way he deserves to win.

  20. shelbybb says:

    MOST of the people that bothered to pick up a phone and vote on this show voted for Phillip and Jessica. Why are you so upset and/or mad? Do you believe there is some right wing conspiracy here where the votes on Idol are rigged somehow? If so then be mad at the Idol machine not the contestants. Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? I wanted Juliet to win the Voice but she didn’t. I really, really wanted Adam Lambert to win Idol but he didn’t and guess what, the sun rose the next morning! Step back haters and take a breath. As much as you loved Joshua, most Americans did not vote for him.
    It’s been fun this season (for the most part) but I think I’m done now.

    • Kirk Sansom says:

      Did you see the billboard magazines digital download charts? Tony Lucca debuted at #16 with 99 Problems and #22 with Yesterday Jermaine Paul came in at #32 with I Believe I can Fly and Chris Mann came in at #34 with The Prayer. It really makes ya wonder if anybody is counting anything on any show. They’re just playin’ with our heads.

  21. ladyhelix says:

    Sigh. Sniffle.

  22. Joline says:

    Love you Joshua. I voted for two hours for you….sad to see it end this way. Look forward to an amazing post Idol career.

  23. August says:

    Well, no quibbles about her vocal talent but I am honestly ambivalent about a Jessica win – she strikes me as too young for all this – emotionally younger than her age even. Maybe one of those Disney princess roles would give her time to grow instead of feeding her into pop diva machine. I would have kept Joshua. I just hope Phillip is ready for the one year, one album in the sun Idol reign because historically the success of Idols who are male singer/songwriters (aka WGWGs) has ultimately rested on their songwriting ability (Daughtrey – love him/hate him – the guy has a gift for pop hooks) and unless P2 has hidden talents I’m sadly skeptical. Still, seems like, unlike Lee DeWyze, Phillip may be more realistic and content with what comes next.

  24. malalaise says:

    Joshua is the Miranda of this season.

  25. Sam says:

    i am sick to death of all of the criticism that jessica is boring or whatever — Joshua has zero personality outside of singing, Jessica has shown more and more of herself this past few weeks and above all she can sing — Adam Lambert, jennifer hudson, kris allen — all think she should win!

  26. DonnaT says:

    I am excited for PP to be in the finals. Phillip is so good because he is real and he sings from the heart. Jessica may sing well, but she sounds like other singers already out there and Phillip has his own sound. I totally agreed with Jimmy’s comments about Phillip’s last performance last night, he is a singer and is unassuming, and is his own man.

    • Liz says:

      Obviously you haven’t done the tour of coffee houses around town; I suggest you try Nashville. There are tons of PP-type singers out there, only better. So for every comment that Jessica sounds like other singers out there, the same can be said of Phillip. At least Jessica can sing.

      • Marsaili says:

        Oh geez, it’s Jaxguy’s doppleganger—even right down to the tired “coffee shop” routine. Don’t you people get tired of being proven wrong over and over again?

        • NedPepper says:

          Do you and Tarc have to defend P2’s honor after every negative post? Really? Some people don’t want him to win. It’s okay. Take a breath. Your favorite is still going to win. If people want to rail against that, what does it matter to you?

          • tarc says:

            If you look, 99%+ of posts have no reply by either of us… so you exaggerate to the extreme. And I reply for fun, and really no one’s opinion of that matters a bit to me. It’s simply entertaining to poke people that say astonishingly stupid, mean, or ignorant things.

          • Marsaili says:

            NO, my favorite got sent home last night. Do you have to be one of the ones who have to be rude and nasty–even as far as being insulting to women? I thought you were better than that.

          • NedPepper says:

            No, I just see you guys are passionate about who you like. Well, some people are passionate about other people. People are going to have different opinions. I guess my question is is it worth getting so angry and intense about differing opinions. And I’ve always playfully joked about the driving force behind this show. Here’s the thing: Phillip, poor guy, doesn’t even want this kind “image” as a ladies’ man. Unlike, say Colton, Phillip made one comment about “does you Mama let you date” as a kind offhand joke. But this show has marketed him as tween and Cougar bait. That’s what annoys me. It’s not really P2 that’s the problem. He’s going out and just doing his jam band stuff. It’s what it has turned into. Again, I feel BAD for the kid because I don’t think he wants to be “sold” to the music industry as some sex symbol. But that’s exactly what’s happening. Would anyone argue with that? He had fought, tooth and nail, to remain the simple jam band guy. But to no avail. And the problem with this is that when he does release an album, he has to rely on the crush portion of his fanbase to buy his records. Or repsect his work. And that doesn’t happen.
            I FEEL BAD for Lee Dewyze. And Phillip has more talent than Lee. But the same thing is happening here. The problem with winning Idol as opposed to being a runner up, is that you become a product based on everything but the music. And I don’t get that vibe from P2 at all. And I’m not saying YOU are Cougar Bait. Hell, there are probably straight men with a man crush on him. What I am saying is that it’s almost impossible to say that the “sex appeal” hasn’t turned him into some kind zietgeist fetish for a lot of the voting public. Will they stick around? I think you and a lot of his fans on this board will actually buy his album, and good for you. But it’s sad that so many probably won’t, and yet try and speed dial their way into his heart. But it’s nature of this new vibe on Idol. It is what it is, and what it is is frustrating.

          • Marsaili says:

            Thank you–now that I get! :-D

          • tarc says:

            I think you misinterpret my tone for emotional investment, Ned. Actually, I’m rarely even annoyed (though a single post this whole season warrented an anrgy reply, and that involved assumption, lying, a deliberate attempt to be cruel, and my pets). My posting is merely entertaining myself on Wednesdays and Thursdays in segments of downtime when I can’t do something more interesting. I’ve never been fond of stupidity, ignornace, or snotty people, so there’s ample chance to comment.

      • tarc says:

        *yawn* Seriously?

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Wow, I had forgotten how much I missed the “coffee house” comments, along with “cruise ship”, “karaoke”, and “self-indulgent”. Thanks!

        • Marsaili says:

          Liz had to fill in for Jaxguy—I’m sure he’ll pop up eventually and coffee house the whole board again! ;-)

          • Liz says:

            Didn’t know about Jaxguy. Time to look him/her up. :-) Everything I wrote is just my opinion. You have yours as I have mine. So no need to be nasty,

          • Marsaili says:

            It was the coffee house crap–just makes me want to be snide. Whatever you do—don’t say women are voting for him because he’s cute—then I’ll REALLY go off! ;-)

  27. Tommyo2000 says:

    I am a Jessica fan and I am a little bummed right now … not that I dislike PP, I just thought Josh deserved to be there the final week … Third is a pretty good place, it puts you on stage every week of the compition … I saw Shannon in the seat and I was like “oh yeah, she was on this years show too” …

  28. BA says:

    My only solace is that each of the final three will get contracts and has a great chance for success. See, e.g., Adam Lambert and . . . . Kris who???

    • Syl says:

      That would be Allen and I will be buying his new album this month. :p

    • Angela says:

      Oh, pretending you forgot a person’s name. What a creative insult! Not.

    • Amy says:

      Kris Allen deserved to win. I don’t care if you personally preferred Adam, but Kris was just as interesting and talented a singer as Adam (did you even listen to “Heartless”? Or “Falling Slowly”? Or “Ain’t No Sunshine”?). It really gets old when people act like Kris winning was a crime. You’re not being clever or original; you just sound bitter.

      • tarc says:

        I’m not with you on that one. Adam had it all over Kris that season. Adam still has it all over Kris now.

        • Sarah says:

          Agreed, but we shouldn’t be mean about it. Kris winning was the best thing for both of them – however it felt at the time.

          • tarc says:

            There’s nothing mean about pointing out the obvious in the abstract. It’s the truth. And you’re probably quite correct that Adam was best served not winning, as it gave him a lot more leeway to do things his way. He was still the best that year.

  29. gailer says:

    Not surprised, but I wish they had never saved Jessica.

    • michael m. says:

      that’s the best thing that ever happened to her. her army of fans grew by leaps and bounds and became stronger than ever.

    • Liz says:

      If there had not been a “save”, Jessica would not have been named the bottom. It was obviously a gimmick to create buzz for the show. So either way, she would have stayed on.

      • sam says:

        yeah, because they really wanted to get colton out the following week even though he had more fans than anyone at the time. Save your conspiracy theories.

  30. jen says:

    Joshua deserved to be in the final. I will vote 100000 times for Jessica only because PP cannot carry a tune in a basket. Tired of wgwg winning. Another disappointing season.
    Now…to replace jlo.
    PINK? Stevie? Gwen? Shania?

    • Kirk Sansom says:

      Stevie Nicks would be awesome!

      • Marsaili says:

        Stevie Nicks would be awesome–not only because she is real and experienced and a great mentor, but she would probably vote for Phillip—and at least have had him join Fleetwood Mac! She saw his talent as well–and gave him (and Elise) the ultimate compliments!

    • tarc says:

      Yes, because all those pros, contestants, judges, and voters are wrong about Phillip singing well enough to win. *rolls eyes*

  31. IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

    Hey guys, do you remember the black diva, Jessica Phillips, who was cut in Las Vegas? Now look who’s in the finale: Jessica and Phillip (Phillips). She’s come back to haunt us! She must have been mad about there not being any black women in the Top 24, so she sent her spirit to intervene so her name would end up in lights. She did sound pretty bitter about her elimination. I can see how it may have played out in her basement.
    (Shrill voice, demonic expression.) “Screw those blasted judges! I will stand on that big stage!” (Stabs voodoo doll of Colton with a knife in the heart, makes a cut, some stuffing falls out.) “I will sing on that finale! They will adore me!” (Stabs and cuts voodoo doll of Elise.) “I will be a star! My name will shine in lights!” (Stabs and cuts voodoo doll of Skylar.) “And I will do whatever it takes…” (Stabs and cuts voodoo doll of Hollie) “…cut down whoever I have to…” (Stabs and cuts voodoo doll of Joshua) “…to make it happen.” (Caresses picture of Jessica and Phillip, laughs evilly).
    Too much? Probably. But I’m weird and proud of it.

    • FreeHaley says:

      I think you have it.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      OMG, that is just crazyfunny. thanks.
      Now how about that Kristy Lee Cook curse? How does that fit in?

      • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

        I mentioned it before on here. Now that Kristy Lee’s name has been completed in the names of the last four male winners, a girl (Jessica) will be voted off in seventh place as Kristy was, but saved by the judges’ rule, and she will go on to win. Now I’m convinced that it will happen!

    • Sha says:

      LOL I think you may be on to something! now that the KLH curse is over.

  32. Alex says:

    Joshua is this year’s Tamyra Gray. A great singer who deserved to advance over a less talented singer.

  33. JC says:

    Joshua got Doolittle’d

    • Casual Fan says:

      The standing ovations hurt him. It’s like the audience think he plateaud when he did not really plateau. He has improved every time IMO. There is a certain % of voters who vote for who the judges diss that night and a % that vote for who they like best. Both not him, Added to the fan base… Sad moment.

  34. Nicole says:

    Sure Phillip is a WGWG but it’s getting kind of annoying that everyone is chalking up his success to his race and his looks. Is he the best singer? No, but he’s a good musician who arranges his own music and has a nice voice. Jessica and Joshua have better voices, yes, but it’s very stylized as well. You’re either going to love or hate their voices. I recognize both their talents but it’s not my thing. It’s a matter of personal taste at this point, not talent. An amazing voice is not the only talent. There’s also connecting to the music like Joshua or being a musician like Phillip. And if race is playing into it then that is really really sad but you can’t blame Phillip for being white (or good looking).

    • Miss Otis Regrets... says:

      Could it be because the majority of the viewing public are n’t big R & B fans? You had 2 R & B/Pop singers against a straight rock n’ roll dude. But for some reason the only reason he’s in the finals according to many of y’all is because he’s a WGWG. Gotta be racism and conspiracy theories about standing “O”s, not simply just taste in singers/music.

  35. corey says:

    i thought it was idology now. are we back to idoloonies?

  36. michael m. says:

    screw joshua’s fans, they didn’t vote enough

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      yea, I suppose we should have emulated Chicago and St. Louis politics and found more dogs and dead people to vote.

      • Miscellaneopolan says:

        As a Chicagoan, I object to this post. Chicago is a clean, upstanding city and if you disagree I only have to make one phone call and your family will never find you.

        • tarc says:

          *snickers* That said, Chicago is one of the top 2 or 3 cities in the country. We get over there as often as we can, because my best friend lives there (multiple music degrees from Northwestern, ‘natch).

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        LOL. Okay, okay, I apologize, Miscellaneopolan!

    • Sha says:

      I think a lot of Joshua’s fans are not of the power-texting tween set and actually have other things to do than to devote 2 full hours to voting (on top of two hours of watching). I’m not trying to diss anyone but I believe that’s the truth.

  37. Mari says:

    With an Adam Lambert performance and Jessica in the finale, I’m a happy cat!!

  38. WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

    Personally, as much as I wanted to see both J’s in the finale I have to say last night, after Josh’s 3 songs I got annoyed. It was just a bit too much screaming/shouting/growling/gospelness (not saying it sounded bad – it sounded GREAT!)….it was good, but like … it wore me out a bit. It was way too much and it got me thinking like ‘is that is only voice he can do? is that all he can do?’ and just like Philip has been basically ‘2 notes’ I felt last night it was like Josh doing three songs with the same style he does each week and that’s what got me a bit bored and annoyed of him at the end.

    Though he is fantastic and should have been in top 2 with Jessica. Just saying I feel like maybe a lot of america may have felt the same way.

    REMEMBER, people on message boards do NOT represent the voting public. My dad is someone who watches when it’s on and that’s about all the AI he does. He doesn’t get invested and biased etc but he def was a huge josh fan watching it and last night he said he was getting kinda bored of him too. Just saying maybe other people who watch American Idol and vote but don’t get involved in the online boards etc felt similarly last night.

    Please no one attack me, just stating an opinion and I don’t bite, honest :P

    • Nat says:

      We were Joshua’s fan, my husband and me. He even followed me on Twitter. But I really got bored with the constant standing ovationt. I also love Skylar and was voting for both. Then, when she left I stop voting. Then, on Friday, I rewatch Wednesday show and saw ‘ And I am telling you, am not going’. I was like wow. This girl has potential. Then I bought her songs on iTunes. I could not stop listening to Bohemian Rhapsody all week. So I switch from being a Jessica hater and a Joshua fan to voting for Jesssica 500 times. So sorry Joshua.

      • WishesRandyCouldn'tSpeak says:

        Yeah same, I never rooted for Jessica since the beginning or anything, but for certain performances it made me go “Wow. This girl can f’ing sing.” And with that I began to root for her as well cuz I mean common, she is so amazing. Bohemian Rhapsody…ohhhhhhhhh!! So PERFECT !!! Damn. She better win. She truly deserves it more than anyone this season, has been consistent all season long.

  39. T_T says:

    I think it will still be a great finale, even without Joshua there. They all deserve their spots although it would have been better if it was a Joshua-Jessica finale. I’m surprised that no one is here is aware that Jessica had a sore throat during the performance night thus her not singing under the weather for us. But watching her performances back, I still thought they were great, minus glory notes.

  40. givemeglenn says:

    You people crack me up. Did you even listen to Jimmy’s critiques of each of the singers and their songs from last night? If I were to put any weight on any opinion I would respect over almost anyone in the entire music industry, which obviously doesn’t include ANY of you, it would be Jimmy. If you WERE listening to Jimmy’s critiques, the man who will be producing all of their careers, I might add, so he has no skin in the game, you would have heard him say that Phillip easily won the show last night and he has developed into THE unique artist. Jimmy also said that Joshua should also be in the finale with Phillip. When asked point blank if he thought Jessica should be in the finale, Jimmy said he could see he singing in the Grammys…notice he didn’t say yes.

    So, yes, Phillip deserves to be in the finale, and no, Jessica doesn’t deserve to be there, at least according to their own mentor.

    • Angela says:

      So, we’re supposed to agree with Jimmy Iovine just because? He has his opinion, and we’re entitled to ours. Mine is that Phillip doesn’t deserve to be in the finale.

      • tarc says:

        Just as a point of education: everyone can have an opinion, and it requires no permission or mention. However, all opinions are not equal. In fact, can be very unequal. In music, on one hand, you have the acknowledged most successful producer and music label runner ever, and on the other? You. It’s a bit like a random kindergartner telling the Supreme Court that that made a wrong decision. LOL!

    • NedPepper says:

      Jimmy is SELLING his winner. He knows who is going to win. He’s not going to trash the winner of the show. He has to sell the kid’s records. It’s OBVIOUS Jimmy knows the results when he does those “critiques.”

    • Betty says:

      He said Philip should be in the bottom two, two weeks ago. So if we listen to Jimmy, Philip should have been gone two weeks ago.

    • googlecat says:

      I beg to disagree on some of your interpretation of Jimmy’s critiques. His use of metaphors (and he uses a lot of them) could have thrown you off. So I went back to check out exactly what he said before I misrepresent him.
      Jimmy said
      “Does Joshua belong in this finale?” – “100%, he should be in anyone’s finale!” I read this as a definite YES
      “Should Jessica make the finale?” – “I think Jessica’s worthy of singing in the Grammy’s!” (hyperbole much) I read this as a resounding YES
      And then he says that “Phillip won the night” and “Hands down it was the best performance he had done in the entire contest” And I agree with him on this. I was a Phillip fan until he started getting stale for me. Phillip singing ‘We’ve got tonight’, reminded me why I liked him too a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t enough for me to pick him as favorite this late in the game.
      But Jimmy did not discuss whether Phillip should be in the finale. MY interpretation of his evasion – Jimmy looked at ALL the performances in their idol journey and picked his top 2. He knew that despite of what he thinks, if he said that Phillip does not belong in the finale, it will not go over very well in case Phillip won. And he would look stupid for saying that all 3 should be in the finale. So he just skipped answering the question.

  41. Mike says:

    It’s hard for me to be surprised by the resulys considering I’m still in shock and outraged over Haley’s elimination at the final 3 from last year.

    Once again, the best person finished in 3rd place this season.

  42. Ravendeb says:

    This has been a great season of Idol. I can’t understand why people are so upset. All of the contestants left are extremely talented. I stopped voting several weeks ago after Elise went home. (love the underdog) I like Joshua better than Jessica, but someone had to get eliminated. I hope that Phillip wins mainly because I like his style. Jessica is so young and needs a lot of work. She is not even sure who she is or what kind of a singer she wants to be.It will be a great finale with two contestants that are so different. So who do you think will pick up Joshua’s votes?

  43. marym says:

    Glad Jessica’s there. Think Joshua got ROBBED. Will NOT be watching the finale because who really cares what P2 does? It’ll sound like everything else he’s done – which is just like everything Dave Mathews does. If that’s your cup of tea, have a blast. No thank you. Last I heard this was supposed to be a singing competition… At least one of the finalists can sing. :(

    • Marsaili says:

      I care bout what Phillip does—JIMMY cares, too. All the people who have kept him out of the bottom 3 since day one care too. Jimmy thinks he can sing—Stevie Nicks thinks he can sings and all the other mentors. I agree with you, Joshua DID get robbed—but it should have been him and Phillip in the finale—as Jimmy said—not Jessica.

    • tarc says:

      I care what Phillip does – more music to buy for me! More press for the tour and more PR for his first album – which I’ll also buy.

  44. jen says:

    phillip phillips will win this guys. its obvious. never been in the bottom 3. he is a guy. easy on the eyes. girls love him.. n they are the majority voters of this show. it doesnt matter anyway…at least, he can sing…u gotta admit he is talented! n almost everyone in this season is really the competition is really tight.. stop whining -_- ..

  45. John says:

    Joshua did not deserve to go home, but that is what you get when you are pimping someone too much (see: Adam Lambert, Lauren Alaina) then trying to bus the other talented singers. I mean Jennifer gave Jessica “My All” which is a tough and mature song for a 16 year-old. Then Jimmy picking “I’ll Be There” which is a song where you can’t showcase the power of your vocals then right after the elimination night Jimmy regrets his song choice (as always) for her!!! WAT DA??!! A BIG SLAP TO JENNIFER, RANDY, AND COMPANY!!!! #JessicaWillBreakTheCurseAndWin

    • Casual Fan says:

      Yeah the they bussed her theory was prevalent last night and I think it made people vote.

      • John says:

        Exactly, I mean why bus Jessica just because Phillip is inevitable to the finale? #JessicaWillBreakTheCurseAndWin

  46. Cortney says:

    In the eleven years this show has been on, I have never loved a contestant more than Joshua Ledet. I felt he deserved to win this whole thing. I have many comments/rants about who America chose to head to the Nokia, but I will try to be mature and not b*tch and moan on the internet.

    Carry on, Joshua. May you do amazing things in the long career you deserve to have.

  47. 352,000+ Jessica followers on twitter while Joshua only has 90,000 followers. Not that surprising at all. Polarizing she may seem, but the more haters hate on her – the more her fans vote like crazy. Heck they can even watch Jessica on youtube like a million times more than the other contestants. Jessica is so ready for the big league. As Jimmy had said, she is ready to sing at the Grammy’s…. now she needs to work on how to win.

    • tarc says:

      According to a couple polls, Joshua and Jessica were very close, and Phillip had as many as both of their votes combined. Non-scientific, of course, but telling.

  48. me says:

    For me all of them deserves to win same as each one of us are entitled to our own opinion of who should win or not.. but lambasting other contestants i think is too much.. we don’t know what these kids are going through this entire competition., how hard to sing your butt out every week., and most of all not to be with your loved ones for a long time.. whether it’s P2 or Jessica wins, they both deserve it! and for Joshua i know he will do well outside AI… looking forward to the FINALE..

  49. Joe says:

    I just want to thank Josh Ledet for making me care about this stupid show again. I really had checked out when I realized the show didn’t reward the most talented and it had become Tiger Beat, but Josh in Hollywood week made me want to watch this season. There’s absolutely no justice in this world that he doesn’t make the finale of this show, but there hasn’t been any justice on this show for years. They reward likable mediocrity. The reward safe white boys who send all the hormonal challenged into a flutter. That being said, we got almost a seasons worth of performances from Josh that were spectacular. I won’t watch the final 2, but I’ll check out the finale to see if they get Josh to sing with Fantasia. Other than that, this show reaffirmed to me that it’s not for me. It’s for the deaf, dumb but not blind. And Jessica doesn’t stand a chance. Don’t even get your hopes up for her. This thing is over and has been since Dave Matthews-lite walked on that stage.

    • tarc says:

      You know, when you put it that way, your grief… makes me so happy.

      • Joe says:

        Trust me loser, there’s no grief. What’s truly troubling are the 5 pages of nonsense you posted on everyone’s thoughts in this thread like you do on every thread. I never engage you. No one does. You seek them out like some deranged avenger of a reality show contestant. But I pray for you. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live inside that prison of a brain of yours. And I can’t wait for Phil to win and put out the mediocre CD that will follow. For the last time, he’s a Dave Matthews impersonator and has been since he stepped out on that stage. His whole act is derived from a superior unique artist and no matter how much soup you try to sell on these internet message boards, anyone who has seen Dave Matthews live knows what this kid is. He’s a super fan. Not an artist. His victory CD should be one of the worst idol has ever put out and when the label dumps him, and they will, it’ll be hilarious to hear him try to write songs that sound like DMB and establish himself on the jam band scene. But you got your heartthrob sweetie. Enjoy the next week feeling all dewey inside when you see him. He’ll be off the map faster than Dewyze once they release his “original” material and you know it.

      • Joe says:

        “I think if Phillip Phillips wins season 11, then as `Idol’ fans, we kind of have to collectively shrug our shoulders and say, `It’s clear as day. You don’t have to be the best singer. You just have to be a cute white straight guy that appeals to a lot of the voting demographic,'” said Michael Slezak, a senior editor at who writes about “Idol.” That’s your hero Slezak’s talking about tarc and that’s a quote from the person who writes the articles you post about incessantly which makes you look like an utter fool to anyone who doesn’t support your ridiculous agenda. Get help. The people on the message board aren’t really in your life sweetie.

        • jayen says:


          And Jimmy Iovine, a decades long industry bigwig said Jessica uses the same trick over and over. Just like you. So maybe you should just shut the hell up.

          • tarc says:

            Exactly. But there’s no point in mentioning the facts to Joe – he’s just too clueless. Well, and mean.

        • tarc says:

          You really are kinda pathetic. Maybe I’ll vote an extra hundred times just for you this week, just because you like seem to revel in making things up.

    • Joe says:

      American Idol frontrunner Phillip Phillips is frequently compared to rocker Dave Matthews, and for good reason: Phillip’s vocal style is nearly identical to that of Matthews’, he holds his guitar the same way, and even his onstage body language is similar. In fact, Phillip performed an obscure song by Matthews on the show last week. And Dave Matthews himself doesn’t mind at all.

      Asked by New York magazine what he thinks of Phillip, Matthews said, “I haven’t seen him yet, but I keep my head in the sand.” However, he added, “More power to him, I don’t mind. I wouldn’t imagine that imitating me would bring any quality of popularity, but that’s okay if it does.”

      Matthews, whose Dave Matthews Band has sold about 40 million albums and is consistently among the top U.S. touring acts, told New York magazine that he’s not losing sleep over any competition from the younger artist.

      “Oh, I don’t feel threatened. I am what I am,” Matthews joked. “Maybe I paved the way for him. I wish him the best of luck! He should kick my ass, [then] maybe I can retire and he can take over my band.”

      • givemeglenn says:

        And, guess what, my friends? Dave Matthew’s wife is from Albany, GA, the town Phillip flew into, and guess who got him special permission to sing the first DM song in AI history? That’s right…they did. Don’t fool yourselves, he knows Phillip because Dave has stayed in Albany with his in-laws and saw him play in person…Oops, how did all of reporters miss this?

        • tarc says:

          LOL! DM has always been extremely cool. And it’s fun that Joe posted another Phillip Phillips endorsement – I’m sure he doesn’t even understand.

  50. Blue says:

    U were surprised? Really? I thought u’ve been watching idol longer than me. It’s a popularity contest. And u really have to appeal to the younger generation for votes. Idol has rules….so does the music industry. I never was a fan of josh….but to quote MY idol, whatever happens happens. He may do well outside although im really skeptic about that. Performance…thats subjective…but numbers aren’t. Popularity can be determined with numbers, and Jessica wins there. But who knows.