Grey's Anatomy First Look: Watch the Opening Minutes of This Week's Harrowing Finale!

Fasten your seat belts Grey’s Anatomy fans, ’cause Thursday’s season finale is going to be one Helluva. Bumpy. Ride.

The heart-pumping hour picks up pretty much where last week’s week’s penultimate episode left off — with the plane carrying Derek, Meredith, Lexie, Mark, Cristina and Arizona crash landing in the middle of nowhere.

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Press PLAY below to watch the chaotic opening minutes of the Season 8 swan song and then say a nice little prayer for the victims in the comments section below!

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  1. Bri says:

    I think it’s Richard. He is a beloved character. If Arizona dies, that would be Callie’s second spouse to die tragically within a few seasons. Seems unlikely to me. It would be a bold move to kill Lexie since the Sloan/Lexie relationship has so many fans but the season 6 finale only killed of newer characters so maybe they are trying to shock people this time.

  2. Zee says:

    If one of the “original characters” is going to die, but it’s not mer,Der,yang, Alex,baily,or the chief(since they are all signed for another two seasons)—that only leaves Burke and Izzie who were originals. So maybe they work in hospitals close to the crash site, come to help the victims and die in the rescue. Too far fetched? Idk. I defiantly don’t want lexie or mark to die. Arizona I don’t really care for.

  3. Nikki says:

    Derek was on the Ellen Show and said “Sadly this would be his final season to appear on Grey’s”. Meredith wanted to stay at Greys and in the final 2 episodes he kept telling her they were moving and she did not want to. That’s why it’ll play out that he dies and she will remain and greys.

  4. April says:

    I just read on abc’s website that only the characters of Karev, Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Bailey, and Webber have signed on for another 2 years with the show. So far no one else has signed on. So as far as I can tell everyone but them is up in the air and it could be any of them. We’ll just have to wait and see!

  5. Kate says:

    I think its going to be April. even tho she wasn’t on the plane, the writers said that there will be a dark, dark death :( i think she will kill herself!

  6. cass says:

    I think it is Arizona as well. Kind of alluded to it in last episode when she told Callie to never leave her. That would make Karev stay, and Sloan not be with his current gf who wants a baby and he will be with Lexie. I think Derek is going to be hurt so bad he won’t be able to take the job at Harvard and then Meredith will stay ultimately making Christina stay. It’s got to be Arizona. NOT LEXIE!!!!!

  7. Mariah says:

    April is obviously gonna stay she isnt even on the plane and the only one that is a original cast member that I think is gonna die is Mark or Lexie they are the only originals that didn’t sign the contract and they said that April might be pregnant well that would be perfect because her and Jackson could have a cute little babbby

    • Lucia says:

      Mark and Lexie are not original cast members. Mark came in Season 2. Lexie came in at the end of Season 3. In any case, Shonda said it was a “main character” not necessarily an original cast member.

  8. Louise says:

    This looks to me like Lexie will die. Especially as she has just told Mark she loves him… And Mark will obviously tell her he loves her and then that will be it.

  9. Krissy says:

    It’s funny how some ppl are saying if so and so dies, they aren’t going to watch anymore. It won’t work guys, the script is already written and out. You know if you are a true Greys fan, you will keep watching no matter what happens. I think it might be Arizona, cause she is pregnant for real. Either way, I’m a true Greys fan, and I’m going to keep watching no matter what happens!

    • Mahala says:

      It doesn’t matter if the script is written or not, if somebody’s favorite character is going to die, they’re simply not going to watch anymore. It’s not because we think it’s going to bring them back, but it is indeed out of anger and spite. Yes, if Shonda did kill off the Lexie or Mark character, I will spite her by not watching, which means less ratings for her show; I can always go back and watch the good first five seasons that I paid good money for on DVD. I’m peeved because she has wasted M/L for not just two but three years, They’ve never had a decent story-line when they could have, it shouldn’t have been hard to write something substantial (not happy-smiley-perfect, but something more meaty) for them. They’re more relevant than someone like Teddy, who seems to have had better stuff than they have.

      Oh by the way, not everybody has to like a whole show, they can like only certain characters and there’s nothing wrong with that (I like the whole show for the first five seasons, but M/L is my special pair despite the lackluster 6th, 7th, & 8th seasons). That’s the way it’s always been since the dawn of television.

      • thank god for that comment.. There have been some episodes of GA that I watched only for the character development cause otherwise they sucked.. It happens to all the shows and it’s logical to happen to GA too.. I love the show in general, and have some favourite characters but there have been some moments in its history that I wanted to smack my computer from the anger.. ( for example the way Izzie was treated in her last seasons etc)

        • Teléfila says:

          I understand you very well. I usually enjoy the show but there are some moments when it repeates a lot or the characters come and go with a bad storyline (Izzie’s cancer was exhausting!). I’m not enjoying season 8 as much as the past seasons…

    • betty says:

      You know you are right. If you love the show you won’t stop watching because someone you liked is killed off. Exampe: I loved Preston Burke and I said that if they let him go I wouldn’t ever watch again. I’m still watching. I miss Burke and I don’t think the show is as good, but it’s one of my favorites. I still pray that one day before they end the show that Isaiah Washington as Preston Burke returns. Love him and Cristina together. I’m just saying!!!

  10. Jim Graham says:

    No Callie or Derek, in the video…its either one, I figure since Patrick Dempsey has signed a contract for 2 more years along with Ellen Pompeo, check the internet its true, its Callie…whose coming to Broadway in the fall, and wanted out of the show……Poor Arizona….

  11. Daiva says:

    Derek,Meredith and Cristina signed a contract for 2 more years! They cant die. I think Teddy, Arizona or Lexie,Kepner could be too.. Its always so exciting!

  12. Mare says:

    They say its gonna be an original character so the choices are, Merideth who the shows basically named for, Derrek who did talk about leaving months ago but recently talked about how he resigned a 2yr contract & was happy about it. Yang, Alex, Bailey, & Richard…those are the only original characters left from when the show first started, so its suppose to be one of them. I don’t believe anyone from the plane crash dies. They say its unexpected, will blow our minds & wed never expect it & that its a beloved character so I’m going with either Bailey whom stated numerous times she didn’t want to continue with her character, Richard who nothings really been said about & would be a complete shocker or Alex who’s emotionally connected with his patients…all 3 of them are beloved original characters that wed never expect to die. Arizonia, April or Lexi because they are not original cast members…either way no matter what we all guess, think or post, we won’t find out till tomorrow lol!

  13. Teresa says:

    I am a hardcore fan, but if this is how the series ends….and if the best people die…..I’m no longer going to be a huge fan….I will sell all 7 seasons and be done for good.

  14. Cynthia says:

    Seriously, they said ‘beloved character’…
    I love April but let’s be honest here, lots of people in this fandom hate her
    I don’t think it’s going to be her, maybe Lexie…Either way, this is gonna incredibly sad:(

  15. Jessica says:

    My bet is Kepner as well. Just think about it she is the only one who didn’t pass boards. so it just makes sense( to me anyway), If she goes I can handle that but anyone else will pretty much suck!!!

  16. Vasiliki says:

    Izzie is an original character and could come back and be dying from the cancer she left with.

  17. Wendee says:

    Holy Crap! My money’s on Lexi considering she finally told Mark she loves him after all this time. Seems only fitting to off her. I don’t really want to see anyone go, though. Heart in my throat!

  18. Mare says:

    Ooops meant to say Arizonia, Lexi & April are not original cast members so it can not be one of them who dies.

  19. hannah says:

    I honestly think that April is a cliffhanger. I think maybe she will try if she actually does. The actress in interviews seems to be kinda one of the safe ones. Arizona, Callie Lexie maybe? Whatever it will all be revealed tomorrow

  20. Cris says:

    They might kill off Meredith but still have Ellen do the voiceovers?

    • Lucia says:

      Ellen Pompeo has signed on for two more years.

      • tripoli says:

        Which is why Cris mentioned voice overs. She would still technically be working on the show.

        • Vasiliki says:

          She pulled a piece of metal out of her leg before she got up and started walking around in shock looking for Derek. He heard her so she was not dead but she could be bleeding out possibly. That would be a longtime- 2 years- for Meredith to be a ghost doing narration- kind of a stretch.

        • amy says:

          abc u are so repetaive lost plane crach now dh

  21. Kimberly says:

    My bet is it’s Lexi. Chyler Leigh’s site says that she has a leading role on Broadway in an upcoming musical adaptation of ‘Diner’, to open in the fall of ’12. Seems like a good exit strategy to me!
    It won’t be Derek, Meredith, Christina, Karev, Webber, or Bailey because it’s already been confirmed that those characters have all committed to another two seasons. Could stand to reason that it may be Arizona, but with Chyler’s new gig in NY, it doesn’t seem likely. From the “original” cast, they have already used the “she’s dying” card with Torres, and way too many times with Meredeth!
    I think if they let Lexi go, it will give Derek and Meredeth a reason to stay for a while. Wouldn’t want to relocate and start life in a new place after such a tragedy. Karev will end up staying because it’s comfortable, and Christina will stay because a death so close to the heart will make her want to work nothing’s with Owen.
    The bit about the actress that plays Arizona being prego in real life doesn’t see to be a reason to kill her off. Ellen Pompeo(Meredeth) was pregnant most of season 7, and they just found fancy ways of shooting around it to hide the baby belly since they didn’t write it into the story-line. Guess we all just have to wait and see tomorrow night!!! Can’t wait!!

  22. I read a news article that said that the actors playing Derek, Meredith, and Christina resigned for next season, so it shouldn’t be any of them. Probably Lexi or Arizona. With Lexi, there would be the big emotional side with Mark having just found out that she still loves him and then he has to watch her die. But hearing that the actress who plays Arizona has me betting that it will be her.

  23. KYLA says:

    Dereks character in real life LOVES racing, and i know he was having issues getting time off to do racing, and im betting its him that bites the dust! because they couldnt come to an argreement for him to have the time he needs or wants to race.

  24. vasiliki7 says:

    Izzie was a beloved character. She will come back and be dying . Her character was left up in the air and they should put some closure on that especially for Alex’ sake.

  25. Vasiliki says:

    In January 2012, Heigl reported that she would like to return to Grey’s Anatomy to give closure to her character. Hmmm. could this be the beloved character that dies?

  26. Melissa says:

    Hey Grey’s lovers here is a longer clip 7 min total! It has a bit more on our red-haring. My predictions is that they will be cutting back at least 2 of the main cast one for the end of this season and one half way through on next season just because the cast is getting big and we need new characters to fall in love with.

  27. Sarah says:

    I heard Patrick Dempsey has signed on for another 2 years along with Karev, Yang and Grey. Wasn’t Avery also in the plane? I think the one that won’t make it will be Avery.

  28. Susan says:

    They crashed on the shore of Lake Tahoe? Score!

  29. niko dude says:

    It’s meredith. There’s no way that Chang would lift her from the ground after a plane crash without checking for a spinal injury. Meredith is already dead and her spirit is imagining that she survived the crash when in fact she’s the dead one!

    • Vasiliki says:

      YANG is in shock and Meredith pulled a piece of metal from her leg and blood came out. Kind of difficult for a ghost.

  30. Carol says:

    I feel like Jin from Lost is gonna come running and screaming “others! others!”

  31. Alex says:

    I wish they would get rid of McDouchey, but I know that won’t happen so I hope it’s April. It would suck if it’s Lexie.. she’s barely been around this season.

  32. Rachel says:

    So here is the possible line-up of Deaths


    Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, James Pickens, Jr. and Chandra Wilson all signed new deals so it wont be them. Thats cuts it down to:


    I dont think it will be someone at the hospital, because the promo clearly suggests someone on the plane will die, so that leaves:


    Honestly it would be hard to see any of the three go but if i had to i’d say Arizona. Only because i really think Lexie and Mark are incredible together. Though Shonda Rhimes said that the finale was heartbreaking and if Lexie died it would be just that because Mark and Lexie still love each other. Please Shonda let it be Kepner!

    • Ace says:

      Ausiello already said Mark is safe, so that leaves Lexie and Arizona, although I still think April is a possibility.

  33. melissa says:

    I read that derek, meredith, yang, webber, bailey are going to be on season 9, derek is not leaving… so I hope that lexie or arizona don’t die…. I think is going to be kepner….

  34. melissa says:

    I don’t know why but I’m starting to believe that lexie is the one that is going to die….:( I think she is going to die in the very last moment when mark is in the point to save her, maybe she is going to say something really beautiful to him and them she would die….

  35. Sam says:

    I really don’t want Lexie to be the one who dies, but I can see that happening.. She was absent for like the first 6 episodes of the season because she wanted to spend time with her family, and hasn’t been around much for the rest of the season.

    I hope they kill off April so everyone can breath a sigh of relief.

  36. Susan says:

    It’ll be Dr. Webber. Haven’t you noticed his character getting all “Fatherly” as of late? The better to crush your emotions, my Dear!!

  37. JE726 says:

    I think it will be Kepner, and at the end of the show she’ll do a public service announcement advising teens and adults to call a hotline before they commit suicide and put themselves in any danger. I read in an article it isn’t Derek, Meredith, Christina, or Alex (obviously since he’s not on the plane). So, I really think we’ll be on the edge of our seats waiting for Grey to find Derek and then find out April is gone… she has no purpose any longer.. no job at Seattle, no job, no virginity- she thinks she’s being punished for having sex with Jackson. I really think it’s her.

  38. marie argo says:

    Well it is not Derek,Meredith,Christina,or Latecomers…they have all signed on for 2 more years!!!

  39. Ladida says:

    As much as I hate to say this becuase Lexi is my favorite character, I do think it’s her that will be killed off.
    1)The bittersweet thing between her and Mark—–> she dying he says he loves her
    2)She going to broadway in the fall. When will she have time to film?
    3) She’s one of the most loved characters- Will certainly send shockwaves through the crowd.
    4) She was on the plane, and from the preview seems to be looking the worst
    5)She’s one of the few (although with Arizona, and I’m not really sure) to have yet to signed a contract
    5)It’ll be heartbreaking- she’s a main character!
    6)The writer’s say that they aren’t sure if the audiance with like it… how many of you want to see Lexi go?

    I really don’t want her to die. I really just don’t. If she has to leave, make it a happy ending with Mark

  40. Juan says:

    This episode is gonna be epic, up there with the shooting episode I’m sure

  41. Kayla Cubbage says:

    What about teddy? she was on the plane too…

  42. amy says:

    shonda did say that the death will be completely unexpected were not thinking rationally were all in shock. it would be so obvious if its arizona or lexi so i think it might be avery he is the last person anyone would EVER think of. hes a major character but not too much so he might go after april and die!!!! or maybe callie……everyones mind is set on az but maybe its the orher one we should be thinking about. theres always owne….

  43. Cathy says:

    Six went down. One will die.

    That was the teaser, so if you go by that, then it’s someone on the plane.

  44. Jen says:

    I’m hoping that it’s either the pilot that dies, maybe teddy because she’s boring, or kepner because she’s a loser. It makes more sense to kill of arizona, it would make more people stay especially karev. But what I’m thinking they’ll probably do is have a character flat line and then have them come back which could be lexie shes hurt pretty badly and I dont think she’d want to leave the show because she has a few kids and I think she may be the major bread winner in that family. Also everyone wants to see her get back together with mark and have babies

  45. Louisa says:

    So many keep saying Kepner. How about Kepner drives drunk and kills someone else? Ummm….there’s Owen, Teddy, Avery, Callie. And also don’t think quite so literally about the “six went down” part. Yes, six went down in the crash but it doesn’t then say “and one of them will die”. It just says ‘one will die”. So it could be someone completely unrelated to the plane crash. Hence back to the hospital and Kepner taking someone out. Just something to think about.

    • Vasiliki says:

      Kepner runs over Avery and kills him when he follows her out of the bar. They haven’t let us know anything about Avery’s future plans, have they ?lol

  46. Ana Gabriela says:

    It’s going to be Mcdreamy!! =( He said after this season, he might be leaving the show..

  47. I think Patrick Dempsey just signed a contract extension, so I am betting he survives.

  48. Ella says:

    I guess if you had to be involved in a plane crash, the best people to be involved in it with would be doctors…

  49. Teléfila says:

    Not Arizona, please!! She and Callie are a great couple and if she dies, someone said already, it would be really cruel for Callie after all she had already suffered (George’s death, problems with her parents, the car accident and almost the lost of her daughter…).

    My bet is Mark but honestly I wouldn’t miss April either.

  50. Teléfila says:

    Not Arizona, please!! She ad Callie are a great couple and, like someone said, it’d be cruel for Callie because she has suffered a lot already: George’s death, problems with her parents, the car accident…

    My bet is Mark although I wouldn’t miss April either.