Grey's Anatomy First Look: Watch the Opening Minutes of This Week's Harrowing Finale!

Fasten your seat belts Grey’s Anatomy fans, ’cause Thursday’s season finale is going to be one Helluva. Bumpy. Ride.

The heart-pumping hour picks up pretty much where last week’s week’s penultimate episode left off — with the plane carrying Derek, Meredith, Lexie, Mark, Cristina and Arizona crash landing in the middle of nowhere.

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Press PLAY below to watch the chaotic opening minutes of the Season 8 swan song and then say a nice little prayer for the victims in the comments section below!

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  1. Alex says:

    Just because they are signed on for more years does not mean it can not be them. If you put it that way with the others that have been mentioned it can not be Lexie, Arizona or Callie either, hence they are signed on for one more year also.

  2. Kim says:

    As long as the death isn’t Mer, Der or Zola I can be okay with it. As for those of you who think they would never kill off Zola……..rhimes did kill off McBaby. I’m with others that the person dying wasn’t on the plane.

  3. Laurie says:

    A 2 yr contract doesn’t rule out death on Grey’s. Ghosts are always popping up on the show. I hope dead George and undead Preston Burke make an appearance on tomorrow’s finale. My gut is telling me it’s going to be Lexie who kicks the bucket of massive internal bleeding. She looks mighty crushed under a ton of plane wreckage – you gotta give Grey’s set people an A + for creativity.

    • They can’t do burke, because he sued grey’s for using his likeness after he was fired, they can use his name but not his face..oh I wish george would come back and haunt people, but I think derrick will die and show up like denny

  4. Jennifer says:

    Can not wait to see it. On the edge of my seat.

  5. Mare says:

    It honestly doesn’t matter if she signed a contract or not & she did state that she signed one but still didn’t want to go on with the character. But its just my thought from all I’ve gathered from the show & what not. I highly doubt its Lexi because she is not actually an original cast member from when the show first aired & their saying its an original cast member & one whom is very loved & I also read that its a cast member who’s won our hearts & laughter which also leads me to believe its Dr. Bailey.

  6. kristie says:

    I know its not Mcdreamy or Meredith bc I read where they renewed there contracts w/ Grey’s. I hope its not Lexie! If I had to choose it would be Christina.

  7. ramatu says:

    I am thinking it’s Adele…

  8. Jennifer says:

    You people suck!!!! I love all the cast on Greys. Any one of them leaving will be devistating to the show. I will be sad no matter who it is.

  9. conser6915 says:

    I still think April is gone. I know Derek resigned for next year, so they’ll find him. I think April is gone and she’ll die from something completely unrelated to the plane crash (suicide?). After all, they are saying it’s going to be a ‘dark’ death on the show…. The plane crash will bring them all back together and keep them all from leaving Seattle Grace.

    • Nancy says:

      @conser6915, ” After all, they are saying it’s going to be a ‘dark’ death on the show…. ”
      Do you remember where you read/heard that? This is the first I’ve heard of that. Thanks.

  10. Heidi says:

    I just found this part of an interview with Sarah Drew (april)
    Wetpaint Entertainment: What can you tell us about the dark and twisty finale?
    Sarah Drew: All I can say is that half of the cast is at the hospital, and half of the cast is involved in the event (the plane crash). But even the people who are left in the hospital, all of their stories are totally left with the potential that they’re leaving. So it’s not like anybody in either location is safer than anyone else. You’re not going to see it coming. It’s shock and awe. It’s really jaw dropping!

    So Hmmmm…… So she is either saying that from a view point of we don’t know about the plane crash so that would be shocking…OR….maybe it really is not someone at the plane crash cause that would be obvious….OR…it is at the plane but it’s someone who is up and moving about. That would suck to though cause I don’t want anyone at the crash to die

    • jake says:

      someone major will die and I thought i heard shonda say it was not at the hospital which would mean it’s at the plane crash.

      • ella says:

        I’m pretty sure Shonda didn’t say that, but even if she did, it doesn’t mean the death is automatically at the plane crash. Kepner could get in a car accident, for example.

      • CJ says:

        Sarah Drew was the one who said it happens away from the hospital

      • Valerie says:

        Could be Kepner, she wasnt at the hospital, she ran out of the bar. She probably runs into the path of a car or something!?

        • Ace says:

          I thought she was running to the bathroom to be sick. Could April be pregnant? (Sarah Drew, the actress who plays her, is.) That would certainly give her and Jackson storylines for next season.

          I still think it will be Arizona.

  11. noname says:

    Arizona RIP

  12. rita says:

    I there, i live outside USA, so please tomorrow tell me!!!

  13. Jamie says:

    how bout we just wait to see who it is hmmm…

  14. jake says:

    just because they say that Patrick dempsey’s contract was renewed DOES NOT MEAN THAT HE WON’T DIE — they are certainly not gonna ruin the surprise if it is him.

  15. jaimie1980 says:

    I say Arizona. 1) She made Callie promise she would never leave her, but Arizona didn’t promise she wouldn’t leave Callie. 2) Kepner is out of a job- unless the budget goes up. Therefore, Arizona has to die, making a need for Alex to takeover Peds. Alex taking over Peds means that he won’t go to Hopkins (out of guilt), and Owen can take the huge offer off the table. 3) Callie will resent Alex because Arizona replaced him on the plane. 4) Mark and Lexie won’t be together because Mark will now have to be a full time parent to Sofia with Arizona gone. 5) Arizona has not renewed a contract and is expecting a baby. 6) Arizona is obviously in shock, and has a serious injury which everyone is ignoring. 7) Lexie is a Grey- it would be hard to write her off. 8) Callie is bisexual, and I would bet she would eventually fall in love with her best friend Mark, and they will be a happy little family who has another baby named “Arizona.”

    • daniexj says:

      God I hope that doesn’t happen. Yet another bisexual who goes back to men…. no matter how much I really like Sara R. as Callie Torres, they kill off AZ tomorrow night, well, I guess I’ll have another hour free on Thursdays.

      • jaimie1980 says:

        I know! I love Arizona and Lexie- I wish it would be Owen, Teddy, or Kepner…I have never cared for any of them. Mark should be with Lexie, and leave Arizona and Callie alone- they are so perfect together!

    • Bac says:

      Arizona is an attending physician and could not be replaced by Karev who just finished his residency. He would have to complete a
      Pediatric Fellowship in order to be eligible to get a job as an attending at least in the real world.

      • jaimie1980 says:

        Actually, to be an attending one must simply complete residency in their area of specialty. Karev has been doing his peds training (fellowship) for a long time now, so I am pretty sure he would qualify, especially given that Seattle Grace is a teaching hospital. Plus, its only TV, lol! Just my predictions!

        • puy says:

          His residency was in general surgery. That’s why he was being offered a fellowship in the last episode. Arizona wanted him to do his fellowship at Seattle Grace, indicating that he has not done the fellowship yet. So, no, I’d say they’ve shown that he can’t be an attending yet.

    • Zoe says:

      This sounds like Mallie fanfic.

      • jaimie1980 says:

        No, I am totally a Mark and Lexie fan! I don’t want AZ to die cause then Mark won’t be with Lex! I still think its weird how Mark and Callie became Bffs overnight, And I do love AZ and Callie together. My Izzie/Alex thing got blown to shreds, I would at least like to see Mark and Lexie make it!

  16. jake says:

    If April doesn’t die, i think they should really just get rid of the character, any hope that she is gonna be likable is out the window — whatever she did at her boards was so inappropriate and just insulting to all doctors who do take the boards — she is written so annoyingly that she is just not a character that I enjoy watching.

  17. jake says:

    Jessica Capshaw is such an amazing actress and such a likable character — is it because she’s in a gay relationship? I hope it’s not her but all signs and chatter point to her.

  18. Rachael says:

    Why can’t they just bring Izzie back, for good?! Lexie should die, she isn’t the best, in all honesty I thought April would off herself, because she failed the board!

  19. Izzy says:

    My theory=
    April will be drunk and decide to commit suicide so she’ll walk out in front of a train/bus/car/truck and somebody else who isnt on the plane will push her out of the way, leaving April alive but her rescuer dead. I’m thinking Callie, Teddy,Baily, Owen or Richard will be the one to push April out of the way. Therfore I think the plane crash people will all live, and that is just a distraction.

    • kavyn says:

      I think if someone did that, it would be Jackson (he was at the bar) or Owen (feeling guilty for taking away her last job opportunity). But Jackson is confirmed to be safe, and Owen is no where near April, so neither really makes sense. I don’t see any of the rest of them saving April like that.

    • CJ says:

      This quote from Jesse Williams DEFINITELY backs up that theory a bit: “I’d say it definitely ranks up there with intensity. We’re not cutting any corners in terms of the pressure, dire straits. It’s about a life-and-death split-second decision in this case.”

  20. dani says:

    I dont think it’s anyone from the plane that dies. I think it is someone back home.

  21. Alicia says:

    I actually heard Derek was leaving the show, so my money is on him.

    • Nancy says:

      A year or so ago, I read an interview by him saying he didn’t know if he would resign when his contract was up but that he’d have to wait and see. Well, he did resign. Among other places that it’s been reported is this website–not to mention numerous posts to this very article.

  22. maddison says:

    I would LOVE to see Owen/Arizona/April all die.

  23. Gytaute says:

    i think its gonna be Arizona, the woman playing her is preggers so when i found that out, i knew somethings gonna have to happen to her so that she can have her baby :)

    • katy917 says:

      Yes, but this will be her SECOND pregnancy while on this show and her THIRD child, so that means nothing! Ellen Pompeo, Sarah Drew and Chyler Leigh have all been pregnant while filming the show, too.

  24. Ems says:

    You know the first 8 minutes are on youtube somewhere right?!

  25. lilys87 says:

    Lexie is the only character whose death I would cry over… Actually this would be enough to make me quit watching..
    I don’t like Arizona at all so that would make me happy (plus I’d like to see her back in Bones where she belongs).

  26. Valerie says:

    I think Kepner is going to die!!! The plane crash is a distraction! ;)

  27. katy917 says:

    OMG, people really DON’T read article, do they?? So many people saying it’s Derek because Patrick Dempsey has said that he wants to leave which was MONTHS ago. It was reported LAST WEEK that he, along with Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) Sandra Oh (Cristina) Chandra Wilson (Bailey) Justin Chambers (Alex) and James Pickens Jr (The Cheif) have ALL signed new contracts for TWO YEARS. So your points are kinda moot!! Now, I’m not saying that the news wasn’t a red herring, and that it WON’T be Derek, but the points you are all making, in light of the new news, don’t hold up! I personally think, if the producers of Fringe could fake out, saying they were begging Leonard Nimoy to come back, when they had him back, and kept it quiet, then Grey’s could do the opposite and say someone is back when they’re not. Because the the death would be really shocking. But to say it’s this or that actor based on months old speculation is a bit out there. I’m dreading the episode, and will have a big box of tissues at the ready when I watch it!! I love Grey’s because, yes they have a lot of death and tragedy, but they do it so well, it is always well executed and wonderfully acted. I literally cried from start to end for both the season 5 (RIP George) ANd season 6 finales! The shooting episodes where just on another level! So, while I hate it when they kill people off, I find it so compelling to watch such wonderful actors act out the anguish so beautifully.

  28. Avia says:

    I’m telling you – Derek dies!! Ever since Dempsey said that season 8 of Grey’s Anatomy will be his last – I knew they’d have to kill him…so prepare yourselves, it’s gonna be a very sad episode :(( I’m not watching the show if he’s not there,by the way….

  29. Manny says:

    My guess: Lexie dies. All spoilers/hints point to her. Jesse Williams did say the person dying was someone he worked a lot with and people at the table read were crying reading the death scene.
    The characters that Jesse (Jackson) worked with a lot : Lexie, April, Mark. Now Mark is supposedly safe, according to Ausiello. Then we have Lexie and April. Shonda did say the person dying will affect a lot of people and there will be a “bittersweet Mark and Lexie scene” in the finale. I think that this scene will be Mark telling Lexie he loves her back and then she dies.
    Something else could happen at the hospital to April for insance but I doubt it’s a death. Also, I rule out Arizona because 1) She never worked closely with Jackson, 2) She’s all alone at the site of the crash, Shonda wouldn’t kill her when Callie isn’t even there to say goodbye, while every character close to Lexie is there.
    Arizona will be badly injured, as we can see, but that’s it. In the last episode when she talked with Callie about never leaving her, Callie also told her “Whatever you can’t do, I will” Now that, to me, is a pretty clear hint that Callie will have to support Arizona during her recovery, be there for her. And, her injuries will also justify Karev staying at Seattle out of guilt because he should have been in the plane instead of Arizona and because of him she’s badly injured. If she died, he couldn’t replace her anyway because he just got his boards, doesn’t mean he can become the head of peds surgery right away, doesn’t work that way…

    Well sorry for that long post !!

  30. Haley says:

    Its obviously derek since he was sucked out of the airplane window and patrick dempsey did not renew his contract saying this was his last season..

  31. Csilla Hungary says:

    What about Owen? He seemed to be depressed in the last 6-7 episodes

  32. oh my gosh i’m just so excited to see what it’s gonna happen

  33. Lorenz says:

    So many possibilities…
    > If Arizona dies, Karev will have the best job offer ever, Arizona’s place, leading to a war between Callie and Alex. Normally, Karev was the one to be in the plane, Arizona took his place at the end of last week’s episode.

    > If Lexie dies, it’s the unrevived romance between her and Sloan that will be doomed, and eventually Mark will leave his new blond dummy hot boring girlfriend.

    > The useless and irritating Kepner could disappear out of despair, why not in a car accident, or by swallowing pills and alcohol… But she’s the catholic part of the show and you know… “don’t kill the black, don’t kill the gay, don’t kill the minorities !”.

    > Grey’s anatomy without Meredith Grey, I doubt it.

    > Derek’s death would allow Meredith to stay at Seattle, so she would not leave towards Boston.

    > Richard’s death ? Where would it lead to anyway, I don’t see why he could stay on the show, regardless of his alzheimer’s wife.

    > Cristina’s death / Owen’s death… so many things left unsaid… not possible. But if it’s one of them, even if only Cristina is on the plane, please erase Owen off of the show, he bores me.

    > Avery’s death, please Shonda, don’t kill such eyes, EVER ! And don’t create a relationship between him and the irritating useless Kepner… unless you find something to make her interesting.

  34. Judy McDermitt says:

    Adios, Arizona

  35. Nancy says:

    Do you think that we’ll know in tomorrow’s episode who died? Or do you think we’ll have to wait til the first ep of the new season?

  36. thank you, i am going to go have an excitement and anxiety induced heart infarction now! please nobody die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. juniperjuice says:

    is callie in this plane crash too?

  38. diane says:

    It will be someone unexpected, I think. Like with Izzy and George, everyone thought that Izzy would die, but it was really George.

  39. April says:

    I do not think its lexie cause the whole orginal cast is suppose to return for the next season

    • Nancy says:

      But Lexie is not part of the original cast. Wasn’t it Season 2 that she came on? or even later than that?
      April said: “I do not think its lexie cause the whole orginal cast is suppose to return for the next season”

      • April says:

        Yeah I think its season 3 for some reason I thought she in the show before, I dont know I feel like its going to unexpected or they will leave us hanging. you know how crazy stuff happens in the finales.

  40. nooo !! por favorr,no puede morir derek,ni nadiee ! pleaseee

  41. kourtney says:

    What about Cali.

  42. Mare says:

    I don’t see how it could be Arizonia, Callie, or Lexi, their not actual original characters from when the first show started & they’ve said more than once that it is an original character who dies.

  43. jaimie1980 says:

    I also don’t think Meredith or Derek will die. Obviously, they renewed there contracts. BUT, I am about 99% sure Meredith is pregnant. They wouldn’t leave her alone and pregnant, or kill her and the baby.

  44. Maggie says:


  45. Mare says:

    They say its gonna be a shocker, so maybe its Richard, he’s an original cast member & no ones really said anything about him or would think it would be him because there’s no indications or anything pointing at him…Just a thought.

  46. emy says:

    think its going to be Arizona :-(

  47. Kat says:

    Watch Sloan of Cristina die instead just to be a wicked turn of events. I heard on another article that there is something else big happening beside a death. Joy.

  48. Yurelsis says:

    On may 9,2012. It was announced that the original cast members Elle Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr, And Chandra Wilson had signed up for two more seasons.

  49. OMG!!! I hope it’s not Derek I will Robins is getting as bit annoying so hopefully it will be her. Grey don’t need another lost an Lexi just told Sloan her true feelings an their my second best couple. Grey & Derek or the best couple on this show. Cant wait til tomorrow night.

  50. Erin Lemaire says:

    honestly, i think they were saying a death will happen to get us to watch, but i don’t think the death is related to the crash. I was gonna say Alex dies before the plane crash victims come back to the hospital but they don’t find out until after the feast, that would be my guess.